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TEKXS-91.SO la Bdvaac Other
Thursday, Sec. 221, 1SS1.
' Bate
Space per rear.
One column (26 inches) $10 00
Three-fourths column (19 A 1-2 inches) .... 83 00
One-half colamn (13 inches)..... 65 00
One-third column (8 A 2-d inches) 50 00
One-fourth column (6 A 1-2 inches) 40 00
One-sixth column (4 A 1-Sd inches) SO 00
One-eighth column (3 A 14th imlies) 25 00
One-eleventh column (2 ft 1-Sth inches).... 20 00
One-sixteenth column (1 A 5-Stli inches)... 15 00
One-twenty sixth column (1 incii) 9 00
One-thirty-ninth columu (3-ithinchi 7 00
One-fiity-second column (1-2 inch) 5 00
Fractional parts of a year H ill be charged as
follows :
Eight months, 9-10ths prioi of full rear.
Seven ' 8-10ths '
Si " 7 loths - m
Five , " B-lOths
Four " MOths " "
Thr - 4-10ths "
Two 3-10ths " "
One " 2 lOths M "
One insertion l-10th " " "
Reading notices, 10 cents per lineesch insertion.
out no c barge maae oi less man one aouar. -robs
te and Commissioners notices, (3 insertions.)
ti.50. ' Liberations. Cstravs. Ac. (3 insertions.)
1.50. Legal notices (J insertions) ten cents per
TTe desire to call attention to our
advertising rates at the head of this
column, which, it will be observed,
are very low, considering the fact that
advertisers now reach all the people
tvertising in the consolidated
News & CrriZEJf that they did former
ly by advertising in both the Vermont
Citizen and the Lamoil'.e Xeics. No
professional or business man can fail
to appreciate the fact tha t the facilities
for bringing their business to the no
tice of the people of Lauoille County
were never so good as at present.
There are very few families in La
moille Connty who do not read and
discuss tho anuouncemerts made from
week to week in ihe Xeycs & Citizen.
We shall accept only a United number
of advertisements, as we are deter
mined not to encroach upon our local
news columns for the sake of the profits
to be derived from advertising. But
everj- experienced advertiser under
stands that where this course is pur
sued by the publishers i; renders the
space devoted to adrerlising all the
more valuable and desirable, as the
advertisements are more certain to be
read by the c;reat mass c f readers -a
condition that does not exist where
the larger pai t of the paper is devoted
to advertising. Should the future of
our paper warrant the expenditure, we
will very gladly enlarge :.t to the end
that we may the better serve both the
reading and advertising public.
Several anonymous communications
this week. Contributors name must
always appear to insure publication.
We favor our readers this week with
another interesting letter from the
llev. II. O. Dwight our correspondent
at Constantinople.
.I.. ' ii-
Nothing of interest has transpired
" ,- e Guiteau case dining the past
The evidence is so stronglj
t the theory of Insanity that the
jnihiic arc fast losing their inteiist in
the trial.
We are in receipt of a letter from
Antoine Gilbert of Elmore but haven't
ihe space for its publication, he says
lhat 44 a smooth tongued villain"
known by the name of Gsorge Willey
who has been in the employ of It. G.
Jiiil but boaidinz witu uuuert, so
poisoned the mind" of his daughter
that she ou Saturday la it ran away
with him and that their whereabouts
sire now unknown. It seems that her
own biother under the influence of
Willey, aided in carrying out the plans
.f the couple. The gill is but seven
teen while Willey is thirty or more and
i- said to have a wife now living near
St. Johnsbury. Miss Gilbert is not
Lis first victim probably- The girl's
ftinily is respectable and her mother
i-t said to be an estimable woman.
The President has nominated judge
Horace Gray, of Massachusetts, to fill
the vacancy ou the Supreme Bench.
It will be remembered tint it was the
intention of Gen. Garfield to make this
appointment and its indorsement now
reflects great credit upon President
Arthur. General Grant urged the
appointment of Gov. Bout well, and it
is probable the latter gentleman
thought his application was as good as
t! ranted. ' The stalwarts even are
finding that the President has not
f. rg-slten that he is the servant of the
American people.
A Card.
Kinsley, writing from Wash
ington of the Guiteau trial makes the
following comparison:
" Perhaps some of the readers
would like a sketch of the vag
abond, so I would suggest ; take
for instance the lamen.ed A. A.
Karle of the lamented Mo -risville Cit
izen, cut his beard short, wash him,
put on a clean shirt and a standing
collar, and allow him tj retain his
present egotism, and you hare the
color, physique, etc. save the crimi
nal meaness to form some idea how
this chap who defies court and officers,
looks and acts.
All I have to say to this is that
I now have no organ in which to
reply, and so the editor of the
Clipper finds it erfcctly safe to let fly
at me whenever and whatever pleases
hi in lest. The meanest kind of a cur
can bark at a muzzled lion.
A. A. Eakle.
Probate Court.
The following is the business trans
acted at the Probate office for the two
weeks ending December 9th, 1881 :
Dec. 5 X. W. Goodale Estate Morris
town If. 15. Goodale appointed Trustee;
Parker Carpenter Estate -Jolinson-llear-liiT
had and continued to Dec. 19.
Dpc. C Chloe D. Spooner Kstate Wa
tcrville Time of ettleiniit extended.
Dec. 7 Frank O. Sabin Guardianship
Elinare Dyar Willi appointed guardian.
ieo. L. Codding guardianship Water
vllle guardiau settles his account.
Dec. 10 Harry Brush Eitate Cam
bridge hearing: continued three weeks.
Dec. 12 William H. Thorpe Estate
llnrritilnun license lrruiitrtl to Gill rpnl
.estate. ; . . j
: Constantinople, Nov. 20, '81.
Editors Xetcs & Citizen :
One Institution which we have here,
jou happily are free from, although
the memory of man goes back to the
time when the United States as well
as Turkey had this same institu
tion the slave trade within its bor
ders. The local news, papers have
lately given signs of the existence of
this trade in this city by advertising
for , run-awav slaves. Not that the
trade is new. It has always existed
here bat has been well kept out of
A short time ago a lurk is n paper
announced that a certain gentleman
had been prosecuted for dishonesty
in trading a woman for a diamond
brooch. A French paper published
Lire called attention to the item by
the heading "The Slave-trade." The
next day a note from the prosecutor
in the suit was sent to the editor of
the French r aper, explaining that the
woman was not worth the money paid.
A few editorial remarks from the
news paper called out an official state
ment that the crime for which the
dealer was punished was the crime of
selling tho woman, who was a confirm
ed run-away, at the price of a good,
docile, stay-at-home kind of a slave.
It was not until the editor of the
French paper had written a long arti
cle upon this official evidence of the
existence of the slave trade, that the
Turks got it through their thick heads
that the point in the Frenchman's
mind was the sale of human beings, in
this city ; instead of being as they
verdantly supposed a criticism on the
jnatiea of tU punishment . meted out
to the slave dealer.
Last week a man was arrested for
having sold and stolen back again his
two daughters 17 and 19 years of age.
But the punishment awarded by the
cojjrt was specifically stated to be a
punishment for stealing the girls. Of
the crime of selling the girls nothing
was said.
These two instances show how the
Turkish authorites wink at the praclit e
although it is against the law. So the
trade goes on unchecked. When a
slave . runs away the owner makes a
complaint to the police, and the police
turn all their forces into the pursuit,
until they find the fugitive. The fugitive
found is brought into court, and the
owner enters charges against her for
theft the property stolen being of
course the clothes the poor girl has on.
Since she is a slave, of course she has
no claims upon her clothes. The
judge rolls up his eyes in horror at the
depravity of the person who can steal
clothing from a reputable citizen . And
then he tells the frightened girl that
the penalty for the theft is a 3'ears im
prisonment but that her benevolent
owner is ready to Torsive the theft if
she will go back to his home and live
there quietly. The girl having to
choose between going to prison and
going back to her master, generally
chooses the latter alternative, and so
the slave 'is restored by the Court to
the master without an' fugitive slave
law and without official notice of the
peculiar relation between the culprit
and the prosecutor. There seems to
be no possible way of reaching this
traffic for the Turkish officials cannot
be induced to stop it, being interested
parties in it themselves. The Turks
are in a miserable way in their finances.
rhe Government is collecting taxes
two years in advance and is living on
the proceeds. What it will do two
years from now no one can predict.
Many think it will go to pieces like
the "one horse shay. Ihe army is not
paid and the soldiers suffer terribly
u consequence acds make the people
suffer too, for they Lave n disagreeable
fashion of plucking unwary travelers
bj- night, on pretence of their violation
of some imaginary law in venturing
abroad after nightfall. Within three
weeks there have been two murders
near one of the soldier's guard-houses
in the outskirts of the city and there is
little doubt that the soldiers were the
criminals. But the Goverumcut does
nothing and can do nothing to punish
or prevent such crimes.
There is a great Kowrdish dignitarj
the Sheikh Obeidullah here. He is a
sort of a prisoner, too important a
man to be roughly treated, but too
dangerous to Turkish interests to be
allowed the liberty of returning to his
home on the Persian frontier. So he
is a guest of the Sultan but compell
ed by the lav9 of etiquette to remain
a guest until the Sultan permits his
departure. A week or two ago the
Sultan had a long talk with him, told
him how much he loved him and how
he proposes to send him back to his
home with great honor 111 a few days
The character of the Turks is verv well
illustrated by the interpretation put
upon this gracious behavior of the
Sultan by the object of it. The
Sheikh returned to his house, ordered
his retainers to be ready for an attack
at any moment, loaded up his revol
vers, and appointed a niglit watch of
four men to picket his house. He be
lieves that the kindness of the Sultan
is a ruse intended to put him off his
guard, and that an attempt will be
made to assassinate him. So he lives
in continual anxiety, and is really
growing thin because he fears every
dish set before him may be poisoned.
Our winter rains have set in. The
weather is cool but we have not
thought of frost yet and the lemon
trees full of lemons and blossoms stand
out doors vet without danger. Some
of your agricultural readers may be
interested in the comparison of cli
mates betwecti Morrisvillo and Con-i
stautinople indicated in Ihe fact that
I planted radishes , lettuce and such
small wares this mouth and that we
now revel in such produce from our
garden. It is all very fine to have
garden stuff grow in November, but I
would give more for one whirF of the
stormy bracing air that dances over
the sparkling snow fields of Vermont
todnv, than for all the "garden suss"
this side of China.
Henry O. Dwioiit.
Watch Carefully your Health.
Are your hands and feet cold? Does
your pulse beat Irregular? Docs vour
heart quickly palpitate at the least exer
tion, worriinent, or nervous excitement?
Loes your face often flush from a rush
of blood to the head? Are you troubled
with dyspepsia, indigestion, or some
urinary disorder? Beware: Death may
at any time suddenly ensue from apo
plexy. Do not delay. Your system
needs some true medical tonic. Nothing
is bo good as Brown's Iron Bitters. This
excellent remedy will assist nature in
quickly regaining her lost hold on health
and life. Jt strengthens every part of
the system, and restores the different or
gans of life to their normal condition.
In diseases of an exhaustive nature hav
ing a tendency to weaken both mind nuj
body, it invariably acts like a charm.
Snow drifts are proving trouble-
the Canadian Pacific Kail-
Mrs. Lydia E. rinkham, 233 Western
Avenue, Lynn, Mass.. is rapidly acquir
ing an enviable reputation for the sur
prising cures which daily result from the
use of her Vegetable Compound in all fe
male diseases. Hend to her for pamphlets.
Horace Fairfield, of Essex, has re
cently received a pension with over
eight hundred dollars arrears. His
application was made nearly four
years ago.
At Swantou, a jury found Eugene
DeNoel guilt of twentj'-one offences
of selling liquor, making a fine of $210
and costs, which amount to $19.85
more, which docs not include the two
attornej-s' fees. DeNoel took an ap
peal and was put under $300 bonds to
appear at the county court.
Mrs. Sally Stockwell, of Brattle
boro, is in her 103 year.
The ninth re-union of the First Ver
mont Cavalry, will be held at White
River Junction, Wednesdaj-, January
4th, 1882.
John A. Gilchrist, a Vermont man
living in Kansas, had the cream from
2000 cows during the past summer.
F. Dudley, of Burlington, has pur
chased the property of the Arthabaska
Lumber Company at Arthabaska, P,
Q. The property consists of steam and
water mill of large capacity, cutting
some 1,200 logs per clay ; and timber
Miss Ella Peabody, of Andover, a
young lady, dresses constantly in
mens clothing while at home, and
does all kinds of manual labor to as
sist her father upon the farm.
As George Parker and Zeb. Car
lisle, of Bridgewater, were out hunt
ing on the same hill recently, without
knowing each others presence, they
both saw a partridge, they being in
opposite directions, and both dis
charged their guns simultaneously.
One shot from Parker's gun passed
through Carlisle's ear.
Cornelius Noyes, of lunbridge, re
cently dressed an eight months old pig
that weighed 350 pounds.
Vermonters will learn with pleasure
that Gen. George J. Staunard has
been appointed assistant door-keeper
of the House of Representatives, at
A ten-vears-old girl, living with
Warren Whitcomb, of West Fairlee,
while leading two horses to water, was
kicked and severely injured by one of
Rev. J. D. Beeman, of Swantou,
was presented with $175 in gold at his
crystal wedding.
At Bennington, Glynn has been in
dicted for poisoning the Stamford
E. D. Hopkins is again in trouble.
This time it is for larcem- of funds be
longing to the Philadelphia Fire Asso
Benjamin Chase, freight shifter at
St. Albans, lost a leg by slipping un
der a car.
Tho wife of Rev. Albert W. Clarke,
formerly of Georgia, has died at Pra
gue, Austria, where her husband is a
Peters, the murderer, surrendered
himself to the officers, and was takcp
to Sweetsburgh jail. He refused to
disclose where he had been secreted.
Threats of lynching are made, and the
jail is closely guarded. Post.
J. B. Southworth, principal of the
Vermont Methodist Conference semin
ary, Montpelier, has failed, with lia
bilities of 80,300. He has made an
assignment and hopes to pay 40 cents
on a dollar.
A little six j'ears old girl from
Brooklyn, X. Y., Grace Pettie, broke
through the ice on DeerCeld river, at
Wilmington, and was drjwned.
E. E. Dewey, C. W. Towns, Sam
uel Webster, and Henry II. Davis
were arraigned before Justice llentT
C. LaHc at Bellows Falls,' and fined
$200 each with 30 days in the house of
correction for selling liquor under the
nuisance act. Each took an appeal
and gave $300 bonds.
A Vermont pastor desires to put
our readers on their guard against a
young man who calls his name Cham
berlain. He claims to be a theologi
cal student, finds himself out of mon
ey and in pressing need of a loan ; and
our correspondent says that at least
three persons have been swindled by
him. ConcjregatioHalist.
A Windsor druggist received an or
der for "Rattling Bird's Pills." After
pondering over the same for a few
moments he filled the order with
" Greafenbeig's Pills," which proved
to be the article wanted. This same
druggist also received au order for
"one-quarter of a pound of Saint
Peter." Instead of dealing out a mor
sel of the patron saint, the drug vender
weighed out a quantity of saltpetre,
and the purchaser was satisfied.
Big pigs of Chelsea : John Allen's,
581 pounds ; Jabez Luce's, C28, a
7-months-old pig. Dan Brewers', at
Randolph, pulled the beam at 300, and
Geo. White's two 9-months-old pigs
weighed respectively 406 and 34S.
All the St. Albans hotels are now
closed on account of the temperance
crusade. The town is more excited
than it has been since the rebel raid o
18C4, and both crusaders and land
lords are freely denounced. Business
begins to suffer, and there is talk of
moving the butter market elsewhere
Public sentiment is reported strongly
m favor of enforcing the liquor law
without regard to who sells it, but
many business men arc getting sick of
the present state of affairs. The
Swnnton temperance people 1110 get
ting waked up, too, ana are going to
get up a young war of their own.
Sp ringjield llcp u blica 11 .
A correspondent of tho Brattleltoro
Reformer is responsible for tho fol
lowing in regard 10 erinout saw
mills : " I have heard the following
slor3- told ns fact I don't ask anyone
to believe it : A niiin was riding along
one day on one of these mountain
roads passing ouc of these little mills
when he heard a crash on the h
above him. He looked up and saw u
huge hemlock log come tearing down
tho declivity. It rolled across the
road and into the mill which was on
the lower side of the road, and disap
peared. He jumped from his horse
and ran down a path which led under
the mill, expecting to see a scene of
destruction where the monstrous pole
had made its way before, but when he
got to the lower side it Lad come
through all made into nhiteash rakes
nicely tied up a dozen in a bunch. A
man and 003 were quietly and serenely
oiling ill) the bunches, aud with the
suavity and kindness so common in
these regions, kindly explained tho
whole process, so that he understood
it ncrfectlv. except the tying up : that
remains a mystery to him yet and
probably will to his dying day."
"Lapkkb, Mich., Feb. 2, 1881.
I am in receipt of j our circular.
keep a good supply of your Downs'
",B , "Kl .
u, "e 0IT lT Ucfl CO,?U "T?8
put up. I also keep Dr. Baxters
Mandrake Bitters, and Henry & John
son s Arnica and Oil Liniment,
U. p. Bristol, Druggist"
The above named Remedies are all
warranted to give satisfaction, and
can be found in any first-class drug
store, 37-40
Washington Matters.
The President has appointed and
the Senate confirmed Hon. Timothy
O. Howe of Wisconsin as Postmaster-General.
Gen. and Mrs. Grant are to spend
a month or so a., the White house this
winter, as President Arthur's guests
Colonel Corkhill thinks the testi
mony may all be in by Christinas.
Secretary Frelinghuysen took charge
of the State Department yesterday.
Mr. Brewster was, on Monday last,
confirmed as Attorney General.
Mr. Hawk of Illinois lias introduced
a bill for the protection of the Presi
dent of the United States. It provides
for the punishment by death of an
assault with intent to kill the Presi
dent of the United States. If it shall
be shown that the assailant was irre
sponsible at the time of the assault,
he shall be confined in an insane
as3'lum for life.
Mrs. Garfield says the late Presi
dent never requested that Dr. Bliss
take charge of his case. Furthermore
she 833's the Presidet was not permit
ted to dwell on the subject of death,
and important matters which his wife
wished to speak of were left unsaid
Senator Hoar ably championed the
cause of woman before the Senate
The suffrage question was not discuss
ed : he advocated tho enactment of
more just laws relating to the power
of the husband over wife.
Secretary Blaine, it is understood,
proposes to attend to his personal
affairs for some time to come, and will
reside in Washington most of the
None of the surgeons who attended
President Garfield will accept compen
sation for their services unless it comes
from the Government.
Scoville delivered a lecture in Wash
mgton last week on "The Guiteau
Senator Anthony would have the
transmission of the office of President
through the whole Cabinet, after the
President and Vice President.
ihe i'resiueut admits no stranger
to his presence, until he has told his
business to the private secretary. He
will keep "Bachelor's Hall" the most
of the time.
The latest case of star route frauds
is one where the contractors have
been paid $90,000 for carrying's, tri
eeKi.v man ror inreo years, which
thev have never pretended to do ac
cording to the terms of their contract
having no tr insportation on the route
for lhat special service. .
liners Aiasiazine lor .lanu.-irv is
a strong number beautifiillv illn.slra
Ti e frontispiece is an illustra
lion drawn by Alfred Fredericks, en
tilled "Urn Challenge, representing
a lamihar legend of the Court of King
Francis. The lending illustrated pa
per treats tor ihe lust tune a charac
teristic Western subject thv trans
portation of coal from 1 iltsburgh
down thuOhi and AIi.-,shiiui Rivers.
The paper is contributed by G. F.
Muller, and is admirably illustrated
bv J. W. Alexander.
A Hkumit's inuuKX Wealth. Pa:!
rick Downey died recently at Vastleton,
where he had lived a hermit's life for
25 years. Alter his death a roll of
850U0 111 bills on the Castleton Mutual
bank was found secreted in his bed.
The bank discontinued business in
Wood Ashes. Wood ashes are one
f the ihost vabaable fertilizer that
farmer can aiJblv Ui his soil. A.iw
from the wood off the beach is said by
chemists to contain IS lbs. of potash,
33 lbs. of lime, G lbs. of magnesia, 3
lbs. phosphoric acid, besides sulphuric
acid, to the bushel CO lbs. From this
it will be seen how great their 111 ami ri
al value is. For root crops of all kinds,
grasses, clover etc., they will be found
just what is needed to stimulate and
feed the crop. The ash is the mineral
element of any vegetable structure,
and therefore indespensable to its
growth. The farmer who will sell his
ashes is actually parting with so
much of the fei tility of his farm. As
an application to reclaimed marsh
land the effect of ashes is often won
derful. - . ,
Loss of memory, universal lassitude,
pain in the buck, premature old ugc,
promptly cured with Brown's Iron Bit
ters, it restores lost funerions and
strengthens the weakened parts. 4)
IIlmax Blood. On the purity and vital
ity of the blood depend tho vigor and health
of the whole system. Disease of various
kinds is often only the sign that nature is
trying to remove the disturbing cause. A
remedy that gives life and vigor to tho
blood, eradicates scrofula and other impuri
ties from it, as Jlopd's Sarsiiparilla u.
doubtedly does, must bo the means pf prp
venting many diseases that would occur
without its use. Sold by dealers.
liuys Them by the Gross.
Stf.ubkxville, Ohio, May 25 1SS1,
Please send me at once one gross of
your most excellent medicinal tonic.
Brown's Iron Bitten. I li:ive used tlieni
in inj' practice, for indigestion, dyspep
sia, sour stomach, heartburn, nausea,
vertigo, etc.. and have met with greir.
success, in effecting cures. I find they
give perfect tone and real strength to ev
ery part of the body, and in caes of kid
ney diseases nnd consumption they quick
ly stop all decav.
Tt. B. ALEXANDER. M. I. and Drug
gUt. P. K. CLEED,
ATTOUSKT AT LAW, sis., Axnit fur otl
Vermont Mutuiil, and tsevi-ml stin k Insur
ance Companies, Murnsvillc, Vt.
llrde I'ark, Vt
jKri'TYSiiKimr jt aixtioneku,
l!usiue from parties reMiliiij; out of the count;
will n-eeive prompt attention. Hyile 1'itrk, Vt.
jtX. Morrisvillo. Vt
Ceo. W. 1 1 e.mike. II. C. r'isK.
Mr. I isk's connection with llie I'll tint Olllccj at
Washington for a number ol' years unable liim to
procure imtcnts suri'ililv. una. lie believes, to the
entire SiitistueUon ol thu applicant. Several valu
nuie inventions lor rule on ensv terms.
. Stowe, Vt.
lusiness promptly, cheaply ami snUsl'uctorily
Morrisville. Vt.
J-01Hce nt resilience, first iloor eitt ol Koberl'i
Jewelry shop.
Firo ami Life Insurance solicited. Insurnncc
pluceil inrooil and reliable companies.
All husincss entrusted tome will be uroiniitlT
aiul faithfully attended to.
M. O.
Johnson, Vt.
All business entrusted to his care will be
promptly attended to, l'ostrolljcu Morrisville I.
P. W. J. PECK,
work warranted.
Johnson, Vt.
In the history of proprietary medicines has
any article met success at home equal to that
which has been poured upon Hood's Sabsa
rARiLLA. Why, Buchhas been the success
of this article, that nearly every family in
whole neighborhoods have be in taking it at
tho same time. Every week brings new evi
dence of the wonderful curative properties of
Uils medicine.
Combines the
Best Kcmcdics
rt mm of tho vegetable.
vctrsaparjct mh6. ,n
such proportion
as to derive their greatest mc dicinal effects
with tho least disturbance to tha whole sys
tem. In fact this preparation is so well bal
anced In Us action upon the alimentary
canal, tho liver, the kidneys, tho stomach,
tho bowels and tho circulation of the blood,
that it brings about a healthy action of the
entire human organism, that can hardly be
credited by thoso who have not seen tho re
markable results that have followed its use.
If tho Sarsaparilla does not prove sufficient
ly laxative, take a few doses ol Hood's Veo
KTA111.K 1'ills. It Is well In all cases of
biliousness to take these pills In connection
with the Sarsaparilla for the first ten days,
a hat dull, sleepy, sick feeling can be wholly
overcome by the use o( these remedies. Will
you give them a trial and be yourself again?
An ex-alderman of this city cays of Hood's
Sarsaparilla, " It is tha strongest Sarsapa
rilla I ever saw."
Each dollar bottle contains one hundred
(averages) doses. Sold by all druggists.
Price 0110 dollar, or six for five dollars.
Hood's Sarsaparilla, prepared only by &
L HOOD & CO., Apothecaries, Lowell, Mass.
Ia a Powitivf Cure
for all OiMePulnt'n CompUlnU nA UmVimim
bomiiuu to our beftt feiarle mP1L1ok
Ik will cure entirely the worst form ot FenuUe Com
plaints, all ovarian troubloa. Inflammation and Ulcera
tion, FalUnflr and Piaplacemeau, and tha consequent
Spinal Weakness, and In particularly adapted to tha
Chang of Life.
It will dissolve and expel tumors from the uterus la
an early stage of development. Th tendency to can
cerous humors there Is checked very s poedUy by its use.
It removes faintness, flatulency, dcitroysall c ravin a;
for stimulants, and relieves weakness of the stomach.
It cures Bloating, Ilctulachet, Nervous Prostration,
General Debility, SloeiJessnsst, Depression and Indl
cstion. That feeling of bearing down, cauidnff pain, weight
and backache, is always permanently cured by Its usa.
It will at all times and under all circumstances act in
harmony with the laws that govern tho female system.
For tho euro of Kidney Complaints of either sex this
Compound is unsurpassed.
I OCX Dis prepared at 333 and 235 Western Avsnua.
Lynn, Mass. Prica fl. Six bottles for $& Sent by Basil
In the form of pills also in the form of lozenges, osi
receipt of price, per box for either. Mrs. Pinkham
freely answers all letters of inquiry. Send for pamph
let Addrcaa as above. Jmtfcm thti Paper.
No family should bo without LYDIA E. PIKKUAM'S
LIVER PILLS. They cure constipation, biliousness
and torpidity of thettw. cents jier box.
tjr iSuId by a.sl lmiiMEiirtB
For Sale by AO. fiATKS, MorrUvlllc
For The
Cures ConsumutienL Colds, Pneurae
uia, Infllen, Drnfrlilal TMffimilti,
Bronchitis, f Hoar:rress, 'Asthma
Croup, "Whooping jCough, and all
Diseases of the Breathing Organs. It
eoothes and heals the Membrane Of
the Lungs, inflamed, and poisoned by
the disease, and prevents the night
sweats aud tightness across the chest
which accompany it. CONSUMF
TIOX is not an incurable malady. Jt
is only necessaiy to have the right
remedy, and HALL'S BALSAM Is
that reined v. DON'T DESPAIR of
RELIEF, for this benign specific will
cure you, even though professional
aid fails. 207yl
Tho Most Powerful Healing Oint
ment and Disinfecta nt ever
IIrj' Carltollc Malre kasila barns.
BSenrj'. C&trUolic M.Itc earn im.
IImivm t'arlolc ftlv ttlltay nsaia.
IIar.v'a Carbolic feiuli' cureiiaroptloaa
iifsry u l unmnc diiih pinapica.
untfi larusilc sulvf Bra, la Uralses
Ask for IIEXJ2Y'S and use no other
trr Beware of Coanterieita. esr
Neuralgia, tiriruiiis,
IViu in the Buclc aud fclde.
There Is notili, more polnftil thau Ui,.i
diseases; but Uio p. I.i can be removed and
Uio disease cured ' use of Perry Davis'
Pain Killer.
This remrdy U not a chap lu-nxlua
or Petroleum :r.,Ut.et that must bo kept
awuy from llie t.v l.i-at to avoid (lunger
of explosion, nc.r t it an untried experi
ment thut tuay j more harm than goad.
Pxin Kil'cr hus been In oonKtant ua
for forty years, i;d tuo uulvenal testimony
from all parts of tin world li, It never
falls. It not only ejects s permanent cr
but It relieves pain inmost Instantaneously.
Kelajf a purely ve.ts.b!o remcly, It Is safe
la the hands of the most lnezrlenced.
Tho record of. cures by Uio use of Fm
Kjlle would Oil volumes. The following
M tract from letters -reeerred show what
who harl! trf.! BSttiKkl- ,
Edgar Cady, Owatonua, Minn . , says !
About a raur slaue aijr wtf. toamme raMoel
to sewn suOaru from rbauiuiUun. Our
resort warn to the l'Aia En.l m. wttUa apeadil
relieved hr. k.
Obaries Powell -writes from 'the tailors'
Boms, London : 1 "
I hd hum fflictl throaro'elth DennljrU
wd violent psmn of the stomach. Thedoetusa
at WestiuhuVr Uoertul t" Mp mT eae la
erpir. I Mn) year Yu TL "JJU, ana U save
me uuswdlMo relief. I have reirauea my
strerufkh. aud au uo able to fallow uy ueuat
0. H. Walworth. Booo. X., writes :
I experienced luunedluK reaaf from pels fat
the nde by the oke ut yuur Paui tii in
K. York says:
I have used roar T.m Km- or rneusmSaai.
and have received rrat Imttit.
Barton Seaman says : , ..
Have used Paim If Otirty Teura,
and have found it a mrj'"' remsdy fur
rhenjnatisia and lunene
Mr.Buxdltt wrltoo:
mJK"1",nl' to rive nJlef hi rheomausia.
Phil. Gilbert, Somerset, Fa., writas :
, I'rotn actual une, I Inn" jour 1'Jaa lima
ia the beat nuidicu; IiMl
All flrogslEts lux p FaW Kii-i-rn. Its prlca
Is so low that it la wltiln tho reach or all,
Ad It will save many tines Its eoiit In doctors'
bllla. 25c, soe. and 1.00 a ttua
PERRY DAVIS A SOU, Proprleton,
provident), R. I.
TS. DKKW, Proprietor, ,, .
J F .' Burlington, Vt.
First-class accommodation). stag' runt to and
iroin all the trnins and tcamb('lu''
"Vr F. BOWMAN A CO., rropriclors.
V . Burlington, Vt
We take ulcasure in lofimiilnK the old patrons
of the Van Ness House, aiil th".Puullc generally,
that sincu we have purchaK"' this house, wa have
made nianv iimmrt.-,i,t,.i,,,.iTii1 thenrraneement
or its apartments mid outliu'l'""?- ." 1,0 I'arlor,
Odice and linintf Uooni, in liK1'11 W'W tha Wes.
tou Electric Light. Mr JiovrniHit, so long at the
McuiphreiniiBog House, will 1 8 House flrs(
class in all respect.
r P. BUTTS, Proprietor.
a t
yorlh Hvde p,k, Vt,
TTORNEV at LAW,,aolwitrrint'!,im
Woloott, Vt.
O 1
of Lariiei and Misses fine French CUROCOA KID
and Buttoned llootti, bolt) nlain and box toe, in
all widths, B.C. C, 1-1 and I.
of CHILDREN'S SHOES, got np in good style,
both in fine goods and in stronger styles, suitable
for school and every day Wear.
of MEN'S FINE SHOES, and at this same time of
the year have a fine assortment, both in hand and
machine sewoif, eopscially adopted ts lull and
winter trade.
of M EN's BOYS' and YOUTHS' KIP and CALF
BOOTS, and can offer a large sto-,k and low prices
of Sheep Skin Moccasins, Wool Boots, and all
COLD WEATHER GOODS, and can use you riifht
every time on these goods. Parties wanting any
kind of boots, shoes or rubbers of anv sort, stvle
or price, will And THE LARGEST STOCK in this
part of the State at my store.
Stowe Street, Waterbury, Vermont.
3. C. GWvGiGiS.
N'orember 1st, I SSI
are not plenty this Fall, but
lias the best crop of
you ever saw. He lias tho
and the
Heating Stoves.
These "Acorns" are ilrst-class eootlg.
and it will De lor your interest to
call and examine tliein if
you are intening
to buy a good Stove. Be
sides these First-Class Stoves, he
Magee Cook Stoves
and Coal Stoves of vari
ous kinds. In addition to his
splendid line of Stoves he, has a
full stock of TIN, Japanned ware,
Copper and Sheet Iron ware,
ware, &c., &c, &c,
Carpenter's tools, Great American
Crosscut and one Man Saws,
Blacksmith's Steel and Iron,
Barbed Wire Fencing,
Farming Tools !
Such as Shovels and Hoos, liar and
Mauure Forks. Crow Bars, Picks, Light-
ning Hay Knives, Feed Cutters, Cattle
Chains, Steel Traps. Steel-yards
f '
Lead and Iron Pipe, Clothes
Wringers. Bird Cages, Table
Cutlery, and a thousand, and one
tilings that he has neither time nor
space to mention, but before closinsr
he wishes to whisper to the nublic that
he has the BEST and LARGEST stock of
to be found in Lamoille County, and at
Tliankiiiar the nubile for nast favors
anu noping you win call and pay up that
uiu account anu buy more, goods, ho re.
luiiiim us ever,
Morrisville, Oct. IS, 1881.
N THE DISTRICT COURT of the United States
JL forthe Dintrictor Hew Jersey, in Bankruptcy.
Jti the matter ofAlmon IP. Griswvld, Bankrupt,
The undersigned assignee in bankruptcy of the
above named bankrupt will, on the TE.V! II DAY
Or' JANUARY, A. I). ISWi. at t o'clock p. in., at
the Court Mouse in Hyde I'ark, in uio county oi
Lamoille, State of Vermont, sell, by public ven
due or outcrr, all the right, title and interest,
which the said Alniou W. Uriawold, bankrupt,
IihcI on the 3lt day of Angusd 878. ill and to the
following Uesoi'ibed property i "All that certain
plpca and parcel of land, situated in the Township
of Eden, tjiiuntr of Lamoille, and State of Ver.
mont, being the' whole of Lot No. Seventeen, (17,)
in the Sixth (6) Range, druwn to the original right
of Isaac Hill, one hundred acres, more or less,"
with nil its nuuurtennnces.
CORN K LI Lit A. RUNKLE. Assignee,
Tribune Building, Sew York City.
A. A. CAULnwrn-L, Atry lor Assignee,
4w4 No. fJl Broadway, New York City.
Estate of Samuel S. Slayton.
Will Presented.
State of Vermont, Lamoille District, . In Pro.
bate Court, held at Hyde Park, within and for said
District, on tho 19th day of December,, a. d. 18S1.
An Instrument, purporting to be the last Will
and Testament of Samuel S. Slayton, late of Stowe
in said district, deceased, being presented by L.
S. Thompson, the Executor therein named, for
Probate, it is ordered by said Court, that all per
sons concerned therein be notified to appear at a
session thereof, to be held at the Probate Office in
Hyde Park, in said district on the 9th day of Jan
uary, A. D. 1882, at 9 o'clock in the forenoon, and
show chuse, if any they have, against the probate
of said will ; for which purpose it is further order
ed, that this order be published three weeks suc
cessively in the News A Citizen, printed at Mor
risville and Hyde Park, in this State previous to
said time of bearing.
By the Court Attest,
4w3 h. C. F1SK, Register.
Estate of O. P. Darling.
The nndersizned. havinir hmn imminM . ,
Honorable Probate Court for the District of La
moille Commissioners, to receive, examine, and
adjust all claims and demands of all persons
n " I.DWW wu.t, xturnug, laie Ol &lowe,
Vt., in said district, deceased, and all claims
exhibited in offset thereto, hereby give notice that
WS Will mCet for thPt niimnwa nfYirQ,irl a, tl.a
house of George W, Adams, on the 2d day of
Janaary, 1883, and on the 21st iar of
irom is o'clock, noon, until 4
o'clock, p. m., each of said days, and that
six months from the 21st day of November, A. D.
1881, is the time limited by said Court for said
creditors to present their claims to ns for exam
ination and allowance.
Dated at Stowe, Vt., this 8th day of December,
A JJ. 1881
Com missioiiers.
Estate of Luther Adams.
Stmte of Vermont, Lamoille District, ts. In Pro
bate Court, held at Hyde Park, within and for said
District, on the 12th day of December A. D. 1881.
A. M. Burke, Administrator of the estate of
Luther Adams, late of Morristown, in said district,
deceased, makes application to said court for
license to sell all of the real estate of said deceased,
representing that the sale is necessary for the
payment of debts and charges of administration.
Whereupon, it is ordered by said Court, that said
application be referred to a session thereof, to be
held at the Probate Office in said Hyde Park,
on the 24 day of January, A. D. 1882, for hear-
,s nun ucuniuu uiercun : Ana, it is runner or
dered, that all persons interested, be notihed here
of by publication of notice of said application and
order thereon, three weeks successively in the
NBW.8l Citizen, a newspaper published yMor
risvallk and Hydo Park, and which iircnlJa rti
the neighborhood of those interested, before said
oi Hearing, mat incy may appear at said time
place, and, if they see cause, object thereto.
Jly the Court. Attest, HENRY C. FISK,
Estate of I. P. Vlgeant.
State of Vermont, District of Lamoille, ss In Pro
bate Court, held at Hydo Park, in said District, on
the 12th day of December, A. D. 1881. ,
An Instrument, ournoi tinc to he tha List will
and testament of I. P. Tigeant, late of Elmore.
in said district, deceased, beinir nrnsinted hv
Noah H. Vingeant, the executor therein named,
for Probatet it is ordered by said Court, that
all persons concerned therein be notified to
appear at a session thereof, to be hi-lil nt the Pro.
bate Office in Hyda Park, in said district, on tho
31a day of December. A. D. 1881, at ten
o'clock, in the forenoon, and show cause, if any
ther have, airainst the nrobate or wiiil Will : for
which purpose it is further ordered, that this order
oe published three weeks successively in the
News A Citizen, a newspaper published at Mor
ri8ville and Hydo Park, in this State, previous to
miu niuw oi iicariug. iy me court. Attest,
W3 KUSSEL 8. PAGE, Judge
Estate of Allen Balch.
State of Vermont District of Lamoille,ss.:la
Probate Court, held at Hyde Park in said District.
on the 18th day of November A, D. 1881.
Isaac A. Manning. Administrator, with the
will annexed, of the estate of Allen Balch. late of
jonnson, in saiu district, deceased, uresents his
administration account for examination and al
lowance, and makes application for a decree of
ceased. Whereupon, it is ordered by said Court.
uieinnuuon ami naruuon ot tne estate or suid de
that said account and said application be referred
to a session thereof, to be held at the Probate Office
in said Hyde Park, on the 19th day of De
cember, A. D. 1881, for hearing and decision
thereon : And, it is further ordered, that notice
hereof be given to all persons interested, by pub
lication of the same three weeks successively in
tne news A citizen, a newspaper published at
Momsville and Hyde Park, previous to said time
appointed lor hearing, that they may appear at
saiu ume anu place, ana snow cause, it any tney
mav have, why said account should not b allowed
and such decree made.
By tho Court Attest,
RUSSEL 8. PAGE, Judge.
Estate of John Moody.
State of Vermont, District of Lamoille, : In
Probate Court, held at Hyde Park, in said
District, on the 1st day of December, A. D. 1881.
HARVEr McAllister Anministrator of the
estate of John Moody late of Stowe, In said Uis-
irici, deceased, presents ins administration account
i for examination and allowance, and make applica
tion for a decree of distribution nd partition of
the estate of aaid deceased. Whereuonn. it it or
dered by said Court that said account and said ap-
fnicauon oe reierrea to a session tnereortooe
leld at the Probate Office, in aaid Hvde Park.
on the 20th day of December, A. I). 1881, for
hearing and decision thereon ; and, it is further
ordered, that notice hereof be given to all persons
interested, by publication of the same three weeks
successively in the News A Citizen, a newspaper
published at Morrisville and HvdePark. orevious
to aaid time appointed for hearing, that they mav
I any tney may have, why said accouut should not
appear ai saiu lime anu place, ami snow cause, it
aiioweu aon bdvd aecree maue. p ,
By tho Court. Attest. I
Harper's Magazine.
"Always varied, alwavs src-ods.alwavR
IIaeper'S Magizixe. the most nonnlar
illustrated periodical in the world, be
gins its sixty-fourth volume with the De
cember number. It represents what is
best in American literature and art: and
tts marked success in England where it
has already a circulation larger than that
ot any Ji,iiglisli inasrazineof the same class
has brought into its service the most
eminent writers and artists of Great Brit
am. Ihe forthcoming volumes for 188
will in every respect surpass Itheir prede
HARPER'S MAGAZINE, . . . 34 00
HARPER'S WEEKLY, .... 4 00
The THREE above publications, . 10 00
Any TWO above named. . . . , 7 00
One 1 ear (52 Numbers.) ... 10 00
rostage Free to all subscribers in the
United Mates or Canada.
The volumes of the Magazine bea-in
with the numbers of June and December
of each year. When no time is suecilied.
it win oe understood mat the subscriber
I wishes to bestin with the current Num
A Complete set of Harper's Maga
zine, comprising G3 Volumes, in neat
ciotn uniuiiisr, will be sent bv express.
or freight at expense of purchaser, on re
ceipt oi $1.20 per volume. Sinsle vol
uines, by mail, post-paid, $3 00. Cloth
cases, lor binding, 50 cents, by mail,
Index to Harper's Magazine. Aloha-
betical, -Analytical, and Classified, forvol-
UI,le8 1 to G0 inclusive, from June, 1850
to June 1880, one vol., 8 vo, Cloth, 4 00.
Remittances should be made by Post-
nil!.. l . . t.... A . . ! ,
Oilice Money Order or Draft, to avoid
chance of loss.
Newspapers are not to cony this adeer
tuement without the express order of Har-
iNew iori
Harnesses !
Valises !
Trunks !
Blankets !
Bags !
Tor Sale bt
Momus ILLK.
The subscriber offers for sale at a very LOw
PHICE, about lurty-llvu acres of land, situated on
both sides or Maple street, in tne vuiare oi mor.
risville, being laud formerly owned and occupied
Orville Clioate, Ksi. ror terms, xc, ni(uiro
111UA.M SAKFtillll at Mnrrlsville, or ndclnsn,
II A II ...' I. l lltJdl,
tf 4 Xloud St., New York.
Mutual Fire Insurance Co.,
Woodstccls, "H"ormoat.
Dudley C. Damson, Rojalton ; James B. Jones, deadstock; William
M. Pingrj, rerkmaville ; Thilo Hatch, Woodstock ; Charles S. Kaymor.d,
Bridgewater; Otis Chamberlin, l'omfrct; Charles A. Forbtish, Springfield ;
George It. Chapman, Woodstock ; William II. Walker, Ludlow.
In force March 31, 1881 :
Number of policies
Amount at risk of Company
Note3 in force, constituting the fund for payment of losses '.
Whole receipts from organization to March 31, 1881 :
Assessments (less expense of collection)
35th assessment, due June 1, 1881
Other sources
Whole expenditures :
Losses, expenses of adjusting tho
Other expenses
Net surplus above all liabilities, March 31, 1881
The assessments for forty-one years have been one hundred twenty-nino
and three-fourths per cent., averaging 3 and 1-0 per cent, a rear.
In case of fire assess7nents stop at the time of loss, and no person is au
thorized to collect them for this Company without presenting its printed"
, Thilo Hatch, President.
It. S. Southgate, Secretary.
-cr- ' m - w
Its matQ line rune from Chicago to Council
glum, passing inrouga Janet, uitawa, IjS sane,
fieneseo, Mollne. Rock Island, Davenport, West
Libertr. Iowa CRT. Marengo, Brooklyn, Orinnell,
Pea Motnea (tha capital of Iowa), Stuart, Atlan
tic, and Avoca ; with branohea from Bureau
ianction to Peoria; Wilton Junction to Muaca
mne, Washington, Fan-field, Eldon, Belknap,
Ccatrevllle, Princeton. Trenton. Oallatin, Came
ron, Leavenworth, Atchiaon, and Kansas City;
Washington to Signurney, Oskalooaa, and Knox
1!le; Keokuk to Karmington. Bonaparte, Ben
trinspart. Independent, Eldon, Ottumwa, Eddy-
Sills. Oskaloosa, Fella, Monroe, and Des Moines;
owton to Monroe; Ies Moines to Indianolaand
t'lmersot: Atlantic to Lewis and Audubon; and
roca to Harlan. This Is positively tha only
all road, which owns, and operates a through,
e from Chicago into the State of Kansas.
Through Express Passenger Trains, with Pull
Baa Palace Cora attached, are run each way daily
fstween Chicago and Peoria, Kansas City,
Council. BLcrrs, Lbatrnwobth and Atchi
son. Through oars arealso run between Milwau
loa and Kansas City, via the "Milwaukee and
Sock Island Short Line."
The "Groat Kock Island" la mngnlflcently
Equipped. Its road bed is simply perfect, and its
srnckls laid with steel rails.
f enjoying your meals, while cassinx over the
v bat win please you most will be the pleasure
feautlf ul prairies of Illinois and Iowa, in one of
rur maanincent uining cars tnat accompany an
aieal, as g
Express Trains.
You got an entire
ileal, as good as is served in any first-class hotel.
lor seventy-live cents.
aeople profcr separate apartments for different
purposes (and the immensa nassenser business
Appreciating tno tact that a majority or the
f this line warranting it), we are pleased to an
nounce that this Company runs Puiitnan Palaes
Sietpitw Cart for sleeping purposos, and P"lact
-IV' . J1 4 P f rAR' r mn taronvh to PEORIA. UTS WOrjISS,
Ticket; via thl tine, Umorm u u, jesJx IUmmJ JUuw," u uil tmr
All Ticket Aienb la the I nll.it State and Conollav.
For Information not obtainable at four noma ticket office, address,
A.. iaMTIALIj. 12, ST. .TO II TV.
Geu'J Superintendent. tteo'i Tkt. aud Pusayr Act.,
Chiciuio, 111
rl RSO pQft fpx
IKON SITTURS aro highly rcommcndod for all diseases requiring
a certain and efficient tonic ; especially Iniirjalion, Dymepiia, Intermittent
Fi,WaUofAppettilA)Mof Strength.LadeofI Enriches tho blood,
strengthens the muscles,and gives new life to thojuervea. They act like a charm
on tho digestive organs, removing ail dyspeptic symptoms, such as Tasting tU Food,
BdcKingJIoat in the Stomach,IIeartburn,etc. The only Iron Preparation
t?ft wil1 not fctacken tho teeth or give headache. Sold br
all druggists. Write for tho ABC Book f 33 pp. of uneful and amuclns read
ing) tent free. BROWN CHEJnCAL CO., Baltimore, Md.
So that all Iron Bitters are mads by Bnown Chkwoal Co. and hav crossed sad lines on wrapper.
',-'1 "1
'iisiiir H5 thai
Nature's Grand Assistant,
KnfrrAr frnm PnmftlA Cyomnlalnts find It certain
nnd speedy relier and permanent cure in Dr. Har
dy's " Woman's Friend." It is a remedy needed
at the beginning of the real life of woman, tw well
as at its tarn and decline. It cures all that
clou of diseases known as
Tt haa twtnn used for nearlv fortv vcitrs. and Is tha
standard remedy or thousand who mow us mer
its. Send to proprietors or yonr druggist for cir
cular, glvinjr certificates of the wonderful cures
o fleeted by the " Woman's Friend," In scores of
eases considered hopeless before using this medi
cine. Sold by druggists generally. Geo C.Good
win & Co., Boston, General A cent. S. Hardy S
Suns, proprietors, Cornish Flut.H. II.
A. O. GATES, Agent, Morrisville.
Course of Study Revised.
irst Year Preparatory,
Second Year Professional.
The Full Term Ilpcrins tho V I KST TL'KSDAY IT
SEl'TKM HKU. Circulars will be issued July 4Ui
Send for one.
kiiwahii t UNAvr, i-niicipni.
W. C. CK1 PPKN. Vice Prlnciual.
Johnson. Vt.. June. lSbl. mStf
Stools Brolsor.
Oood Pairv Cows. New Milch Cows, Oxen and
Steers, kept constantly on hand, for sale on easy
terms. All orders for the snine promptly attended
to bv I'.HSHUI,
lMtf Morrusvuie.vt
This is to certify that I havo tl-is day given my
fon, DAN H. CT'I.VKK, his timo during the re
maiiidcr of his minority, and that 1 shall claim
none of his wages, nor pay any debts of his con
tracting niter this date.
Stowe, Vt., Dec. 3d, lcsi. ;.ws
Ten Thousand Rail EoiJ Tits
vnft n a s it
Morr sv c, Nov. Jst, 1881. ; , j
m pin's
SO, 1838.
$1,135,92.1 00
$209,875 46
$275,973 03
10,721 81
50,518 18
$319,213 02
same and
289,001 57
59,082 19
$319,013 7C
S1C9 20
lHninq cart ror atlas aurpasea only. One othna
great feature of our Palace Can to a SMOKINii
SALOON where you con enjoy yoar "tLatana
u iui Doun oi id any.
Magnificent Iron Bridges span tha Sllsslnslnp.
nd Missouri rivers at all points crossod bv tin
line, and transfers aro avoided at Council lilulTa,
Kansas City, Leavenworth, and Atchison, con
nections bslng mado in Union Donota.
At Chicago, witt all dlTorglng lines for tin
Bast and South.
At Bn-glswood, with the L. 8. S M. 8, and P.
Ft W. AC. R. Rds.
At La SALLX. with III. Cant R. R.
At Peoria, with P. P. & J.; P. I. A E.i I. B. A
W.; 111. Mid.: and T. P. & W. Rds.
At Kock Island, with "Milwaukee & Rok
Island Short Line," nnd Rock Isl'd Pco. Kds.
AtOAvsNPOBT, with the Davenport livWio
C. M. A St. P. K. R.
At West Liberty, with the B.. CIi.4K.lU.
At Orinnell, with Central Iowa U. U. -
At Des Moines, wiia U. M. A V. I). R. R.
AtCoCNCII. rll.tJFys. with Union Pacific R.
At OMAHA, With B. A Mo. It. R. R. in Neb.)
At Ottumwa, with Central Iowa H. IL ; W,
St. L. A Pac. and ('. II. A (j. R. Rds.
As Keokuk, with Tel., Pco. A Wnr. : rnh.. 31.
Louis A Pac, and St. L-, Koo. A N.-W. U. ltd.
At Cameron, with II. St. J. R. R.
At Atchison, with Atcli.. Topcka A Santa Pe;
Atcb. A Neb. and Cen. Br. U. P. R. KUa.
At I.eavkx woiiTU, with Kan. l'c aud Kan.
Cent. R. Rds.
At KANSAS CITY, with all 1
ines for tha WaaS
and Southwest.
Tho n
Orange mas a. (d
li :jgj.l. T.'aTTM-t.'.W
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Live Agents Wanted!
To sell Dr. Chase's Uecclplg; or Informntioti for
verviMidr. in evcrv niiiniv i ti. t'ii.,.i Mt.in.
:i'id tanailas. Knfargcd by tho publisher to
pagcB. It contains over 2.0(H) household receipos
.(ml is suited to all classes nnd conditions of soci
ety. A wonderful book ami n household neces-
ally. It aells nt siirbt. I .1111 tl.wt ln,lll,n,.ta ni'.i.
oil'orcd to book agents. Sample copies sent bv
man. I'OHtpnm, lor fj.oo. Kxclusive territory
iriven. Agents more thun douliln tln-ir monnv.
.Vddrcss Dr. Chase's tcam l'rinling llouse, Ann
Arbor, Michigan. J34n,
pies wortli
l'onland, sTiinc. utvs
bUusva & Co.,
nr: ?Ai -.1
m V mJiS . Ill
I IB'H A S ni LJ At
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