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News and Citizen
Thursday. October 8, 1891.
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Car-load cedar Bhinirles at Dotv's.
eomo, Urst served
E. J. Parker has purchased a cnr load of
barreled apples from the Champlain
alle.v. Will have them here at proper time
and will give the people right figures.
Notice. Commencing with next Saturday,
The tenth, and everv Saturday tollowinjr, we
Mi all be at Crane & Son's store at Hyde Purk
to buy butter, ergs, potatoes, etc. We intend
this to be a permanent market.
G. P. Rouinsox.
Special Notice. I have opened a Harness
Shop in the Burke block, next door to Town
( lerk's office. I shall keep on hand a full line
of ready made harnesses, blackens, robes,
wnips, &c. Repairing a specialty; all kinds
of country produce taken in exchange for
Kods. A W. Mears.
Look Here: It you are in want of Furni
ture call at Wilson's Store. Chamber Suits,
at. 16.ri0, that are usually sold at $22.00.
JMninar chairs. 50 cents each ; usually sold at
o cents. Holland curtains 25 cents each,
complete with fixtures. Curtain Poles, with
trimmings 35 cents each. Parlor Suits, $38.
Lounnres, $1.50. Ready mixed Paint, any
common color. 1.35 per gallon. Wall Pa
pers at reduced prices. Remember theplace
i.. tr. Wilson's Furniture Store. Morrisville.
Home from market with the best assorted
stock of clothing, hats and caps, carpets,
underwear, hoots and shoes, gents' furnishing
goods, &c, Sck. We buy for cash ; we sell for
cash; no rents; no bad debts. Buying di
rect from manufacturers, we will put out
some good goods cheap. New goods every
week uutil January 1st. For want of room,
will name only a few of the many low prices:
Knitting cotton, best, ;". cents, dress cam
brics 5 cents silesias 8 cents, Clark's machine
iiireau cents, matcher's butter color 15
and 35 cents (worth 25 and 50), ten dozen
cents, ioo test water white kero
Bene on 10 cents. Climax tobacco 40 cents-
cut plug 30 cent, star matches. cents, rais-
iuk o cents. urauu clonk sale soon; see
small bills for date, c. We want 50 tubs
butter each week and will pay highest market
price. fuwpectmHy yours,
Miles, McMahon & Co., Stowe.
W anted I fifteen good lumbermen. Apply
i ouce to r rank faraway,
Waterville, Vt.
Aoents Wanted. Wanted a tew good men
to sell the Hickok Patent Cloth Dryer;
greatly improved the present year. The best
dryer made. Good pay to live men. A. F.
W hitnev, Morrisville. Vt.
Is Your Horse Lame. For a remedy that
stands the test, Morrison's Liniment is the
best. We know it. we are sure a fit. e can
prove it. Why not try it? Cures pinched,
dry and brittle feet, sprains, galls, lameness,
sorenet-s, etc. James W. Fostkr, Bath, H.
11., sole manufacturer.
Mrs. Hannah F. Atwell is visiting
friends it town.
Miss Bertha Warner of East Ilard-WH-k
is vinititig frimnln in town.
The Daniels Bros, shipped a car
load of butter tubs on Monday.
Earnest Brackett baa gone to Chi
cago, where he will engage in business.
Currier's cloak opening is postpon
ed until Oct. 20, 21 and 22. See adv.
J. A. Robinson has commenced the
cellar for his residence on Congress
Edwin Hart and family of St.
Johnsbury moved to this place on
E. E. Foster is making various im
provements about his premises on
Main street.
Geo. Goodrich is improving his res
idence on Bridge street by the use of
the paint brush.
Sni al meetinar of importance of
Dcty Camp Monday evening, Oct.
12 at 7:30 o'clock.
Mrs. M. P. Bell came to town Mon
day after an absence of four months
jn Grand Isle Lounty.
The effect of the new ventilator on
the town hall was very perceptible at
the lecture Monday evening.
A lot of household roods, belong
ing to the estate of Mrs. M. J. Blos
som, will be sold at public auction
Saturday the 10th. See bills.
Stone-masons and brick-layers came
on Monday and began work on the
foundation tor tne Danu ounuing.
Geo. Dike vacated the Morrisville
House on Thursday last and now
occupies rooms in A. M. Churchill's
The ladies of the Cong'l society
Tiiuked a barrel yesterday full of
rlothins to be sent to a missionary
Mrs. McClintock accompanied her
son E. M. Irish to Montpelier last
Thursday. She will make her home
with him.
Genie Rochleau lost a finegold neck
chain last Tuesday. An old fashioned
locket with a minature photograph
was attached.
Chas. Sanders of Montpelier who
bonirht the McClintock house last
ppring moved here and took posses
sion last week.
Gov. Hendee, Geo. Powers, O. M.
Waterman and A. W. Mears were in
Boston last week and took in the
Mystic Park race.
The academy boys played a game
of ball on the fair grounds with the
nndemv nine of Hyde L'ark last hat
urday and were defeated by a scoreof
M to 27.
W. H. Cheney has grown 1200
etooksof corn on less than four acres
of ground, planted June 1st, and giv
ing onl v two baskets of sortings lrom
100 bushels
The Ladies' Spiritualist Circle will
meet with Mrs. E. H. Shaw Thursday
nftemoon. Oct. 15. A full attendance
in desired as important business is to
be transacted.
Invitations areout announcing the
nomine marriatre of Minnie Fitch of
this place and W. F. Steele of Charles
ton w. Va. The event occurs next
Wednesday afternoon.
Victor Brown has bought Asa
rlr' house on Congress street ex-
Mr. Ober is excavating a
cellar for a new house two lots south
of U. li. Blake's house.
Mrs. A. Bugbee who has spent the
summer in Biddeford. Me., is expected
liome in a few days, when Fred Cro-
well, who has occupied Jier nouse in
Brooklyn, will return to his farm in
Hyde l'ark.
Mrs. Herbert Delano died on Friday
last after a lingering illness from con-
anmritinn. She eaves a nusoanu auu
two small children. The funeral was
lield Sunday afternoon, Rev. P. B
Fisk officiating.
i..tw1.iv Lrniifrht a chance of time
on the railroad. The mail from the,
west arrives at about teu a. in., and
from theeast at nearly thesanie time
as before. Express train goes west at
about 9 a. m., and east at about 7
p. m.
A. W. Mears has opened a harness
shop in the rooms lately occupied by
8. V. Bolae on Portland street and
has put in a fine line of goods. All in
need of goods in his line will do well
to give him a call. See business no
tice. Mr. Randall is well established as
proprietor of the Morrisville House,
although he cannot feel perfectly at
home in the Eornewhat disturbed con
dition of affairs about the house at
present, but the wants of the travel
ing public will be well attended to
just the same.
The opening entertainment of the
lecture course Monday evening was
very successful. Leland T. Powers is
perhaps the greatest impersonator
on the platform to-day and the audi
ence was not disappointed in expect
afineentertiiinnient. It is pronounced
by many " 1 he best yet."
Attention fireman. All the com
panies composing the Morrisville Fire
Department will" meet at the engine
house Saturda' at 6 p. m., for an
nual inspection and drill. Clerks of
companies will be prepared with a list
of their men who will be entitled to
abatement of taxes. G. W. Doty.
Miss Carrie Fairman of Boston,
very favorably known here, will give
an elocutionarv and musical enter
tainment at town hall on Friday eve,
Oct. 23. Miss Fairman has a very
high standing as an elocutionist and
she will be assisted in the musical
line by Mrs. I. O. Andrews, Mrs. H. J.
Fisher, Messrs. Fleetwood, Cobb and
Fisher with Mrs. A. M. Churchill as
accompanist. ith this combina
tion an enjoyableentertainment may
be expected.
The Messrs. llandalls have made a
change in their hotel plans whereby
thev now contemplate a building
40x100 feet. There will be four stores
in it, to be occupied by Geo. K. Cur
rier, U. M. W aterman. Mrs. t. u
dred and E. S. Robinson. They will
be finished in the best modern stvle.
The office of the hotel will be on the
corner of Main and Congress streets.
The p'ans of the building, which are
very handsome, are now in the hands
of contractors who are estimating on
the same.
Silvek Anniversary. The friends
and neighbors of Mr. and Mrs. Geo.
W. Currier, to the number of about
fifty, repaired to their beautiful farm
home on Friday evening the 2nd, to
remind them that thev had been mar
ried 23 years. They were taken com
pletelv be surprise. George Tas at
the barn husking corn and his good
wife was atwork closingup the labors
of the day. For once in his life George
was put to his wits end for words to
express tumselt. tie seemed dumb
founded for a moment and was cap
tured without warning, but like a
good soldier he quitely submitted to
the inevitable. He said if he had only
known that they were coming he
would have been tixed up and had
something good to eat and drink.
The ladies of the party rushed inside
and captured Mrs. C, who was also
very much surprised, saying, 1 did
not know we had so many friends."
The party soon settled down to busi
ness and a social and pleasant even
ing was spent. V hue some were vis
Uinar others were bringing in their
lunch baskets, tables spread and soon
groaning under the heavy load of
good things placed thereon. The
army bean and coffee were given a
heartv welcome. After everything
had been arranged for supper a stand
was brought into the parlor upon
which was a beautiful silver cake bas
ket, butter dish, salt shake, spoons
and silver money. Mr. and Mrs. C
were led into the room and the pres-
vntH wore prpsontecj. to them by Rev.
M. Kingsbury, from their triends, in
her usual benutifuland pleasantway.
George said he had not words by
which to express their thankfulness
for the kindness of the presents. After
this all present repaired to the din
ing room and partook or tne reiresn
ments awaiting them. All seemed to
do justice to the eatables as well as
themselves. Thus twenty-five years
of happy married life has passed, at
tended with its j.leasures and sorrows,
with it anxieties and perplexities, but
they have been true and lived up to
the vows taken at the altar of God,
by carj-ing out the scripture. "What
God hath joined together let no man
put assunder." Your friends wish
you a prosperous life's voyage to
the golden anniversary of your wed
ded life. May peace, comfort and
health be yours to enjoy is the hearty
and earnest wish of your many
friends. Augustus.
Lamoille County Medical Society.
The first meeting of the Lamoille
Valley Medical Society was held at
Morrisville last Thursday and was
well attended. The society adopted
the rules and regulations of the State
Association, and therefore rigidly
shuts out from membership all who
are not regular college graduates.
The officersarens follows: President,
Dr. Allen; Vice President, Dr.Rublee;
Secretary, Dr. Johnson; Board of
Censors, Drs. Hall, Dillingham and
Genge. The society will hold meet
ings every two months, and besides
bringing our doctors into more friend
ly relations to each other, will, no
doubt, tend to raise the already high
medicai standard of the county.
Belongs to Lamoille County.
Apropos of the recent mention
the fact that a controversy was pend
ing over the question whether Pleas
ant Valley was in Chittenden or La
moille county, Postmaster Wheeler
has just received a letter from Z. D.
Buker, who is the postmaster in the
place in dispute. Some of the state
ments made by Mr. Buker are very
interesting. He says that there is no
doubting the fact that Pleasant Val
ley is in Lamoille county and in the
town of Cambridge and that the post-
ofhee has been located in tliesame lo
cality for the past 30 years.
When the office was first established
it was kept by a farmer uaaied Rich
ardson, who lived in Underbill, only
a few rods across the line. Then, of
course, it was in Chittenden county,
and in name it continued to be there
when it was moved across the line.
The only reason that can be assigned
for the fact that the first new post
master who presided over stamps and
cards on the Lamoille county side
failed to inform the government that
his village was not at home is that
he thought it was too much work to
do. For the past 30 years the post
masters havecontinued to perjure the
post-ofhees. Mr. Buker states that
the government made out his papers,
placing Pleasant Valley in Chittenden
county, and he has always taken it
for granted that thegovernment had
ought to know what it was about.
The village is four miles from Cam
bridge, and the present location of the
post-office is the most convenient for
its patrons. 1111s case snows now
completely the business of the gov
ernment. and that of counties and
towns is separated. If tho prror had
occurred in the business of the couQr
ty, it would have been detected at
once. Postmaster Wheeler says he
will visit the office and report it as
from Chittenden county with an expla
nation informing the government of
the long - standing mistake. i ree
The sum of 14.245.000, or more than
K2.0O0.O00 ner dav. counting Sunday repre
sents the gold movement from Europe to the
United Scutes.
A few more painters are wanted at
the new hotel.
Some very fine pictures of the new
hotel have been taken by Harry
Mrs. A. L. Goddard and daughter
returned from Massachusetts last
F. N. Keeler and wife have gone to
Boston to select, furnishings for the
new hotel.
The plumbers are busily engaged
in the plumbing and heating appara
tus in the new hotel.
Frank Slayton has rented the Par
ker house on Prospect Ave., and will
move into the same when repairs are
Farmers will read the business no
tice of G. P. Robinson. He is to take
in butter, etc., at Crane's store every
Rumor has it that Andrew Camp
bell is negotiating for the rental of u
score in tne nricK diock and will open
a watch-maker and jewelry estab
lishment therein.
About thirty-five from this place
attended the opening lecture of the
course at Morrisville Monday even
ing and were well pleased with the en
tertainment given.
Garden pilfering has been carried
on to some extent of late, by boys we
presume. In some instances squash
es have been lugged oft. thinkin
they were watermelons.
The marriage of Jos. Stewart and
Mary Lackey, both of West Morris
town, took place at St. Teressa's ca
thedral last Wednesday, in the pres
ence of a number of friends.
Mrs. A. L. Noyes started Tuesday
night for the west, where she will
spend several mouths with relatives
in Iowa and Wisconsin. She was ac
companied by Mrs. D. L. IOaton and
daughter of Morrisville."
Slayton Bros. & Bliss have dissolv
ed partnership ; Mr.Bliss retiring from
the firm. We do not know what Mr.
Bliss' plans for the future are, buc
hope he will engage in some business
that will keep him in town, as he is a
good citizen.
"Jack" McKay of Kingston, Ont.,
left for Troy, X. Y., where he will in
vestigate the sheep skin business.
While here ' Jack " made man y friends
and became so attached to the place
that we shall undoubtedly see him
again in the future.
The unusually warm weather of the
past two weeks completely knocks
out "the oldest inhabitant." Sun
day last the thermometer indicated
82 in the shade. There has been a.
change since then, however, and Octo
ber is quite like itself.
Rev. F. C. Taylor has accepted the
call to become pastor of the church
here and will commence labors Sun
day, Oct. ISth. Rev. F. E. Perkins,
who has so acceptably preached here
for a number of Sabbaths, will preach
here again tiext Sunday.
Thaddeus Newland, having been
adjudged insane by Drs. Randall and
Genge, has by order of the Probate
court been committed to the Water
bury Asylum as a state charge. He
was taken to that place Tuesday
morning by officer Lanpher.
Our allusion to street lamps last
week has had a good effect. A num
ber of fine lamps have been bought,
and will soon be in place about the
village. Still more are to be purchased
and soon our village will be as well
lighted as are the neighboring vil
lages. Mrs. J. S. Harrington, sisterofGeo.
Eastman of this place, died suddenly
of heart disease at her home in Kear
ney, Neb., Sunday, Sept. 27. She
had been at her home but a few days,
having but recently returned from a
visit of several weeks in Vermont.
She leaves a husband, who is a neph
ew of Orra and Samuel Wiswell, and ,
four sons. The Kearney papers speak
very highly of her.
A very pleasant occasion was a re
union at Mrs. Delia Grover's, last
Wednesday of the members of the
Bliss family and their relatives. The
event was arranged more especially
for the purpose of having the rela
tives meet Rev. Dr. Daniel Bliss, of
Beirut, Syria, who many of them had
not seen for sixteen j-ears, and some
of them never. The day, like the
event, was fine and one long to be re
membered by the happy participants.
Harlow Bliss, the only surviving
brother of Daniel, was unable to be
present, owing to ill health. Those
who were present were: Daniel Bliss,
Mrs. Louisa Bliss, Mrs. Delia H. Gro-
ver, u. 1j. bhaw and wile, C ii. Uliss,
James Atwell and wife, John Fergu
son, Volney Gilmore and family, Mrs.
Jane Warner, George Gilmore and
wife, Chas. Hill and wife and Harrison
Grout. Rev. Mr. Bliss left for Massa
chusetts Saturday, but as he is to
spend a year in the United States
before returning to Syria, he intends
to come here again early next sum
CENTBEVii.LE.-Mabel Collins has returned
from the mountains. 'Lulu Collins and Alice
Pape from Morrisville, spent Sunday in this
place. Mm. Jackson Camphell and daughter
Alma, were iu town the past week visiting
Ask Mrs. C. B, Terrill what time it is.
Etta Williams ha returned from Swanton.
Mrs. C. L. Shaw called on friends here last
Ina Barrows of Waterville visited Jennie
Sherman last week.
Austin Wilkins rested from his labors last
week, owing to sickness.
George' Lmerson of St. Johnsbury spent
last week with George Hicks.
Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo Drew of Dixville, P. Q-
have been visiting Samuel White.
J. N. Nutting of Lyme, N. H., is stopping
at B. L. Fairbank's, buying cattle.
T. O'Here and Betsey Merriam were latelv
joined in the holy bonds of matrimony.
Mrs. Fred Dow moved into her new house
Monday and Geo. Brown moves into the
house vacated by her.
Norman Adams and son of Eden passed
through hereon Monday with a large drove
of cattle bound for Connecticut.
Mrs. Leach and Mra, Burnell of Wolcott
and Mrs. Mina Young of St, Johnsbury were
the guests of Laura Wilkins Friday.
Edson Cheney with a friend from Montpelier
and Miss Mina Yates of Franklin and Miss
Flora Cheney of Stowe were the guests of
Mrs. Fanny ( lienej laet week.
Mr. Laura White picked, the 4th inst. a
rnsplerry branch ten inches long from which
were picked sixteen large ripe berries. Twenty-four
green ones were left with plenty of
Geo. Terrill seems to have the faculty to
make farming a success, judging from his
large burn filled to overflowing. He has
seven acres of Sanford corn which has attain
ed a mammoth height, many stalks are over
eleven feet.
Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Gale of Barre attended
church here last Sabbath.
Mrs. V. P. Bragg is in Geogie, Vt., taking
care of her son Merrit's wife.
Harley Camp is quiete sick. Drs. Dilling
ham ant Biglord of Wolcott, are attending
Georgie Glen shot his fjrsfc partridge last
Saturday, and it has made him severl inches
George A. Morse who has been in New
Hamplhire, Massachusetts and Khode Island
the past few weeks looking after his lumber
interest, reports the market rather dull.
Mr. Lestley has moved on to the farm he
bought of Isaac Davis. Mr. Carr, who was
carrying it on, has vacated it and rented L.
S. Morse's place.
Itgiyes us pleasure to refer to the adver
tisement of Dr. W, H. Tutt which appeals in
our columns. For oyer twent,yflve years
Tutt's Pills have been before the public, and
each succeeding year their vahjalile proper,
ties become better appreciated. They now
stand second to none for the relief of thut
much abused and overtaxed organ, the liver,
and for the removal of that cause of so many
ills, constipation. They are used in every
civilized country, and carry with them volu
minous testimonials of their safety and effica
cy. Tutt's Liver Pills should have a place in
every household.
T. J. Boynton spent the Kabbath in town.
Lizzie Pearl spent Saturday in Burlington.
I. L. Pearl was in Northficld the first of the
Mr. Cory went to Manchester, N. H. hist
Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Rogers visited Bos
ton last week.
Mr. and Mrs. William Leslie are spending a
week in New York.
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Buck spent the Sabbath
with friends in St.. Albans.
Lewis C. Hall's valuable colt, was badly cut
on the wire fence last week.
Mrs. Codding and daughter Bertha, visited
friends in llichford, last week.
Mr. Newton and Miss Hale of Georgia, were
at H. W. NewtonV last wek.
Miss Colburn will give a public reading at
Normal Hall, Friday evening.
Mrs. George Sawver of Lowell, Mass., is vis
iting her sister, Mrs. .1. 11. Hill.
Lyman Jones brother fromLebanon, N. H
is in town a few days with him.
Miss Marvin of Sheldon, has begun work
in 1. Li. I'earl ana to. s factory.
Mr. and Mrs. George Livertnore nre visit
ing friends in Georgia and vicinity.
Mai, v Hill's associate teacher from Wolcott
spent the Sabbath at home with her.
Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Stearns took a carriage
drive t-lirougu t ranklm Co., last week.
Mr. Millard Grav is in town, and his man
friends hope that he will decide to remain.
Mrs. Jones and daughter Mrs. Demerritt,
are visiting friends in St. Albansand (leorgii
II. A. Waterman picked a small quantit
of ripe strawberries from his vines last week.
Mr. and Mrs. George Partlow are spending
the week at Mrs. Partlow s home in Aliltou
Dr. and Mrs. Wilson of Champlain, N. Y
spent tlie Sabbath at their father s, II. W
Mrs. A. A. Smith and Mrs. Seth Hill, at
tended the Missionary melting at St. Albans
last week.
Rev. Earl Ward formerly of Hvde Park
now of Merideth, N. H., is stopping in town
Mrs. Ellen Kitterbush accompanied her
daughter to her former home in Auburn, Me.
lasr. neunesuay.
I). S. Davison, who has spent the last
month at. I. A. Andrews, returned to Mont.
real last r rnJay.
Alice Beecher has gone to Burlincrton to
take a few weeks course of lectures, at Mary
VI.. ...I TJ ' J
Mrs. Chamberlain of Worcester, who has
spent several weeks with Mrs. Perry, has re
turn ea to li er home.
Mr. and Mrs. Udell, who have spent the
summer with their uncle H. H. Collius, have
returned to their lwme in California.
The ladies will meet to sew at the Baptist
vestry next Thursday afternoon. Articles
for the missionary barrel, are solicited.
Mrs. W. H. II ad ley leftTuesdavofthisweek
for Chicago, w here she expects to spend the
winter witn ner daughter, Mrs. A. O. Parker.
The " A "class crave the Normal Faculty and
band a very pleasant reception last Friday
evening, cake, ice-cream and lruit were
Ten of our young citizens, headed bv Dr.
Campbell, went to Sterling Mt. last Saturday
by team to Chas. Goozy s and back, the bal
anci of the distance on foot.
The advertised letters are for fiev. J. A
lark, Silas Chase. Eunice Flood, Will Ham
let, Fred Hamlet, II. L. King, Geo Macomber,
Thomas Moore, Mrs. Theo. Westinghou6e.
A happy coincidence of the missionary tea-
meeting held at Dea. Hinds last Thursday
was, that it proved to be the 35th anniver
sary of Mr. and Mrs. Hinds wedding day.
Our dentist Sowles office is not over Innr-?.
while his clientage is considerably so and
constantly increasing. To escape from both
" he took the woods" one day last week, but
on reaching the top of Mt. Sterling "looked
back" repented, an i cume home same day,
eutire distance ou foo. Did Mr. Sowl?shave
two swelled soles the next morninjr? And
what chance had his soul to look out oi his
eyes during church service next day?
Mrs. Gladstone traces her lineage a thous
and years, almost to William the Conqueror.
If Alice Winchester of the Normal Faculty,
could do as much or half as much, she would
find somewhere an ancestor noted for speed
and endurance on foot hence the name
Wind-chased-him-or her. Miss Winchester,
walked from Abijah Buck's house to the
highest peak of Sterling and back to point of
starting, last Saturday: and briskly walked
to and from church the next day.
Dr. Gilbert has a brother visiting him.
0. W. Reynolds left Monday for Boston.
John Learnard, who has been laid up with
rheumatism is some better.
Itev. G. H. Wright's son, who has been sick
for a few days, has nearly recovered.
Mrs. F. L. Lang and children left Tuesday
for Glens Fulls, N. Y., where tiiey will spend
the winter.
Mary Cady has returned from Boston,
where she has been purchasing new goods for
her millinery store.
Is the arch bridge near the ville, an attor
ney's office? A stranger would draw this
inference from the sign thereon.
A large company from this and adjoining
towns, gathered in this place on Friday last,
to attend the laying of the corner stone of
the new G. A. R. hall. It was a very success
ful occasion. W. M. Parker was the orator
of the day. The horse trot under the auspi
ces of the C. C. bami, was well attended.
Tangle-foot flowed freely and a number were
arrest sd.
Freeman Dodge is very low.
John Tracy was slightly hurt on the train
Mamie Flagg has had a relapsebut is nguin
The young men's club met Monday evening
on business.
Dr. Grinned of Burlington was the guest of
Dr. Flagg Tuesday.
J. W. Page rented the south room in his
tenement house now occupied by his son, for
a law office to Mr. Sherwood as the new law
office is ready for use.
The horse trot at the Boro' Saturday was
the means of bringing several trials fordrunk
enness and disclosures here, though the par
ties were from out of town.
C. B. Wetherby and wife returned from
their pleasure trip west last mek and report
a very enjoyable time. They were gone a
month and went as far as Denver, spending
considerable time among the Rocky Moun
tains. Rev. F. W. Oakes delivered a fine lecture to
the 3'oung men Sunday evening, and gave
notice that he would lecture again in two
weeks. Such helpful advice and able treating
of subjects as he is able to give us will be ap
preciated in our community
Wallace McKirstory ha had an increase of
0. C. Fisher, who has been quite Bick, was
able to ride out on Tuesday.
T. Jones went to Plattsburg, N. Y., on
Tuesday to put in a set of scales.
C. G. Moulton, 84 years old, is visiting his
grand-son in Essex Junction.
H. W. Moody and wite went to Boston on
Saturday for a two weeks' visit.
A. M. Nelson sprained one ankle while at
work for C. E. Huskell on Monday last.
All book accounts and notes due me must
be paid on or before Nov. 1. C. E. Clark.
B. D. Bickiord is putting a veranda on the
building occupied by B. Bumell as a work
U. J. Mudgett and wife made a short visit
with W. M. Parker at Lisbon, N. H.. last
week, t
J. Albert Dow has returned to his place of
business in Connecticut very much improved
in health.
W. F. Eastman has sold his house at Pot
tersvillennd bought the house opposite the
block of Mrs. Smith.
Ed. Downing sold his farm in Chelsea nnd
bus bought W. F. Eastman's place and will
oon be counted a Pottersvillian again.
Haskell's new store will be dedicated on
Tuesday eve, Oct. 13 with a dance. Elmore
will tarnish the music and the Universulist
society will furnish anan tiquairan supper, and
as there is plenty of room a good ti.ne is ex
pected. Supper U cents each and dancing
50 cents. All tcenticmeii with ladies are cor
dially invited.
Dr. T. P. Hubbell was severely injured on
Friday night by his horse taking fright near
P. A. Stevens, and jumping down a embank
ment and overturning thecarriage. Mr. Hub
bull had one rib broken nnd wns badly bruised
nnd shaken up. Although he is improving
slowly yet he is not able as yet to be moved
in his bed. The carriage was somewhat brok
en, but the horse came out without a scratch.
The ladies have determined to make a can
vass of this place, for the purpose ol fencing,
grading and improving the cemetery. The
land was donated over fifty years ago, and
si .ce then addit ions haye been made, which
with grading, will gjvp room for more family
lots. The cause is laudable, and many hav
ing friends buried there, living at a distance,
are kindly invited to assist. Contributions
miiv be sent to Mrs. R, M. Illaisdell, Mrs. E.
Mudgett, Mrs. Z. G. Chase, Mrs. F. H. Rice
and Mrs. I). ('. Walker, North Cambridge or
East Fletcher, Vt. We bespeak for t hem the
success they deserve.
J, F. Holton, who has been sick wilh
asthma, is ou the gain.
J. F. Hoi tou has fi stalk of corn thutmeas
ures la feet, ii inches in liciylit. Where is
Wheeler now?
Miss Carrie Fairman is to have a reading
at the school house Thursday evening Oct.
8th. Admission at cents.
Meetings are held at the school house each
Tuesday evening. One is appointed nt the
Udell school house Wednesday evening. Con
siderable interest is manifested.
The weather is hot and rainless.
Mrs. N. Bigelow will go to Salem, Mass,
this week.
Whooping cony
school children.
prevalent among the
The town is doing boiiio good work gravel
ing the roads.
Mrs. Isaac Alger was quite sick last week,
but is now uener.
A frost on Wednesday night of last week,
the hrst oi tne season.
Darwin Shaw is very low and not expected
to live Due a snort time.
W. II. Felix is now bhicksmithing in the
shop of A. J Kooinson.
Air. M.iyo and others are in New York on
pleasure and business.
The creamery closed last Wednesday for
the want of milk, ice, etc.
A. H. Slayton has returned from a brief
stay in Rutland and Saratoga.
Rev. Mr. Emery goes to Boston and else
where this when on his vacation.
We have only daily mails to and from Wa-
terbury, the noon mail being off Oct. 1st.
Miss Abbie Burt is the recipient of a very
nice watch from her brother in New York.
Dr. Mark Lord of Illinois is in town visiting
his wife's mother, Mrs. Butts, and others.
Our poor farm raises 3 SO bushels of pota
toes from 1V4 acres of land. That is the place
to live.
James E. Houston and wife are in Burling
ton. Mr. Houston being treated at the Mary
Fletcher Hospital.
There will be a harvest concert at Univer
sity church Sunday evening, Oct. 11, at 7
o'clock. All are cordially invited.
It is claimed that Sidney McLinn's machine
recently thrashed 2.3 bushels of oats in seven
teen minutes for Frank Robinson.
The Ladies' Aid of the Methodist church
met with Mrs. Daniel Flanders on Wednesday
of list week. Thirty took tea and had a very
enjoyable time.
Mr. Robinson of Salem, Mass.. has been vis
iting here among the Bigelows. Mr. Itobin
son is a large manufacturer and employs
about 300 hands.
N -vs of the sudden death of Mrs. Ann Ham
mond was received hereon Saturday evening.
She was found dead in bed at Saratoga. Par
ticulars not learned.
Mrs. Patience Smith will sell a lot of house
hold goods at public nuctifi!: .nt L.-W. Buz-
zell's, on Saturday, the 17th. The assort
ment is large and mnst be sold. See bills for
There will be preachinsr at the Methodist
church next Sunday by Key. J. W. Newton of
Stowe and a week from Sunday by Rev. L. H.
Eiinotc oi wateruury. They will also preach
at the Branch.
Dr. S. W. Oillett and family arrived from
Nebraska a tew days since and w ill make this
their permanent home where the doctor will
engage in the active practice of medicine. He
comes fully supported by diplomas from the
tiannemon iYleuical Collesro of Clucniro and
certificates of qualification from the State
lioard ot 1'harmacy and the State Board of
Health of Nebraska.
Hon. W. S HobertofSan Francisco, Cal.,
accompanied by Mrs. G. C. Jones of Manches
ter, N. H., and Bradley Shaw and daughters.
Mary and Mattie recently mado their Bister.
Mrs. H. C. M. Sherwin a very pleasant visit.
During their stay thev visited AusableChasm
in New York and the scenes oft heir childhood
near Burlington. The occasion was one of
great pleasure and to be long remembered.
News of the death of Dr. J. D. Wheelock
aged obout 70 years, of Clearwater, Minn..
was received here recently. Dr. Wheelock
when a young man came to Stowe. studied
medicine with the late Dr. Joseph Robinson,
married Mary, one of his tutors daughters,
opened an office here and for many years con-
inueu a large and successful practice. He
whs not inclined to unreasonably protract
lis services but was ever faithful in the hour
of need. Such is the tribute that his many
friends here cheerfully pay him.
Ezra Thomas is on the sick list.
Ripe strawlierries were picked by Fred M.
Fletcher the 3d instant, also raspberries.
We are enjoying a fine fall for us; vines
and corn green and untouched by frost as
Heman Fletcher's people buried their infant
child the 4th instant. Elder Watkins officia
C. A. McCuin is able to attend to business
again, Ins eye having kept him housed for
several days past.
The Selectmen have appointed Allen Chan
dler Overseer of Poor, to fill the unexpired
year of Mr. Miller deceased.
The horse trot at Cambridge was quite an
nteresting affair for some who attended
from here; yet we are prone to think we saw
several Cambridge parties who deserved a
little of the discipline meeted out to us.
The death of John Billiard, which occurred
Sept. 24th. is a loss not only to our village.
ut to the town. Me was a most respectable
ownsman, and in tlie numerous positions ot
rust which he was called upon to till, he
faithiuHy and nceeptabiy erforined the du
ties. Besides a wite he leaves u son and
daughter. The afflicted family have the sym
pathy of all.
Mr. Taylor's house is being painted.
Mrs. P. A. Benjamin rode out last Friday.
W. H. Underwood moved into his new house
The repairs on the Titus store are not yet
Mra. Bangs' daughter returned to Boston
last week Friday.
Albert Pcrley, Elias Boardman and John
Bill are ou the gain.
W'. O. Clement has sold a building lot to L.
S. Ford, near A. Philbrook's.
Don't forget thnt Shnttuckhus a full line of
watches, jewerly and plated waro.
The time table on R. R. went into effect
Monday, and is nearly the same as last win
ter. The high wind of Monday, came near caus
ing serious damage to Mr. Roundy's new
Allen Place moved to Morrisville this week.
He has been in the employ of Wheeler & Ship
man, for many years.
J. H. McLoud and Mrs. C. A. Lamsonwent
to Boston for fall goods Monday. Mrs.
French goes the last of this week.
The trustees are putting into houses the
village water. The leak in the dam nt the
reiervoir.should bestopped beforecold weath
er, and a filter should certainly be put in.
Harrison Parker has moved into the house
vacated by Mann.
Judge Miller, nnd. I. N. Sterns, were in Bur
lington the past week.
Allen Mann has moved into the house he
recently bought in the vidage.
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Maynard were visiting
in Montgomery the past week.
Frank Lara way has moved into Chas. Gor
mo's house, on the Codding hill.
Mrs. E. W. Smith of No. Hyde Park, was
visiting her parents over Sunday.
Chas. Danver, with Gros. Blackwell & Co.
of New Mexico, was visiting his aunt, Mrs. S.
H. Brown, the past week.
dipt. McFarland is preparing for sugaring
by building a new sugar house and other
ways repairing his camp, on the west side of
the hill.
Mr. Denion is visiting his sister, Mrs. T. J.
Mr. and Mrs. Crocker from Boston, are
visiting at her father's.
Mrs. Inez Lovejoy, finuTConcord. N. II., is
visiting at her father's, M. G. Nelson's.
Boulanger, France's man on horse
back, was nothing if not dramatic.
His political career was a series of
striking poses, sensation in politics
curried to an extreme. He had to die
in a tableau, with red lights and slow
music accompaniment. Having lived
a domestic life that would have os
tracised him in this country, so open
ly did he violate domestic morality,
he ended his life by shooting himself
on the grave of his mistress. The
scene was well chosen the church
yard, the resptrctful attendant, just
far enough away not to interfere, but
near enough to tell thestory all was
well planned. As a politician Bou
langer was a failure and something
of a buffoon; as a man he may be de
scribed in good American vernacular
as "small potatoes," but as a stage
manager he might have been a suc
cess. The Minnesota Caxaax. The peo
ple of Israel wandered in the wilder
ness for forty years nnd never
reached their Canaan. Jt is also for
ty years since the pioneers of the
hard wheat belt camo here, not to
wander at, the bidding of a pillar of
tire and cloud, but to settle in na
ture's fertilo lap and toil at the beck
oning of laughing harvests and
bursting granaries. The pioneers of
the Northwest have carved here their
own Canaan whose milk nnd honey
will be theirs nnd their descendants
for nil time to come. The 1"7 farms
of 18r0 have multiplied to 200,000,
and the 1,401 bushels of wheat have
increased to 100,000,000. Minneap
olis Tribune.
Thompson '92 will be with his class this
Stearns '91 is an instructor in the chemical
The fraternities are busy looking over and
spiKing their new men.
New Testament Greek is one of the studies
open to Seniors and Juniors.
Ihe fieuhman entrance prizes have been
awarded as follows: Hill, Greek; Sharp,
J.ntin; Allen. .Mathematics.
The new building for mechanical and elec
trical work will be ready for use as soon as
the heating apparatus can be put in order.
College opened Sept. 30 under conditions
which bespeuk a very successful year. The
entering class of '03 numbers sixty of whom
eight are ladies.
The cane-rush, which is usually the first
trial for supremacy between the lower classes,
has been forbidden by the Faculty, on the
ground of its being a barbarous and danger
ous proceeding.
At a college meeting Saturday morning it
was voted not to support a 'Varsity foot-ball
team this year. It was also decided to hold
a fall atheletic meet for competition between
the classes. A committee was appointed to
arrange for n tennis tournament at an enrlv
Prof. Storrs is to occupy the chair of elec
trical engineering; Prof. Vote.v that of assis
tant professor of civil engineeri!!!' while Mr.
Corse will teach the Freshmen mathematics.
For professor of mechanical engineering the
University has procured t he services of Mr.
Ayers from the Massachusetts Institute of
The following business of public in
terest was transacted at the Pro
bate Office in Hyde Park dunnir the
two weeks ending Oct. 3, 18U1 :
Sept. 21. Guardian; application filed for
appointment oi Guardian ot Dora M. Atwell.
Johnson ; hearing set for Oct. 3. 1801.
Sept. 2I. Harvey Holton s estate. Wol
cott; license granted to sell real estate. San
ford Li. Gates estate, Morristown; Geo. E.
Town appointed administrator. Foster D.
Randall's estate, Hyde Park; Harrison
Grout and P.T.Denio. appointed appraisers.
Sept. 30. W arren Hill's estate, Eden ; Ad
ministrator returns report nnd makes appli
cation to settle; hearing set for Oet. 10. '91.
Resignation of Thoirns Beeves, Guardian of
l'eter itonnelly, Cambridge, accepted : C. F
Hulburd appointed Guardian. A. I. Camp
bell's estate, Hyde Park; Administrator
makes application for extension of time and
asks for license to sell real estate; hearing set
lor uct. z, isvu.
Oct. 3 C. W. Jordan's estate, Wolcott
license to sell real estate granted. Hearing
ior appointment ot Guardian of Dora M.
Atwell continued one week.
Wateuhuby, Vt., Oct. 5
As reported in the News and Citizen of last
week, 8 biiHhelfl of Japanexe buckwheat is a
large yield from 4 quarts eowitm; but I har
vested lOVt bushels from 2 Quarts sowinir. I
write this simply to show the possibilities of
tne yield ot tins variety.
Very respectfully,
PARKER. In Washington, D. C, Sept. 25,
a daughter (Ruth) to Mr. and Mrs. M. M.
epf by Rev. .1. M. Nelson, James f .
Stratton of Morristown, and Miss Ida O.
Ellsworth of Stowe.
DELANO. In Morrisville, Oct. 2, Mrs. Her
bert Delano, aged 2-t years.
FLETCHER. In Belvidere, October 2, Owen
Fletcher, aged 1 year and 17 days.
MILLER. In Belvidere, Sept. 19, Lucus
Miller, aged 59 years.
"RTanted at Ones,
Three or four good house painters.
Those that understand the finishing of
natural woods and varnishing preferred.
Come prepared to go to work. Good
wages to the right kind of men.
Apply to C. H. ANDRUS,
At the New "Hotel Phoenix,"
Hyde Park, Vt.
Of Hartford, Conn.
General Agent,
It is economically managed and its
death losses are less than its interest
ANTEED contract. Nothing is left in
definite TO 15E SETTLED AT A FU
TURE TIME. It gives all the PRIV
that are consistent with SECURITY
Lamoille County National Bank
at HYDE PA11K. in the State of VERMONT,
at the close of business,
FRIDAY, SEPT. 2i, lftOl.
Loans ami discounts (133,39 23
Overdrafts, secured and unsecured.. 1.C42 10
U.S. Honda to secure circuliition 2.1,000 00
Due from approved reserve agents .. I5.mr, 73
I'.ttnktng-houge, furniture and Uxturcs 8,000 00
Current expenses and taxes paid 3ii5 24
Checks and other cash items 5,248 Oft
liills of other Hanks f72 00
Fractional paper currency, nick lea and
cents 43 04
Specie 1,900 00
Redemption fund with U. 8. Treasurer,
(live perce.it. of circulation) 1,125 00
Total 13,082 29
Capital stork paid in 1 100,000 00
Surplus fund 25,000 00
Undivided protits 5,17! 19
National Kank notes outstanding 22,500 00
Individual deposits subject to check... 39,752 lo
Demand certiiicates of deposit 651 00
Total (193.082 29
Count of liAMon.LE.ssi. j Cashier of the above
named Knnk, do solemnly swear that the above
statement is true to the best of mv Knowledge mid
belief. E. L. NOYES, Cashier.
Subscribed nnd sworn to before me this 2nd
day of Oct., 1891. H. M. Noyes,
Notary Public.
Correct Attest,
C. S. NOYES, )
P. K. GI.EED, Directors.
Salary and ex-
0L penses paid. Brown Bros.
Rochester, N. Y
UL HI Peek's Invisible Tubular Ear Cushions.
Whispers heard. Comfortable. Successful where
all remedies fail. Sold by F. HISCOCK, only.
853 Broadway, New York. Write for book of
proofs free.
noon Afinvrs "wanted
A Chr'ntian woman i narrative of Minion work done " In Hn
Name' ln toughplacei,revealin(rthe"imier(i! of thtviulrr
rorlfof New York "Oil & a Komon." It deaenhes Cipel
work in the alums, and Kivea a fanioui detectire ell yearn ex-
poriencea. B; Mra. Helen Campbell,
Lot, and In.neefor Thaa. Brn.-a
lletectnxi i. With lt5U enirraviniri from Huh-llxht photunrapha
of aeenei in Dmrt'M A'ew 1'ort 6 1 awl by A'lAfc ' u
and itood, lull of teari and umilea. it ii on ally of Temperance,
a witneaa to the power of the iopel,-i ( f"r tvrry home.
MmUteri aay. Unl rl it iminent women
rMOO Airenta Wanted, Men nd Wpmew. -.!
"m..A ma,lZ. r lll.tanee Un hlmlri.i.ee. for we fa)
i-niahtt and irlve Extra Term: Write for circular! to
rl tilnntwi and beautiliea the hair.
a 1 1'roiuolea a luiuriant gruwth.
Never Faila to Restore Uraj
Hair to ita Youthful Color.
Curcl icalp ditfa'a ft hair tailing.
yr, and ) ""at Ini)fg'ts
I .e Parkfr'B Oiniter Tonio. 11 cure. i tlie '"'"
Weak I.ntnra, IWiility, Induction, Pain, 'lake intiine.aocta.
A torpid liver ilormiKM the wliol mj
tein, ttntl produce
Sick Headache.
Dyspepsia, Costiveness, Rheu
matism, Sallow Skin and Piles.
Thers tm no better remedy forth
common alioeusea than Tutt'a) Liver
Villa, as a trial will prove, rrlce, tffto.
Sold Everywhere.
At 0. L. WOODS
Just in. a nice line of
in Chevoit. Surges and Fancy Worsteds.
Business Suits from $18 to 28. Dress
Suits from to t(). A fine line of
Pantings, both in checks ami stripes
from 5.o0 to S.S.f,).
Give me a call as I know 1 can please
you. Repairing done. Am agent for
the No, 9 Wheeler & Wilson Sewing
No. 14, Brlcfc Block, Xiorriivllle.
A few more Summer Ginghams and Prints to be closed at
Five Cents. A full line of
Every pair warranted. Ladies' FALL and WINTER
New Fall Dress
In all ths Latest 2To?elties.
We have the Latest Styles in French
Dress Fabrics, Plaids, Stripes and all the new
shades in Main Serges, Henriettas, Belgium
Broadcloths, Flannels, etc., also a larger
assortment of Black Dress Goods
than any other place in the county.
Who's got what ? that's the question. To which the party questioned, replied:
That the new fall and winter goods which have been received
. .. and are still coming in, will fix
Robinson in the Brick Block
so he will have a larger stock than ever in
Ladies' and Gent's Furnishings.
Suits, Overcoats and Hats,
for Boys, Youth and Men. All the necessary out fittings for the cooler, wet
and then snowy days that are next on the calendar. Look at his goods and
do not hesitate to do so. whether buying or not. In his two other de
partments, that of all sorts of Stationery and Family Groceries, he
can indeed show you that he's really got 'em.
2To. 10, Brick Block, Portland Street, I.Iorrisvillo, Vt.
Furniture I
Furniture !
At Lowest Prices !
At Lowest Prices !
At Lowest Prices !
Call and see the best assortment
ever brought into the county.
which are more especially adapted to
heavy work, we have a largo and fresli
stock of Fine Shoes of all grades and will
guarantee to give you as good a shoo for
the money as can bo bought anywhere.
In addition to tho "Nox 'Em All's,"
Wo only ask you to call and examine our
stock and bo convinced for yourselves.
H. P. MUNSON, Morrisville.
Guns, Rifles,
Pistols, Ammunition, Cutlery,
Sporting and Military Supplies of all kinds.
Wholesale and Retail.
Tho A. G. Alforl Sportitz Goods Co.,
Baltimore, 111.
i liiMKis aisn snipped lrom .ew orK or itosinn.
I Catalogue free. 4m3
zZ7 zJ dJ t3
Our Annual
Cloak Opening !
Until October 20.
Those wishing to purchase sooner will find
a good assortment to select from now.
We have just received our new stock of
Fall and Winter
For Ladies and Children.
and German
h . . , ; .
r f :
iJEsfaSai a
II. C. K.
If. M. It.
It' ini-tnliT Hint nrn prpiaril to ilo all
Klmla of In iiir.iiicp ilimlni-a nn alinrt nntli'i
U'tllH reaiili-llt HL'fllta ..r acy.Tal llft-ili Colli-Jiaiu.-M.
ainoni; other
Insurance Co. of No. America
That Oltlr.l wad alr(,(, C anaMMa-
Dolim l.uain.'aa In thN unction. Wenlmll appro
elate your ,itronuK,. mn li,,i,r u K.-i Uir .iiara
of IU
will liave an Intercut In tlii binlne. mid imrttc.
may i'ily to or communicate witti lam, or ltb
lie uiiiU-rslKm'U.
figs du men,
Morriiville, Vermont.
We are still at the old stand,
where may be found a
Canned. Goods, Teas, Coffees
ana Groceries Generally.
Everything new and fresh ; high
est market price paid for eggs,
butter, hides and calf skins.
Morrisville, Vt.
Basement- Cor. Main and l'orlland 8t.
Do You Tyrant a
Lumber Wagon
If so, examine those manufactured by
11. J. Lili.ev & Co.. w ho have
constantly on hand the lar
gest assortment of
ever shown In this section. We sell on
very favorable terms.
We have constat) tlv on hand a irooa
stock of standard wood hub and .Sarven
patent Wheels which we sell at very low
prices. We can sell you a set of XX
Sarven patent btifrgy Wheels with hubs
bawled and will include tire which is
the best quality of steel, round edces
extended over the rim, fur $U.fiO, and
will set the boxes free of charge.
Itesi'ecU'ully soliciting a continuance
of your valued orders which shall have
prompt attention, we pe
Tours truly,
I Lave on hand a Rood assortment of
one ani two-horse
Sleds and Sleighs,
of different styles.
that I wish to close out for Cash or
Good notes. 1 shall run my own
1'nint iSliop after this date and
aliall ' employ a first class
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
also agent for Wheeler's
1 rocess Kvaporator.
Wocott, Vt.
Owing to the advancing years of
my father, I have purchased the
farm owned by him for many years
past, near 1 lyde l'ark village. I lav
ing neither time nor ability to car
ry it on properly, I will sell it at
much less than its value.
To those who arc acquainted
with the place no commendation
is necessary. lor the benefit of
those who are not, say it is one of
the best farms on the Lamoille
River. It has a meadow nearly or
quite one mile in length, and
nearly as level as a floor. It was
in a fair state of cultivation when
purchased by my father, and du
ring the many years that he has
owned it he has been constantly
improving it, until it is to-day one
of the most fertile farms on the
Lamoille River. The dwelling is
a good two-story house, in an ex
cellent state of repair and pleas
antly located, and the barns are
fair. It would cost $3500 at least
to build the buildings to-day
The larger part of the farm is
in Morristown, where taxes are
comparatively low. The balance
lies contiguous to Hyde Park vil
lage, where there is an academy,
court house, two banks, printing
office, steam mill, hide house, and
sundry stores, railroad depot, etc,,
all of which are within to
mile of the farm. The place is
now offered for 4000. It was
sold a few years since for 10,000
It contains 200 or 215 acres, but
if desirvd will rescu e a part of it.
Terms for payment will be made
easy to any one who can cither
pay or secure $1000.
Hyde Par'.;, Vt., Feb. 10, '91.
Tried for 2Q Years .
Tho original hiiiI only iron nine ('uiiiixiiind Oxy
gen Treatment, Hint"! lr. Ktarkey & I'lilen, U
a seleiitlnV Hiljiinliiient of tlio element of y.
cell and N itroiien niaunitlzed, and the roinMnnd
In no eomlensed and Inuda uorlaldo tliMt II ta
sent all over lliu World.
It lias 1m en In nac for more Hum twenty year:
thotiiutmla of iallenla have been treated nnil
over one thousand phyilrlan have uaed It and
reeoiiiinoiidfd It a very nignllteaiit fart.
The crent nueeeas of our treatment Int. tlvin
rise to a hoatof Initiators, iinseruini lima im tsoih,
Home enl line their reiiara'lon t'oinHiind t
Ken, often ppn.niitiiin our teatiimrutal ami
tho name of our satieiila. to reeoiiimend worth,
lesa eoneiN tlons. Hut any nnlirtanee made els,
where, or ly oihcrs, and called l ouiHuiid Oxy
gen, Is spurious.
"Compound Oxyiren Its Mode of Aetln nl
ltesiilts," Is the title of a hook of vim price, nirw
llshed hv 1'rs. Starkey & I'aleii, which clvca m
all iiuiiirei full Information us to thin remark
ahle curative audit, and a record of mirprisnig
cures in a wide ritniio of chronic case. many of
them after l'Hn ahamlomd In die l y oilier
physician. Will le mulled to any addrvim on
! Art h lrM, l-lallatlrlplital,
Suitable for babbitting
At 15 ccta per pound.

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