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News and Citizen.
Thursday. FehP,.
ruary 26, 1891.
Fob Sale. Two earl.. 1 . -pU
for sale, on trt !- itY 1 Cedar
cents each. I have also fjl tihe epot, 7
BUgar-tubS. C. MSXf;
viile, Hvde Park. -olli,s, Centre-
em u seme lue namo .itv,;..
this date, as all amounts not mil l V?tn
date will be le.t with aJr
Wolcott, Feb. 25, 1891.
. - 13ATE8.
NoTKK.-Farm for sale; Known ns the Or
leu h. hiwldinir farm lavinic al.ont 11
fourths of Dlile fmm the Center iiT
i'arfc. on tho road leading to the . "m
milt, also to the Jeett mfll abo.tt o ''e ,'1
from either of thm .... "' at?out "e mile
"of between 75 and 80 acres of
nth fair building ad Mo t '
farm consis
goo I land
er. plenty of wood
i ooa, atvout im.koif ..j ,
imitmiwit will ,.. i .. . ul"ier nn-
.; ' " -" ui tons of ha v nn.l
has a small on-hard. I will sell.-heap d on
reasonable terms; $200 down, the balance
yearly payments. "Illel"
A1S ne Lho,18e at North Hvde Park
year and painted outside and in. which I will
sell cheap for cash or if ,l;..i ,. .
terms easy by yearly payments: house now
occupied by M,s JenlTins. For further pa7
Hyde Park , Vt. " Cttmpbell ntervm.
For Sale. Cooley Creamer, eight cans as
good as new, all the late improvement, have
no use tor lt and will be sold, if taken at once
for very low price. Can be seen at farm of K
H. Barnes, Stowe, Vt. W. P. Bailey
Fob Sale. The David Campbell farm at
Centeryille Hyde Park. 55 J (SO of
good land, pood buildings, house painted
and newly slm.sied. Cut last, year ab. 25
tons of hay. Small sIllr place. On ood
m'ViTU r location, about 2Va miles
K.nrei. iae timber has
been carefully .estimated, and is thought to
be 250 M. feet o( spruce, balsam, hemlock
basswood. ash, birch, elm and maple. Near
iwhool house and about one mile from saw
mill. inetimDer wnen delivered at the mill
will pay for the far.u. The family are unable
to e trry on the farm and wish it sold. Appl v
to the family on the furm, or to me at Mor
risville, Vt. C. S. Noves, Administrator
Morrisville. Jon. 28, lKi)l.
Secretary of State, C. W. Brownell,
Jr., was in town Monday.
The W. R. C. think best to post
pone their camp-fiiv until further no
tice. Dow's phonograph exhibition drew
a lull house and proved highly inter
esting. 0. L. Leach is in town with the
Century publisher's encyclopedia and
Communion services will be held at
the Congregational church next Sun
day morning.
Doty fpUf goods on the installment
plan. lie has a large stock and will
not be undersold.
Mrs. Kate Gilbert and family is to
occupy the house on Union Street,
recently occupied by Mrs. Lucinda
G. W. Bettis, formerly of this place,
now station agent at Lee, '. II., has
been appointed postmaster at South
Lee, X. II.
L. D. Bliss lost a good buckskin
glove last Wednesday night. The
finder will find the mate at W. II.
Robinson's store.
The Shepard Family sustained
their reputation in a pleasing enter
tainment, fairly well attended, at the
town hall on Thursday evening.
William Rochleau has moved into
the Bessey tenement in the brick
block, and A. L. Champeau has mov
ed into his house vacated by Iloch
leau. A large gathering and an enjoyable
and Riicctissful time is the verdict
cominsr from the Ladies Aid at I. A.
White's on Friday afternoon and j
Mrs. Albert Spaulding is seriously
ill and is hardly expected to recover.
Dr. Janes of "Waterbury was here
Saturday to council with Dr. liublee
in her case.
Mrs. John Clarke, living in the
south-west part of the town near
Stowe, committed suicide by hanging
on Sunday. She had been in rather
feeble health for some time and was
undoubtedly demented.
Firemen don't forget that the next
fire meeting occurs on Tuesday even
ing next, at which time the election
of officers for the ensuing year will
take place. Let all be present if pos
sible. H. E. Cutler, Clerk.
Dr. Martin continues his stay in
Morrisville until Monday, March
2nd, and will then go to Stowe to re
main one week. Those who wish to
avail themselves of his skill as an eye
fpecialiBt should take advantage of
the few remaining days ot his stay.
The Boston Herald of Monday
mva: Ilev. D. E. Croft, who last Sun
day resigned from the pastorate of
the Congregational society of Acusn
net, was baptized Sunday night at
the church of the First Baptist soci
ety at Sew Bedford, which society he
will join.
Station Arent Brvant wishes us to
mv that the messasresent to officer
Hardv last week to arrest a man
here was not received until twenty
minutes of seven and was delivered
to the officer at ten minutes of seven.
Mr ttrvnnt, savs all messages are
delivered as soon as received.
The Hardwick Gazette puts con
siderable stress upon the liquor sales
in this town the oast war. For its
information we will state that tne
net profit to the town for the past
year was $780.42 and not "about a
thousand dollars." We would also
add that this is a falling off of $331.
81 from the previous year.
The entertainment last Wednesday
evening by the Starrs we must witn-"-""ouT
hesitating pronounce a grand
sell from first to last, silly m t he ex
treme and with scarcely a point ot
merit. The Grand Army I'ost deeply
regret that they have been so taken
in and that such a tortuous enter
tainment was thrust on an unsus
pecting audience as coming under
their auspices.
J. P. Clement, familiarly known w
all as "Joe," for many years a resi
dent here, died at his home at two
o'clock last Thursday morning alter
a brief illness with pneumonia com
bined with a brain trouble. ine
funeral services were held at tne
house at two o'clock Saturday after
noon, Rev. P. B. Fisk, officiating.
The business places were nearly a i
closed out of resiteet and the attend
ance was large.
Theentertainment at the town hall
on Salnrdav evening, announced on
the bills as a "spurring match, was
a regular Bowery dive show, wit li i an
audience boisterous and regardless
of goo order as can be imagined,
and' the presence of a few women
seemed not to improve the character
of the occasion. The whole thing
was far from the sort of entertain
ment that should be countenanced
by our village fathers.
The 7th Vt, Veteran Rm?nr"jj1
,i.i : Itnvtpr Music Jiall,
lurid ti itruimii - ,
Rutland, March 10. This is
OOt I. nnnruniirir fit tne UU W
t. i utto fnr the war.
It is desired that as many as can be
present. Every comrade wholias, oi
i,.. ,0,i either o. l or
wuu utin uui in.cnv. . .i-i,,,;,.
n :n n,iao n-ive tlieir
circulars win jfh.,. c
name, Co., and post-Hloce a'jf n
o .uui e,i tV. Wm. H. Ward, St.
-. f i x rwa rpviHcu ros-
cont6 I et1,t (hunh rodetv has
contracted with Cpt. Kenfield for
r!l J stew, sugar ot ti e season
,f,festlraln the vestrv of the
church .proceeds for the pastor, Rev.
1 ii " I ?v g as' U wiU ue remember
ed that the last festival of this kind,
which was held about one year ago
was a grand success both sociallv
and financially, and everv effort will
be put forth to make this one equally
as good. 1
Our community was startled Sun
day to learn of the sudden death of
Mrs. Jesse Thompson of Morristown
corners. She was in apparent good
nealth in the morning and suggested
to her husband that thev drive down
to J ohnson to see her "sister's hus
band, Isathan McFarland, who was
w poor health. The doctor thought
it was too cold to venture out, but
his w ife thinking it was their duty to
go, they finally went. They found
Mr. Mcl arland in much better health
than they expected and spent several
hours there, taking dinner with them,
alter which they started for home,
the wind was blowing pretty hard
and when near the Catholic cemetery
a gust took the doctor's hat off. He
told his wife to hold the horse and he
went after it, it taking him several
minutes to recover it. When he re
turned to the sleigh, Mrs. Thompson
said she had a terrible pain in her
side and urged her husband to drive
rapidly to some house. The first
house they come to, the Whiting
house on the hill, they found no one
at home and so hurried on to the
I atch farm, occupied by Mr. Sargent.
Before reaching there the doctor saw
that his wife's lips were blue and her
head fell over and he at once realized
that she was dead. At Mr. Sargent's
she was carried in, and everything
was done to revive her, but death
had claimed her. She had succumbed
to heart disease. The bodv was
taken to their home at Morristown
Corners, where the funeral was held
this ( Wednesday) afternoon. The re
mains will beburiedatRivtland. Mrs.
Thompson never appeared in better
health than on that day. She greatly
enjoyed her visit and expressed pleas
ure at finding her brother-in-law so
much better, and was indeed happy.
She leaves besides her husbandtwo
children, Dr. Eugene Thompson, a
very successful physician.at Rutland,
and a daughter Hattie, who lived at
home. Mrs. Thompson was a con
sistent member ol the Universalist
church, a woman of rare attainments
and one of whom everybody speaks
highly. The family have the deepest
sympathy of all in this sudden bereavement.
Prof. Cilley of Jericho, Chittenden
county school supervisor, writes Rev.
P. B. Fisk as follows:
My Dear Sir:
Allow me to express to you my liitrh ap
preciation of your lei-ture entitled, " What a
boy costs," delivered before the Chittenden
county teachers' institute at Essex Junction
on the evening of .Ian 21,1891. The lecture
was highly entertaining and instructive, deep
in thought, beautiful in expression, eloquent
and forcible in utterance. Such was the opin
ion of all who listened to you on that oc
casion, with earnest and undivided attention
from the beginning to the close. That lecture
must do good wherever given, and I hope it
may often be repeated. Very truly yours,
J. S. L'illev.
The question naturally arises, why
do we not have this lecture at home?
The many friends and acquaint
ances of James C.Clement of Chicago,
will leai-n with much rpgret of his
death in that city February 6th.
The deceased was the husband of
Miss Diana Chamberlin of Johnson,
also brother of W. R. Clement of Mor
risville and Charles Clement of Rut
land. The following extract is from
the Chicago EvennakPost :
James ('. Clemenjj Vi ie wholesale cloth
ing firm of Clemenit .-' 4 & Co., died at his
residence. G9 VarriV-jmp, this morning at
10. HO o'clock, after an illness of some dura
tion, llr. Clement was well known on the
West side, wh-re he has lived for some years.
and was a prominent factor in the building
up of thnt portion of the city. He was born
in Martlanrt. Vt.. m lflia. ana came to i ni-
cago in 18l7 and has since resided here. He
was one of the organizers of the old clothing
firm of Clement, Morton & Co., afterward
changed to Clement. Bane & Co., and retain
ed his interest in the firm, although he re
tired from active business in 18 1 8, owing to
failing health. He leaves a widow and two
daughters, Anue and Belle. The remains will
le interred in the family vault at Adrian,
Christian Endeavor Union.
The Lamoille Christian Endeavor
Union holds its third semi-annual
meeting at Johnson Friday, Feb. 27.
Following is the program :
1 .30. A Christian Endeavor prayer meeting
Led by Chas. P. Jones.
2.00. Words of Welcome, on behalf of the
Johnson societies.
Ilesponse by the President.
O. ao ToDic. " Individual Responsibility,"
C. F. Hulbubd.
2.50. Paper, "Growth and Purpose of Chris
tian Endeavor,"
Miss Mellie M. Slayton.
3 10. Address, " Loyalty to the Pledge,"
Kev. N. C. Saunders.
3 40. Paper, " In the World, not of it,"
Miss Lucia Smilie.
4 oo. Committee conference.
Prayer Meeting committee, B. B. Thomas.
I,ook-out committee.
Sunday School committee, Ira Powell.
4.30 Question box,
Rev. P. B. Fibk.
Business meeting.
j oo. Pevotional meeting.
7.15. Addresses,
' W hat Woman Owes to Christianity,
Prop. A. H. Campbell.
"The Fitness of the Christian Endeavor
Society to Meetthe Wantsof OurTime,"
Kev. Edwin Wheelock.
Closing consecration meeting.
At a recent communication of War
ner lodge of F. and A. M., the follow-in"-
minut e of respect for the memory
ofour Brother Albert J. Cutting was
adopted :
It is with unfeigned feelings of sadness that
we record the death of our highly respected
brother, Albert J. Cutting, in the strength
of bis manhood, and when there were so
manv objects of interest connected with his
beautiful home and beloved family that made
,i i.iTfi find iiHeiul to them.
We ten.'er to his deeply afflicted fumily our
sincere and most anecnoimiB
their great trial und sorrow.
Voted that a copy of 'his niinute be pre
sented to the family of our departed brother,
and that it be printed in the Cambridge
Tanscript and the A'kwh and Citizeh.
William Hkhh, W.
J. H. Wilcox, bee.
Feb 19, 18!1.
Cnmbridge, Vt .
Ti.B students of the People's Acad
emy have adopted the following:
Whereas, through the visitation of D.vine
Providence, our Iriend and school-mate, Al
l roiu-u'- in mir midst.
(, 1 Carlton who wns so lately in our mi
red I arjton jt
has peeu -":mt,1iM f this
.V''iUen led io the family and friends
of the deceased, in the death of one so young
(Jertri ie Putnam,
Henry H. small,
Morrisville, Feb. 11, 1H91.
r, n vwn nnd wife have been
at li'
home for a few days.
John Cobb died at his home Wednesday,
Feb. 11, aged about 8(1 years.
Miss Lizzie Adgate is at home from the
Boston conservatory ol music.
W L Don is repairing his barn on the m
.ide William Hyde is doing the job.
The farmers' league meets the rst Satur
day of every month at the town hull. Let
doy V' .L. n the next meeting.
every oouj - . , , , , t. ;
...,1 t, the Centre finished last Fn-
ini; - , . , viondnv even
AW- An IV! " . XT' ' Z' ted their" teach
Wlien tun t" r-, , ;timr
i Leonard, with a handsome writing
er, w.
dirtv when L. B.
Yr ir" Tta l-T.rk. will sell you 7
bTrs of Brunei; soap (no rosin) for
r,rrtnisiiia : aim ij , .
Ueso ved.tl at a copy of these resolunons
be nubbshe'lintheNEws anu Citizen, and a
ne l" 11 ..,ii r.f the deceased.
copy be sen, w - B
Attend town meeting.
The spring term at the Academy
commences next Monday.
Prof. Macomber is spending vaca
tion at his home in Westford.
Joseph Bishop has moved into
apartments in Mrs. L. H. Noyes'
R. P. Putnam and wife have gone
to Swanton to spend a few days with
Blanche Brigham spent Sunday
with her sister Mary at the U. V. M.
The measles still retains its grip in
this community three cases lately
breaking out in V. A. Gilmore's fam-
Mrs. John Child has gone to Crafts
bury, where she will probably reside
in the future with her brother, Nelson
Rand, Esq.
School in the Reed district closed
Friday. It was taught by Fred Bick
nell of Johnson and was a very suc
cessful term.
Judge Kenfield was confined to the
house several days last week with an
attack of neuralgia, but is now out
again and able toattend to business.
Gov. Page has received plans and
specifications from a Boston archi
tect, and will erect a new house on
the site of his present residence the
coming year.
A lot of personal property belong
ing to the estate of A. J. Campbell
will be sold at auction on Saturday,
Feb. 28th, at his late residence in this
town. See bills.
The Good Templars will hold a
special meeting at M. B. Eaton's
house next Saturday evening at 7.30
o'clock. All Good Templars are
earnestly requested to be present.
Charley E. Mudgett and his family
from South Dakota, are visiting his
mother and sister at J. S. Waite's,
ami his brother, George Mudgett, in
Hyde Park, after an absence of 20
The laws of 1890 are now being
distributed by the secretary of state
to the towns, through the several
county clerks, of whom the towns are
to procure their supply of copies as
provided by law.
C. F. Randall has leased F. R.
Child's house, directly opposite the
American House site, and will open
it in a few days for the occommoda
tion of guests. Although not as
roomy as.the American, it has several
good sleeping rooms, and the cuisine,
for which the American was noted
will be of the same excellent charac
ter. Hyde Park will have a new hotel.
Before the sun went down the day
the American house burned $5,000
was subscribed towards this object.
The sum has since been greatly in
creased, which leaves no doubt what
ever that a new hotel will rise Phoenix
like from the ashes of the old one.
A meeting of the subscribers is to be
held Friday and we shall give our
readers the result of the conference in
our next.
Charles Campbell and wife are at home on
a visit Quite a number sick yet We miss
the children who are sick when we gather at
Sunday school Alice Pape was at home
over Sunday The lyceum on Friday was
well attended to hear the question discussed
" Resolved, that art is more to be admired
than nature; the disputants were Everett
Campbell and Herbert Pape affirmative and
Leon Backum and Elmer Crowell negative;
decision in favor of the negative We are
sorry to have to report a tight at the time of
the lyceum, but when young men come to our
plac3 from a distance and do such work we
do not feel as if it should be packed off upon
those who live here: itought to stop Ethel
Whitcomb presided at the organ at the
lyceum V e hear that Mrs. Jonas Sulham's
health is improving under the treatment of
Dr. Cooper.
It looks pretty vacant around the
Judge Smith of Morristown, did
valiant service.
A considerable quantity of coal in
the cellar of the ruins is still smok
ing. The telephones were very handy in
calling aid from the neighboring
The hot coffee furnished by the la
dies was greatly appreciated by the
thirsty workers.
"Uncle Adna" had the post-office
pretty thoroughly disemboweled, and
was ready to toss out the mail bag
at a moment's notice.
Brown holds forth at the American
barns, which luckily escaped the con
flagration, and he is able to continue
his livery business at the old stand.
An item of no small sum was the
burning of some fifty cords of dry
wood in the shed. A large quantity
ot green wood was also considerably
The Wolcott people showed their
friendliness by coming down in large
numbers, bringing their engine with
them, and aiding Morrisville in load
ing their machine on to the cars.
C. A. Knight and wife, who were
boarders at the American, lost most of
their clothing and a lot of furniture.
They had $300 insurance which will
probably cover about half of their
Three ot the hotel girls Mrs. Henry
Hall, Etta Grimes and Ida Durivage
lost about all of their clothing in the
fire. A subscription paper has been
circulated in their behalf and about
$33 subscribed.
Herbert Hyde's heroic work on the
bank building is worthy of especial
mention. He climbed on to the roof
and remained on the hot slate until
all danger was past, pouring water
on to the heated roof.
Dr. Randall and family are greatly
indebted to the people, both at home
and abroad, for the great aid ex
tended to them at the burning of
their hotel. They request us to ex
tend thanks to all for the aid ren
dered. L. P. Jackson, tonsorial artist, who
has had his shop in the American
House for ten years, is now located
in the Kelley block, where he will be
jjlensed to see his old patrons and all
others. Remember the barber and
give him a lift, as he loses by the fire
a large traveling patronage.
The proprietors . of the American
receive fb,uu insurance, ot winch
$2,000 is on furniture and provis
ions. A careful estimate of the
amount paid out for furniture Sc.
reaches the sum of about $4,500
From this it will beseen that the loss
in this direction is about $2,500
The proprietors estimate their total
loss at a jout ;),000.
We desire to express our appreciation of
the prompt and satisfactory manner in which
the insurance on the American House, placed
bv H. M. McFarland has been adjusted;
;,700 placed by the Vermont Mutual I'lne-
nix of Hnrtford and the Springfield was ad-
liisted within 24 hours of the time of the tire.
We heartily commend tne agency or u. M,
Mcr arland to the insuring public.
David Kakdali.
C. F. Randall,
Hyde Park, Vt Feb. 21. 1891.
E. W. Prior is in a very critical condition
Chas. waicu is moving into tne liarns
L. E. Harrington spent Suiday at St
Ed. Dolan was at home over Sunday from
j. c. smitn and wile or St. Albans are in
town on a visit.
Dan Adams has purchased L. E. Harring
ton B grey horse.
E. H. Leighton and wife ot Mechanicsville
N. Y., are in town on a visit.
Mrs. F. C. Bashaw and Miss Edith Ba
Bhaw of Stowe, were guests at Geo. Allen's
over Sunday: ;
The evening meetings that are being held
are very interesting, and it is hoped they will
entjblitih a permanent good.
Fred Prindle is very sick with mumps.
Old Mrs. Livermore is very ill with heart
OsearHayfordof Perkinsville died suddenly
Tuesday afternoon.
" Gracie Allen of No. Hyde Park, spent a few
days in town last week.
Abbie Stebbins, wl.o has spent the winter in
Mass., returned home last week.
Vernon Patch has bought the property
now occupied by Fred Whiting.
Hopes are still entertained of Louise Le
land's recovery by her physician.
The Ladies Ways and Means Society held
their annual meeting last Tuesday.
Arthur Hodgden has recovered from the
measles and returned to school at Morris
ville. It may be expected that warm dinners will
be served at one of the vestry's town meeting
Arby Knowles formerly of this place, now of
Ferris'burg' spent a few days in town last
Andy Pnrtlow, our esteemed younar 1 owns
mnn ; lately removed to Lvndonville, is at
home for a couple of days.
Rev. Mr. Howard attended the quarterly
meeting at Eden fast, Sunday. Rev. Geo.
Duel occupied the M. E. pulpit here.
Mrs. A. H. Campbell is very sick at her
home in Rutland. The, attending physicans
are not, hopeful. Later she is better.
H. H. Partlow has moved to Morrisville.
Dr. AHeirs father is ill at his home in Fair
fax. HiB son was sent for last Monday.
The sixty delegates to the Hyde Park fire
were made to feel that their zeal and sym
pathy were recognized and appreciated.
Mrs. Lyman Buck and daughter, who have
been spending the winter with relatives in
town, left for their home in the west last
B. L. Fullington sold last week one of the
half dozen pieces of real estate owned by him
in this town. The Foster place on R. It. St.
for 11100.
Mrs. Thompson of Morristown corners,
sister ot Mrs. Nathan McFarland, died last
Sunday, while riding with Mr. Thompson be
tween Hyde Park nnd Johnson
Should a modern Rip Van Winkle from out,
west visit us he would hardly know the old
Dr. Chamberlain place, so completely meta
morphosed by repairs and changes, by Diana
Clement of Chicago.
The parents of pupils in the intermediate
grade especially, and all others as near as
possible, equally regret that Miss. Allen de
clines a 'call" for the coming term. The
peril of having a superior teacher is, that
you cant, keep them.
Mrs. Supt. Andrews of Vergennes. is spend
ing a few days among her friends in this vil
lage. Scores in the state can testily to her
painstaking devotion to the inmates of the
Reform school, and would be pleased if they
knew of the abundant welcome she received
in her old home.
The Farmer's League will meet at Town
Hall Friday, Feb. 27, at 1:80 p.m. Topics
of general interest to farmers will be discuss
ed. We hope nil thoseinterested in the Farm
er's League will be present. Com.
When N. P. Banks, in the fifties, seemed to
be drawing dangerously near the upper
rungs of the political ladder, a rival Demo
cratic office-seeker flung at him this pen and
ink grenade: "He never said a wise thing,
nor did a foolish one." This epigram in its
Brst half is a misfit for the lending personage
named below, so like a tailor who fixes a
coat too long in the neck and too short in
the sleeves, will change it. "He never
launched an ill-timed witticism, nor one with
a barb or a sting in it, nor said a foolish
thing." Reinforced by their daughter, Miss
Louise, Mr. and Mrs. Henri' Stevens gave
a reception last Friday evening, which was a
twin to the one given three weeks before by
Mr. and Mrs. B. S. Fullington. In the flexible
imaginations of the "old timers" was any
one there except the 110, who left at eleven
nnder beavers and bonnets? Was there other
sounds than those of music, laughter and re
partee? Was there an indescribable somt
thing in all the well-filled rooms, more inspir
ing than song or wit, or spoken eloquence.
" rarer than odors .sweet from roses blown"?
Were there "stars and harmonies" felt, seen
and heard by all of Henry's gray or bald con
temporaries? Let us see. Thirty years ago,
when the host drove his four-horse cracker
and candy prairie schoonerinto forty villages
in northern Vermont, was any boy denied
the felicity of driving four-in-hand from store
to Btore? Were not kind words and rare
smiles thrown in to boot? From those days
to these days not a few dealers in Mr. S.'s cir
cuit, on the first trip from "Jerusalem to
Jericho," from various causes, lost all, and
left the highway with capping wounds. To
such, in car and street, hotel and office, in
tactful ways, has not Mr. Stevens given the
" oil of joy for the spirit of heaviness" ? Has
not he been to those and burdened others, a
progressive new edition of the " Good Samar
itan"? So Friday night, at the reception,
there were praises bestowed that did not find
voice; unseen forms and faces, twice 110.
friends of the host, "fastened by hooks of
steel." Were others reminded of the words of
Starr King, "There are things more potent
than material forces?"
Horatio Calkins is quite sick with pneumo
nia. Lyman Churchill is very poorly from heart
Oscar Alger will move to the Will Smith
place this week.
There is more than the usual amount of
Bickness about town.
The family of Charles Nutting are living
with his father, A. B Nutting.
C. A. Simmons has moved his stock of
goods to the old brick store.
Crows, the harbinger of spring, made their
appearance on Saturday last.
H. S. Atkins, our liquor commissioner, is
very poorly and unable to be out.
H. L. Cook remains in a declining condi
tion, with but little chance of recovery.
Jerome Ayer and wife will soon move to
the house of J. F. Wade, on the Branch.
The prefix Mrs. should have appeared be
fore the name of John Fairbanks in last
week's item.
Miss Swift, of Seattle, Washington, a Bister
of Mr. C. B. Swift, is visiting with her aunt,
Mrs. Geo. Williams.
The great depth of snow this winter hns
prevented sporting and no furs are to be
seen about the Btreets.
Dr. H. D. Martin, the famous occulist. will
be at Brick Hotel, Monday, March 2nd, to
remain until March uth.
The annual March meeting will be held on
Tuesday next with no unusual excitement in
prospect, unless it is there mude.
The next Farmers' meeting will be held at
the town hull, on Saturday afternoon of this
week, at 1 o clock, to discuss phosphates and
the best means of burying them.
The death of Mr. Joseph Miller, aged 67,
occurred on Friday, He died very suddenly
from some spinal trouble. The funeral ser
vices were held on Sunday at 2 o clock p. in ,
Rev. Mr. Emery officiating.
On Tuesday of next week, town meeting
day, a good substantial dinner can be pre
cured at the vestry of the M. K, church for
the small sum of 15 cents. The ladies are
taking this method to raise a little money
for necessaries, AH who are hungry can eome
and be filled.
The death of Mrs. Horatio Calkins, aged 70
years, residing at Moscow, resulted from
pneumonia on r rulay morning. Uriel funer
al services were heid early Sunday morning,
Hev. Mr. Kmery officiating. The burial took
place at Hyde Park.
Itev. Mr. Emery had a very busy day on
Sunday last. At 9 a. m. be attended the
funeral service of Mrs. Calkins ; at 10.30 the
regular service at the church ; at 2 p. m. the
funeral of Joseph Miller, and in the evening
the usual social service.
The suicidal death by hanging of Mrs. John
lark, occurred early Sunday morning. She
ved in the edge of Morristown. She is said
to have been in poor health, and quite de
spondent, since lust fall. She leaves a Iiust
band and two sons, who feel tlieir loss,
The golden wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Hint
Atkins occurred on Wednesday ufternoon
and evening, Feb. 18. The house was filled
with old and young, and a very enjoyable
time was had. They were the recipients c.f a
number of rich presents, including a gold
headed cane, a purse of gold, costly easy
chair, etc.
The members of the brass band will meet
at the Town Hall Friday eve., Feb. 27. Ow
ing to bad weather and some of the members
being away, the bund liasnot met during tne
winter, but with a band of nearly twenty
pieces now ready to begin work nnU a leader
of Prof. J. H. Merrill's build, they will now
arouse Stowe to a pitch far beyond the rail
road "craze," and will be ready to sound the
sharp notes of "get up and get" on the top
most point of Sunset hill, as they never have
before, when the engine enterB tne valley.
Wallace & Co. have a new whistle on
village mill.
N. C Ravmore is unable to attend to offl
eial business on account of a severe cold.
The roads in this vicinity are so covered
with ice that loads cannot be drawn with
The case ol Dr. K. L. Flagg vs. A. C. Fletcher
anil wile, referred to S. C. Shurtliff of Mont
pelier was heard Monday.
Mr. Colton and family from Canada are
visiting at Dr, Flagg's, He will lie remem
bered by many us formerly owning the ba
kery here.
A. C, Griswold has changed his intention of
removing to New Hampshire, and will return
to his old home on Mill street the first of
March. The many friends of the family will
be pleased to learn that they have decided to
remain with us.
The measles are spreading considerably in
our village. Among the new victims are Mrs.
Lvman Adams. Joe Wutkins, Ethel Smith,
Willie Lease, Arthur Hawley. and a number
suffering from symptoms which may prove
to be only colds.
Rosin is used to adulterate soap.
Brussels soap contains "no rosin,"
and is sold by Geo. K. Currier.
Maria Page is stopping at E. Bentley'B.
B. G. Macoy was in Burlington Thursday!
Flora Eaton is working for Mrs. P. B
A. McHenry has rented the Ellinwood
Charlie Hulburd went to Hyde Park Wed;
Wm. Lang of Essex was in town on busi-'
ness Saturday.
E. H. Lang and family spent Sundayat his
father's in Fletcher.
Harrison Ilnymore has bought the Hall
house at the Harbor.
H. A. Colgrove has exchanged horses with
Ernest Tinker of t letcher.
W. S. Nnyes and Charlie Wetherell are
boarding at E. H. Lang's
Mrs. Wnener Sr. moved last week to the
rooms over the millinery shop.
Frank Richards of Lowell, Mass., was the
guest of John Hitchcock last week.
Mrs. Charles Bixby who has been in poor
health for some time is much worse.
H. B. Caswell has rented a farm of Almon
Hawly and will move there next week.
Walter Pease and family will occupy the
tenemont lately vacated by Mike Dixon.
About twenty attended the dancing party
at H B. Caswell's last Saturday evening.
M.vrtie Buker hns engaged to work a year
for Charlie Bixby, beginning next Monday.
Several of our young folks attended the
oyster supper at Fletcher last Friday even
Nettie Ellinwood who has been quite sick
with diphtheritic sore throat is reported bet
ter. It should have read in last week's paper
that Joe Stratton, not Shattuck, had moved
to Waterville.
Mrs. Geo. White was called to Plainfield
last week Tuesday by the illness of her sister,
Florence Page.
J. M. Safford is in Burlington this week
serving on a jury ; S. M. Safford is taking his
place at the mill.
Herbert Wetherell of Morrisville has rented
the Hall house at the Harbor and will move
his family there soon.
Mrs. George Brush and daughter Kate of
Williamstown arrived in town Monday even
ing. called here by the death of Mrs. Morgan.
Nellie (Caswell) Morgan, wife of Dr. James
B. Morgan, who has been very ill for some
months died suddenly Sanday night ugedTJr
Harmon Morse is not able as yet to be ont
ft L. Demeritt went to Fletcher Center,
to the Oyster supper last week, Friday eve.
Mrs. Merton Shattuck of Eden, spent a
few days last week at her father's, J. W.
Mary Nye is at home from Morrisville
school: also Frank Green from the same
place, during vacation.
Isadore Gomo from Jeffersonville, was in
the place last week, with his sawing-raoehine.
The provident, larmerB here, having their
supply of wood for the coming year, sawed.
A peculiarity of the present year, 1891. is
noticeable by some, which is, it ' you add
the first figure to the second, it gives the
third; also, by subtracting the fourth from
the third gives the second; and adding them
all gives the century.
It might perhaps interest some of the read
ers of the Citizen, to know that the word con
test from the sentence. "James Means cele
brated Farmer Shoe" was ended by the mowing-
machine prize being awarded to a Mr.
Joseph H. Carey, of Braraan's Corners,
Schenectady, N. Y., his list containing 5802
words, found in the body of Websters Una
bridged Dictionary, according to rules form
ed by the awarding firm, James Means and
Co. 41, Lincoln St. Boston, Mass.
Walter Bennett is very low.
Mrs. C. E. Haskell and Mrs. L. S. Morse are
quite sick.
0. J. Putnam has commenced work on his
house frame.
A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. H.
A. May, the Kith.
The auditors have our town reports in the
hands of the printer.
Head Dr. Bates' business notice and gov
ern yourself accordingly.
Dom Pedro, Haskell's lucky strike, is a
very fine appearing horse.
Prof. S. W. Conant has been in town for
the past few days tuning organs and pianos.
French & Warren are caring potatoes here
this week paying 70 and 75 cents per bush
el. Cnte hns the largest, lot of mill logs seen on
the pond for several years, and still they
Fifty couples attended Dow brothers' mas
querade ball, and a very quiet and pleasant
time was enjoyed by all.
Geo. Ward, veterinary surgeon, of St.
Johnsbury, was called here on Tuesday by
Charles Lourena, who bus a very peculiarly
lame horse. , "
The better portion of tlie community wili""
approve of the position taken by B. Bnrnell,
town agent, in selling liquor according to
law for medical purposes only.
The Ladies Aid Society will give an Anti
quarian Supper at the Methodist church ves
try, on Friday night, February 27. Admis
sion, adults 25 cents, children 10 cents. Ar
rangements are complete for a good social
Alson Woodmansee recently drew at one
load four thousand feet of lumber from Col
lins & Kenney's mill, a dissance of 10 miles,
to Wolcott depot, with a pair of mules that
only weigh 800 lbs. each. Who beats?
A few nights ago the mail train west had
on among the many pnssengers an old lady
for Fletcher, who was very anxious to reach
her destination. The train was a little lute,
and owing to a hot box was delayed several
minutes at Johnson, where the lady passen
ger became very nervous and commenced a
march through the car, and thinking there
was something wrong inquired of a gentle
man what the cause of the delay was, and
was told told it was a hot box, just as Con
ductor Kanney came into the car, when she
grunted out: "Yaw; I guess if they would
grease their boxes instead of greasing their
gulletsquite so often we would get along fast
er." Itanney hearing the conversation turn
ed on his heel and went into thesmoking car,
whistling, "Oh, What Will the Harvest Be?'
F. G. Merritt made a'visit to the capital
last week.
Mr. Bachelder is about moving into Geo.
Jones house, on what is called pony street.
Our school lacks interest. It was to have
had twelve scholars to commence with last
Walter Ward came near getting his throat
badly cut by a small tree he was cutting fly
ing up.
Howard Barnes fell in his barn and lay un
conscious some time, having hurt his spine;
he is better at this writing.
Lucius Hayes has taken Churles Child'B
hill farm,
Ed. Leach has moved to Bakersfleld, where
he has a job.
Frank Stearns has taken Luke Potter's
H. fl. Brighum of Bakersfield was in town
last week.
Mrs. Ambrose Chase visited friends in Fair
fax last week.
Miss Emma Patch has returned to her
home in Fletcher.
Mr Trainer and wife were the guests of Ed.
Culver last week.
Misses Lucia and Anna Smilie were in Bur
lington last week. ,
Ed. Culver and wife were visiting in Enos
burgh the past week,
Ilev. Geo. Duel occupied the pulpit for Rev.
Mr. Howard on Sunday.
Henry Weston, of New Hampshire, wub the
guet.t ot H. W. Scott last week.
A girl babv at the home of Mr. nnd Mrs.
Levi Paterson's on the 14th.
Mrs. M. E. Church visited her brother, Rob
ert Thomas, at, Jetlersonville last week.
The widow of the Rev. Porter Hulburd has
been visiting her many friends in town.
A Mr. Colton from Currick was the guis
of George Mann a day or two last week.
William Chase and wile of 1 letcher visited
her father, Ami Leach on Saturday.
Dwight Potter and family have moved to
Lynn, Mass., where he has a situation.
Gertrude Wilbur has gone to Burlington
where she has a job in the Mary Fletcher hos
The town auditors will meet at the town
clerk's ottlce on Monday, March nd, at 10 a.
James Stevens is in Hurliiigton this week as
iuror in the (I. S. Circuit Court, which is in
Judge Miller has been on the sick list for
the pust two weeks uut is now nearly recov
ered .
A Mr. White of Cam bridge has taken (apt
McFarhind's farm, and his son has taken S,
H, Brown's farm.
Fred W hittreelge of North Reading. Mass
is in town the guest of Curtis A. Beard, his
uncle. He expects to remain in town for sev
eral months.
Carroll Andrews is sick with the measles.
The tub factory is running on full time and
doing a good business.
Clarence Cowles who has been very sick
with typhoid fever is better.
Mrs. Mary Campbell from Burke is quite
sic k at her fathers, Mr, rsesrles.
Mr. C. Reed and wife from Wolcott visited
at Mr. Newton s one day last week.
Grant White from Glover, who has been
under the care of Dr. Campbell, is improving,
Mrs. Sowles from Stanstead has been visit
1 ing at Iter Bister's, Mrs. Wright's the ast
I week.
This week's issue nf Fr link T.nslio'a
Illustrated Newspaper might well be
tailed den. bhermnn number. The
mao-njficent funeral pageant in New
lOl'k is pictured, anil the vrnrt is
beautifully executed, the portraits of
iioraoies being- easily distinguished
Die German edition of Frank Leslie's
also contains these pictures, and h
tne only illustrated paper of this
character printed in the United
States. Every old soldier will want
to preserve this number of Leslie's.
Mr. Pefier. elected as Senator frnm
Kansas in place of Ingalls, tells in
P rank Leslie's Newspaper " What the
farmers' Alliance Wants." We
might add that it is not the whole
Get a copy of your news-
Slocum, guarantees that
bar of Brussels soar is
equal to two 5c. bars of rosin soap.
ALLEN'. In North Hvde Park, Feb. 8,1891,
a son to Mr. and Mrs. George IS. Allen.
DUBRAY. in Morrisville, Feb. 17. 1891, a
a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dubrav.
COLLIER HUB BELL. At St. Johnsbury,
Feb. 17, 1891, by Ilev. Edw. T. Fairbanks,
George W. Collier and Alary L. Hubbell,
both of Morrisville.
Feb. 20, 1891. by Rev. S.Foster. Rodnev E.
Jones and Edna S. Butterheld, both of
Hyde Park.
FLETCHER STrAHT. In Nashua. N. H..
Nov. 2. 1890. Will A. Fletcher, formerly of
North Hyde Park, now of Worcester, Mass.,
and Ella M. Stuart, of Clinton, Mass.
OBER DORMAN. At Nashua, N. H., Feb.
14, 1891. Amos T. Ober, formerly of John
son, and Nellie M. Dorman, both of Clintou,
LAWRENCE. In Morristown, Feb. 3, 1891.
Carroll A., oldest son of A. E. and L. S.
Lawreiice, aged 14 years and 6 months.
Jesus, while our hearts are bleeding
O'er the spoils that death has won,
We would, at this solemn mwting,
Calmly say. Thy will be done.
Ladies' Shoe Parlor.
O B f and other upeclnl-
J 1 1. J f ties for Gentlemen,
Tjirllifi.itf nrnwnn
ranted, nnrt so stamped on bottom. Address
W. Li. UOIOILAs, Brockton, Mass.
r- Sold by E. D. Eldreii, Morrisville.
Also a full line of Hosiery for spring
wear, troiu an -ct. BtocKing to a
Silk, including Out Sizes.
You will And always on hand a good
Assoremenn ot Millinery, v eilings,
liucliings, Corsets, Uermantown
And Saxony Varus, Stamped
Goods, Gilt, Silver and
Silk Cord, for dress trim
mings, and a line line of Sinai
WnrPQ TYv onr kid crlnva Wo fif
them. Always glad to show our gods.
Mrs. E. A. HADLEY, Morrisville, VL
20,000 Extra Shingles,
15 Cords Stone,
20,000 feet Lumber,
50 cords Green Wood,
One light driving Harness,
One Family Carriage and
One nice Sleigh Kobe.
G-. "W. DOTY, MorrisTille.
!S'jtice ! From now until May 1st, I
will make One Dozen Cabinet Photo
graphs and a nice 14x17 Crayon Portrait
W FOR $0.50. Jg$
Now is your chance if you want a Cray
on. I wairant tlieni to be good. Call
and see samples. Remember that I keep
large stock of Mouldings tor 1'icture
Frames, and make tlieru to order at
short notice. I keep the latest styles.
II. E. oUTLER, Photographer,
Morrisville, Vt.
Portland St., opposite Fostofflce.
Found at Iajt
A mirelv herbal remedy which con
tains no minerals or poisonous drugs,
for the treatment of all diseases of the
Liver and Kidneys.
Udoii the health of these organs, de-
Eends the health of every organ of the
odv. The chronic diseases of thou
sands, who suffer hopelessly, and are
treated ineffectually, mignc Lie traceu
directly to disordered Liver and Kid
neys, and cured by the proper remedies,
applied to the root of the disease.
The following testimonial is one of
hundreds received, as continuation of
the curative properties of our remedy,
which is not only rormuiateu m a rny-
sician of 2-5 years' actual practice, but
prescribed by over 6000 physician. For
sale by all druggists at $1 per bottle or
6 bottles for $.. Dr. lioyce's Journal
mailed free.
St. Johnshuuv, Vt., July 5, 1887
Dr. Royce Dear Sir : One year ago I was
compelled to cancel my preaching engagements
in consequence of weakness of voiee attended
with much siirti rmti. I voutinueu in tins condi
tion for eight months, unable to attend to my
ministerial Unties and no encouragement thai i
should he able to resume my labors. Dr. Koyce
heiuc In town I annlled for medical treatment.
and liml myself wholly cured, voice full strength,
ami relieved of suffering. It affords me great
pleasure tit bear testimony to tneexeiieutenects
from treatia 'ut received, and shall always rec
omend Dr. Koyce to all who are giifferiiigr no
matter what the trouble may be or bow
many doctor! vou have tried in vain. Call on
him ; you will find in Dr. Koyce a simphathUinii
friend and a skillful physician.
St. Albans, Vt., Nov, 18, 1887.
Dr. Royce.
Dear Sik: I want to let tne people Know wnat
your medicine has done for me. I was a great
sunerer xrom caiarru auu oroiicim is ; inert
was a roaring noise In mv head all the
time and a constant couuli, with droppings In
the throat. I bean to fear X was running into
consumption, l nail trieu so many pnysioi s,
and so much natent medicine. I was clear dis
couraged. A iriend persuaded me to try your
Herbal Kemedv. 1 done so Willi no taltn what
ever, but the lust bottle convinced me thnt it
had the true merit. My couuli is entirely ccred,
the roarim; in ihv head is all none, and I know
I am on the road to rapid recovery, and i can
not express my thankfulness, and I would saylo
any sutferer, try this great Herbal Remedy.
lours respecmuiy,
Mits. Klxkk Howe.
Hardy, Harris & Co.,
P, S. Correspondence solicited by us
or to E. VV. Royce, M. D., Springlield,
PIIDCC Coughs, Colds, Influenia. Bronchltlt,
bUnCO HoarsaneiS, Whooping Cough, Croup.
Sore Throat, Asthma, and every affection of th
Throat, Lungs and Chest, including Consumption
Speedy and permanent. Used for lilty yearm.
Scrofula, Kezemn, Salt Itheura and all
l)ieseof the Hkin and lllood are cured by
A reliable place to buy your
Prices guaranteed as low as the lowest. Just in, an elegant
line oi STATIOUEKTT. It will pay you to look
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gain. Now is the time to buy POULTRY FOOD.
We have a very large stock on hand.
Corner of Main and Portland Streets, Morris ville, Vt.
Grand RIMAIT Sale,
Now going on at
Welch & Farrington's,
Dry and Fancy Goods,
Boston CASH Store,
Sew Spring
We open this week our first invoice of
and Colors, and 0FFE& AH OPP0HTTT2TITY never before known or
equalled outside the large city stores to
line of French, English and German Dress Goods, and at less prices than
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A Tew French Pattern Robes.
Not to be found later in the season.
Wash. Fabrics, Vigourous: Suitings, and
American Serges,
Yard wide, fast colors, only 12J cents. Linen Chambrays and Victor Satines,
worth lic; latest styles, 15 cents. Ten pieces new Challies, very
choice designs, at C cents.
GF All of tne above are 2Tew, reliable goods, warranted as
represented, and found only at
CURRIERS, Morrisville.
Dr. H. D. Martin of Philadelphia,
Morrisville House, until March 2d.
Brick Hotel, Stowe, Monday, March 2d, until March Oth.
Johnson Hotel, Monday, March 9th, until March 16th.
Cambridge Boro Hotel, Monday, March 16th, until March 23d.
Vljr pvp!4- nnin in nml
scribed and properly fitted. All prescriptions filled under his supervision,
and guaranteed.
This is to inform the people of Lamoille County that
is still in it and will be found as usual at the
Clothing Store in Morrisville,
where lie will be pleased to show you his
Pall and Winter Line
which lie says is the largest and
he has some very handsome patterns and made up in the
latest styles. You know without his telling you
that he always has the latest in
anywhere. He can also show you good lines of Over
Shirts, Underwear, Gloves, Mittens, Hosiery, Bags,
Trunks, Umbrellas, Rubber Coats, Leather
Coats, &c.
Fur Coats in Goat, Dog and Coon.
It you want anything in his line just call and if you think
his goods are what you want, buy and he will appreciate it,
i not all is the same.
Main Street, . - - Moiuusville, Vt.
Dre$5 0ood$.
New Sprinz Dress (ioods, both In Ulack
in the treatment and relief of weak nnd watery eyes,
blurred und indistinct sight, inflamed eyes and lidn,
: : - j i t - f .1 il...: . : . . 1 1
111 Kill" PVCIHID, UUUUIC IMlllliVI UURtru
rkvtr pvm with frfnnnt, heiidrtftifw.
. ' J 1 - " ' ' - ' " 1 '
pain in top and back of head. Complex Defects of
Sifjrht scientifically treuted. Glasses carefully pre
cheapest he has ever shown. In
as good a line as can be found
It vou want the
and (?et a few hundred pounds of the
Linseed Meal!
This Meal Is recoznized as beinu the be t
and safest feed for Milk and Uutter
production. It also stand
mi., cnorinriiv of the "Cleveland"
Mnseed Meal consists largely in the
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Ter 'l n.
ji ..
14 HI
Torn Moal.
W heat Hr.ni.
TinmthV IIhV.
Cini Fi'mI'I'T.
illnltutl 15ll.
(VHnii Kimm! Mfiil. ,
Old rn'f"ni i"'ni.
Cleveland" Unseed Meal
it ou
,.. Tf ta lou nnxilv in nractir Cian
most other Feeds-as shown in the fol
lowing table from the report , of Dr.
(Joessman of the Massachusetts btate
Agricultural Experiment Mtatioii :
'M Ileing thoroughly steam cooked m
the making, it is more Digestible than
llaw feeds.
al. It does not cost more than the
ordinary Oil Meals.
wrir If not s.it sfied. return the
meal and get your money back.
S. A. SLATT02T & CO.,
llornsTille. Tt.
h. m. McFarland
Is Agent For the Following
Fire Companies:
New England
Union Mutual
Vermont Mutual.
There is no lietter lineof companies
vt any ngency in Vermont.
33o You Want a
Lumber Wagon
If so, examine those manufactured by
11. J. J,ili.ky & Co.. who have
constantly on hand the lar
gest assortment of
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We have constantly on hand a trood
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Sarven patent buggy Wheels with hubs
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will set the boxes free or charge.
Kesnectfiillv soliciting a continuance
of your valued orders which shall have
prompt attention, we re
x ours iruiy,
H. J. L1LLEY & CO.,
Hyde Park Vt.
He Sirk Cld hi a Silrsr Lir.
Mrs. Eva I. Fowler resides at
Hampden Centre, Mo., and a the
bright October sun shone ujm her face,
ghiwing with health, as she stood tion
the piazza of her littlo cottage, It wa
hard to realize that only a few month
ago sho was hastening towards the
gravo as fast as diseat could do its
fell work. Listen to the story she told
us :
I am now twenty-ono yeari old. nd
Inst winter I found myelf failing rapidly.
My hUle and back were no laino lt
hurt 1110 to breathe. 1 felt tibrd
could (tot upntairi only with (jrpat difficul
ty. I had a ory bad cough. My ap
petite failed mo, and after oating the light
est food I would have terrible dUtres
at the pit of the htomiu-h. I could
not sleep. Sight after niht 1 would hare
to pet up and ait tip after one o'clock un
til morning. I tried Cod I.irer Oil and
other medieinea, hut received no benefit.
Hut, I am happv to av, TWO HOTTI.KS
A positive euro for disease pe
culiar to women. flUAUANTEED
TO CUKE. lont Suffer. Uet a.
bottle now.
IlcLrAiT, Mb.
2Lddio 21. Eradloy,
Teacher of
Free-Hand Drawing, Oil and Pastel
And tlio Various Ilranehen of IVrnrntlve Art.
Special attention xlven to ralnlliiK
from mill lite.
Turn : -Instruction Klven l.y the hiir.!rt;
Course of m Lessons (.1 hours) Hi. Cluss il.is,
Weiinesrinys ami SHtimlavs. Innon rs from
to Via. in. ami I .hi ! 4 hi p. m. riioioumnlm
rapled In Oil. I'nsiel nM'tnvon. IMctiirr rrntnlnif
done and Art Materials kept constantly on limul.
Order by mail promptly alteuiled to. hlmlioi
lonnsoury, to un
50 cents.

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