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The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, November 30, 1900, Image 2

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jHoqoL Iiver Slacier.
The President's Proclamittii n.
It has pleased Almighty God to bring
our nation in safety and honor through an
' otheryear. The work 8 of religion and char
ity have everywhere been manifest. Our
Country, through all its extent, has
been blessed with abundant harvests.
Labor and the great industries of the
people have prospered beyond all prece
dent. Our power and influence
in the cause of freedom and enlighten
ment have extended overdistantseaeand
lands. Our commerce has spread over
the world. The lives of our official rep
resentatives and many of our people in
China have been marvelously preserved.
We have been generally exempt from
pestilence and other great calamities;
and even the tragic visitation v. men
overwhelmed Galveston made evident
the sympathy and christian charity by
virtue of which we are one united people
Now, therefore, I, William McKinley,
president of the United States, do here-
bv aDDoint and set apart Thursday, the
29th of November next, to be observed
by all the people of the United States,
at home or abroad, as a day of thanks
giving and praise to Him who holds the
pations in the hollow of His hand. 1
reccommend that they gather in their
several places of worship and devoutly
give Him thanks for the prosperity
wherewith He has endowed us, for seed
time and harvest, for the valor, devotion
and humanity of our armies and navies,
and for all His benefits to us as Individ
uals and as a nation ; that they humbly
pray for the continuance of His divine
favor, for concord and amity with other
nations, and for righteousness and peace
In all our ways.
In witness whereof I have hereunto
set my hand and seal of the United
States to be affixed.
Done at the city of Washington, this
P9th day of October, In the year ol our
Lord one thousand nine hundred, and
of the independence of the United States
the hundred and twenty-fifth.
If. K. P. C.
Hood River, Ore., Nov. 26, 1900. Ed
itor Glacier: In response to call pub
lished in last week's Glacier, we met at
Judge Pralher's office and organized
the Hood River Poultry Club. Twenty
members were enrolled at the meeting
and the secretary secured two members
after adjournment, making twenty-two
for our starter. I was -very agreeably
surprised at the interest manifested and
am confident we shall have a rousing.
big, vigorous club in a short time, that
will be to the poultry interests of Hood
River and vicinity what the Fruit Grow
ers' Union has been to the fruit industry
here. I he following is the list of officers
elected for the current year: E. D.
Calkins, president; Mrs. G. D. Wood
worth, vice-president; Mrs. Jennie Jew
ett, White Salmon, 2d vice president;
D. N. Byerlee, secretary; M. it. Mckel
sen, treasurer; , executive committee,
president, two vice-presidents, secretary,
treasurer and two members elected, 8.
Blythe, Hood River, and I. N. Camp
bell. East Side. All offices to be held
one year or until successors are elected.
The following is the list of our initial
members; h. P. (Jalkins, Ueo. frather,
F. C. Sherrieb. M, V. Rand.F.H. Blaeg,
I. N. Campbell, C. F, Stauffer, T. E.
Wickens. Mrs. H. C. Bateham, I. A.
Prather, Mrs. G. D. Woodworth, Mrs.
Jennie jewett, E. L. Smith, Dorrance
Smith, 8. F. Blythe, J. L. Gordon, A. A.
Uonney, Warren Miller, 15. . Shoema
ker, A. H, Jewett, M. H. Nickelsen, D.
Robert H. Wilson, special agent of
the Boys' and Girls' Aid Society
Portland, was In Hood River last Satur
day. While here he visited several
homed where children have been placed
bv the society and found the children
well cared for. The Boys' and Girl
Aid Society is a voluntary association
looking to the public for funds to sup
port its good work. Its aims are to res
Due homeless, neglected or abused chil-
drcn of Oregon, receive Juvenile offend'
erswhoarain danger of being impris
oned and provide for suoh until suitable
home' or employment can be found for
them. The secretary's report for last
year shows that cases involving 1,103
children were investigated, of which
number 61 girls and 67 boys were taken
Charge of and were cared for by the so
ciety. For the year ending May 1, 1900,
380 children were received by the so
ciety, and homes were found for 376.
The society is ably managed and its
membership consists of the best people
of the state. Gifts of money, clothing,
fruit, canned goods, vego&hlos, etc.,:
for the use of ths phjjdren, are always
thankfully received by the management,
and there is no more worthy institution
asking the patronage of the charitably
disposed. Mr. Wilson appointed as
agents for the society at Hood River
Mrs, & Smith, Mrs, A. 8. Blowers
and Mrs. Geo. P. Crowell.
That peculiar atmospheric phenom
enon known as pogonip, which certain
northern Indians are said to tear more
than rattlesnakes, was witnessed in
Mora for three hours Tuesday forenoon.
Montana, Colorado and Wyoming in-
ians call it white death. East Orego-
niahs call it frozen fog; and that's what
it is, the pogonip. Tuesday here was a
clear, cold, sunny day, and the inces
sant fall of floating needles of ice dis
played the phenomenon to advantage.
We quite agree with the authonty wno
says, "To breathe the pogonip is aeatn
to one's lungs," legend or no legend.
Moro Observer.
N. By
Dresser & Co., the welUknown gro
cers of Portland, with the aid of the O.
R. & N. Co., have established a large
chicken ranch at Blalock and expect
soon to be furnishing fresh eggs to their
customers. If this chicken ranch suc
ceeds, others will be started with the
assistance of the railroad company
Just now there is a great scarcity of
fresh ranch eggs in the markets of this
coast, and prices rule high 35 and 40
penja a dozen. We have had these egg
famines before, and the price of ben
fruit has gone even higher than it is to
day. During these periodical egg fam
ines there is a great scramble to get into
(he chicken business, and by the time
(lie enthusiast gets together enough
heps tp turn out eggs for market, prices
Iwe gone down below a point ttmt will
allpw of profit. The way to go into the
phlcjcen business is a start ftp a small
scalp and never keep more hens than
your range will allow and you can prop
erly care for. A few heps will pay. We
JlftYP never heard fif any ope making
money with a great number.
The federated trades of Portland have
commenced an active crusade against
the importation of Chinese and the fur
ther immigration of Japanese, It has
adopted resolutions asking a re-enactment
of the Chinese exclusion act, and a
modification of the immigration and
pontrapt labor laws, In such a manner
as to make the immigration of Japanese
laborers into this country impossible.
Popies pf th? resolutions will be sept to
every labor organization n the United
States, apd tp the Oregon state legisla
ture, with a view to getting it to mem
orialize congress. A) the combined
Influence of lahpr It to be used in get
ting congress to take some action in the
McKjnlgy'i plurality in Oregon at the
Jate election was 13,141. The prohibi
tion ticket got $,600 votes, the social
demoprata cast 1,494, and, the people's
ticket received 275. Judge Henry re?
peived the highest vote for elector on
th people's ticket-
The Q- A. R. of Forest Grove have pe
titioned t$ have the state encampment
held at that place June 25th. This date
will allow the national oomnander to be
present The Washington state en
campment will be held, about the same
E. Z- Bavaja will have aa advertise
Evflt til H! week's Glacier.-
It was DronoFed to call the club the
Hood River Poultry and Pet Stock Club
but the pet stock was ruledout. It was
also suggested that the name be the
Hood Kiver Valley rouitry uiud, bui
this name was also turned down as be
ing exclusive; our desire being to in
elude in ourclub, poultrymen and ranch
men of Hood Kiver Valley, White sal
mon, Mosier, in fact, all the territory
frcm Mt. Hood to the Columbia, and
therefore, adopted the name, "Hood
River Poultry Club." Making this
point the center and taking all comers.
Membership fees are but 50 cents pei
annum. Owing to late hour of meeting
the work of drafting our constitution
and by-laws was deferred until another
date and Saturday, December 8th was
fixed upon as the time. A vote of thanks
was tendered Prof. J. M., Garrison for
active interest he took in our organiza
tion, the many pointers he gave us in
the course of the meeting and his dispo
sition to be ready to give the club a
boost to a solid footing from the start by
cutting his prices in two, giving to mem
bers of the club two sittings for - the
price of one. In order to prevent out
siders from taking advantage of him and
t) induce as many as possible to become
members of the club, to secure these ex
traordinary low prices the order must
Eass through the secretary's hands for
is endorsement, showing that party
ordering is a member of the club. Sev
eral of our members have bought both
eggs and fowof Mr. Garrison in years
past and were unanimous in expressing
a hiah opinion of Mr. Garrison s busi
ness mothods and tiie quality of his
stock. He keeps ' White and Barred
Plymouth Rocks, White and Laced
Wvandottes and Brown Leghorns. It
would be wise to order now, as it will
be first come first served durins the
busy season and a few days waiting then
often means loss. One dollar should
accompany the order as an- evidence of
good faith. This concession in prices
will be extended to members of the club
only and for this year, after this year
his prices will be the same to us as to
others Now, then, is the best tune to
join the club, for by so doing and by
sending tor a couple oi sittings oi eggs
you save enough money to pay your
membership fees for three years; this is
f t . .1.1 1 1 - J a I. i
a comoinauon mat is nara to ue&t.
There are many things Mr Garrison said
to us t hat the members would do well to
remember and I would be glad to repeat
here but it would take up too much
space. 1 must beg to mention one or
two, however. He said, among other
tilings, and wisely, too, not to attempt
10 nunuie too many uirus at one time.
nor too many breeds at once, Buy, say
two or fpur sittings this year, save the
pullets, sell the cockerels to your neigh
bors and the scrubs you now have i
tho market, buy yourself a cockerel
for the following year and start in with
a pure breed. The second year increase
your nock to from fifty up, owing tc
vour facilities for handline them. remem
bering the larger the numberof birds you
have together the smaller will be the
profit proportionately. In beginning
too, try but one breed, then as you
become more adept at the business you
can safely keep two or more breeds. He
also gave us figures indicating that we
were starting in with a good prospect of
capturing our snare oi tne minion anu a
half dollars that the Pacific coast is now
annually sending to the Eastern states
for eggs ana poultry.' it remains tor
to see whether we can by good manage
ment and the proper display of energy
work to his figures. His remarks re
garding the stamping of the eggs with
the shipper's name and date the egg was
laid were well chosen, and just here
another suggestion to the snipper that
he might liavo added that I will take
the liberty to supply : When packing
eggs for shipment keep the different col
ored eggs to themselves, packing the
white ones in one case, the brown ones
lu another, and when the eggs are soiled
always to wash them, never allowing a
single egg to leave your hands except in
a presentable condition, These seem at
first thought to be trivial things and
bo taxing ourselves with useless trouble,
but these are the things that are
bring to the egg farmer the extra 1 to
cents above the regular market price
ana means mat niupn clear prom, uui
next meeting will be Saturday, Dee. 8
at one o'clock sharp, in Judge Prather
office. We want to see every man and
woman, who loves fine fowls, in the
territory indicated above, with a 5oct,
piece in tneir naiuts and a smile on
their faces, fall into line and register
their names oq our roll. There will be
kickers of courso, as there always is
against the good or ill of any commun
ity. If the Lord of Glory were to come
down here to Hood River today and
offer to take every man, woman and
child in the valley straight up through
the pearly gates to sit about His great
white throne with Him, there would be
kickers galore. They would say he was
a fake, would want to know all about the
means of transportation, the expenses,
etc., and because some certain ones were
going, some others would kick clear over
the dash board and declare they would
wait till he came again, or go to any
other old place before they would go
with that crowd. We don't dislike the
kicker, he is a good thing in a way .spur
ring us on to greater effort, and we are
like the blessed Lord, we want even the
kickers tPQ if they will come of
their own freewill, but if they will
pot well, there is abundance of room
yet in our valley outside our plub, and
we will not consign them to "any other
old place." Remember the time and
place. Come In and "jine de gang."
D. K. "ByRL, Secretary.
iy v i -u v
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy and find
it to be a treat medicine." savs Mr. A. 8.
Phipps of Poteau, Ark. "It cured me of
bloody flux, I cannot speak too highly of
This remedy always wins the
good opinion, if not the praise, of those
who use it. The quick cures which it
effects even in the most severe cases
make it a favorite everywhere. For
sale by Williams & Brosius.
The Irl R. Hicks 1?01 Almanac.
Whatever may be said of the scientific
causes upon which the Rev. Irl R. Hicks
bases his yearly forecasts of storm and
weather, it is a remarkable fact that
specific warnings of every great storm,
flood, cold wave and drouth, have been
plainly printed in bis now famous Al
manac for many years. The latest start
ling proof of this fact was the destruc
tion of Galveston, Texas, on the very
day named by Prof. Hicks in his 1900
Almanac, as one of disaster by storm
along the gulf coasts. The 1901 Alma
nac, by far the thiest, most complete
and beautiful yet published, is now
ready. This remarkable book of near
two hundred pages, splendidly illus
trated with charts and half-tone engrav
ings, goes as a premium to every sub-
sen her who pays one dollar a year for
Prof. Hicks' journal, Word and Works.
The Almanac alone is sent prepaid for
only 25c. Order from Word and Works
Publishing Co., 2201 Locust St., St.Louis
Dress Making
and Millinery.
In connection with our Dressmaking wt
have opened up a near stock of
Millinery Goods,-.
Including all the latest styles, and respect
lully Invito the Indie of Hood River and vi
cinity to call at our rooms and Inspect good.
Every effort will be made to satisfy our cus
tomer. . MRS. CLARK.
A Tillage Blacksmith Saved his Little
son's Lire.
Mr. II.H.Black, the well-known village
blacksmith at Grahamsyille, Sullivan
Co.. N. Y.. savs: "Our little son, five
years old, has been subject to croup, and
so bad have the attacks been that we
have feared many times that he would
die. We have had the doctor and used
many medicines, but Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy is now our sole reliance.
It seems to dissolve the tough mucus
and by giving frequent doses when the
croupy symptoms appear we have found
that the dreaded croup is cured before it
gets settled," There is no danger in
giving tnis remeuy lor it contains uu
opium or other injurious drug and may
be given as connaentiy to a bane as to
an adult. For sale by Williams Brosius
New Boarding House
Mr. Entrlcan has taken the house at the
corner of Fourth and Oak streets, formerly oc
cupied by Mrs. Mathews. It will hereafter be
known as the Glenwood, and conducted as a
first class rooming and coaming Douse.
Five Dollars' Reward
I will pay the above reward for Information
of the whereabouts of three calves one black
bull, one brlndle heifer and one fawn-colored
helfer-all spring calves. H. FRIUUK.
Dairying Pays.
Mr form of 240 acres of well Improved and
easily Irrigated land in the famous Trout
Lake dairy and stock country, I offer mr sale
at a bargain. Only $550 cash; easy terms on
paianre. Aauress or can on
nS0d! B. C. Zlegler,
. White Salmon, Wash
Harness Shop.
All kinds of harness work done. Country
rodtice taken In exchange for work. Every
hlng in the harness line furnished fort-ash at
Portland prices. E. D. CALKINS,
nau rrKHKiun j-ouiiry inruN.
For the. Land's Sake
nee fertilizers, but for big full crops of straw
berries plant some Magoons along with ymir
other varieties. They cross, fertilize and
greatly Increase the yield. Strong plants t4
per 1,000 at COLUMBIA WUKHEKY,
Timber Land, Act J une 8, 1878. j
United States Land Office. The Dalles.
Oregon, Oct. 8, 1900. Notice Is hereby given
that In compliance with the provisions of the
act of congress of June 3, 1878, entitled "An act
for the sale of timber lands in the states of
California, Oregon, Nevada and Washington
territory." ns extended to all the publio land
states by act of August 4, 1802, the following
persona nave tnisaay meet in this otnee their
sworn statcmenis, io-wn:
Of flood Kiver, county of Wasco, stata of
Oregon, sworn statement No, l"0. for the pur.
chae of the lots 8, 11 and 10, section 18 and lots
2 and 8 section IB, lu township No. 2 north,
range no. v east, w . m.
Of Hood River, county of Wasco, state of
Oregon, sworn statement, No. 1H7, for the pur
chase of the southwest northwest Yt and
west y. southwest ys section 8 and northwest
M northwest of section No. 17, In township
No. 2 north, range No. 8 east, W. M.
That they will offer proof to show that the
land sought la more valuable for Its timber
or stone than for agricultural purposes, and
to establish their claims to said lands before
the Register and Receiver of this office at The
Dulles, Oregon, on Haturday, the 9lb day of
February. 1001.
They name as witnesses: S. A. Wherry, Roy
w nerry ana u. u. uuamDerun or iiooa Kiver,
Oregon, uewit uniium, or rne lmiiei, uregon
and I. A. 8U Martin of Carson. Wash.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are requested to tile
their olaims In this office on or before said
th day of February, 1001.
n.1Ufl JAY- 1. LTJCA8, Register.
Came Into my Inclosure about the 1st of No-
i br
years old, with small bell. Owner will please
can, pay cost ana uKe me same away.
d2 W. 8. BOORMA
Kobere's Butter.
Koberg's Hood River Creamery Butter, al
ways iresn, at none t mcuonaia s. dm
Plymouth Bocks.
A fine lot of thorouahbred Barred Plvm
outh Rock pullets and a few cockerels for sale
oy inaoj u. u. n IL.U
Hood River Meat
and Produce Co.
Will conduct business strictly on a CASH
Market second door snath or post omce.
F. E. DENZER, Manager.
Steamer IRALDA
Will leave Cascade Locks at 6 a. m.: Hood
River at 8:20 a. in., dally (except Sunday) for
The Dulles and wav landings. Returning
will leave The Dulles at 2 p. m. fassengers
and light freight. Keturn tickets rrom Danes
City and Regulator are good on this boat.
W. U. A T A I , AgOUI.
Notice of Final Settlement
Notice ts herebv given that the undersigned
has heretofore and on the 7th day of Novem
ber, A. D. ID00, filed In the office of the County
Clerk of Wasco county, state of Oregon, her
final account as executrix of the last will and
estate of Perry Gordon Barrett, deceased, and
that the ludire or the county court oi saiu
county has, by an order duly entered, set
Monday, the 71 h day of January, A. D. 1001, at
the hour of S o'clock a. m. of said dar as thi
time for settlement or any objections to sum
Anal acconnt that mtii be tiled thereto In said
court and for the settlement of said final
uvwiint. AlmkDA HODtiE HAKKrJTT.
Executrix of he lust will and estate of Perry
Gordon Harrell, deceased.
Dated at Hood Kiver, Oregon, Nov. 9, 1000.
Timber Land, Act June 8, 1878.
United States Land Office, The Dalles, Ore-
fon, Sept. 24 WOO. Notice is nereoy given
hat In compliance with the provisions of the
ocl or consrress oi June a. iftjfi.eniiueu - au avi
for the sale of timber lands in the States of
California, Oregou, Nevada and Washington
Of Tvarh Valley, county of Wasco, state of Ore
gon, has this day filed in this office his
sworn statement No. 108 for the purchase
of the west southeast and lots 7 and 12,
section . lowDsnio s uonu. rauxe w vubi,
W. M.. and will offer proof to show that
the land sought is more valuable for its tim
ber or stone than for agricultural purposes,
and to establish his claim to suld land
before the Register and Receiver of this office
at The Dalles, Oregon, on Saturday, the 15th
day or uecemoer, wuu. .
He names as witnesses: ciyae f. uonne
Henry McOuire, O. B. Hartley and Lesll
Butler, all of Hood River. Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-descrihea tanas are requested u nie
their claims in this office on or before said
15th day of December. 1900.
- 0&07 J A I r. IjU u An, negisver,
United States Land Office, The Dalles, Ore
on. Oct. 20. 1900. A sufflc lent contest aft!
lavlt having been filed in this office by Jake
C.McCaughey. contestant, against Homestead
Entry No. 62H4. made November 10, 1894, for
lotsS and 4 and south northwest section
O tnan.hln 1 nn.th .DtiD, 11 Mlfit. Kv
Robert W. Mitchell, contestee. m winch it is
alleged that said Robert W. Mitchell
has wholly abandoned suld tract, and
changed his residence therefrom for more than
six months since making said entry, and
next or or to date of contest affidavit. Ana
that the alleged abandonment Is not due to
oeienuani s employment in toe army or navy
of the United States In time of war. Said
Dartles are hereby notified to appear, respond
and offer evidence touching said allegation at
10 o'clock a, m. on Dec. 15, luuo, Deiore me
Register and Receiver at thn United States
Land Oftee In The Dalles. Oregon.
The said contestant having, In a proper af
fidavit, filed Oct. 20, 1900, set forth facts
which show that after due diligence, personal
service or tnis notice can not oe mnae, it is
hereby ordered and directed that such notice
be given uy due ana proper punucation.
u9dl4 JAY P. LUCAS, Register.
Timber Land, Act June 8, 1878.
U. 8. Land Office, The Dalles, Oregon, Sept.
il, lliuo. -Notice is nereDy given mat in com
nllance with the urovlsions of the act of con
gress of June 8, 1H78, entitled "An act for the
sale oi ii moor tanasin me mates oi uaiuornia.
Oregon, Nevada and Washington Territory,'
X)t Hood River, county of Wasco, state of Ore
gon, has this day tiled in t his omce nersv
statement No. 16, for the purchase of the
northwest K southwest , and southwest
northwest Xi of section No. 5 In townshlpNo.2
north, range No. 9 east, W. M., and will offer
proof to show that the land sought Is more
vaiuame ior its timoer or stone man lor agri
cultural purposes, and to establish her claim
to said land before the Register and Receiver
of this office at The Dalles, Oregon, on Satur-
aay, me at n aay oi Decern rjer, iwju.
Siie names as witnesses: Josenh Mat-
Edward Mays and Clyde Bonney of Hood
River, Oregon; A. A. Bonney of Tygb. Val
ley. Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
abo-e-described lands are requested to file
their claims In this office on or before said
8th day of December, 1110.
e28nSX JAY P. LUCAS, Register.
I-and Office at The Dalles, Oregon, Oct. 18,
luuu. police is nereoy given mat me ioi low
ing named settler has riled notice of bis Inten
tion to make final proof In support of his
claim, and that said proof will be made before
George 1. Prather. v. S. Commissioner, al
Hood River, Oregon, on Friday, November SO,
uwu, via: .
Of Hood River, Orugnn, H. E. No. 5299, for the
southeast y. section ill, township 2 north,
rango 10 cast, w. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of. said land, vls:
J umes English, Frank NefT, gam Wlnans
ana micnaei ien, an oi twoa Kiver, uregon.
o&nau iai r. LiUUAS, iiegisier.
Moki Tea positively cures sick head,
ache, indigestion and ponBtipa.tion. A
delightful herb drink. Removes all
eruptions of the skin, producing a per
fect oomplaiion, or money refunded.
5e. cd 50c. Williams 4 Broius,
Shakes Wanted.
Wanted, to trade apples for shakes. Apply
to A. C BlHten, on the J. J. Lnckey ranch. 28
For Sale.
A good work horse, also some dry fir wood.
JOS. FRAfelKR, Jr.
Of all kinds at Eastern prices. All warrant
ed. Breakages, if there Is flaw, repaired
free of charge. CH AS. TEMPEL.
For Sale.
10, SO, 80, or 40 acres of land. Partially Im
proved. Good small house. Six mile south
oftown.East Side, near Harbison mill. 76
prune trees bearing fruit, 150 apple trees.
Plenty of small fruit. Inquire at place, or of
nil. U SILLlMAN.
Bex Rheumatic Ring,
This wonderful cure for rheumatism, sciat
ica, neuralgia, lumbago, gout and kindred
diseases Is for sale by Cbas. Tern pel, It has
cured 07 cases out of every 100 where tried.
3 Wagons.
I bave three second hand wagons and tr
ness for saie cheap. O. D. WOODWORTH.
For Sale and Kent.
Two cook stoves; Bedsteads. Two cottages
for Renu Apply to
f aiMer il Mr!
Has opened a shop tn ( Odd Fellows
building, opposite the O'aeior oCtoa. Fifteen
yWMfrtnea. A wrfc irarrepted.
Notice of Final Settlement
Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned
has heretofore and on the 7th day of Novem
ber. A. D. 1900. Hied In the office of the County
Clerk of Wasco county, state of Oregon, his
final account as executor of the last will and
estate ot Ella S. Middleton, deceased, and that
the Judge of the county court of said county
has. by an order duly entered, set Monday.
the 7th day of January, A. D. 1001, at the hour
of 9 o'clock a. m. of said day as the time for
settlement of any objections to said flnal ac
count that may be filed thereto in said court
ana ror tue settlement or saia nnai account.
Executor or the last win and estate or tna
Middleton. deceased.
Dated at Hood Kiver, Oregon, Nov. 9, 1900.
Land Office at Vancouver. Wash.. Oct. 26.
1900. Notice Is hereby given that the following-named
settler has filed notice of his inten
tion to maae nnai prooi in support or his
claim, and that said proof will he made
before F. W. Kale. Clerk of the Superior Cou
of the state of Washington for Skamania
county, -at Stevenson, Wash., on Monday,
Decern oer iu, mw, vim
Homestead application No.OICO for the cast
northeast W, southwest northeast and
northwest H southeast i of section 13, town
ship S north, range 9 east, W. SI.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultivation
of. said land vis:
Maroni Morbj and Mrs. Nettle Ecclea of
Chenowt th, Wash. John P. Odette of Steven
son, w asn.; thanes Key or The Dalles, or.
p217 W. R, DUNBAR, Register.
Slaughtering Sale!
I have received orders to slaughter -prices and close out all the; f
Clothing at '
Cost -Price i
rn,msr PrifiR. J0W.
$7 50
Less tlb-an.
8 00
0 50
10 00
9 00
13 50
15 00
For Sale
2 00
2 60
3 00
3 25
3 60
$4 65
4 00
6 50
6 .70
9 25
10 60
. 1
2 00
2 35
Denver Clothing Store
To Our Patrons.
We are receiving and placing on sale a full line of staple and fancy
Holiday Goods, which we are selling at the lowest possible price com
patible with good quality in goods. We invite you to call and exam
ine bur slock; We will show you goods cheerfully, whether you buy
or not. - - Yours for mutual benefit, : '
When you see it in our ad it's bo. .
7! Also, large shipment Sugar, Hams, Bacon and Lard. I am ready , .'..'
for business and shall furnish good goods at lowest prices. .
15 pounds Sugar, $uoo.
. . And other goods in proportion. .. . .
Free Delivery. " Phone 21.
A. A. BONNEY, Prbetor. :i
" ' at .
NOVEMBER 9, 1900.
1. Four acres at Frankton, improved
good spring ; only f550. ,
' 2. Wendorf place, near Underwood '
Wash. ; 160 acres ; 10 in cultivation ; fair
improvements: young orchard; 3 acres
bearing straw Derries; plenty of good
water, rnce fz,uw; terms easy.
3. John Sipma farm, in lots fromStn '
20 acres ; $50 to f 60 per acre ; terms easy.
4. Lot opposite school house ; 75 feet
square, f rice, io.
5. The Atkinson property, cor. First
and Oak streets; best bargain in town. '
7. Barrett-Sipma addition ; 160 Derlnt-; '.
flO down and (5 per month ; no interest, .
0. Thn J. H. Frarv ulaoe. East n;,l.
. - - - - i i 1 - vius.
near Tucker's mill ; 200 acres, nearly all
level ; part well improved ; price $12 n
acre ; will be sold in forty-acre tracts at
small advance. Terms, three-quarters
or more cash. A great bargain.
11. The G.T. Galligan 40 acres, lvinu
on the county road north and east of the
Barrett larm; 20 acres in cultivation:
tfOO .fruit trees Price $1,500. Term
easy. .:..-, ,l .
12. 160 acres on Hood river. 3 miles
above Tucker's mill; 8 acres cleared.
Price $1,860. .: ; ;
13. The W. H. Bishop home in Hood
River, lot 6 and part of lot 7, block 1,
ii-.. .,iu!,t.. If j n: 1
pretty home. Only $1,100,
14. The Allen Fulton farm, 160 acrei.
5 miles east of town ; price $1,000; terms ,
easy. .. ' ,' -t
16. John Sipma farm, 100 acres, $5,000.
$1,000 or more cash and balance at 8 per
cent, or the east 40 acres, cleared, for
$2,100. . $500 tr more cash, balance at 8
per cent, liest farm in the valley,
20. P. A. Trana Dlacel White Salmon.
in sight of Hood Kiver; 8 acres, 6 in
strawberries and tomatoes 17.000 straw- ,
berry plants and .1,400 tomato plants.
No irrigation required. Price $700.
. . - -
21. N. 8. E. V, S. U N. E. M sec
4, T. 3 N., R. 11 E. White Salmon; fine
timber land ; f iu per acre.
22. The Emerson homestead, only one
mile east of town ; fine range; $1,500.
23. Lots 6 and 6. block 7, Winans ad-
dition ; $50 a lot, or $85 for the two. .
24. Bernard Warren's fruit farm at
Frankton. plenty of water, eood build-
lags, etc. 17 acres. Price $3,500.
26. S. II. Cox's fine residence in Hood
River, lot 100 x 160 ; price $ 1,200. - .
. 27. J. R.. 'Nickelsen's jilace at Bel
mont; 35 acres; $2,100. Terms easy. -,7 ,'
28. A strip of land SO feet wide by
mile long,, with the creek, lying between ;
the west side of Blower's addition and
the county road at Paradise farm. Price
$750. '
. 29. Twenty acres lying north of Peter
Kopke's, East Side ; good land ; unim
proved. Price f500; terms easy.
SO. 35 acres of J. C. Boggs' fruit farm
for $3500 $100 per acre in 15 or 20 acre
tracts. The 15-acre tract in 5-acre tracts .
at $125 per acre ; cash ; balance to
suit purchaser; interest, 7 per cent per
-31. Emma G. Robinson's 40 acres,
East Side, adjoining A. I. Mason's fruit '
ranch ; unimproved ; $750.
32. Emma G. Robinson's 160 acres on -hills
east of White Salmon, known as -the
Dryer place; fine timber; unim
proved; $785. ".-:.
For Sale Eligible residence lots on
the hill, near cannon house; only $75;
terms easy. In Spangler's Subdivision, -block
2, Parkhurst. : '
For Sale at the Emporium 160 acres; -CO
can be made ready for plow for $100; f
40 good timber. Fine soil; no rock on
150 acres big hay shed; school and post
office only mile ; on daily stage line;
well watered. $50 down, $50 in 1 month,
$50 in 2 months ; bal. in 4 years. Only
$500; a rare bargain; 15 miles distant; -
For Rent. The Wickham three acres,
near Mrs. Alma Howe, for rent. Ftir w
nished house; bearing orchard ; strV
berries netted $200 this year. . Rent $150
for one year; payable in three instal
ments iu advance, r -;
E. R. Bradley,
Job Printing, Booksv Stationery, Mag,
azines and Periodicals. "
In addition to my line of Books and-Magazines, I carry a complete -and
well selected stock of . Stationery. I am also- constantly adding
to my Job Printing Department and respectfully solicit your patron- -
age along these lines. ' ' '. ... ... ...
Orders by mail given prompt attention. -.'".
8TOCK. The Colnmhla
apin, as usual, with a laiye stock of FraHTntes.
Strawberry Plants, and all kinds oCNurierv stock
Oet our prices and see the stock.
Of MEN'S AND BOYS' CLOTHING has arrived. These goods are'
strictly up to date, and it will pay you to examine them before buy
ing your fall suit
We have also added a full line of Ladies' Dress Skirts at $2.50 to
$5.00 each, values that cannot be excelled anywhere.
Land Office at The Pallet, Oregon, Not. T,
1910. Notice ts hereby given tht the follow
ing named settlor has Hied notice of hit
intention to make final proof In support
of his claim, and that said proof will
be made before George T. Prather, U. S. Com
missioner, at Hvtod River, Oregon, on Fri
day, December HI. 10, vis:
of Moeler, Oregon. H. E. No. 6,m for tbe wast
W, southeast and south south seatV sec
tion iX to-rnship 1 north, rans 11 east, w. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
hit continuous reeidenca opon tmd cultiva
tion of. said land, via:
Witliam Stevenson, Charlie Templemlre,
B. C Young and John Davis, all of Mosier.
JAY M7CAH, Bejlttar,
J? -same old price. Yum Yum W W u
i trees. $25 red ntA
UV J?aluss' f2-ame old price
-""-ui vv.w xcuuceQ.
um W. W Mat.
Excelsior Wool Top
vi asmnz Ma-
iron beds, $3.50
7 .
itsriwiv,!. i -Map ' Lowest nn nr.,, ' u Unas. .
$200 to $1,200 to loan.
At the Emporium is kept a first-class
surveyor's transit, and the proprietor ;
being a practical surveyor, is well pre- ,
pared to do the work of laying out acret
age property in lots and blocks, and do- ;
ing all kinds of surveying.
N: B. Terms are easy on all the above
lands, with interest at 6 per cent. Per
sons desiring locations on homesteads ; .
and timber claims should apply at the
Emporium. .
Money to Loan.
At the Emporium,
Davidson Fruit Co.,
Shippers of
Hood River's Famous
Packers of the .
Hood River Brand of
Canned Fruits.
Manufacturers of
Boses and Fruit Pack-
' aps.
Fertilizers and Agricul'
tural Implements.
Land Office at The Dalles, Oregon, Oe-A
I800.-Nolice is hereby given that the lo-iDB-named
aottler has filed notice of his i"'
tulion to commute and make flnal propr J
support of bis claim, ard that said proorwiu
be made before George T. Prather. U. 8. Com
missioner, at Hood Blver, Oregon, on on
day, December a, 1900, flu . .
of Hood River. Oregon, H. E. No. 7674 ar J"
west U northeast U section V and soutbweM
H southeast H aof southeast H
section 22, township north, range east. w--
He names the following witnesses WPJ?"
bit continuous res i dene upon and
uon of, said land, vis:
John Hicks, Samuel Kelly, Arfbor Feari
Albert A r. tone, of Hood River, Oregno.
ea30 .' ja.Y p, LUCAS, TlegHtr

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