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Anadarko always in the lead as a cotton market. The highest price guaranteed by the city. Don't forget It.
Daily Democrat.
I VOL. 7
No. 253
Caddo County Winter Institute
to Be Held in Anadarko
Nov- 27 and 28
ThoToaohors' Winter Institute
of Caddo oounty will be held at
tho Proabytorian ohuroh in Ana
darko on Nov. 27 and 28. E. E.
Baloomb, of tho A. & M. college
and who is at the head of tho
work in agrioulturo in Oklahoma,
will be here and will have with
him an expert in domoatio eoi
onoo. Those two will give tho
toaohers practical instruction in
how to proaont agrioulture and
domeotio ooienoe in tho publio
On Friday evening, Nov. 27,
Vioo Prosidont S. M. Barrett of
Contral Normal at Edraond will
looturo on "Our Manifest Dob
tiny." Besides these throe who
are paid for their sorvioes out of
tho normal institute fund, an ex
cellent program by the toaohers
of tho oounty has boon arranged
to oooupy part of both days. ,
Miss Widamon, county super
intendent, will have a supply of
BOhool law phampletp and courses
of study to distribute to tho
toaohers present, Every teaoher
in the oounty should make it his
business to be here for the two
days, It will tfrobably bo tho
most helpful winter instituto ever
hold in tho county booause of the
opooial work at this time when
tho toaohers are most in need of
Mr. Barrett is tho author of
"Geronimo" and of "Praotioal
Podagogy," a book . adopted by
tho stato board for reading oirclo
work this yoar and is at tho
head of thoDepartmont of Psy
chology at the Central Normal. J
Mr. B, Youngblood, who is
ohiof of tho Bureau of Plant In
dustry for Oklahoma and Texas,
will give valuable help in Agrioulture.
Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. W.
Love Dies After Long Illness
Vornon, the olovon yoar old
son of Mr. and Mrs. J. W, Lovo,
died Tuesday evening at C o'olook
aftor a ten wooks illnesa, follow
ing an attaok of diptheria. Tho
boy died from exhaustion, his
system being unablo to recover
from tho effeots of thb diBoaso
from whioh ho first suffered and
from which ho was supposed to
have roooverod. All hat med
ioal soionco oould do waB dono
for tho little sufferer, but to no
avail. Mr. Lovo and his family
woro traveling through Okla
homa by wagon from Missouri
when tho child was taken siok,
and since then they have boon
oamping in tho park. T"he boy
was a bright httlo fellow, and
was known in many places bb
"Little Billy Bryan", ho having
apenohant for playing at cam
paigning, and had made for him
self considerable of u reputation
as a "boy orator," Tho funeral
will bo held Thursday,
Box Cars Blaze
Somo box cars in the Rock
Island yards woro discovered to
be on firo this afternoon at 3:30
o'olook and an alarm waB turned
in for the department, The firo
boys respondod quiokly, and tho
flames were soon under control,
Mrs. Frances Burke-Roche Ba-
tonyi's Action for Divorce on
in New York
No mistakes will bo made by
returning all lost artiales found
on tho cotton yard to-Oscar
The Department President
Clara M. Brown will meet with
tho ladies of the oirclo Thursday
and all mombors are requested to
bo present at 2:30 sharp.
Marriage License Issued
Emmett Dudly, Apaoho.
Ruth Coomor, "
P. C. Cox, Cox.
Edith Clark, Cogar.
John Coon. Maramac.
Mollio Bartosovsky. Apache.
Advertising Evangelist
Rev. Boaoh and wife, formerly
of Anadarko, aro holding a re
vival at Perkins, They adver
tise their meotings with a quarter-page
display in tho Journal.
Mr, Botioh is a strong believer in
advortiBing and his moetingo aro
always successful.
Prune for Grapes
Now is tho boat timo to pruno
fororop. Any one wanting prun
ing dono ns it should be, Rend
a oard. Box 543. I will seo you.
252 3td J.A.Becker.
Miss Autjrioy Davis, who had
boon enjoying an extended visit
in Nebraska and Iowa, roturhed
homo today.
Osoar Morris, tho smiling rep
resentative of Sam Prentiss, is
taking up n, list of cotton at
Bridgeport today.
Tho MisseH Atkinson who had
been visiting with Miss Lillian
Hefloy, returned to their homo in
Frederick this morning.
W. D. Mills roturnod last night
, from Wiohlta, Kan,, whoro ho
had "been to seo his son, Claud,
who is rooovoring from a serious
Of Films
The Rights
o! the Siegmeur
One Of Vitigraph's Latest
Two Affinities
Kindness Never
Goes Unrewarded
Manual of a
Perfect Gentleman
Fortune Hunters
Illustrated Song
When the Sunshine in Your
Hair Turns Night Time In
to Day.
By Miss Ethel Powell
A Double show to
night for the price of
one. Come early and
stay late.
Special to tho Democrat.
Now York, Nov. 18. Whon
tho divoroo Buit of Mrs, Franoes
Burko-Rocho Batonyi against
her husband, Aurol Batonyi, is
called for trial in tho oourts bore
today, fashionablo sooioty will
look forward to somo dolootablo,
although rather spioy testimony,
in connection with tho marital
difficulties of tho famous Now
York Four Hundred bollo, and
hor Austrian coaoh drivor huB
band. The oaso has been pend
ing for somo timo, having boen
repeatedly postponod.
Tho principals in tho proceed
ing aro known from ono end of
tho continent to the other. East
orn sooioty was startled nearly
two years ago to learn of the se
cret marriage of Mro. Burke.
Rocho to Batonyi, tho famous
professional whip. Sho had boon
his wife nearly a yoar whon tho
announcement was made, and
herself confessed that tho mar
riage was tho "rosult of lovo at
first eight," Sho was then fa
mous as one of the handsomest
women in the "Four Hundred",
a noted horse woman and breeder
ofvprize toy bull terriers. Sho
married Batonyi Aug, 0, 1905-,
and following tho announcement
of tho wedding about a year Utor
tho couplo spent some timo in
Buropo, returning to tako up
thoir ro9idonoe in Newport.
Mrs. Roohe was formerly Miss
Franoes Work, a leading sooiety
belle of this oity, who in 1880
met tho Hon. James Boothby
Burke-Roohe, brother of the
prosont Baron Fernoy, while on
a trip abroad and married him.
Tho wedded life of the two was
unhappy, and in 1800 the wife
obtained a divoroo from her hue
band, with tho custody of tho
threo children.
Batonyi, an accomplished
Hungarian horseman and pro
fessional whip, was engaged as
an instructor for Mrs, Rooho,
who was fond of outdoor sports,
and while he instructed her in
tho arts of horsemanship as her
coachman, he also instruotod hor
in tho arts of love, and oaptured
hor heart. After tho announce
ment of tho marriugo, came
trouble. Mrs. Batonyi's father
out off hor allowanco and told
hor that sho and her husband
must Bhift themselves. Then
came divoroe proceedings as tho
direct rosult of tho opposition of
tho woman's parent,
Mrs. Emma Blackman and
Mrs, Martinez are spending tho
day in Vorden.
S, D. Barr, of Barr Bros.,
Chiokaoha, is taking up cotton at
Graoemont today.
W. W. Terry, our gonial gin
ner, oanvassod tho uituation at
Apaoho yesterday,
Mr, Harwell of Harwell, King
it Co,, of Chiokasha, did business
in this vioinity yesterday ,m
Jay AndrowB aocompanied by
his fathor, of Apaohe, wont to
Gracemont on loan buBineos.
A. M. Liddell of Hobart, King
Collie A Co'h. representative
passed tho word hero yesterday.
The ladles social union of tho
Presbyterian ohuroh will meet
tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'olook
with Mra, Dr Wudo, All mem-
ors aro invited to beproBont,
A beautiful story told in motion pictures.
And A Big Laugh Maker,
"How a pretly girl sold Hair Restorer''
There Never was a Girl Like You.
Music by Orchestra.
5c and lOc.
Good Dressers
I inn umlstahmVokhViakj
When You Are Ready To
Choose Your Fall Suits
you aro particularly invited to .make our clothing
room a call. You have to examine several lines to
get posted, to be able to judge which is the best. Wo
do thesamo thing in a larger way to keep up-to-date
All good dressers havo the ambition to wear tho
best. W3 ask for a chance
To Show You
how Buporior Stein-Bloch and Snmpeck clothing set
off your figure.
How much style is put in their make-up; they aro
tho pioneers of modern High grado clothes, and aro
still mn.intn.iiiiiin' flio Innrl
Theso goods in fit, style and quality are so supe- 1
rior, that they have driven the merchant tailor out I
nf hlldinnca nvnnnf f- Immrani.... 1. 1 it m
Give Us a TryOn
Wo will not bore you to buy, will not lmvo to.
Prices $15.00 to $25.00.
at our place. When looking at suits,
havo Mr. Cargill show you tho now
shoes. It will interest you, ' '
$6.00 aid $7.00
$4 and $5.00
are tho Twp best makes sold. Wo can
fit all feet .narrow or wide.short or long
to examine our new Fall Underwear,
havo a great assortment to please tho
most fastidious.
$1.00, 1.50 2 00, 2.50, 3.00.
$1.50, 2.00, 2.50.
If you aro particular about your
Underwear, bo suro and sto us,
The Fair Dep. Store
'5 e&ndl lO

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