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Business Directory
Dan Slater
Contractor and Builder
Plans & Specifications
For Fresh, Pure Home
Made Candies
do to Peter Stathos
Model Tailor
r r jonks, rropiinot
Fine Tailor ng a Specialty
Phono 22
E. W. Gish
33 Drug Store
Anadarko, Oklahoma
Silver Leal Shoe Shoo
For First-OhiBS Work
Repairing dono whilo you vail.
Boots made to ordor.
Willis & Stephens, l'rop.
On Sixth Stroot
Hammert & Ayers
Fe ricy-Staple Groceries
Pionee Drug
Drugs, Paint, Oil, Glass
and Wall Paper
If You Have Not Been
Getting Satisfaction
In Shoes
Call on S. S. ARN
All Leather Shoes
Racket Store
China, Queensware, Stationery,
Notions and Novelties
Broadway Anadarko
Phone or Call at
CrcHn( Grocery nnd
Men! Market
Tor Fancy And SUple Groeenri, Firth and Cured
Mean Best prices ptld for firm produce.
K. C. SCHLITT, Prop.
Slightly Used Clothes
and Order to Measure
Its our pleasure to please, Either
to buy or sell, call 122 West Main,
1 'hone 311
Get Your
Magazines & Papers
Jit Paul Kaiser's
Rufus Shaw
Main Stroot,
WKWT " ...Tl'JtfaLLiJL1 i"Ll """
3UHH'M:i i''- w-'MMT -'- . .
laaaaaaaaaaaatac. '-. KSV
J - "lUKW
Tlio Boat Town
Tlio Boat County
The Boat State
in tlio
United States
The'Queen of the Washita"
Avenue Hotel
All Modern with Hot and Cold
Rates $1.25 per day
Or $5 per weok
W. H. Seale, Prop.
I'hone oil
Goods Called for and Delivered
Cleanors, Dyers, Hatters. 11C East
Goods Bought and Sold
Anadarko, Okla.
W. R. Wheeler
Attorney at Law
Over ,MeetingHareware
A. M. VanOrdenU
Goneral Building Gontrnotor
v and Arohitoot mSTj
All Kinds of Cemcnt.Work, Roofs
Anadarko Tailoring Co.
119 West Urondway
We Sell Wool by thoYard. Clothes
Made In Anadarko
Cleaning and Pressing
Phone 110
C. C. McKnight
Real Estate
Loans and Insurance
Over A. H. C. Store
C. H. Carswellj
Office- Over A 6 C Store
Theodore Pruett
Office Over First Na
tional Bank I
119; Welt Broadwarl
Al.nl Far
!Singor Sowing Maohines 1
Latest Models Kasy Terms
Wtlell, t)c, clean and npalr 10 rear ex
perience. Noedln and Oil. Micblnei to icC
l'honel!0 AnadarKo. Jell
Have a Business Home
Cnll today anil let ns start you on the road to prosperity. We
not only accept your deposits, keep your monev safely and ren
der you every possible accomodation that tho best banks in tha
country can render, but will take core of your valuable papers
free of charge and Rive you our assiatanoo in any business trans,
action. We invito you to make our bank your business home.
Qua ranteed
A Truly
Burke's Catarrh Remedy
Scientific Catarrh Our -Backso by rrnal Guarantoa af
Dr. Chas. L. Burks, tbe Entlnant Catarrh SaaclaHst
Claan-Saaltary Pleaaantty Parlumaal Dallahtful la Uaa- Glvaa laataait RaMaf
MantlcaMy aaaaa larmula uaaa racularty bj Or Uurk
In hU arlvata aractlca, having nucrrsniullj cured luouiaml
of Catarrh cattt
Raaoltaf 30 Yaara Study and KxaarUaa.
IT jrara m IvantM Cllr Ma, an a .-.pactaUM initio treat
mint of 6laeaM of lite Kjei, K.ur, Now) and Throat
Or Harka'a Catarrh llrmedy oonlalriJi noeocalaa. morphlnti,
or aar olhr Itijurluun or habit forming dmc Tk tract.
Mt ooaalau of a flna wWta aawdar 0 One thai whan a
Ma all quanlllr U puffi-it into tha aUM It Imhh a tain.
vaaar.Hfca anray, whltb flood tha aaaal pnaaA aaatailaja;
tha laMaanad anambranaa and aflarlaa; aaflawaattaa).
Siooa Mf blag, urrluir, hawking, ipuilnf rtt(-t In ara.
ore Uroal, catarrhal deafnaiM aad alhrraatarraal ajaaplaau
a aravantlva ajainal llronrnitla Uar Ferrr aiul errn
A Caaraataad Catarrh Cwa off red ai a naaalnal caat.
ctMlrwItMa tha raahaf all catarrh aafr.
Write today far traa basatat aa Catatri aa4 H Baav
cara" aad veaj of fag at M4ta: aruaraaVaa.
DR. CHAS.L BURKB. 6Whlaa) W.. IUbms Cat,. H a.
, Claara Maad Uha MaaU.
Mafcaa ftVraalljIae Kaay aad
Hatnrat laaoraa Saand, Ra
fraatilac Slaaa.
NisMa, MallaaB.
Taaataa;, Snarrns,
Baking Powder
Received the highest award
at Chicago World's Fair
inaaaaa75aaa(aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaBaamaV lS6SaaaaaaaaaaaH
Bar Juft dluohe m csn of tat la a goart of wttcr. Now M
BJ pour thin water Into tour pouojt of mtlttj Ort-ut, BJ
V ao UUILINU Ml til.
H And you will have seven pounds of fine, hard soap, M
50c. vroilh, and I only coit 5c, a nickel, ft half dimt. M
The Woman
Moat oxquisito nrt portroyala ev
or shown 12, bcimtiftil art pictures.
This lntost edition of our celu
bratod Art Pannols fnr oxcells any
wo Lavo ever published and wlion
wo dosoribo thorn ns raro and fasoi.
natiiignrt boauty studios wo nro
expressing it mildly. TIiobo Art
Posob nro by fninous Fronoh mid
othor nrtistn. To lovors of Art wo
say tlieBe portrnyala must bo soon
to bo nppreointod. Finished by tho
eclcbrntod Phototono process on
honvy nrt paper boautifully hand
colored nnd liio liko. Sizo 7xl0
FKKK. Send in your order a
once, and wo will sond you abso.
lutoly froo ono largo picture, sio
lox 18 colored and rondy for fram
ing. This boautiful iudoscribablo
picture rotnilea at from $2.00 to
$3.00. Just the thing; for your
don. Ordor now. Todav.
Wo will soil tho entire sot, all
ditforout, postpaid, for only 1.25
coin or monoy order, nnd romom.
bor our standing guarnntee of
"money baok if not satisfied"
holds good. Oodor now. TODAY.
Dayton Art Portrayal Co.
Dayton, Ohio No.
Quickly Cured.
"My sisror.s husbnnd had an
attackof rhoumntism in his arm''
writos a well known roBidont of
Nowton Jown, "I gnvo him n bot
tle cf Chnmborlmus Linunont
which ho nppliod to his nrm nnd
on the liext morning tho rhouma
tiB.a was gono. For'chronio mus-
onlar rhoumatiBiii you will find
nothing hotter than (Jhamborlins
Liuimont Soid by Ivnrl Douglns.
For Sale Cheap
A Buick run-about. Cna bo put
in good condition for vory little
monoy. Inquiro Uub ofiioo.
Dr. King's New Life Pills
Tho best In world.
Most Prompt and Effectual Cure
For Bad Colds
When vou have a bad oold you
want a romody that will not only
givo rolief, but effect a prompt and
permanont euro, a remody that is
ploasant to take, n romody that
contains nothing injurioup. Cham
berlain s Cough Remedy moots all
theso requirements. It acts on na
ture's plan, reliovos tho lungs, aids
expectoration, opons tho ooro
tions nnd restores tho systonm to
healthy condition. This romody
has a world wido sale and uso and
oau be depended upon. Sold by
Karl Douglas.
Beautful Colored
Post Cards
Look to Your
You know what happens in a
houso in which the plumbing is in
oor condition ovorybody in the
houso is liable to contiaot typhoid
or soino other fover. i,Tho digos
tive organs perforin tho same
functions in tho human body as
tho plumbing doos for tho houso,
and thoy should bo kept in first
class condition all the time. If
you havo any trouble with your
digostion tako.hn mberlnins Tnb
lets nnd you are cortuin to got to
lief. For sale by Karl Douglass,
Many nro rioh and rare pioturos of
Beautiful Modols and Actresses
Also n Self-Filling
Fountain Pon
All for only 50 cents
The greatest baigain in beauti
ful cards and 'rare art pictures
ever offered. Many aro hard to
obtain and have sold singly for
the prioe wo ask for all. These
will go quiokly to all lovers of tho
boautifnl in nature who appre
ciate raro art pictures of woll de
veloped modols.
A reliablo self-filling fountain
pon freo with onoh ordor. Those
alone have sold for one dollar in
Tho 100 beautiful oarda anJ pon
all for but 50 cents. Sent postpaid
Contral Manufacturing Co.
Dayton, Ohio. U
Wantod Travelor: Age 27 to
50. Exporionco unnecessary. Sal
ary allownnco tb right man. J. E.
MoBrady, Chioago.
"I suffered with rhoumntism
for two years and could not get
my right hand to my mouth for
that length of time," writes Leo
L. Chapman, Mapleton, Iowa. "I
suffered torriblo pain so I oould
not sleep or Ho still at night.
Five years ago I began using
Chamberlain's Liniment and in
two months I was well and havo
not Btifierod with rheumatism
sinoo." For salo by Karl Doug
Straight At It
There is no uso of "beating
around the bush. " We want you
to try Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy the next you have a cough or
cold. There is no reason so fnr as
wo oan seo why you should not
do ao. This preparation by its re
markable oures has gained a world
wido reputation, and poople every
whore spoak of it ir tho highest
terms of praise. It is for sale by
Karl Douglass.
For Sale orTrad
Dray lino consisting of 4 hoad
of young horsos woigliB from 1200
to 1'IOu pounds, 1 Poroheou Stal
lion .'I yonra old, !! dray wagons, 1
farm wagon, hnck, 3 lots, 5 room
house, barn for 12 hoad of horsos.
Total vnluo $1750. Mortgage on
tho houso for $WX) payable month
ly. Will trade the nbovo for farm
This is nil first olnBs stuff nnd tho
drny lino is doing a fine business.
For furthor information inquiro
Roeco & Nichols nro tho sole
representatives in Caddo Dounty
of tho Contral Roal Estato Doalora
Association an organization of
thiitysix hundred livo and aotivo
roal estato doalors, scattered ovor
forty-f ivo statos. If you want to
aell, exchango or buy roal estato,
mercnutile stooks, coramorcial
paper, business looations, livo
stock or anything olso, thoy oan
presont your wants to thirty-six
thousand investors without 'any
oxponBo to you. Look ovor thoir
monthly bulletins and piok out
whatjyou) liko. Ofiioo ovor tho
post ofiioo nnd phono 130.
This is the sonson for fires and
tornodooB. It costs vory littlo to
fully piotoot tho proporty you
have worked tlong nnd hard to ao.
onmulnte. For all kinds of sound
insuranoo boo Reeoo & Kiohols,
ovor the post office bono 36
The First National Bank
Anadarko CaPital and surplus $60,000.00
We have double tho capital andsurpmO'
Oh Ijinnrnfl any otner banlc in Anadarko.
uaiauuiua Wq haye n0 exceasivelloans, no bills paya
ble or rc-dlscounts.
No officer or director of this bank owes (t a
We solicit your buslness.Iwhethor largo or
T. F. Woodard. President. I. E.!cox, Cashier.
L. W. Myers, Vice-President. R. B. Popejoy, Ass't Cashier
I FurniBhod rooms for rent. Mrs.
D. Turner, 506 West Broadway.
BIS Walnut Stroat, Kansas City, M.
A raralar araduata In maaiclna. 0Maat In aga and loaajaat laeartarf. J
a yaara- sraataj rraawaa as aaa aapanaaaa ara inipartant,
var SS Yaara In Kansas City.
Ourtala tMa riaraaWtd. All mlolnaa faraliae raadr for uta aa ttwnmrj
or tnUrtoua ( dials aa aaatf. Wo aatestloo fraia barlaaaa ratlaila stsUUa
Ira alia by laall aad Msrtss. Uadiolaea aaal ararrwhaia, traa from raaa t
braaatta. Caara-Mla. 0r M,0CO aaaaa aura4. BUUyour oai ana tatter MraM.
Oaoaatiatloa fraa aniaoitdaaUal, paraaaally ar bj Ittlaa.
Seminal Weakness ami
Soxual Debility, lY,o?S$$
lallUs aad aiaaaa aaiilca nlahl laatai
ai fawar, plaples as
aoaisaaa laaaa asa
MaMkaa OS
aaaiatj. tts.. i
laaaaa, raatar .
1. Iittp slkt
wer, bmvs saA
Mais sarirsr, tsUrt ulrirHftintMk
Sirr,MKaaaaiiierBurrta( Bs
1 Iraa Mtk sat Mat of aatiUoaa.
;trl.ur ."TaiT:
raaa aasjlafl 9Hn jTiaraaaaaa. ark
Vairlnnnailafi Knlarrraa! trains ki
Ins narvaaa alaarHty, waaknaaa a1 Mm
aaaual ayataaa, 1m parraaaanUy aarad
WTHrttl pMaaW
atWaahlllal Tkat ttrrlbU laMM la
arad lor Ilia. Blood paUoalof taf all
rrrnrta dlaaaaaa tniaaatlr aarad.
Oa OkrasU.
Narraaa aad
flala Sit
aaaa. Ttn
kM satat-H saiai. atatares, full
daMrifUaa afaWradtaauta, asacti aad
atra, aaa a aaaaa la aiaia wrappar.
bolk aaaaa Nniu, IT

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