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VOL. 29T. NO. 7.
He Saw Snakes.
Emerson Kelthley was in town on
Monday and reports something doing
in the snake line out his way. He
was out up Rood Canyon jost above
his house on Saturday and ran into a
den of rattlesnakes in quantities
aaffient to make his hair stand. A
den was discovered near this spot last
season, but Emerson was not thinking
abont running onto them so soon
Hearing one sing near by he stooped
down to nick np a stone to kill the
reDtilo, when another buzzed behind
him, and then they began to aDpear
on all sides. Emerson does not
attempt to say how many there might
have been in the den. but there were
a lot of them, and he made haste to
set out of their way as rapidly bb
possible. He will proceed to exter
minate the varmints just as soon as
possible, using dynamite to "shoot"
them out. Emerson vouches for the
truthfulness of this snake story, and
as he is a tetotaler it must be straight.
Don't think that piles can't be
cured. Thousands of obstinate cases
have been cured by Doan's Ointment.
50 cents at any drug store.
Thresher For Sale.
I have for sale at the Wm. Stauffer
farm, six miles south of Lexington,
one 28-inch Case separator, one 14
horse Wilson power, and derrick table
with ropes and cables all complete
and in good repair. Terms reason
able. lm OHAS. READ.
A brown mare weighing about JaOO;
branded EE on right stifle; white star
iu forehead. This animal disappeared
from the cattle and horse reserve near
Haidman in October last. A reward
of $10 will be paid for information
leading to the reoovery of this animal.
3t. Eight Mile Oregon.
There never was a time when peo
ple appreciated the real merits of
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy mote
than now. Ihis is shown by the in
crease in sales and voluntary testi
monials from persons who have been
...j k if if vmi nr vour children
jLUICU UJ 1. - J "
are troubled with cough or cold stive
( . .
it a trial ana Become acquaimcu
jits good qualities. For sale by Pat
terson & Son.
Watch this space next week
h wan. M 1 3
Heppner Garage
Bert Bowker, Prop.
Automobile for hire. Repair work of all kinds?
done. Gasoline and oil for sale. Machines housed,
cleaned and oiled. .
Agent for the 1912 Cadillac
2 Are You boosting i&or- e
row County ?
Are You Patronizing
Glome BndusEry I
EAltEMAXUFACTUIlIXO Flour and l'ml j
list supiTior to any iniioitiil niticie. it, you p
WU are not "sing our products call at our II
Our Hour is made exclusively from selected g
Morrow County Bluestem Wheat
Seed Grain, Rolled Feed,
Alfalfa Seed.
We Solicit the Storage of your Wool
Convening of Regular May
Term, a Short Session Re
port of Grand Jury.
The regular May term of the Cir
cuit court was called on Monday at
Hepnner, Jodge Gilbert W. Phelps,
nf Pendleton, presiding, and all other
offWrs present.
Wm. Ayera was appointed general
court balitf.
A crand jury was drawn for the
term and sworn in ; nnon retiring it
was ascertained that there were no
matters to receive their attention at
this time and npon so reporting to the
coort they were dismissed from fur
ther service at this time, sabjcet to
the call of the court.
The docket was very light, and the
Judge finding there would be no cases
for trial calling for the use of the
jury, they were dismissed for the
Ono criminal case only, came on
for hearing, that of Levi Hiatt, for
the larceny of a cow, for whioh crime
he had been previously indicted.
Unon th;s case being oalled, Hiatt
plead guilty, waived time and receiv
ed sentence of from two to ten yeais
in the penitentiary. At this time
Judge PhelpB has under consideration
(he matter of paroling Hiatt. A
large petition praving for a parole
has been lodged with the court but he
has not yet acted npon it. In passing
the sentence opon Hiatt. Judge Phelps
delivered him a scathing rebuke,
strongly calling attention to the ser
iousness of the offense. The petition
for parole Is signed by over 250 of our
citizens, not because of any particu
lar sympathy for Hiatt bnt on acoount
of his wife and little ones who will
be deprived of his support should he
have to serve time at Salem.
The grnd jury for the November
term were in session on last Friday
and Saturday and considered Each
matters as were called to their atten
tion by the District Attorney. Hav
ing finished their labors, they submit
ted the following report:
We, the Grand Jury drawn for the
November trem of the Circuit Court
of the State ,f Oregon for Morrow
Connty having finished our labors res
pectfully report as follows:
That we were regularly convened
on the 12th day of November, 1811,
and were in setting one dey at wli:h
time we adjourntd said sitting and
thereafter on the 10th, day of May,
1012, we again convened in bitting and
have been in session at said adjourned
sitting since said day, having been in
session three days in all since con
vening. That at said first sitting convened
on the 12th day of November, 9l2,
w found that the crand jury which
had just been discharged had disposed
of all accumulated business, that at
this one adjourned sitting we have
found and returned into Court oue
Troe Bill and one not True Bill.
That in addition to the witnesses
examined on the indictmens so found,
we have also considered other matters
which have been presented to us, and
have eo far as we know passed upou
and disposed of all criminal matters
whioh might come before ns and all
matters heretofore presented to the
District Attorney wherein he found
that action was unwarranted and Un
necessary, and we therefore report to
the Court at this time that we believe
that all criminal matters so far as
Morrow county n concerned are dis
posed of.
We have made a careful examinaion
of the County Hospital, the surround
ings and the management threeof , and
we have found the same to be conduct
ed in a neat and systematic manner.
We have questioned the patients
confined therein and find them appar
ently well satisfied with the treat
ment recieved. We discovered, how
ever, that the Board of Connty Com
missioners at its recent session had
ordered the supply of tobacco t) those
who were habituated to its use, to
baliscontinued, aud that since that
time these two old men who have
used tobacco many years were depriv
ed of what is to them almost a necess
ity and their only approach to a lux
ury, except such as has been provided
thorn through the generosity of Coun
ty Judge C C. Patterson, out of his
own individual funds. We oonsider
this action on the part of the Board
cf County CommuMoners inconsistent
with the chDti allo spirit of the
present age and wduld recommend
that economy be practiced in other
departments to the extent that the
saiall exrenlitnres neoess-ry to fjrj
nihil these old men with liberal
supply of what is to them their only
indulgence may be provided.
We have mads no extensive exam
ination of the books or records of the
county officer i, for the reason that we
have not deemed it necessary to hire
an expert and without an expert we
could not report as to the condition
of the books and records, bnt that
the same appear to be kept in an effi
cient and correct manner. We have
examined the county jail and found
the same unoccupied, and in a clean
and sanitary condition, awaiting the
transgressor. .
Having concluded our labors, we
now respeot fully ask to be discharged.
Not a trne bill was returned in the
case of the State vs. Ralph Cecil,
who was jointly held for the larceny
of a cow with Levi Hiatt.
Two equity cases are beforte the
court and being tried. C. G Jamie
son and wife vs. John A. Kien and
wife, to settle a contract of sale;
and Templetnn vs. Bockler to settle
up a sbeep deal.
This is the extent of the business
of the present term for all of which
the taxpayers of Morrow county are
duly thankful.
House for Sale.
Owing to the fact that we expect to
move into our new home soon we will
soil the house and lo and three acres
including chicken house and cow barn
Near site of the proposed Catholic
Church Announcements.
The Grand Army of the Republic
will hold their annual Memorial ser
vice at the Methodist Episcopal churoh
the morning of Sunday , May 2fi, and
invite all the other churches and
orders to join with them, as this is to
be a onion service. The sermon will
be preached by the Rev. W. A. Pratt
The Baccalaureate Sermcn to the
class of 1912, the graduating class of
Hennner Hisrh School, will be
prci 'hed at the Methodist Episcopal
church, by the Rev. W. A. Pratt, A.
M. , next Sunday morning. Every
body is cordially invited, especially
all pchool children, and families and
friends of the graduating class. Ser
vices at 11 :00 o'clock. The other ser
vices of the church will be: Sunday
school at 9:15 a. m. Epworth League
at 7:00 and preaching at 8:00, p. m.
Sunday schorl at 10 a m. Poach
ing at Liberty school bouse by Presid
ing Elder Rev. H. S. Shangle at 11
a. m. and 3 in afternoon. The sacra
ment of the Lord's supper will be ad
ministered at one of these services.
The business session of the quarterly
conference will be held at 3 in after
noon Saturday. There will be a bas
ket dinner on Sunday. A number of
people are planning to go out from
here. A Sunday school has been or
ganized at upper Rhea creek near Jeff
Jones' place, and one week from next
Sunday Rev. E. P. Warren will
preach for them at 11 a. ni. and 3 in
afternoon. There will be a basket
dinner there also.
Miss Altha Devin spent the week
end at Doherty's.
J. S. Baldwin and family left Fri
day on a trio to Washington.
W. E. Brown and J. G Doherty are
in Heppner this ween serving on the
Mrs. L. May and Mr. Jacob Ernest
of Portalnd were visitors at Dave
Brown's this week.
Misses Nora and Sareh Doherty
were in Heppner Thurtday and Fri
day, taking the state examinations.
While thers Sarah sprained her ankle!
Dave Brown had a very fine calf in
fact Dave thought it was so fine that
he didn't want to burn a brand on it.
So he invented a patent brand of his
own, whioh. ny means ot a curious
catch, he fastens into the ear of the
calf. Unfortunately , the catch didn't
hold and a few days latar, Austin
Gentry, happening In the neighbor
hood found the brand on the ground
and was inspired thus:
I found the brand of the calf,
Wouldn't that make a monkey laogh !
Now Dave, you'd better burn the hide,
Or the cBif'l sulely get a ride.
It is not fat enough just now,
But 'twill to 'fore it comes a cow.
You thought you left it in carefal
But I think you left it on dangerous
IF"! Tl Varl a?-P
In looking over our Spring stock which
- has just been received, we believe we
have the best assortment of goods that
has ever been shown here.
A Splendid Line
of Ladies' - Waists, Collars, jab
ots, etc. They are snappy
just the style you want.
Here are a few of our standbys:
Banner Brand Waists, Underskirts & Dresses;
Nemo and R. & G. Corsets; Simpson's Prints
Amoskeag A. F. C. Ginghams, Ripplettes and
Galateas. Iled Goose Shoes for Children, Pa
cific and SweirShoes for Ladies, Atlantic and
Senate Shoes for Men and Boys, Hansen
Gloves, Conqueror Hats, Standard Shirts,
Collegian Clothes, Boss-of-the-Road Overalls.
Royal Club Canned Goods, M. J. B. Coffee,
Crystal White Soap, Fuller's Sheep Mark
ing Paint, Crisco, Easy Jell, etc.
Thomson Bros.
Fruits and Vegetables
always to be found
The Grocer

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