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Official Paper of Anadarko
i ; , . r.-r-i - "n"' ' " " ' '"" " ' "
V. ol
i Hr mrr
v ji im. i.,u.
'"''' .mmes S. Ross, Candidate
-I Jm Dnninnrntto. iiominntion
Cmigroes in the Second District, think thnt I nni the host man rr
writes n ringing letter. the position nnd cim ropreseu the
To tho domocratio voters of thV district creditnbly, thou i up enl
Sooond Congrossional District, to you to givo . mo tho benefit of
avnil mysolf of this opportun- your support. I thank my friend
ity to say n final word to you in all over tho district foi their cor
behalf of my candidacy for Con- dial and act ivo support,
gross in this district. To be nomiuatod and olected as
l Imro ontivimsnil tho district as ' u candidate from this distri.'1 and
thorouchlvnmny.meanand time
would permit, nnd have met as
jinny people as I possibly could.
In my pujlid addrossos I have
defined my position on all iuipor
tant questions, have preached tho
(iuupol of DomDcraoy ovorywhoro
f have gono, and have done my i
utmost to promote the interest of
tho democratic party at ovory op
portunity. 1 havo not abused my
opponents, nor taid or done any
that would detract from their stand,
ing as men and democrats. I huve i
hold mysolf in that position that
would suable mo to'give loyal and
otl'ttctive support to whomsoovor
may bo nominated.
I have an abiding faith in the
ultimnto triumph of tho domoorat
io puity in this district nnd that
faith was in mo when I announo
I my candidncy. I did not wait
until it had become apparent to
ll mon that tho democratio party
-was going to win boforennriounci.
my candidacy, but rb$d onougH
confidonce in my own ability, and
lovod the domocratio party well
enough, to boliove in tho outBot
that no matter whom tho ropub.
Iican3 miglit uominato tor presi
dent or whom thoy might numo
jfor Congress in this district, thnt
aarmldjiflpe to put this district
in tho democratic column
it rightfully belongs.
J havo never for a mom6nt on- thoro will lie a rally ot all candi
tortainod tho iden that the demo-' datos nominated at tho primary
crats of this district are so gullible I regardless of party nffilintion and
and so incapablo of making upinll such cnudidstca ro invited to
their minds that they could bo
deceived by open lottors written
by hired attorneys, diotntig to
them whom they should support.
In making my speeches and com
ing in contnet wiLh the pooplo, I
have givon tho voters an opportun
ity to judge of my qualifications so
that they may cast tlioir ballots
for mo if they think that I am
loisessed of sufficient ability and
havo onough integrity of character
to represont tho district with honor
and distinction.
I was tho tirst to announce my
candidacy. 1 hnvo been in tho
campaign Ioiie enough for the poo
pie to thoroughl invstigato me.
L am the youngest man in the
race, having just passed my 31th
birthday. I wns satistiod that
whon it booame known that I was
formidable candidate that cor
tain politicians would opposo me
with all their might; and their
activity is now demonstrated by
the fact that they become respon
sible for the announcement of
other candidates who are in tho
field merely gt'ur the purpose of
weakening mo iu certain cpiartors.
But they have reckoned without
their host, for instead of nccomp-
lishiug thoir design, the hnvo
increased mv streugth.
I did not expect this nomination
Jo como to me without an etlort.
-My lifo has boon one continuous
struggle. I was born on a farm,
ITMnvviMr. m id
tse most exacting
through onr new
my father (Hod whoa I was four
yoara 'old, niul ovory thig thnt I
hnvo acliiovod in this lifu .has been
the rosult of untiring effort. 1 am
going to win. 1 will bo oleotid1
in Novemborhy tlie lurgest iiiajo:-
I ity Unit, wns over received by n
for democratic cnmlidnte in this die
for trict. If you buliovo in mo mid
to make n good Iroprescntativo is I
tho highest 'ntri1)itionI'lmve over
cherishod. Tho domoctntic
the only party that stnnds for the
rights of tho people. The cni so
of tho pooplo is my cnuso,' tl a
hopes will be my most eurni'St dr
sires; nnd 1 shall demonstrate my t
uufaltoring appreciation of this
hiph honor by doing my utmc 8t
to make tho best Congressman tlutt
this district has over had.
Very sincerely
. James S. Ross,
Cnudidatc for Domooratio nom
ination for Congress in tho Second
Congressional District.
Tho'Wilson-Marshall Club moots
da'ch Friday i night in tho Court
House and all progressives, ro
gardloss of party affiliation nro
cordially invited to attend and par
ticipate in the meetings.
Next Friday night (August 2)
thoro will bo an interesting pro
gram and among othor things will
. bo a discussion of the Court do-
cision on the Primary law.
I One week from Friday night
be prouont and moot the people
Espeoinlly aro wo anxious to
havo tho meetings of tho Club nt
tondod by tho psoplo of tho coun
ty as next week will see the closo
of tho primary and the oponing of
tho campaign.
Fdward B. Ties,
$100 per Plata
was paid at abanquet to Henry
Clay .n Now Orleans in 18-12.
Mighty costly for those with stom-'
acu trouble or indigestion. To-i
day poople ovorywhoro uso Dr.
King's Now Lifo Pills for these
troubles as well as liver kidnoy and
bowel disorders. Easy, safe. sure.
Only 25 oonts nt the Pioneer
Drug Store.
Lawn Social.
Ladies of tho Christian church
will give nlnwniced social at the
residence of Mr. and Mrs. Ormsby
Hite, August 7th. Evory ono
For rout, Two rooms furnished
or unfurnishob.
Mrs. M. F. Baum
h01 West Broadway
One $30 White Frost Rofriger
Must be sold nt once $21.21
J. O. Stolznor & Son
a mi itv t rpnaii-
person and execute work promptly,
styles in Jewelry.
Bftaiui U'Wdii oDd
BuHIKrfMIK- -- 9BH
tBBiiCJH'IV.i.tvlStf SuHIH
ib zxwzmK.,:MLZjjmmi&sm..smm2mBm
i Mmmwummi sbbhr1' mmmMmmma
i KtT'gjjjjy
The court houso wns jniuod tj
its fullest capnoitj to iienr otin, t
or Owen speak Wednesday even
ing. Bis specah was liutouud to
most ntteutivofly and was frequent,
all applauded.
He answered Haskoll's misrep
resentations to satisfaction of all
fair mindod mon and showed the
falsity of thoso charges by tho re.
cords, some of wliicl. tho most
glairing misrepresentutt ms of tho
"th Carpenters' Union of Arm-
dnrl. requost all union
mirl nil
IIIIU fill
men who mmpnthiso with organ
ixel labor to moot at City Hall,
Thursday evening, August 1st, at
8 p. m, Rtspootfully,
L. B. Lvons. Pros.
One 66.00 lown orenm sopern-
tor only $42.50.
J. C,
Stelzner & Son.
Pii"h1ir "Minira
4 uvuu xifcxw
There nro n eroat many places
in Anadarko whore the limbs from
trees aro hanging too low ovortho
walks, nnd sand burrs nro grow,
ing along tho walks. All lots
found in the above condition af
tei ton days from the date of this
uotico will bo out baok by the
Street Commissioner, nnd tho costs
assessed ngainst the property.
R. L. Nolms,
Street Commissioner
Hon. W. H. Murray candidate,
for congressman at largo, stood
firmoly for Wilson in his hour of
trial nt tho Baltimore convontiou
His friends will romombor this at
the primries.
Count's Witty Reply.
The royal band was playing for tho
king. Loula XIV., tho "Miserere o!
Lully." Tha king waB on his knaes and
o was the whole court. Ills majesty
keyt the awkward attitude until the
end of the hymn. After rising, the
king turnod to the Count de Oram
inont and asked how he found the
music. "Very swe6t to the ear, Blre.
hut Tery hard oa the kns."
fine anA comolicated Watches, make old Jewelry look
W. M. Brewer,
N irlv all stvh ns ut the county
re ropnstiti'l in tins undioimu.
1'i.e rpor.sthey l-rltig in iudicatu
t .t it Squalor Owun will poll n,
ho ivy vote at the primaries, which
bIiows that the slaudorous roports
that are being oirculatod by his
onemios are having but littlo
A tnoro extended account of tho
spcooh will, bo givon tomorrow.
A Girl's ild Midnight Ride
... fo warn pooploof a forest f.ro
. m ..,. ,",
horseback nt midnight nnd saved
mniiv iinrt. llor rliHirl wns crlori.
ous but lives are often savod by
!) T! .'' Now Disbovory incur.
inguui. -mtible, coughts and groat domooratic victory at Balti
colbs. whiou uiight hnvo eubod in more,' nnd thon applnud Murphy,
ennsumptiou or qnouraonin. "It liVan, Tnggort and othor noted
lir,fi mn f nnnrni oniurh nnd
v. ...w - .- - w 0
lungdosoasq, ' wntor w. it. l'at -
terson, neuingion, xex., ao
fouo in our family had died with
consumption, nnd I gnned 81
'pounds." Nothing so sure and
Bafo for all throat and lung trou-
bio. Prico 50o nnd $1.00. Trial
Trial bottle froo. Guarntoob py
Pioneer Drug Company.
Look To The Man.
Hon. W. M. Franklin, n candi
date for Congressman nt Lnrgo,
wns hero last Saturday nnd adres
Bed a good sized audience.
Senator Franklin mado an im
pression on tho pooplo who hoard
him, andcouU bin coming havo
boon announced so that tho poo-
plo could have have henrd him, we
bolievo ho would havo havo carried
this box solid. Mr. Franklin is a
self.mado lunn. he haBnothnd tliu.
money to spend that many others
hnvo lind nnd thus has boon placed
at n disadvantantage, however so
buliovo our people will look to tho
..... a .wl .ii t.t flit. inniiAr mill i
until mm nut iu mwuvj ...
givo bun thoir support August 0.
The Duko Times.
Phone your Want Ads to No. M
and you will get results.
we respectfully solict yon.- patronage.
Jeweler. Next aoor
ur uuvlnuk
Oklahoma ity, July 30. Gov
ojior Cruco's power to romovo
inoinlHirs of tlie atato board of ed
ucation his own appointuos
win o tested in the supreme
ciurt by llobort Dimlop, Scott
Glen and O, Frank Ilnyus admit
that they havo boon removed
lore uino o clock luouday morn-
"1 ntn chairman of this board
nnd will continue to be itd chair
man," said Stnto Spt. H. II.
Wilson whose oilico mnkes him
hi"id uf the board, "those men
are still tnenil ore nnd will bo un-
1 1 the court donldes Una case, nor
will any other be rocognixod by
Mr. J. c. !'.'!; ". tho heavy
woight candidate tor county treas
uror, was horo to hf.ir Senator
Owen speak. Ho says ho is du
voting his time to his own raco
has noBtrings tied to him by nny
Jxidy liiKiia prpmiaiug. ito olork.
ships to any. ono to tiolp catch
The water melon shipment was
Bomowhnt rotnrdod Wodnost'y,
on ncoount of not being nblo to
get enrs. Tho melons nro coming
rapidly and if cars can !o secured
promptly the shipment will bo n
hoaTy onn'
Sonator Owon says lie has nl-
svmnnlh:Bod with tho social-
. , , ,
faftf'wltitiatio. lin lina nliimrQ rat?nrl.
"""'"""' y' .-
. " "" " e -
A paper that will denounce
Brvan and thoso who won tho
r ...;i. .,o...,m,. i.n v.
jyiUltiO liliiib luiwyuiiuij aw j.-
,,00t0d to support HnBkell and
;0 hors of his stnpo.
,, VT .,, , - .. .
Uev. MoNoilly and famil' and
family loft Wednesday for Clare
iroro, whore thoy expect to muko
tlioir home. Row MoNoilly was
callod to a pastorato there.
Tho brass band miscued Wed-
nesday nnd got oil" on Mnin street awful wrookB, but a queer fact is
imUeadof at tho court houso whore ho might havo boon a wreck him
Senator Owen was to speak. self, if Elcotriot Bitters had not
Dr. Wann n enndidato for conn
clerk, waa horo this
, t i , I a
L UlUilV, IIU liuiu iito nv kj
hear Sonntor Owon speak.
Tho Democrat puts little faith benofit and thoy also improved my
in tho report that J. 1. Mont- 'sight. Now at sevonty I am feeU
gomery ihas boon employe- by j ing tine." For dyspepsia, indi
Senator Owon to work in the in- all stomach livor nnd kidnoy trou
torestof Hnskoll. It is not bo- jbles, thoy're withont equal Try
lioved that he is working for eith-jtliem. Only 50 cents ot tho Pio
er of thoui, uor L lnronco Owsley . near Drug Store.
Mrs. D. II. Wensnor of Oklu
homn City, wno hns beon visiting
the Koelers ami Ewelston, has
returned home.
Illisou oneof onrnppreo
i . 8U,)hCribor8( wa9 B ljewaul
caller this week.
Joe Ellison ot uori uouu was ...
the city on buisnoBs W ednesday.
..... it . i. ...
o nr&i 1at,u"J:
Okluhomn Oil, Okla., July SI.
An apponl wns issuod bv Gov
Cruco to Democrats to liiniiuiite
in tho August fith primary oloc
tion mon for loth branohos of tho
logislaturo, "lioneat, capable and
plodgod to tho reforuiH tho party
is asking for, and wlio will obsorve
tlieso plodges when olootod. "
Tho govornor says that ho ban
scrupuloiiBly nvoidod taking nn no
tivo part in tho contest botweeu
Domocratio aspirnnts for nny
ofTico. Tnxpayors of ovory politi
cnl persuasion are cooking roliof
from tho existing bunion of taxa
tion, tho governor says, but that
thoro will bo no dubutnutial ro.
forms unless the citizen doos bin
part in thgjujcbtioiib. Ho points
out that the governor is unable to
bring about the economy desired
wit i out tho co-uporotiou of tho
tax pay oi-s and members of tho
logislatuie, sluco ho is ompowerod
to abolish no oleotivo atato, county
or district oloctivo oflioo, nnd hia
powor to romovo appointees boing
limited almost to those of his im
mediate dopartinont. Out oftha
worK of tho iRBtsoaBion, tho gover
nor says, ho vetoed appropriations
aggregating $1,000,000, and his ro
rt.n.l for Uiobo acts consisted largo,
ly in incurring tho "otornal poli
cal enmity of poruona . poouliarly
interested in tlioso appropria
tions." Presbyterian
Social Aug. 2.
Tho Ladies of tho Social UnioaVj
will givo a lawn social ut tho horn
rf AT .1 T' Mnn.rWt nn WanfMl
KJL iUlOi J. 1.. LWIIlll) VI WI.
Oklahoma avonuo, noxt Friday
evening August 2nd. A niusvra.
program will bo given and all ar,
cordially invited to attend. ;
Rofroshmouti of fruit sherbo
nnd enke for 10c
I'UU nuiwr I'wo upstair
' rnnma nnnl nntln ntul nlnnn irt
! ..:. i.: m V
oitvtlv fll huduiuwi
D'or Kont Good south room,
olectrio lights, hot nnd cold bath.
':,. i, nrnnltmnv
tVpply at 411 B. Broadway
A Hero in a Lighthouse.
For yoars J. S. Donahue, South
navon, Midi., a civil war captain,
as n lighthounb keeper, nvorted
prevented. "Thoy cured mo or
I. :.!.,,.. lr.il,lo n.nl nliilla " lia
i h luuu v iiuiiinv lilt. VIII ..., w
writos, "after l had tnknn other
so callod cures for years, without
One good second hand buggy
nud harness fpr sale cheap.
, J C Stelzer & Son
MmvelOjOQQ.UU private i uev
to loan on improved Anad.irk
oity propprty.'
0. J. Soheoi.
Our Want Ads Poj
new, engrave fo
Come, and look

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