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The Daily Democrat
NO. 97
We are authorized to announce
J. R. Sbunk for Coinmissiontr
from the Second District, subjoot
to the action of the detnooratio
Mr. Sbunk is a resident of Oe
monk He is a practical road and
budge buildor and know a how to
economize. He will run the office
on principal and honesty and will
fight for the rights of the tax
The Ladies Aid of the Metho
dist church, will have thoir rogular
monthly social and businoss meet
ing with Mrs. Stratton Thursday
nfiornoon from 2 to 5. All mom.
berB who have not paid laBt years
dues oro requested to come pre
pared to do so, ns well as pay n
port of thisyoars due,
Mrs. H. M. Tiltou, Prosident
Mrs.Fromont Boylo,Socrotary.
Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Burton, of
Ohiokasha word tho guostsoC Ana
dnrko'frionds Sunday.
Miss Ruth Shiploy roturuod to
Ohickasha Sunday aftor n visit
with frionda in tho oity.
Wnutod Second hand runabout
Intiuiro at tho Crosont Grooery.
Stolen Horse
Lais Saturday afternoon tho
shoriiT's forco landod a stolen
horso, but as yot tho thiof has not
been locatod. Tho animal was
stolon last wook from B. W. Ham.
mort of Anadarko. Information
came Saturday of tho theft, and
immediately tho Grady county
oflicors got busy. Doing horse
thiof catohors by second nature,
thoy soon located tho animal in
tho barn of Webb Noal, wno had
purchasod it from an unknown
nogro last Weduosday for tho sum
of $25.
Mr. Plammort was notified and
arrivod in tho oity Saturday morn
ng. Ho identified tho horse whioh
was turned over to him. Chiok
asha Express.
' Mr. rnd Mrs. S. B. Gilraoro
from tho northern part ot the
county, spent Monday in Anadur
ko, attonding to businoss and vis.
iting with Mr. ond Mrs J. W.
Dinsmoro on wost Broadway.
Thoy will go from horo to Okla
homo Oity Mr. Gilmoro is a
hoavy tax payor and an oxtonsivo
farmor. having at tho prosont 800
aoros of whoat in fino condition
and has hia foroo of men busy
preparing sovoral hundred aorea
for tho Spring orop3.
Buy Your Tites Direct at Lowest Prices
By buying and "contrasting diroot from tho factories' for
tires in largo quantitioa for spot oaah, wo aro able to offer
them at a groat monoy Baving prioo dj'reot tc tho oonsumer. A
oaving of from 35 to CO par cent.
YVhon you buy tiros from ub you got full valuo, you don't
havo to pay tho doalor's profit, tho distributor's profit, sales,
mon commission and othor high oolling and overhead ox
ponBOB. Wo soil tiroa diroot to, oonsumer at jobbers prices
and you got big values and oxaotly what you pay for.
Shrowd auto ownora oomposo our oustomors among thom
tiro bankors, merchants, lawyers, dootors, plantora nnd mon
in all lines who know values ond roalizo tho advantages of
buying diroot
During tlu pi ot dull wintor automobile months wo oeourod
Bomo oxoollout 'le.da from tho factories and now offer our
purohasoB at tho lullowing pricos:
Among our tiros aro J)iamoud, Goodyear, Quaker, Nussau,
Empiro, Fish and orhera of oqual quality.
All Tires Guarantocd Fully. Noto Those Priooa Carofully
Tiro Groy Rod Rolinor
$7.20 $l.Gli $l.fl0 $1.35
7.80 1.95 2.20 l.dO
10.80 2.80 3.10 i.OO
11.00 2.00 3.20 1.95
lL'JO 2.95 3.25 2 00
12.10 . 3.00 3.30 2.05
12.10 8.10 3.40 2.30
13.45 3.20 3. GO 2.85
13.70 3.35 3.80 2.4ft
11.80 8.50 8.90 2.45
10.80 8.G0 4.00 2.G0
17.25 3.75 4.20 2.70
17.85 3.90 4.25 2.80
18.00 180 ' 5.10 3.40
18.75 4.85 5.20 4.45
1U2 4.90 5.80 3.G0
21.50 5.10 5.40 8.70
23.00 5.80 G.20 4.0P
21.40 5.90 G.85 4.20
W can furnish all other sizes. Non.Skin 10 per oont higher
Our supply of thoso tiros ia limitod, bo wo adviso oarly
ordoring. Romombor thoy aro now, oloan, fresh, fully guar.
antood goods. All high grade goods that will givo boat
Torms: u per oont disco'int if fullomountaccompaniea.'ordnr.
O. O. D. upon rccoipt of IO.per oont of oost Prompt ship.
inonts. Monoyjroturned if unablo to fill ordor. Send ub a
trial ordornow
Tire Factory Sales Co.
Dayton, Ohio
30x8 1-2
81x3 1-2
30x1 1.2
37x4 1-2
37s f
The First National Bank
Anadarko. CaPital and surplus $60,000.00.
, - , , Wo havo doublo tho capital anilj eurplus'of
jllf lannmfi j any other bank ln AnaJarko-
VMOUUlUOj J j W() haV(J Q oxcea8tv(J joanS nQ bnls jpava.
ble or re-dlscounts.
No officer or director of this bank owes ft a
Wo solicit your businoss, whether largo or
T, F. Woodard. Prosident. I.E. cox, Cnshier.
L.'W. Myers, Vlce-Preaipcut R. B.lPopejoy, Ass't Cashier
Probably tho most interesting
gnmo of baskot ball to bo soon
on tho local court this soason will
bo playod next tiaturdny night bo
twoon tho Ft Cobb and Anadarko
After tho Anadarko girls do
featod tho Chioknsha girls last
Friday night, that toam wont to
Ft. Cobb for a game the following
night. Tho Ft. Cobb girls won in
that contest. It is thus evidont
that Ft. Cobb and Anadarko aro
very ovonly matched in ability,
although it is understood that tho
players on tho Ft. Cobb toam aro
muoh larger thr.u the Anadarko
The boys team of that place is
said to bo a fast aggregation also
and a close game is expected be
twoen them and tho local lads, al
so Saturday night.
Both games will be played at
tho Basket Ball hall 8:15 iJatur
day night.
Tested And Proven
There is a heap of solace in bo
ing able to defend upon a woll
earned reputation.
For months Anadarko readera
havo seen tho constant expression
of praise for Doan's Kidney Pilld,
and read about the good work
they havo done in this looality.
What othor remedy overproduced
suoh convincing proof of merit. V
Mrs. N. M. Turnor, 612 E. Ok
lahoma Ave., Anadarko, Okla.,
says: "I think there is nothing
liko Doan's Kidney Pilla, as I
havo had wonderful rosults from
them. I always found this remedy
prompt in bringing reliof from
kidney ttoublo and I gladly reoom
mond it to other kictuoy sufforors.
I willingly confirm tho endorse
ment I gave Doan's Kidney Pills
some yoara ago. I still take this
romody with good results.
Prices 50c, at all doaldrs. Don't
simply usk for a kidney remedy
get Doan'g Kidnoy Pills the
samo that Sirs. Turner had. JFos-ter-Milburn
(Jo., Props., Butl'ato,
N. Y.
8. P. RatliU, of Ft. Cobb Town
ship nutuori',03 us to announce
him as n oaadidato for Commia.
aionorfotlio .'frd. dibtrict.
Mr. .Ratlitr has em a rosidont
in Ft. Cojj'j Township sinco tho
oponing of this country and has
always token au active part in the
up building of the township in
whioh hoVeaidea. He knows tho
needs .the pooplo and being
contrally' looated in the district on
ly Jits him better for tho position
ho aspiroa.
tie is a lifelong demoorat, and
although this is his first timo to
ask for ofiioo, ho has always boon
a staunoh worker for tho cause of
domooraoy and should ho bd fav
orod with tho nomination and
olootiou we nro sure he would
servo tho pooplo of hia district in
a manner that would bo highly
commondod by thorn all.
Givo hia olaim your consider
ation. '
Mrs. Dan Yoltnor ontortoinod
with a siirpriso party, Friday ovo
ing in honor of hor 8i3tor, Miss
Mao Hall, of Stillwator, Okla.,
Quito a largo oiowd nttondod and
all report a ploasant ovoning 9pout
with musio and Kamos, aftor whioh
delioious rofroshmonts wore sorv-1
Miss Hall roturuod to her home
in Stillwator, Monday.
Tho Ladios of tho Christian
elm roll are making groat propar-
atious for their dinner to bo giv
on Feb. 21st. Be patriotic with
the rost aud oomo propared to oat
a good old fashionod ohickon dm.
Mr. and, Mrs. Oral Elliott of
Ohiokashnt woro tho guosts of An
adarko friends Sunday.
Roy'Eldridgo of Ohiokasha
spont Sunday with Anadarko
Tho -Ladies of tho Chriatiau
ohuroh aro making olaborato prop-
aratioua for thoir dinnor to bo
go givoaJFob. 21. Bo natriotio
itU-thoest-ancUoomo proparod
en dinnor.
Classey Vaudeville
Tho Intoratato Voudovillo toam
at tho Nusho is ono of tho host
that has boon in tho oity for somo
timo. If you want to boo a high
olass act don't fail to boo thorn.
"Tho Vougouoo of Najerra. "
"Mabol'a BoarEsoapo." Koy
stono ooraedy.
"Too ProUd to Beg"
Tho Ladies Sooial Union will
moot Wednesday aftomoon ot 3
o'clook with Mrs. Elinor Gish.
Paul Kaisor wont to Oklahoma
City Monday for sovoral days buB
inoss trip.
Lost Gold pin in pinic bow.
.Findor ploaso return to Mrs. U. T.
Hobort Eotoo of Chiokashn, was
in tho oity Monday on business.
A. C. Moltoii unnounoes for
Sheriir, pledged to onforoe tho
To the Domoorats of Cflddo
county: I hereby anuounoo my
eaudidaoy for Sheriir, 8rfbjot to
tho domoorat primary to bo hold
in August. N ,
lu making my mnounoemont.
I fool duty bound to stato oloorly
my position in rogard to tho on
foroomont of tho law.
If I am nominated ond looted
as yheriir of this county, 1 hore
and now plodgo myaolf to enforoo
and assist t enforoo nil tho lawn
of this stato, without foar or favor
and I want it distinctly under
Btood that I .vant no man to vol
for mo, nnloss ho wants tho law
ouforeed, for "Law Enforcomont"
is my motto.
Soliciting tho support of all
good law abiding citizouH, I am,
A.O. Molton.
Mr. Molton has lived in Comonl
sinoo tho opening and is known
all ovor tho oounty. Ho is well
qualifiod to hold tho ofiioo, as ho
sorvod in the Shorift's oflico un
dor Jim Thompson and Tyro
If he is uominatod and olootod
thapooplo may root assurod that
tho affairs of tho offioo will bo well
lookod aftot.
B. F. Holding, ol Ohiokneha.
was iu tho oity Tuesday on business.
T. E. Rowland, Prosidont
W. L. Mooro, Vioe Prosidont
O. O. Nathan, Soorotary
W. P. Hudson, Troasuror
Oklahoma Real Estate & Loan Go.
Insurance, Rentals. Trades. Plenty of
Money to Loan on First Class
: Cha.itlo Securities
Rear of National Bank
Anadarko Hivo L. 0. 'I. M.
will meet in rogular sossion Tues
day Feb. 17th at 7:00 o'clook. All
mombors urged to attend.
Ruby Slomp, Commandor
Lynn Kaiser, Record Koopor.
Ballard and Alborta, who will
nppoar in high-class vaudovillo
at tho Nusho tonight.
Fifth Number of Lyceum Course
Singing Party
Tho famous Kollogg-Hainos Singing Party will prosont a miuioal program
(f Belcotions from grand opora aud popular Bolootions at tho
Friday NigKt, FebruaLry 20th
"OT Thoro aro lho mombors iu tho party, vnnd tho present mixod quartets,'rmalo
trios ond solos. Ono mombor of tho party. William Jamos Broach is a monologist
of oxcoptional ability. ;
A fow of tho seleotionB from whioh tho program is made up.aro
The Bohemian Girl The Chinese Honeymoon Penelope
The Milk Maid Lovely Galcrea Dolly Varden t Martha
The Singing Master The Songs of theSixties
This attraotions is fully guarantood. 9 In tho ovont that you are not satisfied
with it your monoy will bo rofunded at tho door.
For Sale Good gentle
driving horse. Inquire at Cres
ent Store,
Seat Reservation at y Stephenson's
Wednesday, February 18, 9 a. m.

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