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The Daily Democrat
NO. 12,4
Tho Anadarko Board ot Educa
tion hold their regular monthly
mooting in tho wat Jsido sohool
building Monday evening. The
board was reorganized. R. E.
Cleveland was oleotod pro8idont,
F. F. DaviB vioo president and R.
I . Liveeay, olerk. They thon
rooinded tho formor olootion of all
Tho committoo that was appoint
ed to act oa tho oaso of the former
treasurer L. W. Moore was in
struotod to oloso tho case. A. J,
Morris iB the attorney for tno
Sohool Board.
Tho Board authorized oity aup-
flnntoudont Bishop to ongngo the l
Opora Houso for the fivo exhibi
tions that will bo given by tho
ditloront schools.
Tho Board adjournod to jneot
Thursday ovening.
Ladies Social Union
Tho Ladios Sooial Union of tho
Proahytoiiiiu church will moeb
with MrB. Sponcor Hilton Wed
nesday oftornoou, May 0, at 3
Miss Viola Wilson of Washita,
was the guostof Miss Kate Con
loy, oandidato for county Super
intendent, Tuesday.
Miss Stella Houp of Lookobo,
who has been visiting her unolo
nud aunt, Mr. and Mra. M. Fos
ter, rotnrned homo Tuosday.
Mrs. A. Stephons aud mothor,
Mrs. B. H. Stewart of noar Ft.
Cobb, woro shopping in Anadarko,
Mrs. R. H. Newton and moth
er, Mrs. J. P. Newtdn, of noar Ft
Cobbvisitod W. 0. Wolfonborger,
Mrs. 0. H. DoFord returned
homo Sunday, from a few days
visit with frionda in Oklahoma
City. However, Mrs. DsFord made
tho last trip over tho bridgo be
fore tho high waters got in its
damngo on the tniok.
The First National Bank
Anadarko CaPtal
We have
ble or re-dlscounts.
Ho officer or director of this bank owes (t a
We solicit your business, '.whether largo or
T F. Woodnrd. President. L E.'cox, Cashier.
L. W. Myers, Vlce-PreBidenU R. B. Popejoy, Ass't Cashier
We have installed a new Soda
Fountain and have a competant
man in charge
We serve only true fruits and
concentrated fruit juices.
I Stef fen's Ice Cream
Pioneer Drug Store
Tho Guild will moot with Mrs.
O. A. Craig Wednesday afternoon
All ladios interested in tho Guild
and its work, aro roquestod to bo
L. W. Clevoland of tho Tin-tie'
& Mills Clothing Store loft Tuob
day for Tulsa, whore ho will at
tond the Modern Woodman Stato
Convention. He is a dclogato
from the lodge hore.
Mrs. Ohas. R. Humo left Tues
day morning for Guth-tio, whoro
sho will ottond too First Distriot
Fodoration of Womon's Clubs.Sho
will go from thoro to Lindsay and
attend tho Fifth Distriot Federa
tion thore. Mrs. Hume iB the
State President of tho Club.
Mrs. G. A. Roinmillor is onjoy
ing a visit from her cousin, Mias
Olivia Rioo of Oklahoma Oity.
Mrs. .1. 0. Richard of Tonkawa
and motuor, Mrs. G. A. Gotting
of Lawton, loft for a visit with
friends in Gushing, Tuesday.
Tbey havo beon visiting Miss
Canio Richard.
Marriage lioenso wore issued to
CharleB a Williams 211, and Edna
Ohandlor 21, both of Lookoba.and
Sherman E. Gibbs 2(5, of Dos
Moines, Iowo, and Mabel Pruitt,
2i;ofHinton. May 2.
Mrs. 0. E. Brassington is ro
ported on tho sick list.
Lynn Billion is in tho oity,
visiting his paronts, Mr. and Mrs.
V. D. Bullen.
Katharine Pfair was Ukoni'very
ill ac sohool, Monday, but 'in "re
ported to bo some bettor.
The Baptist ohuroh is making
its way up on West Broadway and
will bo ready for uso by Sunday.
Owing to tho sickness in Rev.
Piatt's family, otnor arrange
ments are boing made for tho re
vival meeting and tho doto will bo
publishod Inter.
Fire Chief Chos. Slomp loft
Tuesday for Oklahoma City to at
end tho State Fireman's Convon
tion. Ho will make an addross be
fore tho convention and ulso read
a paper sor discussion.
and surplus $50,000.00
double the capital andTsurDius of
any other bank In Anadarko.
Wo have no excessive'loans. no bills liva
you to call..
Tho bridge across tho Canadian
at Bridgeport wont out Monday;
loss about $liJ."),000. Tolophono
and telegraph sorvico is in lad
shapo. Tho bridgo is out at Ted
da. Qno farm house near thoro
was washod away. Tho Mustang
bridge is also out.
Tho rogular trains for Chick
asha aro boing dotourod. Muoh
damngo has beon dono all along
tho rivor for milos. Sovoral
bridgos on tho K. C. M. and O..
the W. F. and N. W. aro roportod
It is reported that J.' F. Fiske
of Goary, ono of tho six caught in
tho rivor, was rosouod Sunday
night by men in boats attached to
Report of examination of candi
dates for common sohool diploma
April 16.17
Virgio Plummer 78
Claudo M. Hayso 78
Myrtlo D. Shaw 83
Madge Huston 81
John M. Doughty 78
Hazol Borkloy ,' 77
Edith Wilson J S3
Fred Dietrichi? " 8(1
Koy Oaddoll.JL i-aS !'.;- 85
Fav lley'nolda " ' " l 751
Mamio Koolor 85
Olga Hubaok SO
Gladys Mallory 79
Harry Gordon 75
Raymond Rogers 75
Ronald Jenkins 78
Flossio MaMahan 77
JoBophino TidweU 75
Dowoy Hiokox 7(5
Nollio Grant 79
Ruth M. Cox &2
Perry Foster 81
Carrie Smith 81
Myrtle White ( 88
Dolly Shuman 90
Goorgo Clark 83
Frank Outright 81
MoKiuloy Ivesslor 87
Elva Whito 87
Graoo Diokey 8(5
Esthor Moon 88
Alary Gibmoro ( 85
Ralph Conrad ' ' 78
Nellie Burr 78
Leslio Bradford 77
Elsio May Oglesby 78
Marie Cotter 91
DoweyHodges 78
Graoo Cordor 70
EvorottHoliis " 83
Fayno Bunstino 77
Wm. Borry 80
Forrest Borry ) ' 77
Goorgo Holt 79
Ira 0. Carver' 81
Evolyn Curver ' 81
Mabel Dungan .. 75
Bornice S urgill 87
Rosa Tosh 76
Ida Hodges 87
Leslio Mogg 89
Doward Ray 88
Charles RFlynn 87
Clyde Hilor 86
Mrs. Nottio Daniels Wamsloy,
County Suporiutondent.
Miss Rose Gutting, of Shrovo.
port, La., is in tho oity visiting
hor aunt Mrs. Goo. Emmons and
family. Miaa Gutting vi9itod An
adarko about four yoars ago and
made sovoral good friondB who
woloorno her baok.
Mrs. E. A. Fulkorson iB im-,
provod after Bevoral daysillnoBS.
Mrs. Joe Acton spent Monday'
with 'friends, in Vordon.
ropes. Mr. Fisko was in n trod
abovt sixty rods from tho shoro.
Ho in In a critical condition and
may not recover.
Sovoral men are yot in trooa far
from help aud it is boliovod im.
possiblo for thorn to endure thoir
situation until tho Hood onds.
Two mon havo not Iwon locntod.
Tho Sontij Canadian in tho
Bridgeport district was never
known to lw higher than at tho
present time. Hundreds of oiti
zons stood along tho bank? of ttio
raging wator and watched tho
dreadful Hood.
Tho debris is ohiolly compoB.
od of wrookago of bridgos, parts of
small houses and largo trees.
Marvin Gillotto and Robert
Fowler played a double tonnis
game againBt Philip Whito and
Josso Smith, Monday ovoning and
won tho prize that was up for the
winner of a game in tho Jcounty
moot. There beingno other sohool
represented the Anadarko boya
looked horns in tho gamo. The
prizo was a bronze modal.
After considering the matter
Mrs. Warasley.county suporinton
dent'proflBjited the pennant that
was up for tho winner iu baso boll
to tho Anadarko school. They
woro ready to play but no school
appeared for tho gamo. Accord
ing to tho rulos of a gamo Ana
darko won tho ponnant.
Tho Anodarko Musical Club on
joyed a social timo Monday ovon
ing Two hay wagons wore pre
pared and twenty-tivo young peo
plo musically inolinod loft tho city
for Howard Fait's homo oast of
tho oity. To say it was a morry
crowd does not explain it fully.
Tho air was full of musio and tho
hay ride was such a pleasure that
it utmost scomod like a dream.
Tho lawn was in lino shape and
tho merry makors spont au hour
dropping the handorohief andoth.
or lawn games after whioh Mis. J.
E. Farriugton hadta pot of doli.
cious hot coil'oo ready to bo served
with chooso, ham and ohiokon
sandwiches, fruit, potatoo, sal
mon and chooso saluds, pickles,
olivos, cake aud many other good
things to eat that all onjoyod.
This Fait farm home is a placo
noted for good times for young
pooplo and this wan one of tho
timos. Tho MiiBical Club doolar-
od it a royal sooial and at about
15:30 they arrivod homo muoh
ploased with tho evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Martin-Roulott,
aro now located in Crownpoint
Now Mexico, where Mr. Roulott
wus transferred, Mrs. Roulott wont
to Now Moxioo Bomo timo ago
hoping to improvo hor hoalth.
Boing encouraged with hotter
health a transfer was askod for
from Anadarko to Crownpoint.
Mrs. Wamsloy n sister to Mrs
Roulett leoeived u lotter from her
tplling of the muolt-likod locution
Their many friond&.in; Abadarko
are pleasod to hear thisgod news
and wish them hoalth and success r
About twonty-tivo noighbors
and fnonds of Mr, and Mra.JFrod
Acton surprised them Saturday
evening. Everything was com
ploto and ,vaa givou in honor of
tholr flfleflnth wodding annivor.
sary. The frionda aorvod refresh
montB of ioo oroom and cako. A
gonoral sooial hour was enjoyod.
All loft wishing Mr. and Mr?, Ac
ton ninny more suoh days.
"ThoStil-stto" ."i roelH.
"Two Muoh Turkey" comedy.
"Adrift" Drama in 2 parts.
"Clack Hand and Dirty money,
Ladies Aid
M. E. Church
The Ladies Aid of tho M. E.
ohuroh will hold thoir rogular
monthly business, sooial mooting
at tho homo of Mrs. E. C Sohjitt,
Oklahoma Ave,, Thursday after
noon. Tho Indies are roquoatod
to bring thoir fancy work and join
tho social riug.
Lost Small gold Royal Neigh
bor pin. Finder pleaso leave at
Democrat offioo and reco'ivo re
ward. Mrs. Nottio Molton returned
hemo from Dunoan, Mondny. Sho
has been spending tho past month
with Mr. Melton who is stationed
thoro on government work.
John Thompson wired B. W.
Hammort that ho had loft Albor
ta, Canada, with his wife's body
and thought ho would reaoh Ana
darko about Saturday. Tf he
makos good oonnoctions ho can
n'rrivo hero Saturday and arrange
montB for the funeral will bo made
for Sunday. Mr. Thompson stat
ed that it was impoBsiblo to bring
tho baby.
Money to Loan
Privato monoy to loan on city
C. 0. MoK night.
T17 W Q1T y T IT
I If you want it to bring
I Od, avenue noiei.
Goodwin Corsets
Hair Goods . .
2 doors west A. B.C. store
Also carry a beautiful lino of the t
Buckley Dress Good's Samples. $
TIlO Mothor B Clllh nnKrLtni.,l
tho I'hilomathio club at tho homu
ot MrB. I. E Cox, Monday after
noon. A Mothers Dny program
was nicoly proparod aud rendered
Refreshments of ioo oreum nml
onko woro sorvod. Tho followfmr
is the program.
Piano solo, Mrs. Morgan.
Governor's Proclamation, Mru.
Why is Mother's Day Obsorvod,
Mrs. MoICnight
Solo, Mother O Mine, Mro.
Starkwoather. j
Tho Montoasorn Method, Mm.
Solo, Tho Mother Rooo, Mm.
Eugenios, or Tha Soienoo ot
Raoo Bottormont, Mra. Leonhard.
What Have I Learned From
Mothor's Olubs.MoBdames Miller,
Snyder, Crabtroo and Davis.
A Yoar of Botter Babies, Mro.
Solo, Mothor's Garden, Mrrv
Reading. Miss Lauchlin.
Piano Duet, Mnxine Cox and
Virginia Korloy.
Trio Violin and Piano, Evorott
Cox, Aubrey Popojoy and Bryco
Tho Philomathio club ladioa
aud the gueBta report a moat do-
hghtful and instructive afternoon
Mn. J. E. Nanoe is on tho aiolt
Miss Emma Aloxander, of Nor.
man ia tho guest of hor Bister Mm,
F. A. Balyeat.
Mra. L. 0. Snodgrass, who hau
boon sutrering with la grippe, in
Mrs. N. Baum of Cuioknahn, is
tho guost of her son Nathan Baum
this wook.
Miaa Anno Franz has roturnod
homo from a visit with hor bIh
ter Miss Thressa Franz in Oklaho
ma City. Misa Thressa is toaoh
ing her second successful term of.
sohool in tho oity sohoola thoro.
Sho whs formorly an Anadarko
oity toacher und left hore vllli
the host of recommendations.
t,Wood Davis, it ia ropjrtod,
would go fishing. Ho thought ho
could stand on the same log in
the Washita that ho did boforo tho
riBo in tho rivor. Tho logobjool
od to tho high water and tho fish
erman and Wood got duoked.
the highest pricesJPhone
MflQcllllC bltlufi S

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