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VOL. XV. NO. 12.
TERMS S1.50.
PHYSICIAN AM c-CBOF-OX.-Offico hours
9 a. m ; 12 to i p. m.; 6 to 8 p. ni. Johnson,
Hall's Block, Mokrisville, Vt.
MORSE Ac JORDAN, Froprs., - WoiXOTT, Vt.
THIS HOUSE having been thoroughly re
modelled and put in nrnt-clnss shape is
now open for public patrouasc. First-class
Llvtry connected.
nera) director. Embalming a specialty.
OFFICE HOURS until 10 A. M-; from 1 to 3
p. m., and from 7 to 8 p. m. Opt ra he sur
gf ry a speiia ty. ...
B Hydb Pabk Vt
II. E. DOUGIiASS, M. D., C, M.
Office hours .-Until 10 a. m.; trom 1 to 3 p.
ui., and 7 to 8 p. m. Office, No. 10 Sumer
Street, Morrisville, Vt.
EALj?R IN Butter. Cheese, Beans, and Pro
visions. NO. 17 ruuon Bireei duduiu.
HEW YORK and Vermont References. Reg
ular Physician and Surgeon. Special atr
ention given to the treatment of Chronic and
Nervous Diseases. Office and Residence per
manentlv located Johnson. Vermont.
Vermont Savings Investment Co.
Montpelieri Vt.
4 Per Cent. Paiil for Less Than 6 Months.
f Ppr Cent. Paid for 6 Months and over.
Per Cent. Paid for 5 Years.
This company issuhjecttoexnmiuntion nnd
supervision of the Ids, ector of Finance of Vt.
Write for information.
Gives business
praciice in
From start to fin.
IzOUCfje logue address
Jr- V Carntll & Gutchess.
SfiOffTHAMDZt TlGfiAPHT. Albany. N . Y.
To "errbocly.
I wish to thank my patrons for
their liberal patronage the past
season and hops to bo able to
please them with everything in
the grocery line the coming year.
I have greatly enlarged my stock
aud have anything in tine and
Btaple groceries. '
Portland St., - - - Morrisville.
...at the...
. Pierce Studio,
Every child under 3 years of age
will be given one
Cabinet Photograph FREE !
Bring in the Babies and I will give
you something that will please you.
Come in the forenoon if possible.
Don't come after ft o'clock.
Am making this offer to advertise,
and invite jveryone to bring in the
children. Remember, the
Opp. P. O, - - - 11 Portland St.,
Morrisville, Vt.
' Hyde Park, Vt.
These shoes fit to perfection and wear
a only the best of leather can. They're
shapely, pliant the most comfortable of
footwear. They always manage to let in
air and keep out water.
' The Shepard Family Concert Co.
appear at Town Hall, Morrisville,
Thursday evening, Jan. 1G. This
family always pleases and gives a
first-class entertainment.
For Sale. 2 ears of No 1 Canndu buled
hay. (J M. bTKONO, Hyde Paik, Vt.
For Sale A pair of light one horse trav
erse sleds.
S. N. Olmsted, Man St., Morrisv.lle.
Wantfd. A girl to do kitchen work at the
Hotel Phoenix. Cull on or address.
F. N. Kekleh, Hyde Park.
Wanted. 2 tons pood hny and 50 bushels
oats in exchange lor furniture.
U. v . Doty, Morrisville.
For Sale. One yoke of oxen, good work
ers and all riyht; weijilit aliout 2H00 lbs.
Inquire of P. A. Hollenbei-k, bust hltuore, t.
Foi: Sale Would like to sell my meat
business. Will H'dl cheap for eat-h. Object,
chankeof business. Wiiteor inquire of
11. hi. 1'iiion, Morrisville, V t.
For Sale. 7 Gondyenrlingheifers, coming
in. 1 jeurling bull, 1 good cook stove, 1
cheap bleigh. For sale cheap.
E. II. Town, Elmore, Vt.
Four Foot Wood For Sale We have
200 cords of green nurd wood and soft wood
for sale, delivered, or on road from Moiris
ville to Oady's Falls. Also a quantity of Ce
dar Posts. Parties in need of same will do
well to see us before purchasing elsewhere.
F. J. & E. A. Smalley, Mortisviile.
Tor Sale A desirable farm of 150 acres;
situated on the river road between QydePark
and Johnson one mile trom Hyde Park vil
laiie. Has sugar orchard of 600 trees, build
ings good, good water at house and barn.
Twenty head stock, with or without tbetarm.
Farming tools all neatly new.
(J. E. Demo, Hyde Park.
H. M. Gordon is on the sick list.
Addison Hill was in town the first
of this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Ives lost an in
fant child on Monday.
Hear "Around the world in a man-of-war,"
on Friday evening.
Mrs. G. F. Earle and Miss Alice
Gilbert were in Burlington Tuesday.
Charles Chung of St. Albans wil
soon become a resident of Morris
ville. Dr. Martin, the oculist, can be con
sulted at the Randall, Jan. 18 until
Jan. 23.
How about your water and electric
light rentals? They are parable at
the bank, new.
Remember the Methodist Ladies'
Aid at the vestry this Wednesday
Mrs. F. G. Fletcher of Burlingcon
spent a pari oi last weeK in town, a
guest at Dr. Rublee's.
George King lts moved his family
from the Noyes tenement to Nelson
Uoyt's on Park street.
Ueorga VV . Clark last week sold to
Richard Moiles the Campbell farm at
teutreville, tlyde 1'ark.
Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Churchill and
Mrs. Walter Churchill are spending a
lew days in Burlington.
Harvey Whitcomb returned last
week from a six months' job on the
new school house in Johnson.
The marriage of J. E. Kuebler and
Mrs. Hattie E. Gearwar will take
place on Wednesday, Jan. 29.
Carlos Cleveland has vacated the
Cate farm, recently bought by Orlo
troweli, and has moved to Stowe.
Regular meeting of J. M. Warner
post next Saturday evening at 7
o clock. Let all members be present.
Rt. Rev. A. C. A. Hall, Bishop, was
the guest of Hon. and Mrs. P. K.
Gleed during his brief stay in Morris
Hon. n. C. Fisk, accompanied bv
his daughter Miss Mae, is spending a
few days in St. Johns and Montreal,
1'. i.
Mrs. E. E. Foster is in town, after
an absence dating from last July.
Mr. Foster is at present in Glens
rails, in. I.
Earnest W. Gates has been re-elect
ed by the Sunday-school of theCong'l
church as assistant superintendent
ot that school.
Rev. E. A. Whittier, the evangelist,
who held the recent series of meetings
here, is now conducting successful
meetings in Kicbford.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Slayton, for
mer residents, have spent several
days in town. Will has a chronic at
tack of Cripple Creek fever.
Mrs. A. B. Rand scores a number of
points above all competitors to date,
having a Chinese sacred lily with
thirty-two buds and blossoms.
Monduy morning brought out
merry jingle of sleigh bells, the snow
on &unoay aiternoon and evening
giving quite comtortable neighing.
The shoe counter works, owned
and operated by the National Fibre
Board Co., of Boston, with II. M
uoraon, superintendent, is now
lighted by its own electric plant with
about lorty lights attached.
New members are almost daily be
ing added to the list of the local tele
graph company. The boys held
their first annual banquet Saturday
night, pop corn "and peanuts being
the most prominently mentioned on
the bill ot tare.
Wm. G. McClintock, superintendent
of Forest Park Farm at Brandon,
writes us that II. R. C. Watson has
had his entire herd of Ayershires sub
jected to the tubercuune test, and
that they are pronounced by George
A. Miller, JJ. v . to be m a fine and
healthy condition.
The Uni versa list Circle w ill meet in
the vestry tomorrow, Thursday,
afternoon, Jan. 10.
Miss Bernice Tewksbury is occupy
ing her old position at Boynton's
cafe during the temporary absence of
Miss Nora Chase.
The United Workers meet at the
Congregational vestry Friday after
noon. Different brand, es of work at
usual hours, aud supper at 5:30.
Tho setting np of the tpe and
the printing of the Morrisville. Ad
vertiser is now done in Hard wick
at the office of the Hard wick Gazette.
At theannual meetingof the Ladies'
Auxilliary held in connection with ;
the State Dairymen s meeting, Mrs.;
C. F. Smith was elected vice-presi-j
. A. Nih'B has been appointed by j
Department Commander Cannon on j manner, a testimony of their popu
the committee on Adjutant General sjIarity. They appear again in Mor-
ment at Rutland
II. E. Prior is advertising his meat
business for sale. The market is cen
trally located on Portland street,
and is good property for some one.
Herb wants to change his base.
0. A. Leach of Argusville, North
Dakota, came from the went last
week, arriving here last Thursday
evening, lie was met here by Mr.
and Mrs. Will H. Slayton. Mrs. Slay
ton being a sister of Mr. Leach.
After a good deal of struggle and
an all day's job at it, enough snow
came dowu last Thursday to grease
the smoothly worn roadway suf
ficiently so that several cutters were
out on the village streets Friday.
II. P. Munson says "a little money
will go a great ways" at the cloak,
fur and shawl sale at his store Thurs
day, Friday and Saturday of this
week. There is lots of cold weather
ahead, so takeadvantage of this sale.
Dr. C. C. Rublee was iu Montpelier
last Wednesday to attend the burial
services of his uncle, the late eminent
divine, the Rev. Doctor Nathaniel G.
Clark, whose remains were taken to
Montpelier from Roxbury, Mass., for
According to rumor Morrisville is
to have a " biled shirt," two of them.
It is understood that in addition to
Leavitt's laundry there is to be
opened a genuine Chinese washee
washee shop in the basement of the
Darling building.
have let go their "grip" just a little,
as we fait to note the appearance of
uny familiar names among the win
ners of premiums at the State meet
ing last week, a report of which can
be found on page 2.
The examination of the stock ot G.
II. and N. W. Terrill's farm failed to
indicate the presence of tuberculosis.
George who was in Rutland at the
time of the test, had his heart glad
dened by a telegram from Dr. Rich
announcing the result.
There has-been some inquiry of
late as to Morrisville's fire wardens,
touching their duties, who they are,
etc. The' village charter provides
that the three engineers shall be
fire wardens by virtue of their office
and these engineers are E. W. Web
ster, A. J. Smith and J. A. Bundy.
About 18 months ago a shoot
started from the root of a begonia
owned by Mrs. Hendee. Last week
she cut it off at the surface of the
earth and it measured 10 feet in
length, and was three inches in di
ameter at the lower end. Last year
she cut 2 feet from the top, so that
tho entire growth was 12 feet, and
in constant blossom.
The newly elected officers of the
Christian ' Endeavor Society of tho
Cong'l church for the next six months
are: President, Miss Cora Brackett;
vice-president, A. H. Slayton; cor
responding secretary, Mrs. G. C.
Lang; recording secretary, Miss Mar
ga Thomas; treasurer and collector,
Leon Brackett ; organist, Miss Lena
Irish; junior superintendent, Miss
Fannie Hickock.
Many timid hearts went "kerplunk"
on Friday evening last, when the first
formal recognition of leap year fes
tivities was found in the social held
by the Academy students. Every
body had an enjoyable time and the
attendance was large. The bache
lor's sale and distribution of pies
created a lively interest and con
siderable merriment. Over 20.00
was added to the piano fund.
About fifty Grangers were present
at last Thursday's session of La
moille Grange. Three candidates
were initiated and the degrees worked
on others. The third anniversary of
the organization of the Grange will
be celebrated on Thursday of next
week Jan. 23.. At that time Lamoille
Grange will be entertained by Mr.
and Mrs. Will Daniels. A full session
with a picnic dinner is the program.
It is expected that steps will be
taken toward the complete organii
tion of a Republican campaign club
this Wednesday evening. Lot every
body that is interested in having
Morrisville start the cannonading
tor the campaign of '90, turn out.
The hour is at 8 o'clock to accom
modate those engaged by business,
and as a convenient point, Gloed A
Fleetwood's office is suggested as the
What's the matter with the News
and Citizen this week as a "home"
pu per ?
J. A. Reed will hold religious ser
vices in the new school houe at the
Corners Sunday, Jan. 19, 2 p. m.
Mr. Reed is a Lamoil'e County boy,
who has lived in Now Hampshire for
a number of years. He is a member
of t he Advent Chiistian Conference of
t he Granite State, but has returned
to the Green Mountain State to live.
(Jive him a good gathering. There
will be a meeting in the evening at
W. B. Patch's.
For the past fen or twelve years
the amusement loving public has
been entertained by that entertain
ing Vermont family the Shepards.
:s a musical aggregation they have
1 lipid tlipir Tinfcitinn jimnncrtho rnm.
nnnif-s on the road inn. remnrtnhlp
risville to-morrow (Tuursday) even
ing in town hall. Popular prices 33
and 25 cts., and children 15 cts.
Fred Lawrence was seen driving
into the village late Saturday after
noon with a face radient in its joy,
yet perplexed in the background as
ne hastily hitchel his horse, (this
time by a halter) and ran wildly
from store to store in search of in
fant's clothing, you see there were
twin bo.ys down at his house and the
extra one was without clothing. The
mother, twin boys, the happy father,
and Dr. Douglass are doing finely.
Daniel C. Spaulding, the soon to be
post-master, filed his bonds, upon
which appear' the signatures of four
good Republicans, with the depart
ment ou luesday ot last week, aud
liin commission as post-master of
Morrisville is likely to arrive in any
mail. Mr. Spaulding has engaged
the service of Miss Lizzie Webster,
ivho has had experience in post-office
work, is verv clever with the pen, and
will undoubtedly make an efficient
clerk. Miss Webster went into the
office vesterday to make a start
toward familiarizing herself with the
work, location of boxes, etc.
! T. C. Chenev went to Middletown
Conn., the last of lat week, where
his maniase to Miss Mary Ttrrili
occurs this Wfdnesday t veiling. Mr.
and Mrs. Wm. Cheney und daughter,
Miss Winilred Cheney, and L. J
; noicjison, went on Monday to ne
present ou the happy occsiHon. Tin
'L V! i'i i gejwil L ie solemn n jz jd in. .ike
.Tmcoc's oi fatally 'friends' at the resi
dence of Hon. Weld Terrill, by the
Rev. Divid G. Downey of Stamford,
Conn., Mrs. Downey being a sister of
the bride. Miss V iniired Cheney will
be maid of honor and Leon J.
Thompson lc-t man. The newly
married couple ill make uo (xtend
ed trip at this time, but will arrive in
Morrisville early next week, where
they will be welcomed by a host of
friends. '
Rates to Sugar Makers' Meeting.
The special rates to Montpelier and
return, from points in this vicinity,
for all those who wish to attend the
State Maple Sugar Makers' meeting
next week eduesdav and lhursday,
are as follows, the rates being by the
way of Cambridge Junction:
Walden f3 15
Greensboro 2 1)5
Kaat Hnrdwick 2 85
Hard wick 2 HO
Wolcolt 2 80
Morrisville 2 45
Hyde Park 2 35
Johnson , 2 15
Fletcher , 2 05
East Fairfield 2 20
Fairfield 2 40
Sheldon ,2 00
Frobute Court.
The following business was trans
acted at the Probate office for the
two weeks ending January 14 :
Paul A. Raymond' estate, Stowe: Alice A
Raymond aonointed suardinn.
Justin T. Jones' estate, Wolcott; adminis
trator returns inventory.
Grimes' minors: guardian returns in
Mary C. Raymond's estate, Stowe; Henry
A. Thomas appointed administrator de boms
Don, cum testamento annexo. t
Daniel W. Cutting's estate, Cambridge ; ex
ecutors return inventory.
D. J. Saft'ord's estate, Morristowu ; execu
trix returns inventory.
Leonard Grimes' estate, Elmore: adminis
trator settles his account.
Mary C. Raymond's estate, Stowe: ad
ministrator asks for license to sell real estate
Edward Stanley's estate, Watcrville; com.
misstoners make report.
Robert I). Whittemore's estate, Belvidere
Ira A, Whittemore appointed administrator
John R. McCuin and V. P. Locke appointed
appraisers and commissioners.
C. A. McCuin, insolvent debtor: first meet
ing of creditors: T. M. Potter chosen
Oscar Alger's estate, Stowe: administrator
returns inventory.
Hannah Russ' estate, Hyde Park: admin
istrntor granted license to sell real estate.
Berth a linker's estate, minor, Wolcott
Marv O. Kaker appointed guardinn.
Eliiabeth Carlton's estate: Asenatll P.
Parker appointed administratrix.
Hiram A. Morgan's estate: decree to leg.
Capt. S. B. Waite has been in Bos
ton for several days past.
F. II. McFarland spent Monday
and Tuesday in Franklin county.
The Shepard Family Friday eve
ning, January 17. Bear in mind the
H'. A. Taylor of Boston was a re
cent guest of his brother, Rev. F. C.
Dame Rumor once morehas it that
marriage bulls will soon tinkle mer
rily again.
Silas Eaton of ITolyoko, Mass.,
spent Sunday in town with his broth
er, M. B. Eaton.
The genial Dan'l Perkins of New
port is in town on one of his semi
occasional visits..
A. N. Williams of Ilarttord, Conn.,
was in ton the first of the week ou
insurance business.
Ice harvesting has commenced.
Good clear ice sixteen inches thick is
being taken from Roddy's pond.
Dr. W. T. S'ayton, who has been
studying in England the past three
months, reached New York last Fri
day and arrived in town to day.
Walter Strong is having quite a
seige with "Job's comforters" just
now, and in consequence thereof
moves about with considerable dignity.
F. II. Tennev, sup't -of the wool
pulling department at thehidehouse,
has been in ISew Hampshire for a tew
days; biisint83 and pleasure com
The steam mill is busily engaged
these days on a large order. They
are getting out bu order of 70,000
feet of hardwood flooring for the new
asylum at Waterbury.
F. N. Keeler is spending a few days
in New York City, seeing the animals
from ths elephant down. During his
abstuce Nelson B. is assisting in the
care of the hotel guests.
The "Valley Skating Rink" is a
decided success ana each evening
sees the ice covered with a gracefully
moving . mass ot skaters. Iry it
yourself; you are sure to eojoy the
An extremely stylish looking turn-
out is that which Brown, the livery-
man, sat behind Monday afternoon
a pair of clean limbed horses, new
harnesses nnd a brand new cutter,
Q iite swell, George.
The library trustees held a meeting
last Saturday evening, at which 1m
portant business was transacted.
Work on the library apartments is
progressing, and when completed the
town will have a very neat and cosy
Dr. E. E. Vaughan of Chicago has
been in town for a few days, returning
home luesday evening. He was
called east to visit a patient iu
Woodbury who was recently in the
Chk-ago hosuital with which he is
connected, for treatment.
The - Lamoille County Savings
Bank nnd Trust Company elected th
lollowmg directors msc iifsnay:
CfcCPage, 11. M. Ml FarianJ, P. K. ,
Gleed, S. A. Fife. O. F. Gates, H. J'. j
Stowe. The officers are C. S. Page,
president, II. M. McFarland, vice
president; C. A. Knight, treasurer.
Dr. II. D. Bacon of Eden was lodged
in jail last week at the instigation of
0. V. Moseley, on a body execution
the outcome of the late suit against
him. The doctor is poor and Mr.
Mosley has been cited to appear here
next week and show why the doctor
should not take the poor debtor's
Our townsman Albert Spicer, who
will leave next week for Connecticut
where he will spend some time with
his daughter, in paying for his paper
last week, remarked that he had
taken the local paper from its start,
upwards of thirty-five years. It was
then the Newsdealer and its first
editor was S. Howard.
A meeting of the King's Daughters
was held with Mrs. V. L. Blodgett
last Wednesday evening, when the
following otfictrs were elected: Mrs.
V. L. Blodgett, president; Mrs. F. C.
Taylor, vice-president; Miss Rosalie
Beecber, secretary; MissCleora Crow
ell, treasurer. Letters from Mrs.
Stratton of Burlington and Miss
Barber of Townshend, absent mem
bers, were read.
State's Attorney Hulburd went to
Cambridge last week and prosecuted
the liquor agent of the town of Fletch
er for unlawfully selling liquor a
quart of alcohol and a quart of whis
keyto a Cambridge man, who got
gloriously drunk on the same. The
agent claimed that the man said he
wanted it for a sore finger. Fined five
dollars and costs, amounting in all
to about $27.00. Appeal taken.
The stockholders of the Lamoille
County National Bank at its annual
meeting Tuesday elected the old
board of directors, to wit: Geo. Wil
kins of Stowe, C. S. Page, II. M. Mc
Farland of Hyde Park, P. K. Gleed
of Morrisville, I. L. Pearl of Johnson,
H. F. Brigham of Bakersfield, C. W.
Bryant of Westfleld. The board or
ganized by electing C. S. Page, presi
dent; U. M. McFarland, vice-president;
E. L. Noyes, cashier.
The next semi-monthly sociable at
the vestry will be held Wednesday of
next week, January 22. The change
is made to Wednesday to bettor ac
commodate all, and therefore during
the remainder ot the season these in
teresting events will occur every
other Wednesday. A pleasing fea
ture of the nextsociable will be Widow
Sniggles and seven daughters, who
will appear in full tlress. March, song
and drill by 12 little girls will also be
given. Supper from 5 to 8.
Thursday, early in the evening,
there was a slight break in the elec
tric lights, caused by the burning out
of the transformer in front of the
postoffice. Electiician Walden quick
ly bad another transformer in place,
however, and the lights were turned
on again. Another break occurred
in a few minutes, this time something"
Bt tne power house going astray.
This also was put right in a short
time and then all went well. Each
day adds new converts to the mod
ern system of illumination and the
electricians have work ahead on in
side wiring to keep them busy for
some time.
The s'udents of the Academy at
their lyceum last wek Friday eve
ning debated the question, "Resolved
That the United States should in
terfere to prevent the atrocities in
Armenia. Next week Friday eve
ning they hold ttieir next e f ssion and
will discuss this question, ' Resolved
That the position of President
Cleveland in regard to the Monrce
doctrine is a comet one." Time
staunch Democrats are in line for the
affirmative and will endeavor to cou
vince all present that the question
admits of but one answer, that Gro-
ver is right. I he public is invited to
all these lyceums.
At last the long-looked for snow
has come, and great is the rejoicing
on all sides. That a few inches of
snow could make such a visible differ
ence in business and traffic as must
have been discernable to the most
unobserving even during the early
hours of Monday morning, would
seem improbable. But so it was.
Teams loaded with lumber, tan bark,
wood, etc., before noon began to
arrive in and pass through the vil
lage, cutters were flying about and
on all sides there were signs of alert
ness, activity and bustle. For the
lumbermen the season is just begin
ning, and realizing a good thing
they will "push it along."
Rt. Rev. Bishop A. C. A. Hall of
Burlington presented a powerful dis
course Sunday morning, taking for
his text Luke 2: 52. The speaker .
presented Christ's life as the exalted,
ideal example of duty to family, duty
to friends, duty in public, work, of
prayer and of suffering, dwelling
earnestly on His ability to sympa
thize as man with man in all that
comes to vex and annoy in any of
these different phases of life. Es
pecially did he linger on the sasred
ness and sanctity of the home, the
family the fountain head of all so
ciety, municipal, state and national.
The sermon throughout was strong,
practical, eloquent. Rev. Dr. W'm. J.
Han is of Rutland asmfed ithe Bishop,,,,., ;
iti iuc tfi v luta. v J
The well-known and popular Shep
nrd Family will appear at town hall
Fiiday evening of this week. The
Shepards have been here too fre
quently to need introduction or
recommendation toour people. They
give an entertainment clean, bright
and thoroughly up to-date. Several
new features have been added to their
programme since they were here
last. Popular prices. Tickets nca
on sale at Foss' drug store.' A paIT','
of the proceeds are to be used to pay
for thesidewalk in front of the church.
A good cause. Turn out and give
them a full house. The Eastport,
Me., Sentinel, has the following con
cerning the Shepard Family concert;
One very interesting feature of the week's
entertainment was the charming concert
given by the Shepard Family on Wednesday
evening. Tho family consists of the lather,
mother and live children, the latter being
very talented musically. Little Flossie, aged
five, is very cunning and attractive and ber
little eongs, etc., add much to the entertain
ment, and a lover of the violin cannot bnt
admire Miss Laura's skill in playing that in
strument. The entertainment is first class
in every respect and those who attend cannot
fail be interested and to feel amply paid for
their outlay.
If there is any one thing more than
another on which Col. Edward B.
Sawyer particularly prides himself, it
is punctuality in ketping an appoint
ment. If he agrees to be at any eertir
tain place at a given time, he is sure
to be there, prompt to a minute.
"The best laid plans" but never
mind; anyhow, arrangements were
recently made by the Colonel to hold
an important hearing here on the
11th day of January before Judge
U. R. Start of Bakertfield. The ap
pointed day arrived, balmy and mel
low, with no sign of impending dis
aster, and promptly on time Judge
Start, Lawyer Monteith of Johnson
and other interested ones assembled,
cocked and primed for a legal scuffle;
but the Colonel was invisible. All
was in readiness, and still the Colo
nel lingered and assembled not. An
investigation was instigated, dis
closing the fact that he had skipped
from town tor the day and that he
was chasing the ever fleeting bread,
butter and molasses through the
jungles of Fairfield or thereabouts.
Mr. Monteith returned home dis
gusted, the Judge passed the day in
quiet meditation on the inscrutable
ways of the legal fraternity, and the
Colonel on returning home and learn
ing of the misdemeanor he bad com
mitted in forgetting so completely
his appointment, immediately en
gaged upon the task of hitting Rn
explanation which should satisfy alt
concerned. '
School bns opened in the Battle Row dis
trict, with Alice Miner teacher.
James Lucas, who has been on the Rick list
for some time, is not as well at this writing;
Dr. Hall is attending bim.
. Over on hundred perrons attended' ths
prayer meeting held at U. M. Currier's last
Friday evening. The next meeting will be at
Wilbur Utiswold's this week Friduy evening.

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