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Anadarko Daily Democrat
Democrat Publishing Company,tOwners.
T. J. Lewis, Manager
Entered ntj the'poBtolHcoJjit
ooooiul olaBs'inattor.
fl KiiioBjo;conlB por'wook.
Dr. Burke's
A Truly Scientific Catarrh Curo-Backed by Penonal Guarantee ol
Dr. Chaa. L. Burko, tbo Emlnant Catarrh Specialist
, a.it..w ni..nilv Parfumad Dallchtful to Use Glvaa Inatant Italia!
Claara Haaa Ilka Mal.
tlafcaa Straatblnc Easy and
Nataa-al Inaoraa Sound, Ra
traahlnc Slaap.
llr llnrke n
Nlsfcta, - RoaniiB.
Taaalnr, 5nortnE
oranr olhrr
; (For Congress
r Don. Scott Form cnndiiliite for
tho Moinintition lor Congress irom
tho Oth District.
For Supremo .Judgo
' Vt nro authorized to announce
F. F. Kiddle for Supremo Court
Judge of tho Fourth Judicial
District, subject to the action of
the Domocriitio primiiry.
"" For District Judgo
" Wo nro authorized to nunounco
Judge Will Linn of ChiokiiBhu for
District JudRO of tho Fifteenth
Judicial District, Biibjoct to tho
notion of tho democratic primary
Wo nro authorized to announco
Theodore Pritott of Anadarko for
District Judge of tho Fifteenth
J udrciul. District, Bubject to tho
notion of tho democratic primary
.'.County Judge
Wo nro nuthorized to announco
a R- Johnson for County Judge
of Caddo county, subject to tho
notiou of the Democratic primary,
Ba&OA mTTm
County 'Jreasurer
Wo nro authorized to announce
.7. F. Ellison, of Ft. Cobb, for
County- Treasurer of Caddo
nnntilv. Biibieot to tb o action of
the Deuiooratio primary.
For KeproBontntivo
Wnnm authorized to announce
f n onri'H ns a candidate for
Representative subject to tho no
tion of the democratic primary.
Wnnro autliorized to announce
Al. S Hatchott iib a candidate for
liepresontativo, aubjeot to tho no
tion of tho denioorntio primnry.
WTo nro nuthorizod to nunounco
F. J. MoKonim of Cement as a
candidate for ltoprosentatlvo, Bub.
jeot to tho Hction of tho domo
oratio primary. ZZZm
' We are authorized to announce
J. A. Baker ns n candidate for
lJeproBontative Bubject to tho
.notion of I he Democratic primary.
For County Superintendent
Wo nre nuthorizod to nunounco
O. W. RaBiire for County Super
iutoudent of Public Instruction,
oubjeot to the action of the Demo
orotic primary., hb&, ..31
Wo nre nutlnrizod to nnnounce
Airs. Kate StevonB of Apaohe for
County Superintendent of Publio
Instruction, subject to tho notiou
of the Domooratio primnry.
Wo nTe nuthorized to nnnounoe
Airs. Linna Reoco Lowther na n
onndidnte for County Superiu
tendent, subject to tho notion of
tho republican primary.
We nro authorized to nnnounce
Miss Knte Couley iib n candidnto
for County Superintendent, sub
ject to tho notion of the democrntio
primnry. .
For County Attorney
Wo nro nuthorized to nnnounco
W. W. Vnughn ns n candidnto foi
County Attorney subjoot to tho
uotlou of tho domoorntio primnry.
Wo aro authorized to nnnounco
Grovor C. Wnmsley ns a enndidnto
for County Attorney. Subject to J
notion of tho domocraiio primnry.
For Sheriff
fcWojaxo uulhori'od to ..announce
Ed Foster of Ft. Cobb,' for Sheriff
of Caddo county, subjoot to the
otion of tho Domoorntio primnry.
Anadarko.,. Oklahoma, au
Phono 83
Catarrh Remedy
aama formula uaad rasulaHy tir IT llurk
Is im private practice, mt ml! au M(uiif lurm uomanu
of lalarrh i-ar
Raault af 30 Yaara Study and Exaarlanca.
17 yi'r In Uurmwi I'UY Mn h ipn4aliM In the trcat
nint o( dlsrumn uf tbo I jr I'ar Kom mid Throat
Catarrh Ili-msdyooaUlna nocncalnr.morphlnr,
Ininrloun or hub t forming drur The treat
tent coatlala of a fine wtilte powder o tins thai wara a
Hinall quantity la 'puffed ' tnlo he now It forms a Ihln,
vaper-tthe anray, which flood thn nn.nl nm, aeethhtaT
the lallamed mambranaa ami allaying Miiammatto.
Mlopanaughing, inrrilnir hawkiutf, uplillnic rtt.jU In rar,
ore Uiroai, catarrhal uralnnu ami other eaiarrnal eymptonn
- a preventive against IlroncnUU, llaj Kttct and cen
A Oitaraataed Catarrh Cure offtre1 at a nemlaal coat,
VjLMUy wlthla the reach el all catarrh aafferera.
Whin UmUt for free booklet on "Catarrh and It Dart
Cera" and copy of legal binding gu areata a,
DR. CtlAS. L. UUKKU, 906 Wilahclni BHf., Kansas CIV. Mo,
Wo nro authorized to announce
Frank Lncoy as a candidate for
Shoriir, subject to tho . action of
domooratio primary, j
Wo are nnthorized.to nnnounco
Frnnk M. Sheets nB n candidato
for ShoritT, subject to tho action
of tho democratic primary.
Wo aro nuthorizod to 'nnnounco
A a Aloltou iib a enndidato for
Shoriir, subject to tho notion of
tho Democrntio primary
We nro nuthorizod to announce
A. J. Brown ui Cnrnogio, ns n
onndidnto for Shoriir, Biibjoct to
tho notion of thn Democratic pri
mnry. Court Clerk
Wo nro nuthorizod to nnnounco
Thoo U. Oolko for Court Clork,
subject to tho notion of tho Demo
cratic primnry.
Wo nro authorized to nnnounco
Leo E. Fitzpntrick of Hinton
township for Court Clork. sub
jeot to tho notion of the Domo
crntio primary.
"Wo nro nuthorizod to nnnounco
Paul C. Dawson of (Jarnegio ns n
candidate for Court Clerk, subject
to tho notion of thodomocrntio
I'or Commissioner
Wo nro nuthorizod to nnnounco
Dan Volmor for Commissioner
for tho 2nd district, Biibjoct to tho
action of tho Domoorntio primnry.
Wo nro nuthorizod to nnnounco
J R Shunk for Commissioner
from tho Second District subjoot
to tho notion of the Domocrntic
Wo aro authorized to nnnounco
D. G. Galloway iib a candidate
for Commissioner from tho so
oond DiBtriot, subjoct to tho ao
tion of tho Domocrnt primnry
Wo nre authorized to announce
S P RatlitV as a candidnto for
CommiBsioner from tho Third
District, subject to tho action of
tho Domooratio primary.,
Wo aro authorized to announce
Mnon Hestor for County Com.
missionor from tho third district
subject to tho notion of tho demo.
oratic primary.
We nro authorized to announco
John T. Rlackmoroasn candidato
for county commissioner from the
2nd district subject to tho action
of the Progressive primary Aug.
For County Abbobsot
We aro authorized to nnnounce
F. F. Burkhnlter for County Ab
sesaor subjoot to tho notiou of the
democratic primary.
We are nuthorized to announce
J. R. (Jim) HalBoy as a candidnto
for County Assessor subject to
tho action of tho uemoorntic pri
" ' ' ' ' i
For County Clork
Wo nro nut homed to nnnounco
L. N. Vodder ns a enndidato for
County Clork, subjoot to tho no
tion of the domocrntic primnry.
w "After four in our family had died
a uf cougiiuiution 1 was taken with
ii minimi luugii uuu uuk uuuuu',
but icy life was payed uuu I gained
87 pounds through using
W, It Patterson, Wellington, Tex.
Owing to tho lnigo number of
now motion picturo thontros which
nro being opened throughout the
country, thoro is oll'ored to tho
men nnd aomon of to-day, a now
profossion, namoly, that of writing
moving pioture plays. Producers
are pnying from $25 to $150 for
oaoh scenario accepted, uponjii four rooin housos for Apaohe
which thoy can build n photo piny
S3500 in Six Months
As it only roquiros it fow hours'
timo to construct n complete piny,
you can rondily boo tho immense
possihiliticB in this work. Ono
man, who gave tho iden a tryout,
writes that he earned $.'1500 in six
months. It is possible for an in
telligent porson to meet "with
oqunl success,
Urns fontura of tho business
which should npponl to everyone,
is that tho work may be done nt
homo in spnro timo. No litoinry
ability is roquired and womon
have iib groat an opportunity nB
man, Ideas for plots are constuntly
turning up, and may bo put in
scenario form nnd sold for a good
Particulrrs Sent FREE
Complete pnrticulnrs of this
moBt interesting nnd profitable
profession may bo had frco of
ohnrgo by Bonding n poBt card to
Piioto-Play Association
Box 158 Wilkes. Barre Pa
Or. King's New Discovery
SI Completo Shaving Outfit $1
lOArticloB 10
To advertise
Shaving Outfit
our TJniversnl
nnd Universal
Products wo will for a limited
timo only, Bond this well worth
$:i.00 Shaving Outiit for $1.00.
Wo soil our produots to tho con
sumor diroot and therefore you
savo nil agents' profits which as
you know nro very lnrge.
1 Hollow Ground Rnzor.
1 5-inch Lather Brush.
1 Razor Strop, Canvas Back.
I Niokol Easol Back Mirror.
1 yiJ'inch Barber Towol.
1 Bar Shaving Soap.
I Box Tnloum Powder.
1 Decornted Chinn Mug.
1 Aluminum Bnrbor Comb.
1 Bristle Hair BriiBh.
Not more than ono outfit to
each consumer. Agents need not
Each outfit packed in neat box
Universal Produots Co.
Dayton, Ohio
dmiAS HonoD
n ann N3aaiiio?J
"U-ajv'LondonTango Necklac
" VO Pvfflvn Xlinr' RrMrtf
Theso two bonntiful pieces of
popular jewelry are the craze
among pooioty women in Now
YorK nnd tho largest cities. They
nre nont and olegnnt gold finished
articles that will glndden the
nenrt os every girl or woman, no
mnttor how young or old. very
stylish nnd attractive.
Our Fruo OfFor. Wo are adver
tl8ing Spoarmint Chewing Gum
j and desire to placo a big box of
this fine, healthful gum into eveiy
home. It sweetens the breath
whitens the teeth nnd nids di
eoBtion. It is refreshing and
pleasing to nil. To every Indy Bend
ing us but 50o ,wo will Bhip n big
box of 20 regular no packages of
tho Spearmint Gum nnd inoludo
tho oogant "Tango' nooklaco
and "Evelyn Thaw" bracelet ab
solutoly freo.
This otVor is for n Bhort(time on
ly. Nut' more than 2 orders to
ono party, Dealers not nllowod to
nccopt this.
American Sales Go. .
12 Dayton. Ohio.
Mosoly's Stock ('ompnny nt the
Airdome. Watch for date.
Dopnrtmontof tho Intorior
U.S. Indian Sorvice,
Kiown Indian Agency,
Anadarko, Oklnhomn,M.tylU,itlM.
beled Proposnls, plninly mnrK-
od on envelope "Proposals for
Indians," and addressed to tho
Superintendent of tho Kiown
Indian Agoncy, Anadarko, Okln
hotna, will bo received nt tho
Agoncy until 2 o'clock P. M. May
21), 1M I.
For tho convenionco of bidders,
plans and specifications have boon
placed with tho First Nationnl
Hunk of Atmcho. Oklahoma, for
nxnminntion and also at the
Agency ofllco in Anndarko.
Ernest Stookor,
A Snap
3 room houEc, 0 ft. lot, well
nnd pump, cement walkjn front
For short timo only Prico $2."i0.
v Baldwin A: Gibbs.
All member of Cnnton, Anndnr
ko No. 14, nro requested to bo
present Snturdny night nt tho re
gulnr mooting. A clnBB will be
muctered in. Be sure nnd come.
Refreshments will bo served.
Sale At
A Bargain
I havo Ono 2 Row 8 shovel Cul
tivntor nnd 3 two row cultivntors
with disonnd stiovol for listed corn
nnd cotton "cultivating ench of
which nro for sulo nt n bnrgain.
Also 2 nearly now surreys, 2 good
second Land top buggies nnd 2
second hand runabouts.
For constipntion, Chnmber
Inin's Tablets nre excellent Ensy
to tnito, mild and gentle in effect.
Give thorn n trial. For snlo by
Knrl Douglns.
To Taxpayers
The Bonrd of County Corarnis
sioners of Caddo county will meet
as n Board of Equalization for
Caddo County on Monday, Juno
1, 1DM and will consider such buB.
iness ns may come undor their
jurisdiction, ns follows:
From 1st Commissioners Dis
trict Juno 2, 1014.
From 2nd Commissioners Dis
trict on Wednesday Juno 3.
From 3rd Commissioners Dis.
trict Thursday June 4.
Any person who feels himself
aggrieved as to tho 15)14 assess
ment ns. listed by tho County Ab.
Bessor shall appenr on above speci
Tied date nnd onter complaint
hereto nnd any person who knows
of omitted property or property
not assessed at its fair value shall
appenr on above specified datos
and enter protest.
Come only on tho date set for
your district
Frank Carpenter,
County Assessor.
Buccecd when everything clae falls.
In nervous prostration and female
WentnesWs they nre the nuprcme
remedy,' a thqustrndtifrave. testified.
It la the best medicine eVer sold
over c druggist's counter.
Every Woman
Should Have
This Set
Our Milady's Combination Toi
let Perfumo Set.
This set contnins 5 of our most
populnr prepnrntions.
1 Bottlo Milndy's Perfumo.
1 Lnrge Bottlo Milndy'B Sham
poo. I enko milady's otiMolo soap.
1 jnr milady's tobo cold croam.'
I sifter box milady's tnloum
You know theso preparations,
thoy nro famous for thoir pure
qualities and agreeable odors.
They nro being sold tho world ov
er at fsom 5Co to $1.00for ench
preparation. Your dealer would
charge you not Joss than 12.50 for
tho sot and vo are offering it to
you for u limited timo only for
Vanity Purso Freo
Freo if you will Bond in your
order now wo will send you abso
lutely freo with this set, ono sim
ulation german Bilver vanity
purse, Now York's lntcst craze.
This purso is of striped design,
two ball clasp, with cnblo link
chain Silkolino lined, ono sido
contains half pocket, other sido
with spring coin holders, dime,
nicklo nnd qnnrtor.
We will send Milndy's Bet com
pleto with Ynnity purse if you or.
der nt once for $1.00. Wo sell'di
rect. Ordor now todny.
Agents need not writo.
Sond ten cents in stamps to
cover postaco. Send $1 coin or
money order.
Universal Product Co.
5 Dayton, Ohio.
Cough Medicine
For Children
Too much caro cannot bo 'used
in selecting n cough medicino for
children. It should bo pleaunnt to
tnke,contnin no harmful substnnce
and bo most effectual. Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy meets those
requirements nnd is n favorite
with tho mothers of young child
ren everywhere. For sale by Karl
$100 Reward, $100
The readers of tliln paper will be
pleased to learn that there Is at leas', one
dreaded disease that science has been
able to cure In all IIh stages, and thaS. x
Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is the on'.y
positive cure now known to the medical
fraternity Catarrh belnc a constitutional
disease, requires a constitutional treat
ment. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken in
ternally, acting directly upon the blood
and mucous surface of the system, there
by destroying the foundation of the dls
ensc. and giving the patient strength by
building up the constitution and assisting
nature In doing Its work The proprietors
have so much faith In It" curative pow
ers that they offer One Hundred Dollars
for any case that It faHs to cure. Bend
for list of testimonials.
Addrm: F J ClIKNfY & CO. Toledo, O.
Ho I a by all PruKKlsIs ?tc
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation
Go to Paul Kaiser's for Stoffens
Ice Cream.
If you want it to bring
53, Avenue Hotel.
Subscribe TodLy
Grove Tasteless chlU Tonic Combines both
In Tasteless form. The Quinine drives
out Malaria and the Iron builds up
the System, For Adults and
You know what yon ate taking when
you take GROVB'S TASTELESS chill
TONIC, recognized for 30 years through
out the South as the standard Malaria,
Chill nnd Fever Remedy and General
Strengthening Tonic. It is as strong ns
the strongest bitter tonic, but you do not
taste the bitter because the ingredients
do not dissolve in the mouth but do dis
solve readily in the acids of the stomach.
Guaranteed by your Druggist. We mean
Jt. 50c. ' ' '
took for signature of E. W, GROVE on every box. Cores a Cold ji pe. Bay, Z5l
A Doctor in
An Emergency
Tho over ready Modioino Cnb
inot will nfford immodiato relief,
prevont serious illness and roduoo
your doctor bills.
This cabinet contains cnrefully
selected and propounded gonor
al pnrposo remedies, fgunrniitoed
under the pure food law, such as :
Ointmonts for all aches, pnins,
sprains, etc.
Corn Spots for corns, bunions,
callous, otc.
Laxativo Tablots for hoadaolios
bowol troubles, etc.
Pilo Ointmonts for all kinds of
piles, otc.
Cold Tablots for LaGrippo,
colds, coughs, otc.
Digostivo Tablots for indigos,
tion, dyspepsia, otc.
floating Ointmonts, for cuts,
burns, bruises otc.
Cntnnrh Balm, for cataarh oto.
All snfo to use with full direct
tions nnd instructions ns to symp
oms nnd trentmont of snmo.
This cabinot is n work of nrt
nnd an ornament suitablo for tho
best household. When u prepara
tion hns becorao oxhaustod tho
same can be duplicated.
Tho regular price of this cab.
inot is $3.00 but wo are placing on
the market for a short time only
ns nn introductory offer n number
of theso cnbinots for $1.00 onoh.
Sond now boforo otier is with
drawn. I
Tho LTnmilton Drug Co.
Hamilton, Ohio.
First pub. April 0 last April 23.
In tho District Court of tho Fif
teenth Judicial District of Okla
homa, sitting within and for the
county of Cnddo.
T. O. Evnns plaintiff.vs L. S.
Brnendlo dofondunt.
Snid dofondnnt L. S. Braendle
will take notice that ho hns boon
suod in tho above entitled court
for Two Thousand Four Hundred
(2,400) Dollars and that nn ordor
of nttnebmont has been issued out
of tho nbovo court and levied up
on the following real property to
wit: thoN. E2iof the S. W. $;
nnd Lot Number (5 of Soction
Twonty-nino (25t) in Township
Sevon (7) North of Rnngo Ton(10)
W. I. M. in Cnddo county, nnd
Stnto of Oklahoma and must
answer tho petition filed therein
by Baid plaintiff on or before tho
26th day of May A. D 15114, or
said petition will bo takon ns true
and a judgment for said plaintiff
in said action for Twenty Four
Hundred (2400) dollars with in
torost on $1400 from December
13th 10 8 it 0 per cent per an
num will be rendered accordingly
Attest Thoo. G. Oolke,
Cloik of Said Court'
Grov6r C. Wamsloy.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
the highest pricesJPhone
The Wonderful, Old Reliable Dr. Porter'
Antiseptic Healing Oil. An Antlseptie
Surgical Dressing discovered by an
Old R, R. Surgeon. Prevents Blood
Thousands of families know it already
and a trial will convince you that DR
OIL is the most wonderful remedy eve
discovered for Wounds, Burns, Old Sores
Ulcers, Carbuncles, Granulated EyejLids
poreunroar, ouin or acaip uiseascsiam
all wounds and external diseases whethe
slight or serious. Continually people arl
finding new uses for this famous oil
rel2fly ,Gu?tnteedbvyour Drurgisil
Wemeanlt?25c,50c,ilTOO J

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