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Anadaurkts Daily Democrat.
ANADARIvO, CADDO CO., OKL.A.. MAR. 10. 1903.
t NO. 172 g
2. $
M "
iigh Class
Are the Ladies' Belts just
heed on sale by us. These
lyles have only just come out
New York.
Price 75c to $3
The Clothing
We have the new Belt
bcklesand Sash Pins both
Steel and Copper effects.
Our clothing" room is full
in all lines of new merchan
dise. No jobs, no odds and
ends, no special bargains, but
new up-to-date spring stuff
that we are willing to com
pare prices and quality and
style with any clothing house
in Oklahoma.
Outline of Sermon I'rcnclicil by Rev.
L. 11., Holt ut the First Baptist
Churcli Sunday Morning
March 15.
New suits for
and little fellows.
men, boys
The swellest in back combs
A white Ivory Comb, gold
immed, We show them.
New Shirts in all styles and
New Hats. Ask for the
"Skinker Road" and "worlds
Fair" Hat, they are right.
New Socks. Lace effects,
fancy and plain.
New Neckwear
spring' styles.
in all the
Come in and see the new Spring
If it comes from "The Fair" it
he Fair
we have a large stock of
Cotnont, Lime, Sidewalk
McAlister Coal, Colorado Coal, Smith
ing Coal. Our grades are the best, our
prices as low as onyone.
Call and See us or
Phone 29.
StephensonBrowne Lbr. Co.
feHMNfr S? ?fr?J?frfr8??J??8?fl?s8?
W, Myeks, Pren.
D. Blanicenship, Vlco-Pres.
I. E. Cox, Cashlor.
J. H.White, Asst. Cashier.
-NO. 0307.
Bhe Citizens National Bank,
Capital, - - $25,000.00.
Of. W. Mlluo, J. P. Brown, L. W. Myers", L. D. Blankonshlp, I. E. Cox.
cs n general banking businoss, Monoy to loan At all times.
Stephensons Drug
Store, 1st door west
of National Baoik
of Anatdrko.
Text: Bccnuso Christ also
suffered for us, leaving us an ex
ample, that wo should follow in
his stops. 1 Peter: II: XXI.
Few days havo been of moro
interest in tho world's history
than that one, peaceful and glor
ious, when tho humblo citizen of
Nazareth appeared at tho ford of
Jordan near Bethabora and re
quested baptism at tho hands of
John tho Baptist. Becauso that
was thobegining of thoso years of
intense public service. It has been
taught that tho path of Christ be
gan hero; that tho stops refored to
by Potor began at tho Jordan, it
has beon said that tho previous
thirty years wore in shadow. Not
bo. Volumnos aro sometimes
compressed into a sontence.
Luke has shown this marvelous
power. Eighteen years of tho
Christ lifo aro as plainly pictured
in ono verse as they could bo in
a volume. ''Ho went down with
thorn, and oamo to Nazaroth and
was subject unto them. And
Jesus increased in stature and
wisdom, and in favor with God
and man."
To follow His steps makes it
necessary to know the, path. from
tho beginning. That the beginning
is boyhood is evident if symmetry
is desired.
Horticulturists havo a funda
mental precept: do not cut away
big limbs, remove the twig.thon
there is no wound from saw or ax
which tho bark will not cover but
which allows decay and mars.
Here nature teaches in harmony
with the word, train the child.
Christ, tho pattern of childhood
had his days ot preparation. "Ho
was subject;" Obedience. "In
creased in wisdom and stature;"
Culturo, mental and physical.
'Tn fnrrvi wifli fnrl nrtrl mnn "
At. lUfWl ...I.. WVA V...U ........
heart culture.
How Ho did it wo may not
know; How wo may do it wo do
know. First in tho home,
with all its blessed influences,' if
it is tho right kind of a homo.
As Christ leaves a path of
light from Jordan what do wo
seo? Trust, loyalty, lovo,benov
olenco. Why this teaching? For
our good and for others good, to
make us happy and useful.
As Ho would mako us happy
aro not tho poots words true :
"Evorywhero tho heart awake
Finds what pleasure it can
Everywhere the light and shade
By tho gazor's oye is made.
In ourselves tho sunshino dwells,
From ourselves tho music swells,
By ourselves our lives aro fed,
With swoetur bitter daily bread."
For those who follow Jesus
every year will bo happier. Dr.
Stors said boforo closing his re
markable ministry: "Lifo on
earth grows bettor and sweeter
as one goes on in it." To mako
us moro useful horo,wo must see,
is the real cause of the exhorta
tion. 1. As a restraining influence
against ovil.
2. As an attractivo force, so
much oasior to draw than to drive
and moro offootivo.
3, Ah an inducement to good
stewardship in tho field of bene
ficence. Christ's lovo was overflowing.
Ho gives not only broad and
clothes and light and air, but a
thousand things to please; tho
homo redolent with lovo and joy;
tho birds to aing; tho flowers to
bloom and swecton.
His truo follower will omulato
Mb axampie and not dole out ono
porcont from income, to help tho
poor and ovangelizo tho world.
As Christ gave generously, so
will tho true follower in his path
givo not grudgingly, and will fill
doplotod treasuries. Tho world
would speedily bocomo evango
lized and that would haston tho
coming of our Lord.
Wo cannot always soo the way
that leads to heights above
Wo sometimes quito forget Ho
loads us on with hand of lovo,
And yet wo know tho path must
lead us to Immanuol's land,
And when wo roach lifo's Bummit
wo shall know and understand.
Rev. Holt's Work In the City.
Rov. L. H. Holt cloBed his work
as pastor in this city yostorday.
He had threo very interesting
services. Tho outlino of tho
morninpr sermon is civon in this
papor. At tho closo of tho dis
course, ho gavo some statistics of
intorest and spoko of tho early
days. Ho preached tho first
sermon in tho now city at tho
auction stand. Ho dedicated tho
first mooting houso in tho city
and tho first Baptist edifico in tho
territory and leaves ndobt to
trouble the church. Of tho orig
inal organization but two now
live in tho city. Of 01 Baptists
ho found thofirjt six months but
21 aro now in tho city. A1 2:30
yesterday aJarge Qrow(d, .assem
bled at the west ford ot tho
Washita and witnessed tho bap
tism of five recent converts, a
feature of tho day was tho ex
cellent music. Mr. Geo. Holt,
son of tho pastor and a fine solo
singer, was present and partici
pated in all tho services. Rov.
Holt goes to his claim tomorrow
and will immediately ontor his
now work as Educational Mis
sionary of tho Central District
Baptist association which in
eludes Caddo Co. Rov. Holt
was formerly a nowspaper man,
thoroforo took a great interest in
nowspaper affairs while in this
city, and was always a welcome
caller at tho democrat offico.
Tho democrat wishes him a
continuation of his remarkable
success in church work,and joins
his many friends in the city, in
wishing him a pleasant field in
which to labor.
An Era of Prosperity.
Anadarko is steadily demon
strating tho fact that tho faith
which our business mon havo
displayed in her future has not
beon misplaced. An era of pros
perity has already bogun and
tho indications aro that it will
continue indefinitely, and result
in greater benefit to our citizens
than a boom. Tho elovator,
which is being built by Farring
ton & Co., is almost completed,
tho machinery has arrived, and
everything will soon bo in read
iness to handlo all kinds of grain
This elovator has a capacity of
20,000 bu, andwill bo a decided
addition to Anadarko's business
Train Wrecked.
The Golden Stato Limited, and
tho Ft. Worth express, which
leavos Kansas City at 10 o'clock
p. m., collided near Dwight, Kas.
at an early hour Saturday morn
ing, resulting in tho death of W.
H. Lovo, engineer, and serious
injury to fifteen trainmen and
All persons having any soda
pop bottles bolonging to tho An
adarko Bottling works,will please
return them to lot 0, block 12, or
phono 101. 171tf
Wo havo plenty of money to take caro of all dosira-
bio farm loans. Will look after tho final proof and
furnish tho money for final certificate. Long term
loans with partial paymont privologo after ono yoar.
Annual intorost payablo on tho first day of any month
in tho yoar you may soleot. Principal and intorost
payablo at your own bank.
3PX.TJM & Plitntf.
Anadarko, Okla.
4 doors east of Post Offico,
MV "vSf t4fSltSlHhi
Tho leading hardware houso In tho
city. Wo carry a full lino of hnrdwaro
and lmpiotnonts. vvo uon't cmtm to
bo tho cheapest houso in town, for wo
buy the best of ovorythlnp, bo wo can
givo you tho host value for tho prlco
nskeil. wo havo had our pick ana
havo selected tho following lines of
Roods, nnmoly: Groat Western and
Garland Stoves and Ranges. Tho
worlds best John Dcero Plows. Tho
Now Mollno Wagon. Tohn Deoro
Buggies. Dccring Harvesting Machin
ery. J. I. Caso Threshing Machines.
Wo lust mention a fow linos of goods
wo handlo to givo an Idoa of their
Wo also cany a full lino of
builders hardware and a nlno
of queonswaro, etc.
It will pay you to got our
prices boforo you buy.
Yours for business,
Duncan &
jjljm jKSftljf3ytH J
. NEW DEAL.. 0
n Til Mf.1 1b. .. alinll n il n( .ltrt f 'noli Q.rtAm n m 1 pnlT '
Only for Cash. Uudcr this plan wo can and will soil you
goods cheaporithan ovor and wo shall oxpoot to Increase
our business very materially. Since wo startod hero busi
ness has been vory good and wo tako this opportunity of
thanking our customers for past patronago and Invito a
continuanco of tho same, Wo shall contlnuo to soil tho
Best goods at bottom prices, ono prlco to all, and your
child can buy as cheaply as yoursolf. Wo call your at
tention especially to our standard brands of canned goods
P. F. O. C. Punch & Bollovue Cal. FrultH, Hamburgh,
Now York and Punch Vegetables, Colleos and Teas and fjj
Hunter Cream Flour. x?
ifcH? $$fcvMfc
It is acknowledged by all that when a man makes
a specialty of ono lino of business, dovoting all
his time, energy and ability to his work, ho will
mako a success of it. Ono of tho most difficult
and exacting trades is that of harness making,
and wo claim to havo mastered tho business.
Our goods aro hand made, warrantod to givo
satisfaction, and our prices always reasonable
East Broadway.
vfc9$?vJNfr$?$ ?iM!?"&'r?$?
Hammond lias 'em Good i Plenty
In Fresh Special Goods. Special shipment Philadelphia
Shirt Waists, Now Waistings, Suitings, Skirtings and Trim
mings at S,pooial Prices for March. All shoos at out prices.
S2.00 shoes S1.50.
S4.00choen S3.00.
S1.25 Men's Blurts .85.
.00 Men's shirts .39.
S3.00 shoes S2.25.
S3.00 Corduroy "SI. 00.
S2.00 " " S1.40.
Special lot Men's fine pants S1.25, Seo our 35o Shirt
waists, Embroideries at 2-3 usual price, Standard calicos
4 1-2 ots.
March is our Special Bargain Month,
See us first.
( Hammond Dry Goods Co.
IlllllllllllllHHllllllHIlllllllll HllllltlllllHllllllUlllllllM

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