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Cale doni a jn -record, saturda y, june 12, 1920
Mr. and Mia. B. S. Wricrhrt-, are
spendine a few days in Ly) rfionvillo
ut the home of Mr. Wrisht's sister,
Mi. Herbert Ishcrwood.
Mia. Mary E. Cutts of Vko has
In cn visiti hcr sister, Victo
riaì Taylor. ;
Mi. and Mrs. II. W. JVrry o?
J'.rebe Boat! .'pcnt Thun dr in East
lh.tley. i
Miss Lena' B.ainard. inilcrtainod
rvuht boys and p'irls ai 'jer homo
TÌ ui.iday afte noon, the icc.-.sion bc-jii-V
hcr'tcrith birthday. The after
roon was spant in playine; frames.
Kifreshments of ice creimi and cako
wi.re served. Mia Brni:iard was the
lecipient of many .fine gifts. '
Mr. and Mrs. Ei'waixl Jolin soti of
Sutton are v'-sitìna- at the Inumi: of
Mi and Mi-. Hcn.y Rcid. 1
Mr. and Mrf. 1). S. Wood ini of
Boston are vis?- inir at the I onie of
Mr. and Mrs. U. V. Perry un the
' Bechi. Uoad.
Mrs. Derniolt Parsons of . Derby
Line w;u a visitor in Newport on Fri
di. y.
Dr. L. H. Mei ver has returno-l
freni a visi! at the home al Mrs. Jfs
lvir's motber, Mrs. Emily Davis in
Plymouth, N. II. Mrs. M1ver -and
(he childrcn will rema in in Plymouth
l'or a while. Miss Lucia !lvcr., a
nioec. aceompanied tbem at) far as
llt.novcr, where she is a cursc in
Charles H. l'attorson, Professor of
Enclisi! at Massachusetts A jfri;uU li
ra I college, Amlierstand M.'iss Eliza
beth aPtterson are suests of Mr. and
Mrs. Hubert Pierre. O.i Tuesday,
Mrs. Ricreo and ber two dauyhters,
Mary and Barbara will acconipany
l.iv father and rister to Ardierst,
Mi. ss. i
Mrs. Josie Piercc and Midi Jesie
Drbwn of -Tohn.on and Mrs. Harriet
Rnilcy of Island Pomi aie frucsts of
Mi', and M rs. H. E. Drown.
Mrs. William Kinnc of New Itoch-
elle, N. Y., and Mrs. Ernest Fama
werth of New Ilavdn aro jrucsts o"
Premier Theatre
"Red Hot
Sunshinc Comedy
working on 'several contraets w hieh vc took'on this
vyeek, Imt despite the fact' that our mcn will be rush
ed with these big jobs we are giving smaller orders
immediate attention.
"vWhcn you pian on having repair work dune in
your home don't forget ihat wc employ a 3iafl: of
expert plumbcrs who can take care of your needs.
Cet in touch witli us licforc going else whcrc.
iS ewpoi 1,. Vermont
Newport Business Directory
Leo II. Mclvcr, I). 0. S.
Optometrist and Opticiaa
Appointments mado by mail o
telcplione to have oxaminations madu
of tho eyea for tlasse3. Kcnihan
TpI. 243-21 Newport. VL
Office hours 8.30 to 12 and '1.30 to G
Tel. Laua'B Bhck
M: nnd Mrs. Vincent Jones, on their
wav to Knowlton for the summer.
The hiR'h school teachers bave
e,rme to their homes, Miss Kate Fer
rili to Hartland, Miss Giace Farnum
t j Danbury, N. H., Miss Wenona
Shattuck, Weston, Vt., and Mis:i
Marjorie Philps, Vergennes.
Bul'us A. Spear was in Burliiiftton
i ) attend the J'.asonic meeting. Miss
liorothy Spiar returned with him for
l. days, returnins June 24th to 2Sth
for the U. V. M. eommencement.
Mrs. Robert Davis and son, Pay
Min loft 'or Brockton last night to
h: absent two wecks.
Workcd Under Whccls, They He'?
Motorìst' Out of Mud.
Method of Handling Difficult Situatlon
Co Simple and So Uniformly Sue- .
cessful That Every Driver
Should Know of It.
Krom a motorist who llves In n srp
tion wliere iniid roads are eoininon
eomes a siiiisrestion whieli l's nullior
fr-'unriintres as the liest remedy for sudi
n sitimliiin short of a piilr of husky
Hill Ion. He states tliat he hns frled the
nteilied un niiinerims oeeas'.ons, ami
( '11: t it Ims iievi'r lailed to work. Ile
s;i) s :
"I nlways ha ve stored: awnv Rome-
wlicre in my rar n staci; of old news
V.'ilieps. They dnn't laico up su mach
vnoni liut that 1 ciin nlways limi n placo
for them. Vi'hen I striko a iniidholo
nnd i lie wlieels Tienili to lly nround In
lliìit exasperatin' way whieh lells me
lui r I ani llrmly nnd defmllely stuek,
1 K't out niy limiille of pnpers.
"Taklntr- irèvspnpbrI fold-lt In
h:i!f liorlzontal cross the pnse nnd
prneeed lo the task of working tho
paper hetween (he tire nnl the mini.
This Is n simple niatter, nnd is acrom
pllshed hy feoding the paper while the
wheels nr heint; revolved. I feed the
paper in lentlnvlse. Usually only a
few will bave heen woiked In Vhon
Illa: tires will Iickìii to prip nnd the
cai- start forwnnl. If n few won't
do tlii! wurk, keep on leeding in the
j papers tmtil pomi tractlon is pained.
' "This method of Iiandlinp a dillìcult
sUuation Is so Plniplc and so unifonn
I iy siiecessl'ul that every motorist should
l;now It. If ho is net rquipped with
isonie etlier ar'parntiis for sudi a con
tinpency, he sliould nlways have a
! little pile of nevspapors storod awny
In some oinpty pince In liis rar.
I "In iminy lurallties It miplit he pos
sihle for a motorist to get old news
ipajiers from nelplihoring honses; but
wlien the tnishap occurs in some loneiy
spot, lueky Is the man who has soma
néwppnpers in his machine."
Trials Al! Have Value.
Trlals without (Ijseover forees with
In. Says Victor Hugo: "There nr
Instinets for ali the crlses of Ufo."
A deep perplexity awakens a flash ef
lnsfght; a bitter opposition sots thf
soul on tire; g"ive perii onens oui
eyoa to horses nnd rhariots of fire; a
severe ratnstrophe evokes a lieroistn
I of whieh the Hiil'ferer had not thoughf
j lilm-self taixible. V. L. 'WatkiLisoc.
Dr. Harry F. Hamilton
X-Kay KeiTico
Ollice hours: 8.30 to 12, and 1.30 to Z
Tel. 278-2 Oilman's ì look
Succcssor (o Howe & Slowc
Tel. 175 Koot's Block
I Amherst, delivered the cvening's ad
IHPlf OPIIfiftl I !1S' Hon. Frank Plumlev had been
itiufl uLlllfllL i-'ivertisr .1 as the speaker, but was
i urmble to be prcsent.
Professor Patterson chose as his
Prof. C. H. Pattergon (iives"
Instiiictive Acid resa on
"The Nced of Ideala" i
The First Congrcsvatioiial chuich
vas throna'cd Friday evcnin'j; with
rcu.uvcs a.ie n.en.w or . yi
III rh school and ot the graduatili;',
cia.ss 01 1!)2() to liten to the com-
mincemenl exereiscs. The church
wa.i unafiomctt -ve omy wnn iiai..ir..
on Ihn ì Rifornì. n:-M clu: ie;'s ot
foni ivrouptd
idop.e; the choir rail.
KlM ioll,",h:
oi chc:it va was in ntlend-
iteci: a"ei
the Drosi'ram was intcr-
spersed with several sclec'.-i 'jn.'.
The. Divine blessine; was invikeil
by ÌIcV. H. T. Coontr., jmstar of the
Mcthodist Episcopal clini clrC
II istorie Vermont by Evelyn Vìr
neauU was a very comprehensive
remine" of Vermont history from tlic
time of the discovery tf Luke Cham
p'.;;in, the scttlement 01 Vermont,
tiv.ciniv ably the heroic part Vermont
has layed in ili criticai periods, ber
tViowth in iiopulation, and maiiufac
tures and the beauties of Iter naturai
Doiothy YVoid.;' rssay, liccon
struetion Work in France, t;ikin- the
dill'eicnt proble.ris and the elforts to
meet, them. "Wc who live anioni;- the
C!reen Mountains or ohi Vermont, do t
r.ot rtalize the jrreat iiroblem tliat
brave Friince is at jft-esont' confront
!!!!;. that oi rehabiìitiitinv; a war
racked countr'. The administralixt
dciartment separuted the difiiculties
of leconstruclion iuta four rc-
iienilil fft io MS.
' J..' ' . . . . . ,
The first section drais witli tlic
ccr.dition of rcimration of the peoplc
scatterei! on the territorv and the re-
establishment ot the sclioois.
The second section takes care of
ali (Ucstions conrernin; the housing
of the people and looks after the rc-
c:tablishnient ot Iabor contlitions,
The third section is preparino; the
ways and means of agriculiure recon-
struction by furnishing raw material,
frinì machinery, and means of trans
prrtation. The front section has been dividcd
iute numerous committces corros
ionding to ali the industrie involved.
On every band, peonie see the thous
and little cndeavors that are being
iliade to bring oider out of ehaos.
The essay on Poland by Joseph
Sockol was a clear and concise his
tcry of Poland's great past, and of
ber graduai decline ow4ng to the
gieed of (luurrelsome neighbors, from
the grcutest power in Eastern
Europe, to the position she has to
d.v. "The fate oi Poland is the fate
of Europe"', said Mr. Sockol, "no one
in Poland wishes the role assijyneil to
he by the allies by history and by
ber geogiaphic idtuatiun. The Polc
1 .x
X- J"34
Vx. "r
Tliere ls r millinei'y shop in X"w
Yorl; whieh uuaranlees iis hn(s never
tei po out of slvie. Witli every imr--hnse
ses Die undersiainlins 1 lui r in
live or ten ycars l'rom imw the boniict
liouht toda.v will he just US attr.'ieliie,
just ns niiieli adtnired and pven mure
In vocile.
It is the Snlvation Army "Millinery
Shop," loented nt 1-0 West Foiirteenlh
Street, New York city. In whieh esi:il-
lishtnent every lionnet whieh enters !
the lenenient luiuses, resene lintnes, I
orplmnases, nurseries or slum settle-
metil.s first sees tli( libili of dny. Ami
the shop iloes a rushin husiness. Thrce
hundred honnets eneh week are triin
med, hoxed, sent out to nll pnrts nf the
country and stnrtod on llieir mlssion
of ?pre!i(lin. cheer nnd hope to every
corner of the United SIntcs.
And tho Snlvation Army Is un ini-
arj holding fa.it, they are "curry
ine; on", and the world watches them
;?ympathetically, eagerly, hopefully.
Prof. Charles H. Pattcrson of the
Iknartment of English in the Mass
achusetts Agricultural College at
topic, "the Necd of IdeaK He
spoke of how nature showers with
lavish band and without distinction
that whieh is l'or u.-c and that which
i.; merely beautiful.
"The i.r.-t moment of civilization,"
l'iofessor Patterson said, "wa.s when
:'(nio primitive ancestor not merely
-, u. "hò"
i ur.-eliisl tnousnt lo ric to .inouic.
i He said the machine prcduc.es
i mi rely the material but the may niay
ihuhuu mm. ".m
! l'.uvcn ami wi mi u'i
we can
ìi. He iiointed out how Prussia
no ideal ot unicllislines.-i and
produrcil no !;reat leaders of lib-
no Crounvell, no Washington,
"Ideals are cssential to nahons,
Pi of. Patetison declared. "Without
them they pass to destruction. More
over these ideal ? must be expressed
in aflirmation and action. We shall
no', be proud of our failures to do
olir rlenr duty in the world. W o live
noi in ncj'.atioii, not even in materiid
achievement alone, but above ali in
th ; Hcelaration of Independence, our
Menroe Doetrine, our Emancipatoli
oi' l!;e : lave.
"The in'lividii.il also -is under the
sanie Uu."
Profes'or Patterson spoke of the
":e;i lei.-n'ation ÌUSt HOW to Sl'll
h. ilice ol educa', ioli, ot lue, lor
the notóibilitv of immediate lugli
wages but fpioted the Uurcau of Ed
ucation in a diington fc) show tfcat
a . the ar;c of 25 the boy who i.taycd
rhonl lill iie was lw had earncil
f'(H!:i more th.m the boy who went
to work at 11 ano auer me agu i
. . . , I 1 i. .e u.r
the mcrcase lor vne eaucaicu uyy
fa pxceed;; that of the other which
! u.-uallv stand;: at that figure or neur
. He warned a'.sT against the ten
der cy for graduate who finii them
L:c!ves becomiiif prospcrous but for
eetting their duty to return spiritual
jgil'ts to the community. He said the
T c ommunity had not taxed itself mere-
ly to prevent childrcn from becom-
nv pauners lor to ilo tliat uie com
munity wouhl not have needed high
: chools or would have erected merely
traile ' schools. Thc community ex
pcct's li nobler return.
"At this- pi isis in world affair with
ali our pridc in our pation and iti
ideals wc stand before the world par-
inveri oi' uname lo proauce unymms
... , ,l:
L, I) 1 1 ! L 1 1 1 IT illlll LUIIMIUIint-. i i l.
Patterson eontmued. "1 he neeil is to
turn our ideal "irrto art. The world
i, dying for necd of them. The in
dividuai thinks he counts but one, but
the nation is not so many rocks or
lrlls, U is man and man and man.
Vi'e 'must fioat with the great impulse
ti. ri has" thrust u upward out of the
past toward the hest we can d rea ri
Ci. Shall wc float as a derelict or
porter not tlie typo tini stieks thr
eoveted word after its ninne ns a inni
er of eourse, Imr n real (ine. IOvery
J'imnel that uraees the head of every
Salvalion Army, Inssie rame al
way from n ross; the Atlantic fui
pnrpose. The honr.i't itself is ICn
the t riniiuins
ire Anieriean, nnd the
every natienality in
the world.
r...... ,i.....o ....!. ..-...i. i.i ..... ......
. , , , " ,
rin.u.iu. io my ...mr o, ni s;.op a,,-. .
rleposit their Hirsoos of untrim 1
In.ts. At frerpir'tit intiTvals the pi-
nnant honnets, with Un ir, leu
.) mnrc l.llli l'Ilei 1 1 ir nini
''!"e !
f.l.l lin-n Ilio etnt.l i li m.iii t l.miTirl;
fnr vfMirs of servire In the slnnis nini!
tifi XàMtrjMhVÌ
hlenk spots of the nntion. The foiull- come to Mrs. Chandler's to help care
in r lil ii linnnct shnped Hke 'nothlng , for Miss Eliza Eaton who is ili.
else under the san i.s n symbol of un- O. M. Locke nnd wife, Rcv. Hamil
selfisl. sol-vi.-n In nurseries, hnspitalsU011 Miss Edith Lothrop attender!
,m.1 tenemenls the whole world over.
Kow's This? ;
We ofter One Hundred Dolltrs Itewarfl
for any case of Catarrh that cannot b
cured by Hall's Catarrh Medicine.
" Hall's Cutarrh Medicine has ben taken
by catarrh suderers for the past tMrty
flve ycars, and has become known i.s the
most reliable remedy lor catarrh. Hall
Catarrh Medicine nets thru the Blood on
the Mji'cous surfaces, expelling the Pol
son from the Blood and heallng the dis
eased portions.
After you nave talten Hall's Catarrh
Medicine for a short time you will see a
Rreat improvemont in yòur Renerai
health. Start takinK Hall's Catarrh Medi
cine at once and set rid of catarrh. Send
for testimonial, frec.
V. .T. CHKNEY & CO., Toledo, Olilo.
Sold by ali Drusgists, T5c.
with the flap; that.is the hope of the
wc,kl to the must, said proudly at
. '
tn. head.
At the dose of Prof. Patterson's
ai:urcss, l'nncjpal Hubert l'tercc, un
luunced the lionors, for the tour
ytars' couise: Miss Doiothy Wood,
lirst honor.;; Miss Evelyn Vigneault,
Kicond hotiors; Miss Evelyn Mudgett
third lionors.
The U. V. M. 5100 scholarship
is given each year to the boy and girl
having the highest marks d'uring the
feui ycars were awarded to Miss
Duothy Wood and Joseph Sockol.
The presentation of diploma. was
by Judge E. J.Sniith, chairman of
the board of trustecs.
At the close of ihc exrrcises the
leception to the graduates and fac
ultv of Newport High was hcld in
.School Hall. Parent of the gradu
ate; were also in the recciving line.
Following the reception the grand
march was led by Mr. and Mrs. A. D.
Ci Ideigli and the" happy and carefree
graduates and many others trippe!
the light fantastic toe till midnight.
This ycar's graduating class num
bers 15. They are Maurice Claik,
Lcota Cobleigh, Itaymond Colodny,
Milton Drew, Glady Drown, Thelma
llimt, Winsome Jones, Velma Lance,
Hcle-n Livington, Evelyn Mudgett,
Edmond Richard, Joseph Sockol,
Evelyn Vigneuult, Doiothy Wood,
TI cima Young.
Of this number several are to
s ek higher education. Dorothy
Wood, Joseph Sockol and Gladys
Drown go to U. V. M. Velma Lance
wil1 cntcr Skidnioi; Schools of Arts,
at Saratoga. Raymond Colodny goe.s
to Dartmouth, and Maurice Clark to
Norwich University. Others of the
class have not yet fully decided as to
the institution they will attenti.
Pian Scardi for Body
of Leon Regan
(Continued from 'uve one)
1 i. iu.
i t Ho ,,,.nd . ..
ti r-unieiUIlL nuli uei tu j n li k e ine
be necessaiy and that two boats will
b; taken. Ali thosc who are able to
fumish automobile. for the ti Jp
hould notify Mayor Gardner.
Capt. Roginald Buzzell was plan
ning to speak to the niembers of
Ccmpany L tonight and seeure as
ìvnny volunteers as possible to makel
th'.- trip. Mayor Gardner has prom
ised to net in touch with the selcet
i.ieti of Iiasburp; and inquirc whether
thev will contributo some money to
pay the cost of the trucks.
Miss Jackson Bride
of Orleans Man
Miss Ruth Jackson, tiaughter of
Mr. and Mre. G.. S. II. Jackson of 112
lleai'h Street, Malden, Mass., was
man'ied to Gerald B. French, .son of
Karl French of Orleans, at the home
ot the bride's parents, Wednesday
evening, Rcv. Enoch F. Bell of the
American Board of Forein Missionr.
otliciatinir. Miss Mildred lì. Crockett
of Manchester, N. II., was maid 0f
honor and Paul K. French. II V.
M. studetit. was be.st man. The ush- ' slH-nt the past wintcr in Florida and
ei-5 were (iilman D. Jackson and Har- i Southern Pincs, has returned and
old H. Jackson, bi others of the bride, ' opened her house on Church .strect
H. arren Jackson, Jr. of Newton, i for t'es ummer.
Ma.s., and Richard I'. Jackson, cou- )dv Pierce has . rohc to Camp
.ins. ' Abnaki, North Hero for the sunimer
After a weddinjj: trip tho couplc where he i.s to assist as one of the
vili live in Becbc, Vt. camp leaders.
The bride until reccntly has been I M'ss Marion Bartlett, who srraduat
sicietarv for Rev. W illiam E. Stronjr ed May 22 from the Sarjrent school of
ol the American Board of Forcipi J hysical Culture, Cambndtre, has
Missions in Boston. The groom is a 1 been engaged to teach swimnunir in a
graduate from the Abbot Acadcmy ! Private school at Niag;ara Falls for
ami the I'ierc Secretarial school in
Stanstead lìeats
Newport High
Once moro Newport High school
vini a ball g-ame and then lost it,
vhen.they were defeated by Stan-i-tuid
college in a poorly played game
ti'. Stanstcad on Friday morning. The
si oj-c was HI to 5 in favor of the Ca
ni dians. Young Howard Alien pilch
ed for Newport and twirled an excel-
leni Rame up unni the iilth mning,
wlien he weaKcnii
From then on i
Ilio htanstead hatters continuei to
diijr him, piling 13 hits for as many
Tho ground was wet an i il rained
duiing- a portimi of the game, making
it difficult to handle the ball. Sokal
errorod fre(Uently, while Skinner ha I
ti cubie lieldiiig the ball when il carne
ncar first ijase.
The score by innings;
1 2 3 1 a 0 7 8 li
li 0 0 (! 3 () r, -1 01.".
0 0 0 0 5 0 0 0 II 5
Mrs. Mary Joslyn ulìcrcd a shock
;i.ursday forenoon and is in a serlous
ondition. Mrs. Ranney is cnr ug for
er and her nicce Miss Giace Austin
of Auburndale, Mass., is with ber.
Mrs. Bert Scott and daughter,
Hazel, were business visitois in New
port Tluirsday
Miss Edili. I.othm.. u-,w lle.l.v
C'ntrr Thursday to attend the
A.umtu buncurt of the Acaden.y. I
N. M. l'iinick aiKl vile liavc com
M. M. Himick and wife bave com-
..(,nc(.(1 l10USekccping in Ernest Bren
., lol,SP on Manie si cet.
llelcn Beerlc
is Home troni Las eli
Semi nary -for the summer
She has employment in the Central
.n'ituiv H-uib f7,,- Mi, ,.ii, ,..nll.
Miss I.illian Calimi of lios'on has ì
I1""' eK.u....i... tm. ,t,..T
lauri Pomi on Friday. Mr. Hamilton
being- one of thes peakers.
of liaving the Orleans Trust Company
act as your Executor or Trustee per
manency, long experience, legai know
fedge, resources facilitics.. Surely,
this Company is a wise appoihtment.
"Vours to iisè"
0rleÀns1rust (o.
Can You
Notify Richard I). Howe, Secretary of Publicity
Coinmittee of Newport Chamber of Commerce,
stating your location, accommodations and number
you can care for and price per week. Any inquiries
will be gladly referred to any names on our fpes.
Chamber of
Wallace Boyman and' family have
sold out their home and intercsts in
Leominster, Mass., and returned to
Orleans. At prcsent they are li vintr
,'vvin Jcnnie ilennessy. .
i Miss I. Ella Blaisdell, who
'"'V an" AUffusi.
j Miss Lillian Findley, who is etti
I ployed by the governmetit in Wash-
mgton is visiting- hcr niother lor a
Mrs. 1). W. Hildreth of Newport is
spendine the week with her sistcr,
Mrs. Jonah Flint while 1. W. is oc-cupying-
his cottage "Split Rock" at
Willoughby Lake.
Morse Bennctt, who has been in
attendance at the Cleasby Hospital
for several weeks, ,has gonc to ber
home in St.' Johnsbury.
Mrs, Kipp closcs hcr boardinp
house on Saturday next for a month
uni is to have a much needed rset
md will visit her son, Clayton Kipp,
in St. Johnsbury, and daughter in
Nashua, N. H., and otber friends.
I Myron Chall'ec and fnmily aer mov
ili).' to the house reeently purchased
of I. B. Grey alni Mr. Grey and fam
ily go to Walpole, N. H., where he
j has purchased a fami. It is reporled
ithat this splenditi family are to leave
j ilio town.
I Fred Alchurch's motber has rn
iurned home after spending- the win
tcr in Boston with n daughter.
C. I). French and family niotored
lo Boston Sunday last to attend the
we(',iin f thelr son Gn ld, .o M
IUlth Iafktson Mal,1.c; Mils-'- V '
M:. Ater a wed.hng
l thf'.v 'Jn rLs,;lc. LVC,M!- Vt-
where Mr. French is in business,
Cari Haniblct of Barton was in
town the first of the week calling on
riends. He is driving i new C hevro-
i . . , . ....... ....
"l "oansier recenuy ,.u.cii.-,i-u
tho Barion i. aratro, T,llllw1,.v
. A;h, deOm h o S . ns u y
m-'' "r' .7
receiit visuors ai rieri ri a., e.
i A large number of members of
ir 1 .. r . ........ .1.1
' " ; "- . . .,
iiiiami i.ormc ni nuiruiKiun n .
of the week.
Anione them be:ng O
Locke, B.
O. Smith ami Charles
Must Ba EarnetJ.
rinppInesR nnd the senso of vlctory
uro only for 1hosr who llv for con
selence nnd duty nnd the sotil's hlt;hcr
Idenls. Neucl! Iiwlht IUIILb.
Tàblé Services i
for Gif ls
Q A most practical offering, to
tlie "newly-weds" or"about-to-be-weds,"
and ohe that will
be surely appreciated, is a table
service of crystal. ,
It may consist of a fewdozens
of the most necessary'pIeces,,or
may include glasses for every
drinkable thing, as .well .as pe
canters, Water Bottles, .Whisky
JJugs.Oil Bottles, Finger Bowls,
ctc. ' , r
1 It may be plain, etched, engraved,
cut, or monogranied, according to
i the amount you wish to invest.
tj Isn't it a " good tuggestioa ?"
; Some, wonderfully attrac
tive things in Decorateci
China too.
Tlrue & Blanchard . Co
WANTEl) Woman for housewoik.
No washings. Good wages. Appiy to
Hr.iold Miller, Newport Tel. 241-4.
WANTEl Waitress and kitchen
girl at Newport House, Newport, Vt.
Highest wages. Apply A. M. Bowcn,
manager. . , 'l2 tf
Eagle Point. Apply G. H. Newland,
Newport, Vt. 280-300.

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