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0 Ft O Oi
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Mr. and Mrs. Roy Emmons arrived
last week from Iowa City, Is. They
will make their home in the Perry
J. H. Bussenshot of Gilmer was in
tnwn fnndfiv.
Mi Verna Emmons of Pine Flat
went to Lyle, Saturday, where she will
ii.oi.h a three-months' term of '"ihool.
Miss Clara Blytho of Hood River is
visiting with U. M.woiiara aim laiimy.
,Iliad Thomas, who has been visiting
in While Salmon i for the past three
iwwlia returned to Portland. Monday
Mr. Thomas expects to leave Portland
for Alaska, April 10.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Harlan are vis
itinp in Portland.
Evervbodv enioved the play, Jumbo
June, which was given Thursday even
ing at the opera house, by the Hot Air
club. This was their first attempt at
anything of the kind, and they deserve
a great deal of credit for their effort.
Edward Dreke.who took the part of Mr.
Gobbleton, did well and hia make-up
was fine. Mearle Fox, the negro, Jum
bo June was funny as could be, but he
only had to act natural, husie woi
furd and Frank Egan, the runaway lov
ers were all riuht. only they were some
what frightened at one another. Lydia
Crow made a first rate house maid, bhe
need Jumbo June shamefully. The
poor negro never came near her that he
didn't wish lie nadn t, r.u f.gan was
w.mething new in the lawyer line. He
didn't pay much, but what he did say
was aood. We all felt sorry for Mr.
Uobbelton in the last act, when he
opened a !oor expecting a young woman
w ho had come to offer herself in mar
riage, but was disappointed when he
discovered the woman to be his 'wife,
who was sunuosed to dead. Anna Wol-
fard took the Mrs. Gohbelton part and
did well, especially the hysterical part
In the near future they expect to give
another play and they can rest assured
that they will have a full house.
Dr. Gearhart and Mearle Fox both
bought lots this week on Jewett avenue
Barrett District.
The ground hog is still housed up.
The delegates, and those who were
not delegates to the county convention
have returned and all are perfectly
E. E. Regester has arranged his Iioufc
hold goods on w heels and says he is now
prepared to move any distance. This
time, however, he goes into the BrosiuB
house at the junction of the roads, Z)u
miles south of town.
George Wilson left last Tuesday ' for
Portland to attend the prohibition con
vention. George also carried the proxies
of Messrs. Angus and Cash, and will un
doubtedly control the nominations
As we have said before.-Great is Barrett
land Iloole is her prophet. fcd J
C. P. Ross, formerly a resident of this
district but now in the employ of the 0.
R. & N. at Wallula Junction, was a wel
come visitor last week. He said he got
so homesick for a sight of the old place
that he lust couldn t stand it, and so
took a run down. He was greatly and
pleasantly surprised at the immense im
provements made here.
8. Cochran of Pleasant Grove farm
just received the information-, that fonr
of his cousins lost their lives in the the
ater fire at Chicago. This community
grieves with Mr. Cochran in the loss of
his relatives.
Thomas Bishop, sr., left Friday for a
trip to Sherman county, where he owns
a wheat farm which lie desires to lease.
Fred Dunn has rented the Richard
son place and will move into the donii
cit this week.
It was decided at the social that A.B.
Cash was the craziest of the many. His
character of Simple Simon being perfect
ly represented. He was voted the prize
for looking the most natural. The prize
was a jumping jack.
We do not much like to administer
rebukes, yet we feel it our duty to call
attention to the tact that uprorious
rudeness does not sustain a crazy char
acter, and we would advise a visit to an
asylum to some of those who attended
the crazy social ; there to get some
pointers as to how to impersonate a
crazy character without losing your
own identity. We trust that some of
the young men of this vicinity may
never again give us occasion to call at
tention to any misbehavior on their
part. Always act politely, no matter
what character you represent.
The ladies' aid of the Valley Christian
church were untortunate in having miS'
erable weather for their day at Booth's,
yet everything considered thev did ex
ceedingly well, owing to,no doubt, the
attractive personality ol the clerks. Ev
erybody seemed to be perfectly at home
in their stations. The ladies obeyed
the scriptures in that when they met a
stranger, thev took him in and fed him.
i our correBpoiiuem auempiea to get up
a niriauon witn trie Uiond clerk, hut she
quietly snubbed him until he dug up
his last piece of silver and for the next
week will have to subsist on roots and
things. All are loud in praise of the
managers of Booth's store, for their po
lite assistance and large generosity in
donating so liberally to the cause of
Christianity. The large store room was
profusely decorated, and the display of
fancy articles, made by the ladies' ex
pressly for this sale, was the center of
attraction for the female patrons. W.
R. Iloole brought in the largest load and
thereby won the premium offered." Rev.
A. A. Beery attempted to sell gome goods,
but from his description, the customer
was nnable to tell if it was a check apron
or a mince pie he was trying to sell, so
he was quietly ushered to the front
side of the counter, and requested to
become a customer himself.
The ladies' aid desires us to return to
Mr. Booth the thanks of the society and
the church for his generosity in giving
them the the use of his siore on March
Will Dunn has leased the Ennnel
place and will move his family, that is,
he will move over and she well, there
ought to be a phe, and she ought to
move over, sj, we suppose it w ill come
to pass in due course of time.
Mrs. E. Johnson and W. L. Regester
of Sherman county, mother and brother
of E. E. Regester of this district, are
visiting their relative and inspecting
the valley. They drove through with a
team and encountered tome of the worst
roads that they have ever seen. They
expect to remain all summer. We wel
come them at permanent settlers, for
although Mr. Regester is developing
one of the best farms in the southern
portion of Sherman county, we feel pos
itive that should he remain one summer
here Sherman will have lost all attrac
tion for him.
Ray Inrbler has been on the tick list
for the past ten days, but we are glad to
state is now able to be aronnd again, and
has his garments arranged correctly.
Seeing the necessity for an energetic,
wide-awake, progressive business firm of
real estate agents, Barrett, as usual,
steps into the breach and presents two
of her citiwns, C. L. Copple and W. R.
Iloole, both men of large business ex
perience and having an extensive
qnaintance throughout the valley. Thev
nave associated themselves together an
der the firm name of Copple Hoole,
and will deal in real estate, attend to
auction sales, loan money, write insur-1
anco, etc. You will find it to your in
terest to give them your patronage.They
will treat you fairly. Their office is lo
cated one door east of Cram's dry goods
store, where Temple's jewelry store was
formerly located.
Misses Amv Brosius, Viola Wilson
and Edna DuPree represented three old
maids at the social, and had it not been
for their sweet faces all would have been
thoroughly convinced that they were
truly and in fact what they represented.
Ve understand that the crazy social
given at the beautiful home of Mrs. A.
L. Parker, was a very decided success,
there being almost 100 in attendance,
most of whom were attired in some
fancy or fantastic costume. Some of
the former were very pretty and becom
ing, and many of the latter ridioulous
in the extreme. Where so many par
ticipated and where so many of the cos
tumes were so appropriate, Bpace will
not permit us to particularize. Suffi
cient to say that all did remarkably well
and everybody enjoyed themselves as
only crazy people can do when given an
opportunity. We understand, however,
that one of the young men in attempt
ing to sustain the character of a light
ning change artist became so entangled
in his garments that for the balance of
the evening it was a good guess to tell
whether he was going or coming.
J. C. Emmel of Sherwood spent a part
of last week in our district arranging the
affairs of his deceased son.
While at The Dalles convention we
had the pleasure of meeting the "Little
White Store" man. Mr. Shelley seems
to be pretty well posted in politics, and
will no doubt at some future time be
called to some -responsible position in
the gift of the people.
We understand there are several new
caws of smallpox in this neighborhood.
If such is the case we trust that those
afflicted will use every precaution to
prevent the spreading of this dread dis
ease. We cannot be too careful.
Mrs. McReynolds, who has been visit
ing her daughter at The Dalles.returned
Monday evening.
The entertainment given in connection
with the Endeavor services and the
lecture given by Rev. A. A. Beery last
Sunday evening at the Valley Christian
church was, despite the inclemency of
the weather, well attended. The feat
ure of the evening was the fine work of
the lady ushers, who thoroughly under
stood the work assigned them, even if
some of the boys did slip into the back
seats. The music rendered was simply
grand, and those who failed to attend
missed a rare treat.
Odell Notes.
Mr. Poole of The Dalles is visiting
friends at Odell.
L. M. Wilson will soon build a home
on the land recently purchased from
Mrs. Lenz.
There is some palliation for bad roads
when it becomes necessary to build a
circular platform of lumber for the hors
es to tread on in order to saw wood, by
horse power out in the open. For fur
ther information see B. T. Young.
About 40 head of horses were recently
brought down from winter quarters in
the bunch grass and distributed among
their owners here. Some of them were
found in the harness and with sore
shoulders and nearly all of them are
so poor that it will require as much to
feed as they would have eaten all win
ter to put them in condition for spring
The patrons in this neighborhood of
route No. 1 are just a little bit anxious:
to know w hether or not the mail service
is to be continued or cut out altogether.
At any rate it seems about time for an
explanation. Mr. Bailey has the sym
pathy of the entire community in his
affliction, but it does not seem unreason
able that at the end of two weeks with
out service, that the question be asked:
Why is not a substitute furnished?
The republican county ticket nominat
ed last week is considered a strong one
in this section and should win out easily
at the poll next June.
Just now we are long on water. How
will it be next summer?
For soma time Odell creek lias
been" on the rampage. The noise of
its waters is like to the breaking of the
surf upon the shore. The music of the
deep-toned sea. Oh ! ye restless waters!
Fit reminders of life eagerly rushing on
ward and outward into deep waters of
trial, trouble and disappointment; bat'
tling here and there; going down to de
feat or achieving success, as the case
may be, and finally anchoring in the
deep, still waters of peace, crowned with
victory the reward of a well-spent life.
Mount Hood Notes.
Frank Shaefer went to Hood River,
lust Saturday, to meet bis brother, who
Is coming to Mount Hood.
Some of the boys went to work at the
Davenport mill, where four or five are
at work yet; the rest having returned
to the hotel Spencer, where they are
expecting bear meat In the near future.
If. E. Davenport bus a crew of men
repairing the roof of the mill. He says
the damage was very slight outside of
what was done to the root, and all will
be repaired In a few days.
Joseph Patterson Is carrying his arm
tna sung, having cut It with an ax.
It Is the same old story. lie was split
ting stove wood and held the stick In
hia band when his ax handle struck
the splitting block and the ax struck
hisarin.lnnictinga very paintui wound
The school board opened the bids,
last Monday, and found the Mount
Hood Mill Co. had put in tbe lowest
bid. So the mill company was award
ed tbe contract to build and paint our
new school house.
The snow is going off now and the
mosHbacks are getting ready to begin
spring work. We have bad a long
wtnter for this place, and some or the
hoys report the snow from 7 to 12 feet
deep on the Blue ridge.
Crapper Cropplngs.
After six weeks lay off on account of
snow, rain, thud, slush and all kinds of
bad weather imaginable, the farmers
are getting out and making ready for
spring work. Some are pruning their
orchards, some are sowing land plaster
and others doing various kinds of work.
The ground is too wet for much work
William Nichols went to Klondike,
Sherman county, last week to put in his
prjng grain.
Very few berries will 1 set out in
You want one now
that fall has come.
Drop in and see what
Savage has in the
stove line. Also ex
amine the many
other goods that are
unpacked daily at
this vicinity this spring, hut there will
be a largeer acreage of hay than ever
before, the farmers beginning to realize
that hay raising is very profitable in
this section.
H.E.BIocher had a force of men at work
on the road below Inn place last week
filling in a gulley and straightening out
crooked places and doing a good job
Ed Johnson is improving slowly.
A few of our young folks attended the
min?trel show and dance at Eastman's
hall last Friday night and reported a
fine time.
Notes from Underwood.
Hy the (School Children.
This is more like winter than spring.
The weather profits must have made a
mistake and given ns spring in January,
instead of now.
Quite a snow felt Sunday morning.
A few of the young people spent Fri
day evening with Mr. and Mrs. Haynes.
Music and Pit were the order of the
Most of the pupils have colds.
Examination is the order of the day.
Professor Cromwell's school closes
Friday at Frankton, when he will take
up his abode an his Cliff toil ranch.
School closes Friday, after eight
months and a half of hard work. The
children have certainly earned a much
needed rest.
Miss Agnes Moore will leave Saturday
for Cape Horn, where she is engaged to
tepch a three months' term of school.
This will be the lat-t report from the
school. We will lay snide our cares, and
leave the work to some one she. After
our winter's labors, , we no v bid you
adieu. (The Glacier takes this oppor
tunity to thank the teacher and pupils
of the Underwood school for a faithful
service as uewegathers during the win
ter just closing. The notes always ar
rive punctually, are neatly written and
Underwood readers have appreciated
them. The Glacier hopes the children
will continue the good work during va
cation. EoJ
Chenowelli New Sotes."
Fred Kautz is putting the machinery
in the mill at Nelson creek. He expects
to run two shifts when the mill starts.
John Pugh and 8. T. Hindi were in
Stevenson, Friday and Saturday.
B. F. Fuller is in Sherman county,
but is expected home any day. His
daughter has been sick.
Mill A will begin running again as
soon as the weather permits.
R. M. Stone has moved into the
property vacated by Ira yllewett at
Dan Jones has his cattle down from
Camas prairie, fattening' along the
bluffs at Drano.
Bear in mind the date of the public
meeting April 2.
Copple & Hoole will sell vour proper
ty no mutter where it is. 'I'rv them.
E. R. Bradley
We are here to do your work today
tomorrow and every other day, and
our money (what little we have)
is spent in Hood River. We want
your work and can do it neatly and
- - ... -."-
Oorner Htnte street and Paradise avenue.
RUR, II to S1.S0 ft day. NpeclHl rates to
boarders. MltH. 1). O. KNTKIL'AN, Prop.
Of 25 years' experience. Will fur
nish' plans and specifications for all
kinds of buildings. Strictly up to date.
Ixx-ated at Hood River.
and Builders
Hood River, Or.
Estimates furnished on all kinds of work
PhitKiu Arnold. Main i.
1 UOIH.S. Kivderlek, MHln JOfi.
and Builders
Flams and Estimates Furnished.
and Builder.
Plaxs and Estimates Fckxishkk
Uhon Api"lk'atk. dl
& Builders.
Column of Special Bargains
50. Seventy-five feet on State street.
A bargain at f WX) 00
04. Six lots on hill; run't be beat.
Price on application.
102. 72 acres 3 miles from town; well
200. 10 acres 2 miles from town. Hard
to beat :..T2,fi50
204. Twenty acres fine apple land, close
in ' $1,200
205. Twenty acres, 12 in cultivation, 8
acres good timber; 34 miles from
town, close to school, church and
IVing thoroughly familiar with evory foot of
ground in this valley, and selling all property
strictly on ita merits, we are prepared to offer the
best bargains in city property, farm lands, apple
and strawberry ranches and timber lands.
We attend sales as auctioneers at reasonable
rates. .
Loan money and write insurance.
. We guarantee all titles to property sold by. us.
Office one door east of Cram's dry goods store,
north side of Oak street. Call and see us.
bone & Mcdonald
Carry ft full line of Groceries, Flour and Feed,
Shovels, Spades, Axes, Saws, etc. (
Tiie Fishing Season
Is here, and so are we with a full line of first
class Tackle. Come and see us before buying.
Goods Delivered Free
To Any Part of Town.
bone & Mcdonald
Now is the Accepted Time.
Get your Spray Material of
And you can depend on ifr being GOOD.
Full Line of
ase Ball
Gloves, Shoes, Bats, Balls.
s You don't need to order from catalogue, we have
the Goods.
Harness and Saddles,
All Repairing Promptly Attended to
Hood River, Oregon.
MAYES BROS., Proprietors.
Dealers in All Kinds of Fresh, Cured
and Canned Meats.
Headquarters for Vegetables and Fru its.
Stages to Cloud Cap Inn.
Ticket office for the Regulator Line of Steamers Telephone and
have a hack carry you to and from the boat landing If you want
a firat-clnen tnrnont cull on the
Anticipating your needs I laid in a stock of Spring
goods. The largest line of Matting and Carpets in
the city. You nun' need a Kange or Cook stove. I
have them. February is our winter month. I have
Heaters. Have you that tired feeling? I have
Hookers that will give you rest. Everything in the 1
Furniture line to meet all conditions.' And lowest
trices guaranteed. Listen! We are here for our
share of t-lie business. Come anil see us. We will
show you how it is done. Will give you the kev
to the first move a square deal. Your money is
just as good as your neighbor's, and will hnv as
much ju his money. Full line of I'.nilding material ,
that will 1h sold at lied I Jock prices. Look it over.
Undertaker and Embalmer
store; 4 a. orchard ; 4 a. meadow, and
3a h. strawberries; )i a. blackberries;
good 7-rooin houoe, burn and out
buildings, all In 11 ist-clHMS order; tine
well. Best buy in valley $:l,.r)00
0C. Nineteen a. 3 miles from town;
well Improved ; berries, orchard and
meadow; good house and outbuild
ings; 8 inches of free water. . . .f2,50
.'07. Ten a. 2,',' miles from town, all In
cultivation; 3 a. berries, balance in
clover; good 6-room house, barn, best
cellar in valley ; (1 inch water right
paid up. I'iue buy f.'l,5U0
r tF ft3

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