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Anadarko Daily Democrat
Democrat Publishing Company, .Owners.
T. J. Lewis, Manager
Enterou ntHtKpoBtofiioo,
seoond olaas'inuttor.
Kntos IOcoiWb por'wook.
For ConnrodB
Hon. Scott KorriB candidate for
tlio nomination for ConrcBB from
ho tHh Diatriot.
Kor Suproino Judgo
Wc aro authorized to announco
It V. Kiddle for Supremo Court
Judge of tho Fourth Judicial
.District, subject to the action of
the Democratic primary.
For District Judgo
Yo aro authorized to announco
Judgo Will Linn of ChiokaBha for
DiBtriot Judgo of tho Fifteenth
Judicial District, mibjcot to tho
uotion of the democratic primary
Wo aro autliorized to announce
Theodore Pruott of Anadarko for
Difitriot Judgo of tho Fifteenth
Judicial District, subject to tho
notion of tho democralio primary
County Judgo
r Wo aro authorized to announco
0. R. JohiiBon for County Judgo
of Caddo county, Bubject to tho
notion of tho Democratic primary.
For Representative
Wo are authorized to announco
T. 0. Goorgo as a candidate for
lloproBontutivo BUbjeot to tuo ao
tion of tho dotnocratio primary.
Wo aro authorized to announce
M. S Ilatchott as a candiduto for
K Jloprosontative, Bubjootto tho ac
tjou of tho democratic primary.
WTo aro authorized to announco
F. J. MoKonna of Cemont as a
candidate for Representative, sub
joot to tho action of tho domo
nratio primary.
JWo aro authorized to announco
J. A. Baker as a candidate for
Representative Bubject to tho
action of I lie Democratic primary.
For County Superintendent
Wo aro authorized to announce
0. W. Unsure for County Super
inteudiMit of Public Instruction,
iiubjooV'to tho action of tho Demo,
oratic primary, J
Wo aro autlnrized to announco
Aim, Kate Stevens of Ajmche for
bounty Superintendent of Publto
"Instruction, Biibjeot to tho action
of the Democratic primary. S.
'Wo are authorized to announce
JJro. Liiinn Kooco jowthor as a
tmndidato for County Superin
toudont, Biibjeot to the notionof
the republican primary.
Wo aro authorized to announco
Miss Kato Conloy as a candidate
for County Suporiutendent. Bub
jeol to the notion of the democratic
For County Attornoy
Wo are authorized to announco
W. W. Vaughn bb a oaudidnto foj
County Attorney subject to the
notion ot tuo uomoornlio primary.
Wo aro authorized to announco
Qrovor C, Wamaloy as a candidate
for County Attornoy. Subject to
nctiou of tho doinoorario primary.
For Sheriff
Wo ate uutborizod to nnnounoo
Ed Foster of Ft. Cobb, for Sheriff
of Caddo county, , aubjoot to tho
notion of the Doinooratio primary.
Wo are authorized to announce
JPxank Lnooy aB a candidate for
Shqriff, subject to the notion of
demoorutio primary.
Wo aro authorized to annouuo
iank M. Shoots as a oandidato
for Sheriff, subject to the notion
oi wio democratic primary.
We are authorized to announce
A' 0 A)olton ns a candidato for
Sheriff, subject to the notion of
tho Doinooratio primary
We aro authorized to announce
Aa J. Brown uf Carnegie, as a
oandidato (for Sheriff, Bubjoot to
the action of thq Democratic , pri.
Coprt, Olurk
Wo aro authorized to annonnoo
TheQ,U. Oolk'o for Court Olarky
anltyeot to tho AououQftuu,louiq
cratiosprimftry. " ffn' "
si oswrm ,
ftt Anndarko. Oklahoma, nu
Phono .'3
Wo aro authorized to announco
Leo E. Fitzpatrick of Jlinton
township for Court Clork, Bub-
joot to tho aot'on of tho Demo
cratic primary.
Wo aro authorized to announco
Paul C. Dawson of Caruogio as a
nnnilidnto for Court Clerk, Bnbioot
to tho action of tho .doinooratio
For Commissioner
Wo aro authorized to announco
Dan Volmor for Commissioner
for tho 2nd district, Biibjoct to tho
action of tho Doinooratio primary.
Wo aro authorized to announco
J R Shuuk for Commissioner
from tho Seoond District subject
to tho notion of the Democratic
Wo aro authorizod to announco
D. 0. Galloway aB a candidato
for Commissioner from tho so.
cond District, Bubjoot to tho no
tion of tho Democrat primary.
Wo aro authorized to announco
S P RatliiV as a candidato for
Commissioner from tho Third
District, Biibjoct to the action of
the Domoaratio urimarv
We aro authorizod to announce
J. F. Ellison, of Ft Cobb, for
County Commiosioner of the ,'ird.
district, subject to tho action of
tho Democratic primary.
Wo aro authorized to announce
Mnon Heater for County Com.
miBSioner from tho third district
subject to tho notion of tho demo,
oratic primary.
For County Assessor
We aro authorizod to announco
F. F. Burkhaltor for County As
sessor subject to tho action of the
democratic primary.
Wo aro authorizod to announco
J. R. (Jim) Hulsey ns a candidato
for County Assessor Bubjoot to
tho action pf the democratic pri.
For Comity Clerk
Wo nro authorirod to announco
L. N. Voddor as a candidato for
County Clork, aubjoot to tho ao
tion of tho demooratio primary.
Mr. Ragland Writes Interesting
Letter on This Subject.
Madison Heights, Va. Mr. Chas. A
Kaglauil, ot this place, writes: "I have
been taking Tliedford's Klack-Draught
tor indigestion, and other stomach tronb
les, also colds, and find it to be the very
best medicine I have ever used.
Alter taking Ulack-DratiRht (or a few
days, 1 always (eel like a new man."
Nervousness, nausea, heartburn, pain
in pit of stomach, snd a feeling of full
ness alter eating, are sure symptoms o
stomach trouble, and should be given the
proper treatment, as your strength and
health depend very largely upon youi
food and its, digestion.
To ge( quick and permanent relict
from these ailments, you should take
a medicine of known curative merit.
Its 75 years of splendid success, In the
treatment of just such troubles, proves
the real merit of Thedfordls Black
Draught. Safe, pleasant, gentle hi action
and withput ,bad afjerreffects, it i! sure
to benefit both young and old. For salt
everywhere. Price 25c. j c. la
Straight At It
Thoro is no uso of "beating
around the bush." WTo want you
to try Chamberlain's Cough Rom-
ody the next you hnvo a cough or
cold, There is no reason bo far ne
wo oau see why you should not
do so. This preparation by ita re'
markable cures has gained n world
wide reputation, and peoplo ovory-
where Bpenk of it in tho highest
terms of praiso. It ie fur sale bj
Karl Douglass,
-f. K?f .?l Lo" r Appetite
ft Old Standard ptncral trutthniii tcnlc,
r.pVK,.STASTll,KSS rtUUTQNIU .Ir.ft, out
li&rtfiii buUdVfHWftn. A trivrjonla
ul aurc Appcllur. Vor lulu tod cMUitC Ws.
iNotioe is horoby Riven that in
puraunnoo of an ordor'of sale is-
duod out of tho Diatriot Court of
Haddo county, Oklahoma, on tho
25th day of Mnroh, lOll, in an
aotion whoroin Kipp D. Cross was
plaintiff nnd William E. Bowon,
Sarah E. SparliB, John Howard
SparkH, a minor, ond Sarah Lo-
roon Spnrks, a minor, woro de
fendants, direotod to mo, tho tin
dorsiguod shoriff of Caddo county,
Oklahoma, commanding mo to
advortiao and soil tho following
described real eatnto, situntod in
Cnddo county, Oklahoma, towit;!
Tho southoaRt quartor of sootion
ono (1) in Township oight (8)
north of range ton (10) WeBt of
I. M., containing K0 aores, more
or loss, according to tho govern
ment Biirvoy, for tho purposo of
partition and to satisfy a judg
ment of partition in favor of said
plaintiff and against said defend
ants, obtained and made in said
Court on tho nth dny of Fobruory,
l'.lli, and tho costs of said parti
tion and all nccruiug coats, I will
on tho 21st of May, IBM, at tho
hour of 2 :00 o'clock p. m. on said
day at tho front door of the court
house in tho City of Anadarko, in
said county and slate, oll'or for
Btilo and soil to tho highest biddor
for cash all of said proportv above
describod for tho purposes above
Tn Witness Whoroof, I havo
horounto subscribed my namo
this 18th day of April, RIM.
Sheriff of cadno county, Okla.
Bristowt MoFadyon,
Rooms noat and clean $lto $2
a weok.
Mre. HavonB,;Prop.
"X racMtt Interesting little brochure
hat recently come off the prom Betting
forth -with IIIWb proof tbnt the com
tcunlcatlODB recclrtd bj and through
BptrtUst Medlnma la of Demon orlstn.
The 'writer traeea hla aubject through
tba Bcrlpturea from tbt time vrben
certain of tn holy aneela been mo dta
obedient He proTea from the Scrip
tures that tbeae fallen aplrltn per
sonate the human dead, with whose
puat history, aplrlU, though Invlalble,
are tborougbly acquainted. lie abowa
that tbey also frequently person
ate the Creator and the Redeemer,
commanding their decclred ones to
pray, do penance, etc. This, howeTer,
la merely to lead them en and to bring
tbetn more thoroughly nnder demoni
acal control Sometimes by breaking
down the natural barrier, the harann
will, they poasesa tbelr rletim, nnd rule
him more or lea to hta ruin frequent
ly Mndlng auch to the mad-house.
NnmerotM llluatratlonn. Scriptural and
otherwlae. are clren. The price of the
little book Is but Ore cents; It abould
be In the hands of all Interested In
flptrltlam or who hare friends inter
ested therein. Enclose stamps to the
Illble and Tract Society, 17 Ulcks
Btrcet, BtMatn, . X.
Tf fpp'LondonTango Necklace
r 1 CCEvelyn Thaw' Bracelet-
These two bonutiful pieceB of
popular jewelry nro tho craze
among Pooiety wonion in Now
Yort nnd tho largest cities. They
aro neat and elegant gold finished
articles that will gladden tho
neart os ovory girl or woman, no
matter how young or old. STery
stylish and attractive.
Our Preo Offor. Wo aro sdver
tlsing Spearmint Chewing Gum
nnd desire to place a big box of
this fino, healthful gura into evoiy
liomo. It sweoteiiB the broath
whitous tho teeth and aids di.
gostion. It is refreshing ond
pleasing to all. To every lady Bond
ing us but 50o wo will ship a big
box of 20 rognlar 5c packages of
theSpeannint Gum and inoludo
(ho elughiit "Tango" nooklnoo
and "Evelyn Thaw" braoolet ab
solutoly freo.
This offer is for a short timo on
ly. Not more than 2 orders to
ono party. Dealorsnot allowed to
acoept this,
i American Sales Co.
J2 Dayton, Ohio.
j r
. Wanted; Trawler : Age. 27 to
f?Experionp(unnocessary, Sal.
BtytAJIflwanoe .to right manj J,' E.
ABiWyg OicAgs, -, , . r
In Anadarko
Tho Evidonoo is Supplied By
Local Toatimony
If tho render wants stronge
proof than tho following Btatomont
and oxporiouoo of a resident of Am
ndarko what can it bo?
Hugh Sannor, Alabama Ave,
Anadarko, Okla., says: "That
Doan's Kidnoy Pills aivod my
life, I am willing to testify. 1 whs
bad off as tho rosult of kidnoy coin
plaint which camo on mo sudden
ly. Mybaokaohed constantly and
I had sharp pains, liko knife thrust
across my kidnoys. Every posi
tion was uncoinfortablojand 1 felt
misorablo in ovory way. Mornings
I folttirod and rostlesB and was
hardly able to go to work. Tho
kidnoy aoorotions were to froquont
in paBsago and unnatural and also
contained sediment I had puffy
spots beneath my oyes and my
hands and foot became swollen. 1
was rapidly growing worse when I
read of Doan's Kidnoy Pills and
got a box. I noticed improvement,
lrom tho first and attor 1 had used
four boxoB, every symptom of tho
complaint had loft, 1 havo hnd no
trouble for four yoars but occas
ionally take a box of Doan's Kid
noy Pills as a preventive.
Price 50c at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidnoy romody--got
tho same that Mr. Sannorhad
FoBtorMilburn Co. Props., Buff
alo, N. V.
Owing to tho laigo number of
dew motion picture thoatres which
aro being oponed throughout the
oountry, thoro is offered to tho
men and Aoinen of to-day. a new
profession, namoly, that of writing
moving picture plays. Producors
are paying from $25 to $150 for
each scenario accepted, upon
whloh thoy can build a photo piny
$3500 in Six Months
As it only requires a fow hours'
timo to construct a complete play,
you can readily seo the immense
possibilities in this work. Ono
man, who gavo tho idea n tryout,
writes that he earned $.'1500 in six
months. It is possible for nn in
tolligont person to meet with
equal succoss.
Ono featura of the business
which should appeal to ovoryono,
is that the work may bo dono at
homo in sparo time. No liteiary
ability ia required and women
havo as groat an opportunity ob
men. Ideas for plots aro constantly
turning up, nnd may bo put in
sconario form and sold for a good
Particulrrs Sent FREE'
Completo particulars of this
most interesting- and profitable
profession may bo had freo of
ohargo by.sending a post card to
Photo-Play Association
Box 158 Wilkes.Barre Pa
Grain Privileges
Putl and calls aro the safest and
surest method of trading in wheat,
corn or oats. Because your loss is
absolutely limited to the amount
hour lit. No further risk.
Positively the most profitable way
ef trudinj.
Open an account. You can huy 10
puts or 10 culls on 10 000 bushels
grain for $10, or you can bur both
for S20. or as many more as vuu winli.
An adqance or decline of 1 cent gives
you a cnanco to uiko hmj prom, a
I movement of f cents $500 profit.
Write for full particulars and bank
New First National Bank
' Building, Columbus, Ohio.
1& BfAt fiqt Wetfcp Toii;c
bhxid i but M O the wbal e rsU m and will wi.
tVhdj, trU and lortltjr you o wllhitiod I
Every Woman
Should Have
TKis Set
Our Milady's Combination Toi
lot Porfumo Sot.
This set contains 5 of our most
popular preparations.
1 Bottlo Milady's Porfumo.
1 Largo Bottlo Milady's Sham
poo. 1 cako milady's culiole soap.
1 jar milady's roso cold cream.
I Biftor box milady's taloum
You know thoso preparations,
thoy nro famous for their pure
qualities and ngreoablo odoro.
Thoy oro boing Bold tho world ov
er nt fsotn 5Cc (o $1.00 'for each
preparation. Your dealer would
chargo you not leas than $2.50 for
tho set and wo are offering it to
you for a limited timo only for
Vanity Purso Freo
Freo if you will send in your
order now wo will Bond you abso
lutely froo with this set, ono sim
ulation gorman silver vnnity
purse, Now York's latest craze.
This purse is of striped design,
two ball clasp, with cable link
chain Silkolino linod, one sido
contains half pooket, othor side
with spring coin holders, dimo,
nicklo and quartor.
Wo will send Milady's set com
plute with Vanity purse if you or
der at once for $1.00. Wo sell di-
rect. Order now today.
Agonts nood not write.
Sond ton cents in stamps to
cover postnee. Send $1 coin or
monoy ordor.
Univorsal Product Co.
5 Dayton, Ohio.
Cough Medicine
For Children
Too much core cannot bo 'used
in selecting n oough medioino for
children. It should bo pleasant to
tnke,contain no harmful eubstanco
nnd be moBt effectual. Chamber
Iain's Cough Remedy meets those
requirements and is a favorito
with tho mothers of young child
ren everywhere. For sale by Karl
$100 Reward, $100
Tho reudors of this paper will be
pleased lo learn that there la at leas', ono
dreaded disease thut sclt -e has been
Hlile to euro In all Its s(uk- and tliLT. '3
Catarrh. Hall's Cntnrrh Cure Is the on!y
pohltlve euro now Known to tho medltal
fraternity Catarrh being a constitutional
disease, requires a ronstltutloiial treat
ment. Ilnll'n Catarrh Cure Is taken In
ternally, aetlne directly upon the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system, there
by destroying the foundation of the dis
ease, and Riving the patient strength by
building up the constitution and assisting
nature In doing Ita work. The proprietors
lmvo so much faith In Its curative pow
ers that they offer One Hundred Dollars
for any cuse that It faHs to cure. Send
for list of testimonials.
Addrcu. P J CHKNF.V CO . Toledo, O.
Bold by all imicKUts. !to
Tke Hall's Family I'll I for constipation.
Go to Paul Kaiser's for Stoffons
Ico Cream.
fflteti j&kk HHHP BlSaH VSr jj&jfi AA,
Prove It to
fou who ara Huflorlne tho tonur-s of Eczrmt, Itch Ball Rbnua or mhrr
kin cliwiiiM'f. sou wlONOdkv ftrr miserable ?ft(Oifl nlefcu urr iniuio Bieri.
cks bv tliMorrlhlb Uohlnir. butQloir laws rttu(tcn(tvou a triulol u wwib
hi:. boalli)L' treatment which hag cured hunitrcds trhloi: I Nlirte will cum
ou. I urUlMiHlKlcoe, rHxtagap&id.wiUiobVanroltlii'atiuo ou.iotir imi't
lust Oil tbnioupon belaw'and mall It to me, or write uic. l'Ivjui: your uamo, ace aud uudrest
I will tend tbe treutuent free or cst to jou.
J. C. HUTZELL, ISO Woat Main Ct., Fort Wayne, Inci.
rirune ceDd without cuit or obllratlon lo'ine. yortr 1'rtx. lwi t'rcatineni.
Vtme , , , Aire....,,,.,.,..,
.Post Offlco , ,.
Sum Street aod No
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic Combines both
in Tasteless form. The Quinine drives
out Malaria and the Icon builds up
the System, For Adults and
Yott knaw what you arc taking when
yon take GROVE'S TASTELESS chill
TONIC, recognized for 30 yeurs through
out the South as the standard Malaria.
Chill and Fever Remedy and General
strengthening Tonic. It is as strong as
tl'e ftrougestbjttex tonicrhnt ytpudanaL
taitt.the bitter iecausc, the jngredieata
(lo not dissolve in the mouth but do dis
K)lve readily in ho.dda of the stomach
5uaaxUeUyj-urjjiK. w
! ooii lor ntoe 91 . knf u .i
' -. . . . sk -.- .'
A Doctor in
An Emergency
Tho over roady Medioino Cab
inet will afford immodiato roliof,
prevont serious illness and reduce
your doctor bills.
ThiB cnbinot contains oarofully
soloctod and propoundod goner
al purposo rotnedies, fguaraatood
under tho pnro food law, Buoh as
Ointments for all achos, pains,
sprainB, etc.
Corn Spots for corns, bunions,
cal'oiiB, etc.
Laxativo Tablets for hoadacht-s
bowel troublos, otc.
Pile Ointments for all kinds of
piles, etc.
Cold Tablots for LaGrippo,
colds, coughs, otc.
Digestivo Tablote for indiges
tion, dyspopsia, etc.
Hoaling Ointmonts, for outs,
burns, brtiisos otc.
Cataarh Balm, for cataarh otc
All safo to uBe with full direc
tions and instructions as to symp
oms and treatmont ol bame.
This cabinot is a work of art
and an ornamout suitable for the
boBt household. When a prepara
tion haa booomo ;oxhaustod tLo
same can bo duplicated.
Tho regular price of this cab
inet is $3.00 but wo aro placing on
the market for a short time only
as an introductory offer a numbor
of theso cabinets for $1.00 each.
Send now boforo otior is witL
druwn. t
Tho Hamilton Drug Co.
Hamilton, Ohio.
First pub. April 9 laBt April 2.'
In tho District Court of tho Fif
toonth Judioial Diatriot of Okla
homa, sitting within and for the
county of Caddo.
T. O. Evans plaintiff vs L. S.
Braendle dofondant.
Said defendant L. S. Braendle
will tako notioo that ho has boon
Buod in tho above cntitlod court
for Two Thousand Four Hundred
(2, 100) Dollars and that an ordor
of attachment has boon issuodont
of tho above court nnd leviod up
on the following real property to
wit: thoN. ESiof thoS. W. ,
and Lot Number 0 of Soction
Twenty.nino (29) in Township
Seven (7) North of Rango Ton(10)
W. I. M. in Caddo county, and
Stato of Oklahoma and must
answer tho petition filod thoroiu
by Baid plaintiff on or before the
26th day of May A. D 1914, or
said potition will be taken as true
and a judgmont for said plaintiff
in said aotion for Twonty Four
Hundred C$2100) dollars with in
torost on $1400 from Docombor
lIHh 1918 at 0 per cent por an
num will bo rendered aooordingly
Attost Theo. G. Oelke,
Cleik of Said Court
Grover C. Wamsley.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Ym Free
i U Hutl.K. . r,
The Wonderful, Old Reliable Dr. Porter'
Antiseptic Healing Oil. An Antiseplie
Surgical Dressing discovered by an
Old R. R. Surgeon. PreTtnts Blood
Thousands of families know it alreadvl
and a trial will convince you that Dlti
OIL 'is. the most wonderful remedy evtf
utseoveiaa for wounds, uurns, oiu bore
Ulcers, Carbuncles, Granulated Eye Lid;
I SorcLTuroaL Skin or Scoln Diseues as
slight or aenoui. Continually people t
4M fawn MBB W WaJjlBIMUW "sl
mxAw aTtlitaifjaaA(l t waiilTtaHnl4W
dnt ttw t fA tVi! Iftiwaiu mU
weanlti25ev50ej fl.OOR ' ' J
- - - -- - - u i
r - . . i.. i..V. C! V
.ctx box. v.ci o.v.pi1a in wne uay ,
. :, .-. M :
.f1WTV JTSriP- iT"' i
r i

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