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llany Heppner People Have
Done So.
Wtjcsi the kidneys are sick they give
uumistaVable warnings that should
not be ignored. Py exnmiuing the
tidoeys on the first sigu of disorder,
many days of suffering may be saved.
Sit:k kidneva espell a dark, ill-smelling
urice, full of ''brickdust' 'sediment
and painful iu passage. Sluggish
kidneys rause a dull pain in the small
of thtt back, headaches dizzy spells
tired, languid feelings and frequent
rheumatic twinges.
Dsan's Kidney Pills are for the kid
neys only. If you sutler from any
of the above symptoms you can use
no better temedv.
Ileponer people recommeud Doan's
Kiduey Fills.-
Arthur Daly, Main St. Heppner,
Oregon, says: "Several years ago
my kidneys became d'sordered and
the kidney secretions caused me much
annoyance by their irregularity in
passage. Beiug told to try Doan's
Kidney Pills, Idid so and tho con
tents of two boxes effected a cure. I
I am enjoying better healtn than I
have tor years."
For sale by all dealer?. Price SO
cenLs. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for the United
Remember the name Doan's and
tak no other.
The public will always be served
with good rigs and careful drivers and
at all times receive courteous treat
Heppner to Hardman ... $1-50
HeoDner to Monument....' 5.00
Children under 12 and over 2 "a fare.
Kor further particulars inquire of
any of the following Agents. E. C.
Keeney, Monument; E. E. Bleakman,
Hardman; Slocum Drug Co. . Heppner,
G. A. Bleakman
Owner and Mgr.
Red Front Livery &
Feed Stables
Willis Stewart, Prop
Kept constantly on hand
and can be furnished on
short notice to parties
wishing to drive into the
iuterior. First class : :
Hacks and Buggies
TO THE : ; : : :
f 7 jkJ Yn i car plare the 1tesi
f'."V 4 ci-xiet. K:.unc L-rae
n-A . - --- Jwm t-.f-f ret' pui
jf'i J fc-.-jJ qiccn of ell Bfwir.t
-r : .---.- ecu c-'-:i'i:;; v-um
: nsyinr $2 a tnosith, and -rv
- ' i " y a very special priC4
r-' r-v. A r- jTlitt:Ot archil. c
"yi A We Will Take Yonr
fif. -1 Gia Machine ",""1
-' ' l-iv-il Rii'T""e oil ril'-r,.!iH m
i f - . '- I- ,. ?:V.?. A:ui y-MJ a;i M..ii V.Ve aJ
t vr 'i;-eotii iM- prt and :
ricT?f iiK" marine thnt ha alwavs led nil rthrt
n--3U t'. irv better than over. Two macliln
r m
-Ai : -ix-'.it and eha.n atitch. Ura't'.t d:-i
llTri---' . 1 .. rr , In '.T.-ry-'yyu icy
.",, , r .rn-hi:i-procrc. F t:. out -Ui;t it
FOR I303K. FREE Thelr'jth AU.ut fc-ir.(
- 1 P'
4 .
- "t. r. ?tv
V. J
v s y
y v ,
That Oregon should be represented In the United States senate by a mar.
thoroughly identified with the state; a man familiar with the needs of every
section of the commonwealth, and a man who stands for modern and
progressive ideas in politics, there is not the least doubt.
Fortunately indeed for Oregon Ben Selling of Portland has, after mature
deliberation, decided to let his name be used in connection with the senator
ship. After being repeatedly urged by friends to enter the race Mr. Selling
was not content to do so until he had more fully consulted the people, In
whom he has ever had explicit faith. He accordingly wrote letters to a
number of voters in the different sections asking what they would advise
(r. tho nttor ho rpppivprt in reulv over 14.000 personal requests pledging
him loyal support and asking that he by all means enter the contest. It was
not until these letters reached his desk that Mr. Selling oeciaea 10 run. no
i,o0 t.i-.n tho r,pr.nio intn his onn fi.l enpe. not after nomination, not at a time
when election is near, but before the primaries. No committee brought out
Ben Selling, no organization promoted his canoiaacy. n wa.a a ua.5ut
appeal to the people and that appeal met with a tremendous request for him
to enter.
Many will no doubt like to know something of the career of this man who
w,,iri h KPnainr Ha was born in California in 1852, ten years later removing
to Oregon with his parents. -As a boy he attended the Portland Academy
,hoo ho roivoH Prinnntlnn. While very young he started his business
career as a clerk, working as most clerks did in those days, early and late,
to obtain his start in life. How well he succeeded is test told by a business
career which has been marked by such dealing throughout as to cause the
general expression toward him, "Ben' Selling is on the square and he is a
good citizen," which can be heard on every side in Portland at the present
Selling as a Progressive.
u n truthfully be said that Ben Selling is one of the original prog
,p0iVp0 in nrprrm nnlitifs. As far back as 1896 this man was fighting for
the people and against ring rule. During the nauseating "hold-up" legislature
. j .1 U n K tn (Tin Metfilo
which sent the name or uregon arounu iue norm no bibuiu iu
of good citizenship, this man was working to enact laws giving more power
to the people and to dethrone the corrupt machine. He was responsible for
the passage of a bill in 1898 which eliminated the gigantic steal caused by a
fee system in the office of district attorney and placing that office on a fiat
salary. He is found later fighting successfully for the passage of an eight
hour law, the child labor law and many, many more measures which have
proved a Godsend to the people of Oregon, and which have helped remove
this state from a condition that was worse than Tammany ever dared inflict
on New York bringing it to the foreground of progressive government.
Applying strict business principles to his every act as a public official,
always advocating economy in public expenditures, Mr. Selling today stands
before the people of Oregon on a platform that carries assurance of hsnest
effort for many federal measures needed by this state, and measures that can
be obtained from the national congress if a man is elected who will work
earnestly and consistently for them as Ben Selling has worked for the
passage of the people's laws in the state legislature.
Among the issues pledged in his platform are tariff reform with justice to
producer and consumer, development of Oregon's rivers and harbors, federal
land court to expedite the claims of settlers, parcels post, Alaska development,
free use of the forest reserves by actual settlers, federal control of corpora
tions, a monetary system free from the influence of Wall street, presidential
primaries, direct election of president, vice president and United States
senators, thus placing the government wholly and entirely, from the national
capitol to the city hall, in the hands of the people.
Trade Mark
!ng a ahHh and rlMWiptn mT
.111 fllir tH'iriHUI I I W MT ."-I Btl
i.hMf patent '. ( rtnininntrTv
iftlntlml. HANDEQ9 on Pateuu
t aacf tor aeruniif paenta.
n throDirh Wuna to. racalra
it hunt chanf. la U
;nc American.
1lotrs4 k'r. 1 rrrwl nr.
vtfVUOC )"ur!ial. T -rtf,. f
).36ibw. .Kew Tcrk
Prominent German Paper Voices Its
When Robert Mantell, the actor,
was in Portland, two weeks aso, he
presented the play "Julius Caesar."
In the very opening scene two sen
ators give an illustration of their idea
of their office. They meet a crowd of
worlcinsmen on the street, and com
mand them to get back to their trades,
and exchange their holiday garments
for the leather aprons of their crafts.
A senator those days didn't think
much of tb people.
A Roman senator didn't have to live
in the district that paid him. He was
not rrq-iired to know the people who
supported bim. He scorned his con
iMtuency, nd knew no more of them
than Hint they promptly and plenti
f iiiv fur shed him with money. He
! inent t! money for lr - own aggran
dizement, -md never g
Ing. Tl ' would have
to the c ty of a se
Here America we
who lgnot
o: a se
j has the
the arlf
i't indorse
va Idea of
-.st U
f an account
ecn belittling
an't approve
the people,
enr tor who
-.f ice, and
'he peo-
oti haa
been paving the salary of a Caius Cns-f-.itis
r.tylu of senator at Washington;
a senator who ignores the people who
support him, and avoids the contam
ination of residence among them.
The people of Oregon want a sen
ator who knows the people, and who
believes in them; who is interested
i:i them, and proves his position by
making himself one of them. Oregon
wants a senator who recognizes man
hood even in-working clothes; who
doesn't demand that his fellow citi
zens put on evening dress before they
will be permitted to shake hands with
him; who concedes the just demands
of labor, and would put the lightest
burden on the shoulders least able to
tarry it.
Oregon men and women want Ben
Selling to be their senator at Wash
ington. They have tried the Roman
aristocrat, non-resident type, and they
don't like it. The manhood of the
Etate is for Selling. The Zeitung.
Will Win In a Walk.
It ia beginning to look like an easy
ride for Ecn Selling to the United
States Senate. Formerly there was
no teMlDg what tl.e legislature would
4, put bow it is a pretty certain thing
that it will follow the wishes of the
people. Redmond Hub.
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are right. They want good tailoring.
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ER reduce your draper troubles to a
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The fastener, which is illustrated here, is stamped from sheet
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. i i , I........... ..l.l.il. a.iA-tr rrnnrliLslva f il r ni .iP U'i 1 1
name aim iiiimm iuil iconuun n,nv .v j t " V
appreciate tonce. They are made to lit any hoc. are CHsilf ad
justed and nnsver the double purpoio of regulating the depth of
sowing and at he same
r i
time uresses the soil
(Irmly around tlie grain
thus insuring immed
iate germination.
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ry and employ skilled workmen in every depart
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