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The Daily Democrat
no. no
ymm 1 1
Biuger Lodgo No. 131 A. F. &
A. M. hold its rogularanntvorsary
oolobratiou Wodnosday March lth
Tho following was tho program
for tho ovonlng.
ntroduotory Moore's Orchestra
Invocation Rov. C'aruoy
Solo "Sweet Ganeviove"Coppar
Miss Hazel Englo
Solo - Henry W.. Morgan
Addross on Masonry-R.TJ.Livosay
Music Moore's Orchestra
Solo - - Mrs. J. R. Cox
Solo - Houry V, Morgan
8hort TalkB
Music Orohostra
Mrs. Olivo Moeso, Accompanist
Supper Served in Lodgo Room
8:30 p. m. Conferring Master
Mason Degreo
Stacoy Williams flickox, Cnndi
date. The following wpre iu attend
nnoo fiom Anadaiko.
C, Boss Hume.
Harry Mooio.
Arthur Colbath
Mr. aud Mrs. Courtnoy.
H. W. Morgan.
O. B. Case
R. U. Livosay.
Just Arrived! i
Three doors west of A. B. C. Store
New Spring Milinery
Also new samples from Buckley Bros.
Madam Smith will continue
S dressmaking through1 the summer
& season.
Pioneer Drug Store
Is Located 4 doors west
of Fostoffice
and are carrying a full line of
WeJl Peeper
Paints, Varnishes and Glass
House Cleaning: f lra ,.is nar nnd w
SL looking for you in to
make jour t election of wall pupor and othor necessities.
Our wall paper lino is comploto plain and figurod oat
mealBwith fancy out out borders, tarnish tilo, stripod
andfiguiod'deBigns, in fact o good assortment of all
kinds. Also can racommond good rosponsiblo worlcnun
to do yoar work.
We bought this wall paper at a low fig
ure and will give you the benefit of it.
Complete Line of Drugs and Patent Medicine
Karl Douglass Drug Go.
Cooked Food Sale
Tho Ladies Aid of tho Moth,
odist churoh will givo u cooked
food salo Saturday March 7th at
Duncan A: Loonhnrd?.
"Our Mutual Girl" No. 5.
"Baffles Gentleman Burglar" 2
rool Koystono.
Baker & Curtis, Vaudoville.
. "Tho Big Horn Massacre"
"Mrs. Casoy'B Gorilla"
"Mixod Nuts"
Mr. aud Mra. Courtney attond
ed tho Masonic mooting and ban
quot at Binger Wednesday night.
For Salo two good tniloh cows
giving milk now and will bo fresh
in tho summor. Inquiro at Domo
orat office.
' Wantod A refined woman, as a
companion and help in caro of
baby 5 months old. Good homo
and pay to tho right party. Must
havo had oxporionco with baby.
MrB. Ohauncey Rhodes. Phone
The High School Debating
Toam, which was snccossful in
itscontost with the Duncan High
School rocontly will bo cotnpollod
to dofend tho honors won at that
time, Saturday night March 18.
Tho toam is composod of Ray
Pruolt, Thomas Holland and
Jamos Armstrong.
This titno tho boys will dobato
against n High Sohool located in
anothor district. For tho purposo
of dobato the nigh School Loaguo
has divided tho stato into eight
districts. Iu defeating Duncan
High Sohool, Anadarko booamo
tho ranking High School in this
district. In oaoh distriot those
preliminary debatos woro oonduot
od at about tho samo time. Tho
following High Schools havo boon
reported winnors in their respeo
tivo districts, Hookor, Blaokwoll,
McCloud, Arapaheo, Anadarko
nnd Tulsa, while tho winnors in
tho othor two districts havo not
yot boon detorminod. Now those
schools are paired, and a sooond
serios of oontosts are boing con.
Anadarko has boon paired with
McCloud, thib part of tho work
having boon arranged by the .of
ficoxs of tho League. McCloud
is a city having a High Sohool
not quito so largo as Anadarko,
but the dobaters from that sohool
Boom to havo boon well ohosen,
having won from Shawneo. The
Anadarko boys are not depending
upon tho sizo of tho sohool to aid
them, but realize that it must be
thoir effort that will bring thorn
off winners.
Tho question for dobato is the
samo as that dobated at tho pro
vious contost, Resolved that thu
logislaturo of Oklahoma Bhould be
reduced to a singlo branch of not
more than twonty.fivo membors,
to bo paid n fixod salary, and to
. i
romaia m continuous session, or
at suoh tiinos as will ouablo them
to proform fully tho duties of the
logislaturo. Tho Anadarko boyB
will dofend tho nogative side of
the proposition.
Aside from tho dosiro to soo tho
representatives of Anadarko High
school win, tho quostion has
arousod considorablo interest on
tho part of tho High Sohool pu
pils many of whom havo boon in
olinod to give 6omo sorious thought
to tho subjoot and to form indivi
dual opinions. It is a matter of
vory great current intorost to all
citizons also.
Notwithstanding tho faot that
tho roooipts from the last contest
wore not sufficient to pay tho ox
ponsos of bringing tho visiting
toam and tho judgos hors, it has
boon dooidod to hold this sooond
dobato in Anadarko, and bv
arousing moro intorost, make an
offort to cover that dofioic by the
rocoipts this tirao. The expenses
on this occasion will bo somewhat
groator than bofore. It is hoped
therefore, that tho school patrons
aud citizens will show somo in
terost in the matter and attend.
Tho Boys' and Girls' Gleo Club
will add ontertainmout bv an.
pouring in apodal numbers.
For Sale
Lot 3, block 57 Anadarko. 7
room houso ull modorn and fur-
niBhod oomploto, All furniture
goes with houso. For furthor in-
formation boo Thoo. G. Uolko,
Somo party or partios roliovod
Worrou Soars on route 1 of n
horse and buggy Inst Monday
Tho partios took tho horso from
tho barn, harnossod it and rollod
tho buggy from tho shod and
hitoliod tho animal to it and drovo
iijvng unuouutodiy somo ono
who was familiar with tho place.
as they picked tho best horso from
a number of ethers.
Mr. Soars know nothing of ttio
thoft until Tuosday morning whon
ho wont out to food his stoolr. Ho
notified tho shorilf at this placo
auu uiuiy uuuri 19 uuiug IHUU0 lO
oapturo tho thiovea.
Cooked Food Sale
Tho Young Ladies of tho
Epworth loaguo of tho M.E.
churoh South will givo a oookod
food sale Saturday March
7. at
Eooloaton andCoiggus.
For Sale
For Salo lUaoro farm, 21 milos
from Anadarko, U room houso,
barn, windmill. 8aoros in orchard
1 aoro blackberries. Soo ownor,
L. W. Tingloy, Anadarko.
Mrs. J.R. Shunkof Cement and
brotuof a Mr. Apploby lot Kansas
was ia tho oity Thutsday.
Mrs V. B. Stophens wont to
Ft. Cobb Thursday to visit Mr.
Stophens. v.
Mrs. G..H. Bovror roturnod to
her homo in Lawton, Thursday
aftor attouding businoss in this
Less Dyspepsia Now
Here's the Reason
The faot that thoro is less dys
pepsia and indigestion in this
community than thoro nsed to bo
is largely, wo boliovo, duo to tho
oxtonsivo use of Rexall Dyspopsia
Tablets, hundreds of packages of
whioh wo havo sold, No wondor
wo havo faith in thorn. No wondor
wo aro willing to offer thorn to
you for trial ontiroly at our risk.
Among othor things thoy con
tain Pepsin and Bismuth, two of
tho greatest digestive aids known
to medical science. Thoy sootho
the inllamod stomach, allay pain,
ohook heartburn andjdistross, holp
to digest tho food, and (ond to
quickly rostoro tho stomach to its
nntural, comfortable, healthy stato.
Thoro is no rod tapo about our
guarantee. It'moaus jnst what it
says. We'll ask you no quostions.
Your word is onough for us. If
Rexall Dyspopsia Tablets don't
rostoro yourstomach to hoalth and
mako your digostion onsy and
comfortablo, wo want yon to come
baok for your money. Thoy aro
sold only ot tho 7,000 Roxall
Stores, and in this town only Ijy
us. Throe sizes, 25, 50, $1.00
O. U. Stophonaon, Anadarko. ()U,
Mountain View vs.
Whoreus, Tho counties ot Cad
do and Grady ia tho Stato of Ok
lahoma, oonstitulo u nominating
Dislrlot for Judicial purposes and
Whorons. tho Judgo from tho
beginning of Statehood has boon
noininatodand oleoted from said
Gradv county to tho ollico of Dja.
triot Judgo, and
Whoreas, tho Stato Suporinton-
rosidont of said Grady county and
Whorons said Gndy county has
from tho beginning of Statehood
uuiil ui I'll una liifltriintinn inn
nnu ouo Qf Jjor
citizens on tho
Supremo Bonoh of the Stato and
whom sho is now offoring for a
United States Sonatorship aud
Whoroas, said Gradv countv will
probably otTor jun of hor citizons
th j now Judge of this Distriot for
a placo on the Supromo Court of
tins StntG and
Whoroas, Caddo countv. tho
tho Stato, officially bo doolarod
for tho two yoars last paat, at tho
Oklahoma Stnto Fair, and whioh
has a population largoly in oxcoss
of said Grady county, has nbvor
rocoivod consideration In tho way
of Distriot or Stato Publio trust;
Thoroforo, wo iho undorsigned
mombors of tho Cuddo County Bar
oarnostly uruo and rospootfully
domand that tho coming 1914
nominations for tho oflioo of Dis
trictJJudgo In tho 15th Judicial
District ahall bo citizons nnd res
idonts of Caddo oounty.
it. U, Lfvosay.
Dyko Ballingor.
0. H. Carswell.
0. B. Caso.
A. J. Peer'.
Theodoro Pruott. '
Grovor 0. Wamsloy. .
Marianolli & Exondino.
1. H. Korr.
L. E. MoKnight.
S. L. Bradloy.
Wm. Stewart.
W. R. Whoolor.
H. W., Morgan.
WR. Haynos.
C. R. Johnston.
Bristow & MoFadyou.
C. Ro3s Humo.
A. J. Morris.
W. W. Vnujrl.in.
ablo papor
from always on hand.
The First National Bank
Anadarko, CaPital and surplus $60,000.00
Wo have doublo tho capital and; surpius of
Uklahonia nny ,a Analarko'
M w J Wo havo no oxcosaivo loans, no bills paya
ble or rediscounts.
No officer or director of this bank owes ft'a
IT Wo solicit j-our businoai, whether large or
FT! small,
T P. Woodard. President. I. E cox, Cashier.
L. W. Myers, Vjce-PresidonL R. B. Popejoy, Ass't Cashier
' .
Wedding Rings
I Have the Rings for all Occa
sions, especially for engage
ments and weddings. j
Brewer's Jewelry & Opti
cal Store
Opposite Postotfice
V. D. Bullou.
R. L. Lawronco.
R. K. Robison.
W. H, Starkwoathor.
Ira F. Hodson, Hinton, Okla.
F. A. Lano, Carnogio, Okla.
First pub. Mar 5 last pub Mar 19
Stato of Oklahoma, Caddo Coun
ty, ss : in tho County oourt.
lo tho oroditors of Fredrioh
Wilhelm Schmidt, doooasod ara
roquirod to prosont tho Banio with
tho necossary vouchors, to tho un
dorsignod J. B. P., Schmidt at
Chiohasha, Okla ,R1, within four
months of tho dato horoof. or tho
oamo will bo forovor barred.
Datod this 2n'd day of Maroh,
J. B. P. Sohmidt,
- ' ' ' ' I
To Cure a Cold in One Day
Take LAXATIVK JIROMO Quinine. It top iSi
Couoli and Headache an J works oil the Cold.
Drucciiti refund money If it falls la cure.
E. W. GROVE'S tlgnature on ect K. ttc
R. L. Hughos of PautB Valloy,
Okla., is in tho oity tho guest of
Rov. J. M. Jonos and family Mr.
Qughos is n brothor of Mrs. Jonos
E. N. CoB8or loft Thursday for
Ft. Worth, Tox., in tho intorost
of his patont cutter for shoo soieH,
Good Win. Knaba Piano for salo
or trado. W. P. Hudson.
For Ront- comfortablo furnish
cd room for rent at 307 East 0.
alitor U. W. Norton at
Pioneer Drug Store
Or Phono 221 for best anil most reason
hanging. Fu slock to chooso'
iJiBtrict Ulork.
At Basket Ball Hall
-:- Saturday Night, Feb, 6
DIM CC WbmXitt rtM ftm

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