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Volume 1 .
Anadark-, Oklahoma, December 16. 1901.
Number 83,
Jmoro reasonable or
1 tins education of tin
Lo. tll9 Poo.- i' :; i
riic'iivtiittllv. tl-eie ' iu fault
whatever to In? found with t tic rec
ommendation of Mr. Jones, Com
missioner of Indh.u affair, who
mi-ytwUf lliRl Hit thni.' Iimk pome'
when the aboriginal ward of the
nation should become oitiiseiiH mid
earn lliuir own living.
Tim plan, on paper, is iilmis
ihle as tho prospuctiM of an export
piomotcr. iSotliing could appear
boiiofioient than
10 Indian by the
government and insisMiiccaftor that
upon his upplioati n to thu pursuits
of peace. It really looks ho easy
that pu-noim who read thu annual
reports of CoiiiiitisHionui- Jones and
Ins recommendations wonder why
it is that there is remaining in the
United Status a solitary red man
who is not the exemplary head of a
model household or an aotivo work,
er in a lloitrihhing Sunday school.
In a land which has been pointed
to again and again as wholly mate
ria hbtio in its spirit and purposes,
therr has been more hentimentalily
lavished upon the Indian than has
ever been bestowed upon any other
cause or people in the history, of the
world. The sorrowful sympathy of
humanity over the fall and partition
of Poland and the later learn whieh
have fallen because of the llritish
aggrossion and tyranny in the Trans
vaal, are evanescent and trivial
as compared with the pcrronuial and
tender concern of Uncle Sam for
tho poor Indian.
MilHouu iipoii-niillioiiH of dollar
liavo boon expended by the govern
ment upon the red men in this
country m order that they might he
fed and clothed without toiling and
spinning, liio gratuitous supplies
have (-.topped, it is true, at rum,
but only because lire water causes
ho precious Indians to injure each
other. Whon the copper dolorcd
warriors liavo taken the battlo trail
and devastated the frontier, the De
partment of War has been careful
to send out such forces against them
as to givo the Indians at least an
even show, with a fair chance of
working in a heroic and pictures
ijuo massacre.
"As a matter of fact, the United
States has always acted as if it
thought it took the lauds of tho
Indians from them, and that, for
this reason, tho government ought
to be good to them. Hut even judg
ing the case on tho hypothesis, the
money paid to tho Indians running
up into hundreds of millions of dol
lars ought to square tho account.
From an ethical standpoint it
would lio perfectly proper to com
pel tho Indians to work. Tho only
weak point in tho program is that it
can't bo done. ISut tlio supplies can
bo out down if tho tender sensibil
itics of the nation can stand it. Kx
Holiday Rats
The Choctaw Route will sell
tickets to points on their line, with-
' in two hundred (200) miles of sell-
imr point, nt one and one third faro
V for tho round trip. Dates of sale
nalo Deo. 21, 25 and :)tst and Jan.
1st, with final return limit .Ian. 2,
1002. For full information call on
agent or wnto
Geo. II. Lee, G. P. &T. A.
I.ittlo Rock, Ark.
- i .
The Auadarko litis and Transfer
Co. have opened up an olllco in tho
O.-K. Harbor shop. They have a
very pretty nowyJiis.
Santa Clau-t Letters
Dkau Sam Claim:
I am glad tlio Democrat gave me
a chanco to write- to you catim- I wa1-
afraid you wouldn't find ine awa
down hare in Okla.(thai standi for
Okluhoum you know.) I hope you
will 11 1 id my grandpa back in K.m
sas and givo him soniethinj: nui
How arc Diimlcr uul UliUen. Tin
must be getting pretty old by tin-
limu I expect. Hring me .1 little
Shothind ponv and saddle and a
whitw kitty. I am 8 years old am!
livo on Divers avenue. I am your
dear friend. Ltirile Hell.
Dim n Santa Claps:
I am a little strange boy hero in
Anndrtrko. I am 8 years old. I g
to school and try iny bet to pleam-
my teacher. Uear Santa Clans i
want you to please bring mo mum
candy and a nicp little book will
porno speeches in it. Please do n't
forget mo ami my little brothers mi
Chritmag. From Walter iJiiij m
to Santa I'latts. I live on C street.
Duai Santa Ci.ai s;
Orpha wants a doll and n doll
buggy and some English walnuts.
I want a doll and a doll buggy and
a trunk to keep my doll dresses in.
Nellie wants n doll and tho bah'
wants a doll and some candy. Your
little Friend, Fay Hickman.
Dkau Santa Claus:
I wish you would bring mc a nice
doll and it speech book. Santa I
wont to school today and lourntmy
books good. Santa bring mo some
candy and peanuts and a littjomug
Santa 1 have got a little mug that I
got last Christmas it is as pretty as
ever Santa. J have boon n kooiI
little girl all this year and' I hopo
you will bring ino something this
Christmas. Santa bring my little
brother a horn and a knife. I
guess I have wrote enough this
time. Yours Truly, flattie Dess.
Di:au Santa Ci.au:
1 want you to bring me home
candy and a Christmas book and I
want you to bring mo a air rillo and
and a kuifo with a chain on it. I
am l) years old. Ralph IIcss.
Dkau Santa Nick;
Please bring me a pair of mittens
"and a little doll buggy and a lot of
nuts and some oranges. 1 live on
block Itt, lot 10. Your true friend
Hertha Ruzicka.
Dimu Santa Crauh:
Please bring mo a doll buggy and
a little working basket and a little
thimble. I am S years old and I
want some candy, nuts and oranges.
I live on block 111, lot 10. So
please don't forget mo. Your friend
Mamie Ruzicka.
Dimu Santa Claud:
Plcaso bring mo a littlo working
basket and thimble, a sot of tin
dishes, a tin stove, a story book
and plenty of candy and nuts and
oranges. lam 10 years old please
don't forget mc. 1 livo on A street
lot 10, block 40. Molly Huzicka
Dimk Santa Claus:
1 am a little girl on tho' south
sido of town. My dolly is olar bare
footed and wants somo shoes and
stookoiis. Sho is bald headed to and
waiitaaouioourly hair. 1 would like
a little bod for my dolly and a story
book, sonio nuts and candy and a
little stove. 1 am six years old.
Good by, don't forgot Jim.
Martha Johnson. -
1 rfiiocinl to the DMMOOUAT from banta C'lana:
North Polo, Dw. 11, 1001
1 Si J
DrAKCfiiumutf:- Your letter are rocid with great pleasure
and I will At uonras jjimsible brinir all von auk. if von arc
real good, fori don't I iko, naughty children. If I caudi any
little boy or girl poeping on Xmas eve, I will not put any
thing in their stocking.
Sax'ia Claus.
Alwata put your namo and ng in your letter. No letters
I'oeivod from ohildren overtoil yours, old
J. Gh Ingram will give a large-stick o eowly
iliree rsot It)iij and six inohwu through to tho lit
tle l)oy wltt) trritost the best and mojt original
letter to 'Sdiitft l"ain.
II. E. W.TTJ5K, tho joweier, will give a solid
gold riugto the little girl writing tho'mo3l original
letter to Stnta Ihuh.
To the two next best letters by little girl will
be tfiven a large fruit rake by llolnimn'n bakery
now on exhibition, and a large kid-bodied doll
by V. II. Smith fe Son, the drnggirt.
To the two next best letters by little boyH will
be given a watch and gold plated chain by W. A.
Varf!!'M-'1he jeweler, and a fine wheel bar
row ;.''. - Sons, Hard waro company.
Dkau Santa Claus:
Please stop and jiause,
When you oomo round tho square.
I livo on Divers avontto;
Ho sure and find' mo there.
- My.tijijl:iifeyonMvilMiiid noar
By tUd open oliimney nolo!
Ho siiro Dear Santa do not miss
To till them to tho too.
1 want u sleepy dolly
With pretty golden hair,
And two more different sir.es
If yu liavo .thorn to spare.
Now Santa I must not forgot to.
toll you to bring mo candy. Some
Butter Scotch and lemon drops
which over vou liavo handy. I fear
you tiro of my lottor, so I will
bring it to a close. Good night
dear Santa. Now be sure do not for.
got to pause.
Amelia Lender.
Saved His Lifo
"I wU to suy Ihul I feci lone my lifo t Ko-
dol DiMiep-tn cure," writes 11. C. Clirestcn
son of Ilu) Held. Sllnn. Tor llirco j earn I was
troubled with dytepsla mi that I could hold
nothlnjf ou my htomuch. Muny times I would
bo utiublo to retain a morsel of food, finally
was contlncd to my bed. Doctors Mild I could
not live, I read one of your advertisements
on Ko1ol Dj.vpcpslu Cure und thoUKht it lit
my cuse and commenced Its uso' I be nan to
Iniprovo from tho llnt bottle. Now I am cup
cd and recommend It lo all." Digests your
food. Cure all Momucli troubles -W. IT.
Smith k Son.
Fully Insured.
You and we aro both insured
against loss, for tho manufacturers
agree to refund the purchase price
if you do not realize what they
claim for Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pep
sin in cases of Constipation, Indi
gestion, Sick Ileadaoho or Stomach
Troubles. Sold byO. C. Stephon
An Evangolist'B Story
"I buffered for years with u bronchial or Iuuk
trouble r"d tried various remedies but did not
obtain permanent relief until I commenced
ustni One Mlnuto C'ouifh Cure." Writes Hov.
James Klrkmun, UvunirclUt of Hello Itlvcr, III.
I lmVo no liesltatlou In recommending It to all
suftorcrs from maladies of this kind. One Mln
uto Couch Curo affords ImmcAlnto relief for
coughs, colds und all ldnds of throat and lum:
troubles. For croup It tsunciiualcd. Absolute
lyiife. Very pleasant to take, never falls
mlls really u favorite with .the children.
Thuy'llkek-W. It Smith k Son.
Imagines Pinkertous aro Olutfing
V. II. Truinbo, an old man who
liVoa alone in n littlo ono room
shanty over on the north aide near
the bus barn has become demented,
lie imagines that Pinkerton detec
tives aro dogging him day and night
and that every night they Hash their
lantorns into his windows.
When Sheriff Smith took charge
of him ho was heavily armed with
a Winchester, shot gun and several
revolvers. Unless his mind becomes
normal he will probably be oxam
iuctl before the Probate court later
in the week as Judge Crttm iR at
present out of town.
D. S. Mitchell. Fulfonl. Md.' "Durlm: u louir
Illness I was troubled with bed hores. wus ad
vised to try Do Witt's Witch llazcl Salvo and
did so with wonderful results. I was perfectly
cured. It Is tho best salvo on tho market."
Suro cure for piles, sores, burns, llewaro of
counterfeits. W. U. Smith k Sons.
For Salo
A fine stock of millinery goods
for salo or trade. About fifty miles
from Kansas City in a town of four
thousand population. Hail road cen
ter. Stock new and up-to-date. For
further information address "A 80"
Democrat office. tf
Message from Santa Cl&vis.
To tho children of Auadarko, O. T.
I liavo made arrangements with
Ingram, tho Confectionery man, to
buy my Christmas supplies from
him and all children wanting candy
will plcaso call on him and leave
orders in plenty of timo because l
am coining loaded down with candy.
75tf S.VXTA CliAUh.
Q, A- It.
Coni!iidtt of MKinloy Post.
Thp rules and rogul.it imis of tin) (?
A. H. order evry member of a paav
to he proiout at tin? annual citation
of officers of bin pout, therdfoni I
rcqiiciit you lo be nt the PfflblUo
court room on tho 10th inst. at 7
o'clock p. in. nliarp for the election
oT i nicer of your poll for tilt OIL
suing year, and alno to hear BOino
very important order from both
National and Department hortdipiar
tors which every old comrade ought
to know. Hy order of
.1. A. Hooker, Com.
Mnrnod in Hnsto
Th" Republican gavo an account
some weeks ago of a young man
who said he would get married if ho-,
could find any one who would have.
him and a young lady itniwling'ilear
hoard the remark and acewpted his
proposition and, t hoy wero married
in a jiffy by Probate Judge I'liiley.
The scene took place- in the court
house in I lobart and several witnesses
were present. That mint young man
wan in town Saturday consulting an
attorney tor tho purpose ot hecur
ing a divorce, lie says marriage W
a failure, at least in his ease, and if
he ever gets out of this he will bo
more careful next time. Iiohart
Health and Beauty.
A poor comploxlon is usually tlio roflult ot a
torpid liver or Irregular action of tho bowels.
Unlets nature's refuse Is carried of It will
surely cause Impure blood, lliuplon, bolls and
other eruptions follow. This Is natures method
of curriinir off tho poisons which tho bowels
ailed lo remove. noWltt'nJJltlo liirly Ilhcrs
nre world famous for remedying tills condition
Thoy KtliauUtc the liver and promote reirular
and healthy action of tlio lx)wels but ueYCV
ennvo irrlpluu'. cramm ordlstross. Safe 1111s.
Ohoapest Goods Groat Bargains.
Thr idaco to yet the most for
your money is at V. L. Prod Store,
Old Town. Good standard tohiatocn
full weight 10c. per can. Polk'n
best tomatoes, 9 cans for 81. flood
calico fie. best 0 1-4 cents per yard,
ai-1 all other goods in proportion,
for cash.
Card of Thanks
Vo wish to thank all our friends
and neighbors who have so kindly
aided us during tho last illness of
our son, Homer D. Newman.
Mr. and Mrs. Nowinan.
Tho Cream Cafo'sells meal tickets
twenty-one meals for 83.50.
Auadarko is afer the El Reno
land office. Tho people of this city
should help Auadarko to laud it.
There never was any excuse for lo
cating tho land office at El Reno,
except possibly to pay political
debts of Home of tho old stagers.
(tisli & Kakcr have just received
a carload of now furniture. Couch
es, iron beds, etc., and thoy will ho
offered to' their customers at prices
lower than ever before in tho his
tory of Anadarko. 80-tf
In tho way of secret organizatio'n
Oklahoina has 2,512 Masons, 0,100
Odd Fellows, :i,208 United Work
men, 1,875 G. A. ll's. and 1,500
Confederate Vcterants, 725 W. 0.
T. U'h.
Tho Ladies Guild of tho Episco
pal church will hold a bazar ami
fair commencing next Wednesday,
.December 18th. If
Tho Democrat has tho finest as
sortment of .lob Stock in tho city
and our prices aro always right
Call upon us,
Vcrdo V. Uardcastlo, city attov
noy, now hatt his ofliuo in tho Mor
gan building, south of tho publio
square. ImoSI
Just opened a 200UQ0 kiln of lino
brick over burned in Auadarko. Ah
prosscd. and a fine chorry red.
Sampled at First National Hank.
va ; i h'Liu vj. vxsjit v ti&pzr 'mt'fK '
1MEh a"1

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