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The Bxiinem Farmer9 Page
One of Our Mont Deliciotu Fruiti.
Tlio rnupbcrry is tun quern of nil
mnnll frnltt, it s delicious both as n
fri'sli fruit nml In iirewivw, it ml for
cultum the mspliprry Is ndiipted l
liotli tlut Riirrien or the truck fnrtn
1'he ciinp mow rapidly, I ho better va
rieties produce henvlly the eccond yenr.
nud a pa (i'li with proper euro will Inst
for dbuiiL twcltv to llflwn jenrs
Spring Is the liwl time to set out
rnspberry nines If the en new nre
phinted Irt tlio full alteriinte free.li(R
find thnu'liiK ciuim- the rootlet to do
coy. iiinl the plmitH iinforiuiintely,
reiidlly winter kill. Aiiimik tlio varle
ties on the iniirkot Hit; Ciithbert red
rinpberry Is htlll nt tlio bend of tlio lint,
nnd In the i;nr1cns the cniies hIioiiIi
bo phmtcfl about thrco feel npnrt, In
rows nt least three feet from encli
ollnj.r I'or farm phinllug rows hIioiiIiI
bu about six feet dlslnnt nnd the plniitx
net out about font feet apart, and. If
possible, plant the rows north nnd
south, which permits the sun to reach
all of tlio fruit, and thin !t rlpeim bet
ter Tlio rows shoiiid be ctiltlvnted
Ouce or twlco In n Jeaswi. Durlnc tlio
tfummer the raol libelous lionts
should be allowed u i iv afler bolus
placed carefully between two lni
which are staphsl to posts placed about
twenty foot apart In the row To keep
(bo wires Arm durluR the winter clump
them together wllh hort pieces of
Winter Car.
In Xovoinber, when other garden or
farm work slookens, pay the raspberry
patch a visit ami trim out all the dcnil
ennes These should be biin.ed to do
Htroy any lurking raspberry bororn.
Trim back the Ihe canes to about four
feet This compels tlio plant, when
growth stait.s In the spring, to throw
out numerous side branches nnd thus
Iticreaso their fruiting capacity. Then
mulch tlio rows wllh loaves, If tbey are
nbundant, and weight them down with
a heavy coating of coarse farm ma
nuro, good compost or chicken manure.
The decaying organic materials furnish
humus to the soil, nud humus Is neces
nary to supply the planlH with sulll
cient plnnt food. Tlio rain and soil
inolsturo dissolve (ho materials which
Idauts need, and when the rnspberry
plants take up this moisture they grow
rapidly nnd boar profusely.
llnspberry canes bear about one year
only, but nature provides a new sup
ply of young canes, so that a patch
cured for as above described will boar
nnnually and IbbI many years, and
idnco the raspberry blossoms late It Is
jiractleally guaranteed against injury
from frost. For this reason a rnepberry
crop is almost u certainty.
How to Overcome Them.
I.lcc, head lice In particular, while
tot a disease In themselves, are a fer
tile source of trouble and disease. They
are generally fouud where the chicks
nn hntched by hens, the little fellows
appearing droopy, pale, and Willi some
diarrhea, due to weakness lut the
hen with a good lice killer, spray the
coops wllh dlslurcctant and rub a little
lice ointment on the chick's bond, un
dor the wings atid around the vent.
While not so pievaleut ns sometimes
supposed, "white dlim'n" Is n rent
menace, and here prevention Is the
best remedy. Ilreed from strong,
healthy pnrcnl stock and HVold the
long, scrawny, crow headed ben, for
illsoac Is transmitted through tlio egg.
Keep the Incubator dark, feed good
nourishing food, separate suspected
chicks at once nnd disinfect thorough
ly. If trouble Is expected ito a white
diarrhea remedy In the drinking wnter
for the ttrst ten dajs. It will snve
many chicks, but will Dot cure the dis
ease or save badly luToilcd ones.
Ocn't Overfeed.
Ilowel trouble, due to Improper feed
lug, Is nfloii iiiMhKcm for white dlar
ihoa. Don 1 feed chicks until forty
eight hours old. bul give tine grll and
flesh water from the stall l.ct the
tlrst feed be finely crumbled boiled egg.
brcadcrunilis or a picpHrcd baby chick
food, given dry, or moKten with sweet
or sour milk. Do not. overfeed, but
feed often. Later give a little bit or
lino grains, nrh ns plnhond nuts,
cracked wheat or chick sUe cracked
corn, scattered In the litter to induce ex
ercise. Ilcef scrap should not bo ghen
until chicks are at least a week old
Scald the drinking wsels frequently,
give plenty of greens after the tlrst
live days and keep the chicks excrcis
lug and there will never be any bowel
trouble among the birds
Leg weakness frequently conios from
lack of ororclse Chicks appear lion I thy,
have good appetites, are bright, but
have no use of their leirs (ilve them
every opportunity () exorcise, but do
not allow tlietn to become chilled Mot
torn heat In a brooder will cnu this
trouble Tlio bent should always de
scend on a chick's Imok. never upward.
Lack of bono forming materials In the
food, such as bone or shell menl, slso
causes leg weakness, and every proper
ly compounded chick food contains
these ingredients, .o. If doesn't,
either add them or gel one that does.
To sum nil up. If vigorous, quick
gliiwlng chicks are wanted breed from
only the strongest and best of siook,
disinfect fieelv. clean un rrmiliirlr
feed the h-.t of food, glte lots of good I
fresh water and iiho common eusc '
Planting With an End In View.
It Is well to buy plants nud seeds
only after having In mind n picture of
the garden, Just whcio (he shrubs nnd
vines are to be ami for what purpose
they are planted l.ct us suppose,
then, that with a new house and a
bit of surrounding laud, one is mis
sessed with tlio Inevitable wish to de
velop one's property with an eje to
isitor, seclusion, shade and beauty, but
Ihe amount to bo spent yearly Is limit
ed to !ffi for seeds nnd plants.
There Is a large choice of perennial
vines for the house, but much depends
upon whether It Is of wood or concrete.
If the former It will be rowlnted from
time to time, and so vines should bo
the sort which take kindly to wire.
Chinese wistaria, while and purple,
wllh lovely, drooping (lower clusters,
Is adapted for this purpose and Is
twined alwut heavy wire ltambler
roses anil Mono ruckle also twine on
poultry wire nnd add color mid fra
grance So a purple wlstaila i.Vi cents),
a Mall's honeysuckle ('JO cents) and m
crimson Humbler C',0 cents) irmke h
good beginning, but as perennial Vines
nre slow to start try a New Olnnl
moonflower and Celnstnis Seamleii
tine, as both grow from seed Din first
season and cost but 10 cents m park
age in tlio same bed with the tines
plant a row of purple leaved llarberry
bushes set two foot apart, istlug
I'd cents each On I bo side of the
house nearest the plnz.a nmt notth)
plant Hush honeysuckle four feet apart
ilA cents a package), this ghim: us a
good start toward screening the piiixy.ii
nud hiding Ihe foundations, a, id now
we come to annual (lower seeds for
beautlf.ing the ground
Planting the Annuals.
IMiiiii the annual either around the
borders of tlio vegetable garden or in
a small garden by themselves and run
the rows ii.t am) west if possible,
planting a row of sweet peas Kjl.int
Silencers, one ounie costing ,'K) cents)
on the north side, and plnnt the other
seeds In a corner of Ihe garden, trans
planting when well slmtisl A pack
age of each of the following will give
an abundance of Mowers (lining the
summer nnd cost 10 cents a package
Larkspur, usters (single nnd double),
bnlsnin. calllopsls. clHrkslas and lias
tmtlimis Klowers should have a line
mellow soil and icspond iiikly to
care and plenty of water In planting
sweet peas dig a tiencb twenty Inches
leep. lay Inverted sod In the bottom,
Ihen six Inches or well rotted cow
manure and cover with lino garden
loam, planting the seeds olio Iik-Ii apart
nml two Inches deep Sweet peas are
nUo profitable being in great demand
by (ho gardenlexs hoiieboilers
Even the Best Brooder Depemde 01
the Operator.
The essential pnrts of n brooder are
(ho hover and nursery, the former sup
plying the heat to keep the chicks
worm nnd the mtter being the place
whore they exer le In purchnslng a
brooder pick out one that provides for
good Ircnlatlon of worm, fresh air
under the hover, lots an ample hentlug
capooltj and can lie placed whore the
chicks maj get plenty of sunshine
Tho Indoor oil heated brooder, with
the lamp under tho brooder tloor, the
boat passing up through the bottom
Into a dome forming tho center of
the boor. Is built to be used In a
room or house warmed nbove the free
Ing Milt. It Is practlonl. Inexpensive,
and the letter grades are fireproof,
provldisl the rules for operating them
are strb tly observed. The latest pat
terns of indoor colony brooders are In
the foini of a round iron stove stir
roundisl by a galvanlxed hood making
tho coer of the hover; theso little
stores nre tilled froth the top, regulnt
ed by a ihormoatni hihI burn but little
coal-In fa. t. one tilling of (ho coal
niNgOKlue win ofteu lost for twenty
four hours
The Pipe Syitem.
For those wlm only wish lo raise a
few hundred chicks tho Indoor Individ
mil brooder is excellent, but where
largo numbers arc to bo raised tho hot
water pipe system Is the most econom
leal. This arrangomolit consists or
pipes carried under low board brood
ers running tho length or the house,
through which hot water circulates,
being heated In r. small Imller sot in a
pit at one end of the building. The
cost or Installing such a system Is not
groat, and the fuel consumed Is stir
prhliigly small.
In using any of the different styles of
indoor brooders It Is nocessury to keep
the air In the room or brooder bouse
fresh and pure by souio blmplo system
of ventilation which will avoid drafts
Outdoor brooders are usually divided
Into two compnitmonts. one having the
hover and the other being a room in
which to exercise. This tyKj of brood
er is fine for those who begin hatching
In April. They are heated on the same
principle as tho Indoor brooder tlrst
spoken of and, like them, are prac
tically fireproof, but should be protect
ed by some ort of screen from tho
high winds.
A word as to the care of brooders
lr oil lamps are used (111 and wipe the
wicks dally, or, If using coal burning
beaters, keep tho grates clean and re
move nshes legulnrly lastly, keep the
Utter under tho hovers clean
The Old Standard Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic is Equally
Valuable as a General Tunic because it Acts on the Liver,
Drives Out Malaria, Enriches the Blood and Builds up
the Whole System. For Grown People and Children.
You know what you are taking when you take Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic
bs the formula is printed on every label showing that it contains the well known
tonic properties of QUININK and IRON. It is as strong us the strongest bittei
tonic and is in Tasteless Form. It has no equal for Malaria, Chills and Fcvet,
Weakness, general debility and loss of appetite. Gives life and vigor to Nursing
Mothers and Pale, Sickly Children. Removes Ililiousncts without purging.
Relieves nervous depression and low spirits. Arouses the bver to action and
purifies the blood. A True Tonic and Sure Appetizer. A Complete Strengthener.
No family should be without it. Guarantied by your Druggist. We mean it. 20c
i sNSN'ssati'NaB
Or for a red, rough,
coarse, pimply, blotch
ed, unsightly skin,
there is nothing better
!2if'.kJflnv i
aErCWi .j . vJ i J
Wj&r&i W'vt' "1i' HJtv
fe3B choice JLL-jr
a Mi UMa
I. The Delichtful
if nt -:!.
S. . DD
'V. tAipi-i
ixpootcd ros
114 r4t wen
SIS i -
A grcascless, fra
grant, effective
toilet cream, which
removes impuri
ties from the pores,
and ends to make
the skin soft, clear
and beautiful.
Get it at any A. D.S.
urup store.
Look 'or the
Fraprant a the new blown rose In
Khe Orient, where the best tea is
crown, the tiardens yield two and
sometimes three crops or pickmcs
from the same plant The first pick
i tc is m May The younii leaves
are tendcrest, full of fraurancc and
strcnuth. The tea which is brewed
from them iscltarand pure The later
pickmus are heavier and have not the
natural sweetness of the first crop
which makes tea one of the most
ficticious of beu'raucs You can always net
the early May piikum of Orient Tea if you
buy the samtarv pack.iu?s of
New State Tea (the finest produced) or Louis
Tea (high grade-popular priced)
which is packed in sanitary air-ticht packages in China
and Japan and is opened in your Hitcheni Se)ct
your favorite variety of New ,Starte"Or Lttuls T.e.V Gun.
powder, Imperial; Basket Fired 'japan Look, (tt tbAHV
on your uroccr's shelf A'sk, h.irrt-lnsist ujiba them.
The WUliaison-HftlielFllrAiiier Go.
P Impcrtirt, WHtuU Crxrt, && KiWm, ifaifiMi
' ? . !.... ' I -" - I -...a. ,.,.-II
. r
Automobile Tires
at factory prices
Save From 30 to GQ Por Cont
Tire' Tubo Roliuer
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tires. Best standard and indepen
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RosidencoJPiiono 223.
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Beautiful College Pennants
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. I
Are You a Woman?
1 Cardui
The Woman's Tonic
itr Four Yean of Diicouraging
Conditions, Mrs. Bullock Gave
Up in Despair. Husband
Came lo Rescue.
Catron, Ky In an interesting letter
ram tliis place, Ars. Nettie Bullock
writes as follows: "1 suffered for four
e ars, witn womanly troubles, and during
Ills time, I could only sit tip for a llltlc
while, and could not walk anywhere at
ill. At times, I would have severe pains
n my left side.
The doctor was called in, and his trcat
nent relieved me for a while, but 1 was
soon confined to my bed aain. After
hat, nothing scctr.zd to do tnc any good.
' I had Rotten so weak I could not stand,
and 1 gave tip in despair.
At last, my husband Rot mc a bottle of
Cardui, the woman's tonic, and I com
menced taking it. Prom the vcty first
doc, I could (ell it was helping mc. I
can now walk two miles without its
tiring me, and am doing all my work."
If you arc alt run down fro'm womanly
troubles, don't give up in despair. Try
Cardui, the woman's tonic. It has helped
more than a million women, in its 50
years of continuous success, and should
surely help you, too. Your druggist has
sold Cardui for years. He knows' what
it will do. Ask hint. He will recom
mend it. Ucgin taking Cardui today.
Write In: ChilUno..t .Motrins Co., Udl.i'
Adltfy l)f pt . C.luttatHxtn turn., ?er Sptcial
NlfrtlWlfMI An hi a.. .. t.A . t Mi.
Tt fitment fr Women," ttnl In pln rpp-a j
Funeral Directors
Licensed Embalmers
Day Phone 178; KightlPhone 226
p Quick t
r-'T N
- A
f5 - - ,-. ,
1 'jzjgs .' p J A
:ym vxm
-,i " , mrammm.
i . TH ''. 'H'35fc
-s ; r , ivf.r
. . K'U ',A ' WP
ll..V3i?, "
iss wt-
"V. f KJ"1H ln r
nLv J W
s m. r.u
li Crtly ut&atti
l.urt Site cl book,
All klnJi of dictionaries lmvo liecn offcrcil Uirouiih ni'ws
j,kth at ull hind, of jirlc I'd, but hero la Oiu iJlTUb"
dictionary Hie BESTol nil-JuMoir tlioir-ns NF'
thrduiiliuut. ami Is iclvt-n to YOU absolululy Fltl-.C.
tho crttft Wikly Ntwipeaper Published, wo
DICTIONARY. Snd BOo 35c for a year's subtcrlp
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iUi th. utfcat tranttviaUui km! ruiw ih-Aaltion.. tjAMiaucr4it
Read This Partial List of Contents.
IniwidilibiitotbQrvmpUt. Iile
tlori&rv of Wtird. and D.Amtlon..
ft lias u comprt l(frtif. A
. tinrjr ront.T,ii.n8VNOtl YJIW 'xl
ANTONYMS. ? which thtv are
crrr IS.WjC. Tlut tiu Ihf t-ffMt of
fnmhmr one's rersUiLiT and
fiM-llttaitf th. c&prtwtvu fcf Iikt
I orrtini WonU an.1 Qnotiittons.
( '-ofnmcivial a L Trnnt .
CluMfcry of ATifctlori Trrm.
OloMury wf Autoniubil. ierras.
Wf-ftlh.if IhM Wi.rLl
U(.uey lo UrruUiTun in tin U S. I tr.t I
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canadlart and Foralrn Countries 78o the Year.
Ymi tQJ find trtfL-xoil tAr In minor twn rntitimfM. or rrXn. Am.
TWI" WhKLY lii fisrkniiMir ) fcJ n wyY of itYKlUHOJlVS
uiUlu;.Ai(i rniu, immikcsi prepisjdaio
.Sctvj ntij vr nwurjr unJcr ur IunI fc'tvnipf Uiatc4VMf
JUw rHuiT-r won't '4i Ivptt.
NtioniJ .)Kr of tl) Worl.
l'rt-tUk it of. tb Unite,! KUtrt.
Nwrs of the tJtatoi aQ'l their
Pfcitlre t)aU) of tS Worl.l
Nk-ktuuoiw vt btivUs aiiJ OHip
Ntfliruuu of rmou9 l'tnof
ft IT. at.
Ut riaNvtala-fn.
Vrw)vf I urtnwn
rfcrt About h KMtl
Uctininifi f ""kwr9.
itrst 1nItcO riUtoa CVt
JAet) UoIi.il
Gentlemen's Driving lilorhe
Will Receive Spccfat Caro
A'l Work Guuruntoed
New Blacksmith
1.1 .? -S-i- .- '
Vb fy$X HorJioer.
Special Attention Given to Lame and Interfcrlnjr Horses
ANaDAHKO. okLa ,
tfiil'iMffv ,J
i .
Ti'iiAH'tA h-'W HVyi
.t n . t . t '" l

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