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The TZuftneff
Heredity, Care and Feed Needed to
Produce Big Milkers.
I Vermont 8tt Agricultural College.
To Insure strotiR. vlRorotiq calves be
Kin curing for tlicm before lilrth liy
j;lvInK I lie mother ptilntiihle mill nnlii
tloim fooil, rich In protein nnl null
Clover liny, corn sllnijo ami from to
rtn four pouniN of jjriilii mlxtiiru nntilo
of two inrtH (by weight) f ohH, two
lmrlH wlicHt bran mul one pitrt IIikhmM
oil inenl fonn nn excellent ration for
.UiLs purpose. Clvo (,'ruln itarliigly for
u fow tlnj-H before nn'il after onlvliiR.
It is Important 11 oh If rerclvo the
ilrst, or colostrum, milk of tin- ilnni,
being rich In mineral matter, with lax
ntlvo proportion necessary lo proveut
digestive illrfonlorH. Ilemovo tlio calf
from Its dam within three ilnys from
blrtb, ns t lie sooner It Is removed tbo
more easily It la taught to drink from
tlit' pall.
Tho first two weeks feed (bo en If
three times dally, giving eight to ten
pounds of milk per day tho Ilrst week
and (en to twelve pounds pur dny the
Hccoud week. Tho third week whole
milk may bo substituted by sklmmllk
n nil a grain supplement, so by the cud
of tile fourth week It has beeit entire
ly eliminated The amount of hkliu
milk may gradually be Increased to
nlxtcen or eighteen pounds dally
Ornln Is best fed dry, beginning with
11 handful after feeding milk When
the calf Is u month old and being fed
entirely on sklmmllk, liny and grain,
the amount of grain may be one-hnlf
pound dully, at the end of two mondis
line pound dally and at (ho end of
thrco months two pounds dully, and no
further Increase Is necessary for nix
months. A good mixture Is three parts
(by weight) of cornmeal, three parts
ground oats, three parts wheat bran
and one part Unseed oil men I.
Substitute For Skimmilk.
If the skltnmllk Is limited various
mibstitute.s may bo used after the calf
Is thirty days old. The Cornell station
found dried sklmtnllk powder gave the
best results, and Schumacher's calf
meal and nintchford's calf meal gave
good results, strong calves having been
raised by their use without milk.
In raising calves Indigestion or
scours are often troublesome and are
traced to one or more of the following
muses: Too much milk, cold milk, sour
milk, unclean palls or unclean sur
roundings. Tho best remedy Is to re
move tho cause. When a severe ease
appears reduce the feed at once and
give three ounces of castor oil In a
pint of milk, to be followed In four to
nil hours by a teaspoonful of a mix
ture of one part snlol and two p.irts
nubnltroto of bismuth three times daily
until tho calf Improves.
The Old Standard Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic is Equally
Valuable as a General Tonic because it Acts on the Liver,
Drives Out Malaria, Enriches the Blood and Builds up
the Whole System. For Grown People and Children .
You know what you are taking when you take Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic
as the formula is printed on every label showing that it contains the well knon
tonic properties ol QUININI5 and IRON. It is as strong as the strongest bittei
tonic and is in Tasteless I'orni. It has no equal for Malaria, Chills and Pever,
Weakness, general debility and loss of appetite. Gives life and vigor to Nursing
Mothers and Pale, Sickly Children. Removes Biliousness without purging.
Relieves nervous depression and low spirits. Aiouss the liver to action and
purifies the blood. A True Tonic and Sure Appetizer. A Complete Strengthened
No family should be, without it. Guarantied by your Druggist. We mean it. 50c.
IrSasS? SafcC J a .rwaHBBBJBMSW.
aaKsa1?"-? Jl
The Delightful
Lm!Lpi f M
)"' 'w" '
kuill Ha LaMaav 'I
tan mi .
llK ' 1
tp$ m
New State Tea (the finest produced) or Louis
Tea (high grade-popular priced)
which is packed in saimarv air-light packages in China
and Japan and is opened in your kitchen. Select
your favorite varict) of New State or Louis Tea Gun
powder, Imperial, liaskft hired Japan Look for them
on your uroccr's hrlf Ask him -Insist upon them.
The Williamson-Halsell-Frasier Co.
Importm, Wholesale Grocer.
Especially Handy on Leased Land.
After the brooder, before tho Inylng
house, what then"' The tolony house
Is (tip Nimwer. Chicks are geiiorsllj
ready to lesve the brooder Ht alxiut six
weeks of ski thst Is, heu full)
feathered They are then able to take
care of themselves during (he du.i
time, and, except on cold, rainy dsjs,
the ipitwtlau of artlnclsl best Is not
There are several types of colony
houses, but nil should have tho follow
lug features: Perfectly dry, freedom
from drafts, well ventilated, easy to
rliMiii and move (this latter should be
done eery season), mid, lastly, they
should be attraetlxe, but Inexpensive
Don't crowd the chicks In tho colony
house. Itemembor, they will be 11 1
most grown before they aro moved
again. Have perches removable, and
do not allow tho ehleks to roost until
their bones have hardened up consider
ably, or they may have crooked breast
bones. When loosts arc given, have
them nt lenst two Inches wide.
Can Be Mad or Bought.
Kor small (locks suitable colony
houses may be made from large store
boxes by covering the lop and tlnee
sides with tar paper, the other side
being innde of cellar window wire ex
tending six Inches down from the top
which should ordlunrily be left unrov
prod, but there should be a curtain to
drop over It in bad weather. The bal
ancc of the side should be hinged so It
can be thrown open during (he day
admitting sunshlno and fresh nlr.
The "A" shaped colony house Is
iul(e a favorite, as It combines roof
and two Hides In one piece. It has also
the added virtue of being cheap, but Is
uot so easily cleaned as somo of the
Most colony houses average about
0 by 8 feet In sire, with shed roof and
a largo wlro covered window with cur
tain In front. This type should lie
built on skids, so that they can be
easily drugged to new ground with the
aid of n horse, and, If tightly built,
bouses of this sort can 1k used for lay
era and also breeders In the winter by
the addition of nests, hoppers, etc
A word about placing the hoii"o.
Choose well drained ground thnt Is
covered with a heavy, sweet sod. An
old orchard Is r.lmost Ideal, as the
trees fiirnMi shade during (he hot
summer days. Clean away any brush
plies or thickets whKli might harbor
vermin, and if the same ground must
be used year after year llmo It, plow
It down each fall anil sow with some
suitable crop which will nffoid green
pasture for the growing birds.
Fragrant a the new blown rose In
lie Orient, where the best tea is
criwr, the gardens jield two and
sometimes three crops or picking
from the same plant The first pick-
mi: is in May The oung leaves
are tenderest, lull of fragrance and
strength The tea which is brewed
from them is clear and pure The later
pickinus'.irc heavier and have not the
natural sweetness of the first crop
which makes tea one of the most
deiuious of beverages You can always get
the early May pit king ol Orient Tea if you
buy the saniurv packages of
Coffer Rcattera, Manufacture.
Farmer's 'Page
Perhaps the first essential for n uc
eoxiful garden Is to plan It on paper
In delHll hefore starting so as to nntt
no valuable space. Thus If a home Is
to ho used for rtilllvatlng make tho
panic i) long mid narrow. If, on (lie
oilier hniiil, tho work Is to be dono liy
hand tho rows should bo nearer tojtotli
or and tlicpT'lcn may ho lthorriiiarp
or roctNiiKulnr,
Provide plenty of uinnure, (hat fall
liiK. 'twu fertilizer, iwrt hpiiIIihI when
plowliifr and part In tho row a the
plants iimhI It Thorn who have no
cold frame chhIic will llnd tho little
."Ingle- tln nt fnuuoa a croat help In
Martini; tho melons, cucumbers. 4tirly
annual How or neisN, hoairn, ole. These
Mint about ?8r0 for ton and eomo
knocked down, with the bolt holey all
bored, no that It only takes a few mo
ments with 11 wromli to put them to
gether An added advantage of these
mm 1 1 fnimcH la (hat Insects may he
kept from the jouriK plants until they
art; strong enough to withstand (heir
Tools and RetulU.
As to tools, there nro n few Hint
are Indispensable and a fow more
that add lo tho Joy of gnnlenlncr. The
necessary oiioh Ineludo 11 heart Hhaped
hoe, a small garden boo, a spading
fork, Fpade. long handled shovel, rsihe,
garden reel nud 1(K) feel of lino and a
dibber The tools which inaUo work
easy aro tho wheel boo with all its ac
cessories, vveodorx, plows, rakes, seisl
er marker mid cultivators, the kuap
naek sprayer and 11 largo watering pot
with a One no.zle. The w heel hoe bo
tomes almost human when guided by
nil intelligent hand and does away
with hand hoeing entirely. A fow mo
ments spent each pleasant day In (he
garden (for n family of (he) will pro
dueo astonishing results.
As a rule, children aro particularly
Interested In growing crops and have
lepeatodly proved their interest In
making gardens bloom, as, for exam
ple, the government agricultural ex
periments with girls and boys amply
assure us. In Kuglaud, of course, (he
garden beeomes nil absorbing from
February until November, and the
writer recalls n little garden, 50 by 100
feet, cured for by 11 man who owned
a small hotel, and from this productive
plot ho supplied salads, early potatoes,
strawberries, peas, beans, tomatoes
and (lowers (o his guests. More than
this, tho garden became through his
loving earu tpillp a feature of the ho
tel, and new arrivals would be heard
Hiking If they wero In time for the
"strnwberrles" or the "pens'' or what
ever It might be. which tho season and
the wonderful garden had (o offer.
Or for a red, rough,
coarse, pimply, blotch
ed, unsightly skin,
there is nothing better II
than U
A.D.S. J
Agreaseless, fra
grant, effective
toilet cream, which
removes impuri
ties from the pores,
and tends to make
the skin soft, clear
and beautiful.
Get it at any A IX S.
II Drugstore.
U Look W the
X. alen,
.tt( xrcbile Tires
at factory prices
Stive From 80 to GO Per Cout
Tiro Tube Kolinor
28x3 8 7. 20 1 $1.(55 $1.35
0x3 7.80 l.Ho 1.40
30x3J 10.80 2.80 J90
32x3 Il.flO 2.1I5 2.00
IS 1x3 12.40 3.00 2.05
82x1 t 13.70 3.35 2.40
"33x4 f 14.80 3.50 2.45
34x4 16.80 3.150 2.f0
36x1 1G.85 3.00 2.80
1351 19.75 4.85 3.45
:3x4 19.85 4.SJ0 3.150
:37xl 21.50 5.10 3.70
87x5 21.90 2,'JO 4.20
All other sizes in stock. Non
Skid tires 15 per cent additional,
rod tubes ton por cont nbovo groy
All now, olenn, frosh gunrniiteed
tires. Best standard and icdepen
dont mnkes. Buy direot from us
and 6 vo monoy. 5 per cont die-
count If payment in full accom
panies each ordor, 0( O. D. on 10
per oent deposit.
Tire Factories Sales Co.
DepU A Dnytou, Ohio
Perfect Fruit Admits No Insect
Tho warm, bright dajs of early
spring bring to life the Insect world
mid tho nnmiHl campaign of destni.
lion bet-In ma soon as the tlrt leaves
npponr. Thla l. (hen. 0110 of (ho most
erlllral (Hue, and the spraylnn whl ii
Is done In May mid .lum will count f..i
much In a tmily war aa-alnst these
pUi Tho tlrst sprnytiiR Is dono with
ropper sulphr . but when tho bins
soiiim have formed tho apple trees
Hhould be sprayed mtnlu "Ith it s.ilu
tlon of hordpnut mul porta grwii nn-v
or spray fruit tree while In Ii1osmhi
(o kill the Insects that wero not on
hand when the flmt sprajlng was done
The Imrdoaux may I hi pun-haws! al
ready inixtsl mid parts green added In
the proportion of 0110 wund to ICO gal
Ions of iKirilenux. See that tho agl
tutor In the prayer works freely and
does tho work thoroughly, mid a pair
of automobile goggles will bo found
very UK-ful In protecting tho eyes
while spraying.
Tho next sprayltiR should bo after
tho blossoms have fallen (but while the
llttlo apples aro still standing upright),
using (ho snmo solution, and this w
tho most Important treatment in the
light agslnst the codling moth
Other Fruitt to Be Sprayed.
Spray tho following fruits Just after
the blossoms have fallen and um for
cherries, bordeaux to prevent rot
pears, bordeaux and parls green
qulncos, bordeaux for leaf and fruit
spot; grapes (spray when flowers open),
bordeaux for fungi; plums should re
ceive the same treatment; goosober
rles and currants. Iwrdcaux and puns
green, mid these t.hould be sprayed at
the Ilrst sight of worms; pouches, bor
deaux to prevent rot and mildew, and
theso should bu sprayed Just before the
flowers open.
In spralng bear In mind (hat birds
will suffer If poisons are used In great
er strength than Is absolutely required,
for, while n poisoned worm will not. as
n rule, kill a full grown bird, it may
kill the tledgllngs. Keep tho hark of
the frnlt freo well scraped, thus de
stroying tho breeding places of many
pests, and In trying to get rid of tent
enterplllars do not bum the nests, fur
It very seriously Injures the trees, but
look Instead for the rlng-IIke egg clus
tors, which may be seen In eaily spring
on tho smnll twigs, nud cut off nnd
burn them. Afler young caterpillars
hatch out they soon begin to weave a
tent, (o which (hey retreat at night and
In stormy weather, and It is then the
nests should bo either ,ut off and burn
(si or gathered by hand and destroyed
If given proper protection (ho blids
themselves will do wonders toward
keeping down (hose insect pests and
should tlieiof'iro alvva.vs ho eucuuragul
In every wv "losslblo
RosidoncolPhono 223.
Lower & Son
Wnll Paper, Paints and Glues,
Paper Hanging, Painting und
Opposite People's Store.
Beautiful College Pennants
Yale and Harvard, each 0 in x 24
in Princoton, Cornell and
Minhigan Each 7x 21 in
Alllbest quality foil" with folt
heading, streamers, letters and
masoot executed in proper colors.
This splendid assortment sont
postpaid for 50 cents. Sond now.
Howard Specialty Company
Dayton, Ohio
Are You a Woman ?
The Woman's Tonic
Saved Girl's Life S
"I want to tell you what wonderful benefit I have re- J
ceived lrom the use of Thcdford's Black-Draught," writes
Mrs. Sylvanla Woods, of Clifton Mills, Ky.
"It certainly has no equal for la grippe, bad colds, J
liver and stomach troubles. I firmly believe Black-Draught
saved my little girl's life. When she had the measles,
they went in on her, but one good dose of Thcdford's
Black-Draught made them break out, and she has had no
more trouble 1 shall never be without
in my home." For constipation, indigestion, headache, dizzi- J
ncss, malaria, chills and fever, biliousness, and all similar j
ailments, Thcdford's Black-Draught has proved itself a safe, Sj
reliable, gentle and valuable remedy.
If you suffer from any of these complaints, try Black-
Draught. It is a medicine of known merit. Seventy-five
years of splendid success proves its value. Good for J
young and old. For sale everywhere. Price 25 cents.
Funeral Directors
Licensed Embalmers
Day Phone 178; KTightlPhone 226
'" Quick! -TSSv
' -nt-yB I , - artj
In luL
.,. . U,M1, 1 in bu tlie i Uvct ul
nuiiJilnif oni.'ii voobulKry ariI
fanlitntiffh eipnwuti bl I0a .
It lo iocJuijMi.
Vurwiav Wur mi 1 QuuIMioim.
C-imiiurrf tl I I-kbII1 mil
tjkMHMyiit Av.t urn Tiini
OlMBuryof Aot'.nHitMWTenra.
UiAiof in Circuiktiou In th IT S
t i 5 A I JWTM9
I sjI .11 ISXIB
35c Tho
l Crcally Hfductd
Inn Site ol Book
7Hi5W Incltfi.
8n.i piMiUd
Gentlemen's Driving Jlloihu
Will Receive Special Ciiro
The City
Special Attention Given to
I W'J-. 'ft
! i.rsSN'j'. I ,
vi' ' III ill Ml TOWN
v. f ipmat m
f U
All klneli of dictionaries havo been olTcrwl lliroudli new.
nptratull kituls of iirlai, but hero a the l-ArKf
d.rlcr ry-t!ic lILSrot nil juit otr tl)iir. Kt
Uiruust.uut, and Ii eiven to YOU nbwjlutely t'Kt.t.
th (raatost Wtckly Hawapaapar Published, wa
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Tbnk'.fi- nine Uid.(T,Tr Ilk thl KKLl: All lli w bmik
wtUi Oi Ulett pr.nuniiAtini nl ww ,l-flnlllon. MAgnilWnt
Rtad Thla Partial List of contents. m
im UitheetonultM 1J
Ntttimihl 1. bit u( Urt Wort.
tlunary vt M nj uhJ lit i itivii.
it lioa a r - iJt iimttrtnem tj
Urar ' ,.ik SYNONYMS nj
AM.'-. Aj. "f win -h ir
lli'Ulwill uf Uu IMitnl MttlM
Nuiira i' tin Wt aud tUir
pMiiv Ih.ii)s of lh WarM.
Ntekmuii. tit 8u(M ami Oriyl-
NK-knni of Famou IVnwo
kU-aln u. HoUiV..
vatucftf 1-V.frim 'iihi.
fiuiii Al.utl.- lrlh
MMUiifwa of l-1vwn, fi i,
IlirthftoivML and llirtli.li
lAttt Uniteu BiJMi iuii..
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UieriONAIiY PNCB, utir (rfMW, tu
ur nxUMiy unlr uric tml tu Rtamp
IhU trtv iiltvr huu t iMt lo
U ail atunrl
All Work Guarantocil
New Blacksmith
Lame and Interfering Horsca
wTiri JO JaVa

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