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Official Raoor of nada
.U. JTU." -
j Caddo County Chat.
(Iljilro llow. (VI. .'!.)'
V. D. tinrrn sliippeil a enr of
lij-'H and a oar of attic to Dkla
liniim City. Sunday.
Karl Lemon luft Sunda) morn
ing fn (I rant, Now Mexico, whoio
In1 hns ii position witli tla Santa
A nicotine of tlui board of di.
rectors of the fair nsFoointion ami
every alio inlBroBtsd in t lie Hydro
fair is enlled for H o'clock Friday
eoniog, October. 11th. A county
meeting ib called in Anndnrko for
the 12ih, for tlm purpose of taking
charge of a county fair. It is up
tolldioto know the sentiment
mid wiHli of tli pooplo hero before
the coifnty mooting.
(Cyril Advocate, U-t. .!.)
I.iiat Tuesday, Dot. 1, was tho
birthday of tlm (Jyril depot and
tho arrival of Agent T. M. Wells.
Since that tinro ho has not missed
a single day or failed to moot a
single train. A good locord.
'I'lu publishers of tho Advwntu
Jlfivo purchased tho Cement Con
ner nnd will conlinno tho publi
cntion of that paper at that place.
This will mnko no ditWenco in
tho publication of tho Advocate,
whioh will continue "under the
same management t issue weekly
at Dyril as heretofore.
(Rrldgeport .Sentinel, Oct. 3.)
Ilarvoy Harp left for Anndnrko
Priilny preparatory to a term of
teaching near there.
J he unci; Island is InulUing a
granotoid culvert at the bridge
near tho section house.
John White, who has been as
sistant farmer to Cnpf. .1. 1'. ho-
for n number of years, was
IVjnoieu as r n position as.ageni
ut rirvaiio.
Whon the proposed bridgo
across the South Canadian is built
it will make th s burg of ours a'
real Bridge-port. After yours of
agitating tho tlroam of the foum
ors of this town is at Inst about to
materialize, but when tho finii
constructive elements are in place
and tho bridge is open to trallio
we almll be fully repaid for all our
eM'orls ami past disappointment.
(Carnegie Herald, (VI. .X)
By playing two-thirds of tho
game in Hobart's territory and
playing tho big hmdcy visitors oil"
their feet in nil departments, tho
Carnegie high school mot and de
feated tho Hobart high school Inst
Saturday in one of the prettiest
foot ball games ever played here,
by the score "of I'.i to H.
lloyal nnd Olydo llnrger wero
at the annual roping contest at
Anndnrko Inst week and gave u
Big Reduction
Tungston Lamps
We are glad to announce a big reduction on TunRston
Lamps. With prices as quoted below you cannot
afford to use the old style carbon lamps.
IS Watt Tungstan
2 Watt Tungston
10 Watt Tungston
60 Watt Tungaton
100 Watt Tungston
150 Watt Tungston
250 Watt Tungston
Our stock of Hardware, Electrical and Flumbing supply
is complete. Do not for get our Tin Shop
John Pf aff a Sons
iThe Hardware Merchants
uood account of' themselves in tho
in lest. Hoy Burgor won first
pri.o on Friday. His average time
Wiu 40 seconds tying two steers.
Clyde Burger Win second on Sat
unlay, tying two stoors and aver
aging .'15 see. mils. The hoys say
thuy had a tine time and weio
tronlod royally by tlm oiti.ens of
Anndnrkn has four solid, well
managed hanks to moot all liuaii.
rial requirements for the handling
of the large business centering
here. There nro commodious and
haiidfiomoly arranged stores with
large and well selected stocks of
goods. Thme, with 'tho gins, mills
and railroad facilities iraKe this
oily an exceptionally good trade
No one thing can do more for a
town or city than a commercial
club that is idivo, and in this re
spect Anndnrko is to bo congratu
lated. Kwry business interest in
AnadarlM should co-operate with
the commercial club and aid in
sustaining it. No greater return
for the amount expended can be
realized thtu that through' a live
commercial club:
liov. Wilson has been cam
paigning in the extreme western
stntes, where he has been preoted
by great crowds nnd made n most
b.vorable impression. At Lincoln,
Nebraska, Mr. Bryan's home, the
reception to (iov. Wilson was ex
ceptionally cordial, and tho com-
plimonts exchanged between WilJ
son and Bryan wero very felici
tous. Ton special trains wnro run
to Lincoln to carry the thousands
there to meet the democratic nom
inee for president
'- -Anndnrko hns nil "of the city
convonioncos, including free mail
delivery, which is more than most
plnees of live or six thousand hnvo.
Tho water works and electric pow
or systems nro owned by tho city
thereby assuring ronsonnble rntos
for the service. Five miles or
more of tho best asphalt paving;
and moro than twenty miles of ce
ment side wnlks ndd to the beauty
mid comfort ot tho oitv.
For Sale flood Smith Premier
typowritor SflO; new Oliver ."--CiO,
J. 10. Sidors, TJeal Uatato Co.,
Law-ton, Ok.
r have $1 0,000. OOJprivate money
to loan on improved Anndnrko
city property. '
U. J. Scheot..
Mrs. L. F, Lallaiide, of Bir
mingham, Ala., is in tho city vis
it ing hor sister Airs. J. A, Rogers.
Lamp .'15 Each
Lamp A b Each
Lamp .50 Each
Lamp .65 Laeh
Lamp .95 Each
Lamp l.d 0 Each
Lamp 2.30 Each
A View by One
Who was There,
4 v
CadJ" crilinty lias won tho uroat.
est victory nlong agricultural lines
within the past few days that has
o-ur ennio to any county in tho
state of Dklnhomatho winning
of tho capital pri.o or premium
in county coutost at the Dklaho
ma Stnte Fair. Wo sny tho uroat
est, because the disjilays in the'
competition were bettor and h.rg.
and margin for victory closer.
Xevor in the history of the fair
hns the scoring renchnd no high n
point nnd never wero the displays
so woll represented. The highest
score was HH iKiitits, awarded to
Cnddo county. 'I ho next score
was 8.), the third SI. Tho Cnddo
county exhibit, on decoration,
lncked only threo points of mak
ing a perfect score, was awarded
22 points highor than any exhibit
over inado at tho Oklahoma Statu
J hnil the iilensiirn,.pf)jttvliaitiig.
this magnificent 'display. Jt was
also viowed by hundreds of others
from this county, nnd by thous
ands from othor states. 1 took tho
opportunity of gathering expres.
sions from many who were in
specting tno various exhibits and
it wob the universal wmliot that
Cnddo county had honestly and
fairly won tho prize, and too jud-
ges wore complimented upon their
wisdom in awarding premiums',
Tha cordiality with which the
managers of exhibits from othor
counties rocoived and nctpiiosnt
in tho decision ol tho judges wnB
very gratifying, especially to Mr,
and Mrs. Frank Thawls, who wero
in clmrgo of tho exhibit. While
some wore disappointed, yet out
of the 2(5 eontehts there was onl)
one sero spot, Hint eininntcd from
the county which failed to retain
the silvoreup. It is reported that
they had expended .s2."0 on ileco
rations alone. But those few
Restaurant For Sale
Old established restaurant
good businoss all year round
rtargaiu for same. Apply nt
fieorg's JMace, 122 West Alniu.
The LaJies Aidof thoAlethod
dsst Kpiscoiml Churoli will have
their annual Bazaar tho second
Saturday in Novombor.
Notice By Publication
State of Oklahoma I
County of Caililo i
Notice i hereby 'Ivon that tho tin
ilcrsilHfnoil Wultor Gates will by 'his
next litem!, L". I... (atc, lilo in the
Illstrlct court In ami for I'nililo
coiinty, stato of Clkla'.ioinu on .Monday,
the 4th day of Novi mlicr. 1912, po
tlllon anil apiihcatlon n-ajilng Urn
court to confer upon him, the said
Walter Gates, n minor, tho rights ot
majority concerning contracts, and ein
powednj,' hiiu, lite said Walter (iutcw,
to transact business in general with
the same elTcct as if done by' a pct-.ion
above the ago of majority.
Datd this, the 2nd da of October
1912. Walter Gitcs,
Uy his next friend,
Mr-.. K. L. Gtr
W.H. Wheulor,
Attorney for petitioner
1 i ' i
knockers wore in a class by thorn,
Among some of the pri.es that
Were awarded farmers of Caddo
county are tho following:
Any variety of whent, .1. I'.
Wind. Hydro; second -rye, C. Ii.
Willlnius, Hydro; first, castor
beans Thralls Bros , Hydro; litst
triumph potatoes--.John Jordan,
Hydro: first; one bushol yellow
corn Chas J. Phelps, Anndnrko;
second, J K Dtinlap, Hydro: ,"th:
ellow popcorn. Luciin Stnphm,
Hydro, tallest stalk of corn, J. W.
Tnylor, Hydro; first bnlo of nl
Tnlfn, Thrnlls Bros, Hydro.
It was froely ronuirkcci hy-visb
tors to tho ngriculturnl building
thnt the displny ot ngriculturnl '
products this yenr wns tho best
over. No Oklnhomnn was nshnnu
ed of tho exhibits nnd visitors
front neighboring stntes gnzed
with liiin'emniit and sunrise
demonstration work wns n mo9l
Other depnrtmonts of this gient
fair wore equally progressive mid
indicntori thnt Okhhoma is push
ing to the front along nil lines
nnd that the fair is improving
each year. Tho displnys nre be
coming so numerous nnd Amuse
ments so nltrnctivo that ono muni
put in every hour overy day ami
every day during tho fair in ordur
to see all thorn is to bo soon and
make a thorough inspection if the
entire fair, and then one is liable
to overlook soiuo things. Wo
heard no complaint from those
seeking amusements this yenr.
Tho fair as a whole was n grand
Simeons. How could it have boon
otherwise with thnt brainy man,
John Fluids, at the head and in
comiiinddy nssisted b) k corps of
ollicers "who wero on to their
jobs,'' nnd who command the re
spect nnd confidence of tho fit i
xoushipof tho mitiro stnte. L. M.
A Hero in a Lichthouse.
l-'or years .1. S. Donnliuo,jSoiith
Ilnvon, Mich,, n civil war captain,
as a light homio keeper, nverted
awful wrecks, but n queer fnot is
ho might have been nwrcok him
solf, if Kleotriot Bitters had not
prevented. They curoil mo of
kiduoy trouble and chills," he
writos, "nftor I hndtnken other
so cnlled cures for years, without
benefit and they also improved m
siglyt. Now at sovonty I am feol
ing line." For dyspepsin, imli
all stomnch Hvor nnd kidney trou
bles, thoy'ro without otpinli Try
ttiom. Only o() centB ot the l'if
uenr Drug Sto:e.
Phifohialhic club will meet with
Mrs. t'J B. Cnndlor, Tuesday,
October 1st. Tho subject U
'America," it is one worthy ol
the careful study of overy jnem
ber of the club.
Nice pleasant rooms for rent,
heated "'by fuunace. See' Mto.
W. M. l'liim,
Sunday School Work
The serico Sunday evening nt
the Bnptikt chui-ch wero somewhat
out of the ordinary, but none the
Iob intoresling. l!ov, N. (5. Unit.
Her, the pantor, wnii pnmnnt, nuil
nclud as chairman of the moot ing,
which vnt mninly T.ir the promo,
tion of .Sunday School Work.
Tito Bnptiitorohoitrn fttrniihod
oimi ecolleiit miiiic, nnd nlto
Hided tho choir. ,Mjbh .Mao lc
h'ae sang a olo very 8weolly. 'Ih'i
iniiuic was n must oiijoyablo fon.
luni of I ho Mflrvicos,
o. W. Diitlir rend from tho Bi
blu a pnit ol a chnptur dHplctiug
the lonohimr of llir Scrvplnroi In
ancient timna.
O. . WiUon mode an able ni
drosH mi Knlhimitism and (.Irjpin.
Jitiun in Sundny School Work,
in win. -h hi- mi til n,ed a plnu foi
i iiiilii.tug i siiccoiHfully.
If l Lawrence made an inter
Obtui. and iHiinted talk on tho
' Million of a chiiieh ineinber,'
which mule a duoj) Impronaiou on
111 i Ill'UVI.i
b'-.hri Wilson ami Lawrence
nro mcmbfni of, ji ooiumiltoe np
lointid Ii, tho Cnddo County
Baptist Association to aid in pro
iiiotiih' Hithlty and iutonmt in
Sumla Schools jiml B. V. 1 U.
won.-, and thoy niu thorough h,
Now i tho timo to gpenk to
.Mine Smith to make your now
fall suit coats, droes, shiit
miiBia mm laiioroii siiirtn como
early and nvold the rush. .'I doom
west of Ahurnathy Boar( iV- Clov
ulud. . Nearly nil tlm county' doinoijrnt
f(lfilhltmcfifjlfl)' Sntunlny and had u lively Bpuuk-'
iiifiT. "Thoy mo making tbingB
Win. leeco and wife hnvo re
turned from their summor toilV.
Whilo id n family ruitniou Mr.
Itoeco met some of his brothers
thnt he had not -feeli in thirty
yo.t.r8. '
Thorn neor was a time whon people
nppteelaloil the real iiierits of Chain
liL'rlum'a Toutfh Kciaedy inoio than
ni.w. 'J'hii is Rhnwn Uy the Increase in
-lile3 anil voluntary lest liuoiilaln ftoin
person who have been ctlrr.l by it. 1 1
ou nr your childrOn am troulilial wtth
n cough or cold RIVe it a dial ami be
come acfpiainted with its food ipuili
ties. For xala hy all ilniiruixts.
Take ISTotice.
No more exouso to jiostpon
painting, papering your houses,
or (orient! oast fir-your mntorinl,
Since I bought tio Strntton stoo
iif imints niuLwnll paper at .0 c!b.
on the dollar, I aiu onablud to
innku youjiottur prices fcnui tho
cheaptmt "nstorn houses. , Come
in and be coi.vinced.
Amularko Paint, ,Cilnss it
Wijllpnper llotibo
l2it.Kast Brindwny.
Pliniio 2711 and 2&s.
0S West Oklahoma. Avfi.,
Anndnrko, Okla.
A pupil of Dr. Hugh A. C'lnrke and GilbortlRtiynolds
Combs, of Philadelphia. Fifteen yoni-3 succosaful
oaohiiifr experience Eight years Jin Anadnrko.
Vupils! accepted for lcsgonsin" Piano, Harmony,
L'ounterpoint and Composition. .
All partle owning dogs must
not allow them to run looae on fl
Hlmolswitlioiit Iminir miMlail. lor
the next thirty ilnya. uth,.ri,rt
thoy will Iw killetl.
it. W Oomplmll.
Anting Mayor. '
Mm. J. J. While and Mr. Paul
.Monro trcntoil thn .oi.urenti.u
of tho M. K. ohi.rch Soiiih, (o n
Umutiful dwoi Sumlny morning.
Boarders Wanted
am nrfMwreil (j, tnkn n fi.w
more lKmrUera. First clnns .
omiumhtiona gimrnuloed. ICIoc-
trin lights, I with nnd rouifortable
nHiiiis. J imt likeihome.
.Mm L, Al. SIMVKV,
115 Iftwt Olilnhoimi Ave.
KoprMonlnlivo Christian
hero Monday, but loft for the west
to aoo how Ihiuu's ,,ok in that di.
rotition. o was in good compa
ny us Mr. Willis enniliiliito f,,r
Ironsurei h.ul him in olmrgo.
Miss Myrtle Hubbard
Piano Teacher
Terms 5') cents per lesion or 9l.0Q
pr uionty.
Inquire ut Mrs. Chnnney Khodea
Fast Broadway
As 1 have purchased n Clmm
pion Stitching and .finishing nw
cliiuo. 1 am prepared to do ntj
kinds of repair work, in a first
m3inonno.r, triv-inu atrial.
stdiHfnction guarnntoed.
Ii N. Cesnr, proprietor,
."ith st., between BroaiKvny and
Late Veterinary Inspector for
U. S. Government.
Office Phono 35 Residence 104
The Hotel Main
Hus ))iit. on our streets a cnb and
team thnt would ben credit to any
city, and all calls will receive
prompt attention, lkggngo trans,
forred day or ujidit.
Phono I2ti. Hotel Main
Real Estate, Loans
aid Iisiraice
Phone 152.
l IflUv in ieir of I'irst Stale Hanlv.
J&'tWKJ"''V'V,' '

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