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Good or KtII Ilccita Return In ntra
or lllnet Our Llrce .ehlcvmnfinte of
I'iiiiiuIort "It I He That Mttxtli Upon
the. Circle ot tho i:art!i" la. 401 U8.
roprrlght, 1D0I, by Louie Klopecb. N. Y.l
Washington, Nov. 3. lu tliU dis
course Dr. Tolmago shows that tho
Rood or evil wo do returns to bless or
-tllnat ., fMlt. ul Ot lit. I-
F1rt Hint altfntti mum 4li nlfnln ,x? Mm
Wlillo yet peoplo thought that tho
world was (lat nnd thousands of years
before they found out that It was round
Isaiah, lu my text. Intimated tho shao
of It, Cod sitting upon the circle of tho
earth. Tho most beautiful figure In all
geometry Is tho circle. God mado tho
unhersu on tho plan of a circle.
Thoro nro in tho natural world
straight lines, angles, parallelograms,
diagonals, quadrangles, but theso evi
dently are not God s favorites. Almost
everywhere whero you find him geo
wetrlzlng'you find tho circle dominant;
nnd If not the clrclo then the curve,
which la a- clrclo that died young. If
It had lived long enough, It would have
been a full orb, a periphery An ellipse
Is a circle pressed only a little too hard
t the sides.
) Giant's Causeway, In Ireland, shows
what God thinks of mathematics. Thero
nro ovit 35,000 columns of rocks oc
tagonal, hexagonal, pentagonal. Theso
rocks seem to havo been made by rulo
nnd. compush. Every artist has his
molding room, whero he may make DO
shapes, but ho chooses ono shape as
prcferablo lo all others. I will not say
thnt tho Giant's Causeway was tho
world's molding room, but I do say out
of a great many figures God seems to
havo selected the clrclo as tho best. "It
Is he thnt sltteth on the circle of the
earth." The stars In a clrclo, the moon
in n clrclo, tho sun In n circle, the uni
verse lu a circle, and tho throne of God
the center of that circle.
The Achlevemt'tita of Pomology.
Pomology will go on with its achieve
ments until after many centuries tho
world will have plums and pears equal
to the paradisaical. Tho art of garden
ing will grow for centuries, and after
tho Downlngs nnd Mitchells of tho
world have dono their best In tho far
future the art of gardening will como
up to tho arborescence of tho year 1. It
the makers of colored glass go on Im
1 "ovlng they may In sorao centuries bo
able to make something equal to the
cast window of York minster, which
was built In the year 1290. Wo aro six
centuries behind these artists, but the
world must keep on tolling until It
shall make the complete circuit and
como up to the skill of theso very
If the world continues to Improve In
masonry, wo shall havo after awhile,
perhaps after tho ndvanco of centuries,
mortar equal to that which I saw In
the wall of an exhumed English city
3 built in the time of the Romans, 1,600
years ago, that mortar today as good
ns tho day In which It was made, hav
ing outlasted tho brick and stono. I
say after hundreds of years masonry
mny advnnco to that point.
If tho world stands long enough, wo
mny hnvo a city aa largo ns they mado
In old times Babylon, flvo times the
elzo of London. You go Into tho pot
teries of England, and you find them
making cups and vases after the stylo
ot the r.ups nnd vases exhumed from
Pompeii. The world Is" not going back.
Oh, not But It Is swinging in n cir
cle and will como around to the styles
ot pottery known so long ngo as the
days of Pompeii. The world must
keep on progressing until It makes
the complete circuit. The curve Is In
the right direction; the curvo will keep
on until It becomes the circle.
Well, now, what Is true In tho mate
rial universe Is true In God's moral
government and spiritual nrrnngement.
Thnt Is tho moaning of Ezekiel's wheol.
All commentators agree In saying that
the wheel means God's providence. But
a wheel Is of no uso unloss It turns,
nnd If it turn It turns around, and !(
It turns around It moves In a circle.
What then? Aro we parts of a groat
Iron machine whirled around whether
tyo will or not, the victims of inexor
able fato? No! So far from that I
shall show you that wo ourselves start
the clrclo of good or bad nctlons, and
that it will surely come around again
to us unless by divine Intervention It
, J be hindered. Those bad or good ac
tions may make the circuit of many
years, but como back to us they will
ns certainly as that God sits on the
clrclo of the earth.
The Circle of Centurlee.
nut It Is sometimes the case that
this clrclo sweops through n century
or through many centurlss. The world
started with a theocracy for govern
mentthat Is, God was the president
and emperor ot tho world. People got
tired of a theocracy. .They said: '"Wo
don't want God directly Interfering
with the affairs of the world. Give us
a monarchy." Tho world had a mon
archy. From a monarchy It Is going
to have a limited monarchy. After
awhile the limited monarchy will be
given up. nnd the rcpubllcin form of
government will be everywhere domi
nant and recognized. Then the world
will get tired of tho republican form of
government, and It will have an an
archy, which Is no government at nil.
And then all nations, finding out that
man Is not capable of righteously gov
erning man, will cry out again for the
ocracy and say, "I.ct God como back
and conduct the affairs of the world,"
every step monnrchy, limited mon
nrchy. republicanism, anarchy only
different steps between the first thcoo
racy nnd tho laBt theocracy or seg
ments of the great circle of tho earth
on which God sits.
Hut do not become Impatient because
you cannot see tho curvo of events nnd
therefore conclude thnt God's govern
ment Is going to break down. History
tcll3 us that In tho making of tho pyra
mids It took 2.000 men two years to
drag one groat stone from tho quarry
nnd put It Into the pyramids. If men
short lived can afford to work so slow
ly as thnt. cannot God In' tllo building
of eternities afford to wait?
What though God should take 10,000
years to draw a circle? Shall we take
our little watch, which wo havo to
wind up every night lest It run down,
nnd hold It up beside tho. clock of eter
nal nges? If, according to the Blblo,
n thousand years nrc In God's sight as
ono day, then, according to that calcu
lation, tho G.000 years of thit world's
exlstcnco has been only to Owl as
from Monday to Saturday.
The Circle of (tooil Deed..
Ono day a man comes to you and
says. "Good morning." You look at
him and say: "Why, you have tho ad
vantage of mo. I cannot place you."
Ho says, "Don't you rerr.embor thirty
years ago giving a letter of Introduc
tion to n young mnn n letter of In
troduction to William E. Dodgo?"
"Yes, yes; I do." Ho snys, "I an the
man. That was my first step toward
n fortune, but I hnvo retired from
business now and am giving my time
to philanthropies and public Interests.
Come up to my house and sec me."
Or a man comes to you and snys: "I
want to Introduce myself to you. I
wont Into a prayer meeting somo years
ago. I sat back by the door. You
arose to mako an exhortation. That
tnlk changed the course cf my. llf and
If I ever get to hpaven under God I
will owe my salvation to you." In
only ten, twenty or thirty years tho
clrclo Bwopt out nnd swept back again
to your own grateful heart.
But sometimes It Is n wider circle
nnd does not return for n great while.
I'snw a bill of expenses for burning
Lntlmcr nnd Ridley. The bill of ex
penses hns theso Items nmong others:
Shillings. Pence.
Ono load of fire fagots 3 4
Cartago for four loads ot
wood 2
Item, a post 1
Item, two chain! 3 4
Item, two staples 6
Item, four Inborers 3 8
mnktng In all 2Ss. 8d. That was cheap
flro, considering all the circumstances,
but It kindled a light which shone nil
nround the world and arousod the
martyr spirit, and out from thot burn
ing' of Latimer nnd Ridley rolled tho
circle wider nnd wider; stnrtlng other
circles, convolutlng, overrunning, cir
cumscribing, overnrcblng, all heaven,
a circle.
Tho Kcho of I'ast Mlxlerde.
You maltreat an nged parent. You
bogrud" him the room In your house.
You nrc Impatient ot his whimsicali
ties nnd garrulity. It makes you mad
to hear him tell tho samo story twlco.
You give him food ho cannot masti
cate. You wish he was away. You
wonijer if ho Is going to live forever.
Ho will be gone very soon. Ills steps
urn shorter nnd shorter. Ho Is going
to stop. But God has an account to
settle with you on that subject. After
awhile your eyo will be dim, nnd your
gait will halt, and the sound ot tho
grinding will bo low, and you will tell
the same story twlcq, and your child
ren will wonder It you will never bo
taken away. They called you "father"
once; now thoy call you the "old
man." If you live a few years longer
thoy will call you tho "old chap."
What aro those rough words with
which your children are accosting
you? They are the echo of the very
words you used in the car of your old
father forty years ago. What Is that
you aro trying to chew, but find It un
mastlcablo, and your Jaws ach'o, and
you surrender tho attempt? Perhaps
It may be tho grlstlo which you gave
to your father for his breakfast forty
years ago.
A gentleman passing along tho
avenuo saw a Bon dragging his father
Into the street by the hair of the head.
Tho gentleman, outraged at this bru
tal conduct, was about to punish the
offender, when the old man aroso and
said: "Don't hurt him. It's all right.
Forty years ago this morning I
dragged out my father by the hair of
his head." It Is n circle. Other sins
may be adjourned to tho next world.
That clrclo Is mndo quickly, very
quickly. Oh, what a stupendous
thought that the good and the ovll wo
start como back to usl Do you know
that the Judgment day will be only the
points nt which the circles Join, the
good and the bad we hare dono com
ing back to us unless divine Interven
tion hinder coming back to us with
welcome of delight or curse ot con
demnation? Oh, r would like to sec Pnul, tho
Invalid missionary, nt tho moment
when his Influence comes to full orb,
his Influence rolling out through An
tlocli, through Cyprus, through Lystra,
through Corinth, through Athens,
through Asia, through Europe,
through America, through tho first
century, through five centuries,
through twenty centuries, through
earth, through heaven, nnd nt Inst tho
wavo of Influcnco, having mado full
circuit, strikes his soul. Oh, then I
would llko to see hlml No one can
toll tho wldo sweep of tho circle of
Paul's Influence savo the ono who Is
seated on the clrclo ot tho earth.
I should not' llko to sco tho counte
nance of Voltaire when his Inlluenco
comes to full orb. When tho fntnl
hemorrhage seized him at elghty-threo
enrs of age, his Influence did not
cease. Tho most brilliant mnn of his
century, ho hnd used all his faculties
for assaulting Christianity, his bad In
fluence widening through Frnnce,
wldrning out through Gcrmnny, wldn
cuing through all Europe, wld
' nlng through Amcrlcn, wldon-
through the 123 years that havo
no , uoo ho died, widening through
io earth lrtci.'nir through the Rrcut
future, until at Imt tho nccnmulatcd.
Inlluenco of his baleia! tcichiips ami
dissolute llfo will beat against ait. dis
mayed spirit, nnd nt that moment It
will be enough to mako tho black hair
of eternal darkness turn whlto with
horror. No ono can tell how thnt bad
mnn's Influence girdled the enrth Bavo
tho ono who Is seated on tho circle ot
tho earth, the "Lord Almighty.
(Joil Omnipotent Mercy,
"Well, now," say some, "this li,
some respects Is a very glad theory
ad In others n very bad one. We
would like to have tho good wo havo
ever done como back to us, but the
thought that all tho sins wo hnvo over
ccinmltted will como back to tin, fills
us with nfTrlght." My brother, I have
to tell you God can break that clrclo
nnd will do so nt your call. I enn
bring twenty passages of Scripture to
provo that when God for Christ's sake
forgives n man the sins of his past
llfo never come back. The wheel mny
roll on nnd on, but you take your
position behind the cross, and the
wheel strikes tho cross and Is shatter
ed forever. Tho sinB fly off from the
clrclo nnd fnll nt right nngles with
complete oblivion. Forgiven I For
given! The meanest thing a man can
do Is. after some difficulty has been
settled, to bring It up ngnln, and God
will not do nnythlng like thnt. God's
memory Is mighty enough to hold nil
tho events of the nges, but there Is ono
thing thnt is sure to slip his memory,
ono thing ho Is Biiro to forget, nnd thnt
Is pardoned transgressions. How do I
know It? I will prove It. "Their sinB
nnd their Iniquities I will remember
no more." "Blessed Is he whoso trans
gression la forgiven."
But every circumference must, have
n center, and what Is the center of this
heavenly circumference? Christ his
nil the glory, his all tho praise, his all
the crowns, all heaven wreathed Into
a garland round about him. Tako off
tho imperial sandal from his foot and
behold the scar of the spike. Lift the
coronet of dominion from his brow
and sco where was the laceration of
tho briers. Come closer, nil henven.
Narrow the circle nround his rcnt
henrt. O Christ, tho Savior, O Christ,
the man, O Christ, tho God, keep thy
throne forever, seated on the circle of
tho earth, seated on tho clrclo of
On Christ, tho solid rock, X stand;
All other ground Is shifting sand.
IllRheiit of Waterfall.
Tho highest waterfnll in tho world,
geography tells us. Is the Ceroaola
cascado In the Alps, having a fall of
2,100 feet; that ot Arvey, in Savoy, is
1,100 feet, and the falls of Yosemlte
valley range from 700 to 1,000 feet. But
higher yet Is the waterfall in the San
Cuayatnn canon, In the stnte of Du
rango, Mexico. It was discovered by
somo prospectors, ton years ago, in
the grunt barranca district which Is
called the Tierras D?sconoctdas, Whllo
searching (or tho famous lost mlno,
Naranjal, a great roar of water was
heard. With great difficulty the par
ty pushed on, and up and down tho
mighty chasms until they beheld tho
superb fall that Is at least 3,000 feet
high. Land of Sunshine.
Lithographic Stone In Plentiful.
A deposit of lithographic stone hat
been found near Mt. Sterling, Ky.,
which Eugene Lcary, of the United
States Geological Survoy, believes to b
moro valuable than any gold mine.
"There Is no reason," says Mr. Leary,
"why the quarry should not control
the market in this country. Thero li
no lithographic stono anywhere else,
so far as Is known, and thero will te
no difficulty In competing with tho
German product.
The first factory for the manufacture
of cotton sowing thread was located at
Pawtuckot In 17a4.
Montr Ilitil 1 1 cm HalaM for III Ya
cntlon but He Didn't (let It.
"Our mlnlsUr did not go on his va
cation thli. summer ns ho oxpectcd."
snld Brown with nn nmused smile. "Ho
fully Intended to nnd had mado hh
nrrnngements to that effect. But cir
cumstances over which he had no con
trol were such that ho decided at tho
Inst mluute to remain nt home. My
wife nnd ssvcrnl of her enthusiastic
women members of the church lilt up
on tho hnppy Idea ot raising n fund
sufllrlent to defrny tho good man's ex
penses, ns he hns n large family nnd
finds It dllllcult to mako both endi
meet. With this end In view thoy hold
.everal 'nffnlrH' ami nt lost wero tin
proud possessors of something over
$60. Then they decided to msko tin
presentation n gnla event nnd give tho
members of the church n ehnncc t'
send tho Rev. Mr. Blnnk nwny with tho
best wishes of the wholo congregation.
It occurred to my wlfo that a little
music would add to tho happy occa
sion and she saw that somo musicians
were engnsod. Another member of the
commltteo thought thnt a light lunch
would be 'a happy Ida nnd took It
upon hrrself to seo that It was or
dered. Another one concolvod tho plnn
of hnvlng the church decorated for tlm
J auspicious occasion, and hired n man
to do tho work Early In tho ovenlnn
whfn they met to compare notes thoy
discovered to their honor that lliclt
expenses had not only oaten up tho
amount they hnd raised, but had left
then, n matter of $2 or $3 In debt; si
tho presentntlon had to bo omitted. 1
asked my wlfo who she expected wns
going to mako this amount good," con
tinued Brown, according to tho Dttiott
Frco Press, "and alio snapped: 'The
Rev. Mr. Blank, of courso! It wns all
dono In his Interest!"
Tohl to Illustrate One View of Numb
on-Mchlejr Affair.
Slnco the Sampson-Schley controver
sy has grown ncuto again thero has
been considerable reference to Proctoi
Knott's "rabbit story" In connection
with tho credit for the victory nt San
tiago. It Is hero reproduced: Ex-Gov.
Proctor Knott nnd John Yerkes woro
discussing the clalniB of Sampson nnd
Schley to tho credit of smnshlng Cer
vern at Santiago. Mr. Yerkes took
the ground that all the honor of that
memorable conflict belonged to Ad
miral Sampson, and was Inclined to
entirely Ignore Commodore Schley's
part In the affair. Tho governor lis
tened until his companion had fin
ished, nnd then with thnt characteris
tic twinkle In his eye snld: "My dear
sir, It is exceedingly gratifying to mo
to hear you tako the position you hnvo
In the matter. It Is like a balm to
my conscience and settles a point that
has worried me many a day. I was
walking through the wooda onco with
a boy friend of mlno when wo saw n
rabbit run Into a sinkhole. We stood
nround the holo nwhllo; then I told
tho boy to keep wntch whllo I went to
get somo fire to smoke, the rabbit out.
When I returned the boy had tho rab
bit. I took It nway from him, claiming
that It belonged to me because I told
him to catch It If It enmo out. Thnt
was over fifty yenrs ago, and you aro
the first man who ever agreed with mo
that I was right In taking It nnd con
science is nt rest." Mr. Yerkes looked
solemn for a few moments, thon
smiled a feeblo smile nnd changed the
subject Kentucky Journal (Frank
fort). Ilread Mmle of Moaa.
In some parts of tho world bread lb
made of bnrk or uiosa. This occurs
In more than ono place In the far
north, nnd bread Is made of vastly
different materials In different coun
tries. In Lapland, oats with the In
ner bark of the pine are used. Tho
two together, well ground and mixed,
aro mado Into largo flat cakes nnd
cooked In n pan over the fire. In
Kamchatka, In Asiatic Russia, plno or
birch bark by Itself, well macerated,
pounded and baked, frequently constL
tu tea the whole of tho native bread
food. Tho Icelander scrapes tho Ico
land moss off the rocks and grinds It
Into flno flour, which serves both for
bread and puddings. In parts of Italy
chestnuts nre cooked, ground Into
meal, and used for making bread. Dur-
ra, a variety of millet, is much used
in India, Egypt, Arabia and Asia Minor
(or making bread, Chicago Journal,
Lord Morrl' Counter-TliruaU
The lato Lord Morris was unsparing
In the counter thrust when he was as
sailed. An English official, who filled
the post of under-secrctary to tho lord
lieutenant, once was rude enough to
remark, In a loud voice, at a Dublin
dinner tablo, that It was a strange ar
rangement, and ono characteristic ot
Ireland, that he should have a much
Bmaller salary than the chief Justice
Morris was then chief Ju&tlco though
his functions were so very much more
Important. Chief Justice Morris, nmld
the awed sllcnco which ensued, said;
"That is a thraln o thought that I
am bure often occurs to me tipstaff."
London Letter.
"8trae Show Which Way IJi Wlud
mil tho constantly Increasing demand
lor nnd steady growth In populnrlty
jf St Jacob's Oil nmong all classes ot
people In every part of the civilized,
woild, show conclusively what icinedy
tho people use tor their Rheumatism
mid bodily aches and pains. Facts
peak louder than words, nnd tho fnct
remain undisputed that the silo ot St.
Jncob's Oil Is greater than all other
remedies for outward application com
lilneil. It nets like magic, cures whine
everything else falls, conquer pain.
Sometimes bcfon new shoes nro
broken In they nic broken out.
itr.o cutis iiai.i. ni.tin
Rhould Ihj lu ovory homo Aak your grooor
for it. Lai go i! ot pnekngo only 6 cenU.
lie hi you aro right mill then you
won't get left.
Tin: iii'.st nr.stn.iH in stauciiiino
run he obtained only by using Delttuwe
march, lienlile.t gtittlnir 4 oz. moru fur
ejtuo money no cooking required.
Up lo the nrllrcre.
It's tho man who Is "seen In the,
neighborhood," or "prowling lu the
neighborhood," or "loafing In tho com
munity," who generally causes blond
hounds to be called out and tho coun
try to grow wild In Indignation nt his
crime. And yet he Is nn rnsy follow
to suppress, If the officers would but do
iiiolr duty. Galveston Nowb,
Few Vlelte to loiitnnrU.
King Edward Is the first King ot
Great Britain to vis t Denmark since
tho time whon England, Donmark nnd '
Norway had tho bnmo rulor In tho par
ton ot Canute (Kninl), who died 1035,
ind Is burled In Winchester. James
VI. of Scotlnnd visited Donmark In
1590. but ho was thon not yet King
of England. Now York Post.
Cigarette I.cjtully I'lpe.
A shifter employed by the iJim'bton
collieries was charged with a breach
of tho colliery rulos, which prohibits
taking of a tobacco pipe Into tho mlno.
It wns admitted that defendant had
a partly smoked clgaretto In his pock
et, nr.d on behalf of the prosecution It
wns contended that a paper charged
with tobacco was a pipe within tho
meaning of tho rule. Tho magistrates
upheld this vlow, and fined defondant
twenty shillings and coats.
Cant, llofjarilue Hae a Unnireroue Kiperl
ence hut Come Out Unhurt.
Ferris Wheel Pnrk, Chlcngo, Nov.
4th. Capt, A. II. Bogardua, tho cham
pion wing shot of the world, has spent
Uio summer hero. His shooting school
has been ono of tho features ot tho
Park during tho season. Ho has giv
en mnny exhibitions and his skill with
tho rifle Is superb.
Tho Captain tells of a very closo
call he once had when llv ng at Elk
hart, 111. Ho had been a sufferer from
Kldnoy disease for several years and
it rapidly developed Into Brlght's Dis
ease. All his friends told him that
this was incurablo and that ho would
nover get bettor.
To say that he was alarmed Is to
put It very mildly. This plucky man
had faced many clangors and It mado
him sick at heart to think that at
last he was to bo conquored by such
a cruel toe.
At last he heard of a mcdlclno that
had cured many such cases Dodd's
Kidney Pills. He used them and was
completely restorod to good health.
Ho says: "I attribute, my prosont
good health to Dodd's Kidney Pills
nnd to nothing clso."
Tho blossom of vanity is beautiful
but the fruit is bitter.
No mind is so great that It cannot
bo Influenced by a small ono.
u.c.:i'ifThomp8on8 Ey Water
(IHnuaUrni. tntlr rlen, wiqu good buueil
biubwl. AdJicuMu.E,friMrkelDt.,ClilUg,ui.
UT.Jf I quick relief (nature worrt
cuei, Iluukof UiilmcmlLla and 10 IHYR treatment
rBIEK. BK.I1.IL tmHVaL0IH.L4lS.AUaaU.0a.
or I.t ntftll. 1& refits.
(tiaulealorrn. Ma.
$8.00 For this
Warranted Accurate
Olhar altM eqoalljr low.
Jeaea (He l'ajt tha FralghL)
Iluauurro, N. Y.
erjaT Hff

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