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Anadarko Daily Democrat
SHAW U HILL, PubUthita.
Andrew Cnrnciflo' Wlfo n it Charming
nnd Vltiltloua Wnnimi.
Mrs. Amlrow Carnegie, tlio wlfo o(
tile Krc.it Bteol magnate, 1h n very
charming, vivacious and model wom
an, but la (ivctho to publicity. Shu linn
n liorror of tho Intorvlovvor nnil pre
fers to bo regarded merely ns the mis
tress of Skiho cnstlo rather tlinii uu a
person of public Intercut A Rood story
Ih told of tlio devotion lu which her
luiRbiiml regards her. A pretty llttlo
uustom which Mrs. Cnrncglo ndopts
nt her illtiuer parties In to put Into a
small Bilk bag slips of pnper bearing
the nanioH of nil tlio ladles present.
Then, Just beforo dinner Is announced,
she carries the bag round to all the
mnlo gucHts nnd each "dlpa" for his
partner nt tnblo.
One evening Mr Carnegie "drew"
Ills wife. Ills hoylRh delight was im
mense. Holding the slip of paper so
that nil tlio company could i,co the
nniiio Inscribed thereon, ho playfully
Invited the men to make bids for It
and the honor of "taking down" Mrs
Carnegie. TVcsuntly ho Rrew serious
"The offer Is withdrawn," ho snld "My
luck In too precious." It was nlso nt
one of these pleasant llttlo RatherlnRS
that tlio conversation turned upon the
desirability or otherwiso of an Anglo
American alliance. Mrs. Carnegie
rnlced tlio question of what would be
the most suitable Mower as a blnn
tlonnl emblem.
Mrs. CarneRlo Is a clover photog
rapher, but whether sho agrees with a
icmark her l.Msbnnd mado on her art
Is not known. "A grent thing, this In
stantaneous photography," snld the
laird of Sklbo. "Ono has not time to
look his very worst." Mrs. Cnrnegle
Is 20 years younger than hur husband.
He did not marry until Into In llfo nnd
nftei tlio death of his mother, to whom
ho was greatly attached. Thero is a
daughter, a wliif-onio little miss, in
whoso name Sklbo was purchased.
Which Menu About thn Hume thing
Tlmt tho Protective Turin Menu mi
Till. Nlila cr the Muter Utnr Turin
Cannot Hint It Them.
Dried (lurden Trurk Will Ilu Ucd )ij
I'nclo Sum' Soldiers.
Desiccated vegetables uro'comlng on
tho market, for use especially by pros
pectors and hunters, who nro obliged
to economize every ounce In tho weight
of the provisions thoy carry. Necessity
compels them to select such foods ns
combine tho maximum of nutriment
with tho minimum of bulk and avoir
dupois. This ImpllcB wator-freo sub
stances, nnd .dried fruits nnd vege
tnbles nro especially ndaptcd for tho
purpose. Of lato the War Depaitment
lias been oxpctimeiitlng with products
of this kind; it hns found them whole
some nnd In nil respects dcslrnblo, nnd
Is likely to use them largely in future
Whlto potatoes, carrots and sweet
potatoes have been found particularly
available for desiccation. The sweet
potatoes are cut up into llttlo cubes,
while the whlto potntocs nnd carrots
nro sliced. When wanted for use, thoy
havo to be soaked In water before
cooking them; as sold, they nro sup
posed to bo absolutely wotcr free.
What a saving lu weight nnd bulk thoy
leprescnt will bo realized when It Is
understood that fresh whlto potatoes
contain 80 per cent of wntr nnd fresh
ennots 90 per cent.
Experiments havo proved that tho
drying process causes no loss of nutri
ment and that the product furnishes n
moil valuable addition to tho food of
peoplo who nro un.iblo to get fresh
vegetables. Tho desiccated whlto po
tatoes arc as rich In muscle-forming
element ns tho beat wheat Hour, though
consisting mainly of tho stnrchy ma
terlnl which Is so useful ns fuel for the
body machine. Tho same thing tuny be
said of the carrots nnd sweet potatoes;
hut n notable fact Is that dried eastern
vegetables are richer In starch and
poorer In muscle-forming material
than those grown In Cnllfornlu.
V here Cmirti'ty la Second Nivture.
Ono of tho most attractive features
of Sweillih life to strangers Is tho po
liteness of tho children. Ab soon as
a boy is nblo to Btnnd on his legs ho
is taught to make n bow and to shake
hands, nnd n llttlo girl must bo able
to make a bob coiutoiy beforo sho
has learned to tall;. As soon n& the
tight luud Is known from tho left It
must be offered In greeting or when a
gift or fav'or has been recolved, and
one of tho first words learned by the
ohlldron after "papa" and "miimma"
Is "tnek," tho Swedish term for
(hunks. It Is heard more frequently
than any o her uoid In tho language.
A Sucrcd Aulmnl.
At ono tlmo cats woro worshiped In
Ugypt, and oten now the people there
nro very foil J of thorn nnd would not
hurt them. When Cnmbyses, king of
I'm-?. a. conquered Egypt, one of his
generals won a battle In tho strangost
way. Ho procured a cnt for each of his
soldiers. The men held their cats be
fore them ns they went Into battle.
The Egyptians dared not attack them
for loar of Injuring tho cats, which'
was forbidden by thtlr rclli-Mon.
Tho effort of tho protectionists to
show that tho tariff does not breed or
alit trusts, because there aro trusts lu
freo trade England, has been disproved
by tho showing mado that nearly oil
tho combinations to control any par
ticular Industry In that country havo
been unsuccessful there, nnd ha
cither retired from tho field or
prnctlcnlly bankrupt. Tho reason'
this Is ovident when it la consldol
that the markets of England are 0
to tho manufacturers of tho wh
world and a trust or monopoly car?
long oxlst where competition is freo
unless It hns some privilege or ndy
tngo thnt gives It opportunity to
come n monopoly. It may bo tha
laws hnvo allowed the trust to beeC
the owners of nil tho raw material
all tho mines from which the mon
oly gets its supply, ns in tho case
tho anthracite coat trust, which Is!
piotcctcd by the tariff, nor docs It
to be, for It has no foreign eompetfi
to dlsputo tho homo market with
there being practically no other
posit or that kind or coal than wni
controlled by tho trust. This trill
protected b.v law in another way
owns or controls nil tho Irtmsportn
through the frnnchUs granted by
stnte to tho railroads, nnd dictates
rates so that no rival can com
with It. With tho steel trust it Is
ferent, everything thnt It product
protected by tho tariff nt so high a
that It excludes all foreign prodj
It also owns tho grcnler part of
mines fiom which tho ore, that
be tho most economically mined
smelted, Is produced. It nlso owl
controls tho transportation orlj
gruU lakes, through Its sldo pat
the ship trust, unci hns already
menced to add to this by buyln
tho ocean freight carriers. So tB
addition to the monopoly that tlio
gives It In tho United Stutes nndjj
it knows will bo removed whei
people thoroughly understnrfi!
question, tho trust Is prepailng tc
a monopoly of raw mnterlal ?
ti asportation for It and for It? .
plus production, which must be
beyond sens. f
If other trusts or monopolies a
vestlgnted It will bo found that'll
tlon by law either In tho foj
tariff, or franchises, or the cont
raw material, Is what nllows It 6
monopoly. Remove tho special
llego and tho trust cannot long
competition will soon mnko It fl
level. That Is the reason trim
not finding a congenial soli II
trndo England and aro rampant I
tecled Gei ninny.
A Wonderful A Veil nt l.yoan, Mini.,
Which Piimlalica Two Separate ami Ilia
Hurt Kind of Drlnklnc Witter from
tlio One Opening.
millions of the poop o's money, th
banks and trust companies nro using
without Interest charge Is to remain
with them on the same terms. No
wonder a sigh of relief went up from
Wall strcft when the president mado
this announcement. Tho crowned
headB of Europo breathed freer when
tho nows wns flashed to them thnt
John Hay was still to bo secretory ol
stato for they feared a more vlgoroui
lorcigii poucy iruni our sircnuoui yr, hum-Hit
president. In this they may yet not a hunter strode n-down the wood
bo mistaken, fcven the snd-eyed pro- with footstep light and free;
tectlonlsts of tho league nnd tho Horns Not bent to kill his heart was good,
.Market uiub who havo been losinq A modern Nlmrod bo
sleep these latter d-ys took .heart o' The smokeless weapon that ho boro,
for awhile, until nppilsed thai As fltted to his Bport,
; 4 f.
are Insect-feeding animal;
the Icheumons, and llvo
whore they build their
tho mnnner of pralrlo dogt
prairie dogs also they will
right on their hind legs, v
landscape o'or, and scurry
n shot at tho first alarm.
their regular food consists
they will kill small birds ni
eggs when they get a chain
not often. They aro Intell
crcntures, full of curiosity,
tniiRht a variety of tricks,
a short, sharp bark, not
of a dog, and when on tin
they generally are, they
like a hound on tho scei
tin nets can bo taken out
when 'they will follow like v
nil skipping about,
t within sight and c
They llvo on good
vtlogs nnd cats, and sci
(Jot tho nature of botlj
teat with n litter of 1
I mecr-kat and feed
i I
It? ,
w of her own offsprlt
li - i i. .... ..i
" - ms-r
4' 63jhA;
i'I ff
change of cllmnto W
lorthcrn lands they
allllcted with rheiin
days thoy wero pn
animals of tl
he8 all sor's of tl
feeding on these grit
great rhlnocerous t
knts. A number
is have been sent t
4tb and men of t
South Africa, ay
no ramiiinr iikci
Households. In cole
brown, with a da
sides. They sell
being a short gi
i'he little nnlnnl ,
Of nnd mice, nnd tl
Ininl to havo about i
k Press
weij.H o;,?y
:fU rflirnH Ml
. -"f.j 'smfT
to ii:noi!.nui: couuurTii
The Stato U-ard of Equalize
Ohio when Mayor Tom Johns)
peared beforo them to aik tli
lallroad property of the stato m
assessed nccording to Its real
which the law of Ohio calls for, is re
ported to have shown nn apparent at
tempt to brovv-b nt the Cleveland
mayor, which douhtlcsi led him to
make the following bttnglug remarks
to the board;
"Tho big coiporatlons get all tho
benefits of tho present methods of
assessments. How? Ily lnllucnclng
auditors, by Influencing legislators, by
lnllucnclng courts, nnd by Influencing
"lections. Let us take oft tho mask and
ho frank with ench other. I say that
no nudttor or other ofllclal who has a
railroad pass In his pocket or accepts
other favors from thess coiporatlons
Is a fit man to say how much of tho
tax burden they Bhnll pay. Some men
may bo abovo the Influences, but I
doubt It. Why, gentlemen, this busi
ness of extending favors to public of
ficials hns even gone so far as to ex
tend to your august bady. Two of
you accepted an Invitation of a cortaln
railroad olllclal to tako n long trip In
a privato car to California. I hope It
did not Influence you."
Tho board was dumb under this ac
cusation. Not a word of responBo or
explanation enmo from thorn.
If tho samo accusation wns made to
similar offlcla's In other states, how
many could protest thoy woro not
guilty. How fortuuato nro tho peoplo
of Ohio In having a public servnnt
with tho ability nnd tho courage to
denounce corruption In high places
and to tho fnco of tho culprits.
er Form of HjHter
Imopoulos, n medl
10 town of Kutalu
s to a Smyrna Joi
jui "epidemic amoi
In, which has pn
Imodcrn experlom
cigo n young worn
form of hlccoup
ock, which res
nftcr a sccondM
Jfo a cat mewln
thero wero CO
Ifectcd with wha
animal hiccough
d. Braying, bar
0 thoso mako by tl
. ltho list. Doctor
it to tie in n roo
f these women w
f tho forest or
Imen nro affected
mostly women,
the doctor's therl
o dlseaso, for
form of lmltil
tiii: roi.icv or tiih admimstha-
President Roosevelt In announcing
that ho will enrry out nil of tho poli
cies of tho Into administration has
drawn warm expressions of satisfac
tion from J. Plerpont Morgan and tho
Wall street contingent.
The trust mngnntes who wero
slinking In their hoots nre again plac
idly contented. They havo this assur
ance that the United States treasury
Ot T.nOlnWTUlJt.um'
they do not do so; the law Is so popu
lar that Its scope is widened every
year, and during the past year was
amended to liicludo several classes not
beforo given the privilege of arbitra
tion, such as clerks, tram-car men, and
This would seem to bo fair to both
parties to a labor controversy, and If
tried in ono state and found to work
successfully would bo readily adopted
by all tho states. Tho great losses that
periodically effect overyono by tho nu
merous strikes heie cer.tnlnly call for
some bucIi solution that would be fair
to labor and fair to tho employers.
Tho shipping trust has Its claim In
to help exhaust the bin pus funds in
the treasury with a bill which will
approprlato ? 180,000 000 or 1190.000,000
n year. Tho browing trust wants the
tax l educed on beer and tho bahnco ol
tho war tax should bo taken off. There
will bo a river and harbor bill calling
for millions. Tho N caraugua canal
will havo to bo provided for, how
much It will cost Is yet a question.
Then every congrcs-inan expcct3 nt
k-.ist ono public building In his dis
trict and thero Is a proposition to
build a pnloco In ca h country where
wo have a representative. So wo may
expect tho Ylfty-suventh congress to
make the largest appropriations over
known and no relief from tho present
high taxes.
That poor llttlo drool. ng Infant, the
steamfchlp trust, with Its $150,000,000
capital, Is stl.l expjctlng Its pap In
the form of the ship subsidy bill, nnd
Hnnnn nnd the other Republican load
ers are arranging to feed It with all
that congress can be prevailed upon
to donate.
dogs, for theykllleTniulTaaTrrlS'TBrtrieir'
sheep and oxen.' Ono would think that
tho negroes would be afraid of such
fierce nnlmnls, but they nro not, for
thoy claim thnt tho dogs will nover at
tack a man unless they aro very hungry.
Perhaps whin the plow trust turns
out turrow from the farmers' pocket
they will give more attention to fie
ticket they vote on election day.
A well that furnishes two soparati
nnd distinct kinds of drinking water
from tho ono opening Is n freak of
nature which the town of Lyons, Miss.,
n few miles south of Memphis, Is now
enjoying, says tho Chicago Inter
Ocean. Ono stream Is said by experts
to How from nn underground curront
having Its source In Lake Michigan,
while tho other Ib Identified by tasto,
odor nnd chemical annlysls with the
waters of Wnukesha Springs, The well
goes, to a depth of 975 feet, nnd was
punk by Albert Goldsberry, of Mem
phis. The two streams cmcrgo from
pipes of different lengths, the one
which taps the Lake Michigan stratum
having the greater depth. Lyons Is sit
uated In a part ot the country where
good drinking water lu nil seasons Is
difficult to obtain, nnd recently when
Memphis parties proposed to sink nn
artesian well the suggestion was scout
ed by the residents of tho town. The
discovery of tho two streams, ono a
pure, clear, soft freestone and the
other a strong, sweet, chalybeate iron
water, la a sourco of wonder to the na
tives. Both streams gush above the
surface, tho freestone to a height of
thirty-flvo feet and the chalybeate
twenty-one feet.
o Densely l'npul
damctz, who ha
Ime to tho stu
ct, says that tl
Inary cheese,
renter than Xi
n tho earth
fcade somo Inter
$ig with the m
P In cheeso. Fr
.ulnntlon of a so'i
rnmycr6"'checso he obtalnei
lowing statistics; In fifteen
cheese, when perfectly fresh,
000 to 140,000 microbes wci
and when the cheese wns sev
old tho population hnd incr
800,000 In each flfteon grnlns.
amlnntlon of a denser cheeso
ty-flvo days old proved It to
1,200,000 In each grnmmo
grains), and when forty-five
2,000,000 In tho samo small p
Now York Press.
A now sort of pet, for which the
Boer war Is responsible, haa beou n
tioduced Into England nnd may bo ex
pected to mako its appearance in this
country. It Is n llttlo animal about
the size of a half-grown kitten, and la
called a "meer-kat." It la really not a
cnt nt all, but a species of animal
known to Bclencw as "surlcatc." They
A Murtctou Mnchlnc4
An Invention, which It Is
will supplant petroleum as i
power and will mako stopping
on a supply of electricity linn
for automobiles, lo tho wo
French scientist, ono S. Nor
device, nccording to an Kngl
temporary, consists of an a
generator of electricity which
very little space and makes el
as tho nutomobllo proceeds or
ney. Only n small quantity
Is requlrod for generating tnel
Ity, nnd this can bo easily cu
a bottle. It is stated that the
government has under consl
tho advisability ot adopting t
Invention for submarine boatsj
An Odd Neat
A correspondent of Casell'
ztne lecords n curious freak on
of some wasps In Gloucester, I
Tho wasps wero noticed golnp
out ot a lock which secured
shop door.. Tho owner of the s
tho lock removed to satisfy hi;
Ity about tho doing of tho bus
crs. He found a nest Inside
cells wero mado of mud and v
of larvae. Thero were sevei
wasps Inside tho lock. As tho I
in nlmost dally use the wnsi
not hao had a very neat-vfuT l!
' Gallon was originally a pit
Jar, no matter of what size.

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