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1 Anadarko Daily Democrat
Democrat Publishing Company, Owners.
T. J. Lewis, Manager
Entorodnt tho postoflloo
boioihI olnss nudtor.
KntcB JO com" j.er woek.
Tom, the beautiful daughter of
n Hindu miner, Inspires the Rajah
witli hii inordin-ite doshe for her
acquisition to his Harem. By his
order sho is purchased although
who was affianced to Abkar, n pons
unt youth. Deaf to her plowjings
nnd protestations, she is tnkun to
the palace whero she make n very
unruly qneon. Abkar, with ttio
aid or a tamed tigor, aids his im- ,
prisoned sweetheart to escape, but j
they are reoaptnred and Abkar, is ,
sentenced to be deourod by his!
pet tiger which is deprived of food J
for worn days. This plan failing
tho inexorable monarch orders,
thnt hungry lions be let into Ab-.
liar's coll, so that both ho and his
tigor ho destroyed nt onoe.
Tom ia forced to witness hor
iiweotheart a torturo from the Hoy
id liox. Tho mnddonod tigor, how
oror, oonios to tho aid of its mas
tor, and an onconntor botwoon the
two animals ensues with tlio result
that, the lion ig killed. Tho infur
iatod Jn.inh liiiusolf undorbikos to!
oxoouto his prisonor, but tho tigor
loa)H on his back and mauls tho
monarch to doath. Events thou
fqjlow in rapid succession. In tiio
tumult Abkar oscapoo. Tho Knjahs
brothor succeeds to the throno and
Tom is ordorcd Biiorificcd on tho
altar of tiro. But Abkar, tho tigor,
nnd tho English soldiers arrivo Jn
timo to provont this outrage.
This production will bo shown
at Nusho, Sat. Fob. 21.
Farm Loan
Our farm loan plan is now nnd
muoh bottor than tho old Way,
"Wo consolidato mnttors, mako low
rato of intorost nnd give you prlv.
ilogos thatothors don't
If you aro thinking of making a
farm loan, or inoroasing tho old
ono, drop us a lino and wo will
tell yoii.onr plan.
Courtney & Drake,
Anadarko, Okla..
To whom it may oonoern, nnd
tho unknown ownora of tho ol
lowing real estato, Jo-wit :
Lot 21), block It), district two.
.Broadway at., situated in tho town
of Anadarko, Caddo county, suite
of Oklahoma, according to tho
duly recorded plat thoroof.
You and each of you aro hereby
notified that said real ostntoaboo
duooribed was on tho lith day of
November, 1'.) 1, sold by tho Coun
ty TroaBiiror, of said county, for
tho delinquent paving taxes du
thereon for tho jcar J'.lll, for the
sum of $27, 1" including interest,
penalty and costs allowod by law.
That said county treasurer issued
cititicato of purchase thorefo'r,
and the undorsignod is now the
owner and holdorof uaid certificate
of purchase
You are therefore furthor noti
iiod that unless you redeem said
real estato from said sale within
aixty da) a from date of first pub
lioatiou of this notice, a tax deed
for said real estate will be demand
ed andjwill issue to uio as pruvid.
cd by law.
Dated this 20th day of Novom-
bor J MM.
L. V. Myers, owner and holder
of said tax snlo certilicae, Ana
darko, Oklahoma.
Wantod To do washing and
'roning; neat1 v drn Apply bp
tvifon ofli mid 0th Georgia
nt gAnadarko.Oklahoma, ns
Phono 33
Feel Miserable?
Out of sorts, depressed, pain in
the lack Electric Bitter renew
your health and strength. A guir
antod Liver and Kidney remedy.
Money back if not satisfied. It
completely cured Kobort Madsen,
of Woet Burlington, Iowa, who
Htilferod from . indent Hvor trouble
for eight months. After four doc
tors gavo him up, htoolt Elootrio
Bittors and is now a well man
Got a bottle today; it will do tho
same for you. Koep in tho homo
for all liver and kimloy complaints
Psrfootly safe and tlepondable. Its
rosnlls will surpriso you. fiUo and
H. E. Buoklin As Co. Philadol
phiaor St. Louis.
Miss lluby Garnor of Lawton,
returned home Sunday, after a
visit with Mr. nnd Mrs. 11. M.
WantedTraveler, exjrerionco
unnecessary. Good terms to right
party. Liboral oiler and agree
mont. .1. E, MoBrady, Chicago.
Lands For Lease
Notic Is hereby Riven that the Sec
retary to the Comnilshlunoi's of tho
Lund Oflk, Stutn of Oklahoma, will
nwivo wnkd IihIh In bti ofllue In Ok
lahoma City, Oklahoma, until twelve
(12) o'olnck, noon, Saturday, Veb. 21,
1911. for a non-preforonco ight tem
porary lease for the joar 101-1, on the
following described lands, situated in
tho County of Caddo, State of Oi Inho
mu, to-rvit:
South Half of iho Southwest Quarter
Section Tuenty-sovon (27) Township
Klxh(8) NorUi, Range Rloven (11)
Southeast Quarter, Section Thirty
three (88) Township Sovon (7) North
Ituntfo Ten (10) West.
Southeast Quarter, Section Nino TO)
Township Kight 81 North, Range
Illdi will ho open immediately there
after nrd awarded to the highest and
beat biddti'i subject k the approval of
the C'oinmiksioneiB of the Land Office.
1'ousostlon will bo given Immediately
The right to reject any aud all bids is
horeb.v reserved.
John R. Willioms, Sccretsry to the
Coiuinisvionera of the T.aiul Office
StRto of Oklahoma. Kekunary 3. 11)11.
Wblo slid Tract Bocletj, 17 HfcVs
Btreut, Ilrooklyn, N. Y.
Kindly wild me the Bible
Studio marked belotr:
"Whara Ara tha Dead!"
Torglvubl and Unpardonabla
"What Say tha Scriptural Ra
apaotlng PunUhmantT"
Rloh Man In Hall."
"In tha Croat of Chrlat W Glory.1
"Moat Praoloua Taxt." John
"End of tha Aga la tha Harvaat."
Ltngth and Braadth, Halghtand
Dapth of Qod'a Lova."
"Tha Thiaf In Paradlaa,"
"CljrUt Our Psaiovar It Sacri
ficed." "Tha Dion Chrlat."
"Foreordination and Elaotlon."
"Tha Oaiira of All Nation.."
"Paradise Ragained."
"Tha Coming Kingdom."
"Sin Atonement."
"Spiritual laraal Natural li
ra.!." "Tha Tlmaa uf tha Qantllaa."
"Gathering tha Lord'a Jewela,"
"Thruat In Thy Sickle."
"We. pln0 All Night."
"What la tha SoulT"
"Electing Kinfli."
"Tha Hopa Immortality.''
"Tho King's Daughter, tha Orlde."
"Calamities Why Permitted."
"Preaslng Toward tha Mark,"
'Christian Science Unscientific
and Unchristian."
"Our Lord'a Return."
"The Golden Rule."
"The Two Salvations."
City and State
Upon reitlpt of the above cou
pon we will vend any ono of
those Illhle Studies I'ltKlC; any
three of them for 5 cents
(stnmpm or the entire 31 for 2.1
renin SKN1) AT ONCW TO
IT lll I.- M . lrooU.n, N Y
For County Suporlntenooiit
Wo aro authorized to nnnounco
0. W. HaBuro for County Supor
intondont of Public Instruction,
Btibjoot to tho action of tho Donio-
ioratio primary,
Wo aro autlnrizod to announoo
.Mrs. Kato Stovons of Apaoho for
Uountv Sunorintondont of Public
Instruction, Btibjoot to the action
of tho Democratic primary.
Wo nro authorized to announce
Mrs. Linnn Iloece Lowthor as a
candidate for County Superin
tendent, subjeot to tho action of
the republican primary.
Fo'r Sheriff
Wo are nutliorized to announce
Ed Foster of Ft. Cobb, forShinlV
of Uadilu oounty, subject t the
aotion of tho Democratic primary.
We are authorized to announce
Frank Lacoy as a candidate for
Sheriff, subjeot to tho action of
democratic primary.
Wo are authorized to nnnounco
Frank M. Shoots ns a candidato
for ShoriiT, subjeot to the action
of the democratic primary.
For Oonnty Clerk
Wo aro nuthorirod to anuounco
L. N. Voddor as a candidato for
Connty Olork, subjoot to tho ao
tion of tho domooratio primary.
Court Olork
We aro authorized to annotmco
Theo U. Oolko for Court Olork,
subjoot to tho aotion of tho Demo
crat io primary.
Wo aro authorised to announco
Loo E. Fitzpatriok of llinton
township for Court Clerk, sub
ject to tlio notion of tho Dome
oratic primary.
For Commissioner
Wo nro authorized to announco
J. F. Ellison, of Ft. Cobb, for
County CoininieBiouer of tho .'Ird.
district, subjeot to the action of
tho Democratic primary.
Wo aro authorized to announce
Maon Hestor for County Coni
missionor from tho third district
subject to tho action of tho demo
cratic primary.
Wo aro authorized to announce
Dan Volmor for Commissioner
for tho 2nd district, biibjoct to the
aotion of tho Domooratio primary.
To Parents of
School Children
Pursuant Lt tho resolution of
tho Hoard of Education authoriz
ing a 'system of Medicai In.,peo"
tion for tho Public ScIiooIb ar
rniiKomcntB have been medo whero
by tho examinations of the pupils
may bo made at tho offices of any
of tho following physscians, Dr.
C. 11. Jlumo, Dr. Kerley. Dr.
Williams, Dr. Anderson, or Dr.
If you desire to have the exam
inations of your children conduct
ed at tho oflico, you aro requested
to tako them to any of the above
montioned physicians, beforo Feb.
Ifith. After that timo the exam
inations will bo conducted at tho
sohool buildings,
Thore will be no charges for
thoso examinations.
It is the deeiie of tho school
authorities that this work bo ac
conip'ialiod with tho least possible
delay consistent with thorough
noes, in ordor that the pupils maj
have at onco the benetits t j te de
rived therefrom.
W. H. Bishop, Supt.
Morrible'lilotches of Eczema
Quickly eurod by Dr. Hobson,
Ecioiua Ointment. C. P. Caldwell
of New Orloana, L., states "My
doctor advised mo to try 'Dr.
llobbon's Eczema Salve.' 'I usud
three boxes ofOintment and three
oakes of Dr. flobsou's Derqaa Ze
ma Soap. Today 1 havo not n spot
anywhere on my body and pan saj
I am cured;-' It mill do tho same
for jou. Its soothing, healing, an
tiBOjtic action will rid you of nil
skin humors, blackheads pirnplos
Eoseuin blotohes, red unsightly
f.oros, and leaves your skin clean
and healthy. Uot a hex today.
Guaranteed. All druggists, COo ,
or by mail.
Pfoitrer -Chemical Co. Phjlndol.
hia iV St. Louis
Paslor Russell's "Movies"
Teach Both Views.
Moody and Deecher Quoted by Dr. Ab
bot! aa rtepretentlng Opposing Vlewa
of bilvatlon Pattor Rutsell Showa
That Both Vlewa Aro Biblical At
Openinu of Photo-Dramn of Creation
In Indiannpoha.
l'eh. IS - I'mtor
Unveil in here to
d.ij . opening (be
Phto Drama of
ficnllon at Toui
lliison Hall, llu
Mdis the lllltlnl
pxpi'iiso of t h 1 fa
beautiful nnd in
ftr'i'tle Dmma.
It tu ust coat a
fabulous sum to
h.ivo It going in
several pluces at
one time New York, Doaton, Clave
Innd, Clncinnutl, St. I.onis nnd hero
CldenRo mid othor places sounl
"Whence la tho money for so grand h
cauw all freol" Is the question eery
Avherc. "Why not chnigo ?1 n seat?"
Pastor Kussell's only answer Is, "I
cannot soli the Gospol. .tonus nnd Ills
Apostles nover look up collections, nor
authorised me to hog In Hod's name,
so far ns the Illble shews. I'coptd
hlost by the Mcssngo toluntarily soml
mo monvy to further the work of re
establishing faith In God nnd tho Ill
ble amongst thinking people. In pro
portion ns God supplies It, we spend it.
It must bo so!"
Tho Pastor's test was, "God wills
thnt nil shall bo saved and eouio to n
knowledge of tho Truth." (1 Timothy
2:1.) He declared thnt this salvation
will bo from nit sin, sickness and
death which all Inherit from Adam;
nnd that It will ho ushered In by
Christ's Kingdom. The salvation now
in progress Is that of the Church a
"chief." superior salvation. However,
tho Second Death will bo thcpoitlon
of nil who prefer sin to holiness.
Dr. Abbott on Beecher and Moody.
In the course of his sermon tho Pas
tor quoted Dr. "Lyman Abbott, Ucech
er's successcr ns Pastor of Plymouth
Church, Ilrooklyn. us having said, in
an address nt a Hceclier Memorial
service hist October, that Mr. needier
hnd rcmnrked to him, "Mr. Moody be
lieves that this Is n lost world, nnd is
trying to save some from the wreck.
1 believe thnt It Is the wot Id Itself
which Is to be biivod, and thnt Its king
doms nro to become the Kingdom of
our Lord and of His Christ."
Commenting upon these two views,
which generally prevail today, the Pas
tor showed that they nro not contra
dictory, but that both contain an ele
ment of truth, nnd that both have
Scriptural support. Tho right under
standing of tho Il'blc lies hi seeing
thnt both views nro parts of n general
whole. Whoever gets a glimpse of
that whole, tho speaker declared, thoie
by Increases both his confidence In tho
Illhle and nlso his faith nnd hope to
ward God; but whoever falls to get
that comprehensive view remalus weak
In faith and uncertain of his theology.
The End of the Diicord.
The Pastor then demonstrated that
Mr. Moody merely held to the teach
ings of .lcus, the Apostles and tho
Prophets when he declared that muu
was created perfect. In God's Image,
hut hud brought the death sentence
upon himself through disobedience to
his Creator's Just commands. This
curse of death Is the cause of all our
mental, moral and physical weak
nesses, lie showed thnt while the re
action of civilization through the In
fluence of Christianity was Indeed n
step upward for many, yet It wns not
u step out of degradation; for sin nnd
death still prevail.
Next the Pastor pointed out that tho
Gopl of Christ has not yet saved tho
world. Nevertheless, It has brought
peace nnd Joy to nil followers of Jesus.
These aro to oxperlcnco completeness
of salvation at our Lord's Second Com
lim. when they shall be changed from
eaithly to Heavenly nature.
The Rifjht In Beecher's Theory.
Mr. Iteeeliei-'s view, the Pastor stat
ed. nNn Miutalus Illhle truth. He then
deiiiuiriitti1 from Scripture Hint nl
tlinii!.li the kingdoms of this world
lane not jet boeomo our Lord's, never
theless the II mil outcome of the Divine
Dan wlJI Include this transfer.
Contrasting these two lows, tho Pas
tor showed that Mr. Moody saw what
Mr. Iteeehor fulled to boo, nnd that
Mr. needier saw what Mr. Moody fail
ed to se. Itotli views are niblleal. and
neither Is satisfactory without the
The Glorious View of thn Bible.
The Pastor then presented the Scrip
tural ilew. Adam fell from the moral
Image nnd lllccut'os of his Creator lie-rnin-o
of Messiah's sacrifice lie Is to
have the oppoi (unity to rise ngnln to
that original perfection This opportu
nity will In- open to all his otcrlty.
To this end tlioy will be nftslsttsl by
Messiah's Kingdom, which" wilt rule
Mirth's itffnlrs In favor of righteousness.
The Church's salvation, hi progress
slru'o Pentecost. Is to n llenienly ua
tiire. Hut the world's salvntlon Is to
be a restoration to peifect human nn
lure, which will Hnd perfe. ' en
joyment In a world wide Kden Then
Mr. Moody's anticipations .ind Mr.
Ueocher's hopes will be fulfilled.
JH you wnnt n bargain in n pipo
go to Paul Knisor. I just got in a
now bhipmont. Tho best pipoa in
town for tho money. Also fancy
tobaccos and oignrs. Lot us sond
you thoT)kiahomn'Nov8 only 2fo
u month. All tho mnguxinos and a
good lino of fresh chocolatos. Hot
nnd oold lunch, morohnntB lunch
from .' i :30 to 2 p. in. Shoitordors
at all hours. Hot and cold drinks.
Wo will do our best to ploase yon.
Paul Knisor Confectionery Cnfo
f2fl Broadway.
A Winter Cough
A stubborn, annoying, dnpress
ing cough hangs on, racks the
body, weakens tho lungs, and of-
tj.ii lends to serious results. Th
first doso of Dr. King's 2ow Dis
oovery gives roliof. Honry D.
Sandors, of Cavondish, Vt., was
throatencd with consumption, nf
ter having pneumonia, IIo writes
"Dr. King's Now Discovery ought
to bo in ovory family ; it is cer
tainly tho best of nil medicines
for coughs, colds or lung troublo"
Good for children's. Money back
if not satisfied. Prico oOonnd $1.00
At all Druggists.
H. E. Bncklin & Co. Philadelphia
or St. Louis.
Primary Grade
Tuos. Feb. 24th, lp.m. Miss
Good's Hoom.
Koll Call. Sohool News.
How toSeouro thoBost Result'?
in Ponmanship. Aliss Franz.
Nature Study; Suggestions for
Mnroh, April and Muy. Miss Hood
Touching Fractions Illustrated
Miss Tilton.
Discussion, Mrs. Alice Clove
LnnnuaL'e. ' Suo-L'esliona for
Second, Third and Fourth Grades
Mrs. Jinlyoiit.
Free to Farmers
By special arrangement llatc
kin Sood fJouso of Shonnndoab.
Iowa, will mail a copy of thoir Big
1HM ilhiBt rated Seed Book, and a
snmplo of "Diamond Joo's Big
Whito" sood oorn that has n ro
coid of ovor 200 bushels per aero,
freo to ovory render of this popor
who may bo iu'erosled in tho Crops
thoy plant. This book is n com
ploto compondium of farming and
farm and gnrdon ecods. It tolls
hnw to glow big crops nnd nil
about bestvanties of sood corn fo
your locality; also Seed Oats,
Wheat, Barloy, Spoltz, Grasses,
Clovers, Alfalfn, Pasturo ond
Lawn Mixtures, 'Seed Potatoes
and all othor farm and gnrdon
soeds. This noed book is worth
dollnrs to all in want of sood? of
any sort. Its froo to all our rcadors.
Writo for it and mention this pa
por. The address is Ilatokin' Seod
Hmiso, Shenandoah, Iowa.
Pie Social
Thero will a pio social at tho
Jack sohool houso Thursday night
Feb. l'.lth, A program will be ren
dered and a good time. Come
with n big fat pic IndhB and
gentlemen come aud help oat it.
One mile Eouth and ono mile oast
Wnnted-300 feet 1 or! inoh,
second hand gas pipo. Wester Bros
AimdarLo, Okhi
Chicken Dinner
Tim Indies Aid of tho Chrislisn
flinreh will eivo a chicken dinner
oi Saturday, Fob. 21.
Tho Ladies of tho Chriatiou
church w ill have n patriotic din
ner Sat. Feb 2fst
You never tasted
daintier, lljditc r, il
lilseuits than th
baked with Gdunu
They're fikvayt ?
ood dthcic.il. jj y
For Calumet n.- Jl
sitres perfect
1 Hiking.
'otld't Pure FooJ g3
mpotiuon, vmcafcUf 11 .
JlinoU. IVr
----- ---T. :- Ail, a b
hranc. march, J'ljlH.f
11Z. A. mWYi.
1 V.
xi hm&
lii . ) a l J7.
1 I ! I av M l.ll " IT
m d "f
5A'B jal
'V1' '
On February 17th, nt tho Chria
tian Churou, Dr. A. C. Scott, ono
of Oklahoma's foremost men,
will deliver his famous locture on
"ThoGront Advonture, or Lite aa
1 Seo it.'"
This leoturo will bo given undor
tho auspicos of tho Philomnthio
olub for tho purposo of raising
funds for tho Publio Sanitary
Drinking Fountain on tho Court
IIouso Square When tho plumb
ing wns put in last summer pro
vision was mndo for tho iustnlla
lion of this fountain, and plans
woro mndo to complete tho work
this spring.
Tho prico for admission will
bo 25o for adults and loo for
ohjldron. '
MAKE $10.00 A DAY. Bob
seller. Show it and it's jold Mako
$10.00 a day or we return money.
Par. lOo. Horoulean Co., Guthrie,
Lost Ladios gold watch nnd
fob on East Oklahoma Avo. Find
er pleaeo return to Not tie Nnniolo
Wain slay and roceivo rewnxd.
For Sale 'Ono pranticnllynew
No. 5 Underwood Tpiwritt, nl
so typewriter stand. Call Pbon
No. 93.
Kellorstrass Strain C'ryetnl
Whito Orpingtons tho big winter
ayer eggB;$l.C0 for 15 if taken nt
tho yard 312 East Broadway, but
if cratod and shipped $r.50 for
Betting of 15 eggs. E. V. Duncan,
Anadarko, Okla.
i tXMiiWM
a. Hi
'V ij 1
ilMMKil r
WAW'' VViiafl
mm w
J Yta doo'l ut uty vln yoi lay ckctn or Mc-ri 1
H Uktn powdfr. Don't be kUImL Hoy Calumet. It's N
E uort eteomicl more wicletwue jirti fcl rt tblU H
I Ctlntoct li fir lepcrtor la toar uilk aad iJa, fi

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