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Funeral Directors
Bay Phone 178;
cobs COAL cobs
If you are looking for the best Coal
Money Can Buy try some of our
McAlester Fancy Lump
the Alderson Mine, there is none
Phone 200. We make quick
We also have dry cobs.
W. P. SNYDER, Mgr.
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic Combines both
in Tasteless form. The Quinine drives
out Malaria and the Iron builds up
the System. For Adults and
You know what you ire taking xxlicn
you take GROVE'S TASTKLESS chill
TONIC, recounted for 30 years through
out the South as the standard Malaria,
Chill and Fever Remedy aud General
Strengthening Tonic. It is as strong as
the strongest bitter tonic, but you do not
taste the bitter because the ingredients
do not dissolve in the mouth but do dis
solve readily in the acids of the stomach.
Guaranteed by your Druggist. Wc mein
jt. 50c. '
.ook for signature of E. W. GROVE on every box. Cures a Cold in One' Day. 25
VRead the Ads
Shi hhh H W Is $&.
a win
Prove It to
Vou wbo aro sutferlns tlie tortures of nciem. Itch. Salt Rbcum or other
!iln dlscr n u wbosodanurc ralterabie wboe Diiihts are rtudo siefi-
Kksnr inn icrriDie licuinc. ournine pains, let mcsei.aiou u tnhi or 0 toota .
lue. healiue treatment trhlch lias cured hundreds, which I tol.eTC nil euro " "" K
rou I will r-end It free, pust&se paid, without auy oblleuilou im Tour part
Ju&t Qll the coupon below aod mall It to me, or write mc, clvirc jour name, tec cud oiircss
I Hill send the treatuciil ttt,e of cost to you.
" " "" " CUT AND MAIL TO DAY"" "" .--
J. C. HUTZELL, ISO Wost Main St., Fort Wayno, Ind.
Please send without cost or obligation to ins your I'rte I'rccf TrMtmeDt
Post Office
Stale Street and No
This place was formerly known as the
Southern Hotel, on 120 E. Main
Rates $1.00 Per Day
- l'l rg H'ooe
e 1 Li IUI (. alO
The City
Rprci'ii Attention Given ti
rI:N M1N v 7' e V TI'
f Oe-.t ' i
Night Phone 226
Milling Co.
The Wonderful, Old Reliable Dr. Porter1!
Antiseptic Healing Oil. An Antiseptic
Surgical Dressing discovered by an
Old R, R. Surgeon. Prevents Blood
Thousands of families know it already,
and a trial will convince you that DR.
OIL is the most wonderful remedy ever
discovered for Wounds, Hums, Old Sores,
Ulcers, Carbuncles, Granulated Eye Lids,
Sore Throat, Skin or Scalp Diseases and
all xx ounds and external diseases whether
slight or serious. Continually people art
finding new uses for this 'famous old
remedy. Guaranteed by your Druggist
Wc mean it. 25c, 60c, fl.00
You Free
rL GaRrantet (i
A 1 V.
wHjJCj Ai
New Blacksmith
Lame nnd Jnterfer.ng Hor&en
wn .iMwjaf THiMmjBKJ n
At The tnuTches
M. E. Church, South.
.Sundny School, 10 a. ..
Froaohing nt 11 n. in. mid 8 p.
Junior Longuo 3 p. in. with Mrs.
Nnnco lending.
Epworth Longuo 6 'SO p. in.
Evorbody welcome. Como and
worship with us.
Morning subject ' 'Tho. way to
Hverybodyjnrolcotnc, como mid
worship with us.
W. E. Humphrey, pastor
Christian Oliuroli
Sundny Sohool, l):-15u. in.
Preaching, 11 n in, nnd 7:80 p,m
Christian Endeavor 7 pin.
Rov. W. W. Phnroa, Pastor.
Sundny School, 9:51 n. in.
II n. in. Public worship nnd
(5:30 p. in. Longuo, Senior.
7 :Ii0 p. in. Public worship nnd
Thursday, 7;30 p. in. Prajer
Social Union First ndj Third
Wodiio8day of onch month.'
Missiohury Sooiaty Fourth
Thursday of onch month.
S. V. Fait, Pastor
Cntholio Church
Alnss ovory Sundny at 10 a. in.
Sundny school ovory Sundny ut
0.30 n in.
Rossnry nnd benediction every
Sunday at 3 p. m.
livory 1' irst bundny of month
Communion Mass nt 8 n. m
Mass ovory Sundny at St. Pnt.
riok's Mission at 8 a. m.;
Father Isidoro Ricklin, Pastor
jMothodist Episcopal Church.
Sunday School at 'J: 15 n. in.
Preaching at 11 o'clock a.m.
and 7.30 p. ra.
Junior Leaguo 3 p m.
Ep worth Longuo G:30 pm.
Prayor Thursday, 7 :30 p. m.
All aro invitod to attond. Spo.
cial invitation to strangers.
IraJLCrabtreo, Pastor.
Bnptist Church
Sunday school fl. 15 a. m.
Preaching servise 11.00 a. in.
B. Y. P. U.
Preaching at usual hours.
iSvoryono cordiully invited.
J. M, Jonos, Pastor.
To Cure n Coid in One Day
rake LAXATIVE I1ROMO Quinine. It utopstb
Cough and Headache and works oft the Cold
Drugctats refund money if it fails to cure
E. W. CHOVL'S ticnature ou cacli lmx. Ec
The Family Cough Medicine
In ovory homo thoro should be
n bottlo of Dr. King's New Dis.
covory, rondy for immediate use
whon nny raombor of tho family
contracts n cold or a couch.
Prompt iiso will stop tho Bprend
ot sioknesp. S. A. Stid, of Mnoon
Mich., writes: "My wholo family
deponds upon Dr. King's New
Discovory as tho best cough and
cold modicino in tho world. Two
50ct. bottlosjcuredmo of pnou
monin." Thousands of othorfam
ilieB havo been equnlly bonefitod,
nnd dopond entirely upon Dr.
King's New Discovery to cure
thoir coughs, colds, throat nnd
lung troubles. Every doso holps.
Price,50ct. and $1.00. All drug
gists. H. E, Buokien &Co. Philn
dolphia or St. Louis.
For snlo or trnde Two good
farms in PottHwntoutio Co. Want
io trade for Cnddo Oounty propertv
1 Sns Old Ssrtj, Olljsr flMMItt MM tisit
Tk' f 'nt cttrt no nutter of ko lone e anding,
are Ci'.id l ibe ndeiiul, uld rchaiiie Dr.
I'frter AntiKimc lleaiioji Oil. It rclle
Vu aud Ileal, ut tUe rrn time, ttc, Mc, (LOB.
Broadway Garage
Phone J2
Rid Children of Worms
You can ohnngo fretful, ill-tom
porod children into honlthv. linn
py youngstors, by ridding thorn
of worms. Tossing, rolling,
grinding or loom,
?i.ii..3.. ' .';?
UI tool n. nrvitur
xvmio asieop, accoiiinnniou bv
tonso thirst, pains in tho stomnoh
and bowlcs, fororishuoss and bnd
bad urontli, nro symptoms that in-
dicato worms. Kiokapoo Worm
Killer, n pleaaant candy loaonge,
expalls tho worms, regulatos the
bowles, rostorosyonr childron to
health and happiness. Mrs. J.
A. Brlsbin, of Elgin, 111., says;
"I hare used Kiokapoo Worm
Killer for years, and entirely rid
my children of worms. I would
not bo without it. " Guaranteed .
All druggists, or by mail. Price
25o. Kiokapoo Indian Modioine
Co., Philadoiphin and St. Louis.
A Chance to Make Money
In Your Spare Time
Wo roquirotho aorvicos of an
activo manor xxomnn to look nfter
tho local subscription intorosts of
tho CosmoX)litnu, Uood Houbo.
keeping, Ilenrst's Mngnzine, Hnr
por'B linznnr.'MoRoT nnd MoToR
BoaTinQ. Wo pny n gonorous Cnsh
Commission nnd n Monthly Salary
which is rogulatod b tho amount
of worn done. It can bo carried
on in sparo timo or full timo, just
as proforred. It olTors an unusual
opportunity, as ninny of our Rep
rosontativos now earn 5,000 a
yenr. You enn do tho samo. Write
today for full pnrticulnrs. Address
Chnrlos C. Schwor, Tho Cosmo,
politnn Agoncy .Bureau, 11(.) W.
10th St, Now York Dity.
Very truly yours,
Chns. C. Schwor
Manager Agonoy Bureau.
Mrs. Delia Long Unable to Stand
On Ucr Feet More Than a Few
Minutes at a Time.
Pendergrass Qa. Mrs. Delia Long,
of this placo, In n recent lettor. Bays:
"For five or six years, 1 suffered agon
ies with womanly troubles.
Often, I couldn't sit up more than a
few minutes at a time, nnd If I stood
on my feet long, I would faint.
I took Cardui, and It helped me Im
mediately. Nov, I can do my work all
tho time, nnd don't suffer like I did."
Take Cardui when you feel 111 In any
way WcuU, tired, miserable, or under
tho weather. Cardui Is a strength
building tonic medlclno for women.
It has been found to relievo pain and
distress caused by womanly troubles,
nnd Is an excellent medlclno to have on
band at all tlmcB.
Cardui nets on tho womanly consti
tution, building up womanly strength,
toning up tho nerves, nnd regulating
tho womanly organs.
Its half century of success Is duo to
merit. It has done good to thousands.
Will you try It? It may be Just what
you need. Ask your druggist about
Cardui. Ha will recommend It.
N B. Write tot
.one I
Mrilclne Co.,Chatunoet,Ttnn..for Sptclal
1 .U.' Adtltmv Dot..OulU-
Inttrutttont, nd 64-ptte book. Horn. Treatment
fee Wobih," teat In ptiln riprr. on icquast.
By Being Constantly Supplied With
Thedford'i BIack-DrauhU
McDuff, Va. "I suffered for sevcra
years," says Mrs. J. U. Wliittaker, oi
ftils place, "with sick headache, and
stomach trouble.
Ten years ago a friend told me to lr
Tliedford's Hlack-Draueht, which I did,
and i found It to tie the best family medi
cine foroungand old.
I keep Black-Draught on hand all the
lime now. ar.d when mv children feel ?
little bad, they ask me for a doic, ami li
does them more good than any medicine
they ever tried.
We never have a long spell of sick
ness in our family, since we commenced
using Black-Draught."
Thedlord's Black-Draught is purely
vegetable, and has been found to regu
late weak stomachs, aid digestion, re
lieve Indigestion, colic, wind, nausea
headache, sick stomach, and similai
It has been In constant use for more
than iu years, and has benefited more
than a inultc": oeoplo.
Your drupfiist sells and recommend
Black-Drauplit. Vttit only 23c. Oct a
Backage te-day. N.cm
i .,
Take Notice.
If in need of wall paper, paint
varnish, stains, pure linseed II,
call At the Adh ' irko, p ant tV, -
-ind Wrtllpnprr Ho'ir. 121 K.
BrwUvay. plune t ' ai.d ?"
Lowest prices nnd l.irycst navjit-mont.
Oood Feed find Care Are Wasted Unlcst
Vour Hens Have a flood House.
liltry lnttruet&r, B. . State College.
Poultry keepers of today know tbnt
It pays to givo laying bent n cloun,
dry, Itrlgbt sunny houae In which to
live, especially during cold woathor.
lieu bouses for winter layers should
be built at snug at ixwatble on the
three aides, north, eaat and west, and
with an absolutely tight roof. The
south side should be almost entirely
open to the sun and air. Mttslln cur
tains may be provided so as to partly
clone tb front on very cold nights or
during stormy weather There la no
danger from exposure In an open front
house during the day or ut night, pro
vided that all openings are on one aide
and below a horizontal plane of the
roost. This opn front must always
face the south or southeast.
All poultry house should bo located
nhero they will get tho morning nun
nnd should bo derated so that tho ruin
and surfneo watur will drain nway from
An old stylo hou houso can cosily be
remodeled by tearing out tho south
front nnd lenxlng It open for sun nnd
nlr. ir the roof leaks, eoxcr with roof
ing paper ltuth ends nnd the buck of
tho butixo should also be wind proof.
If the liouhu Is more than eight feot
high it should be sealed up about seven
feet from tho lloor. Allow from three
to four square feot of floor spaco for
each lion.
Beptumbor Is tho best month In nil
the year for the annunl bousecIonnlnK.
Itemovo all fixtures such nu roosts,
dropping boards and nests. Ilrusli tho
cobxxubs nnd dust from tho walls nnd
celling nnd remove the Utter nnd dirt
from the floors. Whore floors nro of
enrtli romovo as much ns appears to
be mixed with dirt or excrement
Then with n kprny pump or c brush
apply llmo wash to every part of tho
building. This llmo wash Is mado by
sinking rock llmo with hot water
nnd thinning to the consistency of
sklmmllk. If 2 per cent of carbolic
acid Is added the wash will bo inoro
effectual as a disinfectant
The roosts should bo painted with
kerosene, nests thoroughly cleansed
nnd tobacco dust or Btcma added to
the straw or sawdust nesting material.
Cover tho floor ngnln with clean snnd
or line gravel to tho depth of four or
six Inches. If not too coarse this will
provide n dust bath for tho foxvls
Whero dropping boards nro used un
der tho roosts they help to keep tho
floor clean and facilitate tho work of
removing the manure.
Yoa Can Raise lt--You Should Raise It.
OfJamcaE. Wxng&Bro., Alfalfa Farm
ers and Sheep Breeders.
Thoro Is not n farm that docs not
need alfalfa. Thero Is not n farm that
cannot groxx nlfnlfn. Alfalfa la groxv
lug on tho bnndi of Florida, on tho red
cluys of Georgia, on nettrl) nil tho soils
of Virginia, splendidly on different soil
typos of Noxv Jersey, Pennsylvania,
Nexv York nnd Noxv England.
Thoro remain no mysteries, no se
crets, about alfalfa growing. All it
asks Is that tho land bo xvcll drained,
tbnt It bo fertile nnd with enough llmo
In It, that It havo Inoculation from an
other alfalfa Held and hnse tho si-od.
Glvon these things nnd alfalfa Is as
vigorous as n weed anywhere In Amer
ica. True, It will not groxv In wot
land nor In cold, poor land nor In sour,
unlltned soil; but, noxv, no ono with
seiiHe sows It In such situations.
AVhut nlfalfa will do for tho small
farmer h this: It makes n feed as rich
88 oats for feeding his dairy cows or
his xvorUlng horses. It makes hens
lay. It pushes tho pigs forxvard cheap
ly, Ono enn get uvo tons of alfalfa
from ono aero of good land. Flvo tons
of good alfalfa hay are nbout equal In
feeding vnluo to COO bushels of oats.
It would tnke flvo ncrcs of your bcBt
land to mako 000 bushels of oats, and
they xvould need to bo sown every year,
xxhereun alfalfa onco soxvn will come
again and again for a term of years
Thon oats or corn will drain tho land
of Its fertility; alfalfa xvlll fill it xvlth
nitrogen. If enro Is taken to keep the
land stored with tho mluoral oleraonU
of fertility, Its phosphorus, llmo nnd
potash, alfalfa will do tho rest, for It
cots lRtAUlMSen from tho air.
The fare farm should have alfalfa.
but tbu Kinall f.irui must have It be
cause of tho ut'wl to mako eveiy acre
do iti bt-Ht Five tons of alfalfa ha;
may be xvurtu to the farmer $125 or
even morn money, for alfalfa hay Is a
llttlo rl licr than wheat bran In feed Inn
value and It will mako a great savins
wlicn tin- farmer i-eiiam to buy bran
nml fcroxts his own supplies of protein
Fruin the farm itself should sprlnc
op the feed for the animal of the
farm. Alfalfa and corn will make
milk ami beef and pork without re-liam-e
"it any other supplies than
those vlil h the farm n (Turds It U a
hurer in than auy otlu-r evept the
wild, n.ithe jriiws Un ii the fjrm
Tie villager hIkmiIJ 'ihp UN p'ot of
nlfilfi f l Ills f-!s i t to It't tin in
ri.n i Mlt Mi ,i 1' i r tli it mi. lit
be Injurious to the ulfulfa. but to cut
for them and for winter feeding
Alfalfa makes cbenp and abundant
eggs aud foxxlx of the fluent flaror.
P'lcs Cund ia 6 to 14 Days
r , I r ( 1 munry U VAtO
i i 1 " ' 1 I .- any can of Jtchbtf,
Jliind.iu .. i ratrudingl'Betinttnllilut.
Ibe brtl -rfku u t. Uk i..l Kca, 8&C,
Tho bc3t 5n tho v.-oild.
Time Ta "jbl
Rock Island Lines
Arrival nm l Departure 'of
Trains from Anndnrko:
Mfuigtim, Chielmihn, J2l
Oklahoma City.
Arrive 10.06 k
Depart..- .10.05 a M
Arrives ... 5.30 pm
Sparta 5.80 pra
. WEST BOUND -Oklahoma
Oity, El Rono, Chick,
ashn, Mnugutn.
Arrivos lOOSnni
Dop arts 10.05. a m
Arrives ... .. 5.30 pro
Doparts ... . fi.SOpnf.
to Wnurika.
Arrivos 10. 10 am
Poparts 11 05 art
Enid to Anndnrko.
Arrives 1 1 05 p ra
Enid, Gonry, Lnwton, Wnurika
Arrivos .... 5 B0p m
Dopnrts .. 5 30 pm
- NORTH BOUND ' -Wnurikn,
Lnwton, Gonry, Enid.
Arrives 10 10 n m
Dopnrts 10 15 a iq
Anndnrko to Enid.
Dopnrts i 00 p m
A Texas Wonder
Tho Toxna wondorcnroB kibnoj
nnd blndor troubloB, romoving
Krnvol, cures dinbotoe, wouk nnd
Inmo bnoks, rlioumntiBin nnd nil
irrogulnritisa of tho kidnoyo nnd
blnddor in both mon nnd womon
Rognlntea blnddor troiibleB in
childron. If not Bold by you
druggist, wiir bo sont by innil on
recopt of 51.00. Ono em nil hot
tlo is two months trontmont, nnd
soldoin fnila to porfoct n ouro.
Send fr testimonnls form this nnd'
other Btntoa. Dr. E. W. Hnl.
2817 Olivo Btroot StLonis Mo.
Sold by drtiggoBts. .
: . i a
Remarkable Cure
of Dysentery
"I was attacked with dyaontnry
nbout July I5th, nnd used tho doc",
tor's medicine with no roliof, only
getting, worso all tho timo. I was
unnblotodo nnylhing nnd my
weight droppod from 1-15 to 125
pounds. 1 suffered for about two
months when I wns ndvisod to uso
Clmmborluins Colio,.Cholorn nnd
Dinrrhoon Remedy. I usodJJ.two
bottles of it nnd it gnvo mo por
minont roliof," writes D W Hill
of SnowJIIill, N O. Forisnlo by
Cnrl Doughlns.
How the Trouble Starts
Constipation tBjithoft cniiBO- of
many nilmonts nnddiEordors that
mnko lifo'niisornbio. Tnko Ohum
borjaln's Tnblots, koop your bow
ela regular nnd yon will avoid
thoso desonsos. For salo by Karl
For Trade
Arooming hoiiso, all oloar of
debt, will trade for land or rosiduut
tf. Baldwin-Gibba Co
Have Your Roof Fixed
I am prepared to fix old roofs
or put on now ones. See me it
your roof ueoda fixing.
A. W. Hoes, 50-1 V. Vtenh. st
Eczema and Itching Cured
The eootlihitf, hei Img iuodicu.
tion in Dr. Uobeon'a fcxeniH oint.
mont ponotratos over) tiny poro
of tho skin, oloara it of nil iiu
puritios stopa itching instantly.
Nowsoolo, tint mil weigh 20JC
iw. loathe ton. Ooh., tuil, ooal,
Auadirko loo Co
For Snlo - ICimbnl pmno.'tlHrfc
uise, price $lll port teinis. j"Xp
ph it 'm West Miiino

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