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Anadarko Daily Democrat.
Volume 1 .
Anadarko, Oklahoma, November 7. 1901.
Number 51 .
In Defense oi Admiral
L Schley.
Schley Sure to beVin-
Ohief Counsel Rayner Makes Thrso
Hours Speech
Washington, Nov. 0. -The cli
max of the Schlev eourt of inquiry
chief counsel for Admiral Schley
concluded a brilliant argument of
over three hours with a peroration
o elofpicnt ami impassioned that
oil within the sound of bis voice
Were profoundly touched. Thi re
markable trial, he said, sought to
condemn the man who had brought
to a successful termination as great
a naval triumph af , w.aj ovor -won.
Ju vivid colors he painteoTth'epie
turc of thcUrooklyn with Comodore
Schley on the bridge fighting the
entire Spanish fleet until the Ore
gon appeared out of the smoke.
The thunders of the -Hrooklyn,
music for the ears of bib country
men, he said, arou-ed Admiral
Schley's envious foes. He pictured
the victorious sailor suffering as few
have suffered for tluee long years,
while the fires of persecution were
heaped around him and now awit
iiig the hour of his vindication in
the verdict of the court.
"And when it comes,'" he con
cluded, "he can, from the high and
exalted position that he occupies,
look down upon his traducers and
malingers and with exultant pride
exclaim: 'I care not for the venim
ous gossip of clubs, of drawing
rooms and oliques,and the poisoned
darU of envy. I wait under the
jniidanee of Divine Providence tho
verdict of posterity.' "'
The scene in the court room as
he finished those words was thrill
ing. The. attendance had been large
: day, and at the morning setsion
a lady had fainted from excitement. I
Ah Mr. llayncr began his eulogy of
Admiral Schley those in the audi
ence, many of whom woro ladies,
leaned forward in their seate. The
spell of his oratory was ovor them,
and when ho described theAdmral's
gallant deeds and the long poreiu
tion to which lie had been subjected
many o?f thembrokedown and wept,
The members of the court displayed
evidences of emotion, and Admiral
Schley himself was plainly moved.
llus.it leaning back with hi- hands
behind his head. His chin twiohed
and as his counsel -aid he could af
ford to await the verdict of posteri
ty two big tears rolled down his
checks. Ho moved uneasily to con
ceal his emotion and under tho pre
tense of adjusting his glasses,
brushed the tears aside. For fully
thirty seconds after Mr llayncr
closed there was not a sound. Then
the tension broke in a loud burst of
Admiral Dewey, after about half
a minute, arose to remind the spec
tators that such a demonstration was
out of place. , A moment afterward
tin' court adjourned, the judge ail
voeate pleading tliat he could nut
well go on today. Then another re
markable tiling happened. As hood
as tin gavel full tin- entire audience
surged forward to shako tho hands
of Admiral Schley and Mi. Hayner.
Hut the oncoming spectators fell
back a moment an they Haw Admiral
Dewey and his two assistants move
around the table, as if by common
impulse, and congratulate Admiral
Schley and bin counsel. Even (Jajit.
Lcinly, the judge advocalc, came
forward to join in the congratula
tion. Then the publie had its. in
ning and for fifteen lninutcH after
the court adjourned Admirrl Schley
and .Mr. llayncr were kept busy
shaking handH.
Mr. llayner's argument today
conminifd the wholo day ol the
court except tor half an hour at the
opening, which Capt. Parker, his
associate counsel, occupied in con
cluding. Sir. Itaynor took ip the
specifications, one by one, reserving
those relating to the retrograde
movement until llie last. Sj far an
he waH able to do .so he used the
testimony or tho depaitment's wit
nesses to prove his contentions.
With regard to tin; retrograde
movement, which he discussed with
greater scrioubiiotf than the other
specifications, he, adduced'-in-justification
not only all. of Admiral
Schley's reasons for believing the
Spanish fleet was n4l -in Santiago,
but argued that every oflicer charged
with the responsibility of command
necessarily must be clothed with
discreetion in carrying out instruc
tions. He displayed good temper in
ail verting to the testimony, of- most
of the officers, and especially the
ranking officers who seem to on
tradict bis client, giving them in
each '.ihe credit for honesty of pur
pose. Hood, Potts and Hristol he
held up to ridicule. Cant. Lenity
will begin the closing argubient to
morrow afternoon as the court will
not hold a sci-sion tonionow.
Mr. Rayner said he thought that
Captain Chadwick had been forget
ful, but that no charges could bo
made against him on that "core.
Admiral Schley, however, who had
given positive testimony, would bo
guilty of perjury if his statements
were not true.
"They must have talked about
something," he said, "and what
would thoy be more liable to have
discussed than the guns on thu south
coast of Cuba whither Comnt'oro
Schley was then bound."
A $2,000 Mail Thoft.
Enid, Ok., No. fi. The fact
that a mail bag had been robbed of
t'J,000 did not become known until
yebterday, when 1 ashior Lctson of
the Hank of Enid became suspicious
and refused to honor a draft on the
First National Hank of Kaiibas City.
An investigation followed and dis
closed the fact that on October M
the mail bag from Lahoma, Ok., to
Chicago, Hook Island fc Pacific
points north had been cut open and'
1 1,400 in drafts stolen, in addition
to tl00 iu other forms. Many of
the stolen dr.ifts have been cashed
in Enid.
(i. A. Millers wife who is at
present in Kansas City will join him
next Saturday.
W. 11. Ward is expecting hih wife
and son to arrive next Saturday. He
is on his good behavior and smiles
even upon hU enimics.
A Dentist Made to
Who PullsTeeth With
Wire Pliers.
An Unsuspeoting German Victim
Is Initiated.
Anadarko has a Mark Twain who
for originality ..daring, ami nerve in
execution can not be excelled iu
Not long since, a certain confec
tioner told him that he had bought
a quartern worth of steak at night
which he put on a hundred
pound cake of ice and when he
went to get .it for break fuX, ho
found maggots crawling in it. This
left the inference tuat the meat had
been diseased when he bought it.
Our Mark listened quietly and then
Huggesu?d,that ppb,sjbly, tk'JSiot8
had crawled ouiof'thu ice.. The
confectioner fainted. Mark states
that he has gone home pretty well
hooked up a hundred timeii but that
his wife never discovered it but
once. To use his own words: "I
used to take the whole road going
home, and when Igotintothchouse
I would take a paper ami hold it up
like I was reading for two hours,
although I could not see a word or
line on it, but aftera while my wife
would go to sleep and I could creep
to bed. Hut this took too long a
time so I adopted an easier method.
Now when 1 go home booked up I
take a bottle of beer for my
wife, and as soon as I get into tho
room I set it down in plain sight,
grab tho pitcher and tell my wife I
am going for fresh water. I stay
quite a while and by the time I get
back she has drank her bottle of
beer and then of course sho can't
smell my breath and I can go right
to bed."
The foregoing is just a mild
sample of his methods, but yester
day he crowned himself with hu
mors crown of immortality. lie was
sitting in his shop when an unso
phisticated German dropped iu and
asked him if there was a dentist
oflico in tho city. Mark told him ho
thought not but added that he some
times practiced dentistry, having
Htudied it for two years, lie had the
CSerman sit down while he examined
his aching jaw tooth. He assured
him that he could pull it and then
he laid three large pair of wire
pliers, a paper tracer and a putty
knife on tho table and was ready for
fun or murder.
He told thu German that he did
not like' to put iodine on iiis gum,
but preferred cutting around the
tooth (here he flourished the paper
cutter and the putty knife). Tho
German told him to pull it without
cutting if he could, so Mark had an
assistant hold the victim's mouth
open while he took hold of thu
aching tooth with a pair of wire
pliers, and then began a heroic
struggle between the German, the
assistant who was holding his head,
the aching tooth and the impromptu
dentist. Out it came at last w ith a
rush, and ecryono rolled on the
When the German got through
spitting blood and the dentist re
covered from his convtisions of
laughter, the patient assured .Mark
that he could see that he knew hist
The dentist received fifty cents.
and a drink for his services and the
German departed happy and con
tented. The dentist will have the
tooth mounted and wear it for a
watch charm.
Lottor of Vital Importance to Thoso
Desiring fo Soil Thoir Claims
Attorney Morgan received the
following letter which will tend to
relieve all controversy on the sub
ject of alleged speculation:
October 17, 11101.
The Commissioner of tho General
Land Oflice:
""Sir.: With your oflico letter of
tho loth iiwtant was transmitted an
application by Joseph W. Hoffman
to contest homestead entry No. 8811),
made Sept. 1:), 11)01, at the El Ileno
Land OHIce, by Wilton M. Chileot,
covering the swl-l sec '2 t it n r 1 1
w, upon the ground that the said
Wilson M." Chileot made aiid enter
ed into afi agreement and contract
to execute a relinquishment of tho
said homestead for a valuable con
sideration and that his said entry
was made for and is now held for
speculation and not for the purpose
of residence and cultivation, as re
quired by the homestead laws of
the United States.
Your said oflice letter transtnit
time said application finds that the
charge is insufficient to warrant an
investigation and, therefore, rcc
coinends that the application be re
jected. The recommendation of
your office is approved and the ap
plication to contest will stand re
jected. This action closes the case.
The papcers are returned herewith.
Very respectfully,
E. A. Hitchcock,
Call up telephone 01) when you
want a Transfer wagon. :i8tf
Exchange old school books for
new ones, at Dinkier Hrothers, the
druggists. 4 ft(i
KoicSai.i: At a bargain, lot in
block 00 facing A strect,cheap. See
Descombs tfc Smith. 41)ttt
Randall Livesay started today for
Great Hend, Kansas, to bring his
family to Anadarko.
Just received, by the Vounghenn
Clothing Co., a fine line of men's
and boys' shoes. North of square.
Hob fc Peto have opened tho
stand formerly occupied by Hill it
Ed's Quick Lunch house and solicit
your patronage. ildtf
Call on the Anadarko Transfer
Co. When wantiilg furniture, pia
nos, merchandise oranythiiig moved
Tel. Ut). !I8 if
It will pay you to see Duncan &
Leonhard and get their prices on
heating stoves before you buy.
Thoy can save you money and make
you happy. f Itf
Wo have a large Hue of samples
of suits, pants, fancy vests and
overcoats, iu any style from fc'J.QO
up. Suits and overcoats from
$12.00 up. Clarke & Uoone. I2tf
Donvor Jowolors Want Thorn Sot
at Hour of Assassination
From the Denver Post.
Denver jewelers nave taken up
the cry for a change in tho painted
indications on the dummy clock
used as the jewelers' sign of trade
A national movement, i is stated
has been going the rounds of the
jewelers to have the hands set on all
dummy signs at mr.fi, the time of
day when C.olgos.'s pistol snapped
at President MelCiuley's assassina
tion. The story, which for years lias
been a part of a jeweler's ed
ueation, has it that since 1805 all
dummies have been set at 8:18J
o'clock, iu commemoration of the
hour of Lincoln'sassassination.
The hands sot thus at an angle,
the sides of which are exactly equi
distant from the hour of l'J, made
an ideal airaiigenient for a simi, tho
jeweler's name finding place iu the
space of the larger angle, and the
word "jowrler" iu tho smaller.
Tho live minutes to I arniugc
incut, the jewelers say, will answer
almost as well, hut will necessitate
putting the name of the jeweler at
a left side angle, the title of his
trado occupying the more, pjSjmu,
neta-'spaee in thu fight side angle.' V'.
Denver jewelers are heartily iji,
favor of the change, however, and'
some of thoso represented by tho
dummy have expressed the inten
tion of requesting the 3:5.5 designa
tion of eastern manufacturers when
the first new sign is ordered.
L. lleichie, who has just received
a new dummy from tho East, 1ih
painted out the hands on its face,
which point at 8:18j o'clock ami
will repaint them pointing at the
hour of the McKinloy assassination.
Preissman's shop has determined
upon the same change to be made,
at once, and a number of other jew
elers will follow suit.
Orokor Cries Enough.
New York, Nov. ft. Mr. Croker,
Maurice Untermeyer and Senator T.
I). Sullivan were together at dinner
tonight and it is said on good an.
thority that a little later 5lr. Cro
ker said this was his last political
fight. Mr. Croker aitkod Senator
Sullivan who he desired as lead
er. Senator Sullivan answered that
John P. Carroll would be -pleasing
to him. It is stated that Richard
Croker abdicated his leadership of
Tammany hall and turned it over to
John K. Carroll tonight. Thorowas
some discussion as to the plans of
re-organizing Tammany, in which
Mr. Croker took no part, except to
suggest that younger blood bo ad
mitted to the inner concourse of tho
The party proceeded to Tarn
many hall where John 1 Carroll
was awaiting them. He was apprised
of Mr. Croker's decision. Mr. Gro
ker announced:
"ThiH is my last campaign."
It is now said that Daniel F. Jlc-
Mahon will call a meeting of the
executive committee within n week,
when Mr. Croker will tender hi
resignation, and on motion of Sen
ator Timothy 1). Sullivan, John V.
Carroll will be elected tho new
leader of Tammany hall.
Everything that is good to eat at
Hob & Pete's place Hill & EdV
old stand. yotf
:u" i1 ., , c" 'fnmmm

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