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' Li.
The Daily Democrat
Paper Call for D. W. Norton at
j . Pioneer Drug Store
Or Phono 221 for best and most reason
able paper hanging, Full stock to choose
Srotn always on hand.
The First National Bank
Anadarko, Oklahoma
Condensed Statement of Its Condition at the
Close of Business, March, 4th 1914.
Loans and Discounts $118, 300. .'8
WarrantB & Bonds . ' RS.-1I8.71
U. S. Bonds ' 25,000.00
Heal Estate Furniture and Fixtures - 12,500.00
Other Real Estate...
Cash and Sight Exchange.
Totnl- .$116,814.30
Capital Stock $50,000.00
Surplus and Earnings 11,613.56
Circulation 21,200.00
Deposits 331.030.80
Total $ 1 16. 8 14. 3(5
Tho abovo statomont is correct,
I. E. COX, Cashior
r Just Arrived! i
Three doors west of A. B. C. Stoie
New Spring Milinery
Also new samples from Buckley Bros.
Madam Smith will , continue
S dressmaking through'the summer -5
() season. Jft
-r i I ia M
Pioneer Drug Store
Is Located 4 doors west
of Postoffice
and are carrying a full line of
Wall PeLper
Paints, Varnishes and Glass
HOUSe Cleaning: ar and wo are
. rr-r- &. looking for you in to
make your eolootion of wall pupor and other nocossitloa.
Our wall paper lino is complete plain and figured oat
moalsjwith fanoy out out borders, varnish tilo, stripod
andifiguiodjjdosigns, in faot a good assortment of all
kinds. Also con recommend good responsible workuun
to'do your work.
We bought this wall paper at alow fig
ure and will give you the benefit of it.
Complete Line of, Drugs and Patent Medicine
Karl Douglass Drug Co.
That tho public sohoola should
bo safo for children all will admit
but how many parents tako tho
timo to make a porsonal investi
gation for tho purpoao of uajor
taiulng tho truth and learning for
thomselves that their children will
bo protoctod from disoaso whilo
they oro at sohool.
Parents havo tho right to insist
that tho public schools shall bo
safo placos ror their children.
It has long boon a rocoginized
faot that tho public schools servo
asneentorof oxchango for con
tagious diseases which papa from
pupil to pupil. This can bo pro
vontod if parents will interest
themsolvos m tho public sohools
and soo that that their children
are nroteotod from disoaso. The
closing of sohrol, whou it has
boon exposed to a contagious
disoaso, is not sufficient. It is
bottor to isolate those infected and
maintain a thorough iiiBpootion f
that thoso remaining shall bo pro
toctod from further danger.
Whon modioal inspection and
oxamination'of schools and sohool
children has boon oonduotod
properly good rosultB havo been
ovidont. Epidaraics huvo boon
oheokod, or avoided, and teaohors
and parents havo coin a to know
that undor this system it is safo
to koop tho sohool opon; that tho
children are safor in tho school
than at homo, or about tho stroots
01 in pioturo shows.
With medical examination of
school children many hove boon
found Bufforing from physical do
fectB that tho parents havo over
looked, and with medical oxatni
nat on nothing is done for the
child o til or than to call tho par
ents' attention to thoso defoots,
loaving it to tho parents to boo to
tho correcting of tho samo. When
examinations-havo boon mado in
these sohools it has boon found
that there were many children
with dofoctivo vision and hearing)
that seriously offoot them in their
sohool work, and attention has
boon drawn to enlarged glands,
tonsils, adenoids aud bad-tooth,
and tho inlluonce thoy havo upon
the welfare, happinoss and montal
vigor of sohool children.
Tho followiug caso8 wore dis
pdsod pf in County oourt last week.
W A Zumnlt vs. St L A S F Ry
passed. .
R H Wilson vs. 11 P Situs pass.
F O Barroll ot al vs Kay Bros,
judgmont for plaintiff.
Robt Yaunt vs J M Halsey
Tlioo Pruott vs Board of Com,
State qt Okla. vs f 'has Jaokeon
ot nl sot for March 16.
Marshall Crabtroo vs A J Blank
enshipot al-Do'ondants given 5
days lo plead.
Balos.Fu korson Co vs Caulk
Brcs. & Co. domurror suBtaiucd.
LB MoKniglit vs Burl Boattio
ot al passod
Ilatutnort & Ayors vs Grayson
Notice to
Of ouoampinont No. 82.
Thoro will bo a class of Noviti
ateB prosontod Tuosday ovoning
Maroh, 10, Refreshments.
Your presence is desired.
R. M. Pell, ii. i
M. D. Millor, Spribo.
Wo aro authorizod to snnounao
Misi Kato Conloy as a candidate
ior county buorintondont subjeot
io wio aation ot tho domocratio
primary in August. Miss Conloy
is striolly nCoddo oounty product
having rocoivod hor oducation in
Anadarko. She is ono of tho load
ing sohool toaohors of tlm nm.ni,.
having taught somo sevon or oight
tortus in difforont nnrtn nf !
"Last Days
fif PnmflAi"1 ,B "l difrront P"t8 of tho
ll lUIIiycl jcountyandin oaoh instant alio
- has given tho very host of satis-
Froraont Boyle mado a busi
ness trip to Uarnogie Monday.
BREWER'S Jewelry isguaran
teed Jowolry and is vory reason
able in price, too.
Mrs. W. T. Molton went to.
Chiokusha Monday, forafowdays
J. B, Montgomery came homo
Monday aftor u fow days visit in
Rev. W. A. Nunnory of Granite,
was in tho city Monday, enrouto
homo, aftor holding1 sorviebs in
Apaoho, Sunday.
For Ront oomfortablo furnish
od room for ront at 807 East 0.
Jewolry at Brewer's Jowolry Store
will surprise you. Take a look
whilo you oro down town.
Albort Meeting returned to
Vorden, Monday, after visiting
relatives in tho oity.
Miss Kato Clovoland returned
to Kingfisher Monday, where slio
1b attending school, aftor a fow
dayB visit with hor parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Ralph Oloveland.
R. 0. Bakor of Bingor, was in
tovrn Monday. Mr. Baker reports
having a sot of harnossand saddle
tolen ono day last weok. Two par
ties have been arrested on BUBpio-
I ion one is in jail at EIReno and
the other in jail hero.
Partotii coutinuod.
Old Muxico Laud Co vs J no W
Morris1.- passod
2 Old Moxioo Land Co vs Jno W
Norrls ot al passed
Beu Onrsoa vs City of Anadarko
nt wiie,
St'i'.o of Okla. vs Jaok Marshall
Stato 'of Okla. vb Mrs. Ed ElniB
Stato'of Okla. vs Fred Kostor
Stato of Okla. vs Mrs Ed Elms
Stato pf Okla. vs Roy Rowland
sot down for hearing
Stato of Okla. vs Chas Frost
Stato of Okla. vs Solomon Vil
son continued
State of Okla. vs Earl Fonster
maoher coutinuod
State of Oklji. vs Roy Quick
State c Okla vs Morel Loach
State of Okla. vs John JIughos
for diuturbing n public gathoring
is on trial today
For Sale
For Sale 40 aoro farm, 2$ miles
from Anadarko, G room houso,
barn, windmill. 8 aoros in orchard
1 acre blaokborrios. Seo owner,
L. W. Tingloy, Anadarko.
For Sale
. Lot 3, blook 57 Anadarko, 7
room houso all modern and fur
nished comploto. All furniture
goos with houso. For furthor in
formation soo Thoo. G. Oolko,
Distriot Clork.
B. F. Holding of Chjokasha
was in Anadarko Saturday.
Good Wm. Knaba Piano for sale
or trado W. P. Hudson.
John Summers of Graoomonl
was in town Monday.
A. L. Moore a loading farmor of
Caoho Township was in tho oity
S. P. RatliffofFt. Cobb candi
date for Commissioner of Distriot
No. 8 was in town Monday.
W. B. Stephons returned to Ft.
Cobb, Monday, after a visit with
homo folks.
Miss Maud Morris arrivod Mon
day from Dallas, Toxus, to maka
hor homo with her mothor, Mrs.
L. A. Davenport,
BIG SHOW ovory -day at
Brewer's Jowolry Store, Come in
aud seo tho nor oroations,
Garlaud Wright and MIbs
Wright wont to Uarnegio Monday
on busiuo3S.
Mrs. Goo, H. Hoaly of Beavor,
Okla., arrivod in Anadarko, Mon
day for a few days visit with Mr.
and Mrs Ddte Bdllrgor.
faction Sho is toaohiug now at
Washita and has civon suoli wind
Batisfaotion that sho has boon of.
lorod a substantial inoroaso in sal
ary if sho would sign up for
anothor year
!. I.n.n -Hi.. .
-"" uuiuo uuu ui ma very ocst
J. . Nungofltor will exhibit an first galo oortifioatoa in tho coun
lootrio automatio inoubntor nt Uy mid lo oomuatant in nvnrv .
w - -k - "-- - -ritf lllf
"Tho Las-l Days of Pomnoi" in
six parts wilt bo shown at the
Nusho, tonight. A good pio
turo with beautiful soenory. Don't
miss it.
11J wost Broad wav
lhi8 is cortainly a groat im
provomont on incubators as it doos
not vary oVor a fourth of a dogreo
in a years timo.
Miss Roso Milno of Vordon.
Bpent Sunday in tho oity tho
guost of Mr. ond Mrs. Win. Alilno
For Salo two good milch cows
giving milk now and will bo froBh
in tho summor. Inquire nt Domo
orat offioe.
to fill tho oflloo to whioh alio as-'
piros Tf nominatod and elootod wo
and rest assured tho supervision
of tho sohools of tho county will
bo in good hands.
.Miss Gonjviovoand littlo Mil
dred Granloo of Ohiokasho, aro
visiting relatives in tho oity.
Mr. and Mrs. 0. W. Honson
mado a business tiip to Ft. Cobb;
M onday.
The First National Bank
Anadarko, CaPita "" surplus $60,000,003
T P Wnnilnnl Irnalrl.tn
"L. W. Myers, Vico-Prosidont
Wn hnvn tlntiMn tn .nnlinl nn.i -.....- .
any other bank In Anadarko.
Wo have no oxccbsIvo loans, no bills paya
ble or rediscounts.
No olllcer or director of this bank owes ftTa
We solicit your business, whether largo or
I. E. cox, Cashier.
R. B. Popejoy, Ass't Cashier
Buy Your Tires Direct at Lowest Prices
By buying andjeontraoting diroot from tho taotorios'! for
tires in Urgo quantities for spot cash, wo are nblo to offer
thorn at a groat monoy saving prico direct to tho oonsumor. A
saving of from 85 to 00 par cent.
Whon you buy tires from us you got full valuo'you don't
have to pay the doalor'B profit, tho distributor's profit, sales
mon commission and othor high soiling and ovorhoad ox
ponses. Wo Boll tiros diroot to oonsumor at jobbors prices
and you got big valuoB nnd oxaotly what you pay for.
Shrewd auto ownors oomposo our oustomors among them
are bankers, merohants. hiwyors, dootors, planters and mon
in all lines who know values ond realize tho advantages of
buying direct. -
During tha past dull winter automobilo months wo secured
somo oxcollont doaln from tho laotoriea and now offor our
purohasos at tho following pricos:
Among our tires ore Diamond, Goodyear, Quaker, Nussau,
Empire, Fisk and orhers of oqual quality.
All Tiros GuarautoodiFully, Noto Those PrioesCarofully
a CO
W oan furnish alllothorjaizos. Non-Skin 10 per oontibighor
Our supply of thoso tires is limited, so wo adviso oarly
ordoring. Romombor thoy are now, olean, fresh. Jully guar.
antood goodB. All high grade Jfgoods that will give host
Torms: 5 per oont discount if full amount aooompanies order.
a O. V. upon rocoipt of IOJpor oont of cost Prompt ship-
menta. Monoy returned if unablo to fill ordor. Sond ua a
trral orJornow
Tire FactoryZSales Co.
Sizo Tiro Groy Rod
28x3 $7.20 $1.65 1.90
80x3 7.80 1.95 . 2.20
30x3 1.2 10.80 2.80 a 10
31x31-2 11.00 2.90 3.20
32x3 1-2 11.90 2.95 3.25
31x31-2 12.40 8.00 3.80
80x4 12.10 3.10 8.40
31x4 13.45 3.20 3.60
32x4 ia70 3.85 3.80
83x4 14.80 8.50 ' SM '""
34x4 16.80 8.60 4.00
45x4 17.25 3.75 4.20
30x4 17.85 3.90 4.25
81x41-2 18.00 4.80 5.10
35x4 1.2 18.75 4.85 5.20
30x4 1-2 19.42 4.90 5.30
37x41-2 21.50 5.10 5.40
86x5 23.00 5.80 6.20
875 ! 21.40 5.90 6.35
- - tmm i
' rv " c "W wc'"?rv t
i. tK ntrvorrirrv-

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