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Gems Gleaned From tbe Teachings
of All Denominations.
The greatest thought which can en
gage the human miufl Is that mortal
man can become a companion of the
Infinite God. Rev. J. W. Brockway,
Fresbyterian, Slatington, Ta.
The great trouble with men today is
the lack of strong, positive, life com
pelling convictions. Eev. YV. B. Thorp,
Congregatlonallst, Chicago.
A Reality.
We men and women can make the
sovereignty of love and the reign of
Justice a reality. Rev. William T.
Brown, Congregationalism, Rochester.
The Jews.
Justice, mercy and brotherllness will
Co more to bring the Jews to Jesus
than all the evangelism which Chris
tians can put forth this side of heaven.
Rev. J. Clayton Yonker, Methodist,
A Fall Gospel.
We preach a full gospel because the
world Is watching and waiting for a
knowledge of the truth and something
that will encourage, cheer, comfort and
Btrengthen. Rev. Marion Crossley, Uui
versalist, Indianapolis.
I A True Christian.
This Is to be a true Christian to
know Jesus as a Saviour and to know
him as a personal friend and thus to
win the grandest of all titles, "the
friend of God." Rev. Dr. Samuel W.
Miller, Presbyterian, IMttsburg.
Man's Return to the Body.
I do not believe that man will ever
return to this body at some future
Judgment day. This erroneous and un
satisfactory notion is contrary alike to
nature and the plain teaching of Holy
Scripture. Rev. F. W. Millar, Uni
versalis!, Chicago.
Ag to a Referendum.
What is the referendum? We un
derstand that the plan of the license
advocates is this: A high license lo
cal option bill will be framed and in
troduced by a Republican, not by a
Democrat as two years ago. Tbe bill
will have the provision that in case it
passes both branches of the Legisla
ture and receives the sanction of the
Governor it shul! take effect on a date
named provided that at a general or
special election to be held prior to
that date a majority of the freemen
of Vermont voiiog at said election
shall have expressed themselves in fa
vor of the law. This is the referen
dum, or the referring the matter to a
popular vote. In case the majority
expressed themselves in favor of the
new law, it would mean its substitu
tion for tbe present prohibitory law.
Bellows Falls limes.
Clayton J. Kinsley, of Burlington,
has gone to Whittier, Cal., where he
will be associated with W. A. Smith,
formerly of Barre, in the publication
of the Whittier News, a weekly paper,
established last February. Mr. Kins
ley was at one time night editor of
the Free Press and has been associat
ed with several other state papers.
You can spell it cough, coff, caugh,
kauf, kaff, kough or kaugh, but tbe
only harmless remedy" that quickly
cures it is One Minute Cough Cure.
G. B. Foss, Hyde Park; F. Hazard, No. Hyde
Park; H. J. Dwinell, Morrisvillej Shattuck &
Son, Eden; J. J. Vearen, Stowe ; Dr. Hubbell,
Wolcott; C. Campbell, Centerville; C. P. Jones,
Johnson ; 0. K. Hayford, East Johnson : N. E.
Baldwin, No. Woloott.
Galveston is taking a census in
order to ascertain just how many
were lost in the great storm. This
fleems to be the only way to approxi
mate the truth. The difference be
tween the population as ascertained
in June and that of the city now will
form a pretty accurate table of fatal
To prevent consumption quickly
cure tnroat and lung troubles with
One Minute Cough Cure.
G. B. Foss, nyde Park; F. Hazard, No. Hyde
Park; H. J. Dwinell, Morrisville; Shattuck
Son, Eden; J. J. Vearen, Stowe; Dr. Hubbell,
Wolcott; C. Campbell, Centerville; C. P.Joiies,
Johnson; C. E. Hayford, East Johnson; N. E,
til. 1.1 ...In Vn 1 '
Reports from all over the countrv
Indicate that the corn crop as a
whole reached maturity without ma
terial damage from tbe frost. As
the crop bids fair to be one of the big
gest on record, this assures its reach'
ing market in good condition and
adds millions to its value.
DeWitt'a Little Early Risers are
prompt, palpable, pleasant, powerful,
puruyiug little puis.
G. B. Foss, Hyde Park; F. Hazard, No. Hyde
Park; 11. J. Dwinell, Morrisville; Shattuck
Son, Eden: J. J. Vearen, Stowe; Dr. Hubbell
Wolcott; 0. Campbell, Centerville: C. P. Jones,
Johnson; O. F. Ilaylord, East Johnson; N. E.
Governor Sayers of Texas esti
mates the loss of life in the great
storm in his state at 12,000 and the
destruction of property at $20,000,
000. Unlike most disasters, tbe
Texas calamity grows worse the
more closely its consequences are ob
Washington, D. C.
Gen ounce Pure Food Co., Le Roy, N. Y :
from tbe use of GRAIN-O that 1 feel I muBt
liny a word to induce others to use it. If peo
pie are interested in their health and tbe wel
fare of their children they will nse no othei
heveraurn. I hnye used (hp'in nil ImtflllllV'.l
I have found superior to any, for the reason
inac it is Bono grain.
Yours for health, C. F. Mveiih.
Tennsylvania Is the big steel pro
ducing state of the Union. . Last year
it turned out G,44G,159 gross tons,
which was a gain of 22.2 per cent
ovpr 1898 and 92.7 per cent, over
louo. And the business is still grow
ing there and elsewhere.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
I , - 1 ?
Vegetable Prcparationfor As
similating thcroodandRegula
ting the Stomachs and Bowels of
Promotes Digcstion.Chectful
nessandRest.Contains neither
Opium,Morphine nor Mineral.
Not Narcotic.
Junpkm Seed'
Hostile Salli -ytnise
J ippfrrnint .
Jft Carbano&SoJ '
fUrmSted -Clarified
Aiftr -Vintuynai
Ancrfect Remedy for Constipa
tion, Sour Stomach.Diarrhoea,
Worms .Convulsions .Feverish
ness and Loss OF SLEEP.
Tac Simile Signature of
Guaranteed for Five Years,
Mr. Major, the famous cement mm, of New
York, explaius some very interesting facts
about Major's Center t. .
The multitudes wlio use tills standard article
know thai It is many hundred per oeirt. better
than other cements for which similar claims are
made, but a great many do not know why. The
simple reason is that Mr. Major uses the best
materials ever discovered and other manufac
turers do not use them, because they are too ex
pensive and do not all w large proilts. Mr.
Major tells us that one of tlio elements of his
cement cos $-1.75 a pound, and another costs
1Clf3o a gallon, while a large share ol the so-called
cements and ltouid glue upon the market are
nothing more than slxtcencent glue, dissolved
In water or citric acid, and, In some cases, alter
ed slightly in color and order by the addition of
cheap and useless materials. ES3
Majors cement retails for fifteen cents and
twenty five cents a bottle, and when a dealer
tries to eell a substitute you can oViK'iid upon it
that his only otiject is to make larger profit.
The profit on Majoi'g cement is as much as
any dealer ought to make on any cement. And
this is doubly true in view of the fact that each
denier gets ltis share of the benefit of Mr.
Major's advertising, which now amounts to over
-Mum a month, throughout the country. KhUtb
hshed In 1876.
Insist on having Major's. Don't accept any
off hand advice f rom a druggist.
If yen are at all handy (and you will he likely
to find that yon are a good deal more so than
you imagine) yon can repair jour rubber boots
and family shoes, and any other rubber and
leather articles with Major's Hubber Cement
and Major's Leather Cement.
And you w II be surprised at how many dollars
a year you will thus save.
If your druggist can't supply you, It will be
forwarded hvmail: either kind. Free of postage.
We Want 300 Hen
In each town in Vermont to use
Morrison's English Liniment. This
liniment will not raise the dead nor
make the blind see, but it will soften
and grow a horse's foot quicker and
better than any other remedy ever
placed before the public. It is an
actual cure for all diseases of the feet
and is equally as good for sore back
and shoulders, sprains, contracted
cords, cuts, swellings and wounds of
all kinds. Sold by all dealers, price
50 cents and 81.00. Your money
back if not satisfied.
The James VV. Foster Co.,
siiirrieZis attention i
Commission Merchant and Whole
sale Dealer In all kinds of
438 Country Produce.
18 Hum K, (CK,H') toweii, Mass.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
worth ;rzn
To Thlm Man.
It may be worth a like sura or even more to von,
S HnKl, Hrn Co., N. P., Much 19, 18S8.
J DMrSlr.: I have used your kendall'eSpftvIa Cure and I
a think H a Rood Liniment. I have cared a Knatln on my bent
mare, and 1 would not take 12d for her, whiii I offered tot 7o
before. I will be pleased to hava your book and raoeipta for
Z thta inclosed atatnp, as 1 read on the cartoon.
S . Truly youre, KRAKK SMITH.
It li an absolutely reliable remedy for hpatlni,
Splln!e,Curbe, l(lns;nonfe,ete. Uemovea ttie bmu-ti and
li aves no scar. Frlre, l ali far 5. Aa a liniment
for family ue It haa no enual. At-k your druvu-lst
Tor kKMPAI.I. S M'AHS ( I UK, also 'A Treatise oa the i.
Horse," the book free, nratldret a
Kstate of Matthew J. Kimball.
Htateof Vermont, District of Lamoille, ss. In
I rebate Court, held at Hyde Park, within and
for said District, on the 18lh day ol September.
A. D. 1900.
An instrument, purporting to be the last will
and testament of Matthew .1. Kimball, late of
Stowe. hi Hiiirl iliulrlol I.....,m...I 1........ ..-
scnted by Anna M. Kimball, the executrix, lor
. , , oiui-rni uy sum i ouri, mat all
persons concerned therein be notllled to appear
at a session thereof, to be held at the Probate
Office in Hyde Park, In said district, on the 8th
day of October. A. I). l'.ioo, at 10 o'clock in the
forenoon, and show cause, if any they have,
aifalnstthe Probate of said will; for which pur
p"?n'f M. '"'Iber ordered, that this order be
published three weeks successively in the News
and Citizen, a newspaper printed at Morrisville
and Hyde Park in this State, previous to said
time of hearliiK. Hv the Court Attest.
We have In stock Hie llnest
grades of Wedding Stationery:
Announcements, Invitations,
Cards, etc., printed and when
the work is coinultted only an
expert an tell that it is not a
job of engraving. We would
like to do your work at the
Job Department of the News
and Citizen Ollice.
No. 171. Diamond.
1. A consonant. 2. "An object by the
wny; by implication; a dwelling." 3.
The plural of "twenty-eight ells of can
vas." 4. A large short horned antelope
loumi m northern India. 5. A gill's
name, menning "noble." C. "Salt;" a
word much used in chemistry and phar
macy. 7. A vowel.
No. 172. Terminations.
Find Words frnin iha f rillnti-inrr I .fin!.
tions all ending in the same shorter word,
wuicn means a place of safety:
1. Seen on the water nml in n forest;
sound made by an animal.
i. An ornamental, inclosed piece of
3. A melodious singer.
4. A large, voracious fish.
5. To enter on board a ship.
6. Strong, stiff.
7. A coin; a visible line or impression.
8. To land from a ship or boat.
0. To take notice, to observeA
- 10. An island in the English channel.
11. A sign of Ore.
12. Listen!
No. 173 Central Acrostic.
Each word described contains the same
number of letters. When rightly guessed
and written one below another, the cen
tral letters will spell the name of a fa
mous battle.
Crosswords: 1. A predicter. 2. A small
fruit. 3. A chief city. 4. To advise. 5.
A musical entertainment. C. Something
used by painters. 7. A famous magazine.
8. Permitted. 9. An assembly of men
Bummoned for consultation.
No, 174. Cbarade,
If you wish to find my first,
Go and look with care
In the dairy, for I'm sure
You will find it there.
When your teacher gives a task
That severe is reckoned,
Don't give up and say, "I can't,"
But to do it SECOND.
When you hungry come from school,
Trooping through the doors,
Then your thoughts will turn to whole
With its toothsome stores.
No. 173. A Tony of roet.
Across my field progress as doth a knight
On half a score of poets to alight;
These bards have been the glory of the
And here behold them in an endless band!
The solution is found by moving three
square; two in a straight line, with one
at a right angle to the last; thus, using
the fourth letter from the preceding one,
as, G-r-a-y, the names of ten great Lng
lish poets may bo found.
Xo. 170. Connected Word Square.
e o o
Left square: 1. "A basket; a hamper."
2. "To look upon; to view." 3. "A cave
or hollow place in the earth used for shel
ter, security, etc.
Uight square: 1. "To pull with great
effort." 2. A vessel of various forms,
usually largest lu the middle and fur
nished with a foot or pedestal, employed
for various purposes, as holding hot liq
uids, or for containing ashes, etc." 3.
"An antelope having the neck, body and
tail like those of a horse.
Central word: "A small wooden mug
or cup."
No, 177. Numerical Enigma.
Composed of 2G letters.
My 1, 4, 14, 11, 10, 10 is a boy's name.
My 5, 0 is a personal pronoun.
My 20, 13, 10, 24 is a girl's name.
My 22, 8, 23 is to expire.
My 17, 25 is a pronoun.
My 7, 10, 18, 2 is a man's name.
My 3, 24. 7, 4, 12 is a servant.
My whole is one of the patriotic sayings
at the beginning of the Revolutionary
No. 178. Central Syncopation.),
1. Take the central letter from a weap
on and leave part of a ship.
2. Take the central letter from depart
ing and leave a Chinese instrument.
3. Take the central letter from a grain
and leave an exclamation.
Pointed Paragraphs.
A soft com U usually hard enough to
Common sense for want of use has be
come uncommon.
Every time a pessimist smiles he feels
ashamed of tt.
There is always more or less flash Ian
guagu in a telegram. Chicago News.
A Funny Word.
Oh, "zebra" is a funny word,
And so 'twill be alwny,
Because while it begins with "a"
It ever cuds with "a!"
Key lo the PnIer.
No. 103. Hidden Animals: Horse-radish.
Lamb-ent. Hat-ion. Cat-aract.
No. 104. Two Well Known Books:
"Tale of Two Cities," "Pickwick Ta
pers." No. 105. Single Acrostic: rrimals,
Berlin. 1. Bengal. 2. Ebro. 3. Boscom
Dion. 4. Lapland. 5. Imbro. 0. Nankin.
No. 100. Charade: Bun-beam.
No. 107. Word Syllables: 1. Bat-tern.
2. Sot-urn.
No. I08.-I)iamond: 1. G. 2. Ell. 3.
Glove. 4. Eve. 5. E.
No. 109. Numerical Enigma: Rome
was not built in a day.
No. 170. Floral Puzzle: 1. Fuchsia
(Few Shah). 2. Virginia creeper. 3.
Balsam. 4. Fhlox (flocks). 5. Blue flag.
5. Four o'clock. 7. Heartsease. 8. Cow
Ilp. 0. Morning glory. 10. Smilox. 11.
Tulip. 12. Larkspur.
O love, iince you and I must walk part,
6pare me one little corner of your heart
A shrine
That shall be wholly mine!
Others may claim, and rightfully, the rest;
If there I know I tun not dispossessed.
All bliss
1, eager, (hall not miss.
And if so be you sometimes offer there.
Though but in thought, the fragment of a
No more
Can I, alas, implore 1
But that is much and shall, forsooth, avail
To make my footsteps falter not nor fail,
Though far '
Our pathways sundered are.
Then, love, since you and I must walk apart,
Spare me one little corner of your heart
A shrine
That shall be wholly mine!
Clinton Scollard in Harper's Dazar.
fler Experience With Two Loversj at
Incle Saui'a Darge Ofllce.
"There seem to be manifold oppor
tunities among the immigrants coming
to America on shipboard for falling in
love, particularly ou the slower steam
ers, when people are thrown together
for a period of from 12 to 18 days,"
says John Gilmer Speed in Ainslee's.
"In this case a worthy young Russian
was cheated out of a very pretty bride
by a likely Italian fellow"- traveler of
the maiden. Strangely enough, she
knew not one word of Italian nor be
a word of Russian, yet the bride's
countryman was jilted, and the panto
mime lovers were married and set
forth gayly and confidently to learn
each other and the great new world
they had entered at one and the same
'Another case was equally ludicrous.
A Swedish maiden of somewhat fickle
mind fell In love with a fellow voy
ager without apprising him of the fact
that she was betrothed to another man
whom she was to meet at the barge
office and marry. It was her intention
to hurry ashore with her new lover
and outwit the former by a prior cere
mony, but the red tape of the office
prevented that, and the first lover came
to welcome his bride. She then as
promptly fell in love with No. 1. But
when No. 2 pleaded and threatened,
she could not decide which one she
loved the better, so she was detained
while the two men haunted the barge
office, glaring at each other.
"When the detention time had elaps
ed," the bride, still not knowing her
mind, was sent unceremoniously back
on the same steamer that brought her
over, both jilted lovers abandoning the
field in despair. But on arriving on
her native soil once more the maiden
dared not face her people, so back she
came, having just money enough to
pay her passage, and sent for lover No.
1. declaring that she loved him the bet
ter, lie replied" that Le was very much
obliged, but as he had already married
a handsomer girl in the interval he was
compelled to decline to come for her.
The maiden then sent word to No. 2 to
like effect, but he declared that he had
had enough of the fickle feminine, and
thus in defeat the maiden was trans
ported back again to face the leers and
jeers of her native hamlet."
Why lie Wanted a Receipt.
There was a lawyer in the Indian
country who had none too good a repu
tation for honesty, says the Chicago
One of the aborigines employed him
to do a little legal business. It was
done to the client's satisfaction, the
fee duly paid and a receipt for it duly
demanded. "A receipt Isn't necessa
ry," the lawyer said. "But I want it,"
replied the red man. There was some
argument, and the attorney finally de
manded his reason. "Since becoming
a Christian I have been very careful
in all my dealings that I may be ready
for the judgment," answered the brave
sentcutiously, "and when that day
comes I don't want to take time to go
to the bad place to get my receipt from
you." The receipt was made out and
promptly delivered.
Largo sun spots, astronomers say,
caused the extreme heattbissummer,
and doctors declare nearly all the
prostrations were induced by disor
ders of the stomach. Good health
follows good digestioD. Kodol Dys
pepsia Cure digests wr at you eat. If
you have indigestion or dyspepsia it
will quickly relieve and permanently
cure you.
G. B. Foss, Hvde Park ; F. Haz ml. No. Hyde
Park; H. J. Dwinell, Movrisvilli : .Shattuck
Son, Eden; J. J. Vearen, Stow : ir. Hubbell,
Wolcott; C. Campbell, Centerville; O.P.Jones,
Johnson; C. F. Hayford, East Johnson; N. E.
Baldwin No. Wolcott.
The maple treesof Vermont escaped
the caterpillar pentthisyear and now
the birches and bficheM are having
their turn. Reports ftom various
parts of Windham county say that
these trees have been attacked by
green worms about one-half an inch
long with bliirhting effect. Great
patches of seared leaves can te seen
on the elopes of tbe Green Mountains.
The most dainty and effective pills
made are DeWitt's Little Early Ris
ers. They are unt quailed for all liver
and bowel troubli s. Nevergripe.
G. B. Foss, Hvde Park: F. Hazard, No. Hyde
Park: II. J. Dwinell, Morrisville; Shattuck ft
Son, Eden: J.J. Vearen, Stowe; Dr. Hubbell,
Wolcott; 0. Campbell. Centerville; O. P.Jones,
Johnson ; C. F. Hayford, East Johnson; U.K.
Baldwin No. Wolcott.
In order to test the assertion "that
75 per cent of the drummers are for
Bryan this year," U. S. Hrownell of
the Brownell Hardware Co. of Uath,
N. Y., kept a record of the political
views of the drummers who called at
his store from July 4 until Septem
ber 1. The vote Bhows: McKinley,
86; Brvan, 9; Prohibition, 2; on tin
fence, 3; total, 99.
Bean th 4 11,8 Kini) Yu Hava Always Bought
it ' u r
n i
i I i
A man siuipiy c.ir.'t imke any sort
of success in Luaiucbj it he's tortured
with backache.
That means if his kidnej-3 are out
of order.
Backache is really kidney ache.
It is one of the first indications of
kidney disease. It's bad enough of
itself, but it leads to a great deal
Unless It is stonped.
Doan's Kidney Pills
There's not a form of kidney trouble
that this wonderful little remedy will
not cure, and the people stay cured;
Mr. John C. Melloou, grocer and
provision merchant at the corner of
Bridge and 7th streets, Lowell, Mass.,
"In the crinnpr r TG I was forced, from
severe pain in tlia ' .1 k, to procure Doan's
Kidney Pills at buoigwood & Co.'s d g
store, at the corner of .Merrimack and Cen
tral streets, and take a course of the treat
ment, it was speedily followed hv absolute
relief, and up to date I have not had a symp
tom of a return."
Doan's Kidney Pills for sale by all
dealers, or sent by mail oa receipt of
price. i-oster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N.
Y., sole agents for the United States.
Remember the name, Doaa's, and
take no substitute,
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
It artificially digests the food and aids
Nature in strengthening and recon
structing the exhausted digestive or
gans. It is the latest discovered digest
ant and tonic. No other preparation
can approach it in efficiency. It in
stantly relieves and permanently cures
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea,
Sick iTeadache,Gastralgia,Crarnps,and
all other results of imperfectdigestion.
Prepared by E. C. DeWItt A Co., Cblcanrx
Tims Table Corrected to one 24, IUCO.
Train !. JaurliDg-tun
8.30 A. M. EXPRESS MAIL due Rutland
11 :05 a. m, Troy 2:10 p. 'm., Albany 2:55
p. in., New York 7:00 p. ni., tellows
Falls 1:25 p. m., Boston 5:45 p. m., IfovU
deuce 7:i5 p. m., Worcester 5:00 p. m.
Springfield 5:47 p. in., Pullman parlor
ear to lioston.
due Rutland 2:00 p. m., Troy 4:-5 p. m
Albany 5:-25 p. in., New York 9:30 p. m.,
Bellows Kails 3:40 p. m., Boston 7:30 p.
m., Worcester 6:55 p. m Springfield
6:18 p. m.. Pullman parlor cars to Boston,
and New York.
1.30 P. M., MIXED TRAIN for Ticonderoga,
Rutland and intermediate stations, du
Ticonderoga 6:45 p. m., Kutland 6 :15 p.m.
5.30 P. M. Local passenger for Rutland and
Intermediate stations, due Rutland 8.00
10.00 P. M. For Boston and New York dllj.
due Rutland 12:10 a. ni., Troy 2:45 a.m.
New York 7:20 a.m., Boston 7:00 a. m.,
Worcester 6:35 a. m., Provldeuce 8:15
a. m. Pulln an buflet sleeping cars to
New York and Boston.
Arrival of Train at Iffurlinfftoia.
4:21 A. M. Night Express, daily, from
New York and Boston 11 :05 a. ni Local
Express from Rutland. 4:20 p. m. Ex
press Mall from Boston. 6:40 p.m.-Green
Mountain Flyer from Boston and New
York. 3:4j a. m. Mixed Train from
E. E. KNOTT & CO., Citv Tic set Atmtv.
Woodbury & Walker Building,
C. B. IIimiAiii), Gen'l Passenger Agt.
H.A.Hodge Traffic Mir.
Petition for Divorce.
December Term, 1900.
vs. son Saekutt of Hyde
SARAH 1. SACKETT. ) Park, ill tlieCdil.ty
of Lamoille, has tiled in the ofllce of the Clerk of
Lamoille C'oun'y Court, bin libel for divorce,
setting forth in subninnce that be was legally
in- rried toSarah I. Runs, tli-n of Hyde 1'nrk in
the County ol Lamoille and State of Vermont,
on the 31st day of October. A. 1)., 1874, by G. W.
Gates, a Justice of the Peace. And your Pet',
tioner fuither rhows that since said man Inge,
and on the second day of Autusr, A. I , l:i", iba
said Surah 1. willfully and without just cause,
deserted your Petitioner for three lonsecutiya
years and ever since doth, and still does reluse
to live and co habit Willi your petitioner, nml
praying that for the caiiKHs aforesaid said niBr.
Hagc may be f'issolved and a Bill ol Divorce
granted unto Jackson fcackett.
And it being made to appear that tbe abl
Sarah I Sai kttt is without this Stale, so that
a citation cannot be served upon tier, therefore,
it Is ordered that notice of the per.denoy of said
libel be given her by publication of the sub
stance thereof, together with this order, In tho
News and Citizen, a newspaper published at
Morrisville and Hyde Paik, in t'ie County of
Lamoille, three weeks successively, the last of
which publications to he a' least six weeks prior
to the first day of the next term of Lamoiltu
Comity Court, to lie held at llydo Park, in the
C'ouniy of Lamoille, on the r'lrsi Tuesday nt
Dec, A. 1). I'.ski, at which time the said Simit 1,
Sacketl is ordered to appear, and show owe,
If any she have, why the piaytr of Miid peutiou
should not be granted.
Given muter my hand at Hyde Tark.In ho
County of Lamoirc, this Mb day of r'epl., A.
I). 11MH). 8 II WAITE. Cleric.
E. B.SAWYER, Attorney lor Petitioner.
Kstate of Horace C, Faunce.
8tate ol Vermont, District of Lamoille, ss. fa
Probate Court, held at Hyde Park, within anil
for nil I I Disirict, on the Isth day of September,
A. 1). MHO.
Walter II. Kniincc, Administrator of tbe estate
of Horace C. Kaunce, late of stowe, tu hiiIiI
district, deceased, makes application to unlit
Court for license to sell all of tbe real estate ol
said deceased, to wit : Home place and 4'a acres
of pasture, representing that the sale Is neces
sary lor the pavimmt of the debts f said
deceased and expenses of administration.
Whereupon, it It ordered by said Court that
said application he referred to a session thereof
to be held at the I'robatu Glllce, tn said Hvde
ParK on the Ctli day of October, . I), liioo,
for hearing and decision thcrton; and it i
further ordered, that all persons Interested ho
notified hereof, by publication of notice of said
application and order thereon, three weeks sue
cesBlvely in the Nkws andCiti.kn, printed at
Morrisville. and Hyde Park, before said time of
hearing, that they may appear at said time am!
place, and, If they s e cause, object thereto.
By the Court. Attest,
48 EDWIN C. WHITE, Judge.

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