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Mie. Geo. Bugbee was iD St. Johns
bury OTer Sunday, visiting relatives.
Miss (Jertrule Yhitti'y returned
from Joliiinou Friday, ill with tonsi
litue, but is better do aud will oou
be able to retime ber Mudku at tae
Normal bcLooI.
Mios Mary E. Moody has so far re
covered from bw reeeut illness in
Bostou as to be able to go ou to
New York to complete her selection
of epriujr goods. 6 lie will probably
be at home the last of toe week.
Mies Bhinele Barrowe entertained
twelve of her youngf. ieuds Htaehes
india party at her sifter's, Mrs K. A.
Hart's, Tuesday evening. Thepriz-s
were awarded as tol.os: Bloom
l'almer, brut prize; UeorgeO.msteid,
boody pnzj. A dainty repast was
nerved. Tbose participating in the
pleasures of the evening report a
very pleasant time.
Special Communications of Mount
Ternou Lodge lor work on the Mis
ter Mason tiejjrte come 011 Wednes
day and Friday evenings of this week
aud Tuesday evening ot next week
April 4, 0 and lU. Wednesday, April
11, is tue Auuuui'CoimiiUuicut ion, at
which time occurs the election id offi
cers. Tne Fiuauca L'omuiittie ot the
lodge will meet with Uie JSecretar),
at liis ollice, Monday nighr, A pril U.
There are compensating features
even in being ill. i'lie "old in.iu" re
cogn z -s it when he noticed the will
ingness the ,ttiee toice rallied to keep
up the MorrisVille local news, and
the uble mauuer in wbicii was carried
out To tin hat of dully injiiirers,
a no less kiudly suuum nt is extend
ed, and ail the more highly respited,
because ulI joked lor. In Leu l b
nearly all arj "able to hoe their own
Dr. Rubhehus received his iSaitie
and X-ltiy machine aud has pro
gressed lar enough in the setting ol
it up as to be able to u?e it to a cei
tain extent, in his practice. Last
evening he invited a lew of his friends
to witness som-? ot i:s bta'ic and x
ray workmus, tu latter, euatiliui
one to view the bouey stiucture ol
the hand with startling plainness.
The machine is as handsome as Us
workings are wouueilul.
Aufttiu-lSurtlutt Wedding.
MifS Maud L Austin, grand-daughter
ot Mr. aud Mrs. Harvey Bennett
was mariied ut the home of Mr. ami
Mrs. Bennett, on Wednesday atter
noon, March 28, to Mr. Clinton A.
Bartlett ot l'lamheld, Vt.
, The wedding wus a very pi 'asant
Occusioii, aiid was participated in by
several ol tht-Lnuiediateielativesaud
friends of both ttie bride and groom.
Thenuptii.l knot was tied by the Rev.
Dr. I. P. Booth, and as usual, 111 bis
inimitable and pleasant, jet impres
sive way.
Mr. Gordon Austin, brother of the
bride, acted as best man, with Miss
Flora II. Bennett, an aunt of the
bride, as bible's maid. Miss Blanche,
a young sister of the bride, did the
honors of the fi imv eirl, while Miss
Mabel Kensington of Barre, a cousin,
presided at the oriran.
The proverbial wedding cal;e, ice
cream 11 '.'i mode, and the usual good
thiugs that grace such occasions,
were to be had in .abundance.
The happy pair were the recipients
of many useful aitiil-s that will find
a ready place in their future home in
l'lainfield. Mrs. Baitletf, will con
tinue in l'latnlield the bu-iuess of a
inilliuer, in which, as Miss Maud Aus
tin, she won so many tavorable com
ments, and met with such success.
The couple were driven to Wolcot.t,
where they took the train for a bi ief
houey moon trip, but will soon beat
home to their many friends, in l'lain
field. A long and prosperous mariied
life is the hearty wish of the many
friends lor these popular young peo
ple. cady's'falls.
Gourde Sti-wart i on tbe sick list.
llrw. CliiiH. Sheiruiiii is vmitiug at Morton
Clienej b.
Mins Aliep Miner Ijus taken the epriug trr.u
O! HI UO( I.
Mr. firHlinm wns in Hurilw'rkon bif-ineHH
lllHt wi ck.
Mrn. Chun. Miner vi.-itei friends in ('am
,liriil)je liiKt WHi-k.
Austin Wilkiimis working for W,n, ItiiHsett
turougli HiinriiiK.
MiH lMith Viin Vl;i t of Laculle, Q is a
giitHt nt I. U. 1 ernll
Si Jne.v Xevii'omt) wtio lias luen lumbering
tu jeiiersonviiie w ut noine.
Mr. inl Mrs. A'itin Wilkins visitej Kli
Gile and wife latt Ttiursilay.
Harold Til lot-ton rIio ha lieen having the
scarlet leVT is gi-tuii! along linH.y.
JoM'jili Slierman and wife of Ivast JohilMon
viMted fr eruls uere ti e first of the week.
(li-rt ruile Warren lint- ttiiinhed work for Mrs.
Cheney and gone towinit ln-r lirother, Hiram
Ordinary houm huld aeeidents have no tor
rorH when there's d bottle of Dr. TtiomiiH
Ecli-i-tiir Oil in (he tUHiiieinw tO.p-ifc. , Hi'iily
burns, eiils, hi-uispH fpniiiin. IiiBtant relief.
Jiii-iness is brisk.
hoy Mneoinber bns b-i-n on the nick lisf.
0. II. Mai nmber is breaking a pair of tolls
for K. Douglas.
Jloy I.Mni h mi-t with an oceident while ut
work in WuluoUuud is now ut bojne walkinu
on urutohes.
That is nice t-yrnp that li ,i. Caswi II make
on the Mrs. (ireK4 farm, and whieh we bad
the pleasure ot testing.
Klaio M. Moore, who bus been in St. .lolias
bury for oix montliH, is Ht.oppinu for the ptH
ont at her I Uher's, K. Dounlas'.
A Cnnl. .i ,
We, the undersigned, do hereby
agree to refund the money on a fifty
cent bottle 'of Greene's warranted
Syrup of Tor, if it fails to cure your
cough or cold. We n!so wnrrunt a
2o cent bottle to prove .satisfactory
or no pay.
Ham, ..V Ciikxkv, Morrinville.
LKviNKl.n I'iiahmacv, Morrisvilln.
i'. V. J on its, Johnson.
W. L. I!i:nm:tt, ldlen Mills. !
K. borni.AS, Morristnwn. , '.'
V. ('. I'ihiidii, No. Vil:ott.
A Nutivl I.miiolllfl County Lawyer and one
of the OriiCiuHtors of the I.moille
Vallry lIvilroMtl.
Waldo Brigham, who has been in
feeble health a long time, died at his
residence in Hyde Park Monday
noon. Although in poor health and
frequently confined to the house for
days he was able to be about more
or less all winter and up to within"
about three weeks was able to be
He realized when the last attack
came upon him that his end was
near and so expressed himself. He
died peacefully. The funeral will
take place from his late residence
Thursday afternoon at 1 oVlock,
and the interment will lyn the
village cemetery.
Waldo Brigham was born in
Bakcrsficld June 10, 1829, the son
of Asa Brigham, and is the last of the
family. He was a farm bred boy
and received his early education at
Bakcrsfield and fitted for college
under the tutorship of Jacob Spauld
ing. He graduated from the Univer
sity of Vermont in the classical
course in 1So4. He chose the legal
profession and read law at Hyde
Park until he was admitted to the
Lamoille County Bar at the May
term, 1857. Then he went to East
Berkshire and practiced law five
years in Hon. Homer E. Roycc's
office while the latter ws a member
of Congress.
In 1SG1 he located in Hyde Park
and for a time was in the office
of John A. Child. In 1862, he
formed a partnership with George L.
Waterman, under the firm name of
Brigham & Waterman, a partner
ship which was kept up for 22 years
and was one of the strongest law
firms in this part of the state. In
1SS-1 owing to the failure of Mr.
Waterman's health the finn dissolved
and on May 1, the same year Mr.
Brigham and his son-in-law II. M.
McFarland formed a firm. which con
tinued three years. Since that time,
1SS7, Mr. Brigham has been out of
active practice, owing to the condi
tion of his health.
A fellow lawyer who has known
him for years, says : "He enjoyed the
reputation not only of being a jjood
lawyer, but of being an honorable
practitioner, and he always has en
couraged young lawyers in their
legal business and aspirations."
During the construction of the P.
& 0. Railroad Mr. Brigham took an
active interest in the same and spent
several years m securing
for the building of the same
was President of the Lamoille Valley
road, from Damille to Swanton, ten
years and for several years a director
in the Burlington & Lamoille rail
In politics Mr. Brigham was a
staunch Democrat. He was the
nominee of the Democratic party for
Lieutenant-Governor of Vermont,
md also one of the delegates to the
national convention which in 1S6S
nominated Governor Seymour for
the Presidency. He was put forward
by his party for county senator and
state's attorney, was the nominee
for Congress in the 3d district and
again in the 1st district, and was
in l:s?2 the nominee of his party in
the General Assembly for the office of
l mted States Senator. In 18G7-S
he represented Hyde Park in the
General Assembly and during that
time labored faithfully in securintr
the necessary legislation for the con
struction of our railroad.
In educational matters he always
manifested a great interest. For 2o
years he was President of the La
moille Central Academy, While in
the Legislature, and always, he was
an earnest advocate of the appro
priation of public money by the state
in aid of the normal schools, arid
was indeed a warm friend of cduca
lion. He Wc elected by the Legis
lature a trustee of the University-of
Vermont, and held that position six
years.. Two of his daughters grad
uated irom that institution.
Nov. 1-, ls.js, Mr. Brigham mar
ried Lucia Llleu, eldest daughter of
thclate Judge Xoyes of this place aud
after a short residence in Last Berk
shire they took up their abode here
residing for V,H years in the home
where he died. Three children were
born to them. The eldest daughter
lulia, mari ied II. M. McFarland of
Hyde Park. Mary married James
eldest sou of President M. H. Buck-
ham. Blanche is now a teacher iii
the Lamoille Central Academy.
Air. Brigham always manifested
great interest in town a flairs, identi
fying himself with whatever per
tained to the best welfare of his
town and townspeople. He was
loyal to his town and a good citizen.
IteiuurkHlile Cure ot Klipuiiuitlsii).
Kknna. ilarkunn Co , W. Va.
About tl I-".- yearn ai! my wife had uu nt
tnek of I'heunint iMtt) whieh e tittnnl her to
her bi d fur Over a month and rendered her
una til.- to walk a step without flssii-tai ee. lur
liinl.. b -iiijr nwolli-n to d nilile t'n-ir normal
H-z -. 1r S. Moildox hihisjed on my iisii.K
riiiitnlieiliiiiis I'uin Hiilui. I pun-hased n
flt' y-r.-ht bolt h and used it, aei-onlinir to di
rer! inns ami t he next morning Hhe nalke 1 to
briiikfaBt without nmiHtanee in any manner,
and Hhe Inn not had a Hinilar att-n'k irc;
A. I!. I'Ait-MiSs. For mil bv HalUV Clietiirv,
Mtnn-i'e: (i. H. Kens. Hyde I'ark ; M.J.
I.e;i h, Woli-ott; 0. P. Jonen,'.l,hn,Kn, ,,
lbjdd the fidvortirtempnt. '
Powers & Cheney of Morrisville
have just secured the agency of the
Massachusetts Mutual Co's and
can write you fire insurance at
much less cost than any other
agent. The companies are old,
strong and reliable. Substantial
dividends are paid on every expir
ing policy, which very materially
reduces the cost of same. Send
them date of expiration of your
policy and they will gladly submit
Powers & Cheney,
The New 20th Century De Laval "Baby"
Cream Separators are coming in by the car
load. Be patient and we will get to you and
set you up one to try as soon as possible. In
the mean time, if you are interested, please
drop us a c?.rd and we will send you catalogue
containing latest styles, capacities and prices ;
also of Powers, Churns, Butter-Workers, etc.
a a
" Mum
We wish to announce that the report that we have
sold our business is false and that we shall be pleased
to serve you in the future as irf the past, with lest
goods at the lowest possible prices.
Thanking you all for past patronage we beg to
remain as ever,
1 V.
V e are still talking suits for ladies' wear. During the past week wt
have received another invoice ot ladies' suits, so at the present time
we are showing the largest line that will be shown in town this
We should like you to come in and see our display, for we have all
desirable stylus and at prices to suit all. We have suits at 83. 00,
io, $12, 814, $15, $18, $20 and $25.
x Ladles' Ready-to-Vear SUirts
we are showing the most complete line we have ever carried, vary
ing in price from 81.25 1087.00. We have a plaid skirt for ft. 50 in
new spiing shades that is simply great.
, ; ; i:?' Buiterick Patterns for. April in Stock,
, - , MORRISVILLE, Vcwnont.
If you are having trouble with
your eyes
and Don't See Good, or Blurred, you
Have Campbell fit you
to Lenzes that will improve your
I am doing a large amount of spec
tacle work. My Optical business is
steadily growing.
Consultation Free I
If you break your lenzes, no matter
where fitted, bring a piece of the lenze
and I can fit you at short notice.
A. R. ClPBELL, crrisvHIs.
He, Vermont
All $1.00 Fatonts'roduoed
ifram 95 C3nfc.a .to jO.csats
Don't turn your back Jon a cough
cure which is close by, to send for
one which you only think is good.
Our Conant's Cough Cure is a pos
itive cure. It is composed of pure
and harmless drugs which get at the
very seat of the trouble and effect a
cure by putting all the organs affected
into a thoroughly healthy condition.
It does not stifle, but kills the ail
ment. Price 25 cents per bottle.
for cash,
m & go.
The Portland Street
Dry Goods Store.
Leadership in the Dry Goods Business.
Our position as leaders in the dry goods business in Lamoille County
is a natural consequence of our great purchasing power and up-to-date
methods of doing business.
Rainy Day Skirts. It's a very
sensible idea that countenances
the short wet weather skirt. Have
you learned the comfort, the free
dom of one )et ? We are showing
some exceptional values from f.3
to $7 each.
Separate Dress Skirts. The
average dress maker, can't make
the new plain skirt. The tailors
who design these skirts of ours,
even the cheaper skirts,, get big
salaries but because the systematic
subdivision of labor the goods we
show can be profitably sold for
less than the average dressmaker
charges. Our stock' is more com
plete now than ever before and
buying direct of the manufacturers
we are in a position to save you
Silk Waists. This week we
make a specialty of a taffeta silk
waist, (good quality of silk) made
in the latest style and perfect
fitting, this waist is a positive bar
gain at $5 but as a leader we shall
sell them at $4. You can't make
money easier than by saving it.
Golf Capes. Ladies' ..spring
weight golf capes, latest styles of
pure wool materials, largest line in
town. You will be surprised to
Orders for samples receive our careful and prompt attention.
25 pieces corded Ginghams, dainty, pretty patterns for Shirt
Waists and Ladies' and-Children's Dresses at gic yard;
others ask 120 for same goods.
10 pieces extra heavy Percales, all gocd patterns, at 6c per
yard, actually worth ice yard; these values are a real taste
of spring freshness.
We are showing a complete line of Hats and Caps for men
and boys' for spring and summer, all the new shades and
colorings ; hats made for modern men to wear. We can save
you from 25c to 50c on every hat.
Also the most complete line of Gloves for men and boys'
Working Gloves,
Loafing Gloves,
Dress Gloves.
Great Values, Little Prices.
Yours for prices that save you cash,
Wrong end Portland stceet, , MORRISVILLE, Vermont.
A few Pieces of Floor Oil Cloth
at a Cheap Price.
We have a good assortment of Hardware, House Furnishing, Car
penter's Tools. Heavy Pails, Tubs, Wringers, and Iron Sinks at
low prices. Shovels. Forks, Hoes, Garden Rakes, etc. Nails,
Barbed and Plain Wire, Poultry Netting.
Morrisville, Vermont.
Closing Ou
inter Stoc
Our goods consist of Heavy Ulsters, and Overcoats for men, boys
and children, Men's Suits and extra heavy Pants, Underwear and Over
shirts, Shoes and Rubbers of all kinds, Gloves and Mittens of best quality,
men's extra heavy hose.
All the above mentioned goods are cftered to be closed out at half
price at the large establishment of
Opposite Post Ollice,
his P
ap&r 52
see what a pretty cape you can
buy for f 5 ; better ones of course.
Spring Hosiery. All ready for -you
in the hosiery seciion. Many
sorts, many prices, but all good,
honest sorts, and all at very low
prices, consisting of all the latest
patterns, the lace effects, drop
stitch boot patterns, etc.
Spring Underwear. Are you
thinking of changing from the
heavy winter kind to the thinner
ones? If so we would be glad to
have you inspect our new line as
everyone is a money saving value
owing to the fact that they were
bought last November before the
big advance in cotton yarns.
Umbrellas Recovered While
You Wait. Have you a good
frame that you would like to have
covered ? If so bring it to us and
in a few minutes you can go away
with your umbrella as good as
new. Trices from 75c to 81.50
Pulley Pelts and Pulley Belt
Sets. We are showing a large
line of Pulley Belts and sets in
black and colors, comprising some
of the very latest ideas out. No
trouble to show them to you.
mimil STORE.
We now offer the- public the great
est bargains ever mentioned in the
history of storekeeping in Lambille
county. In order to make place for
our new -spiing stock, we will st II out
all our winter gojds at less than half
their actual value. Our goods are of
the best quality, make ar.d design ;
all you purchase of us you can return
if not satisfactory and your money
will be returned as cheerfully as it
was taken. .
k !

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