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Anadarko Daily Democrat
Democrat Publishing
T.J. Lewis,
Entered nt UiofltofnooJjit . Anndnrko.Oklahoma, i
BOOOIllI olii8Biii(tttor.
KntcB.Kt.ccnlB por'woek.
For Congress
Hon. Scott Ferris candidate for
tho iiominntloii for Congress from
tho Oth DlHtriot.
For Supremo .Judge
Wt aro untliuri7.ed to announco
F. F. Riddle for Supremo Court
.Judge of tho Fourth .Judicial
.District, subject to the action of
the Democratic- primary.
For District Judge
," Wo aro authorised to announce
Judge Will Linn of ChiokiiBlin for
.District Judge of .the Fifteenth
Judicial District, Bubject to tho
notion of the democratic primary
Wo are authorized to announce
Theodore Pruott of Anadarko for
Diutriot Judge of the Fiftoonth
JudioialtDiBtrict, subject to tho
notion of the democratic primary
County .Judge
Wo are authorized to announco
n. R. JohiiBon for County Judgo
of Caddo county, subject to tho
notion of tho Democratic primary.
County Treasurer
Wo are authorized to announce
J. P. Ellison, of Ft. Cobb, for
County Treasurer of Caddo
,oounty. subject to the action of
,tho Domocrntio primary.
For Koprnsontativo
WTe are authorized tc announco
T. 0. George as a candidate for
KopreMntntivo subject to the ac
tion of the democratic primary.
Wo aro authorized to announce
ftl. S llatchett as a candidato for
-Representative, Bubject to tho no.
lion of tho democratic primary.
WTo aro authorized to announco
F. J. AloKunnii of Cement as a
oandidato for Keprosnntntlvo, sub
ject to tho action of tho doino
oratio primary.
Wo are authorized to announce
J. A. linker as a candidnte for
Jiopreeoutntivo subject to tho
notion of the Democratic primary.
For County Superintendent
Wo aro authorized to announce
0. W. Unsure for County Super
ititondont of Public Instruction,
iiiibjoct to the action of tho Domo
nrtitic primary.! L..i52i
Wo aro authorized to announce
Mrs. Kato Stovons of Apaoho for
County Superintendent of Public
Instruction, subject to tho action
of the Domocratio primary. !
Wo are authorized to announce j
Airs. LiniiH Roeco Lowthur ns a'
oandidato for County Suporin-i
.undent, Bubject to tho action of
tho republican primary.;
We are authorized to announco
MisB Kato Conloy as a candidate
for Couuty Superintendent, sub
joot to tho action of tho democratic
primary. I
For County Attorney
Wo nro authorized to announco!
W. W. Vaughn iib a candidate foj
Couuty Attorney subject to tho
notion of tho domooratio primary.
Wo aro authorized to announce
G rover C, Wutusloy as n candidato
for County Attorney. Subject to
action of tho democraiio primary.
For ShoritT
Wo nxo uutiiorized to announce
Ed Poster of Ft. Cobb, for Sheriff
of Caddo oounty, subject to tho
action of the Democratic primary.
Wo nro authorized to announce
Frank Lacoy as a candidate for
Sheriff, subject to tho action of
democratic primary.
Wo aro Hhthorizod to announco
Frank M. SlieetB as a candidate
for Sheriff, subject to tho action J
of tho democratic primary. '.
Wo nro nuthorized to announco k
A o Melton ns n cnudidnto for ,
Sheriff, Bubject to tho action of
the Demooratio primary ,
Wo are nuthorized to nnnounco
A. J. Brown 1 Lrfniogio, as a
onndidnto for Sheriff, subjoct to
the nction of thu Democratic pri.
Company, Owners.
Court Clork
Wo are authorized to announco
Thoo U. Oolko for Court Clork,
subject to tho notion of the Demo
emtio primnry.
Wo aro authorized to announco
Loo K. Fitzpatriok of Hinton
tuwiinhii) for Court Clork. sub
joot to the notion of tho Demo
oratio primary.
JWo nro authorized to announco
Paul C. DnwBon of Carnegie as a
onndidnto for Court Clork, subject
to tho action of tho domooratio
For Commissioner
Wo aro authorized to announco
Dun Volmor for Commissionor
for tho 2nd district, Biibjoct to the
action of tho Domocrntio primnry.
Vo nro authorized to announco
J 11 Shunk for Commissioner
from tho Second District subject
to tho action of the Domocratic
Wo nro authorized to announco
D. G. Galloway as a candidate
for Commissionor from tho se
cond District, subject to tho ac
tion of tho Domocrat primary.
Wo nro authorized to announce
S P Ratliil' aB n candidato for
Commissioner from the Third
District, subject to tho action of
tho Domooratio primary
Wo aro authorized to announce
JVInou Hester for County Com
iniBBionor from the third district
Bubject to the notion of tho demo
orntic primnry.
We nro authorized to announce
John T. Blnckmoro nan candidato
for county commissioner from the
2nd diitrict subject to tho fiction
of the Progressive primary Aug.
For County Abbosro.'
We nro authorized to announco
F. F. Burkhalter for County As
sessor subject to tho action of the
democratic primary.
Vo aro authorized to nnnounco
J. R. (Jim ) llalsey as n candidate
for County AsHCBKor subject to
the action of tho democratic pri
mary. For County Clork
Wo aro authorirod to announco
L. N. Voddor as a candidato for
County Clork, subjoct to tho no
tion of tho domocrntio primnry.
limn! n
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' akceb ra
UNotice is hereby givon thnt In
purfluonco of an ordor of salo is
anod out of the District Court of
i inddo oounty, Oklahoma, on tho
25th day of Mnroh, 19M, in nn
notion wherein Klpp D. Cross was
plnintiir nnd Willinm E. Howon,
Sarah E. SpurkB, John Howard
Sparks, n minor, nnd Sarah Lo
roon Sparks, n minor, wore do
fondnntB, directed to mo, tho un
dorsignod aheriir of Caddo county,
Oklnhomn, coinmnnding mo to
advertise nnd sell tho following
doscribod real estnto, situntod in
Cndtlo county, Oklnhomn, towit:
Tho southomt qnartor of section
ono (1) in Township eight (H)
north of range ten (10) West of
I. M., containing 100 ncres, more
or leaa, according to tho govern
ment survoy, for tho purpoao of
partition and to satisfy n judg
ment of partition in favor of Baid
plnintiir nnd against snid defend
ants, obtained and made in said
Court en tho oth duy of Fobrunry,
l'.lU, and tho coBts of Baid parti
tion and all accruing costs, I will
on tho 21st 'of May, 1HU, nt tho
hour of 2:00 o'clock p. m. on said
dny nt tho front door of tho court
house in tho City of Anadarko, in
said county nnd slate, oll'or for
salo nnd soil to tho highest bidder
for ensh all of said property above
doscribod for tho purposes ubove
In Witness" Whereof, 1 have
hqrounto subscribod my name
this lHth day of April, 191-1.
Sheriff of cadno county, Okln.
Briatowt McFndyon,
, 1 Attorneys.
31 tnot Interesting tittle brochure
ka recently come off the press setting
forth with nible proofs that the com
BQUDlcaUonii received by and through
BplrlUat Mediums It of Demon origin.
The writer traces bis subject through
the Bcripturee frem the time when
certain of the holy ancela became dis
obedient lie proves from the Scrip
tures that these fallen spirits per
sonate the human dead, with whose
past history, spirits, though invisible,
are thorouchly acquainted. He shows
that they also frequently person
ate the Creator and the Redeemer,
commanding tbelr docclred onen to
pray, do peuance. etc. TbK however,
la merely to lead them on and to bring;
them more thoroughly under demonl
seal control. Sometimes by breaking
down the natural barrier, the human
will, they possess tbelr Tlctlm, and rule
him more or less to hta ruin frequent
ly sending such to the mad-house.
Numerous WtuitratloDn, Scriptural and
otherwise, are given. The price of the
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Illble and Tract Society, 17 lilcks
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Real Baptism Is Burial of Hu
man Will Into God's Will.
Baptism a Symbol of Consecration.
The Old Creature Buried In Baptism.
The New Creature Arises to Walk In
Newness of Life Bnptneil With
Christ's Baptism Importance of the
Symbol Greater Importance of the
Real Baptism Dead to Everything
Except the Will of God.
Mny 1?. I'flittor
ItllHM'll, WllllHO
Photo Drmim o f
t'rcntlnn not only
pri'fipnlH tho stnry
of tnnn's rcriutnp
t ton. but ii I ho out
lines tnrth'H his
tory from Its be
ginning, penrhed
todny iiion llnp
llsm. Ills fnxt
w n h, "Thcrt'foro
wp nro burli'il
with Illni liy Imp
tlsm Into death thnt llko sis Christ
wns raised from the (lend by the glory
of the Kitther, even so we also should
nlk hi iitiuH of life." Komnns 0 4.
Wntor bnpllsin, the Pnstor dcclnrcil.
In merely n plctiiro of the real bap
tism. The Apostle explains front va
rious points of view the rinl baptism,
without which the symbol Is n morn
form. Whoever rpcolves tbo real bap
tlsm, thereby heroines n member of the
Hotly of Christ, tho New Creation; but
whoever has It not Is not n New Crea
ture, a member of tho lloily of Christ,
though he were b:iptl.el In waior n
thousand times.
The Pastor then showed (lint the
real baptism Is Into Christ's death,
not Into wafer. This baptism takes
place nt tho Moment of full consecra
tion to God complete surrender to do
the Divine will, even unto death. This
burial of the will Into God's will Is
reckoned to be tho death of the human
beliiR. Therefore the Apostle snys to
the Church, "Ye nro dead, and your
life Is hid with Christ in God."
Thenceforth the consecrated nrc no
longer counted as human beings, but
ns New Creatures In Christ. This
burin! of the will Into the Divine will
is liiHtnntly followed by the bcKettltn:
to newness of life to a new nAture.
Water Baptism as a Symbol.
Next the Pastor discussed wnter bap
tism. Jtevlewlng the various theories
of the different denominations, he ex
plained wherein these aro not In har
mony wltli Scripture. Neither sprin
kling nor pouring could In uny way be
considered a plctiiro of death nnd
burial. lie called attention to tho fact
thnt the Greek word haiitizo slgtillles
Immersing, covering, plunging; nnd
that wholly different words aro used
In the Greek when sprinkling, pouring
or mining Is meant.
Tho Pastor then discussed Immersion
ns set forth by the Baptists and the
Disciples. Hoth denominations have
the right form; but tho Disciples
prcfifh the baptism taught by John the
Hnptlst, not baptism into Christ; nnd
the Hnptists emphasize the symbol
rather than the reality consecration
unto death. Apparently tho speaker
sustained his point; for ho cerlnlnly
harmnul.ed all thu Scriptures bearing
upon Ihe subject.
The Real Baptism Into Christ.
Having established the facts that
water baptism Is n symbolic picture of
consecration, and that Immersion Is the
Scriptural form of baptism, the Pastor
next considered the subject tis present
ed la itonums 0. There the Apostle
sets fdrth the deep significance of
burial lthffesus. From tho moment
of consecration the Christian should
walk In newness of life, and his dally
course should be altogether different
from that of the vvorld.
Tho Pastor thou explained thin wak
ing in newness of life. To tho Chris
tian, "Old things have passed nwny"
old hopes, ambitious, motives, etc.
These have given place to new hopes,
higher ambitions, butter motives. To
lhee tho tlrst general Ijtw is given
Hie Golden Uule. To bo the I-ord'n
icprcscutiitlvc, every Christian must
love Ins neighbor ns himself must
deal wllli him ns he would have that
neighbor deal with hi in.
How the Christian Fulfils the Law.
The Pastor showed that God has
made a provision for the Church which
lie did not make for the Jews, lsnol
had n typical mediator, who could not
offer real atonement for their weak
nesses and have them Judged accord
lug to their mind- their Intentions
Hut, through Jesus Christ, the rather
has made this very arrangement for
tho Church. When those keep the
Golden Uule to the best or their nbll
It', the righteousness of tho 1iw l
rultlllcd in them.
Hut in his consecration vow. the
Christina agreed to do much more than
merely (Jeep the Golden Utile, lie
covenanted to give up nil of his earth
ly interests to do the Dhlno will and
to drink the cup which tho Father
pours for nil of Jesus' footstep follow
era. He must accept whatever the Fa
ther permits to come to htm: he neither
pours his own cup nor buries himself.
This hi beautifully pictured in wntor
luptlspi. There the candidate submits
to the will of the ndmlnhdmttrf- Fig
uratively the Lord lets tho consecrated
one down Into death, nnd will one day
raise Jilm to perfection of life, '
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First pub. April 9 last April 21.
In the District Court of the Fif
toonth Judicial District of Okla
homa, sitting within and for the
county of Caddo.
T. O. Evans plaintiff vb L. S.
Braondle defendant.
Said dofendant L. S. Braondle
will take notice that lie has boen
sued in the above entitled court
for Two Thousand Four Hundred
(2, -100) Dollars and that an order
of attachment has boon iisuodout
of tho abovo court and levied up
on the following real property I','
wit : tho N. EJ i of tho S. W. J ;
and Lot Number 0 of Soction
Twenty-nine (29) in Township
Seven H) North of Rango 'lon(lO)
W. I. M. in Caddo couuty, and
Stato of Oklahoma and must
nnswer tho petition filed thoroin
by Baid plaintiff on or before tho
2Gth day of May A. D 1914, or
said petition will bo taken iib true
and a judgment for said plnintitf
in said action for Twonty Fqur
Hundred ($2100) dollars with in
terest on $1100 from Deoomber
lyth 191SJ it t per cent por nn
nuin will bo rendered accordingly
Attest Theo. G. Oelke,
Oloik of Said Court
Grov6r C. Wamsley.
Attorney for Plnintiir.
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