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Anadarko Daily Democrat
Democrat Publishing Company, Owners.
T. J. Lewis, Manager
Ifintoied ntl lliolpoatollicont . Anailarko.Oklahoina, ns
teoond olaBB'inattor.
HatoiijOjconiB por'wook.
TLc EnaliBh Parliament is having about ai in noh trouble vor the
noni ItuTo Mill an wo aro having ovor our Toll Exemption Bill. For
nlniofli a century tlio Homo Utilo Hill Iihb boon boforo the KiiKlieli
PiiTlirimoot in tome form. And now, as tliero ia n possibility of it
liaBfliug. t i mHotiiiK with a gtorm of opposition from parts of Iro
Jmui o
Ci.minin is willing to Bond a Modiator to join tlio Pnaoo Committoo
but ho wtintB it dintincdy uudorBtood that ho will not bo bound by
what tho Coinniittoo dooa. Wo proBumo ho jiiBt wanta to Bond a man
no ho can kij poated on thoir progroBB and what thoy are doing.
Toddy, tho Torriblo has again landod on American Boil. Ho said
ho had boon vory siok of Bwnmp fovorand insoot bitoa. ilo jb ovi.
ilontly HuiToring from paralysis or tho tonguo aa ho rofusod to do much
Jf tho Modiators do not rush thoir work, Villa ib p.oing to boat thorn
to it. Ho will bo using Huorta for fish bait, as ho aworo ho was
tfoingtodo boforo ihoy got thoir modiation Btartod, if thoy don't
got a iucao on them.
J'or CongroaB j
ZH'Bou. Woott Forris candidate for
tho nomination for Congress from
tho (Jth DiBtrjor.
.For Supreme Judge
We aio authorized to announco
?. F. Kiddle for Supremo Court
Judge of tho Fourth Judicial
Distriot, mibjeot to the notion of
the Demooratio primary.
For District Judge
Wo are authorized to announco
Judge "Will Linn of ChickiiBun for
Diatriot Judge of tho Fifteenth
Judicial District, subject to tho
uotion of tho democratic primary
Wo are authorized to announce
Thoodoro Pruett of Anadarko for
Distriot Judge of tho Fifteenth
Judicial. DiBtrict, subject to tho
aotiou of tho democratic primary
County Judge
Wn are authorized to announco
C R. Johnson for County Judge
of Caddo county, subject to the
notion of the Democratic primary.
County Treasurer
Wo aro authorized to announce
J. F. llllliHon, of Ft. Cobb, for
County TroaBiiror of Caddo
oounty, subject to tho notion of
tho Democratic primary.
For Representative
Wo aro authorized to announco
T. 0. Ooorgo as a candidato for
.UoproBoiitutivo subject to the no.
tion of the democratic primary.
Wo aro authorized to announce
M. S Ilatchott ae a candidato for
'Ropresontat-vo, subject to tho ao
tiou of tho democratic primary.
We are authorized to announce
F. J. AloKonna of Cement as a
oandidato for Jtopreeentatlvo, sub
jeot to tho aotion of tho dome
oratio primary.
Wo aro authorized to announce
J. A. Baker iib a candidato for
Jieproeentativo subject to the
aotion of tho Democratic primary.
For County Superintendent
Wo are authorized to announce
0. W. ilaBuro for County Sapor
intondout of Public Instruction,
subject to tho action of tho Demo
oratic primary.; s..jaM
Wo aro authorized to announco
Mrs. Kato Stovons of Apaoho for
County Superintendent of Publio
Instruction, subjoot to tho aotion
of the Domoorntio primary.
We nre authorized to announco
Mrs. Liunn Reoco Lowthor bb h
onndidate for County Superin
tendent, subject to tho aotiou of
tho republican primary. ,
We aro authorized to announco
Mies Kato Conley as a onndidate
for County Superintondont. sub
joot to tho notion of tho democratic
For County Attornoy
Wo nro authorized to announco
W. W. Vaughn as a candidato foi
County Attornoy Bubjoot to tho
aotion of the domoorntio primary.
Wo nro authorized to announce
Grovor C, Wamsley as a candidate
for County Attorney. .Subject to
Phono 33
For Shoriir
Wo ato authorized to announco
Fd Fostor of Ft. Cobb, for Sheriff
of Caddo county, aubject to tho
aotion of tho Domoorntio primary.
Wo aro authorizod to nnuounco
Frank Lacoy as a candidate for
Sheriff, subject to tho action of
democratic primary.
We nro authorized to announco
Frnnk M. Shoots as a onndidato
for Sheriff, subjoot to tho aotion
of tho democratic primary.
Wo nro authorizod to announco
A 0 Molton as a enndidato for
ShoriiT, subjoot to tho aotion of
the Domoorntio primary ,
Wo aro authorizod to nnnounce
A. J. Brown f Carnegie, as n
oaudidato (for Shoriff, subject to
the notion of the Democratic pri
mary. Court Clork
We aro authorizod to announco
Thoo U. Oolko for Court Clork,
subject to tho action of tho Demo
cratic primary.
Wo aro authorized to announco
Loo K. Fitzpatrick of liinton
township for Court Clork. 8iib
joot to the act'ou of tho Demo
orntic primary.
Wo aro authorizod to aunounoo
Paul C. DawBon of Carnegio as a
candidate for Court Clork, subjoot
to tho notion of tho democratic
For Commissioner
Wo aro authorized to announco
Dan Volmor for Commissioner
for tho 2nd district, subjoct to tho
aotion of tho Domocratio primnry.
Wo are authorized to announco
J R Sliunk for Commissioner
from tho Second District subject
to tho action of the Democratic
Wo aro authorized to announce
D. (i. Gnlloway iib a enndidato
for CommiBaiouer from the bo.
com! District, subjoot to tho no
tion of the Democrnt primnry.
We nro authorized to nnnounce
S P Ratlitf iib n enndidato for
I'ommJBBioner from tho Third
District, subject to tho aotio'i of
tho Domoorntio primary
Wo nro nuthorized to nnnounce
Mnon Heator for County Com
missioner from tho third district
subject to the notion of the demo
orntic primnry. v
We aro authorizod to announco
John T. Blackmoro as a onndidato
for county commissioner from the
2nd dut riot subjoot to the action
of the Progressive primary Aug.
For County Assessor
We are nuthorizod to announce
F. F. Burkhnltor for County As
soBsor subjoot to tho action of tho
democratic primary.
Wo aro authorizod to nnnounce
J. R. (Jim)llnlsoy nan enndidnte
for County Assessor subjoot to
tho notion of tho democratic pri
mnry. For County Clork
Wo nro nuthorired to announce
L. N. Vodder ns a enndidnte for
County Clork, subjoct to tho no
tion of tho domoorntio primnry.
"ATru cvrnvm
Notice is horoby givon that in
pursunnco of an order of sale is
sued out of tho DiBtriot Court of
i Vuldo oounty, Oklnhomn, on tho
25th day of Mnroh, MM, in an
action whoroin Kipp D. Cross wbb
plnintiir nnd William E. Bowon,
Sarah E. Sparks, John Howard
Sparks, a minor, and Sarah Lo
roen Sparks, a minor, woro do
fondants, directed to mo, tho un
dersigued shoriir of Caddo county,
Oklahoma, commanding mo to
advortiao and soil tho following
described real estnto, situnted in
Cnddo county, Oklnhomn, towit:
TIo southeast quarter of soction
ono (1) in Township oight (8)
north of range ton (10) WeBt of
1. M-, containing 1(50 aorea, more
or loaa, according to tho govorn
mont stirvoy, for tho purposo of
pnrlition and to Bntiafy a judg
ment of partition in favor of Bnid
plaintiff and against Bnid defend
ants, obtninod nnd made in said
Court on tho nth day of February,
15)11, nnd tho coats of Bnid parti
tion and all accruing costs, I will
on tho 21st of May, PJU, at tho
hour of 2:00 o'clook p. m. on snid
day at tho front door of tho court
houso in tho City of Anndnrko, in
Bnid county nnd atntc, offer for
Bnlo and sell to tho highost bidder
for cash all of said property nbovo
described for tho purposos above
In Witness Whoroof, I hnvo
hqrounto subscribed my nnmo
this lHth day of April, WW.
Shoriir of endno county, Okln.
Bristowifc McFndyon,
t i Attornoya.
X moat lntervstloi Uttte broctrara
fcaa recently com off the prM letting
torth with RlbJe proof that the com
munication received by and through
Splrttiat Medio ni ta f Demon origin.
The writer trace hU subject throagb
the Bcrlpturea from the time when
certain of tha hoi ang-ela became dis
obedient He prorea from the Scrip
tures that the fallen aptrlts per
sonal tb human dead, with whooe
pait history, spirits, though Invisible,
ara thoroughly acquainted. Ha shows
that they also frequently person
ate. tb Creator and the nedeemer,
eooinuindlng their deceived ones to
praj, do penance, etc Tnla, however,
la merely to lead them en and to bring
them more thoroughly under demon!
teal control. Sometimes by breaking
(own th natural barrier, the human
will, they posse their victim, and rule
him more or lea to hla ruin frequent
ly aendlnx auch to the mad-houae.
Numerous llluatratloDa. Scriptural and
otberwtne, are aiven. The price of the
little book i but At cents; It abould
be In the hands of all Interested In
Spiritism or who hare friend Inter
ested therein, Bnclone ntninpn to the
Bible and Tract Society, 17 Uicka
Hreet, lioaMM, JL T.
1 J
"CVpp'LondonTango Necklace
1 1 CDEveIyn Thaw, Bracelet-
Those two bountiful pieces of
populnr jewelry uro tho craze
among eooiety women in Now
YorK nnd tho largest citieB. They
nro nont and ologant gold finished
articles that will glnddon the
noart os ovory girl or womnn, no
mnttor how young or old. 'ery
stylish and attrnctive.
Our Free Otlor. Wo aro sdver
Using Sponrmint Chewing Gum
and desire to place a big box of
this Hno, healthful gum into eveiy
homo. It Bweotona the breath
whitouB the teoth and aids di
gestion. It is rofroahing nnd
plenaing to nil. To every lady Bond
ingus but 50o ,wo will ship a big
box of 20 regular 5c pnokngos of
tho Spenrmint Gum and inoludo
tho ologant "Tango" nooklaoe
and "Evelyn Thaw" braoelot nb
aolutely freo.
This otVor is for a short time on
ly. Not more than 2 ordors to
ono party. Dealers not allowed to
nccopt this.
Amorionn SaleB Co.
12 Dayton, Ohio.
J. 0. Ellis nnd wifo pnsBed
through the city on thoir way from
Lawton to Wichita, KnnsaB, Fri.
dny, nnd stayed over night -with
vir. nnd Irs. B. F. Elliott, who
vnr nhl timn frinnds of thnirfl
MoBoly's Stock Company nt tho
Airdomo. Wntoh for dnto.
Department of tho Interior
U.S. Indian Servioo,
Kiowa Indinu Agency,
Anndarko,Oklahoina,May PJ.P.ll I.
Sealed Proposals, plainly mark
ed on envelops "Proposals for
111 four room houses for Apaohe
Indians," and addressed to tho
Superintondont of tho Kiowa
Indinn Agency, Anadarko, Okln
homn, will bo received nt tho
Agency until 2 o'clook P. M. May
2!l, l'.IM.
For tho convonionco of bidders,
plnnB nnd specifications havo boon
placed with tho First National
Bank of Apache, Oklahoma, for
examination and also nt tho
Agency oftico in Anndnrko.
Ernest Stookor,
A Snap
'.) room houso, HO ft. lot, well
nnd pump, oomont "wnllTin front
For Bhort time only Prioo 2.r)0.
Bnid win it Gibba.
All membor of Cnnton, Anndnr
ko No. 1 1, nro requostod to be
present Saturday night at tho re
gular meeting. A class will bo
muBterod in. Be sure nnd come.
ItefrcchmentB will bo served.
For Sale At
A Bargain
I hnve One 2 Row 8 Bhovel Cul
tivator and 3 two row cultivators
with disc nnd snovol for listed corn
and cotton "cultivating each of
which nre for Balo at a bnrgnin.
Also 2 nearly now Biirrovs, 2 good
second Lnnd top buggiea nnd 2
second hnnd runabouts. ,
For constipntion. Chnmber-
lnin's TnbletB nro excellent Ensy
to tnito, mild nnd gontlo in effect
Give thorn n trinl. For Bnlo by
Karl DouglaB.
To Taxpayers
Tlio Board of County Commis
sionerB of Cnddo county will meet
ns a Bonrd of Equnlizntion for
Cnddo County on Mondny, Jnno
1, J!1 nnd will consider such bus
iness ns mny come under their
jurisdiction, as follows:
From 1st Comraieaionors Dis
triot Juno 2, P.U1.
From 2nd CommiBsionors Dis
trict on Wednesdny Juno 8.
From 3rd Commissioners Dis
t riff Thursdny Juno 1.
Any perhon who fools himsolf
nggnevod iib to tho 11)11 naaeua-
mont na listed by tho County As
6ossor shall nppenron above speci
fied date nnd outer complaint
hereto nnd nny person who knows
of omitted property or property
not nasesBod at ita fair value shall
appear on above specified dntea
and enter protest
Come only on the date bo( for
your district
Frank Cnrponter,
County AsaeBsor.
Succeed when everything else fails.
In nervous prostration and fctr.ale
weuVnesic they are the supreme
remedy, aa thousands have testified.
k Is the best medicine ever sold
Aver n druggist's counter.
1 i. mum .mm na
Every Woman
Should Have
This Set
Our Milady's Combination Toi
let Perfumn Sot.
This set contnins 5 of our most
populnr preparations.
1 Bottlo Milady's Perfume.
1 Lurgo Bottlo Milndy's Sham
poo. I onko milndy's outiolo sonp.
1 jar milndy's roao cold crenm.
I sifter box milndy's tnlomn
You know thoso proparntionB,
thoy nro fnmous for thoir pure
qualities nnd ngrocnblo odors.
They nro boing sold tho world ov.
er nt fsom 5Cc to $1.00 for onoh
preparation. Your doalor would
charge you not Iobs than 12.50 for
tho set and wo ato offering it to
you for u limited time only for
Vanity Pnrso Free
Freo if you will Bond in your
ordor now wo will send you abso
lutely freo with this set, ono sim
ulation gorman silver vnnity
purso, Now York's Intest crnze.
This purso is of striped design,
two ball olasp, with cable link
chain Silkolino lined, ono side
contains half pocket, other sido
with apring coin holders, dime,
nicklo and quarter.
We will send Milndy'a set com
ploto with Vnnity puree if you or.
dor at once for $1.00. Wo sell di
reot. Order now todny.
Agents noed not write.
Send ton cents in stamps to
oovor postage. Sond $1 coin or
money ordor.
Univorsal Product Co.
5 Dayton, Ohio.
Cough Medicine
For Children
Too much enro onnnot be used
in selecting a cough medicine for
children. It should be plensant to
tnko,contniu no harmful substance
nnd bo most offootual. Chamber
Iain's Cough Remedy meets thoso
requirements nnd is n fnvorito
with tho inothors of young child
ren everywhere For Bale by Karl
$100 Reward, SIM
The tellers of thlB paper will be
pleased to learn that thrre Is at leas', one
dreaded dlseate that science has Dcen
able to cure In all lt Htupef!, and then -j
Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is the on'.y
positive cure now known to the medical
fraternity Catarrh belnj? a constitutional
disease, requires a constitutional treat
ment. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken In
ternally, ucllnc directly upon the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system, there
by destroying the foundation of the dis
ease, and giving tlitt patient strength by
building up the constitution and assisting
nature in doing its work The proprietors
have so much faith in Its curative pow
ers that they offer One Hundred Dollars
for any cast that It faHs to cure. Sond
for list of testimonials.
Addrraa: T J CHKNET CO, Toledo. O.
Hold tiy all DruBRliU. lie
Take Hall's Family Pills for conetlpMlon.
Go to Pnul Kaiaor's forStoffens
Ice Oronm.
I If you want it to bring
53, Avenue Hotel.
Subscribe Toctay
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic Combines bo4b
In Tasteless form. The Quinine drives
out Malaria and the Iron builds up
the System. For Adults and
You know what you ore taking when
you take GROVE'S TASTELESS chill
TONIC, recoRnlied for 30 years through
out the South as the standard Malaria,
Chill nnd Fever Remedy and General
Strengthening Tonic. It Is os strong at
the strongest hitter tonic, but you do not
taste the bitter because the ingredients
do not dissolve in the mouth hut do dis
solve readily in the acids of the stomach.
Guaranteed by your Druggist. We mean
It. 50c.
there is Only One "IlROMD QLiNlNB"That is LAXATIVE DROMO QDINK,
f.oot for Signature of E.W.GRONEou cvervbor. Cure a CnH in n. R ?
A Doctor in
An Emergency
The ovor ready Modioino Cnb
inot will alTord immedinte relief,
prevent sorious illnoss and roduoo
your doctor bills.
This cnbinot contnins onrofully
solocted and propounded goner
al purposo romodioa, rguaraatood
under tho puro food Inw, suoli as :
Ointmonts for all aches, pnins,
sprains, etc.
Corn Spots for corns, bunions,
callous, otc.
Lnxntivo Tablets for hoadnones
bouol troubles, otc.
Pile Ointmonts for nil kinds of
piles, etc.
('old Tablota for LaGrippe,
colds, coughs, otc.
Digestivo Tablets for indigos,
tion, dyapopsia, otc.
Holding Ointmonts, for outs,
burns, bruises otc.
Cntnnrh Bnlm, for ontanrh otc.
All Bnfe to use with full direc
tions nnd instructions as to symp
oms and treatment ot samo.
This cnbinot is n work of nrt
nnd nn ornnmont suitable for the
best household. Wben n propnra
tion line booomo .oxhaustod the
same can bo duplicated.
Tho regular prico of this cnb.
inot is $3.00 but wo nre placing on
tho mnrket for n short time only
ns nn introductory ofTer n number
of thoso cabinets for $1.00 onoh.
Sond now boforo ofier ia with
drawn. The Hamilton Drug Co.
Hamilton, Ohio.
First pub. April 9 lnat April 2S.
In the District Court of tho Fif
teenth Judioinl Distriot of Okla
homa, sitting within nnd for the
county of Cnddo.
T. O. Evnns plnintifT.va L. S.
Brnendlo dofondunt.
Snid defondnnt L. S. Brnendlo
will tnko notico that ho hns boen
auod in the nhove ontitlod court
for Two Thouannd Four Hundred
(2,-100) Dollnrs nnd that an order
of attachment has boon isauodout
of tho above court and leviod up
on the following roal property to
wit: theN. E.iof thoS. W. ,
nnd Lot Numbor 0 of Section
Twenty.nino (29) in Township
Seven (7) North of Rnnge Ton(10)
W. I. M. in Cnddo county, and
State of Oklahoma and must
nnBwer tho petition filed thoroin
by said plaintiff on or before the
26th day of May A. D 11114. or
said petition will bo taken ns true
nnd a judgment for Bf id plnintiff
in tuid notion for Twenty Four
flundrod ($2100) dollnrs with in
terest on $1100 from December
l.'Hh lUtn nt i nor Mnf nn- n
num will bo rondorod accordingly!
Attest Thon tt OnlUo I
Cloik of Said Court
Grov6r C. Wnmsloy.
Attornoy for Plnintiir.
the highest pricesSPhone
The 'wonderful, Old Reliable Dr. Porter
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Old R. R. Surgeon. Prevents Blood
Thousands of families know it ahead'
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PflKTP.K'S ANTIcnn-nn nmriv
OIL is the most wonderful remedy evj
7. wumiua, Hums, umoon.
SorfrThrnnf. SI-in or Qi1n T:..A.M -t
fill trrtntlf1 on1 awavm a1 1I... . 1.
biigiu or serious, continually people ay
......r ,ir naca iui 4U13 laiUOUB l
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We mean I
ncan it. 25c, 60c, $1.00 'I
u it i m ; n.. u.bnr . ....w.j,
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