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Anadarko Daily Democrat
Democrat Publishing Company, Owners.
T. J. Lewis, Manager
Kntored utlU"0Il,OBlof,iooJ-nt Antullirko- J. Oklahoma, L'9
Booond olaBBiiiattor.
RHto.IUcoiKB irarlwcc!:. Phono :W
For OnxreB
Hon. So. It Ferris andidate for
thu nomination for Congress from
tho Utb District.
For Supremo Jndye
We am authorized to announce
F. F. Ttlddle for Supreme Court
Judge of tho Fourth Judicial
Diatriot, subject to tb notiorL of
the Democrat io primary.
For District Judgo
Wo nro authorized to nnnounoo
Judge Will Linn of ChiokiiBbn for
'DYBtrlot Jndfjo of tho Fifteenth
Judicial District, subject to tho
notion of the democratic primary
We are authorized to nnnounoo
Theodore l'niett of Anadarko for
Dialriot Judgo of tho Fifteonth
Jndioinl District, Btibjqct to tho
notion of tho democratic primary
County Judgo
Wo aronnthorizod to announco
C. It .Johnson for County Judgo
of Caddo county, subject to tho
notion of the Democratic primary.
For Jtoprnsontatiro
Wo aro authorized to announco
,T. 0. Georgo ns a candidate for
JRopreBontntivo Bibjoot to th" no
tibn of tho doinocrntio primary.
. Wouro nutliorized to announce
S iratchett as n candidate for
'ftnnml.nnklillll ailllinnt tn tlln IIO.
tlbh of tho deinocrntio primary
jj)iicn"'""i uiiujw. . ..- ..
Wo aro authorized to nunounco
JT. J. MoKonnn of Cement as a
oandidato for Representative, sub--jnot
to tho action of tho domo
oratio primary.
?.Wo nro authorized to nunounco
J. A. linker as a enndidato for
JLtoproBontnUvu subject to tho
aotion of the Democratic primary.
For County Superintendent
Wo nro authorized to announco
C. W. itiiBiuo for County Super
intondont of Public Instruction,
nubjoct to tho action of the Demo
cratic primary.;
Wo aro authorized to announco
JVlra. Kato Stevens of Apaoho for
County Superintendent of Public
instruction, subject to tlio action
of tlie Domooratio priniary.jj;
Wo are authorized to announco
MrB. LimiH iteeeo Dowthor as a
candidate for County Superin
tendent, subject to tho nctionof
the republican primary.
Wo are authorized to announco
..Miss Kato Cjnley as a enndidato
for County Superintondont. sub
'jeot to tho notion of tho democratic
'primary. 4
For County Attorney
" Wo nro ituthorized to nunounco
W. W Vnughn nB'a candidate fo, . Mangniu chicliasha,
County Attorney eubjoot to thoi,.., f r,..
aotloWof thVdomoorntio primary. Oklahoma City.
v u are auiuonzou to announco
Grover C, Wnmaley as a candidate
tfr'fifflflty TCftKWy. 'HuFct Td
action of the democratic primary.
lit . .. i.ll I
For Sheriff
' Wo mo authorized to announco
EeVgPiter of Ft. Cobb, for Sheriff
of Caddo county, subject to tlTe
notion of tho Domooratio primary.
( wo'aro nutliorized 'to announce
Frunk Lacey ne a ontididaie f6r
fh'eritT, subject to thfce aotion of
domooratio primary.
Wo aro ant)iorizodto announco
FraiMM. SuVets Ab a crindfdate
for BlioriiT, Blibject to the 'aotioti
6f tlio'democratic priniary.
Wo aro authorized to announce
A o Melton ns a candidate for
Sheriff, subject to the notion of
tho Democratic primary
We are authorized to announce
A. J. Brown uf Cirnomo. as a
'inndidalo ,(or Sheriff, Biibjoct to
ho notion of the Democratic pri
niary. Court Clerk
Wo aro nutliorized to announco
Thoo'ti, Oelke for Court Clerk,
tuibjoot to the notion of the DottD
eratio primary.
Wo nro authorized to nnnounoo
Li'o 10. Fitzpatrick of Jlinton
township for Court Clork. sub.
joct to tho action of the Demo
cratic primary.
We nre authorized to announco
Paul 0. Dawson of Carnogio as a
oaiididato for Court Clork. subject
to tho action of tho domooratio
For Commissioner
Wo aro authorized to announco
Dan Volmer for CominiBbiouor
for tho '2nd district, uubjoct to tho
action of tho Democratic primary.
Wo are authorized to announco
.1 It Shunk for Commissioner
from tho Second District subjoct
to the action of the Democratic
Wo aro authorized to announco
D. CI. Gnllowny aB n candidate
for Commissioner from tho so.
oond District, subjoot to tho ac
tion of tho Domocrat primary.
Wo nro authorized to announco
S P liatliff as a enndidato for
('Oiumissionor from tho Third
District, subject to tho action of
tho Domooratio primnry
Wo nro authorized to announce
J. F. Ellison, of Ft. Cot)b, for
County Commieaionor of the 3rd.
district, subject to tho notion of
tho Domooratio primary.
Wo aro authorized to announce
Maon Hostor for County Com.
misstonor from tho third district
Biibjoctto tho aotion of tho demo
cratic primary.
Wo aro authorized to announco
John T. Black moro as a enndidato
for county uommisBionor from tho
0...1 .l!.i..:l ..t .. 4 11... ....i:
iiu uuiriui tmujuui iu iuu iiuuuii
of the Progressive primary Aug.
For County Assessor
We aro authorized to announco
F. F. Burkhaltor for County As
sesgor subject to tho action of the
democratic primary.
I Wo nro authorized to nunounco
.J. K. tJim) llalsoy as a candidate
, for County Assessor Biibjeot to
: the action of tho democratic pri-
For County Clork
Wo nro nutliorired to announce
L. N. Vodder as a enndidato for
County Clerk, subjoot to tho no-
tion of tho domooratio primary.
Timo Talble
Rock Island Lines
I Arrival nnd Dopnrturo of al
Trains from Anadarko :
El Bono
10.05 a k
Depart - . . 10.05 a m
Arriroe . 5 a 0 p m
fJeparb 5.30 pm
Oklahoma City, El Reno, Chick,
ietta, Mangiim.
Arrivos 10 05 a n
Deraria :ia05. a n.
ArriveB- - 5.30 pa
Departs :&T30 p m
Anadarko to Wnurika.
Arrivos 10. 10 a rc
Departs 11 05 a ro
Enid to Anadarko.
Arrives 11 05 p m
Enid, Geary, Lawtnn. Waiiriku
Arrivua 5 H0p u
DopartB 5ii0pn,
Wnurika, Lawton, Geary, Enid.
Arrivoa 1010ani
Departs . . l015arc
Anadarko to Enid.
' parts . M . . .. 4 00 p rr
Tho Fills Tha'l Do Cure.
(Notice is hereby givon that in
purBUfinoo of nn"ordor of snlo ia
stiod out of tho District Court of
'addo county, Oklahoma, on tho
25th day of March, 10H, in an
action whoroin ICipp D.Cross was
plaintill" nnd William 15. 13owon,
Sarah E. Sparks, John Howard
Sparkn, a minor, nnd Snrah Lo
roon Sparks, n 'iiinor, wore de
fendants, directed to mo, the tin
dorsiipiod sheriff of Caddo county,
Oklnhomn, commanding mo' to
advertise and sell tho following
described real estate, situated in
Cnddo county, Oklnhomn, towjt:
Tho southonnt qunrtor of sootiqn
ono (1) in Township oight (8)
north of range ton (10) West of
I. M., containing 100 acres, more
or loas, according to tho govorn
niont survoy, for tho purposo of
partition nnd to satisfy a judg
ment of partition in favor of Baid
plaintill' nnd against said dofond
nuts, obtained nnd made in said
Court on tho ."ith dny of Fobrunry,
l'.lll, nnd tho costs of said parti
tion nnd nil accruing costs, L will
on tho 21st of May, 19l I, nt tho
hour of 2 :00 o'olook p. m. on said
dny at tho front door of tho court
houso in the City of Anadarko, in
snjd county nnd slate, offer for
sale and sell to tho highest bidder
for cash all of suid proportv nbov
described for tho purposes nbovc
In Witness Whereof, I hnvo
hereunto subscribed my iiaino
this 8th dny of April, P.IM.
SliorilV of endno county, Okln.
Bristow & MoFndyou,
X niMt lntrreittnr tittle broehur
kii rccentiy com oil the prcat icttlnc
forth frith Bible proof that the com
KunlcaUooa recelred by and through
BplrtUst Medtnus Is f Demon ocUtn.
Iho writer trace hi subject through
the Bcrlpruraa from the rime when
certain of the holy angela became dU
obfrfltnt He prore from the Scrip
tures that thtwe fallen plrlU per
onat the human dead, rtth whose
pt history, aplrita, tbooch InTUlble,
are thorouchly acquainted. He ihows
that they also frequently ' iK?ron
ate the Creator and the Iledeemer,
eommandlni; their decelred ones to
pray, do penance, etc. This, however,
la merely to lead them on and to brlue
tbem more thoroughly nnder demoni
acal control. Sometime by breaking
down the natural barrier, the human
will, they paispas their victim, nnd rule
him more or lea to hi ruin fluent
ly sending uch to Uie msd-home.
Numerous II lunt rations, Scriptural nnd
otherwise, are glTtn. The price of the
llttH book 1 but Ore cents; It ihotild
be In the bands of all Interested In
Spiritism or who hare friend Inter
etKi therein Bnclose Btirnpn to the
nible and Tract Society, 17 Ulck
Btri-ct. IMajB, X. Y.
Ti-pLondonTango Necklace
r 1 CtTEvelyn Thav' Bracelet"
TIiobo two boantiful pioces of
popular jowelry nro tho crnzo
nmong Focioty M'onion in Now
Yorf nnd tho Inrgest cities. They
nro neat and elegant gold finished
artioleB that will gladdon tho
nenrt os every girl or woman, no
mattor how young or old. Very
Btyliah and attractive.
Our Freo Offer. Wo aro ndvor
tising Spoarmint Chowinp; (iniit
and doeiro to place n big box of
this fino, healthful gum into evory
home. It sweotons the bmain
whitens tho teolh nnd uidg ili
goBtibn. It is refreshing nud
ploasin'g to nlLToovery lady Bond
ing us but 50o 'uwo will Bhip a big
box of 20 rdgnlar 5c packages 6f
tlioSponrraint Guhi nnd include
tho elegant "Tango' nbdklnce
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solutoly froo.
ThiB oil'or is for a short timo on
ly. Not moro than 2 orders to
ono party. Denlorsjiot allowed to
accept this.
American Sides Co.
12 Dayton, Ohio.
, Meedonta Rich In MlnerU.
Blnce remote tlmea the soil of Mac
dorila has hail the reputation of con
taining muny preclouB minerals. X6t
only was tbla stated by hlstorlani,
but It la evident by tb remains of
jreat works ilndennkori by the an
cients tn the mlnlnc renter, and
. especially on the Penlusula of Chalet
I dice. These works reached the high
est point of drvfclopmrnt undr PUIMp
Ot Macedonlu nnd Alexnudor thn Grat
Mfo osaiof
Q. After the birth of Christ, wa not
the old Bible done away with and noth
ing but th new to ba uied? (A Read
er.) Answer Great Indeed would lie ocr
loss If tho Old Testament were tftksu
from us. When tho writers of tho New
Teslnmont refer to sac red writings, wo
must I leu r In ml ml tlmt they lime In
tiilnil the Old TeslninuiiL Their fre
quent quotations from It Indlento tho
high esteem In which It una held.
"Whatsoever things wero written
nforotlino wi-ro written for our learn
Ins. that u tliroiiKh patlunco und com
fort of tho Hcriiiturcs uilBlit hnve hopu"
(Itomiuis l.":l). After recoiiiitlni; tlm
exjieilcnens of tho children ot Israel In
their Journey to Cniisinn, the ttpostlo
coiirludes: ".Vow all those things Imp
peneil unto them for eusamplt. mid
they aro written for our admonition"
(I Corinthian 10:11). Appurently the
mi tu nil (Hinelito understood llttlo ot
the rensdii for his varied lixperluncoH,
hut to the splrituiil JMruellto tliey l
coine "a llj;lit to our putliwny iind u
lump to our feet." Tho thought In tho
word for wlilrli "ensntnples" 1m ii tnins
lntlon Is that us tho dlu murks and
outs out tho coin, so tho Christian
eounto Is prellsuied In the inrldunts
recorded la the Old Tobtainuiit. An
ulinost InoxtiHiistililo fund of knowl
edge Ih stored for us In tho Old Testa
moat types, (Mperlully In tlio con
nected with the Ttibernucfo'tervlcos.
rtifortuimtely tho subject Iims been in
most entliely neKlected. There hnve,
however, been a few books on this sub
ject pnblUlied Tor tho nssNlitncc of tho
carnot llllile Mtmleiir,
Q. I remember hearing my grand
father and a friend of his discutRinp
"election'' and "free grace" years ago.
Is either scriptural? (J. W.)
Answer. Tho two thoughts hnvo di
vided Christians for centuries. That
both of these doctrines, notwithstand
ing their apparent opposlteiic.su, havo
scriptural support, no Illblo student
will deny. This fact should loud us nt
once to surmise Hint In some way both
must ho true; but in no way can they
he reconciled except by observing
heaven's law of order, and "rightly
illchUmj the word of truth." If tho
distinctive features of tho epochs and
dispensations bo kept In mind, nnd all
tho passages relating to Election and
Krco Grace bo examined, It will bo
found that all those which treat of
Klectlon apply to tho present and past
ages, while those which teach Treo
Graco are fully appllcnblo to tho net
age. The truth which Jesus stated In
.lohn (ill (No man can coiuo unto mo
except tho l'athor which hath sent mo
draw him), applies to this present llmo
In which God Is electing kings to reign
In Ills Kingdom when established on
tho earth. Of the coming age, lie
states Hint He will do the drawing
then, and on n much larger cnle. llo
says. "I, If I he lifted tip, will draw
all men unto tnu" (John 12:32). "ur
ine the proseut tho members of tho
bride class aro being selected. When
there Is a bride nil the members linv.
Ing been selected, she will say. "Come,
whosoever will, let lilm take tho water
of life freely" (ltevelatlon 22:17). Those
elected to the bride class will Issue tint
Tree Grace Invitation. Then, as tho
bride, the rhurcli will hnve a light to
invito others to her bridegroom' favor.
Only thoe whom tho leather Invites
can eninu now.
Q. Where In the nible' do you find
the prophesy of the Jews all returning
to their own country before the end of
the world, or something to that effect?
(F. P. R.)
Answer. The lund of Palestine, nnd
tho surrounding country. Is promised
to Abraham and hit de.sccndnnts for
an "evei lusting possession" (Genesis
ltll 1 17; 17-18). -1'tio gifts and call
ings of God are without repentance."
God has made the promiso; It will be
fuhllted. Nevertheless, God has also
glt'oii Ills Word that for a season the
(arid woujd not bo theirs, saying, "Jeru
salem shall bo trodden under foot of
tlio GenUlns until tb'o times of tlu
OetiMos bo fulfilled" (I.uko 21:24),
T'lu'i a iv tlins punished for unfaithful
ness to idelr covenant, but tho punish
luent tn for only tho appointed time.
"Comfort ye, comfort jo my people,
Niilth your God. Spjuk y comforta
bly to 3tfi)sa)4m, Wi'd fy uiyto hi
!liat her warfare is accoaipllshed, that
ler Julqujry Is pardouollj Tor hto bath
fecolve'd of the r.qfii's'band dput1o for
all her sins" (Isalali 40:1, 2). The coun
tries of the earth will be scoured to,
fln tho faithful Jaws and eveu the
ifraves will be opened that the.reiinrh;
may be "omplete (Jeremiah 10:W-lrfS
Jl:31-ni; I5ieklei:i7!l0). Dnrlngtb'e timtj
of Israel's disfavor God bus Iwen k
lently working out lumtlicr feature of
Ills purposo tho selection of a spirit-'
u'al seed. This gathering must be com
pteteTl before Ho will nguln doul with
the Jewish houso. "Mllndnes in pair
is happened to Israel, until the fulnp
of the Gentiles be come In. And si.
all Israel shall be saved" (Itomaus
1 t:2.V3;). Seo also Amos 9:1 1 1."; Jew
n'rlAh 24:5-7; aO:lS-21; 3t:S-12j ISzekief
:t":121-l. None of this refers to tlio
end of tho world because there Is to r
no end o( tho world. "Tho eartbj nbljl
cth forqrer." It Is nt the end of the
present G6epel dispensation that tho
seeking of a limited 'spiritual seed will
bo couijileted ilnd tho restoration of
tho imtunil, fleshly seed of Abraham
will couunene'e.
I ILHYB).- xXe-
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Tho Hamilton Drug Co.
Hamilton, Ohio.
FirBt pub. April'.) last April 2u.
In tho District Court of tho Fif
teenth Judicial District of Okla
homa, eitticg within nnd for tho
oounty of Caddo.
T. C. Evans plaintiff. vb L. y.
Brnendlo defendant.
Said defendant L. S. Braendlo
will tako notice that ho has been
sued in tho above entitled courl
for Two Thousand Four Hundred
(2, -100) Dollars nud that an ordor
of attachment has boon hsuodout
of tho nbovo court nnd loviod up
on the following ronl property to-
wit : tho N. E? of tho S. W. ;
nnd Lot Number G of Section
Twenty.nino (29) in Township
Seven (T)North of Rnngo 'len(lO)
W. I. M. in Caddo county, and
State of Oklahoma and must
answer tho petition filod therein
by said plaintiff on or before tho
26th day of May A. D 1014, or
said petition will bo takon as truo
nnd n judgment for snid plaintiff
in said action for Twenty Four
Hundred ($2100) dollars with in
terest on $1100 from Docombor
13th liI13atfiper cent por nil
num will be rendered accordingly
Attest Theo. G. Oolke,
Cloik of Said Court
Grover C. Wamsley.
Attorney for Plnintiff.
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