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Come and sec us, if
We have a most complete line of Spring Samples
to show you in all wool materials, including the
swellest imported fabrics from the best mills of
England and Scotland.
When you sec our new fabrics for Spring
you will be delighted with their harmonious
colors and their new striking weaves. But the
things that will appeal to you when your suit
Is in your possession is the "Dignity" of the
style and ''Durability" it will give you in the
Come and let us help you in selecting your
suit for spring. We guarantee the fit.
K. O Coomb h;i 1 1 i - iifv lihif'ksniitli
shop in i ni'iiiu (ii ill r and is wiv n;i'T
lor buniiii !.
A'bei to Jsiiei i ism very i health,
sulf:ii iiii; from sin m.i:k of ;i:n. ami a
bronchial trouble.
Hereon D.lvis ami wifii of Monisvilh;
TeriK gu fits last Su "lay at ilm lionn of
jfjfo. Ivvs anil ailV.
! The Misses Eilie and jet.'yu fiherword
of Cady'n Falls were at home Sunday.
Tbey were accompanied by their giand
father, Jay Sherwood.
Mr. and Mrs. Willard Tripp" of Albany
were guests a part of last week at tbe
borne of Arthur Munson. They also vis
ted at tbe home of Normiu Hull at
Cleavland Corners.
A letter recently received by Mrs. Er
nest Buttei field from her sister, Mrs. C.
B. Swift of Fort Vortb, Tex?s, stated
that their mother, Mrs. Edward Davis,
had safely arrived there. Tbe same let
ter contained tbe sad news of tbe death
of her little dauchter Lilah, aged about
17 months. Mr. bwift's people have tbe
sympathy of their many friends here.
Vf , Flush Gas Wells With Mud.
T: What gives promise of an important
tep in conserving the supply of natur
al gas of the United State3, says the
American Machinist, has been devel
oped by experiments made by the bu-'
reau of mines of the department of the
Interior. The system is said to ha ex
ceedingly simple and to consist prin
cipally of pumping a mud-laden liquid
into the oil wells and in the adoption
of certain modifications In the present
methods of homing. Tests Just com
pleted in the Oklahoma oil fields are
reported to have resulted in an annual
avaving to the state alone of at least
$15,000,000 by shutting, oft the escape
of gas.
This Cockatoo Crops Wood.
John Rube, of Kingscliffe, Tn'orth
nts, has an eighteen-year-old silver
crested Australian cocatoo which not
only talks and "sings" but has a ma
nia for "chopping" wood. Each day
the housekeeper provides her helper
with a starch or soap box and the bird
breaks it up with its beak into short
and thin pieces suitable for firewood,
any nails in the way being drawn.
"The amount of labor that bird has
saved in the way of wood chopping
is enormous," the housekeeper says.
"The only thing I have to da is to see
that there is no paint on the boxes."
New "Sork Sun.
Signs of Health.
"Every healthy girl is born to look
Into shop windows, to laugh a little,
to flirt a little, and to gloat over new
clothes." Warwick Lteping.
only out of curiousity. k
Garfield Road
C. E. ISi ijjliam is sawing a large wood
pile fur Cliius. Cole.
T. II. Dmiels and wife visited at .1. W.
V,il;i linlii's Sunday.
Mrs. Hut-tie Kd-rerton visited lelativs
in this place Thursday,
Mrs. Clara Jones visited her parents in
Elmore one day the past. week.
Mi.'.s Clara Clark was a visitor at C. E.
Biishani's last week Wednesday.
Philo Warren is assisting in the care
of Harry Record, who is quite low.
O. W. Stygles has bad bis telephone
reinstalled, his number being 104 5,
O. H. Hawkins is getting lumber out
for a new barn.which be intends to build
in the spring.
Irving Kelly, son of John Kelly, who
has been quite ill for some time, remains
about the same.
Miss Betsev Stone, who lives with Mr.
Trayan's people, is under the doctor's
care, suffering an attack of rheumatism.
Cady's Falls
Geo. Mudgett is on tbe gain.
Mrs. Delia Billiard is working for
Emily Town.
Miss Ella Taylor was a visitorJatUenry
Jones' last Sunday.
Mrs. Eveiett Calkins was a visitor in
Hyde Park last Friday.
Elmer Houston and wife visited at
Milo Gallop's last Sunday.
Misses Fannie and Jennie Towle were
guests at L. J. Smith's tbe past week.
Everett Calkins and wife were visitors
at Jesse Gilmore's In Hyde Park Sunday.
Word received from Mrs. Geo. Lavarn
way is that she is getting along fine, after
her operation.
Mrs. Geo. Rublee and daughter from
Hardwick were visitors at Oscar Sher
win's over Sunday.
Mrs. Amos Milliard, who has been visit
ing in this place the past few weeks,
went to Johnson Monday.
Mrs. E. K. Seaver went to Burlington
Saturday to visit her sister, who has bad
au operation at the hospital.
Mr. Page, who hat been sick at Cbas.
Miner', is better and went to Allan
Smith's at the Corners for a visit last
Spanish Dignity.
Dignity is the prevailing instinct
among every class in Spain, says a
woman who has spent much time in
that land of romance. The very beg
gars ask for alms with dignity and if
you have nothing to give you do not
shout "Go away!" but if you are a
Spaniard "Go thou with God; I
Lave nothing for thee today."
Mrs. L. B. Peck of Hyde Park Was a
guest Saturday of her daughter, Mr.
John Ovitt.
New Books at the Library
The following books havejust been
added to the Library : Gold, Whiter
Daddy-long-legs, Webster; T. Tembarom,
Burnett; Polly-anna, Fleanor Porter;
Nathan Burke, Watts; Goldeu Kule T1
livers, Cameron; Way Home, King;
House of Happiness, tsosher; llow to
Identily the Stars, Milham; Country
Church, Gill and Pinchot; Familiar Trees,
Mathews; In God's Out ofdoors, Quayle;
Home Games and Parties, Mott; Prayer
What It is and What It Does, McCombs;
Myths and Legends of our own Land,
Skinner; First Book of Stories for tbe
Story Teller, Coe; Works ofRobert Louis
Stevenson. Juvenile Derrick Sterling,
Munroe; Patrists and Tyrants, Lansing;
Barbarian and Noble, Lansing; Myths of
the Red Children, Wilson; Pinnocbio in
Africa, Oherubini; My Life Among the
Indians, Catlin;. Secret of the Clan,
Brown; True Story of George Washing
ton, JBrooks; Jack Among the Indians,
Grinnell; Fall of the Year, Sharp; Spring
of the year, Sharp; Winter, Sharp.
The following books have been given
theLibrary. Life of Garfield.Children of
the Abbey, and The Rangers, ior the
Tory's Daughter presented by AlbertOole
and Reveries of a Ba:helor, the gift of
C. J. Lease. ' "'
Several valuable reference books belong
ing to the late H. H. Powers have also
been given. Among the most interesting
of them is the Records of the Conven
tions of the New Hampshire Grants held
during the years 1776 and '77, written
by Dr. Jonas Fay, L'lerk of the Conven
tions and reproduced in facsimilie from
manuscripts in the Congressional Li
brary at Washington. During his term
as senator, the late Redfield Proctor was
told that in a certain collection in the
Library of Congress there were manu
scripts of interest to Vennonters among
them, records of some conventions on
the back sheets of which a farmer had
kept his accounts. Further investigation
showed that these were the original rec
ords which' Dr. Fay, on leaving Pawlct,
gave to his stepson, Jonathan Saflord.
Some time afterwards, a Mr. l)awon
from New York, claiming to be looking
up the geneology of the Saflord family,
obtained this account book from Mr.
Saflord. When it was returned to its
owner, several pages had been removed.
Mr, Dawson made various attempts to
dispose of these pages and finally sold
them to the Library at Washington.
When Senator Proctor was convinced
of the genuipenesss of the records he
caused iacsimihes to be made, one of
which he gave to Mr. Powers.
When a man begins to take himself
too seriously, everyone else finds him
a joke.
. The wisest person in the? world
would E(.'cni to bt! the one who knows
bis own weakness.
How cordii lly wo would ha t each
other were it not for the graceful
art of prevarication.
Many people are assiduously trying
to cultivate a good memory, while
many others who possess cue, con
sider it a curse.
Some people get credit for extraor
dinary wisdom, merely because they
make themselves unintelligible to or
dinary common sense.
' It is a sore day when one finds that
circumstances prevent the fulfillment
of his ambition; but an infinitely sad
der one when he realizes that this is
the case through his own limitations.
Gabe Toots sez:
It takes three generations to git
soup-eating down right. ,
If It wasn't for moths there
wouldn't be no Great White Ways.
If you want to see a cheap show go
out and watch money buy popularity.
Fear of losing your Job keeps more
men straight than all the other laws
ever thought up.
It won't be long now before they'll
start to puttln' the turkey pictures
back ob the magazine covers.
There ain't nothln' ever goin' to hap
pen to smooth over ther differences
between what you want and what you
Take a little walk down ther street
and you kin see day by day that ther
wommlnfolks has swapped off a little
more self-respect for some more style.
long talker is a short thinker.
Love is brotherhood. Passion is, hu
man nature.
z Tbe way to a woman's heart Is
through a millinery shop
Burnt Aluminum Pans.
If your aluminum pans or kettles
get scorched and black do not scrape
or scour them. Half All with water,
add a heaping teasponful of soda and
boil for ten minutes; they will be as
bright as new. Good Housekeeping
(Jniversalist Church
The pastor took fof his subjdot last
Sunday "The Religion of the Modern
Mtn," this being an epitome, in a cer
tiln sense, of the sermons delivered dur
ing the present pastorate.
The H. M. Rich class and some of its
friends will be entertained at tbe home
of Miss Caroline Powrix KYiri.-lv nvnninir
! of this week. "
Tbe Woman's Mission Circle met this
afternoon at the home of Mrs. Augusta
The "Faithful Band" will give a valen
tine social in the vestry of the ohurch
Saturday evening of this week.
Congregational Church
About sixty of the Juniors gathered
for a social hour Saturday evening last
and all thoroughly enjoyed the occasion.
Mr. Baker will speak next Sunday
morning on "The CroBs the Focal Point
of History." You are cordially invited.
Memory a Storehouse.
Professor Bergson believes that
memory Is Imperishable; that all we
have thought, felt and experienced in
past life is in some way stored up and
may, under favorable .circumstances,
be revived in dreams; and that the
totality of the past is involved in the
present as a rolling snowball gathers
up all that is in its path.
If You Want
YOU can get
them by ad
vertising in this
paper, . It reaches
the best class of
people in this
Use this paper if
you want some
of their business.
tse This Paper
These are the grandest opportunities to save money on the every day necessities
ever offered the people of Lamoille County and if you fail to profit by these reductions
there will be nobody to blame but yourself.
$1.00 Outing Night Gowns for 79c
We find we have too many outing night gowns in colors and to move them quickly you may take jour
ick from these at 79c. Not one in the lot worth less than $1.00.
The colors are black and gray and
o case of too many of them.
Ladies' Camel's Hair Vests and Pants
The Spring underwear is beginning to arrive and we need the room now occupied by tbe heavier goods.
These goods bave sold off the season at $2.00 per garment. Sale price only 75c.
Smart Reductions in Black Cat Hosiery
We bare an over supply of boys' and girls' extra heavy cotton hose in sizes 6 to 10 and to move them
quickly you can help yourself at 19c per pair. We never sold a pair of these before for less than 25c.
Fancy Flannelettes Were 15c Now 11c
Good assortment to choose from and were considered cheap at 15c. Now yon can buy all you want at 11c.
Don't be afraid to buy enough to last for two or three years.
Any Fur Scarf in the Store Half Price
You still have half tbe winter left in which to enjoy them. You never had such aa opportunity before and
probably never will again.
Short Lengths of Wool Dress Goods
Ot have bcn very busv in our dress goods department and as a result bave some short lengths which mast
be sold. If you hove any une for these short lengths you can buy them al a sharp reduction.
Methodist Church
The Camp Fire girls will serve supper
in the vestry this evening, serving from
5:30 until all are served.
The revival meetings are now In prog,
rets and there will be preaching services
every evening this week. A pleasing
feature of tbe services will be the service
of song which will bo interspersed by
solos, diiets and trios by the Misios
Aylesworth and Rev. Mi. Lewis. Monday,
Wednesday and Friday afternoons at 4
or shortly after will be held special ser
vices for the children. Tuesday and
Thursday afternoons a Bible study will
be held at 2:30 o'clock.
Last Sunday evening the union ser
vice called out a large audience to bear
the Hon. W. H. Jeffrey of East Burke,
who gave the addres of the evening.
His subject was "The Need of Restoring
the Uible to the Public Schools of VPr.
mont." Mr. Jeffrey has the saving gift
of humor and did not fail to flavor his
remarks with, the salt of a spontaneous
and original' wit. A large chorus choir
was in attendance, led by the evangelist,
Rev. Mr. Levis.
A combined meeting of the Junior Ep
worth League and the Epworth League
was held last Sunday afternoon. Much
interest was manifested by those present.
Advent Church
Servicesere held as usual last Sunday,
conducted by Everett W. Dyer of So.
Eliot, Maine. In tbe morning he preached
a searching sermon on Prayer, from
1 Thes. 5:17, presenting the negative and
positive sides. First, prayer is not an in
formation bureau for tbe Lord; it is not
using words according to a fixed form; it
jS not an eloquent oration for the pleasure
of hearers. But prayer is heart to heart
communion with God, entreating Him
with trust and thanksgiving. When
should we pray? Any time, but specifical
ly morning, noon and night. Where? In
any place, but have an altar. For whom?
For all, but especially for the saints.
Family worship and secret devotion are
perhaps the most important and helpful.
How? With humility, in the Spirit, and
be definite.
Come to the prayer meeting Wednes
day evening and to the services next Sun"
day. Mr. Dyer will conduct tbe services.
Prayer meetings will be held at the
following homes this week: Wednes
day morning, Mrs. L. L. Camp, IVfrs. S.
Cook and Mrs. George Johnson; Thurs
day morning, Mrs. H. G. Prior, Mrs. Em
ma Marvin and Mrs. Fitch; Friday morn
ing, Mrs. Atcuinson, Mrs. Parker and
Mrs. Wilson. Meetings begin at 10
o'clock. : wa -i
i it
That every added sub
scriber helps to Bale this
paper better for every bod
S)rowne d c
25c Wool Hose for 19c
a good assortment of sizes. Nothing the matter with them, it's simply
i '
Your ill health is due to
a gradual derangement of
your system, caused by
overwork, carelessness, ir
regular habits.
You are weak, emaciated,
nervous; you have lost
your vigor and your con
fidence in yourself.
If you tremble after
small exertion if your
heart palpitates you are
facing a general breakdown
and it is time for you to
take the back track; time
for you to begin rebuilding
your wrecked system.
is unequaled as a rebuildar of
wasted nerve force. It will make
brain and brawn, repair waste,
stay consumption and prevent
nervous prostration, general de
bility and private weaknesses.
Rexall Hypophosphites will
completely revitalize your nerv
ous system.
We have Rexall Hypophos
phites in three forms Cloudy,
Clear and the Tonic Solution.
The Cloudy contains Pyrophos
phite of Iron. The Clear, which
many prefer, is made Without
Iron and the Tonic Solution, a
preparation designed especially
for those who suffer from kidney
or stomach troubles. It contains
no sugar or syrup, yet is pleas
ant to take.
Your money back if not more
than satisfied that Rexall Hypo
phosphites will make you well
Sold only at our store. Mail
orders filled.
A. L. CHEMEY, Druggist
The advertisements in this pa
per represent live, progressive
business men. Read them and
profit thereby.
El? ? n

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