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Walter Baker & Co.'s j
Breakfast Coeoa.
Because it is absolutely pure.
Because it is n'.t made by l!w s.c?.llec! Dutch Ptoce;s In
which chemicrJs are us ?..!. t
Because beans of the finest Quality are um1.
Because it is nude by a meihud which preserves unimpaired z
.1. . . ...,4 V., - .. . ....
lUC CUJUIMIC IlUllli.u .ivm diiu mini m uic i &uo, 4
5. Because it is the most economical, costing less than one cent
a cup. t
2 f , J I iZ'.-'lf I L! Be sjre that you get the genuine article made by WALTER
1 VVrrU3 UAKliR & CO. Ltd., Dorchester, Musi, bstablished 1780.
2 t)iJC5i.
fin fll
A f..lul I ' I'M I I
i mk y0 mn
Drs. B., S. & Co.
The Celebrated Specialist,
will be at
Tuesday, Feb. 23d, 1897.
Consultation and Examination Free and
Strictly Confidential.
DR5. B., S. & CO., devote their attention to
Diseases of the Eye, Ear, 'i nroai ana uungs,
Asthma ana uonsumpuon, ana anunronic, rnv
ute and Nervous Diseases. Deformities, Granu
lated Lids, Cross Eye, Deafness, Discharge of
the Ears, lironchltls, Chronic Cough. Goitre (big
neck.) Fever Sores and Ulcers, Hrlght's Dis
ease. Rheumatism, all diseases or Kidneys ana
11nrtriai T4part. Wtnmn n anil Kopvnna nlupn.RfH
Choreu i? v,tuj? Dance), General Debility, Scrofula, Skin Diseases, diseases of men and women,
uuu mi uibcimub uue to UUU UIOOU.
ELIPSEV OR FITS positively cured by a new and never falling remedy.
Drs. B., S. & Co. make a specialty of all form of Rectal Diseases, Piles internal and external
UCmng anu Oloedinir. Rectal TTlcBrs. k'lstllbl.whlrh urn nfrnn Inlinn fnr Morvnnu nnri Turn.
Trouble, all cured. Kemamber wo cure all forms of Piles without pain or interruption or detention
nuiu wuomcoo, uuu wituuut me use 01 Knire, caustic or ngaiuro. cone ana De covmcea.
TO YOUNG, MIDDLE AGED AND OLD MEN Suffering from Spermetorrhoea,
imiiuwuiyr-ijuai, wiiuuouu-or irom weuKness Drought on from errors or indiscretions in vouih
confidential nCC lat6r years' Blven Permanent relief. Absolute cures guaranteed. Strictly
TUMORS AND CANCERS cured without acids, knife, pain or scar. New methods.
CATARRH. New home treatment. Unsurpassed, and cheap. GUARANTEE to cure
every case of Dyspepsia, Sick Iieadace, Piles, Tape Worm and Stricture.
Ji7Ve will give special attention to difficult cases and to cases other physicians have failed
to cure. Persons applying for treatment will please bring two or three ounces of urine for analy
sis. 1 hose who are unable to call, can write full particulars of their case and have medicine sent
by express with full instructions how to be taken fSTTbo firm of Drs. ., S. & Co. was incorpor
ated several years s'uee with a capital of 150 u 0, hence you take no chances if you employ them.
They are responsible and well known. Address,
DRS. B., S. & CO., Lock Box 160, Muskegon, Mich.
SI. 00 -tMe- a, si.OO:
I Weekly IiMteh cea. I
The Greatest Republican Paper of the West. Z
IT is the most stalwart and unswerving Republican Weekly pub-
lishcd today and can always be relied upon for fair and honest re- 5
ports of all political affairs. Z
The Weekly Inter Ocean Supplies All of the News !
uuu me uesi 01 current Literature.
It is Morally Clean, and as a Family Paper is Without a Peer,
Literary Columns are eauai
to those of the best magazines.
Its Youth's Department is the
finest of its kind. ..."
It brings to the family the News or the Kntlre Morld and gives
the best and ablest discussions of all questions of the day. The
oUa'k--we8nKtv twelve paves of reading matter each week
and beinir published in Chicago is better adapted to the needs of
r . UD iiiiuijuauji muuiiiuins man any oiner paper.
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The Daily and Sunday Edi- S2c ! n"y y man u.oo per year
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llOnS 01 file Inter OCCan are S Dally and Sunday by mail ....16.00 per year
the best of their kind . . . . Audrey thr ixter ockax, ciacao.
Shnuti'yd ied and Plant Catalofjuc. Contains
aU SbcA'a Kew and Good. Alwayn Meltable.
Trio lfllli One packet citner Wnin!rfii1
mff Asicr, sexr Japan Morning
and YOUR CHOIGE J Glory or Pansy Choice mixed for
Two packets 23c, three packets 30c. F ull retail price 45 cts.
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how to grow riants, Flowers and Vegetables, and is up
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Choice Flower Heed Tree.
Safety saving
boder feeder obtains both results. Safest, most per- nil
fectly automatic with wide ooen or with tli rnttlrxl
tion; has widesfrange of steam and greatest trading
capacity. Saves time, fuel, trouble money. The I V; w r :'
vl o vya n a. .
It rnslor to operate, bandllnsr ftnd feedlna- Into hniioF vlUkw,
u.v.. tunu nuj uiuw. vautiugue nna price Jim tree.
Trait S
-jn, g
' mil
1 S
I A (Tt t
U tl. t
Spring Is th BMt Time Practical Ilint
to Beginners
Spring ia the best time tOestablijih an
apiary, especially for a person unac
quainted with the practical care of bees.
Colonies in good condition secured then
are more easily kept in order by the
novice than if purchased in the fall.
Mistakes in management may possibly
be remedied before the season closes,
and by the time it is necessary to pre
pare for the winter the learner will
have gained a certain amount of practi
cal knowledge of the nature and re
quirements of the bees. If the start be
made late in the season, mistakes, if
they occur, may result fatally before
the proper remedy can be applied. This
advice is given in a bulletin from the
department of agriculture, authority
also for the following:
The beginner had better obtain bis
start by purchasing one or two colonies
of pure Italian or Carniolan bets in ac
curately made frame hives and in first
class condition. These he should get
from some bee master of repute near
his own place if possible, in order to
avoid expressage and possible damage
through long confinement or numerous
transfers. The cost per colony may be
$6 to $8 ; yet bees at this price will
generally be found much cheaper in the
end, for, though common bees in box
hives may frequently be obtained at
half the price or less, the cost, when
finally transferred into frame hives, fit
ted up with straight combs, and the
common queens replaced by Italians or
Garniolans, will not be less.
The possession of a colony already in
prime working order gives the novice a
standard with which to compare all
others, and often enables him to avoid
costly experiments. Another plan, also
commendable, is to agree with some
neighboring beekeeper to deliver as
many first swarms on the day tbey issue
as are wanted. These will give the right
start if placed as soon as received in
hives with foundation starters and the
frames properly spaced one and three
eighths inches from center to center, it
being understood that tho swarms are
early and prime ones, with vigorous
queens. Only those issuing from colo
nies that have swarmed the year before
or from such as were themselves second
swarms of the previous year should bo
accepted. Swarms from these will have
queens not over ono year old.
It is better to have queens of the cur
rent year's raising, but these can only
be obtained by taking the second or
third swarms from a given hive, which
come later and are smaller, or by sub
stituting young queens for those that
como with tbo swarms.
The Ice Harvest.
Following are notes of interest wher
evor ico forms from The New England
Homestead : One of the secrets of keep
ing ice is to have it packed so closely
that there is no chance for air to enter
either between the layers or between
the cakes in the layer. To secure this,
every cake must be of uniform width
and cut perpendicular.
Where ponds are too small to use ico
plows, a gauge should be made of two
boards fastened by crosspieces (to make
it of tho desired width), and from 12
to 15 feet long. By laying this down on
the ice one of the hooks of tho tongs
will scratch deep enough to saw by. In
cutting off the blocks they should bo
about half the width of the cake longer
than wide, in order to break joints in
packing. To smooth tho surface of tho
layer where the cakes may be of differ
ent thickness or roughness, a long han
dled adz will enable any ono to make it
as smooth as a floor. All joints should,
bo filled with snow, fine ice or sawdust.
Sawdust should bo packed around the
outside from 4 to 6 inches thick.
Experience has proved that fine salt
hay or coarso bog grass is a much better
covering for the top than sawdust, un
less a now supply of tho lattor is pro
cured every year, as it soon rots and be
comes denso enough to form a good con
ductor of heat, and in hot weather will
ferment, thus generating heat enough
to cause a rapid melting of the top
layer. The hay, on the contrary, forms)
a loose, light oovering, is easily removed
and cannot heat unless a very thick cov
ering ia used.
Fancies and Fallacies.
"Plant beans with tho eye down. r
On the envelopes inclosing lima beans;
bought of most seedsmen in the United
States the purchaser is advised to plant
with the eye down to insure successful
vegetation. An Amerioan Agriculturist
correspondent in this connection writes:
Having never followed this advice in
a successful experience of 40 years, tho
following experiment was made last
spring in two adjacent hills. In one,
ten beam were carefully placed with
the eye down. In the other, ten were
dropped in the usual way except that
care was taken to have none with the
eyo down. cvcn plants came in the
hill in which tbo Leans wero planted
with tho eye down, while every bean
produced a plant in the other. "Plant
potatoes with cut side down." When a
boy, assisting in my father's garden, I
was required, at the cost of much wasted
energy, to carefully place each pioco of
potato with the cut side down. When I
planted my first crop, the potatoes were
dropped like corn, und to the expressed
surprise of the old planters a porfoct
etaud wan secured.
Potato Scab.
Notes on experiments for the- preve ir
tion of putato scab como from tho Mon
tana station. A tabulated report is given
of tho results obtained by using zino
chloride, zino sulphate, potassium per
manganate, potassium bicarbonate,, po
tassium fiulphido and corrosive Bublimato
in different strengths of fiolutiou and
for difFovent lengths of treatment. The
different compounds in sonio strength
wero 'somewhat effective in roducing
scab, but the corrosive sublimate treat
ment, when tbo seal tubers hnd been
treated for at least an hour,',prcyed thd
most iuocfpfttMreqtmci.t. A
Senator Wolcott'a Efforts on Ilehalf of an
International Money Conference.
, Senator Wolcott's effort to secure an
international conference to promote the
use of Bilver as money is strictly in the
line of the pledges of the Republican
platform adopted at St. Louis. Major
McKinley, in his letter of acceptance,
pledged his hearty support of the prin
ciple, the campaign was fought out
upon it and the good faith of the sound
money forcos demands its fulfillment.
International agreement is the only pos
sible means for restoring silver to its
former position, or even of preventing
it from sinking yet lower.
The proposition is not so chimerical
as some extreme advocates of tho gold
standard and the 50 cent dollar repndi
ationists affect to believe. Tho nations
of Europe are in no better position with
a limited supply of money metal than
the United States and while they will
certainly not go upon a silver basis there
is no good reason why they may not
oonsent to the joint use of both gold
and silver. France is using a large quan
tity of subsidiary silver and Germany
is using some. It is to their advantage
to uphold the value of the metal by
inoreased uso, and it is not unreasonable
to suppose they will bo willing to join
the other commercial nations in such an
effort. y
Even England will not fail to see tho
advantage of an international currency
based upon both gold and silver in pro
moting international commorce. Wed
ded as it is to tho single gold standard
at home, it is more interested in its for
eign trade and its colonies. It is not to
be expected that it will favor a bimetal
lio coinage for use in Great Britain, but
it may be brought into an agreement
for a larger uso of silver as a basis for
joint metallic currency to facilitate ex
changes. Nothing worse than failuro
can follow effort, and failure to accom
plish anything in this case will leave
the United States where it is upon
a sound gold standard. On the other
hand, tho effort may be attended with
a success that will bo of material ad
vantage to this country. Pittsburg
William Lloyd Garrison Carried Away by
"Beautiful Languldge."
In 1892 Mr. William Lloyd Garrison,
in a speech delivered before the New
England Tariff Reform league (now the
New England Free Trade league), said
that tho free traders hud "hitched their
wagon to a star and had allied them
selves with the law of gravitation."
Wo havo no means of knowing just ex
actly what Mr. Garrison .meant by this
phrase. Perhaps he was merely carried
away by tho "beautiful languidge. "
That is a little failing which most freo
traders have. Inasmuch as they cannot
have soundness, they must have sound.
But, whatever Mr. Garrison's exact
meaning by the phrase was, his state
ment of the inherent downward quality
of free trade was a stroke of genius.
The freo traders have most undoubtedly
"allied themselves to the law of gravi
tation," and it looks now as though the
law of gravitation had proved too much
even for the star to which they hitched
their wagon, for if ever there was, a
star to which the free trade wagon was
hitched it was a falling star, and it
went out in darkness on Nov. S, 1896.
We could stand it very well if the free
trade star were the only thing which
fell in obedienco to the force of gravita
tion inherent in freo trade. But unfor
tunately it is not. The wages of work
men, the value of property, the sales of
business men, our whole industrial
prosperity, have been dragged down by
the free trade law of gravitation. The
wholo tendency of freo trade in its effect
on our industrial life is down, down,
down, until the industrial condition of
this country shall have reached tho low
level of the conditions which exist in
tho countries of Europe and of Asia.
Mr. Garrison's characterization of free
trade was true beyond what he dreamed
of and quito tallies with the declara
tion of Major McKinley that free trade
"levels down, a protective tariff levels
of the Mother shapes the course
of unborn generations goes
sounding through all the
ages and enters the confines of
Eternity. With what care, there
fore, should the Expectant Moth
er be guarded, and how great the
effort be to ward off danger and
make her life joyous and happy.
allays all
u. lieves the
and Nau-
W sea. and so
3 fully pre
pares uic
system that Childbirth is made easy
and the time ot recovery short
enedmany say "stronger after
than before confinement. It in
sures safety to life of both moth
er and child All who have used
Mother's Friend " say they will nev
er be without it again. No other
remedy robs confinement of its pain
uk cnitomer Tvhoae wife used Mother's Friend
says that it be had to pa through the ordeal
strain, and there were but four bottles to be
obtained, and the cost was $10.00 per bottle, hs
would have them.' Q eo. Lattos, Dayton, Ohio
Pent by Mall, on receipt nf price, 1.00 PKTIPOT
mailed free upon application, containing val
uable Information and voluntary testimonials,
pg UfiffQ
At Last She was Completely Prostrated and After
Physicians had Failed to Relieve, Prescribes
for Herself and is Cured.
Prom tht Ibtriot, Jackson, Mich.
Mrs. J. M. Aikin, wife of the pastor of the
Free Methodist Church, of Spring -Arbor,
Mich., cannot say too much in praise of Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People. Mrs.
Aikin has always been a hard working wo
man and has reared a funiily of twelve chil
dren. For several years past she has been
gradually running down in health, until a
year ago &he was completely prostrated with
female weakness, stomach trouble and gen
eral debility. She tells her own story in
this way :
MI was hardly able to do anything. My
appetite was cone, I could not sleep and I
really believed I was slowly passing away.
I had tried many physicians and taken al
most all kinds of medicines, but it did me
no good, and I could see plainly that I was
gradually growing worse and was completely
discouraged. About this time I saw an ad
vertisement of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for
Pale People and concluded to try them, for
I believed that if they did me no good they
could not make my condition worse. I Eent
to Webb's drug store, in Jackson, and pro
cured two boxes, I must confess I took them
with but little hope of improvement. I had
not taken all of the two boxes before I began
to notice a change far the better. I contin
ued the treatment until I had taken six
boxes, and I am so much better that I am
now not onry able to do my work, bu on
several occasions have assisted my neigh
bors. I must say I have never received so
much ' good from so small an amount of
A young lady who is a neighbor of Mrs.
Aiken, but who objects to having her name
used, was troubled with spasms, caused by
suppressed menstruation and her condition
became critical. Mrs. Aikin recommended
Pink Pills to her. She had no faith in them,
but to please her friend she sent to Webb's
and procured a box. Before she had taken
them a week she felt better, and after taking
six boxes she is apparently a well woman.
Another young lady who declined to allow
her name to be used in priut was very low
with Iiright's disease and her life was de.
spaired of. Upon Mrs. Aikin's recommen
dation she began taking Pink Pills, and uf
ter having used them but a few months, she
is in better health than for years, and she
gives all Ihe credit to the wonderful cura
tive qualities of Pink Pills.
In concluding her story Mrs. Aikin said:
' My recovery, as well as those of the two
girls mentioned, has been so remarkable
that I would like all the world to know what
a remedy I found in Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills, and if mv statement will induce any
sufferers to try them.I am sure they will be
greatly improved, and l gladly give it."
From Courier-Herald, Saginaw, Mich.
There are many ways in which people may
prove benefactors to the human race. There
ure those who, oi tneir aounaance, spenu
larce sums in erectine public buildines. lay
ing out and beautifying parks, and in other
ways make the cities in which they reside
nleasant and attractive. Others spend their
money in charitable work and in alleviating
the sutlenngs ot their les9 lortunate leuows.
and for these acts these people are revered
and honored and called blessed. The man
who having obtained relief from sickness and
makes public the means by which lie regain
ed his health is. while his name may not be
published as extensively as he who epends
bis money lavishly lor the beneut ot others,
none the less a public benefuctor.
The pretty little village of Tuscola is the
oldest place in the county of the same name.
It is quietly located, away from the railway,
but, in spiteof itsquiet location, the meritsof
a sterling remedy nave become known there,
and one of its citizens testifies to its eiiiciency.
William Webb, of that village, Is One of its
substantial citizens, who conducts a tile yard,
there. A representative of the Covrur-IIer-aid
visited Tuscola recently and hearing that
Mr. Webb had been a suflerer from ill health,
and had been cured by the remedy above
mentioned, called on him for the purpose ot
Ascertaining the truth of this report. '
A sturdy, quiet-appearing man was point
ed out to the visitor as Mr. Webb, but as he
was apparently in good health, Jie was just
then engaged in wheeling a barrow loaded
with clay up a steep incline from the pit to
the manufacturing department of the yard,
the reporter was in doubt as to the gentle
man in question being the man he was look
ing fnr am in- IihiI fxrected to hnd a man who.
at least, would not look as healthy as did the
gentleman pointed out as Mr. Webb. To
make sure he inquired, " IsthisMr. Webb?"
and received an answer in the affirmative.
The reporter Btated his errand, remarking
that a man who could handle a load such as
Mr. Webb had just wheeled up the incline,
could not be in very poor health. To this
Mr. Webb laughingly replied that he was at
Jresent enjoying very good health and had
or a year or more. Continuing he said :
"About a year and a half ago I was not
like this. I was not confined to my bed, but
was completely worn out. I would get up
In the morning feeling much more tired thaq
when I went to bed; had no appetite for
breakfast, often not being able to eat any
thing, and when I sat down it seemed almost
like death to try to get up. i couiu uo nom
ing and was badly discouraged. I took a
number of remedies which I saw advertised
as beneficial in cases similar to mine, but re
ceived no benefit from them.
"Finally I saw Dr. Williams' Pink Pilla
for Pale People advertised, and, although I
had little faith in them, resolved to try them,
thinking there might possibly be a chance,
for relief. Accordingly, I sent for six boxes
and began taking them, and almost im
mediately commenced to feel better, and in
a short time was able to resume work, and
am plensed to say the old, weary feeling has
not returned. I am now fifty-five years old,
and am doing the work which last season I
employed two men to do. I can eat and
sleep well and feel excellently."
Continuing, Mr. Webb said: "These pills
also helped my wife greatly. Since the birth
of our last child, w ho is now nearly fourteen
years of age, my wild has suffered from a dis
ease which rendered her almost helpless. I
do not know what the doctors called it, but
I know what it was. It was a sort of para
lysis, and she was unable to do any house
work. We tried several doctors, but they
seemed unable to eive her permanent relief.
I sent for live dollars worth of Pink Pills
and she commenced taking them. She im
proved rapidly, and the pills completely
cured her. She is fifty-five years of age, the
same age as myself, aud is now able to do her
housework without a hired girl, 'and these
men all board with us" arid he pointed to
five or six men at work in the yard.
"My son's wife was also ailing and Pink
Tills made a new woman of her. I can and
do recommend these pills to all who suffer
as I or my wife did, as I believe they will
cure them. I know of a number of people
who have been benefited by them. They
are a great remedy, and people who are ill
should try them, as they are sure, I think, to
be benehted by them. I cannot say too
much for what they have done for me," and
Mr. Webb resumed his work with a vigor
which indicated that he was feeling quito
well just at that time, at least.
Dr. Williams' rink Tills contain all the
elements necessary to give new life and rich
ness to the blood and restore shattered nerves.
They are sold in boxes (never in loose form,
by the dozen or hundred) at 60 cents a box, or
six boxes for $2.50, and may be had of all drug
gists or directly by mail from Dr. Williams
Medicine Company, Schenectady, N.Y
The New York Weekly Tribune.
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EVERY farm, in
EVERY village, In
EVERY State or Territory. ;
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all important news of the Nation,
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satisfation everywhere to everybody.
We furnish THE TIMES and N. Y. Weekly Tribune one year for
..o THE TIMES PRINTING CO., Owosso, Mich.
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