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The Owosso Times
nttrtf ih Postoffle in Owono cot
transmission iioondeUMoam
Published stm rrtUooB
OWOSSO,. MICH.. MAY 4, 1917.
East Lansing, Mich., May 4.
"Raise a calf' has been adopted as
a slogan by the animal husbandry de
prtraent of the Mtehipan Agricultural
College to boost beef production in
Michigan. The department declares
that if every farmer possessing 50
acres of land or. over raises and fat
tens but one additional animal, the
move will in 1918 increase the state's
dressed meat supply by at least 62,-
000.000 nounds for shipment out
side, or will provide 21 pounds more
per year for every individual wmun
the state.
"Many farmers," the statement
adds, "have been slaughtering their
ealves, but the raising of one animal
would place a burden on none. Dairy
farmers should keep their . male
calves. The animals can be raised
and fattened on a 50-acre farm with
out the cost of feeding ever being
"The sten would go a long way to
wards enabling the state to enlarge
its food supply."
Parents Guests At School.
Friday afternoon the parents' and
teachers' meeting was held in tnc
Bryant school with about 350 guests
present. The meeting was by far the
most successful of its kind ever held
in the city. Miss Violet Crane and
her corps of teachers had arranged
an excellent program, edifying to
both teachers and parents.
Mrs. Anna Hurrell Bilhimer, form
erly a teacher in the local schools,
gave a talk on "Cleanliness." Mrs.
L. L. Conn spoke on "Children's
Rights," and Mrs.M. Bartholomew
and Mrs. Arthur Letts gave an inter
esting discussion of the latter talk.
Mrs. A. A. Sherman spoke on "Love
of Children,',' and Mrs. N. R. Walsh
gave a fine talk on "The Patriotic
Mother." Mrs. P. S. Wilson sang
two pleasing vocal solos and Lester
Whitehead rendered a piano solo.
The children from the second and
fifth grades sang school songs.
The Bryant school teachers have
done excellent work the past year in
bringing the teachers and mothers
into closer relationship and better
mutual understanding. The health,
standard has been raised and the
moral and intellectual welfare of
the pupils has been served.
Owosso, Mich., May 4, 1917.
Quoted by Fred Welch.
Wheat, white t 2 48
Wheat, red 2 52
t Oats 75
Rye 1 78
Barley 2 50
Beans 8 75
Cloverseed, Alsyke $9.00 to 10.00
Clover seed, Jnne 9 00 to 10.00
Cloverseed, Mammoth.. f9.00tofl0.00
Bay $12 to $14.00
Quoted by Bowers & Metzger.
Beef, dressed 15 to 16
Calves, dressed 15 to 16
Pork, dressed 18 to 19
Tallow.... 5
Beef hides, green 14 to 17
Horse hides, each $3.00
Batter 17
Eggs 64
Potatoes 3 35
Quoted by Rundell Bios.
Hens, fat 18-20
Batter Fat 48
Eggs 33
For Infants and Children
In Use For Over 30 Years
Always bears
Vc Show Men & Women
tow to mak SO to I OO vfy.
Amis" opportune for ar In com.. Why w.to
Mm"worknV tor other I Vm yonr rr tlm. st
Ito rourown mtr. Wr1tto-dy. Utoi
ITlPfcA. f. W ritl Av" ,w York CU,r
U Bu.
M IN., t)M HTM ,
Owom. Mich.
Successor to Dr. D. H. Lamb
Practice Limited to Diseases of Eye,
Ear, Nose and Throat.
Offices Orer Owosso Saving Dank
Hourii I to It a. m., 1 to 4 p. m.
Bands?, II to 1. Erasing! by Appointment.
Eagles Pledge Loyalty.
Resolutions pledging loyalty and
support in every way to the presi
dent and nation, were adopted by the
Owosso Aerie of Eagles at a patri
otic meeting and initiation Friday
night. A copy of the resolution was
sent to the president.
A class of six candidates was in
itiated and the work was followed
by a banquet. Following the repast,
P. V. Gadola acted as master of the
ceremonies. Seth Q. Pulver deliv
ered a stirring address on the flag,
and M. F. Growc made an appeal for
members and support for the Red
Cross. Lieut. Earl Whitehearse
talked on the necessity of obtaining
recruits for Company II,1 and Ed
ward Clarkson spoke in a patriotic
vein. Herman Schultz rendered
"Don't Bite the Hand That's Feed
ing You," Charles Dutcher accom
panying him on the piano.
Men Drilling for National Preparedness
Get great comfort from the use of
Allen's Foot Ease. When shaken into
the shoes it takes the friction from the
shoes, freshens the feet and makes walk
ing easy. Gives instant relief to tired,
aching, swollen, tender feet, blisters
BDd calases. Also sprinkle it in the foot
bath. British and French troops use it.
William F. Shepherd, a Corunna
blacksmith, was arrested in Fiint, April
26, charged with passing worthless
checks of from f25 to 135 on Owosso
and Cornnna merchants He bought
merchandise paying with the checks
and receiving cash in change. Shep
herd disappeared, leaving his family in
waut. but was traced to Flint. He was
bonnd over for trial in the circuit court
by Justice Friegel, Friday.
Woman Tells How $5 Worth
of Pinkham's Compound
Made Her Well.
Lima. Ohio." I was all broken down
In health from a displacement One of my
lady f nenda came to
see me and she ad
vised me to com
mence taking Lydia
E. Pinkham's Veg
etable Compound
and to use Lydia E.
Pinkham's Sanative
Wash. I began tak
ing your remedies
and took $5. 00 worth
and in two months
was a well woman
after three doctors said I never would
stand up straight again. I was a mid
wife for seven years and I recommended
the Vegetable Compound to every wo
man to take before birth and after
wards, and they all got along so nicely
that it surely is a godsend to suffering
women. If women wish to write to
me I will be delighted to answer them."
Mrs. Jennie Moyer, 342 E.North St,
Lima, Ohio.
Women who 'suffer from displace
ments, weakness, irregularities, ner
vousness, backache, or bearing-down
pains, need the tonic properties of the
roots and herbs contained in Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
UP liA fJTamnorwonianlnevery
T , wwnM a town where we arn uot
already represented, to Introduce. BROWN HER3
TA8LETS guaranteed remedy for Constipation,
Indigestion and Dyepepsiv Orer 100$ profit,
Kn!T seller, repeat orders. Permanent income.
JXri'.tt". pamPnlt9, KK KB SAM PLK8 and terms,
BROWN HERB CO. - 68 Murray St. New York City.
right a'ouud your home, just hs hundreds of
meu and women are doing. Work is easy,
plf-asaut and permanently profitable. He tout
own boMs and but d your own business. You
taue lo riik, nint sure profit right along.
Send nam, address one reference. L.
DROWN, 60 Murray St., New York City.
National Iron and Metal Co.
Rags. Rubber, Paper, Iron, Metal,
Hides, Pelts and Purs
Union Phone 320
204 Cowstock Street OWOSSO
Commissi ner' Notice.
Sttte of Mlchignn. Toe Probate Court for
the County of hUws--e
In ihe matter of the estate of Oeors
Claucberty, deceased.
We, th UDdersltcned, h v'nx brrn appointed
by ttie lion. Matthew MuMi Judge of Probate
in and for the t'ounty of ShUwn.fe, State of
Mlcbtsran. rommUmoners lo receive, examine
and adjust all claims and demands of all per
son aKlui said estate, dn hereby give noilce
that we will meet at the offloe of arren Pier
pint In the CUT of Owosso, In said Count v. on
Monday, the win ly of Mar. A D. 1917.
and on Huturla. the 21st dav of July. A. U
1917, at ten o'clock In tbertrenoon of each of
t.ua days, for the purpose of receiving and
ifjnsMoff ail claim against aald esta'e. and
that four months from th 27th day of March.
A. D. 10 7, are allowed to creditors lo prenet
their claim to said Commissioners for ad
justment and allowance.
Dated, the 87th day or March. A. D. 1917.
Allr TP I ..... tnr fTTT-TT-T1, .
Diamond ukand piils to rhd and
Opto metallic boxes, sealed with Mueft
Ribbon. Tiu yo otdh, Rayfy
Drainrla aa4 Sak tor cnr.CHKa.lXH
DIAMOND TjRAKD PI I. LB, for t went r-hm
years regarded aa Best,6acst, Always Reliable,
. : yw-. -c ft
A If
More than $25,000 damage was done
by the storm which hit Grand Rapids.
Tne first boat' to enter Cheboygan
port was the tug Swallow, from Har
bor Beach.
Mrs. Lillian Delzell, an old resident
of Bay City, Is dead. She leaves four
sons and three daughters.
Charles II. Drury, sixty-eight years
Id,' for forty years one of Cadillac's
leading merchants, died at his home
it heart disease.
Two large sticks of dynamite were
fouiid In a pile of planks In the lum
ber yard of the Woodard Furniture
and Owosso Casket company.
James Fenton, Jr., of Delca, N. D.,
was shot and probably fatally wound
ed, according to a brief message re
ceived b" his father at Mt Clemens.
Henry !ulgg, a boiler maker, em
ployed In the New York Central
roundhouse at Hillsdale, was found
dead in an engine pit where he had
Summer prices for hard coal at
Grand Rapids was fixed at $9.50 a ton
and dealers say it is not improbable
that it will be advanced again about
May 1.
Small loaves of bread at eight cents
and large loaves at fifteen and sixteen
cents is the prospect facing Grand
Rapids, according to the statement
of bakeru.
The four boy seniors of the Moren
cl high school will enlist torether in
the United States cavalry. They are
Doneld Ackland, Maurice Spear, Har
ry Haffer and Veri Reynolds.
The Michigan legislature repealed
the law which enabled Henry Ford to
obtain the support of the Michigan
delegation for president at the last
Republican national convention.
Mystery surrounds the sudden death
of Jasper D. Phelps, sixty-five years
old, a towerman, whose body was
found beside the Michigan Central
tracks at Ka'mazso by switchmen.
Three people were burned to death
in a fire in a camp in Antrim county.
The dead are Mrs. David O'Connell.
twenty-one years, and her two chil
dren, five months and twenty months
Appropriation bills passed by the
legislature this year will total approx
imately $18,200,000, according to esti
mates based on the bills already ap
proved by the ways and means com
mittee of the house.
Seated in an arm chair at Flint,
George Sutton, forty-four years old,
leaned a shotgun against the arm of
the chair, laid his head on themuz
zle and pulled the trigger. He had
been a helpless cripple,
Former Representative Edwin Den
by, a wealthy Detroit manufacturer,
who has been prominent as an advo
cate of preparedness, applied for en
listment in the marine corps. He was
examined and provisionally accepted.
John S. Haggerty, member of the
state farm preparedness committee
announces that Henry Ford has de
cided to release 1,000 employes to as
sist Michigan farmers in carrying out
stato-wide plans for increased crop
Mertallv unbalanced for some
months, Mrs. C. P. Whepler, wife of
Rev. C. S. Wheeler, of Big Rapids.
conm!ttPd suicide by hanging herself
at tV.e home of a friend, Mrs. Nellie
Irish, nt KeHoggsvilie, Just outside of
Grfnd Ranlcls.
Mrs. Harriet Jarvis, seventy-five
years old, and widow of Henderson
Jarvis, of Wells township, Tuscola
county was drowned when the plat
form over the cistern gave way be
neath her weight precipitating her In
to six feet of water.
Miss Lenile E. Moler, aged about
twenty-seven years, was instruc
tor of penmanship in the Marquett6
public schools for fifteen months pre
vious to Friday, April 13, when she
left for Evanston, 111., to visit rela
tives for a few weeks, at which place
she ended her life by Jumping Into
Lake Michigan.
Within the last week appeals have
been coming daily to M. A. C. for fi
nancial assistance In procuring seed,
and accordingly the suggestion is be
ing made to Michigan bankers to
make long term loans to agriculturists
for tbe purchase of sefld, with the
crop as security.
Alma high both won and lost in de
bates with Ionia and Big Rapids on
the question, "Resolved, that the Uni
ted States government should own
and operate the railroads." Alma won
a 3 to 0 verdict from Ionia, upholding
the negative. Big Rapids, on the nega
tive, won, 2 to 1, from Alma.
Lawrence F. Wallace, twenty-two
years old, returned to Houghton from
Fort Wayne, having completed his en
listment with the Houghton company
of the Thirty-third regiment, Michigan
national guard and was instantly kill
ed the day following When a car In
which he was riding near Lake LIn
Jen was overturned.
Mrs. Frank Blossat, who was arrest
ed some weeks ago following the fire
which damaged the Hotel Michigan at
Charlevoix, has been released on bail
and her husband, Frank Blossat, has
been arrested on the charge that he
set the fire which (.'imaged the Hotel
Charlevoix last week. Mr. and Mrs.
Blossat own both hotels.
That the selection of James E.
Huchingson as military Instructor of
Detroit's public schools by Dr. Charles
E. Chadsey Is In line with the latter's
alleged opposition to military training
In the public schools, and that the out
coma will ba the collapse of martial
affairs in the city's educational insti
tutions, is the belief of officers in the
feirty-Arst Michigan infantry.
Navigation has been opened at Banrt
Ete. Marie by the steamer Harvester,
which arrived upbeund without carrro.
' The clocks in the Iron River, district
have been set ahead one hour! Oct. 1
is tho ttmo set for changing tack to
the re-ular time.
For the seventeenth time In as many
years E. I Radford of Hermansville,
has beon elected chairman of the
Menominee, county board.
Darting in front of an lnterurban
rar whllo at play near his home at
Flint, six year old Frank lies was
run over and instantly killed.
, The body of Louis Noble, aged four,
who fell from a flood wall into Grand
fiver at Grand Rapids nearly a month
ago, was found by a fisherman.
Samuel Rosenthal, seventy-five years
old, a resident of Bay City forty-five
years, during most of which time he
served as deputy sheriff, Is dead.
Richard H. Fletcher, of Bay City,
politically known as "Dick" Fletcher,
was formally appointed state labor
commissioner by Governor Sleeper.
George Katz, sixty-eight years old,
died at his homo at Brighton of
Brlght's disease. He had been in the
hardware business for the last forty
Returns on the stats treasurer and
secretary of state, indicate that the
entire Republican state ticket will
have a majority of approximately
Edward Vinton, of Buffalo, well
known in vaudeville throughout the
country, dropped dead on the stage
of a Detroit playhouse. He was born
here about fifty years ago.
Less than twenty-tour hours after
Mrs. W. A. Larcomb had been oper
ated on at Nichols hospital, at Battle
Creek scarlet fever developed, caus
ing her death within two days.
Outside of the larger cities, Cass
City Is among the first In Michigan
to organize a .Dollar-a-Month club to
aid Belgium children. . The work is
under the supervision of the Woman's
Study club.
Fifty Iron River young men were
made members of Company L, Thirty
third Michigan Infantry, and muster
ed into the federal service on Satur
day .They will go Into actual service
at Escanaba.
Standing before the mirror of her
dress'ng table, Mrs. Samrel Fisher,
thirty-two years old. of Flirt, fired a
shot through her brain. Despondency
over domestic troubles is given as the
cause of her act.
The faculty of the Michigan Agri
cultural college, at a special meeting,
changed the date for commencement
from June 24 to June 1, so that all
college work will be closed by the
evening of May 31.
Mrs. Caroline Finney Tarshall, wife
of James Parshall of Fontlac, died at
her residence from heart failure. She
was eighty-one years old and was a
native of Redford. She resided in
Michigan all her life.
Funeral services for Rev. George
Bullen, a prominent pastor of the
Methodist' Episcopal conference of
Michigan, were held in Hastings. Mr.
Bullen died In Ann Arbor where he
had gone for treatment.
Twenty-six was the total enlistment
Into federal service from Escanaba
alone on April 23 in addition to twelve
from the county. Fifty-seven men ar
rived that night from Iron River and
Munlsing and were accepted.
Gavlord C. Cummlng has been an
pointrd city inarapr of Grand RapMs
at a salary of $10,000 a year. He
served Dayton, O., as city engineer for
several years. For the last two ye-rs
he has bren city manager of Jackson.
Charles Hoffman, twenty years old,
of Birmingham, was injured when he
was struck by an automobile driven
by unidentified parties who did not
stoD. His Jaws were broken, his scalp
badly torn and he is thought to have
concussion of the brain.
It has become known that the Cul
ver military bill, which passed the
state legislature last week, contained
a provision which authorizes the gov
ernor to draft men for the Michiran
national gunrd when sufficient volun
teers canrot be obtained.
The high price of seed, particularly
for beans and potatoes, threatens in
many sect'ons of the state to deter
farmers from nlanting maximum acre
age to these crops, in the opinion of
the farm crocs department of the
Michigan Agricultural collepe.
The proposed amendment to the con
stitut'on to Increase the salary of the
state treasurer, auditor general and
secretary of state from $2,500 to
$4,000 per year, was badly beaten.
The majority against tho salary In
crease amendment may reach 50,000.
The attorney general's department
has ruled, In answer to many Inquiries
that acts of the legislature which were
not given Immediate effect become op
erative August 10, that being the ex
piration of the ninety days from final
Stump lands of the upper peninsula,
most of which now lie idle, producing
little more than brush and mosquitoes,
can be made to provide Michigan with
a big part of Its beef, In the opinion
of W. F. Raven, livestock extension
mm for the Michigan Agricultural
Owners of leading factories In
Cadillac agreed that if farmers face
a shortage of labor when crops are
ready for harvest they will close the
factories and send their mrlovra irtr
the country. Residents of the city are
signing pledges to loan funds to far
mers with which to purchase seed.
The section men on the Grand Rap
ids branch of the Michigan Central
railroad, who went on strike for a
raise in wages two months ago. and
received an advance of ten cents a
day, hare been advised that another
raise in their pay will go Into effect
V"" 1. aft r which the scale will be
$2.10 a day.
Children Cry
The Hind You Have Always
in use lor over iv years,
All Counterfeits Imitations and "Just-as-good " are bat
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of
Infants and Children Experience against Experiment.
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
goric, Drops and Soothing' Syrups. It is pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
substance. Its ago is its guarantee. It destroys "Worms
and allays Feverishncss. For more than thirty years it
has been in constant use for tho relief of Constipation,
Flatulency, "Wind Colic, all Teething Troubles and
Diarrhoea. It regulates tho Stomach and Bowels,
assimilates the Food, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea Tho Mother's Friend.
Bears the
In Use For Over 30 Years
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Try Us For
Ik Tak
e care of your complexion
and your complexion will take care of you.
"Makes the skin like velvet"
No, this Is not a patient suffering
from elephantiasis. This Is the unex
nggernted, perfectly natural, unposed
portrait of one of the L-KO players,
who furnish the laughs twice a week
or the Universal proj,Tam.
"Franklin II. Voss" Is what his par
ents fancied for his name, but he
wasn't three years old before the
Fatty Vots, L-KO Comedian.
Franklin II. lapsed Into Innocuous des
uetude, and the far more descriptive
and picturesque "Fatty" was substi
tuted. Fatty he has been ever since,
only more so. Age Las done anything
but wither his noble proportions, and
from year to year his bulk Increases to
keep pace with his fame.
Franklin II. has a real biography, of
course, Just like everybody else. It
reads: Born, Chicago, 1890, educated
there; stage career, with Shuborts. In
burlesque, cafe entertainer, vaudeville,
road shows, and anything else la the
ml tJa :
for Fletcher's
Bonght, and which has been
nas Domotuo signature of
w nas Dccn xnaue under his per
' 4 Bonal supervision since its infancy.
CCcAMlZi Allow no one to deceive you in thi.
Signature of
Your Printing
theatrical line which you can think of.
Perhaps Franklin II. grew too big for
any stage, perhaps transportation of
his great form became Increasingly
complicated. At any rate, he ,was
finally persuaded Into the movies, anxl
Joined the L-KO Komedy Kompany,'
where he found himself aa immediate
success. He says that he is five feet
nine in height, and that he weighs
but you would not believe that anywny.
He also declares that he is a wrestler,
boxer and all-round athlete. He has
been heard frequently to insist, with
all the earnestness of which he Is ca
pable (and that is some earnestness,
believe us), that his tremendous bulk
is composed of solid muscle, and that
there Is no fat about him at all !
He is starred in the L-KO Komedy,
"Fatty's Feature Fillum," which he
directed himself. When you see it you
will realize that however much fat
there may bo about his body there is
absolutely no trace of It In Jils brain.
The picture Is a scream from start to
finish, and a real novelty as well.
Hex Ingram is workine with n no.
tlve Chinese leading lady named Slen
Far, in a Klueblrd picture called
"Flowers of Doom."
A record was made the other day
at Universal City, when a complete set,
showing a living-room, was erected for
Ituth Stonehouse In two minutes and
twenty seconds.
VV. W. Beaudine, director of Universal-Joker
comedies, says that his
hobbles are his pipe and babies In
this order.
Horseback riding, skating and auto
moblllng are the best-liked sports of
the Bluebird star, Violet Mersercau.
Mlgnon Anderson had to spend days
taming some doves for her first Blue
bird picture, directed by Lois Weber.
Harry Carey has again taken tLe
director's authority and Is at work on
a five-reel picture at Universal City.
The latest addition to the big plant
of the Universal Film company at Uni
versal City is the two-story wardrobe
building. More than $18,000 worth of
costumes are stored here, of all his
torical periods. In addition, there are
large rooms devoted to tho 'making
of new dresses and the repair of old
ones. This Is the largest wardrobe
building in the world.
KIngsley Benedict, featured In the
Universal series, "The Perils of the
Rccrct Service," which George Bron
son Howard is directing from his own
stories, has Just signed a long-term
"toy CTXswr"

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