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Captured While Seeking Healthier Cli
mate for Family, He Leapt,
Handcuffed, Through Win
dow of Speeding Train.
Dca Moines, In. Thnt Frank Slier-
hlTe Uio notorious diamond robber,
rho has Just escaped from tlio Colora
do authorities and whoso daring ca
it"' has eclipsed even that of Tru ,
lh? outlaw, lias n strangely du.il na-1u-o
Is evidenced by letters which lie
Kent to his wlfo In Dcs Moines only u
iow days beforo ho made his sensa
tional escape.
Detectives nil over the country call
Shorcliifo the most desperato criminal
they over km w A slender llttlo white
laced woman In Dos Moines calls him
the best husband n woman over had.
Shercllffu mado ono of tlio most sen
ta'funnl escapes ever recorded In
criminal history. Whllo being taken
10 the Bt.ito penitentiary nt Canon
Ot a fow days ngo to servo n 20-year
I'H'onco for tho murder or a Colorado
aloonkeeper 15 years ago Shercllffe
''hided tho two deputies who hod him
n chargo by leaping through a car
window whllo tho train was going 40
miles an hour and made his escape in
iho darkness.
When hl3 wlfo heard tho news she'
cri d for Joy. Shercllffe was married
io Mae Bcrgstrom, u Des Moines girl,
four years ago. Sho Is a pretty girl
.ind a talented musician. During his
jnairlcd llfo hero Shercllffo had evi
dently reformed nnd lived a sober, in
dustrious life. It waB when ho left
"he state to seek a better climato for
his wife's health that his old enemies
nabbed lilm and railroaded him to
'Colorado to answer to a murder
That Shercllffo's thoughts wcro with
ills wife, and two llttlo children, oven
whllo the shadow of tho big penlten
jtary loomed near him, Is evidenced by
Jotters scrawled In lead pencil on prls-
He Leaped Through the Car Window.
on paper and written only n fow days
iK'foro ho made his sensational cscapu.
Sherman Morris, alios Frank Sher
cllffe, has had ono of tho most ie
niarkablo crlminnl careers of any man
living. Alono and single-handed ho
bold up a Now York diamond mer
chant on a train nenr Missouri Val
ley, robbed lilm of $10,000 worth of
diamonds, pulled the bell card, and
when tho train slowed up leaped off
Into tho darkness. lie was not cap
tured until months -afterward, when n
force of Plnkcrtou detectives wore put
on his trail.
When ho confessed tho crime he
Implicated a notorious politician and
.-ambling king. Tho Inttor was tried,
and Shercllffo told n startling story,
in which it was shown that ho wns
back of a big diamond robbery and
that Shercllffo had been his tool. Sher
cllffe claimed that after robbing tho
t'.aln he had received nono of tlio
booty. Tho politician was not convict
ed, however, and from thnt time on ho
and Shercllffo have been sworn ene
mies. Tho diamond robbery was only ono
of tho events In Shercllffo's sensation
al career. SInglo handed ho hold up
some of tho biggest gambling houses
In Colorado. On ono occasion Sher
cllffo donned tho ilg of a cowboy, held
up a gambling palace, escaped with n
rich haul, donned tho nttiro of a so
city swell and 15 minutes later was
out mingling with tho crowd to help
hunt tho desporndo,
Aftor tho trial, however, Shercllffe
promised Gov. Cummins to reform and
that executivo denied requisition pa
pers, In Iown Shorcliffo wns safe. A
few months ago ho ventured out to
Michigan to find a suitable place to
move his family, tho doctor having or
dered change of cllmuto for his wife.
It was then that ho was seized on a
chargo of an old murder nnd railroad
ed to Colorndo.
Concrete Buildings for Explosives.
i. Following a practical demonstration
of Its value tn that Hold, tho govern
ment will uso concrete buildings in
which to store explosives In tho canal
London. Inmntes of a quiet rcc
Jory In Dorsetshire will long remem
ber tho latter hours of n recent night.
Tho rector was aroused in tho mid
dle of tho night by n great noise In
tho room. Was It n burglar? Flnnlly,
ho concluded that an nrmy of bats
had solected his bedroom for their
high Jinks. From every part of tho
room they could be heard plunging
ngnlnst mirrors nnd glasses, knock
ing up against tho celling, while too
often to bo pleasant one would hit
against tho head of tho bed, ami,
worse stilt, the beating of their wings
could bo felt as they came close to
the helpless faces on tho pillow.
Tho rector's alarm was Increased by
tho fact that his wlfo had n horror of
The Bats Swarmed In by Scores.
bats. She was almost trembling with
anxiety, not only for herself, but also
for her curtains, and the nico, new
wall paper! Consequently, tho hus
band had to bestir himself. Very gin
gerly ho struck n match nnd lit n
candle. This only attracted tho
w etched creatures nearer to that par
ticular part of tho room In which the
bed was placed.
The rector' had been told that if n
lighted candlo were placed In the win
dow tho bats would depart. Ho would
try this, tho wlfo bogging that ho
would get her a towel.
When she had carefully wrapped
her head in the towel tho rector pio
cocded to tho window with tho can
dle, dodging tlio bats which circled
around. Having placed tho candle on
n chair at tho open window ho hastily
retired into bed again and awaited
Never more will he try that plan
again. Tho bats had a lot of coated
oi ales outside, and these also began to
come in, so that it was Impossible to
count how many there wero in tho
room. Another plnn wns tried. All
tho curtains wero drawn aside and tho
tho east window opened wide. Tlio
light was put out and beads were laid
op tho pillow. Soon tho noises got
less, and at last censed, followed by
sweet forgetfulness.
Presence of Mind Saves Life of Father
In Fight with a Bull.
Freeport, 111. Ilelko Hrnuer, a fann
er residing a half mile south of Everts,
was attacked recently by an enraged
bull and wns saved from death by tho
courago nnd piosenco of mind of his
soven-yeur-old son.
Mr. Ilrnuer was chasing tho bull
Into tho barn at the tlmo of tho ad
venture. Ho hit tho animal a cauplo
of cracks with a stick. This enraged
his majesty of tho pastures and ho
turned on Mr. Brauer, knocking lilm
down nnd butting him savagely.
Mr. Hrnuer grabbed tho bull around
tho neck and managed to get on bis
feet for a moment, when tho unimnl
downed him again. IIo also trampled
upon him.
Two of Mr. Hrauor's sons wero pres
ent, and It wns thon that tho llttlo boy
took n hand In tho proceedings. Grab
bing n stick, ho hit tho enraged nnltnnl
over the bend. Tho bull lifted his head
and looked nt tho boy a moment, np
parently wondering at his audacity.
This gave Mr. Hiauer tlio chanco ho
wns looking for, nnd ho hastily Jumped
up nnd got away.
After Mr. Ilrauer had counted up his
injuries ho found thnt thoy consisted
of a fracture of tho left arm near tho
wrist and numerous bruises.
Sleeps Amid Coffins and Shrouds.
Groonfield, Ind Davo Kills, Green
field's weather prophet, ton years ago
engaged with, a local undertuke.r ns
night man nnd established sleeping
quarters among tho cofllus nnd
shrouds. During all this tlmo Mr. Kills
has missed only ono night from his
growsomo quarters. He has undergone
Bomo thrilling experiences by his stub
born determination to sleep In no oth
er quarters. On one occasion, when n
corpse was left In tho room near his
bed, n scheme wns arranged by which
tho covering on the body could be
pulled, away by a string. Although bad
ly frightened ho refused to bo d;lvon
away. Many other attempts havo been
mado to break this long iccord, bat all
wero failures nnd today ho defies any
man to equal It ovory night for ten
years In. tho same bed, except on one
occasion, and then "I piled In at sev
en in tho morning," -bo said.
Young Man Undergoing Long Sen
tence for Murder Committed During
Labor Troubles Nominated
by Socialist Labor Party.
Carson City, Nov. Just south of
Carson City, nt tho site of ono of tho
innumernblo hot springs that gush
up nt Intervnls In thnt barren lnnd, Is
situated tho Neiodn penitentiary, con
taining now sonn. 300 convicts. It
probably Is the most delightful penal
establishment In the world, and Is con
ducted upon such n llbernl basis that
the residents of tho state refer to it
ns tlio best hotel In Nevada. As a
mntter of fact, theio is some satire In
the general comment, becauso tho sen
tences being served thcro nro for tho
most part excessive, tho natural re
sult or tho ndmltilstrntlou of law hi u
now nnd mining country.
Among t!w prlsonors there Is one
of more thnn passing Interest, a.
young fellow 21 years old, with n clear
cut, Intellectual face, big, clear bluu
eyes, a gentle manner, n sweot, music
al voice, whllo teeth, tho address and
bcniing of a gentleman, who Is serv
ing n sentence) of 25 years. Ho was
tho caudldato of tho Socialist Labor
party for president of tlio Fulled
States nt tho recent election. His
nnmo Is Morrlo It. Preston, and his
crimo is murder, committed under tho
stress of influences engendered by tho
Federation of Labor In tho mining dis
tricts of tho west. A gentler mur
derer you could by no moans find, not
If you sought him through (ill tho
pages of romance nnd history, nor a
less likely aspirant for tlio offlco of
president. Ho was the candldato of
his party with a view of securing his
rclcaso from prison, but such is tlio
antagonism of tho laborers and em
ployers In the state that his being
named on tho ticket is only another
bolt on his prison door,
Preston was a picket working for
tho miners nt Goldfleld, nnd In front
of tho establishment of a restaurant
kcopcr charged with unfairness to a
female employe, a member of tho
union. Tho restaurant kecpor at
tempted to drive tho pickets nway.nnd
drew a pistol, whereupon Preston
shot lilm dead. Preston pleaded self
defense, but was found guilty nnd
recommended to mercy. Tho Judge
sentenced him to 25' years' Imprison
ment. "My defense was tho ono which
rests on tho first law of not nro, self
preservation," said Preston to a vis
itor. "My candidacy was tho product
of sympathy by tho members of my
party. Tho latter probably will be as
unavailing as tho former, nnd my
declination of tho nomination was not
listened to. I am tho creature and tho
victim of circumstances. I nm no mur
derer, nnd no politician."
To understand bow tho prisonor
camo to his fate would require- a re
view of tho whole labor question as
piosented by tho minors In tho west.
Tho federated body of labor havo de
manded too much, and tho employers
havo cxacctd too much, nnd Preston
has been caught betwoen tho two mill
stones, which will grind him up with
out ft doubt. Tho Socialist Labor party
Is not strong enough nor homogene
ous enough to oxert a deflnito Influ
ence for his benefit, nnd until tho bit
ternesses hnvo been nlinyed there Is
but llttlo likelihood that ho will obtain
his release. Still, sympathy 'for him
is Increasing. Ills trouble is that ho
Is ranked with Harry Orchard nnd
Haywood and Pott (bono, when, ns n
mutter of fact, ho Is ns alien In spirit
nnd disposition to those nen as
water Is to oil. As to his candidacy
for president, It Is only necessary to
say that ho would not command atten
tion as aspiring for constable under
other conditions thnn that of a victim
of tho lnw.
Ills fellows In prison form n body
almost as noticeable ns himself. Re
cruited f loin tho mining camps, they
are for tho most part young men, se
lected lives and peculiarly Intelligent
youth, drawn In many Instances from
the universities and colleges of the
enst, who, unable to withstand tho
temptations of gambling and drlnkk,
wcro rounded up nnd corraled In
Thero may bo a pearl in tho occa
sional oyster, but nnyono wanting
pearls would be foolish to go to a
sea-food house to buy them. Detroit
F:o9 F'ss.
j s
House Where Dean Smith Once Lived
Likely to Be Razed.
London. Crosby Hall, which after
being dcinotlshnd In Hlshopsgntr, Lon
don, is to be reconstructed In Chel
sea, may be tho menus of wiping nway
an almost equally famous building,
f i oin n historical viewpoint, although
ono that Is known to comparatively
fow. This is the little three-storied
dwelling In Danvers street, Just off
tho Chelsea embankment, In which
Doun Swift lived for some tlmo and
House Where Dean Smith Wrote His
"Journal to Stella."
In which he penned his "Journal to
Stella." it Is tho oldest dwelling In
Chelsea and looks curiously out of
plnco among tlio inoro modem but yet
ancient structures thnt abut It nnd
face it from the opposite side of tho
street. It still Is occupied by n middle-class
Kugllsh family, tho members
of which havo very llttlo npprcclntlon
of tho holy literary ground on which
they stand. It Is n pity that tho hduse
cannot bo bought for preservation nnd
thrown open to tho public for inspec
tion, ns literary lnndmurks nro getting
moro scarce In London every year de
spite tho fact that tho city originally
was moro blessed In thnt respect than
any other city In tho world.
This Desk Once the Property of the
Dictionary Maker.
Kansas City. Mo. A quaint llttlo
mahogany writing desk, owned by
Douglas Gardner of this city onco be
longed to Noah Webster of dictionary
fame. Ink spots, fondly preserved on
the desk, aro said to havo boon mado
by Webster. A tradition In tho Gard
ner family savs that Webster used tho
llttlo desk part of tho tlmo when he
was editing ids dictionary.
Douglas Gardner Is n student nt tho
University of Missouri, In tho sopho
more class. Ills father, Dorsey Gard
ner, was ono of tho editors of an
million of WVIiRtitr'n illrtlnnnrv. nml It
I was through his connection with the
publication that thu desk cnnin Into
the possession of tho family. Dorsey
Gardner's nnmo Is given In tho 1891
edition of Webster's dictionary as ono
of tlio associate editors. Ho was n,
magazine writer of tome nolo nnd tlio
author or sovoral books.
Douglas Gardner also owns n copy
of ono of tho enrllcst editions of Wob-
Desk That
Once Belonged to
ster's dictionary, and other memen
toes of tho lexlcogniphor. Tho old
dictionary Is in two volumes, bound lu
Work Conducive to Health.
The Girls' Normal school of tho City
of Mexico reports the year of 1907-'08
to havo been tho most successful In
Its history thus fur. Among Its eco
nomic gains it enumerates laundry
work. Formorly tlio monthly expend
iture for this item has been something
loss than $75, oven though tho pupils
have always done the ironing. Re
cently the school authorities lilt upon
tho plan or putting In stono washing
places constructed after tho Mexican
fashion. This Innovation not only mado
tho girls, happy but reduced tho laun
dry bill to ?18 a month. Tho school
physician ropoits tho health uf tho
pupils as being much bettor than ovor
before nnd attributes it to the exercise
of washing clothes.
A Queen of Clubs.
Sho had -Just 'won tho prize nt tho
card club for tho fourth consecutlvo
"My dear, I never saw such luck,"
snld her ilval. "You really ought to
go about holding other people's hands."
And at this thoy laughed.
"Don't you think," asked tho lucky
one, "people would bo awfully bored?"
"Oh, said tho other, sweotly "only
cardboard!" Harper's Weekly,
"Think," said tho optimist, "of how
civilization has progressed' slnco ths
terrois of the Roman arena."
"Yes," answered Mr. Slrlus Harker.
"Nowadayn when we'ro looking for
thrills wo go to a llttlo par'ude ground
and watch somo aviator risk hla life
aa short turns."
(Copyright liv Unlibs-MeriiU Co i
One was to conic, so the letter said,
by way of Ozark, and the brovlt of
the lust i notion conveyed no hint of
Its tremendous significance, no hint of
th" fact that though the stage coach
has practically disappeared from our
midst, lu the bobtail train Its spirit
goes marching on. Accustomed to n
world thnt takes a shameless piido In
Its "flyers." lu trains ns Inexorable ns
time nnd tide, how wns I to suspect
that the bobtail train was a bit of old
I lino poesy sot llko a Jewel In the pro
sale prosunt; that coming by wtty of
Ozark would Involve u spiritual renns
conce; that 1 should in rive at my
Joui'ii(''s end with n heart quickened
and purified? Yet so It was.
I emerged from the sleeper at X.
Into a morning nil blue nnd gold spar
kle. At tho ticket window In tho time
worn station I Muttered anxiously lu
tho background of several ovrstop-
plug Mlssntirlnus who seemed to be
Indulging n lazy 7Rst for railroad In
formation. Stonily I watched the clock,
whoso long, gaunt linger was creeping
closer and closer to the decisive hour,
tormented by vIhIoiis of the O.ark
train giving a last wild shriek ami de
parting without me. In tho midst of
my fidgety despair the foreground
shifted with the deliberation of a stage
scene and I found myself next the
Kveu In the preoccupation of that
moment the severity of tlio ticket
ngent'H fnco Impiessed me. Why so
iinutterablo a gravity at so natural a
question? Had I perchance outraged
some canon of railroad etiquette by
asking when tho train for Ozark would
leave, and, If not, what could be tho
meaning of (ho lurking dignity In his
glance? Puzzled, but not daunted, I
turned nway.
There was, It seemed, tlmo for tho
lunch counter, n taste for which I
havo unflinchingly preserved lu spite
of tough steaks and stale sandwiches.
For mo thero has always beon n gla
mor about them, nnd I wns soon dang
ling hnppily from a revolving stool,
awaiting wheat cakes and coffee, star
ing Immodestly nt tho god-llko proillo
or tho youth who presided over tho
ensh register uud humming tn myself
from sheer contentment.
Tho coffeo nnd enkes were hot, tho
profile nil too perfect. In tho glow
produced by the three I qulto forgot
thnt these Joys wero on passant until
my eyes happened to fall upon the
large, plain fuco of a clock on the op
posite wall. It was tho sort of a clock
that ono simply could not doubt. Ono
know thnt It lind nlways done Its duty,
always would, nnd In a trice I had
ceased to dauglo nnd wns standing be
fore the god, ndjurlng lilm by the nine
forty train to Ozark to mako.hasto
with my change, to Btrlko tho mystic
keys, pull tho Btop nnd gnthcr my
dimes nnd qunrters from tho drawer
nrestlsslmo. an It please him. Ho was
not, I must confess, visibly nffected
by my objurgations. lie, too, eyed mo
frigidly, and performed his solo on thu
cash register n tempo.
A big, pulling, assertive monster of
an cnglno was at that moment bring
ing a train to n stop on tho platform.
As tho Inst passenger alighted I pre
sented myself at tho steps, glowing
with triumph and half Inclined to wavo
my handkerchief at tho tlckot man nnd
curtsey derisively to tho Apollo of tho
cash register, for had I not achieved
that train lu tho face of olllclal cold
ness nnd discouragement thnt might
well hnvo sent mo some other wny
round? In the midst of my triumph n
protesting volco fell upon my enr.
"Dis yero ain't younh train, lady.
Youoh train, hit's ovnh yiindab som
air. Guess yo' don' need to run!"
This Information, delivered by a col
ored porter, lind at least ono redeem
ing feature. It wiis accompanied by a
grin, and I no longor felt myself an
offenso lu tho laud. Willi a fow proud
snorts nnd hisses the great engine
dragged Its train awny, leaving the
platform to tlio Ozark train nnd me.
I found It at last an archaic day
coach poignantly suggestive of tlio
days of Robert Fulton, coupled to
so mo flat-cars loaded with cinders.
Thoro was no engine lu sight, but
ono no lunger wondered. Nothing now
seemed moro probable than n round
house filled with engines nil haughtily
refusing to draw tho train to Ozark.
From time to tlmo loose-Jointed inon.
ami worn women with babos In arms
nnd fringes of them clinging to their
skirts, sauntered in and disposed
themselves about with a lack of hasto
that was ominous. I vain I searched
their faces for somo fixed Intention of
departure. Their Intentions seemed to
be In tho air.
Two drummers, ono stout, creased
and of slovenly appearance, the other
sparo and groomed, looked ns If they
had onco meant to, but had glvon It
up, and plunged into tho morning pa
pers for forgotfulness. At last there
was a final rustling of the papers ns
they throw them aside, their news ex
hausted. The Ozark train remained
Immovable, and thoy began to oyo
each other with Interest, brightening
as thoy recognized tlidt thoy wero of
Ibo samo brotherhood.
"Hosiery?' queried Fnlstnff, guided
by heaven knows what occult sign, as
ho leaned toward Casslus Interestedly.
Casslua shook his head.
"Just outside hosiery, one might say,
Shoes!" was ills neat roply. Involun
tarily I smiled wo all smiled cheerily
until I happened to romemher thodnrl:
tradition on which nil glrh nro
brought tip, concerning Btrange men
on railroad trains, nnd retreated to tlio
platform to recover my dignity. A
inun In n hluo blouse, with a faco bo
smlichcd Into Hombinndt effects, wtm
fussing about the wheel.
"Rusted from disuse?" I ventured.
Then, emboldened by his smllo "I
pi online to keep (lie secret; hut toll
me, now, honestly, does it over go?"
Ho seemed to consldor.
"Yes, It always goes, soonor or in
tor You see, u depends upon tho
freight whenever the crew witli tho
freight comes down, It goes."
"And whon does It arrive?"
"That depends upon tlio nniouut of
freight mid how much switching (holt
Is to do."
1 turned away softly. Thou I be
thought mo of the ticket mnii.
"It Is almost elovon," I remarked
with deadly calmness. Ho looked In
tel ested. "Why, so It Is. Oh, well, tho '
crew'll bo along soon now. Scheduled
for nine-forty," lie added comfortingly.
Ah, well, what matter? Thu sky
was blue ami tlio air electric, and
theio was the long stretch of tho sta
tion platform on which to practlco
fascinating eccentricities of gait, could
one but mnnngo It subtly enough to
escapo tho attention of thu loungers.
It wan well on toward noon when
the pntlent occupants of tho train for
Ozark wero startled by a premonitory
jolt that caused a weary mother who
wns dozing nt full length on ono of tho
seuts to grab wildly at her Infant,
uncritically asleep on tho floor. Tho
gentleman "Just outside hosiery"
straightened up alertly, and, while his
collenguo smllod genially and Indis
criminately on us all, murmured, "Sho
It was true, Somo cnglno liumblo
enough and decrepit enough to draw
tho train to Oznrk had been found. To
be suru, It wns nlmost tlmo for us to
arrive, but whnt nro schedules after
nil but nn expression of n railroad's
Ideals statements of whnt thoy fain
would do, rather than what thoy ac
complish) If my mind still, played
about tho idea of making up tlmo, It
was from tho forco of habit. Certainly
tho Ozark train never dreamed of mak
ing such an exhibition of Itself nn
would have been necessary to ovor
tako Its fleeing schedule.
It nmblcd gently through tho sunlit
landscape, past cornfields nil ntcoly
dono up In Psycho knots and aglow
with topaz pumpkins; past a distant
farmstead exhibiting nn almost holy
propriety, doors and windows primly
closed, and nothing in sight save tlio
shadows on tho lawn, and gradually
camo to a completo stop beforo a "gen
eral store," where it paused for a ho
clal call. Onward It went again,
Ihroiigh moro smiling landscapo, ovor
llttlo brooks, besldo shadowy wood
land stretches, but never falling to
slop courteously at each country
Gradually tho charm of that Journey
eauk Into my heart, never to bo for
gotten. It was an exquisite pastoral
given to us at first hand, lived and not
read. Tho idea of n destination faded
from my mind, tho deslro to arrive do
parted from me. Tho trip to Oznrk
wns llko llfo to bo on tlio way was
enough. Ono felt no deslro to reach
tho other end.
I had long slnco deserted tlio ele
gant rod plush scat for ono on tho
steps of tho back platform. As wo
stopped from time to tlmo to distrib
ute freight cars or cinders tho men
explored tho surrounding country. I
was wishful, but, being uniiblo to rid
myself cntliely of an old superstition
concerning trains tho possibility of
their careening off nt a moment's no
tice I remained on tho steps, content
edly watching the flurries of yellow
and white butterfllos that drifted
about, tho hugo brown beetles that
waddled along tlio track for all the
world liko contractors out on n tour of
Inspection. I smiled back nt tho land
scape that beamed on us nil so genial
ly, and bout my ear to tho gaunt
brown weeds, tlio burden of whoso
mc8sngo wns, "Onco 1 was young, but
now I nm old." as thoy waved back
and forth In tlio breeze. At peaco with
llfo und tlmo, I thanked God for tlio
long, sweet dream of country ways,
Indlfforent whotlior wo trundled on
ward or tarried forever by tho way.
Verily, I had tasted tho lotus, reached
tho land whero it is always after
noon. "Ozark!" shouted tho conductor.
There was a proud, official ring In his
volro that seemed to sny, "Didn't I tell
you?" nnd I begnn to gather up my
possessions, Involuntarily exchanging
a glanco of sympathy witli Fulstaft
and tho man "Just outside hosiery."
Somehow, In that lS-mllo trip wo all
seemed to havo put out roots, and tho
arrival camo with a rudo shock of up
heaval, provoking a passionate roscut
ment nt tho necessity for getting oft
and separating. Wo did not speak, hut
each, I am sure, know what tho other
felt. In tho turmoil of llfo wo had
found a veritable via sacra. Vo wero
a llttlo bit bettor mon and women,
for having couio by way of Ozark.

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