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The Owosso Times
Batsrtd at th Postoffie tn Owono (or
iraarmlMloa as leoond-elaat natm .
Pabllahad avtrv FrldaTOOon.
OWOSSO, MICH.. MAY 18, 1917.
Railway Mutt Show Cauao.
The first legal step was taken Monday
In the circuit court by the city of Owosso
to force the Michigan United Railway
Co. to replace Its tracks In the middle
of the highway on Cornnna avenue east
from Lincoln avenue to the east city
limits- Attorney Leon F. Miner started
the suit by mandamus and Judge Miner
Issued an order for the company to
come into court at 10 a. m , May 29th,
and show cause why a temporary man
pamns should not be granted.
The company will undoubtedly make
the change without contesting, the ac
tion as the track is a serious hindrance
In its present position to street work,
and traffic is compelled to cross twice
making it dangerous, and the sharp
curves a'eo endangers the lives of pas
Thouaanda of Mothers Worry
When the children cry in their sleeD.
are peevish and constipated and fake
cold easily, Mother Uray s Sweet Pow
ders for Children, has for SO rears been
a trusted remedy in many thousand
homes. They frequently break up colds
in X4 nonre, move and regulate- the
V 1 Jl J. .a n. I
uuweio auu ueeirojr worms. vo
Cossack Troubadours.
The Cossacks, like the Spaniards,
have a class of troubadours, who, in
stead of walking from village to vil
lag, ride on horseback and give per
formances of music and 6ong in front
of houses. They are treated with re
spect and rewarded generously, ac
cording to their talents. There are also
women troubadours among the Cos
tacks, and their performances in the
pleasant surroundings of a garden or
in a street scene are impressive.
Always Present.
"1 suppose you don"t believe in luck.
suggested the sympathetic friend to
the chronic loser. ;
"Oh, yes, I do!" responded that un
fortunate. "It is the quality which
enables other players to overcome my
skill." Richmond Times-Dispatch.
Tho Limit
"She loved him long."
That's the way with women. They
never love us when we are short"
Baltimore American.
A Hank of Yarn.
In the west of England there is a
yarn measure known as the "bank."
It Is 320 yards long.
Such help as we can give each other
In this world Is a debt we owe each
other. Jobn lluskin.
Men Drilling for National Preparedness
Get great comfort from the use of
Allen's Foot Ease. When shaken into
the shoes it takes the friction from the
shoes, freshens the feet and makes walk
ing easy. Gives instant relief to tired,
aching, swollen, tender feet, blisters
and calnges. Also sprinkle it in the foot
bath. British and French troops use it.
Owosso, Mich., May 18, 1917.
Quoted by Fred Welch.
Wheat, white.... $2 70
Wheat, red.... 2 73
Oats 77
Rye i 60
Barley 3 00
Beans 9 25
Cloverseed, Alsyke 9 00 to 10.00
Clover seed, June 9 00 to 10.00
Cloverseed, Mammoth., f9.00tofl0.00
Hay 12 to f 14,00
Quoted by Bowers He Metzger.
Beef, dressed 15 tc 16
Calves, dressed 15 to 16
Pork, dressed 18 to 19
Tallow 5
Beef hides, green 14 to t7
Horse hides, each $3.0G
Butter 83
Eggs.' 33
Potatoes 8 25
Quoted by Rundell Bios.
Hens, fat , .... 18-20
Butter Fat 37
Eggs 82 83
Notice of the Annual Meeting of th
Stockholders and a Meeting of tho
Directors of tho Owosso Gas Light
The annnal meeting of the stock
holders of the Owosso Gas Light Com
pany, for the election of officers and the
transaction of such other business as
may properly come before the meeting,
will be held at the offices of the Com
pany in Owosso, Michigan, on Thurs
day, the twenty-fourth day of May,
117. The stockholders meeting will be
called to order at twelve forty-five
(12:45) p. m. (standard time) and the
directors will hold a meeting upon the
Adjournment of the stockholders.
Death of William D. Brands.
William D. Brands, aged 57 yearr,
died at bis home in Cornnna, Friday
eveniog, after long illness with tuber
culosis. The funeral was held Sunday,
Rev. E. J. Cross officiating, Cornnna
Commandery Knights Templar being
Mr. Brands was born In Caledonia
township and lived there until he moved
to Cornnna fourteen years ago. He was
moat highly respected by a wide circle
of friends and acquaintances. He was
married thirty-four years ago to Miss
Eva Leonard, who with one daughter,
Miss Leta, survive him
Mr. Brands was the pioneer in the
sheep feeding business which has de
veloped so greatly in this county.
For Infants and Children
In Uso ForOver 30 Years
Always bears
Owosso, May 2, 1917.
The Board of Equalization and Re
view of the City of Owoeso, Michigan,
will meet in the City Clerk's office, on
Monday, May 21st. 1917, at nine o'clock
in the forenoon, and continue in session
at least four days successively to review
the assessment rolls. Any person desir
ing to do so may examine his assessment
on said roll and show cause, if any, why
the valuation should be changed.
H. Hawcroft,
City Clerk.
Come to Central Minnesota
This country is adapted to diver
sified farming, stock raising, dairy
ing, all classes of small grains, corn,
clover, timothy and other grasses,
vegetables and small fruits. Prices
We also have lands in Northern
Minnesota, and can famish any size
tract desired. Low prices and easy
Btnton County Real Estate Co.,
8 -8t , Sauk Rapids, Minnesota
Notice of Iublic Improvement .
and of special assessment No. 147 for alley
uivement runulug eust and west tnrough
jlock 23 of the original nlat of the City
of Owohso, from Hall street to Water
street, same to be graded and paved and
cement concrete curb be constructed,
said paving to be of brick, at an esti
mated cost of $11M.10, and that the fol
lowing lots and premises constitute the
special assessment district upon which
the special assessment aforesaid be levied:
All lots and parcels of land fronting and
abutting upon said proposed improve
ment, same to be assessed according to
the frontage thereon. !
To All Whom It May Concern:
Pursuant to a resolution of the Commis
sion of the City of Owosso, at a session
Held on the 30tn day of April, A. D. 1917.
notice is hereby given that the City of
Owosso proposes to make the following
improvement, viz:
To construct an alley pavement running
east and west between Hall street and
Water street, same to be graded and
paved and a cement concrete curb be con
structed, said pavement to be of brick, at
an estimated cost of $118!.10, and that
seventy -five per cent of the entire cost
of Hiii'li Improvement, including the cost
of insurance, surveys, plans, estimates,
superintendence, advertising and the cost
of construction, be paid by special assess
ment, and that the remainder of the cost
of the aforesaid Improvement be paid
from the general street fund of the City
of Owosso.
Notice i hereby given that the plans
and specifications and estimates of cost
are on file In my office for public Inspec
tion; that the Commission have designated
as the speciul assessment district upon
which the special assessment for the said
improvement shall be levied upon all the
lots and parcels of land fronting and
abutting upon said Improvement.
The Commission of the Cltr of Owosso
will meet In its regular session on Mon
day, May 21st. A. 1). 1917. at 7:30 o'clock
In the afternoon, when it will hear ob
jections to the Improvement as aforesaid
and to the district to be assessed.
Notice Is also given that the special as
sessment heretofore made by the City
Assessor for the purpose of defraying
that portion of the cost which the Com
mission Oerldcd should be paid and borne
by special assessment for the aforesaid
improvement. Is now on file In my office
for public Inspection. The Commission
of the City of Owosso will meet in Its
regular session on Monday, the 21st day
of May, A. I. 1!17, at 7:ao o'clock in the
afternoon, to review the special assess
ment and hear aiy objections to any as
sessment which may be made by any per
son deeming himself aggrieved thereby.
Dated this 3rd day of May, A. D. 1017.
City Clerk.
Notice of I'Dblic Improvement
and of k pedal assessment No. 14J for the
construction of a sewer on Cass street in
the City of Owosso from Michigan avenue
and running east 422 feet at an esti
mated cost of $432.40.
To All Whom It May Concern:
Pursuant to a resolution of the Com
mission of the City of Owosso at a ses
sion held on the 10th day of Anrll. A.
P. 1917, notice Is hereby given that the
City of Owosso proposes to make the fol
lowing Improvement, viz:
To construct a sewer alone Cass street
in the City of Owosso from Michigan
avenue east 422 feet at an estimated cost
of $432.40; that five-sixths of the entire
cost, including the cost of Insurance, sur
veys, 'plans, estimates, superintendence.
and the cost of construction be paid by
special assessment;
That the plans and specifications and
estimates of cost are on file in my office
for public inspection; that the Commis
sion have designated as the special assess
ment district upon wblcn the special as
sessment for said improvement shall be
levied on all the lots and parcels of land
fronting and abutting upon said improve
ment. The Commission of the City of Owosso
will meet at its regular session on Mon
day, the 21st day of May. A. D. 1917. at
7:30 o'clock, in the afternoon, when it will
near objections to .the Improvement as
s foresaid and to the district to be assess
Notice is also given that the special as
sessment heretofore made by the City
Assessor for the purpose of defraying that
portion of the costs which the Commis
sion decided should be paid and borne
by special assessment for the afore
said improvement, is now on file in ray
office for public Inspection. The Commis
sion of the City of Owosso will meet in
Its regunlr session on Monday, the 21st
day of May, A. L. 1917, at 7:30 o'clock in
the afternoon, to, review the special assess
ment and bear any objections to any as
sessments which may be made by any
ersn deeming himself aggrieved there
Dated this 3rd day of May, A. D. 1017.
City Clerk.
Grand Rapids has two less saloons
than last year.
C. II. Sayles, eighty-three years old,
a veteran groceryman of Hillsdale,
Is dead.
Mary Ann Watkins, eighty-two
years old, is dead at the home of Jed
Allen, north of Monroe.
Harry Rexford, who enlisted Easter
at Sturgis was shot while doing guard
duty at Fort Warren, Mass.
Twelve hundred employes of the
Bryant Paper company are affected by
a new wage scale at Kalamazoo.
Saginaw bakers increased the price
of bread May 2 from 12 to 15 cents for
the large loaves and from 6 to 8 cents
for the str.ll.
Mrs. Arthur H. Vandenberg, wife of
the editor and publisher of the Grand
Rapids Herald, died after an illness
of nearly a year.
Mayor Howard D. Bradford of Man
istee issued an order against the pale
of firecrackers and other explosives
until the end of the war. '
John Gorney, forty years old, em
ployed In the What Cheer mine at
Bay City, was killed by a fall of
slate which broke his neck.
To save the profits of the live stock
shippers, farmers near Hasting have
formed the Central Barry Co-operative
Shipping and Purchasing commission.
Alma residents say thelty is the
most rapidly growing city in the Uni
ted States, having Jumped from 2,757
in 1910 to almost 10,000 in May, 1917,
Lansing bakers announced a raise
in the price of bread from 7 to 10
cents for the one-pound loaf and from
14 to 20 cents for the two-pound loaf.
Fire broke out in Ralph W. Hayes'
printing plant at Hillsdale for the sec
ond time in a few months and did
damage estimated at more than $10,
000. The coal laden steamer J. T. Hutch
inson of Cleveland, which went ashore
at Parent Bay in Lake Michigan, wa?
released after litering considerable
Originating from a hot box In the
bran room, fire did damage estimated
at $40,000 to one of the mills of the
Valley City Milling company at Grand
Charles Artemas Kent, eighty-one
years old, for more than a half cen
tury one of the members of the
Vayne county bar, died at his resi
dence at Detroit.
Three hundred members of the
Knights of Pythias assembled at
Traverse City to take part in the an
nual field day of the Northern Michi
gan Pythian league.
Otto Newman, fifty years old, a
Sturgis jeweler and former city treas
urer, committed suicide by shooting
himself at Hotel Elkhart, Ind., be
cause of despondency.
Six hundred doctors for the army
and navy Is Michigan's quota, accord
ing to Dr. Frederick C. Warnshuls, of
Grand Rapids, secretary of the Michi
gan State Medical society.
The announcement from Washing
ton that congress has been asked to
fix a minimum price on foodstuffs will,
it Is thought, increase acreage in
Michigan, especially of potatoes.
The bazaar of Seger Brothers, bank
rupt, including the remainder of the
ten year lease was sold at Monroe
under direction of Refrree George
Marston, of Detroit, for $3,000 to John
F. Hartle, of Bluffton. Ind.
Elmer E. Blakeslee, one of the best
known attorneys in Oakland county,
circuit court commlfsioner for sev
eral years, former probate registrar,
and for two terms prosecuting attorney
of Lake county, died at his home.
The thirty directors elected by the
Red Cross society of Macomb county,
have chosen Francis P. Ullrich, chair
man: Allen W. Kent, vice president;
I. A. Hartung, secretary, Henry O.
Chapoton, treasurer; all of this city.
Tbe death of James Finley of
Laurium marked the passing of one
of the oldest members of the Masonic
order in the State of Michigan. He
was eighty-five years old and had been
a member, of Quincy lodge for more
than sixty years.
Sixty-eight enlisted men now on the
Michigan national guard are to be
sent to Fort Sheridan, or some other
officers' training camp, as soon as they
can be selected and the approval
given by the department commander,
General Thomas H. Barry, at Chicago.
Kalamazoo school children are aid
ing the fatherless children of France
movement and it was announced that
pupils In the Burdick school had
adopted a French orphan. He is little
two and one half year old Pierre Mo
reau, who lives with his mother at
Chatlllon on Rolre river.
When the Western Michigan Tour
1st bureau is formed at Grand Rapids
it will decide to spend $25,000 in an
advertising campaign to bring tour
Ists to western Michigan, according
to John I. Gibson, secretary of the
Western Michigan Development bu
reau. To increase the production of food
stuffs and not compel the farmer to
bear the entire burden, the banks of
Srfult Ste. Marie, have purchased near
ly $15,000 worth of small grain seed,
turned It over to the farmers without
profit and accepted noninterest bear
ing notes, which are due after the har
vest next fall.
Lacking appropriations for employ
ment of recruiting and examining offi
cers, the national guard units of
Michigan are the only recognized mil
itary 'organisations in the state net
now engaged in an active campaign
for recruits, and consequently are los
ing to the regular army and navy a
large number of men who would pre
ferably Join a home organisation.
, KaUmazool917 tax rate has been
raised one-h.lf a mill to 7Va mills.
Dr.V, E. Hinsdale issued a warn
!ng .against (he use of pie plant tops
for greens. .
Attorney Elbert S. ' Roos, seventy
one years old, .for more than , fifty
years a sldent of Kalamazoo, is
Mrs. Adeline Trowbridge, the oldest
resident of Kalamazoo county, cele
brated her one hundred and fourth
Thirty ships are waiting on the
locks on account of the ice Jam. Half a
doze vessels are caught outside in
fhe floes.
The annual convention of the Mlchl.
gan State Nurses' association will be
held May 22 to 24 at the Pantllnd ho
tel, Grand Rapids.
Undaunted by a quarantine of five
weeks for scarlet fever, with four
weeks yet to run Miss Marie T. Hol
ben was married to Harold Anderson
In fire which partially destroyed the
Crown Picture theater in Red Jacket,
John C. Vogel, manager of the house,
was smothered, dying after removal
to a hospital.
The result of Injuries received sev
eral months ago in an elevator acci
dent in a totel at Chattanooga, Tenn.,
former Justice Elmer E. Rosenberry
died at his home at Muskeeron.
Employing ten pens, that each fair
exponent of suffrage present might
have a souvenir, Governor Sleeper
signed the Damon bill, giving women
the right to vote at presidential elec
tions. The Rex Paper company of Kalama
zoo announced an Increase of 12Va to
20 per cent in its wage scale for the
coming year. Girls and women em
ployed in the factory will receive a
minimum of $11.16 a week.
Grand Rapids is now under the com
misison form of government. City
Manager Cummins will establish a
bureau of publicity for the newspa
permen who handle huniclpal affairs,
at the home of her parents near Kent.
With the assignment of Major M.
J. Phllipps, of Owosso, formerly in
spector of small arms practice In the
Michigan national guard, as head of
the new Michigan home guards, work
of mustering in the various companies
now organized has been started.
Rev. John Walter Beardslee Sr. has
resigned his chair at the Western
Theological seminary at Holland, af
ter an unbroken service of twenty
nine years.
Mrs. Dennis Pearson, cnarged wth
the death of William George, pleaded
guiltv to manslaughter when arraign
ed before Judge Perkins, in circuit
court at Grand Rapids.
Through a misunderstanding, Tra
verse City commission raised the elec
tric rates to consumers on April 23
when it adopted a new schedule in
stead of lowering them as they in
tended, i '
Admitting in court that he had
raised a check . for $500, given him
by his busiress partner in a laundry,
to $900 by means of an acid, David
O. LIr.asay at Pontiac was fined f 45C
by Judge Smith.
Mike Malinski. twenty-eight years
old, Fhct and killed his twenty-three
year old wife at a Polish wedding
celebration in South Saginaw. Malin
ski then turned his revolver on him
self, but his ammunition had run out
Rev. W. A. Brown, of Marshall, was
named president of the Kalamazoc
river Baptist association in anrual
convention. C. H. Heaton, of Paw
Paw, was elected secretary, and
Newell S. Pond, of Kalamazoo, treae
A petition was filed in probate ccurl
and May 12 was set for a hearing on
the sanity of Isaac Voorheis, wealthy
retired farmer and church deacon,
who last week pleaded guilty in jus
tice court to taking small articles
from a grocery store at Pcntiac.
James Homer Depeu, recently mar
ried to Grace Chandler Horn, of ITar
bor Springs, head of the Hiawatha In
dian play, has been arrested at Petos
key and taken to Hastings on a
charge of blcamy. He is said to have
failed to obtain a divorce in Barry
Admitting that since she was a
child, she has been accustomed to tak
ing money from the purse of ct"-et
people, Mrss Evelyn Sherman, eigh
teen years old. of Manistee, has been
sentenced to serve sixty days in the
county jail by Justice Erb. Her arrest
followed the complaint of her father.
Realizing that advanced prices cf
practically all commodities-has mndr
it Impossible for certain employes to
save money from their present earn
ings, the Manistee commissioners
have granted Increases in salary to all
members of the fire depnrtment, to
the city treasurer and city superin
tendent. Michigan doctors who go to the
front can go with the assurance that
their wives, babies and dependents
will be well provided for, and with the
assurance that during their absence
their practice will be taken care of by
the physicians who have to remain at
home because of the age limit or
physical disability.
"North Dakotalze Michigan." In
Lansing a political party has been
accouched in Michigan. It is the
Michigan sister of the "Non-rartlsan
league" which is now ruling North
Dakota, and which has created in that
state a government by class and for
class that frankly publishes its inten
tion of ruling the commonwealth as it
wishes. .
Attorney William A. Lewis, ninety
two years old, a civil war veteran,
died at Evart. He came to Evart in
1872, organized the town, became Its
first president, and organized school
and was president of the trustees. He
served as postmaster during both of
Cleveland administrations, and at the
time of his death was the oldest mem
ber of the Osceola county bar.
Children Cry
Tho Kind You llavc Always
in j use lor oyer SSO years,
ana has been made under his per
yy ? ' fional supervision since its infancy
('CtfCAAtZi Allow no one to deceive you in this.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and "Just-as-good " are hut
experiments that trifle with and endanger tho health of
Infants and Children Experience against Experiment
Castoria Is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
goric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
substance. Its ago is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Feverishncss. For more than thirty years it
has been In constant use lor tho relief of Constipation,
Flatulency, "Wind Colic, all Teething Troubles and
Diarrhoea. It regulates the Stomach and Bowels,
assimilates the Food, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea Tho mother's Friend
Bears the
In Use For Over 30 Years
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Take care of your complexion
and your complexion will take care of you.
"Makes the skin like velvet"
Neal Ilart, who has the lend in the
Gold Seal picture "Bill Brennan's
Claim," Is one of the picture players
who is now reproducing for the cam
era the life which he has lived in
earnest for many years.
Hart is of Scotch-Irish descent and
was born in New York state, but he has
Neal Htft
ppent nearly all of his time In the
West lie Is a college-bred cowboy,
having been educated in Bucknell
university, Lewisburg, Fa., where he
played half-back on the football
team, and was chosen as one of
the stars of his year. There is hardly
a man In pictures who has had a more
intere'stlng career than Neal Hart.
During the Spanish-American war he
served on the U. S. cruiser Panther.
Later he acted as guide for the
professors of the Smithsonian in-
i '
I pr ,
Uf m
l ft -: 7-y
.-fv. J
v s. w.-.v.U"' i
Try Ds For Your Printing
for Fletcher's
Bought, and which has been
lias borno the signature of
Signature of
stWute of Washington, D. C, dur
ing the exploration of the Spanish Dig
gings country In Wyoming.
Hart Is really a civil engineer by pro
fession and was superintendent of
construction for the Thurman branch
of the Delaware & Hudson railroad
in the Adirondacks, with a force of
000 men under his orders. He held
the snme position with the Tltusville
Electric Traction company, at Tltus
ville, and at Keevance, 111.
He spent some time in South Dako
ta, where he drove the freight team
from Fort Pierre to Rapid City, ne
punched cows for two years on the
Sioux Indian reservation at the mouth
of the Cheyenne river, ne was
foreman of 77 Ranch in Wyo
ming, and manager of another ranch
at Willow; for many years. He has
worn the insignia of city marshal in
earnest at Manville, Wyo., and been
deputy sheriff and brand inspector at
Counerse county in the same state.
One of his "jobs" was buyer and
advance man to handle all the inspec
tions and shipping of horses for the
British government, for the use of
the army. He has also seen his name
on the posters of the 101 Wild West
Show, touring the country as a buck
ing horse rider. If there Is any vari
ety of Western life which Hart does
not know from personal experience,
It Is because it exists only in the imag
ination of the writers of so-called
"Western" stories and pictures.
He says that he went into pictures
because the work Is so fascinating,
and he made his first hit in the Blue
bird photoplay called "Love's Lariat,"
In which he supported Harry Carey
In a role which he managed to make
very funny, though there was really
not so very much in It to start with.
Ben Wilson, star of the Universal
serial, "The Voice on the Wire," works
without a make-up.
The Universal Animated Weekly
has a force of. nearly two hundred
camera men in all parts of the coun
Ruth Stonehouse is the youngest
motion picture directress in the game.
She writ 08, directs and acts her Uni
versal films.
Eileen Sedgwick climbed out of a
nine-story window and was snaDDed
hanging from a rope In the Universal
comedy, "The xi.OW Drop."

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