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See ad. for Connty Examinations
of teachers.
0. H. Stearns was in Burlington
last Saturday.
Joseph Foster is reported seriously
ill with erysipelas.
Mrs. F.C. Kimball is visiting friends
in Enosburg Falls.
A. E. Partlow was in Morrisville
on business Friday.
Smith Waite was in town on busi
ness last Saturday.
Grace Leland visited friends in
Hyde Park, Saturday.
George Rooney passed last week
with friends in Bakersfleld.
Chesley Hartwell from Essex Junc
tion was home over Sunday.
Miss Iv'zzie Allen visited her uncle
at Essex Junction last Saturday.
Miss Ida Perry of East Hard wick,
visited her friends here last week.
Supt. Ranger visited the. Castleton
Normal school two days last week.
S. A. Andrews of Vergennes was in
town on business Friday and Satur
day. Mrs. J. 11. Hill has gone to Proctor
to be with her sister, Mrs. Balch, who
is ill.
Presiding Elder Nutter will preach
at the M. E. church next Sunday eve
ning.. Mrs. John Waterman from Burling
ton visited relatives in town last
Mrs. Emily Codding has gone to
Lowell to care for a lady who is ill
Will Chandler and Henry Brown
visited at the home of Geo. Whiting
last Sunday.
Miss Drake passed Saturday in
Morrisville with her friend, Miss
Maud Booth.
Mies Eva Sturtevant has finished
her school work in Sheldon and re
turned home.
Miss Eva Campbell has completed
her school work in Jeffersonville and
returned home.
Miss Alice Doty of Morrisville visit
ed her sister, Mrs. L.M.Jones, Thurs
day and Friday.
The friends of Mrs. J. F. Baxendale
will be glad to hear that she is im
proving in health.
Dr. H. D. Martin, the well known
oculist, can be consulted at Hotel
Johnson Mar. 4 and 5.
Rev. S. E. Packard will continue to
hold evening meetings at East John
son throughout this week.
Mrs. Phillips returned on Saturday
from a two weeks' visit to her sister,
Mrs. Ben Nye of Cambridge.
Wm. Cunningham, one of Johnson's
most esteemed townsmen, is very ill
and his recovery is doubtful.
All members of the Sterling Hose
Co. are requested to be present at
their rooms on Tuesday evening beb.
Pneumonia is prevalent. Mrs. S.
D. Whiting, Mrs. Samuel Scribner and
Mr. Tatro being among the more re
cent cases.
Mrs. B. A. Hunt has been appoint
ed superintendent of the Junior
League meetings hereafter, at 4:30
Sunday p. m.
Miss Jessie Osgood, who has been
visiting in Newport, the last two
weeks, has returned and is with her
sister, Mrs. E. U. French.
Arrangements have , been made
wherebv the "Stevenson String Quar
tet" will give an entertainment at
the time first agreed upon, Feb. 22,
John Miner has rented the store on
the Bradley place recently bought hy
Albert Lambert, and will remove his
meat market thereto from W. H
Miss Stella Meacham, who has been
teaching since the Thanksgiving va
cation, has finished ber school work
and resumed her studies in the Nor
Fercy C. Sinclair, who has been a
student at the Worcester Business In
stitute since last September has finish
ed the course there and returned
Leo Muzzy, a former resident of
this town, died in Swanton, Feb. 10
rnrougn some misunderstanding bis
brother and sister, Joseph Muzzy and
Mrs. Mary Dubray, were not notified
of his death until after the burial had
taken place.
At the meetine' of the "Wavb nnA
Means Society" last Thursday the
following officers were elected : Free
ident, Mrs. J. R.Hill; Vice President
Mrs. Li. Jr. Jones; Secretary anc
Treasurer, Mrs. D. G. Holmes; Di
rectresses. Mrs. W. n. Leslie. Mm. .T
D. Odell, Mrs. 0. G. Buck, Mrs. E
Uoolidge; literary torn., Mrs. E. G
frencn, Mrs. u. n. Stearns, Mrs
P. Jones.
It is much to be regretted that Dr
Walter Heath of Richmond, a former
Johnson boy, has failed in health so
that it was thought best for him to
go to Florida. He recently took a
post graduate course in a New York
hospital and it is understood that he
started from there on his southern
trip. His many friends here hope
that he may find speedy recovery in
the milder chmateof thesunnvsouth
Residents of Johnson flatter them
selves usually that they are not a
long distance from Burlington. But
there are times when it takes two
days and one sight to get there and
back. Then it seems as if 35 miles
are a long distance. Perhaps that was
the way it seemed to Prof. Atwater
when he was stranded at Essex Junc
tion last Wednesday night and was
only able to get into Johnson Inure
day afternoon with the assistance of
a pair of horses. There are times
- when horses are more useful than lo
W. H. Messer of Barre is in town.
L. C. Camp was in Burlington Mon
B. E. Buzzell is town from Bellows
Will Shaw of Bethel was in town
See ad. for County Examinations
of teachers.
Mrs. Melvin Gibbs is very ill with
Mrs. Orlando Garey is visiting rel
atives in Calais.
Henry Nelson was at home from
Moretown over Sunday.
Frank Rock haseugaged with Miles,
McMahon & Cd. for a year.
James Gosrgins is at his home in
Middlesex, i;l with the grip.
Chan E. McCuen and son are pass
ing a few days in Burlington.
Crit Brown has been sick recently
with threatened pneumonia.
H. S. Andrews of Burlington visited
his family here over Sunday.
Rev. 0. D. Clapp of Burlington was
in town several days last week.
Alpine Lnce has purchased the
Quinn land adjoining thecemetery.
Mrs. Dow Smith entertained a party
of ladies "at tea" Saturday evening.
W. A. Smith expects to move to his
house on the West Branch road this
The Mt, Mansfield creamerv is pay
ing its patrons 22 cts. for January
Miles, McMahon & Co. are loading
a car of wool this week, paying 18
cts. per pound.
Justin Robinson has purchased the
George Wakefield farm withthestock
etc. for $2,250.
Fred Ploof's little son, Elmer, died
Wednesday after a brief illness with
membraneous croup.
L. A. Pike is on a business trip to
the West, taking in Chicago, Minnea
polis and other cities.
H. E. Shaw has been drawn as jury
man a t U. S. District Court to be held
at Burlington next week.
Owing to other attractions Friday
night, the next dancing school will
be held Wednesday night.
Rev. Father Mailett of St. Andrews
church, Waterbury, held Mass in
G. A. It. hall Sunday morning.
Mr. Elirakim Bigelow has been sick
with pneumonia, but at this writing
is thought to be a little better.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Downer of
Hard wick have been the guests of
Mrs. Downer's sister, Mrs. M. C.
Among the numerous victims of
the grip the past week have been II.
E. Shaw, E. J. Smalley and G. H.
Dr. Martin, the oculist, is now
located at Green Mountain Inn to re
main until Feb. 25. Consult him
about your eyes.
Frank Ingalls was at Saxtons
River several days last week looking
for a favorable location in which to
open a paint hop.
u. w. liuzzeii wisnes to extend a
cordial invitation to everyone to at
tend his anniversary dance at town
hall Friday evening.
A large party of young people from
Waterbury enjoyed a sleighing trip
to Stowe Tuesday night taking Bupper
at Green Mountain inn.
Mr. A. Cox, who has been sick with
the grip for the past week or two
sojourns, while convalescing, with
bis daughter in Montpelier.
Miss Nellie Watts has been absent
from her duties at the Graded school
for a few days on account of illness
Miss Harriet Savage has been teach
ing in her stead.
The third entertainment of the
lecture course comes Friday evening,
Feb. 22, when a lecture will be given
by Rev. Thomas McClarey, a well
known and popular platform orator
Charles Hopkins went to Waterbury
Saturday intending to take his wife,
who has been an inmate of the Ver
mont State Hospital at that place,
to Lowell, Mass., for a visit to her
The Rummage Sale so far amounts
to $98.00 and will be open for busi
ness Saturday, h eb. 23, and several
days next week. Send in your old
truck. It can be sold. A little later
the names of all persons who have
contributed to this sale will be pub
The subject of the morning sermon
at Unity Church will be "Cleansing
from within." The evening service
will be held as usual at 7 o'clock.
Subject: Lessons from the Life of
Washington. The service will be
conducted by Thomas Douglas. The
Hon. Geo. Wilkins will give a brief
address. A cordial invitation is ex
tended to all to attend these services
The sad news of the death of Geo.
F. Delano, a former resident of Stowe,
has reached here from Arkansas, where
he was visiting one of his former
neighbors of Missouri. Mr. Delano
has been a resident of Trenton, Mo.,
since he left Stowe. Further parti
culars concerning his death have not
yet reached his relatives here. He
leaves one daughter, Mrs. Bertha Van
Horn of Canyon City, Colorado, and
two nephews In Vermont, W. w
Delano of Morristown, and H. U,
Delano of Elmore.
A new vestry and audience room has
been completed at Unity church. The
work was done under the auspices of
the Young People's Fraternity but
tbe has received the cordial
assistance and financial aid of the
entire society In its task. The new
room is about 20x25 feet in dimen
sion and Beats about seventy-five
people without crowding. It 1b pret
tily carpeted and painted and makes
a bright and cosy place for the small
er church services. In this connec
tion, although strictly enjoined by
the modest pastor not to mention
his name, the writer cannot resist ex
pressing the pleasure which the peo
ple of Stowe, regardless of creed, feel
at Mr. Gale's decision to remain here,
and their appreciation of the work
which he is doing'.
School closed last Friday.
There was a service in the Advent church
Mrs. Gallup has been Bick the past week
with the grip.
Artie Ruhb clofed his school in the Daven
port district, last Friday.
Quarterly meerinir next Sunday. Presiding
Eldi r Nutter will be preteut to 'preach tbe
Quarterly board meet next Snturday even
ing at half punt seven at the M. E. vestry at
Mrs. Lucy Whipple is working for Mrs. .1.
F. Holton. The condition of Mrs. J. F.
Holton, who is ill, remains about the same
as at last report.
Mrs. F. O. Lunt, who has been caring for
her mother during the past two weeks, re
turned with her husband Monday to their
home in Belvidere.
Mrs. Hannah Churchill visited her mother
living in Oraftsbury, Inist Wednesday, finding
her in good spirits and enjoying a good de
gree of health, considering her advanced age.
The revival meetings came to a close lust
Sunday afternoon. Much benefit was derived
from these meetings. The sympathy and
prayers of the people go with the evangelist
to their new field of labor.
Mrs. Will Peo is in very poor health.
Mr. Lane's baby is some betterat this writ
ing. See ad. for County Examinations of teach
Mrs. Will Silloway is much improved in
E. W. Potter is passing a few days with W.
N. Silloway.
Miss Gertrude Peo is housekeeping for her
aunt, Mrs. Ed Peo, for a few days.
Mrs. A. J. Olmstead, who has been sick a
long time went to St. Albans last Saturday.
Mrs. Cora Cutler accompanied her.
Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Sillowav are seriously
ill with grip at the home of their daughter,
Mrs. G. A. Morse of Morrisville, where they
have resided for several years. Mrs. silloway
is some better at this writing.
Calvin Allen died after a long illness, on tbe
13th. '
Mrs. B. J. Kelley returned to Morrisville on
Arthur Fairbanks was in St. Alba da one
day last week.
H. A. Jackson and mother visited his sister
at Wolcott last week. ,
J. Winford Parker visited his sister. Mrs. E
H. Bhattuck, last week.
Miss. Lessie Davis has finished ber (cbool
work and returned borne.
Mrs. Diana Foster recently visited her
daughter, Mrs. ueo. Drown.
Chas. Bragg bad a beautiful young deer on
exhibition in tne village on Saturday.
Dr. H. D, Martin, the noted oculist, can be
consulted at the hotel in this place March 6
and 7.
Mrs. Irwin Hatchins died, after a long ill
ness, on the 16th. She waa the only duugh
ter of Harmon Hulburd. i ...
Irwin Brown returned from Nashua, N.fl.,
on Saturday. He goes soon to Greensblro
to work in a store tor 13. M. Willey. ;
Officers of the Cornet Band elected Friilav
Leader, rrank Miller; Asst. Leader, M E.
Mann ; Secretary, F. Miller; Treasurer, 0 G,
Kelley. ;
C. V. Bailey is in the fish and oyster trade.
Miss Ina Swift is visiting her sister, Urs
Lucia at Essex Junction.
F. W. Silloway was called to Morris; lie.
Sunday to see his father, who is conBiaared
aangerausiy in. It
Deacon Gray, an old and respected citizen,
ptutseu quieuy uway .veanesaay 01 last veek
Mrs. H. H. Bangs met with an accident one
day last week W bile out in a shed she dip
ped down, striking her head on the corner of
a box, brnising her face badly. She bag the
sympamy oi ner many irienus. ". i
H. I. Amadon and Mrs. Wicks were pro
nounced man and wife the other day at the
nome oi nr. Amaaon, on tiara Wood Flat.
The groom is a respected citizen, has children
who were in need of a housekeeper. The whole
community wisti tnem long and happy lives,
,. EDEN.
Clifton H viand is counted among the ailing
one. , i
Mrs. Mary Kettell is still very low; failing'
is the reply to iuquiring ones.
Israel DeZotell has purchased tbe farm that
be has occupied lor several years, of Mrs.
Mary juiieii.
Next meeting of Aaron Keeler Corns tin. fll
W. K C. will be held at their hall in North
Hyde Park, Saturday p. m March 2d. All
memDers are urged to be present,
Guy Rogers visited his parents the riant
week and Friday started for his new field of
labor, nead-qnarters at w bite Kuer Junction.
f riends wisn mm success in his new venture.
Miss H. N. Jones gave a very interesting
discourse Sunday a. m., subject found in
Mark 13: 35, 36, 37. Miss Jonea will he here
but one Sunday more, on her first year of
taoor witn us. nne is to nave avication and
is expected to return lor another year.
Match meeting is close npon us again and
with it comes tbe usual scrambling for town
office. Candidates are thicker than pack ped
dlers and fully as persistent, the merits and
demerits of office seekers are plain W set forth
in every gathering, not excepting church ser
vices, loeiore ana alter.;
A synopsis of the report given hv LennArri
Hutcbins Pres. of the Y. P. 8, C. E. of KHn.
may be interesting to other societies and we
give it lor nine months commencing March 1
1900. ending Dec. 1, 1900. This society has
24 active and 9 associate members. During
the nine months 11 have united with the so
ciety, 8 by, confession S by letter, 6 have
united wnn me cnurcn. average attendance
lor tbe nine months 60. Smallest attend
ants March 4, seventeen being present, larg
est attendance September 30, ninety seven
being present. One fact is worthy of mention,
each active member is ready to do big or her
duty as it presents itself.
8ce ad. for County Examinations of teach
ers. P. H. Lamphere was in Wolcott over Sun
day. R. McGookln has finished workin Eden and
returned home.
David Towne's little baby has been sick,
but is better at this writing.
P. P. Lamphere met with a loss last Fri
day morning. Mrs. Lamphere as awakened
by a noise which proved the house was afire.
It was one o'clock in the morning, They soon
summoned Mr. Kid red and family who live
near by. By hard work they sated mott of
the household goods but lost about 75 bu.
of potatoes and- a large quantity of grain!
Mr. Lamphere carried no insurance, lie In
tends to rebuild in the spring. (je and his
family are now stopping at the home of Mr
Holbrooke i :' i T 1
Dr. Wm. Fobs is quite poorly these days.
Miss Ethel Foss is assisting Mrs. W. H. Nye
of Johnson about her household cares.
Miss Minnie Parker closed a very successful
term of school at Eden Corners last Friday.
Homer Kneeland has a horsethat. isn't feel
ing very well these days. Symptoms indicate
death in the near future.
Candidates for town nflWa UN aa a,.ara am
hens' teeth as yet. The time draweth near.
hnnU . U J. l
i, luipvt intf utile, ooys.
Rev. Nelson Parker frnm M clinnw.avilla V
Y., is visiting relatives and friends in this
vicinity, of which be has many.
The ai-bestn scare in Eden, the panther
fright and whooping cough terror in this
vicinity, have all subsided for the present.
Most of the aick heretofore referred 1 n urn
on the gain and are all right, if they don't let
iueir apperneg get tne advantage of them.
Good attendance1 at, hoth nhlirchpa Sun
day, regardl-ss of the forbiding wather.
Airs. t. ross led the Sunday evening meeting
in the Cong'l church.
The weather the past few davs was all thnt
could be desired, and more too. We won't
try to ascribe it, least we make Bome mis
take and have to apologize.
There will be a business meetine of S W.
Hinds Camp, No. .51. S. of V.. at their hall
Saturday evening, Feb. 2:1, at 7:30 o'clock.
All membeis are requested to be present.
When a person gets to that Deriod in life
that he can't speak the truth about any
thing or anybody under any cirsumstances,
he better keep still and not Bay much of
anything about it. (We aren't talking much
thof-e days.)
Willie Fletcher, formerlv a North Hvde
Park boy, now one of the leading business
men of Springfield, Mass., spent a short time
last weeK calling on bis old friends in this
vicinity. Business called him home before he
saw half his friends.
The twenty-fifth wedding anniversary of
Deacon and Mrs. Sanford Place was verv
pleasantly celebrated Saturday evening, Feb.
9. v A very interesting paper, previously com
posed by their oldest daughter Alcie for the
occasion, was read by her. Oysters were
served. Bongs were sung, and after a late
hour, all went bome very hnppy.
Tbe twentlpth anniversary at the home of
John Amidon's on Ober hill was well attended
on the afternoon and evening of the 12th
insc, considering the weatner which was sub
limely terrible. The tokens of esteem pre
sented to Mr. and Mrs. A. by Ilev.D. Giegory
on uenan oi meir irienos and neighbors, to
the amount of twenty dollars, were kind! v re
sponded to by Mr. A. and wife. We hope to
oe present in tne nesn instead of the spirit at
their next anniversary.
We desire to ask forgiveness and say we are
sorry for the error we made last week rela
tive to the new baby which arrived at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Allen. I should have
said Mr. and Mrs. Herman Allen, which
would have saved Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Allen
several sleepless nights, also Dea. L. F. Allen
and wife much anxiety. They both are busi
ness men and know a good thing when they
see it, but were not prepared at this time for
any calamity of that kind. Again we beg
Found. Saturday, lost at Charlie Knee
land's, the little Frenchman named Dave, and
he wishes to say while he thinks of it that
Mr. Sargent wants to hire a good man to
drive team, and George being a man that
likes a good chew of tobacco, he wants a man
that has plenty of it. He must get up at
four o'clock, take care of the team, milk 15
or 20 cows, feed as many head of yonng
Stock, clean out stables, bring in wood, cnt
up turnips, bring in water, and other things
too numerous to mention, and be ready for
breakfast at six o'clock sharp. Dave Bays be
hopes some good man will see this eo that
Mr. Sargent can hire him. George is willing
to pay flu a montn; would pay f 12 if a man
is willing to go to tbe agents for him and will
not objict to being made a boot-jack of.
- ' DAVE.
A Card.
We, the undersigned, do hereby agree to
refund the money on a fifty cent botte of
Greene s warranted nyrnp ot tar, it it fails to
qure your cough or cold. " We also warrant
a 25 cent bottle to prove satisfactory or no
L. B. Sherwin, Apt., Hyde Park,
Frank Laraway, watervllle.
J. V, Stevens, Watcrville.
M. Shattuck A Son, Eden.
G.B. Foss, Hyde Park.
C. C. Fisher. No. Wolcott
Morrisville, Vermont, Feb. 25
"County Court"
By an A LI, STAR COMPANY and a Com
bination of Clever Vaudeville Artists,
Sensational Scenes, Thrilling Climaxes
Uellghtful Comedy.
A Vermont Play By a Vermont Author.
Don't miss the
Prices: ... 25, 35 and 50 Cents
Seats on sale at usual places.
This is the Time, and we are ready to
and put your Bicycle in running order for the
early spring. Have .your tires repaired or
replaced now and be ON HAND. Our prices
will be as low as any man can do GOOD,
FAITHFUL work for. When we clean a
wheel we clean it all.
E. E. Holmes & Co,, Johnson
to Burlington, or have to send away
for Hardware, think of us. This will
surely happen, so please remember.
We're Hard warists. We carry every
thing in that line from a Tack up, and
guarantee it, too. Then wo always
have something special.
Here's one.
Muresco. It's a wall finish. Takes
the place of Wall Paper. It's better
than paper, looks better and last
longer. It's easier to put on, and
cheaper than anything else.
Comes in white and colored tints.
White cost 4 cent per pound and will
-cover a hundred feet square.
The Old Hardware Place,
Oppoalte Y. M. U. A.
Do Not Wait any Longer I
The time is limited and we
have but a Few Days
more to stay in town and
the stock is still large.
till the sizes will be broken
and the best goods gone.
Delay means losing it all.
You have the opportunity
to buy
So profit by it ! Bring us your dollar and get 2 dollars' worth of
the best and up-to-date goods in exchange. You all know that we
purchased the Bankrupt Stock of M. Rosenberg & Co., of Morris
ville, Vt, by Sheriff Sale at 40 per cent, and we know that we sell it
at less than 50 per cent. So don't hesitate. The man who hesitates
loses the'prize. Don't wait till the opportunity will be out of your
reach. We don't wan't you to be disappointed 'when you hear we
are gone and you have nothing to remember this great Sale of Sales
with. So hurry and come. Come at once to the
Great Closing Out Sale of
Bankrupt Stock
- - Vermont

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