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A iL 3
TERMS $1.25.
News Established in 1S77.
Citizen Established in 17:2.
United November !.", lssl .
Published I'very Wednesday by
at Morrisville, and entered nt the Morrisville
Postofliee ns second-class mail matter.
Kg- Th is Wi'c -V mrans Hint your
iiil,fi-riftii cr,tf ""'
wunhcr, mat lliul ' "'"' i'"Jfrs
ici he urn! V"ii toiess ?ir ''
ncriiliou h' i nea-nl. Iliiieu- at
tmei: so us to nrcit e next issue of
piir'f":" r ".pry
V Jv. A DAT-IS, V. H..
Kin- surgery itn.l dentistry u spec
ialty, iji.-slilcilce on Lolll ! siieri.
Oilier and . i . i -ii r-:il Mrs. Or. Hull ,
I'nrk M Morrisville, Vt. Telephone con
lieelion. A. J. VAEIVUAU, M.D., C. M.
OFFICE, HOI' IIS 1111' il lit ii. ill., from 1 to 2
p. in., nnil from ? 1 " P- (Knee and
residence opposite ! JHoek, W oleutt, t.
T. At UOlilJS'SON.
DFNT1ST. lloonis, rnrner TSrick T.lnc.k,
neur Tlii! Kamlnll. Painless method, nil,
filler, etc., used, special nMcntion given to
finnoititments from out of town, (Mllce hours,
6 to VI. 1 to li. No. S l'orthinil M., .Morris
ville, Vt.
Till. A. A. MIXOTT.
DENTAL l'AIM.OIi. In D.'trlins Block,
Marrisvlle, Vt., win re he IS prepared 10
dua'l kinds of Modern In- tislvy. '(lire hours
irom 8::i0 ;i. in to l'-'::10 p. in., 1 :i M ' P- m.
Doo-toii of dental sfugfiiv. oniee
nt residence of II. V. l'eel:. .lohnson,
Vt., first in days of eneli l it li. Iteniuindor
Of inoiitU lit Cambridge, 1.
JIIYSICIAN AM) Sl'IU, EON. OH'u e lionrs
lrom 7 lo :i il. m. Mid (ilo '.I p. m.
Johnson, T.
II. .7. L7LI,KY & CO.,
PRA ( .'TIC A I. FN 1 E (IT A K KliS.
l,i,, viwj-ioll c. Telephone e
onneet ion
" - llvde Turk, Vt
(i. W. DOTT,
ueral director, Embalming a specialty.
kto' k'.s oucii i ; ra .
iYl. Weddings, Lawn I'nrtios. Promenades,
lianein, und nil ocensions where music is
required. Violin Lessons; liows lielniired;
Violins lor sale. 1'. K. stonk, .Morrisville.
F. H riflcFASLAWD.
MILEACR HOOKS on all principal railroads
bought, rented, sohl.or exehansied. Call
on or address F. 11. McFAKLANl).
Hotel riia'iiix. 11 vdk Fahk, Vt.
Lamoit'e Central Acadgniy,
livni: iMHii, vr.
Chinniail, Lathi, KiitHnh ami Xormal Caiirxin,
Sjirinr term, I J irr(l:n, lii tinx Mamhui, Mureli It,
Hf!, For jiartieiilara ml tins
E. L. INCALLS Principal.
Willow Chairs,
Oak Chairs
and Rockers
of all kinds.
Hassocks, Easels, Tables,
Stands, etc.
Johnson, -Vermont.
When in Heed.
of anything in
Staple and Fancy
call on
Center Portland St., Morrisville, Vt.
a good variety of strictly
First-class GROCERIES I
Nice L,in of Fruits
T. B. ELLIS' Storo
on Portiand St., - Morrisville, Vt.
Teachers' Examinations
for Lamoille Count
will be held as follows: Liuimllle Central Acad
emy, Hyde Hark, Friday ami Saturday. Feb, 21
Hint Wi tiraded Heliool, JellerNimvillu, Tuesday
and Wednesday, 'eb. 'M and Mar. 1 r lliuli
Heliool, Htow. Friday and Ralurday, Mar. 3 and
4, beuinnlnir at 9 a. in. each lay. Any deslniix
to aliciid the Nornml Schools of tlie slate may
take these examinations.
K. I,. JNfiALLS, Exiimtiicr.
Hyde Turk. Vt., Feb. 8, 'iw.
The long, drawn out period of ee
vere cold has made water in the river
verv low, nnd a a coiiHequence we
hnve frrqmntly been without the nrc
lights in the KtrcetM of lute.
Bnrk will lie received nt tlio Tannery in
Morrisville until Febuary 2i). lHfii).
For Sale, Halicii Hay. l'riee .(S per ton
out of tue cur, for ensii.
W. W. Pixk, Morrisville.
Mfsir Voenl anil Instrumental Instruc
tion. Hcejnners a specialty.
Mas. li. E. Cowlks, Morrisville, Vt.
Vp bave a few new Tiircr Hots" llnkes;
also, Eureka and I'nele Snra Flows, wliieli we
will excbunf;e for Rood creen block wood.
MouiiisviLLi: Foi;miiiy Co.
Wantkii. ,"0 cords ol preen strive wood in
exchange for Furniture, Wall I'nper. l'nint
and part cash. per cent discount on Or
gans and Pianos sold thiH month.
E. G. Wilson, Morrisville, Vt.
Mi:ksei:, Eyk Spf.i'iai.ikt. His prescription
glasses work wonders with the eyes. I'ertert
tit makes perfect sinlit. Have fitted the best,
people in town. Consultation free. Office on
Wolcott street, Morrisville, Vt.
Fon Sale The Whikortib house on Cher
ry Avenue, Morrisville. Price low. Liberal
amount carried on mortunire if desired, ('mod
notes or other property will betaken in ex
change. C. H. A. Staffoiiii, Moisisville.
Airent Wanted to Take Orders for the De
livery of Page's Green Cut Lione for Poultry.
Any bright man uith a horse can make
pood wages at this business, if a lair sales
man .
Only nbout, 30 barrels left of those red
cheeked juicy Baldwins prjee If!! 0(1 per bar
rel; also to arrive in a few days another
large shipment, of Molasses. Two gallons
and the jug for ."0c is the price.
H. Waite, Morrisville, Vt.
Wanted Salesmen for the sale of our Lit
brienting Oils and Greases. Our terms aie
the best ever offered. Exclusive lerrritory
given to energetic men. References ex
changed. For particulars nildiess
Tut: Viitoh Oil Co., Cleveland, Ohio.
Farmers, save your Hour barrels. Page
pay N cents cash, each, for flour and sugar
barrels willi only one head, if clean: or he
will give you ,"0 lbs. of Fertilizb'g Salt for
each barrel, delivered at his Hide House in
Hyde Park before February .". This is an
excellent way to get your Fertilizing Salt. He
will give ((( lbs. Green Cut Hone for Poultry
for in Karrels.
Coi.ii Cash in these cold days will buy
more warm things in Men's Suiis, Youths
Suits, Children's Suits. Overcoats. ( 1 Id I'.ints,
eomlortable l adernear, heavy l'st, is. Hats,
Caps, Gluves ami Mitt lis. ol me than else
where, lor it's all going at anil lu-hnv cost,
while it. lasti". When sold Hint's the en, no
more buying. Cahhoi.l Moiihii.i., Morris
ville, Vt., over Hendee & Fisk's.
Auction' I will sell a lot of Picture Mould
ings at. my studio next Wednesday and
Thursday evenings, Feb 15 und 1 'i, nt public
auction. I want to make room for the very
new and up-to-date stock of Mouldings, Mat
tings and Ornaments 1 have pist received and
always carry. Cutting and fitting iaclud.-d
in sale. Glass, mats and hangings at very
low prices. Come and brine: your pictures
with you. ShIi begins nt 7;H0 o'clock
ii'. E. Ba.u kett, over Post-uliice.
Notice Having bought the Photograph
Studio of K. A. Thomas, opposite Postollice,
Morrisville, 1 have fitted it up with new
cameras, background arid other scenery, and
am prepared to make photos in latest im
proved style ami finish. I shall occupy it
hereafter one week of each month, beginning
the last Monday of each month and contenu
ing through the week. Come in and see
samples. Iiemember the nrxt date is from
Feb. 21 to March 4 .
II. E. Ct'TLKit, liarre, Vt.
Charles A. Sinders is out from a
sick f pell.
Mrs. Fabie George has been nek
with the grip.
Levi Munnn was at home Sunday
from the U. V. M.
Mrs. Maria Tinker preached on
Sunday in Fletcher.
Mrs. A. A. Niles is expected to re
turn lrom Boston this week.
Meeting of Warner Post, No. 4, on
Saturday, Feb. 18, at 2 p. m.
The crusade of the plumbers went
merrily on Friday and Saturday.
Rather looksas though that ground
hog business had something in it, as
it were.
Mr. and Mrs. A. It. Campbell will
visit friends in Orleans and Esex
Miss Edwards was off duty at the
Academy a part of Monday, because
of illness.
E. G. Cram and wife of Purlington
have bpen visiting friends in town
this week.
Hugh McCallurn has completed a
long engagement as clerk in Dana
Ilutchin's store.
Morrisville young ladies are be
coming expert in the game of basket
ball and we shall very soon hear of a
hair pulling contest between the fair
ones of this and the surrounding
We were slightly in error, lrom mis
information, concerning the death of
W. P. Ilutchins. lie had rallied from
the slight injury received from a fall,
consequently that was not the cause
of his death.
The sad news of the death of Mrs.
Cora Tenney Buck, wife of Mr. Frank
L. Buck of Minneapolis, Minn., was
received on Friday last. She died
on Thursday evening, the result of a
surgical operation.
All interested are asked to remem
ber thepinafore rehearsal to-morrow,
Thursday evening, at the home of
Mrs. Warren. Next week we hope to
be able to give the cast of the opera
and the chorus in full.
Capt. Frank Kenfield was last woek.
elected Vice President of the Vermont
Maple Sugar Makers' Market, an or
eanizntion with headquarters at
Randolph, which will put up nnd
market under ofllcinl seal the maple
product that comes to it by way of
its ftockholders and others.
Dr. William A. Chase has been a:
home housed up with the grip lo '
several days.
Fred Smalley expects to start for
Iowa in about ten days lor another
lot of horses.
Yesterdcy's mails were large,
freighted with misnives prompted by
St. Valentine.
Rev. M. S. Eddv presented aninter
esting discourse Sunday evening from
Psa. 1st, ard.
Very few people in town last Fri
day. Most of the stores closed at au
unusually early hour.
The Morrisville Sunlight Gas Co.
put in iin illuminating plantinCralts-1
bury a few days since. j
l lie; i.iiuic IM! lO-lilUi I U rvt-uiu- n
service in the Congregational vestry
is ' Christian Courage."
Postmaster Spaulding has jut ac
quired some new horse flesh by the
"swap-ile-horse'' process.
Tbns. .T. Sfewart was at home over
Sunday from Barre, where he has
been teaching for some time.
II. E. Cowles and his fa ther, A. R.
Conies of Newport, hnve opened a
branch music store in Richford.
A handsome specimen of a deer,
killed by the cars down south of here
somewhere, went east on the mail
train a few days since.
Mrs. Emily Ilartson's children were
till at home over Sunday, called hm1
bv her illness. She is now doing as
well us could be expected.
Two weeks from last night the win
ter term of school will closn. As
usual, there will be no exhibition nt
the close of the winter term.
Miss Agnea Woodward has been at
home from Berlin, N. II., for several
days on a visit to her parents, Dr.
and Mrs. Geo. E. Woodward.
Harry Hard v is vacatingt he second
floor i:i Dr. J . A. Robinson's residence,
lie has moved a portion of his
effects to a room in the Randall.
L'ist Thursday was a day to be re
membered. We got a little taste (if
the gale and low teniperatureprevail
icig in various parts of the count ry.
Geo. F. Earle this week speks of
muslin nnderwenrnnd separate skirts
t hat he has in 6tock, ami hints of the
good t hings coming in the shape of
dress good tor spring wear.
In the r,;!ie, morn nit trom Hail
Cheney's drug t-t"re the town Audi
tors have been wrestling for several
days with the accounts in various de
partments of town business.
There will be no preaching service
in the Universalist Church mxt Sun
day morning. Sunday-school and Y.
P. C. U. will meet as usual. Rev. Dr.
Booth will hold services in Fletcher.
Orrin-Warren returned last week
from Belvidere, where he taught a
winter term of school. Richard
Luach will close his winter school at
Belvidere Junction next week Friday.
Our,geniuI telegraphist, Bloom A.
Palmer, has been obliged to do a
large amount of night work at the
station lately, because of the contin
uous performance in storm, which has
made railroading a terror.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Cowles
have taken rooms and board with
Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Fisher. They oc
cupy the rooms vacated by Dr. L. J.
Marshall. They have purchased a
part of II. II. Hardy's furniture.
Friday afternoon at six o'clock the
United Workers meet and serve dime
supper in the Congregational vestry,
to which a general invitation is ex
tended. The three and four o'clock
missionary and business meetings are
to be held as usual.
Mrs. Daniel Ilealey returned from
her home at White River Junction
Saturday, much sooner than she had
planned. Because of her parents
moving back to the farm, Miss Edith
Dodge is away from assisting in the
telephone central in the eveniDg.
Morrisville basket ball players go
to St. Johnsbury on Friday of this
week, Feb. 17, to play a return game
with the St. Johnsbury Y. M. C. A.
team. The Morrisville gymnasium
team will be the same participating
in the first game here, and they hope
to meet the same players over there.
It of course goes without saying
that Morrisville Methodists will ex
pect, at the hands of the coming ses
sin of the Vermont Conference, the
return of their pastor, Rev. M. S.
Eddy, for his second year. The most
interesting question just now prom
ies to be, wno lor the new Presiding
The Elmer Smalley property on
Congress street is now owned by
A.R.Campbell in exchange for the
bitter's place on Maple ntreet. The
late William Utton, at the time of
his death, owned the Smalley place,
and Mrs. Utton would now find it
pleasant to be as near her sons on
Maple street as the Campbell place.
The record thus far of this lovely
month of February has been almost
beyond comparison. The snowstorm
nt almost zero, which continued nil
day and night Monday, gradually
slipped into a blizzard, and thestorm
of last Thursduy and Friday was
easily outclassed. The railroad was
particularly affected, as cuts were
more easily filled t han in the preced
ing storm. Ronds about town have
more than been filled. '
Mr. Drowne, father of G. T. Drowne
of the Currier it Co. store, is here
from Peabody) Mass., on a visit.
Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Robinson nnd
daughter go in a few days to visit
friends in New York City and Phila
delphia. Mrs. II. It. Hardy, who went five
or six weeks since to visit her brother
in Connecticut, remains there for the
Not very good weather for bicyc
ling, but, a good time to have Dyke
put the machine in order for next
Sunday morning t- nuerature went
to twenty-six below. The tempera
tun did not get up to z.to all day
The Ladies' Aid of the M. E. church
will meet, at; the vestry Wednesday
afternoon, to lie followed by the
usual supper.
Saturday b.'ing a bleak day and G.
S. Houghton having free hot cnf'f'e
on the docket, it was busy limes
about t hat place.
There is good reason to accept the
long severe cold weather with good
grace. It has in a large measuresue
cessfully stamped out the grip.
Frank Small, the well known clerk
who recently completed his engage
ment in t he Hall ov: Cheney drugstore,
has a position in a Boston drug
Mr. tmd Mrs. Feed Utton returned
to Morrisville from Connecticut the
last of last week and will soon be lo
cated again in tie ir home on Maple
Lawrence Palmer has graduated
from hisolli, i ili-unnceiion at (lough
ton's stoie and lionse, an 1 is now
hoarding at II. D. Bryant's and go
ing lo school.
Frank Jackson soon returns from
Philadelphia to remain until another
October when he will Hiruiri take up
the study of dentistry in the city ol
I rot herly love.
The Academy students hi I 1 an en
joyable soci il on Fridav evening.
The event and the rtfreshments
served ad came under the auspices of
the senior class.
Thurs lay's bleakness did not keep
away the searchers for the festive
bjan and spouse cake, and the Uni
rsaiist, vestry was the sene of a
i igoroiis attack.
Harrison Dodge, who filled to rent
his farm ns he had expected, vacated
his home on Summer street, the last
of last week, and moved back to the
farm with his family.
The J. C. Rockwell Dramatic Co.,
will appear at Morrisville all next
week, giving nchnngeof play uightly.
The troupe is well spoken of by those
who have seen it lately.
The U. V. M, boys will not give
their concert here tuxt week ns has
been announced, but probably they
will appear later. The date cannot
he given now. ns the postponed ar
rangements are not completed.
Notwithstanding the severity of
the weather, the sixth annual gather
ing and dinner held by the members
of Lamoille Grange was well attend
ed at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Geo.
Smith at Morristown Corners last
Thursday afternoon. It was a good
old-fashioned rally of friends and
neighbors, with a jolly spirit ."float,
and a feast of good things. It was
an all day affair.
A very light freight train going
west about 2 o'clock Tuesday after
noon was stalled in the enow just
around the curve west of this sta
tion. A trainman was sent back with
a flag and to get the section men to
go to the rescue with shovels. The
blow continuing, as it did, 48 hours,
or more, was very successful in pack
ing down hard and fast whatever
snow was in reach.
One of the smaller items that will
come into the warning and to be con
sidered in town meeting a short time
hence, is thequestion whether the fire
men may be given the oceanional free
use of town hall, provided they furn
ish their own fuel and do the work
necessary in caring for the hall. This
is a matter which should not need
very much argument to sustain at
the hands of the voters.
One of the busiest places in town
is that hive of commercial activity,
next door to the post-office, where
the popular grocer, T. B. Ellis, is do
ing an increasing business. Looking
around there the other day aud see
ing the great number of new things
in foods and table delicacies,v8taples
and luxuries ns much up to date as
in many a city store, the mind went
back to the now to beconsidered very
primative style of grocery stock and
business here in Morrisville only a few
years since.
The movement to close the stores
for nn indefinite time at eight o'clock
on every evening but Saturday, seems
to have met with a very hearty re
sponse thus far. Several dealers have
not yet been interviewed on the sub
ject, but the paper already signed by
a largn number, indicates that the
plan may be expected to carry. It is
a plan that should go and t hereby
shorten up the hours of a long day
and evening a little. In case of enter
tainments going on it will give mer
chants and clerks a chance with other
The many friends of Mrs. II. C.
Fisk will be glad to know of her com
fortable and improving condition,
following an operation by Dr. Tenney
of Granville, N. Y.
A day or two since we were given a
peep at IL Waite's round up of busi
ness for the past year. The figures
looked big without the use of a mag
nifying glass and must be extremely
satisfactory to the fellow that did
the business. He has just got a raft
of crated tin cans from Ohio, in w hich
he will ship uewsenson'smaple.yrup.
The Duplicate Whist Club will meet
with Mrs. C. H. Slocuin Friday even
ing of this week, at which time the
gentlemen ore invited. All members
of t he club who can nob be present
with gentlemen fire requested to semi
their regrets ns early as possible, so
substitutes may tie secured. The Sub
urban Whist Club was entertained
Tuesday evening at the home of Miss
Belle and Leon Gates. The club will
meet next week with Mr. nnd Mrs.
Geo. Tillotson.
The home of George Smith at Mor
ristown Corners, where was held the
Grange anniversary last week is one
of the most interesting and substan
tial abodes iu town. Therelichunter
would there revel in great fire-places
with andirons, cranes, etc., pewter
dishes, old furniture and many things
that remind one of the past includ
ing hugh brass door knockers,
latches, etc. This substantial brick
house is nearing seventy years old
but seems as good ns ever.
An Important Deal.
Practically assured but not entire
ly closed up, ns we understand it, is
the purchase by II. A. Slay ton of all
the Saflord water power, and mill
property, including grist mill and
wood-working shops. With such a
transfer ns this consmipitcd and tak
en in hand bv Mr. Slnyton. with his
well-known ent erpriseand push, a new
era for the business is nt hand.
A Pretty Home AVeddiny;.
In appropriate keeping with t In
spirit of St. Valentine's day, was the
marriage of Albert II. Slavton. son
of Henry A. Slaytou, and Miss Maud
Kellogg, daughter of Rev. nnd Mrs.
Geo. N. Kellogg, which was solem
nized at 4 o'clock yesterday afhr
noon. Because of the illrn-ss'of Miss
Neiiie; the ycungest daughter of .
and Mrs. Kellogg, the event took
place at the home of the groom, on
Park street.
The father of the bride performed
the marriage ceremony in tin impres
sive, yet happy manner and gave the
bride away. Just about 50 invited
guests were present. The window
shades weredrawn and the electricity
turned on. Miss Augusta Little of
Winooski wns seated at the piano
and played the wedding march as the
young couple appeared, preceded by
Miss Addie Edwards and Miss Josie
Slayton as ushers.
The ceremony completed the couple
was introduced to the guests as Mr.
and Mrs. Slayton, aud then there was
a rush of friends with congratula
tions. Light refreshments were then
served, the bride perlorming the us
ual ceremony of cutting the bride's
cake. At one end of (he room a
large table was well filled with nn ele
gant array of gifts from the friends
present and absent.
The newly married couple drove to
Waterbury, taking train for Boston,
thus fooling a large party of young
people who had gathered at the sta
tion here with numerous bags of rice.
A pleasant feature of the event was
the use of a handsomely engrossed
bound book, in widen the officiating
clergyman made record of the event,
with two special witnesses signing,
and in whicheach guest was requested
to register. Oa their return some
time next week, Mr. and Mrs. Slay
ton will take up their abode at Zara
Griswold's pleasant residence on
Main street.
Mrs. C. S. Page is spending a few
days in Boston.
Miss Anna Li I ley is home from the
U. V. M. for a few days.
Judge Kelley and family have got
moved into their new home.
Chester Leach, M. I), hopes to be,
was up from college over Sunday.
Millard Wiltshire, was up from
Barre last Saturday calling on old
friends. '
II. M. McFarland spent several
days last week at Troy on banking
The Odd Fellows will work the first
degree on two "live" candidates Fri
day evening next.
Moes Goodhue spent Sunday at
East Franklin, where his wife is very
sick with the grip.
Gov. Page goes to Boston to-night
to ntteud the monster Home Market
Club banquet to-morrow.
Major Willard of Burlington made
one of his semi-occasional visits to
thU place the first of the week.
Tho trains were greatly "discom
bobulated" Tuesday by the storm.
Tiie express going west reached here
about 4 p. in., some six hours late,
aud going east at .).30 p. tn. There
was no mail train from the west and
that from the east went through in
the dead hours ol the night.
Selectman Manning has another
boy in his family a bright little
fellow putting in an appearance there
last Sunday.
The cold weather Saturday and
Sunday froze up the pipes at the
Academy and made things decidedly
frigid there Monday.
Owing to the severe gale Tuesday
business was suspended at the Acad
emy for the day. School will be held
Saturday to make up for the loss.
Sunday was the coldest day thus
far this winter thermometers indi
cating in the morning from 20 to 24
below zaro. In a number of places
water pipes were frozen.
Capt. Waite willattend an OddFel
lows' district meeting nt Barton to
night and another at St. Johnsbury
to-morrow evening. Col. McFarland
will also attend the latter.
A social "prom" is announced to
come off at the town hall, Friday
evening. The Academy students
have the matter in charge and no
doubt a good time will be the result.
There was an addition of flute and
cornet to the instrumental music at
the church last Sunday. Messrs.
Crane and Foss rendered good ser
vice and the congregation hopes they
have come to stay.
J. II. Macomber, a former school
teacher here, but now a prominent
attorney in Burlington, was in town
Monday. He came up on professional
business, but had to devote quite a
little time to shaking hands with old
A neat four page roster has just
been got out of this office for Sterling
Lodge, I. (). 0. F. It contains a list
of officers, 'committees, etc., and a
complete roll of the lodge, which now
numbers 8.1. The lodge was organ
ized in 1S90.
Preston Denio took a "header"
from the roof of his house Tuesday.
He wns shoveling snow off and slip
ped, coming down onto the veranda
and then bounding eff into a snow
drift, where he alighted "right side
up" with the grace and dignity of an
expert acrobat.
Judge Sherwin received word last
week of the death of his brother-in-liw,
Norman Baker at Vacaville,
Cal , which occurred Jan. 20. Mr.
Baker was a brother of Mrs. Sherwin
' r!u wear- west so -toI years ago,
where he met with financial success,
lie w as 83 years old.
Don't forget the oyster supper, to
be followed by the comedy-drama,
Saturday evening, Feb. 23. The
"Rebekahs'' will spare no pains to
make the event a very pleasant af
fair. The small sum of 35 cents for
supper, with a free ticket to the en-"
tertainment, will be charged. Every
body invited.
C. II. N'owell of Boston, accompan
ied by Mrs. John Hardy, Jr., and
Miss Mattie Sawyer, spent Saturday
and Sunday . in town, returning to
the Hub Monday. They came up to
get a whiff of genuine Vermont winter
weather, and they struck it just right
finding it fine and unadulterated at
25 below Ziro.
The boys' and girls' debating clubs
held a joint meeting last evening
with Miss Alice Page. The question
for discussion was that hope of re
ward had a greater influence on char
acter than fear of punishment. This
was ably discussed by Miss Fitch
and Wilson Leach in the affirmative
and Miss Ilolbrook and Arthur
Grimes in the negative. The jury
decided in favor of the negative. After
this came a social time a sort of
Valentine party which was great
ly enjoyed by all. Light refresh
ments were served.
Town politics are very quiet at
present, but will no doultsoon warm
np. We hear of no special changes
contemplated, but it will indeed be
strange if there isn't quite a general
shaking up when March meeting
romes around. A. C. Davis, who has
been Road Commissioner for a couple
of yenis announces that heisout ofit
and doesn't, want, a re-election. This
announcement, may wake up several
candidates. As soon as we hear who
would like this or any other town
job we will give our naders the in
formation. By the way Davis makes
a good showing as to last year's ex
penses. He has laid out on the high
ways this amount: Winter of 18!)8,
$31)2 05; summer ofl 808. $1122.34;
winter f i899, 290.22; total,
$1805.21. This is $455 78 less than
the year before.
Ola Sweet hnH gone to Johnson to work
for Dr. Irntisn.
Gardner Lucas lias been very sick for Key
eral dsys with the grip.
Fred Crowell and wife are spend inn several
days visiting friends iu Franklin county.
Clinton Stygles i spending a week with rel
atives in Stowe, Waterbury and Duxbnry.
'George Crowell had finished work for Mr.
Laranay iu Watetville and has returned
Mu. Eiiitoh: I noticed in your last week's
news, in the ltiversidn items, that some per
son cither made a mistake or intended to lie.
In ths first place 1 hnve been married IS
years. Fifteen of those years 1 lived in the
state of New York, where 1 was married, and
have a rertiltcate of my marriage, and as far
as my children are concerned they all have
good places. I am at work at a respectable
pWce tryina to earn nn honest, liviiK for my
self nnd ehilil. How natural it is for some
people to go around nnd gossip about their
neighbors. The curtain has not dropped yet.
A Heap Kit.

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