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(Prepared by the United States Depart
ment of Agriculture.)
At four months the young Belgian
hare should be ready for the table,
end If It ha9 been properly fed should
weigh about six pounds or even more.
. This weight is about the best for mar
ket rabbits, and immediate sale Is
more profitable than keeping to ma
turlty. Some breeders sell at 10 to 12
weeks and aim to have their stock
weigh about 5Va pounds at that age.
To do this requires that the animals
be kept In small hutches where they
can have but little exercise and that
they be fed heavily from the time they
are weaned. Under this treatment
they grow very rapidly and are really
'superior for the table.
. Market Returns.
It Is not easy to state what a breeder
should realize for market rabbits.
Much depends on local conditions and
especially upon the familiarity of the
public with the excellence of hutch
rabbits for the table. If the animals
are new to a market, a demand for
them will have to be built up, but as
a rule they soon will become popular.
Better prices usually can be had by
selling directly to the consumer, thus
saving the middleman's profit. One
may make arrangements to deliver
regularly or periodically to hotels and
restaurants, but often a poultry dealer
will agree to take a certain quantity
at regular Intervals. -If members of
the family look after., the rabbits, bo
that there Is no outlay for labor, and
If the hutches are built at home, the
.cost of rearing may be greatly reduced
and much of the Income will be net
gain. Although It must be admitted
that rabbits require more care than
usually, is given to poultry on our
farms, their management has the ad
vantage that it Is more interesting,
especially to the younger members of
the family.
Disposing of Surplus.
After selecting the best stock for
breeding purposes it is well to dispose
of the remainder as rapidly as condi
tions warrant. If those to be sold are
to be marketed alive, all that Is needed
is to crate them properly and forward
them to their destination. This is the
better plan In hot weather, as the
carcasses do not keep well. If car
casses are to be delivered the meth
ods of killing and packing are import
ant considerations.
There are two excellent ways of
killing the animals. The easier and
probably the more humane Is to dis
locate the neck. Almost all game
keepers know this method and can
phow ' the novice quickly how It Is
done, but probably a description will
be understood. Take the two hind
legs of the rabbit firmly in the left
hand, place the thum? dt the right
hand Just behind the ears where the
neck Joins the skull, the palm resting
on the left side of the face ami the
fingers holding firmly under the Jaws.
Then stretch out the animal quickly
and with force, pressing In the right
thumb and bending the head back
ward. The dislocation will be felt dis
tinctly. This method requires con
siderable strength, but when the knack
of it is learned It entails less suffer
ing than any other. Another excel
lent way of killing Is to hold the rab
bit up in the left hand, as in the first
method, and then to strike a sharp
blow on the back of the head with a
. round stick, stunning the animal. As
-soon as the neck is dislocated or the
rabbit stunned the Jugular vein should
be cut with a sharp knife and the ani
mal hung head downward to bleed,
. - ' - Dressing.
' The next step in preparing a carcass
for market is to remove the paunch
and entrails, as their presence would
soon taint the meat. With a sharp
pointed knife make a longitudinal cut
down the middle of the belly, divid
ing -the skin and the thin abdominal
walls, but being careful not to cut the
intestines. Turn out. the paunch and
the intestines, but leave the lungs,
liver, heart, and kidneys in place.
Next' make a silt between the large
tendon -and the bone of one hind leg
and slip the other leg through the cut,
so that the carcass may be readily
hung up. It should hang long enough
to stiffen before being packed.
For packing the rabbits for market
-a basket or hamper of the ordinary
shape anA having movable flat slatted
trays to enable one to pack the car
casses in separate layers Is recom
mended. Such a hamper permits free
circulation of the air not only on the
edge but also throughout the package,
and the carcasses packed In this way
reach thelr.destlnatlon In an attractive
state. Instead of In the messy condi
tion so often seen In the wild rabbits
marketed in America.
Cooking and Serving.
The cooking , of domestic rabbits
does not differ greatly from that re
quired for domestic fowls, and an ex
j perlenced housewife can prepare them
! in a variety of savory ways, As the
meat is naturally somewhat dry, as
much as po" Jble of the Juices should
be retained In cooking it. The follow
ing standard recipes for preparing rab
bit npplr to mature animals of wild
and domestic kinds. For young Bel
gian hares weighing five pounds or
less and young wild rabbits the time
of cooking may be somewhat reduced.
Baked Rabbit en Casserole. Lay
alternate layers of rabbit and thin
slices of bacon, season with thyme,
sage, thinly sliced onions, and salt to
taste. Fill the dish with water, bake
In a slow oven for one and a half
hours. A covered baking dish or pan
may be used instead of a casserole,
and the meat may be boned or not
as desired.
Rabbit Fricassee.-Brown some but
ter in a hot iron skillet. Then fry the
hare, previously cut up, brown on both
sides. Next cover the meat with hot
water and stew until it is thoroughly
tender, seasoning it to taste. At the
end of the stewing, let the meat again
fry brown.
Rabbit Pot Pie. Cut a dressed rab
bit into small pieces; salt and let
stand Overnight. Place the cut pieces
In a pt previously filled with warm
water enough to cover the meut. Put
In a medium-sized onion, sliced, and
stew over a medium fire until the meat
is tender. Prepare a rich pie-crust
dough in the proportions of one quart of
flour, half a teaspoonful of salt, and a
tablespoonful of baking powder, with
enough water to give It proper con
sistency. Roll out flat as for pie crust,
spread lard over the surface ; fold and
reroll twice, spreading lard each time.
Line the pan bottom and sides with
dough and fill with meat and alternate
layers of potato in small' pieces and a
few small onions. Use the thickened
broth from the stew pot as a gravy,
pouring It Into the pan over the con
tents. Cover with dough, place In an
oven, and bake for an hour, or until
the whore upper crust is a light golden
brown; serve hot.
The above recipes are offered mere
ly as suggestions. The hind legs and
saddles of the rabbit contain much
meat and may be cooked in many dif
ferent ways; boned, they make deli
clous croquettes. The front quarters
and head may be used as soup stock;
the broth may be seasoned to taste
and served with vegetables, barley,
or rice.
Faulty Butchering Also Results In
Considerable Loss of Edible Fats
Which Remain.
(Prepared by the United States Depart
ment of Agriculture.)
According to reports received by the
meat-marketing specialists of tlw bu
reau of markets, United States depart
ment of agriculture, a Washington (D.
C.) dealer, states that nine steer hides
purchased by hira carried 73 pounds
of waste meat. A Detroit dealer re
ports that an average of six pounds
of waste meat was found on 40 cow
and steer hides received at his plant,
and that In ten days his men scraped
2,177 pounds of waste meat from hides,
or enough to supply low-grade meat to
about 5,000 people for one day. Faulty
butchering, In ndditlon to causing a
loss of the food value of the meat
which is . wasted, results in a consid
erable loss of edible fats which re
main on the hides.
Prices Have Advanced Greatly and
Proper Care of Farm Imple
ments Will Pay Well.
Word is being sent out to farmers
over the country to take special pains
this fall and winter to protect their
machines. Prices have advanced
greatly, and care of 'farm machinery
will pay doubly well this year. So the
word is going out:
To put machines under cover as
soon as the season's work with them
is over, '
To go over every machine carefully
as soon as 'opportunity will permit,
tightening bolts, replacing broken
part 8, and oiling carefully to prevent
To paint machines, as painting
lengthens the life of a machine.
Bridge paint is suggested as the best
for iron parts.
Packing Coal Around Fire Is, for Pur
pose of Having Supply of' Coke
Burning In Center.
Pine shavings are best for starting
a fire in the forge. Pack the coal
around, not upon the kindling, then
blow gently. Packing the coal around
the fire is for the purpose of always
having a supply of coke burning in
the center. Wetting the edges of the
coal helps to confine the fire, .
For Acute Sickness, Retention of Af
terbirth, or Any Symptoms of
Disease It Is Handy.
On dairy and stock farms a well-
selected building for a hospital is al
ways useful. It Is seldom needed for
calving cows, or for cases of lameness
or ordinary accident. But for acute
sickness, retention of afterbirth, abor
tion, or any symptoms of contagious
diseases it is essential.
Whether you can have such a build
lng or not, an arrangement similar to
one used at the Illinois experiment sta
Safe Squeeze Gates.
Hon, known as the squeeze gates, af
'ords an excellent method of holding
cattle for treatment.
In a great many cases, especially
with young cattle, they are chased un
til they become heated and excited;
then are roped and thrown. This is
not only detrimental to the ailing ani
mal but often" puts them In a very awk
ward position to work upon.
With squeeze gates it is possible,
with the aid of feed, to coax the ani
mal quietly Into the stanchion and use
the gates if the case demands them.
Even with milch cows that are more
docile there is more or less danger, by
:he sudden movements of the cow, of
breaking an arm when treating the
genital organs.
For cases of abortion, where the
genital organs should be constantly
treated and freely dressed with anti
septic solutions, the squeeze gates are
worth many times their Initial cost, for
when treating such cases the two
gates are swung around and by means
of racheted ,p?ops the animal Is held
so it cannot move iIdeways, thus allow
ing the attendant to work with the
greatest degre of satisfaction.
Ohio Veterinary Surgeon Gives Con
cise Direction for Care and
Treatment of Injuries.
Animals on the farm are continual
ly being wouuded The first step to
take In the care af a wound Is to
promptly explore the parts with a
view to ascertaining If there is a for
eign body; then arrest the hemor
rhage to prevent Mnste of blood, writes
W. C. Fair, veterinary surgeon, in
Ohio Farmer, The latter can often be
done by. twitting the Hood vessel or
tying it, or by compression. The
wound shouW then be washed with an
antiseptic solution of some kind. It is
important that the wound have proper
drainage. It may be necessary to do a
Uttle cutting before good drainage Is
obtained. A woivid that "iockets" sel
ilom heals quickly. SmrJl wounds
about the lu'nd and neck should first
be cleaned, peroxide of hydrogen op
fijpd (stitching material dipped In
s5me), then edges of wound brought
together ani stit ched as evenly as pos
sible. Paint edces of the wound with
tincture of iodine or apply equal parts
oxide of jdiw and boric acid or any
other rellablo commercial dusting pow
der. Never stlt:h a wound unless you
believe It necessary to hold the tis
sues together.
Sheep and Swine Maintained at On
tario Col leu Returned Profit
of 12 Per Cant.
A careful retcrd of all cost accounts
kept at the Cctarlo agricultural col
lege, Canada, showed that the slwep
and swine maintained on the experi
ment station farm returned a profit
of 12 per cent, after paying all ex
penses, interest, labor and housing.
The dairy herd of 00 head, after pay
ing for feed, tedding, service fees and
other expenses, had $2,787 left to puy
for labor, interest and use of build
ings, on an investment of $14,000. The
cost of producing one hundred pounds
of milk, as fur as feed was concerned,
ranged from 56 cents to $1.25. These
figures are for the year 1010.
His Efficiency When Mature le Deter
mined Largely on Attention Giv
en First Summer.
The colt is the work horse of to
morrow and the care he receives dur
ing his first summer and fall deter
mines to a large degree his efficiency
when mature. It Is during the first
summer that the colt is most subject
to scours. This disease can easily
be checked If treated immediately bub
If allowed to run its course it may
prove serious and even fatal.
Humphreys' Ilomeopathio Remedies are
designed to meet the needs of families
or invalids, something that mother, father,
nurse or invalid can take or give to meet
the need of the moment. Have been in use
for over Sixtt Ykaks.
No. for Prloe
1 Fevers, Congestion. Inflammation! 25
9 Worma. Worm Fever 24
3 Colic, Crying and WaJcef ulnesa of Infanta. 7 5
4 Diarrhea, of Children and Adulta 35
7 Coughs, Colds, Bronofcltls 23
8 Toothache. Faceache, Neuralgia 38
Ilea4ache, Sick Ueadache. Vertigo 38
lO Dyaitepala, Indigestion, Weak Stomach 38
19 Croup. Hoarse Cough, Larjrngltla .' 38
14 Bcsema, Eruption 23
15 It heumatlam. Lumbago... 28
10 Fever and Ague. Malaria 38
IT Pile. Blind or Bleeding. Esternal.Internal.33
19 Catarrh. Influenza, Cold in Head 33
20 Whooping Cough , 33
31 Asthma. Oppressed, Difficult Breathing 33
3T Dlsordere of the Kidneys 35
30 Urinary Incontinence 35
31 Clara Throat. Quinsy 25
77 Crip, Grippe, La Grippe 2$
Sold by druggists, or sent on receipt of prion.
SMdlcal Book mailed free.
William and Ana Streets. New York.
Farmers: -It pays to sell your cream
and feed the skimmed milk. We pay
45c C. O. D. for butterfat at Owosso,
or at our Oakley creamery. Rundell
Order of Publication,
State of Michigan, the Probate Court for tbe
uounty or smawassee.
At a session of the Probate Court for said
County, held at tbe Probate Office la the City
of Corunna. ol Sa'urday the 20th dav of De
cember In the year one thousand nine hundred
ana seventeen.
Present, Matthew Bush, Judge of Probate.
In tbe matter of the estate of Lucretla L.
Beebe, deceased.
On read ingand filing tbe petition of Frederick
E. Be ebe, pray lift that administration of said
eutate may be grantt d to the petitioner cr
some other suitable person.
It Is ordered that tbe 28ib fay of Janu.iy
next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, at said
Probate umce be assigned for bearing Bald
petition. ,
A nd it is further ordered, tbat a copy of this
O'der be published three successive weeks
prevous to said day of bearing, In The Owosso
Times, a newspaper printed and circulating
In said County of Shiawassee.
By Judge of Probate.
Claribel Oalloway,
Register of Probate. 24-41
Order of Publication.
The Probate Court for the Coutty of Shia
wassee. At a session of tbe Probate Court for said
County held at the Probate office In the City
of Corunra on Saturday, the 2tfnd dav of Dr.
cemoer in the j ear one thousand nine bun-
area seventeen.
Present Matthew Busb. Judge of Probate.
In the matter of tne estate of William
Howell, deceased.
On reading and filing tbe petition of Fred W.
Smith hs principal creditor, praying that ad
ministration of said estate mav be granted
to L. A. Sandeihoff or some other suitable
It is ordered that the 21st dav of Janusrv
next, at ten o'c'ock in the forenoon, at said
Prtbtte office, oe assigned lor bearing said
And It Is further ordered, tbat a codv of this
order be published three successive weeks,
previous te said day of hearing, in the Owosso
Times a newspaper printed and circulating in
said County of Shiawassee.
Judee of Probata.
Kegisier or frobate. 40-4t
Order of Publication.
the Cjunty of Shiawassee.
At a Kpaclnn nf tli Prnhiu Cntir ..M
rnnntv hfllrl at thn Prnhato nm.a 1 ik
City of Corunna, on Tuesday, tbe 18th day of
December. In the rear nnn t.hmieanri nma
hundred and seventeen.
Present, Matthew Bush, Judge of Probate
In the matter of the estate of Nathaniel
Williams, deceased.
On readlrg and filing tbe petition of Edward
Williams, paying tbat administration of said
estate may be granted to Asa D. Whipple or
some other suitable person.
It is oidered. that the 21st dav of January
next at ten o'clock In tbe forenoon, at said Pro
bate Offiot) be asslgoed for hearing said petition
And it is further ordered, that a codv of this
order he published three successive weens
prevoui to said day of bearing In The Owosso
Times, a newspaper printed and circulating in
said County of hlilawassee.
Matthew nusir.
By Judge of P.obate
Probate Register.
Order, of Publication.
State of Michigan. The Probate Court for
tbe County of Shiawassee.
At a session of the Probate Court for the
County of Shiawassee held at the Probate
Office in;the (Mt of Corunna, on the 12th daj of
D cms r 1M7.
Present, Matthew Busb, Judge of Probate.
In the matter of the estate 01 Charles B.
Miuson, deceased
On read n: and filing the petlt'on of Merle
W Munson, craving for the probate of the wll
of said deceased cow tiled in this Cuurt.
It Is ordered that the 14 lh day of January.
next, at ten o'clock In tbe forenoon, at said
Probate office, be assigned for bearing Bald
It is further ordered that a codv of this
order be published three successive weeks pre
vtous to said day of bearing in The Owosso
Times a newspaper printed and circulating
In said County of ttblawassee.
judge or frobate.
Probate Keglbter.
38 n
Order For Appearance.
STATE OP MICHIQ AN The Circuit Court
for the County of Shiawassee, In Chancery.
At a session of said Court held in the court
honse in the City of Corunn. Michigan, in said
County, on the 8ttth day of November, A. D.
Present, Hon. SeldenS Miner Circuit JuJge
Mary M Smith.
Matthew Smith.
in this cause. It appearing by affidavit on file.
that tbe defendant, Matthew Smith, is net a
resident of this State and that it can not now
be aseertaldedin what State or country he now
On motion of W. A. Seegmlller. attorney for
plaintiff, U is ordered that the appearance of
toe saiuaeirnaant. Mattnew smitn, oeent-red
m tbl cause within three months from he date
of this order; and that In case of nis appear
ance, ne caoM nis answer to tne Dili oi com
plaint to be Bled and a copy thereof served on
the attorney for the plaintiff within fifteen days
after the service on him or his attorney of a
copy of said bill, and in default thereof tbat
said bill be taken as confessed against said
And It Is further ordered that said nlalntlff
cause this order to be published in Tbe Owobm
Times, a newspaper printed, published and
circulated in said county, and that such publi
cation be ommenced within twenty days from
r e da te of tnta order,- and tbat uch publics
tlon be continued therein once in each week
for six weeks In suecepslon or that the said
plaintiff cause s copy of this order to be person
ally serded on the said defendant at least
twenty days before the time prescribed for his
Circuit Judge.
Examined, countersigned and entered by me:
W. A. 8EEQMILLER. County Clerk.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Business Address: Owosso, Michigan,
f -
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the pigs and calyes.
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A toll.t preparation of merit
Eelps to radleata dandrulL
For Raatorinc Color and
Oo. and Slo6 Druaxtsta.
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Practice Limited to Diseases of Eye,
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Hours: 9 to 12 a. m .1 to 4 p. m.
Sundays 12 to 1. Evenings by Appointment.
National Iron and Metal Co.
Rags. Rubber. Paper, Iron. Metal.
Hides. Pelts and Furs
, Union Phone 320
204 Comatock Street OWOSSO
Commissioners' Notice.
State of Michigan. The Probate Court for
the County of tihlavrasaee.
In the matter of the estate of Susan 8.
Hall, deceased.
We, tbennderalgned, hnving been appointed
by tbe Hon. Mattbw Bush. Judge of Probate
In and for tbe County of Shiawassee, State of
Michigan. Commissioners to receive, examine
and adjust all claims and demands of all per
sons against said estate, do hereby give
notice that we will meet at the
Owosto Bavirgs Bank In tne City
of Owoh o, In said County, on Hnturday.
tbe nd day of February, A D. 1918 and
on Tiieciay, tbe 2nd dav of April. A. D.
1018, at fn o'clock in the forenoon of each of
said days, for the purpose of receiving and
adjusting ail claims against said estate. nd
that four months from the 1st day of Decem
ber, A. D. 10.7, are allowed to creditors to
present their claims to said Commissioners
for adjustment and allowance.
Dated", the 1st day of December. A. D. 1917.
outav f: trieoel,
worthy 8. cooper,
87 U Comnlssloners.
Order of Publication. -
State of Michigan, The Probate Court for
the County of Shiawassee.
At a session of the Probate Court for said
County held at the Probate offloe. In the City
of Corunna, on Friday, the 14th day of
Dcoember, in tbe year of one thousand nine
hundred and seventeen.
Present, Matthew Bush, Judge of Probate.
In tbe matter , of the estate of Farrand B,
Bolman, deceased. . .
On readlrg and Bltnathe petition of Margaret
Holman, praying for an allowance from the
estate of said deceased for her support and
It Is ordered that the 14th day of January
next at ten o'clook In the forenoon at said
Probate Office, be assigned for bearing
said petition.
And It is further ordered that a copy of this
order be published tbree successive weeks
previous to said day of hearing, In the Owosso
Timet a newspaper printed and circulating in
said County of Shiawassee.
A true copy) Judge of Probate.
- Probate Register. S3 41
t a Tria
Amlt Ik- . a t n.
iK-ttei,Ulc boxea- ealed with Blne( 1
b4 wk for cni.CUKS.TfBS V
years regarded as Best, Safest, Always RellaHiT
Commissioners' Notioo.
In the matter of tbe estate of Farrand B.
Holman, deceased.
We, the undersigned, having been appointed
by the Hon. Matthew UuKh, Judge of Probate
in and for tbe County of 8btawasaee, State of
Michigan, commlsslor.ers to receive, eiamlns
and adjust all claims and demands of all Der-
sons against said estate do hereby give notice
thai we win meet at tbe omoe of P. V. Uadola, In
the City of Owosso In said County on Wednes.
day the Otb day of January A. D. 1618, and on
Mondav, tne I lib day of March. A. D. 1918, at
ten o'clock in the forenoon of each of said days
for tbe purpose of receiving and adjusting all
claims against said estate and that four months
from tbeBib day of November, A. D. 1917. are
allowed to creditors to present their claims to
said Com mission, rs for adjustment and allow
Dated the 8th day of November. A. D. 1917.
Wrltntt.., ..1 .-a r5ZSOIVi'
Port cirda 'tXV- r5i te3f
SkeKLia'S XtZ"J! "U et cho,e ! urgent.
Commissioners' Notice.
In the matter of the estate of Karah J.
Livingston, deceased.
We the undersigned, havta? been annotated
by tbe Hon. Matthew Bush. Judsra of Proh&ta
in and for tho County of Shiawassee, state of
Michigan, Commissioners to receive, examine
and adjust all cla ms and demands ol all per
sous against saia estate, go nerjoy give notice
that we will meet at the Citizens Savings
Bank In the City of Owosso in said couniv.
on Monday, the 84th day of December, A. D.
itfiv, ana on oaturaay, tne zira a ay of Deb.,
A. D. 1918 at ten o'clock la tbe forenoon of each
of said days, for the purpose of receiving and
aujuHuutf an claims against saia estate, ana tnat
four aonths from the 22nd day of October,
A. D. 1917, are allowed to creditors to present
tbeir claims to sId Commissioners for adjust
ment and allowance.
Dated the S2ad day of October. A. D. 1917.
31 4t Commissioners.
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Office. Phone Union No. 196.
Residence, Phone Union No. 941-black.
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Send name, address, one reference. L.
nttOWN, 66 Murray St., New York City.
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Robert A. Pfeiffer
94 Martin Place Detroit. Mich.

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