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mft JIV,'
Funeral Directors
Licensed Embalmers
Day Phone 178; Night Phone 226
cobs COAL CQBs
If you are looking for the best Coal
Money Can Buy try some of our
McAlester Fancy Lump
From the Alderson Mine, there is none
better. Phone 200. We make quick
delivery. We also have dry cobs.
Chickasha Milling Co.
W. P. SNYDER, Mgr.
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic Combines both I
in Tasteless form The Quinine drives '
out Malaria and the Iron builds up
the System. For Adults and
You know what you are taking when
you take GROVK'S TASTW.HSS chill
TONIC, recoRnied for 30 years through
out the South as the stuiidard Malaria,
Chill and l'cvcr Remedy and General
Strengthening Tonic. It is ns strong as
the strongest hitter tonic, hut voudmiot
taste the hitter became the ingredients
dp not dissolve id'thc mouth hut do ill -sojvereadilv
in tlie acid's of the stomach
Guaranteed by your Druggist. Wc mean
)t. 50c.
There is Only One "UROMO OHiNINK"
Aook for signature of IJ. W. (jKOVI-; cm ev
Read the Ads
3 Will Prove to You Free
You who a'O suflerlng tho tortures ot Eczom. Itch, Salt Ttlie utn or otbf r
tkto illsrasf s jrou whose djya aro miserable, whoso nltibts ure ratido sleep.
i xiit Dy mo vcrrimo itcmnc. uurnmu valns letmesena you u trlaiut a octn
, lmr-,'heallii trentmnnt which has cured hundreds, which 1 bellovit wi-l euro ' - "u,"' "
you. I "111 rend It tree, postaeo paid, without any obligation en your ; art.
lust lilt tho coupon below and mall It to me, or wrlto ice, t-'ivioi; your tame, nco ocd address
I Atlll aend the treatment free of cost to J cu. ,
""" "" - " "-CUT AND MAIL TO DAY" - "-""a.
1 J. O. HUTZELL, 120 Woot Main St., Fort Wayne, Ind.
I'lcaie send rrlthoul csit or obligation 16 mo your I'rco I'rcct Tr:.ttacnU
Name ,
Post Office .,
State ..Street and No.
Thisjplace was formerly known as the
Southern Hotel, on 129 "E. Main
Rates $1.00 Per Day
Gentlomc's Driving Uloisc
Will Rcce.ve Special C uro
The City
Special Attention Given to
CRN MMN&, , im-h
rwj ni.'mmiij. ,
The Wonderful, Old Reliable pe. Porter'i
Antiseptic Holing Oil. An Antiseptic
Surgical Dressing discovered by an
Old K. K. Surgeon. Prevents Blood
Thousand of fatuities know it already,
and n trial will convince you that DR
OIL is the most wonderful remedy ever
discovered for Wounds, I!urns,-01d Sores,
I'leers, Carbuncles, Grauulateil Kye I.ids,
Sore Throat,. Skin or Scalp Diseases and
ull minds and external diseases whethet
slight r serious. Continually people art
finding new lines for this famous old
rciiieiU. Guaranteed bv your Druggist
Weinc'an it. ;.Sc, 50c. f l.'OO
cry ijiii, (.uri'sa v.xl'1 tn One Day Zor
All Work Guaranteed
New Blacksmith
L m and Interfering Horbeu
At The tnurches
M. E. Church, South.
Sunday School, 10 ft. r.
Preaching nt 11 n. m. nnd 8 p.
Junior Longueo p. in. with Mrs.
Nnnco lending.
Epworth Longtio 6 30 p. in.
Evorbody wolcouto. Coino and
worship with us.
Morning subject "Tho wny to
Kverybody'wolcomo, como and
worship with ub.
W. 12. Ilumphrej, pastor
Christian Church
Sunday School, l):ioa. m.
Preaching, 11 a in, and 7:150 p. in
Christian Endeavor 7 pin.
Rev. W. W. rfanros, Pastor.
Sunday School, i):fit n. m.
1 1 n. in. l'ublio worship and
;!0p. in. Loaguq, Sonior. ,
7 :J0 p. in. Public' worship and
Thursday, 7;30 p. in. Prayer
Sochi Union First nd3 Third
Wednesday of oaoh nionih." .
Missionary Sooijty Fourth
Thursday of each month. ' '
S, V. Fuit, Pastor
Cntholio Church
iMnss every Sunday at 10 a. in.
Sunday sejifjol overyt Sunday at
ilSOnro, ' , . i "
Hussary nnd benediction every
Sunday at 3 p. in.
Evory First Sunday of month
Methodist Episcopal Churf4h.
Sunday School at 'J: 16 n.-'jji..
Preaching at 11 o'clock n.m.
and 7.30 p. m.
'Junior Loagtio 3 p in.
Epworth Loaguo ;.'50prji. .,
Prayor'Thnrsdny. T:30 p.' m.
Allnro invited-to attend. - Spe.'
cial mvitntion to strangors.
tIraJL.Crabtree, Pastor.
lift' ......
'"BnntisfChftrch -''.
; 'V : " ...
Sunday sohooPn. lo"n. in.
Preaching service ll.'GO n. in,
P. Y.P. U.
Prenching nt usual hours.
Evoryono cordially invited.
J. M. Jones, Pastor.
To Cure n Coiu in One Day
Take LAXATIVE BROMO Quinine. It top 1L
CourM and Headache and worVs ofT the Cok
DrufniiU refund money it it fail to curt
E. W. CROVU'S denature on each tux. SSc
The Family Cough Medicine
In ovory homo thcro should bo
n bottlo of Dr. King's Now Dis.
covery, rondy for immodinto use
when nny member of tho family
contracts n cold or n cough.
Prompt uao will atop tho Bproad
ot sickness. S. A. S'tid, of Allison
Mich., writes: "My wholo fnmily
depondsupon Dr. living's Now
Diacovory ns tho bost cough nnd
cold modicino fn tho world. Two
50ct. bottlesjured me of pnou.
moma.' Thousands of othorfain.
ilios have been oqunlly bonefitcd,
and dopend entirely upon Dr.
King's New Discovory to cure
thoir coughs, colds, thront nnd
lung troubles. Evory doso helps.
Price,50ct. nnd ?i,00. All drug,
gists. H. E. Brickion & Co, Philn.
dolphin or St. Louis.
For snlo or tnulo Two good
fnrma in Pottnwntomio Co. Want
io trndo for Cnddo County proportv
Jirej old Sores, Otter Renedles Wis't Cttn
The wort caws, no matter of Low long taiifl"i,
ate curij liy the womlerfiil, old reliable Dr.
IVrter'a Vntlwptlc HealltiK Oil. It t.-Iirvea
I'aiii and limit at tbc irec liioe. Zji, Due, M.OO.
AMn 8
Broadway Garage
I Phone 42 I
lullllilUIUUIJ .HilSH.llD , HI
JIass every. SuluW at'Sts. Pat'
rick's Mission ati n.ni. , t ?
Fnthor IsidoroJRljjklin, Pastor
Rid Ghildren of Worms
You can chango fretful, ilhtom
porod children into healthy, hap
py youngsters, by ridding thom
of worms. Tossing, rolling,
grinding of tooth, crying out
whilo asloop, accompanied by in.
tenso thirst, pains in the stomach
and bowlos, fevorishnoss nnd bad
bad broath, are symptoms that in.
dicato worms. Kiokapoo Worm
Killor, a pleasant candy lozotifjo,
oxpolls tho worms, regulates the
bowles, roslorosyour childron to
health nnd hnppiuoss. Mrs. J.
A. Brisbin, of Elgin, 111,, says;
"I havo used Kickapoo Worm
Killor for years, and entirely rid
my childron of worms, 1 would
not bo without it. " Guaranteed .
All druggists, or by mail. Price
25o. Kickapoo Indian Medicine
Co., Philndoiphia and St. Louis.
Cauiio County,
Geo. H. Ecknmn, riiUntiu",
Ajfnos Jaclon, Administrntrl.T of tho
Entute of Andrew Jttcktou, and Anna
Jacksn, Defendant.
Notice is hereby jflven that by vir
tue of an otder 61 side, to me directed
and delivered, and now in my linnds,
issued out of tho Clerk's odloe of the
Filtcunth Judicial District Court,
Stute 3f Oklahcmn, in nnd (or the
(,'ount of Caildo uon it decree of
foluclosure rendered in said Court in
favor ot Geo. II. Kcknian, plalntiir
nnd against the defendnnt, Actios
Jackson, Administratrix of the Estate
of 'Andrew Jackson and Anna Jackson,
I havo levied upon the following do
tterlbed real estate ot defendant situ
ated. in Caddo County, Oklahoma, to
wlt; The north-west quarter (N. W
J) of section number Fourteen (i-1) In
Township number Ten (H) North of
Range numbei Nino (9) west of the
Indian Meridian in Caddo County,
Oklahoma, to satisfy a judgment and
decree of foreelosute in lavor of said
plaintiff and against said defendant,
obtained and made in said Court on the
25th day of April, 1913, for tho sum of
One Thousand Four Hundred Twenty
six and forty-one hundred ($1. 420.41 J
Dollars, und interest thereon lit six
C percent per annum from the 25th
day of April, 1913, and costs taxed nt
$.'13,G0, together with all accruing
costs of sale, I will, on tho 27th day of
December, 1913, at tho hour of 2:00
o'clock p. in. of said day, at tho front
door of tho Court House, in the City of
Anadnrko, in said County and State,
offer for sale and sell fo .the highest
bidder for -cash the nbove described
ical estate, or so much thereof as will
satisfy said judgment uith interest and
Witness my hand this 22nd day of
November 1013.
Sheriff of Caddo County, Oklahoma.
Randall U. Livosay,
Attorney for l'lalntltl.
Mrs. Delia Long Unable to Stand
On Her Feet More Than a Few
Minutes at a Time.
Pendergrass, Ga. Mrs. Delia Long,
of this place, in a recent lettor, says:
"For five or six years, 1 suffered agon
loa with womanly troubles.
Often, I couldn't bit up more than n
few minutes at a ilmo. and If I stood
on my feet long, I would faint
I took Cnrdul, nnd It helped mo Im
mediately. Now, I can do my work all
thn time, and don't suffer lllco I did."
Take Cardul when you feel 111 in nny I
wayiWCnK, tireu, miseraDio, or uuuei
the weather. Cardul Is a strength
building tonic medicine for women.
It has been found to relievo pain and
distress caused by womanly troubles,
and Is an excellent medicine to have on
hand nt nil times.
Cardul nets on tho womanly consti
tution, building up womanly strength,
toning up tho norves, and regulating
the womanly organs.
Its half century of success Is due to
merit. It has dono Rood to thousands.
Will you try It? It may bo Just what
you need. Ask your druggist about
Cardul. lie will recommend it.
N. n TTn'ff ta: l-Jles'AdvlwryDrt.,0.iU
iKr Mtilclnt J..ChMunoof,Tenn.,tor iipteial
Jnrtruttioru, rJ 64-piM book. 'Homt TrMtniot
fer Woatn," nt In tn rtprtr. on ikjuuu
.-- ..-nonioa nt Jtnjtri
inrfoi9 tin,, eq 01 sajvpop oi-coC
S83iqs upl" ..'MlA liB 'A0I W
oomo jo uiooj auj.usjp u usqiaqM
jo))ra ou 'inni-iodsa ubiuom. qij.u. puc
tsaauwjsiunaap u japun 'odbj3 obis
s nDiqi. 'Siousmopiua ..isiotjadns,,
jo itilia 0 su sjoJ3jui 0 ssajp
p Xipum pas oiiod Shjoiho jo voj
moa pan eSanssj t JOJ uonJPl
noo innq?noq) bXbmib pun nrj ijd
ujIB ;gjuuui pool av uttqi Joj
'uauuew pooo eau
Bv. Sting's Nciw Life Pilf
Tho best In tho world.
Take Notice.
If in need of wall pnpor, paint
,'rtrnish. stainB, puro linsood oil
nil at tho Anad.i o, Pain, Olas
tnd Wnlipaper 11 jibp, !-. It.
Brodwny, phune -'iV nnd "?
J Lowest pri".03 nnd largest nssoitj
First pub dec 18, last Jan 1
Summons by Publication,
S into of Cklnhoma I
County of Caddo J ss
In tho District Court.
Ira Illiickford. plaintiff,
Henrv II Dillon nnd Vlctorln Dillon,
liU'wifc! Ilortit Manloy nnd William
T Manloy, her haubnotl; TAiuisn A
McKwver and W A McKeover, her
husband, and A J McKeever, defend
ants Summon?
The Statf of Oklahoma to th Slwr
I IT of Caddo county, Oklahoma,
You are hereb.s commanded to notify
the above nnmed defendant, A .1 Mc
Keever, that nild plaintiff, Ira II.
Klekford, did on the 21 tb day of No
vemlier 1913, tllo his petition in dis
trict court in and for Caddo county,
state of Oklahoma against said defend
ants, and that he the said A J Me
ICeover has been sued by tho said
plaintiff, Ira II IMckford, in the nbove
entitled cause of action, and in tho
above entitled court, and that unless
he answer by the SOth day of Junuury,
1911, tho petition of the siid Ira II
Bfckford, that nld intltloni and nil
Oh allegations therein contained Hill
be takon ait true nnd judgment render
ed agamst him as follows, for the sum
of fifteen hundred eighty-three, $153,
dollnrs, with IntoreHt thereon, amount
ing to $1722,52. for two certain prom
issory notes executed ly Henry H, Dlt
lod and Viitoria Dillon, his wife, on
the Sth day of August, 1912, Imlng one
note for $.'503, paynble May 15, 1913,'
together with interest thereon at Si
por cent per annum and one note for
$1020, payable Nov. 1 1913, together
with interest thoreon at 8i por cent per
annum, and against certain real estate
securing said notes, towit!
Lot twenty-eight 2S. in block thirty
seven, 37, in the original townsite of
Atiadai ko, Oklahoma.
And for tho furthor sum of $60 attor
ney's fee and the sum of $12.50 ab
stract fee, and for the costs of this ac
tion,' and for a furthor order declair
lnr said judgment a first lien on said
premises, and for an .order foreclosing
said lien on said premises and forever
barring all of said defendants and eneh
of them, and any one claiming under
them, or under any of them from any
and all estate, title, or equity of ro
demptirn in thereto, and order said
premises to be sold without apprais
mont und tho prccoeds applied to the
paynfent of tho amffunt dTjo tho plain
tiff and the costs of this suit, and for
such other and further relief as to the
court may seem just and equitable.
And for a more complelo description
of the plaintiff's demands, they are
horoby referred to the petition of the
said plaintiff, now on file in the above
entitled case in the office of the clerk
of the District court, of Caddo county,
state of Oklahoma.
In witness whereof I havo horeunto
set my hand and affixed tho seal of said
court, at my oflico in the city of Ana-
darko, Caddo county, Oklahoma, this
17th day of December, 1913,
Seal, Theo G, Oelko,
Clerk of tho District court.
II C Gibbs, nttorney for plaintiff
First published Dec, 18, last Jan 1.
Summons By Publication
In the District Court of the Fifteenth
Judicial District of Oklahoma, sitting
within and for tho County of Caddo.
Minnie I' Jones, plaintiff, vs J M
Jones, Defendant.
Said defendant, J M Jones will take
notlco that ho has been sued in tho
above entitled Court for divorce and
minor child, and must answer tho pe
tition tiled therein by said plaintiff on
or before the 29th day of Janunry A.
D., 19M, or said petition will bo taken
ns true, and a judgment forsnid plain
tiff in said action for dlvorco and cus
tody of minor child will bo rendered
Sua 1. Theo C Oelko,
Clork of said Court.
C R Johnson,
Attorney lor Plaintiff.
AjChance to Make Money
In Your Spare Time
Wo requiro tho sorvicea of nn
nctivo tiiunor womnn to look nftcr
tho local subscription intorosta of
tho Cosmopolitan, (loot! Houso
keeping, Henrst'B Mngn.ine, Hnr
por'a Bnzanr, M0R0T nod M0T0R
BonTinG. Wo pay a generous Cnsh
Commission nnd n Monthly Snlnry
which is rogulntod by tho amount
)f worn done. It can bo enrriod
iti in spnro timo or full time, just
tsproforrod, It otl'ora an unuaiml
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onr. You onn do tho Biuno. Writo
odny for full particulars. Addross
Jlinrlea C. Schwor, The Cosmo.
lolilaji Agonoy liuromi, 115J W.
.0th St., Nowj' rk lily.
. rery truly youre,
Chns. C Sohwor
Manager Agenoy Uuro m.
IIIB77 11 U
r, 4 Y-VirBiB
!-. i-. &Oii:'mwLi
Rock island Lines
Arrival nnd Departure of nl
Trains from Aniularko:
- EAST BOUND -Mnngum,
;chiclinhn, I2 Uuno,
Oklahoma City,
Arrive .JQ.05 n m
Dal"t 1QJ05 ii m
Afivos ...!; SO p in
Poparts .'UfiOpm
WEST BOUND -Oklahoma
City, El Rono, Chick,
ishn, Mnugum.
Arrivos ...I0 05nm
Oopxtta -.10.05. n m
Arrives -t. f0 p in
Departs '1.50 pm
Anndnrko to WnnrlHi.
ArMvos 10. 10 a in
Ijoimrts -...1010 n id
ISnid to Annthirkc). "
Arrives I2v:t0 p in
Doparts , .......2 80 p iu
Enid, Clonry, Lnwton, Wnuriku?
Arrivos 'J 25 p"m
Doparts . A fig p ifi
- NORTH BOUND . -Wnurikn,
ljiiwton, Gonry, Enid.
Arrives 10 10 h in
Departs lOloniti
Anndnrko io hhiid. '
Arrivos 2 30 p in
Dopnrts 2 SO p m
A Texas Wonder .
Tho Toxns wonder cureB kibnoy
and blndor troubloa, romoving
grnvol, euros dinbotes, woak nnd
lamo backs. rheumhtiBirt nnd nil
irrogulnritiBS of tho kjdnoyH nntl
blndder in both moil nnd H'omon
RegulnteB bluddur troubles in
childron. Jf not sold by you
druggist, will bo sont by mail on
rocopt of 1.00. Ono sniitll bot
tlo is two mouths treatment, nnd
seldom fails to porfect n euro.
Send fr tesiimonnls form thiu nnd
othor statoa, Dr. E. V. Hal.
2817 Olivo stroot St 4 Louis Mo.
Sold by driiggontH.
Remarkable Cure
of Dysentery
"I wns nttuckod with dysontnry
about July Ifith, nnd used tho doo
tor'a medioinowith no roliof, only
getting worao nil tho timo. I was
tumble to do nnything nnd my
weight dropped from 115 to 125
pounds. 1 Btifforod for about' two
months when I wns advised to usn
Chnmborlnins Colic, Cholera niui
Dinrrlioon Remedy. I uaodtwo
bottloB of it nnd it gave me por
minont roliof," writes B W Hill
of Snow Hill, N O. For Bale by
Cnrl Donghlns.
How the Trouble Starts
Const ipntion tsj tho'Scnuso of
many nilmonts nnd disordors'thnt
I mnke lifoJmisorHbio. Tnko Ctintn
berlnln's Tnblots, koop your bow.
ela regular find you will ntoid
thoso descnBCB. For snlo by lyirl
For Trade
A rooming houso, nil olonr, of
debt, will trndo for land or resident
tf. Buulwln.Crtbbs Co
Have Your Roof Fixed
1 mil prepared to fix old xooi's
or put on new onos. See mo It
your roof uooda Using.
A. W. Hoss, GO IE. Wash. a. .
Eczema and Itching Cured
Tho soothing, howling lnodion
tion in Dr. Ilolison's oczenin oint
mont ponotrntos evory tiny poru
of tho skin, olonra it of nil int.
purities stops itching insUmtly.
Nowscnlo, tint will 'weigh 2000
b. to tho ton. CtiI, cott.',,con,,
Anadirko Ice Co
For Snlo . lumbal piano, dtrK
onso, prico S1.'J. wt tonus. p
ply nt B03 West Mnino.
i 'niiiiiili
, 10 it.
; A3ITAltKO, JK.Un.
Jl L
Tho Jipst In the world. ' p' ' " "' '-1 l

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