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Minn Leona Perkins spent Sunday at
ber borne In Woloott.
Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Cbeney were visitors
In Burlington Friday.
L. M. MuDson returned Thursday from
a few days' stay in Boston.
F. W. Choate of Readsboro visited bis
fatber, O. D. Choate, Thursday.
Miss May Wilson of Worcester, Mass.,
Is the guest of her sister, Mrs. N. J.
Mrs. J. P. Roy was a guest Thursday
of ber sister, Mrs. X. T. Micband in
C. L. Ovitt of Enosburg Falls was a
visitor in town last week Wednesday and
B. E. Eaton visited Mrs. Eaton at the
Fanny Allen HoRpiial in WinooBki last
Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Wallace are the
parents, of a daughter, Roberta Frances,
born Monday, Feb. 16.
Misses Myrtle Durgan and Winnie
Bedell were guests of friends in Jeffer
sormlle Thursday night.
Miss Grace Gates was a guest from Fri
day until Monday of Miss Hazel Pope at
her home in Greensboro. j
Miss Myrtle Durgan was in St. Johns
bury Wednesday iiight, the guest of her
friend, Miss Elizabeth Bassett.
C. H. A. Stafford visited the State
Hospital at Waterbury last Wednesday
in his official capacity as trustee.
Walter Galbraith of Saskatchewan has
been a guest several days the past week
of his sister, Mrs. Geo. A. Cheney.
Mis. Fitzgerald and daughter, Miss
Jennie Fitzgerald, of Jeffereouville were
guests Thursday of friends in town.
Guy Herrick of Harwick was a recent
guest at the home of bis parents, Mr.
and Mrs. C. II. Herrick, on the Randolph
-The F. W. Mould stone sheds were
closed a couple of days last week on ac
count of the bursting of a hot water
Mrs. Julia Peake. who has been spend
ing several weeks with her daughter,
Mrs. Charles Tift, returned to her home
in Elmore Thursday.
Mrs. E. E. Harris entertained a num
ber of ladies at military whist at her
home on Summer street last Friday even
ing. Refreshments were served.
The second of series of five cent socials
given by the members of Lamoille Lodge,
N. E. O. P., was held last Thursday
evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. T.
H. Daniels.
Through some error a charge of $2 for
water appears on page 44 in the town re
port under the expenditures for the Cole
district, No. 10. which sum should have
Appeared under the expenditures for dis
trict No. 15, the amount being for the
digging of a spring in that district.
E. G. Foss, who has rented the Mal
vern Stock Farm to Mr. Gangnier of
CberibuNCO, N. Y., possession to be given
April 1, reserved and will continue hi
creamery business and feed and grocery
store connected with the farm. Mr. Fo-ts
is having a cream pasteurizer eostalled
and will ship sweet cream to Boston
markets, beginning the middle of April.
He went to Boston Wednesday night on
business connected with the creamery.
Lamoille Grange
The following program wag carried out
at the meeting of Friday evening, Feb.
20: Music, Grange Choir; Paper, High
Cost of Llvinw, H. P. Munson; Recita
tion; High Cost of Living, Mrs. C. A.
Rand; Song, R. U. Farr; Talk, Perma
nent Road Building, G. A. Barrows;
Timely Remarks; Mrs. G. A. Barrows;
Song, Mrs. Harry ?Baker; Question,
Rasolved That the Mail Order Houses
are a Benefit to the Rural Community,
speakers, C. D. Howe, C. J. Story, Mrs.
Maria Tinker; Song, Mrs. J. 11. Mudgett;
What I liked about this program and
why I liked it, Mrs. C. F. Smith.
The District Deputy presented the
Grange with a diploma, which was won
as a prize for good work for the year
1913. The latter part of the evening was
in charge of the social committee. A
guessing contest was given and other
features ot entertainment. A recitation
was given by Mrs. R. H. Farr and a song
by Kenneth Dodee.
The following program will be carried
out at the meeting of Feb 20, afternoon
session: Music, Grane Choir; Roll call,
pertaining to the month of February,
Recitation, Honest Abe, Mrs. J. R.
Parker; Reading, The White House,
Mrs. A. I. Boy n ton; Inangration March",
Mrs. J. H. Mudgett; Reading, Life of
Washington, Mrs. E. E. Ryder; Song.
Abe Lincoln Beats Them All, Grange
Choir; Reading, Friday and Thirteen,
Mrs. E. G. Sherwin; Presidential ques
tions and answers; Song, The Man We
Will Always Love, Mrs. J. H. Mudgett;
Our Presidents, Rev. R. D. Cranraer;
Paper, Is the Farmer of Today Happier
Than the Farmer of Forty Years Ago?
Geo. W.Clark; Music, Missloda Camp
bell; Discussion Which ii the better
market for butter with the farmer, the
retail customer, the creamery, or the city
contractor? speakers, L. S. Small, E. G.
Sherwin, J. II. Mudgett; Are the winter
evenings on the farm spent as profitably
as they might be? How can each member
of the family improve their use? Mrs.
Anna Dodge.
This meeting occurring the same week
of tbe Agricultural meeting, it ii hoped
it may not prevent a good attendance at
the Grange. It is also hoped the ladies
will all attend if the men are busy.
Peculiar Alter Effects
of Grip His Year
Leaves Kidneys In Weakened Condition
Doctors in all parts of the country have
been kept busy with the epidemic of grip
which has visited so many homes. The
aymptons of grip this year are often verj
distressing and leave the system in a run
down condition, particularly the kidneys
whioh seems to suffer most, as almost
every victim complains of lame back ana
urinary troubles which should not be
neglected, as, these danger signals often
lead to dangerous kidney troubles. Drug
gists report a large sale on Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root whiok so many people say
soon heals and strenthens the kidneys
after an attack of grip. Swamp-Root is
a great kidney, liver and bladder remedy,
and. being an herbal compound, has a
gentle healing effect on the kidneys,
is almost immediately noticed in most
cases by those who try it. Dr. Kilmer
& Co., Binghamton, N. T., offer to send
a sample size bottle of Swamp-Root, on
receipt of ten cents, to every sufferer who
requests it. A trial will convince any one
who may be fn need of it. Regular size
bottle 50cts. and $1.00. For sale at all
drug).i- is. Be sure to mention this paper.
Describing a Lost Dog
The following rjotico was lately pub
lished in a Northern Peninsula paper by
a French CanadUu:
Loosed. O if D vaa !
Been loose him bout uv.e week. Him
white dawg, most all woke with him tail
cut off most close to her body. Nune
Bruno, on collar, which him loose Inst
fall. Anybody find him bring her to me.
I belong to him, and I give good rewards
for sune. Black spot on him nose bout
size fifty cent or dollar piece Canada
monev or United States all same. Bring
him for Felix Carno hind side Metliody
Church, bout tree block from house up
stair with green paiutiug.
A Pioneer Among Telegraphers
Charles E. Bliss, an old-time telegra
phsr and former postmister at Bingor,
Me., died last week after a brief illne-ts.
He was born in Bradford, Vc, July 22,
1833. Mr. Bliss was one of the first op
erators to rea l by sound. Iu his early
days he was employed in Bot.tou. He
is survived by a son and a daugter, Rev.
Alfred V. Bliss, pastor of Winslow Mass.,
Congregational Church of Taunton, and
Mrs. C. A. Ufford of Dorchester Mass;
Who Shall Begin?
Within the church there is a life
that either repels or draws those who
are outside the church, says the Sun
day School Times. If a church is oc
cupied with controversy, and there is
a spirit of dissension among the mem
bers, one who is outside is not drawn
by this fact to seek fellowship with
that group. Many a church to which
no accession of membership has come
in a long while, may fairly ask Itself
whether the life in that church is hos
pitable to the convert. In one neigh
borhood where church dissension ana
rivalry had worked much harm, a
number of persons who desired to
unite with one or another of the
churches delayed so doing, and one of
them said to a frfend: "We are only
just waiting for some one to begin."
No one seemed eager to be the first
to enter into a local fellowship where
strife was in the atmosphere. Many
a church may have, Just outside its
doors, those who are waiting wait
ing for the church itself to begin to
show that it is a center of the Chris
tian fellowship of love and service.
It is not enough to say that those out
side ought to come in. Those who are
within often need to begin by making
sure that the fellowship of believers '
to which they invite others is a Chris-
tlan fellowship.
Look Higher.
Any outlook on life is likely to prove
disappointing unless it is an upward
one. The student of art or literature,
too easily satisfied with bis own at
tainments because they are not so
Tery far behind those of his compan
ions, needs the warning "Look high
er!" In order that he may rightly
estimate what he has gained, be needs
to adjust his scale of values by com
parison with the work of the great
masters. His models should not be
tbe mediocre but the giants! The
same message comes in those mat
ters that concern the life of the soul.
Even the Christian believes, who haa
much to stimulate and teach him in
the lives of those of his fellows whose
faithfulness and zeal have made them
conspicuous in the history of the
church, must still look higher, not
unto these witnesses, but "unto Jesus,
tae author and nerfector of our faith."
Horse's Endurance.
To test the staying powers of a
thoroughbred horse a New Jersey man
rode an animal from New York to
Chicago. He covered the first 700
miles in less than 12 days of actual
riding. This horse once made the
distance of 78 miles in 24 hours, car
rying a rider over the mountains be
tween Johnstown. Pa., and Pittsburgh.
big"surprise to many
in morrisville
Locil people are surprised at th
QUICK results received from f simple
buckthorn barkglycerine, etc , as mixed
in Adler-i-ka the German remedy which
became famous by curirp appendicitis.
A. L. Cheney stVcs thaOhU simple rem
edy antiftepticize the digestive system
and draws off the impnri'ies si thorough
ly that A SIVGLE DOE relieves sour
stomach, gas on tbe stomach and eor-
stipation INSTANTLY. Uv
Our Green Mountain Chain
Oh, Grand old chain of mountains
Mv thoughts I turn to thee
As from mv qaiet cottage
1 view thy BOenery.
Nears now the shades of evening
All forms are seeking rest;
The wind is so My blowing
Dark clouds from out the west.
Old Luna's light falls softly
Down o'er our hill aud vale,
While your fair orests rise proudly
Above our coin mou scale.
Far circled in the distance
As far as can be sonn
Are thy towering walls about us
Kobud in their garb of green.
You stand as a faithful sentinel
One grand old Emeral chain
No blizzard e'er can reach us
Or furious hurricane.
Well guarded by thy walls of strength
We can siuK in sweet repose
'Til we hail asjaio a glorious moon
Whose soft radiacce o er us lluws,
Away in the clear blue distance
Lies Mani-fiohl's uplurned f ice.
Communing twixt earth and heaven
Jn his wondrous state of grace.
As long as our streams flow onward
Our country aud state remain
Vermont, our fail y Goddess
Will wear her hmeralil chain.
Rossie B. Rooney
The Druggist's Diagnosis.
People who go to apothecaries to
have their diseases prescribed for oc
casionally get very strange diagnoses.
One day a fanner, wearing a lout!
countenance, is said to have entered
an apotuecurys snop aim remaruen.
"1 seem to have something queer in
my stomach, and I want you to give
me something for it."
"What are your symptoms V" the
apothecary asked.
'Every little while something seems
to rise up and then settle back again,
and by and by it rises up agaiu."
The nH)thecary put bis chin iu the
palm of his hand and meditated.
"Look here." he said uraveiy. "you
haven't gone and swallowed iim eleva
tor, have you 7" Pittsburgh Clirouirle-
Telegra ph.
Raphael Is Not Romantic.
Raphael not only could not paint
landscape; he could not paint people in
a landscape. His figures have
always an indoor look -that is. a set.
determined, voluntary, dramatic char
acter. arising from their own passions
or a watchfulness of those of others.
and want that wild uiicerlainiy of ex
nressiou which is connected with the
accidents of nature and the changes
the elements. He has nothing rotnuu-
tic about him.-William Hazlitt.
What "Vikings" Means.
"Vikings" is the term that applies
to the Scandinavian warriors call
them pirates, if you like of the eighth
to the eleventh century. The term up
plies to the rank aud hie as well as
to the chiefs and means, fundamental
ly, pirates or robbers. Xew York
Champagne Bottles.
One reason why champagne
are so dear is that machinery
be used to make them. Luiij.
g power
alone can secure the neces:
form thickness of the glass.
iiry u ni
A bonus
is given to workmen, who have
years of experience.-Kxchange.
Perhaps It Would.
If princes Knew when to speak and
women to keep silent, courtiers to say
what they thought and servants to
conceal it. the whole world would be
ot peace. Chinese.
Please Don't.
Oh. yes. we think a good deal of the
girl's voice next door, tint it wouldn't
do for us to put our thoughts into
words. -New Orleans Picayune.
He Certainly Will
Wright I have half a mind to be
come a newspaper man. I'eninan
0h. you'll need more mind th:.u tnat.
Vonkers Statesman.
Husbands Have Been Known to Do It.
A Manhattan woman was "working"
her husband's Initials in some napkins
when a woman peddler dropped inthe
other day. "I don't see why you put his
initials on those napkins," said the
peddler woman. "What on earth would
you do with them if he happened to
get a divorce?" The owner of the nap
kins had to admit that she had never
thought of that
Who Are "Just Ready to Drop."
When you are "Just ready to drop,"
when you feel so weak that you can
hardly drag yourself about and be
cause you hare not slept well, you
get up as tired-out nest morning as
when you went to bed, you need help.
Miss Lea Dumas writes from Ma
lone, N. Y, saying: "I was In a bad
ly run-down condition for several
weeks but two bottles of Vinol put
me on my feet again and made me
strong and well Vlnol has done me
more good than all the other medi
cines I eyer took."
If the careworn, run-down women,
the pale, sickly children 'and feeble
old folks around here would follow
Miss Dumas' example, they, too, would
soon be able to say that Vinol, our
delicious cod liver and Iron remedy,
bad built them up and made them
It is a wonderful, strength creator
and body-builder, and we sell it un
der a guarantee of satisfaction. You
get your money back if Vlnol does
Hot help you.
P. S. For any Bkln trouble try our
Saxo Salve. We guarantee it.
Arthur L. Chenrv. Droreist,
adv Mormvilks. Vt. '
For Your Baby.
The Signature of
SS - yiMSBr
Is the only guarantee that you have the
prepared by him for over 30 years.
Sold only In one size bottle, never in bulk
or otherwise; to protectlthe
The Centaur Company, CzL&ffM& iw
Our Garage
Is at your service tor
you will find our price right
vv4 -
: d 1
x . mmmm
About thai Wood Pile
Why don't you luy one of our Drag or Circular Saw Rigs and get to
work on it yourself ? If you haven't an engine we can give you a bar
gain on a Five-Horse Power engine of our own manufacture whicb has
been used but little and jut overhauled and put in first-class repair. If
you haven't a wood pile and hHve any machinery just remember we do
all kinds of repairing at reasonable rates.
Mr. Farmer
When you statt plowing that
Eureka or Uncle Sam Plow
from u, and lor once, hold tbe best plow on tbe market ? Repairs con
stanlU on hand.
We also do all kinds of General Repairing
and have Urass anil Iron Foundry.
Agents for Bnick Automobiles
Clothing, Footwear,
Underwear, etc.
For any member
Come and see us
you right.
H. P. HS0N
Main Street - - Morrisville, Vt.
- r, J., M , -,., ,,, i,r,. ,T "IT
repairing your automobile and
lor this work.
piece next spring, why don't you try a
of your family.
and we will use
Morris llle Prodaoe and Provision Mar
cet, farnlsbed and revised weekly ex
prestly for the Waws ahd Citizbs by
3. Waits A Sons.
Jreamery Extra, tubs, 26 28
" " boxes, 28 28
" " prints, 28 28
Dairy Extra, prints, 25 27
" " boxes, 25 27
" " tubs, 23 25
Ordinary Small Dairies, 25 27
4tr1otly Fresh Eggs, 80 32
-vl. 11 1
Chicken, 15 18
owl, 8 10
Potatoes, 50 80
pea Beans, , r 2 75
fellow Eyes, 2 30 3 00
Dressed Tork, 1 9 00 10 00
" Beef, 7 00 9 00
Loose flay, 10 00 12 00
Baled Hay, 12 00 1400
I 1 LfeeLfied KmhAltimr. Talla inivAMil
promptly day or night. Mobbisvillk, Vt.
Serrn masls and lunchet at all hours from 7:09
a. m. uilil 8:00 p. m. We alia have furniihed
rooms fer lodgws. Grocery store in eonnection.
F. C. MEACHAM, Morrisville, Vt.
Will pay 20 for your io lb. Bran Sacks and
II-ecfor cottonseed asacks. All other kinds of
Junk wanted.
OSCAR KAilN, Morrisville, Vt.
Extracting, using Somnoforme Gas, Pain.ess
Method, Ether, etc. Plate, Crown and Brieve
work. Treating, Filling and Saving Teeth. Will
tnirwer any calls nights and Sundays. Telephone
i!Hoe In Drowne Block, Portland Street.
torrlBvUle, Vt. Office hours 8 to 12:30,1:90
t 4 :0".
. Eyes Tented. Glasses Fitteil
ofnllkinrln. Hiioctacles
an 1 EveglanMw repaired
at rtnc.
A. R. Campbell
Vlorrisville. Vt,
Graduate of University ot Toronto and Onta
rio Veterinary College. Office in Woodbury Block,
Room 10, Morrisville, Vt, 'Phone 35-B.
Successors to G. W. Doty.
Furnishing Undertakers and Licensed Era-
oalmers. Best ef service at reasonable pnees.
Night call 10-11. Morrisville, Vt.
Devoted to Preparing Young Men and
Women lor Business Efficiency
Send for our free catalogue which tells how we
can help you. 25 superior teachers.
Special attention paid to the welfare of out-of-town
C ark ill & Hoit. Albanv, N. Y.
We do all kinds of repair work
with the Goodyear System, and i
vite you to inspcet the most modern
and up-n-date fhoe repair shop in
Northern Vermont. Gite us a trial.
Portland Street
Morrisville. Vermont
For Preserving Eggs
Triec 20c Pint
DIRECTIONS Use one part
water glass and .nne parts water
that has been boiled and cooled;
Mix. Put eggs into a clean jar,
then poor on enough mixture to
cover them. Keep in cellar or cool
place. One quart eovers 15 dozen.
Morrisville, Vt.
Don't Forget !
Thit I can match any broken
lens you may send or bring to
me; also fit your.eyes with new
Wilson Block. Portland Stret t
Sab scribe)
for THIS
8 Portland St..

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