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The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, March 15, 1906, Image 8

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Does your baking powder
contain alum ? Look upon
the label. Use only a powder
whose label shows it to be
made with cream of tartar.
NOTE Safety lies in buying
only the Royal Baking Powder,
which is the best cream of tartar
baking powder that can be had.
State Deputy Orgnnlzer Voorhens
organized the Frank ton Orange liiHt
week, and the following officers were
elected :
A. 0. Stuteu, woithy muster; Miss
Pearl Eby, worthy overseer; Minn
Anna Shea, leotnrer; A. W. Doorman,
steward ; Earl Notilo, assiHtnnt stew
ard ; Mr. M. K. Noble, c1ihi1u1d;M
iJ. Noble, treasurer; Karl Khy snore
tary; Hoy Hautmaa (jute keojier; Mimb
Nina Noble Ceres; Mrs. W. T. Rddj
lady Bsststant stoward. Miss Helen
iloorinan was elected Pomona and
Miss Lizzie Eby was elected Flora.
The unwritten work of the order wns
given by i-Stute Deputy Voorhees and
all otlloers wore installed.
D. N. Byerlee, A. (.!. Ktacen and M.
I!. Noble were elected delegates to the
county grange convention which mot
at The Dulles Saturday March ID.
It was decided to meet Saturday
following the full uioon at 7 :.W p. in.
which will be on Saturday, March 17.
Eighteen additional members were
reooived, making 4!i In all to come in
under the open charter.
Through the kindness of A. C. Sta
ten we are able to give the readers ot
the Uiacier an account of what iiooii
Kiver did at the recent meeting of the
Wasco comity Urauge at The Dalles.
Editor Ulucler: Frankton and Pine
Qrove Uiaugo were well ropiesouteo
and among the other resolutions the
following ware oitered by Hood Riv
er's delegation and unnniuiiuJy adop
ted. First. He it resolved, that wt
endorse the resolutions made by Pint
Urove Urange relating to the postollict
department investigations, etc.
Second. That we as tax-payers tuui
patrons of the pubilu schools are en
titled to repiesentutlou in the curriu
uluin of the public schools.
Third. That we demand that s
oourso of agricultural instruction h
added to the present oourao or study
in our public schools.
Fourth. That wo auk the Oregon
State Urange to bold Its 11)07 conven
tion at Hood ltver, Oiogon.
A. i. Mason of tlood Kiver wm
unanmously elected a delegate to tin
State Urauge convuiitiou. A. C. Hu
ten and J. M. ft oil hi of Dutur altei
The Hood River (Jrango appreciate
the good will shown them by tin
Urange of Wasco county and with tin
spirit and cheer ot a Hood Hivenh
we promise you and the State Urangi
amost welcome recepton to our boun
tiful valley in l'.HiT.
Come where the birds sing molt
sweetly than elsewheie, where the ru
grauce of the llowers is richer, whert
the bills and mountains are grunder,
more beaut ilul than over yonder.
Where the uppln is grown Hint hu
made Uiegou known around the glulie
U ranger, cume.
Funeral of lll.iiuhe Woodman.
The funeral of little lllancho Wood
man who was killed lust Weiluehda.N
ou the railroud trestle uear the Hut
ton place, was held fioiu the United
Uretheru church last Saturday. liev
U. M. Heeler conducted the service
The funeral arrangements were in
charge ot S. E. llartiuess, and liuriin
at ldlewilde cemetery.
The luueral was quite largely nt
tended, t ie schoolmates ot little
llliinolie being largely reiiiOKeiited.
Relutives Horn out ot the city wliu
were present were: Mr. an 1 Mis. lieo
10. West, Portland; Mr. ami Mrs Eo
Mann ami mother; Mrs. Cook aim
daughte -in-law, Mrs. Jennie Cook,
The Dalles; William Woodman, 1'on
Hadlock, Wash.
The pall-bearers were: Lnngley Ste
venson, Raymond Early, Roger Moe.
WillUui Eviuiger, Ueorgo Tripp mid
Stanley Tripp, lhey were accoin pan ied
by six little girls dressed in white:
Oat her inn Hartley, Wilma ThompHoii,
ItflHHlA WIiuhIi?. I. fil iu TlinmtiNmi- Mn-
mie JJripp and Velra KichanlHon.
vltio Horn! oilerings were very beau
tiful, containing iniiny elaborate
pieces, those from the school children
lining especially be.titiful.
Curd of Thanks,
We desire to thank the many kind
friends, neighbors and school children
for their symp ithy ami assistance ilnr-
iug our bereavement, when wo mis
taiued the loss of our daughter and
' sistor.
i Mrs. Anna Woodman and Family.
Siurs Itultr Fatally llnrnid.
Mr. nod Mrs. Chester Sears, forme'
Iv of Hood Kiver but now living at
Euueue. met with the loss of theii
youngest child, 11) months old, which
died from me eiiects or a ourn anu
was brought to Hood River for burinl,
Thursday, of lust wecic. Mr. Sears is
employed as a bridge carpenter ou the
Southern ljne.llli railroad.
Mrs. Sears one orniiig went down
stairs to prepare breakfast, loav ng lift
two clnldieu in bed. During her no
senoe tho youngest child reached I
bunch of matches from the biueiiu top
and bv some means they were ignited.
The child's niuhtdi'CH took tire and
he was frightfully burned and died a
week altnrwaiilH. I lie many friend
of the family in Hood River deeply
Bvniimthio will) tliem in their be
Itlg Mm t ng el' ti e Artisans.
Tho visit of Supreme Lectmer Dr.
W. O. Miiuiou to the lucid Artisans
lodge last week wan the occasion ol
large meet ng of the lodge meinli rt
and their ii lends. A progra'n was
rendered by local talent that was en
joyed bv all. ihe main event of tin
evening was the address by Dr. Muii
iou, who was listened to with marked
attention. The Doctor is master ol
his subject, and bis arguments in fa
vor ot the order were so conclusivt
that ten applications were received to
. econie mcmtjcr ol the order.
Ono of the pleasant events of tht
evening was the presentation of b
"Worthy pin" to J.Koberg and a gold
emblem to D. AluDoiiiilil.
I.ntv Hale 1 ruin Eastern PoIiiIn.
From Fubruaiy 1") to April 7, lilio
.Septeiiiber 15 to October 31, I'.HKj, cec
um! clans colonitt tickets will be solo
roiii all custom points to points on
nid via the O. R. & N. These UckeU
a ill be g. od for Hlnpovern of ten lay
it one or more stations, regardless oi
limit on tickets. .
From Missouri river common points,
Kansas City, St. Joseph, Atchison,
ihnnlin, Sioux City, St. Paul and Du
udh o Portland the rate is &., alio
m Spokane and points ra.-t of Umatil
nt to Huiiliiiglon, .."in. For rutei
.rjiu luiiuls not given here, apply ti
my O. R. & ft. up'iit. It so do lieu
tickets may be pur hm-cii nt this tmo
old prejiaid tinier sent to party us
iug it.
A Scientific VUmliT.
The cures that stand to its crcilil
nuke llilcklen's Arnica Salvo a scieli
i die wonder. It cured E. If. .Miill'ord,
orturer for t he patrons ot lliisoaudrt,
tViiynesboro, Pa., oi u dislicssiiig cusi
f I 'iles. It lieuU the worst burns, Sores,
lloils, Fleers, t'uiH, Wounds, Chilblains
mil Salt Rlieiiin. Only ."ic ul (Jims, ft.
Clarke's drug store.
Don't I'eriret ihe Cackle.
A duck, which 1 1 it 1 1 htillilllily stuck to
business during the summer unil laid
scveinl down large, fawn-colered eigs,
oiiiplaiiiiHl thai she was not appieci
ued, "See thai hell over there?" said
he duck, "she bat uol laid so many
eggs as I have, nor so big, but flie lias
niokH written about her ami verses
-oinposed in her bouor, while lioboil)
1 1 s a woid nlionl inc." ''The trouble
itli you 1-," said the wise huff leghorn
ock tual was Handing near, "that you
do uol It'll the public wind Mill Imvi
l-.iic Vou lay an tj:u and winhlle oft
a i hold saying a iml, while that sister
I' mine ueei lays ime willcml letting
V'Uyhoily in (lie lu-igbbui hunil know ii.
II ui ttiiui lo cut any in1 in this com
munity you must learn to advertise."
I'roy Chief.
(Norihern Pulsion)
Applications lor (iraiug IVrinitH.
N 'tice is bcivby given thai all appliea
I ions lor icrtnils to griizi; cattle, horses
iinl sheep within the Northern Division
ol the Cascade lUngc Forest Reserve
'luring the season ol l!HKi, must he Mile
miited to D. D. Hionsmi, I'urest lin-per
or, I'urllaod, Ore., on or before April
I, l'.KHi. I'll 1 1 difoi'maiioii in regard to
Hie grazing Ices to be chaigcd and blank
forms to be used ill making application,
will be furnished up hi request ad
dressed to the abnve n-iined lliccr.
I'OMAS 11 sIll-.RHARD,
inNiiiL'!) Acting Forester.
Straniihaii & llngley have just un
loaded a carload of I'tah hold plaster,
and will have in a car a week during
the seasoii.
Platform of Hon. H. X. Cake, Candidate
fur the Republican Nomination for
i United Statea Senator.
i I believe the public aerrloe corpora
i tlona stiould be subject to govern
: mental regulations and contoL The
; power of regulation should be Tested
, in the Interstate Commerce Commis
sion, and should be exercised with
due regard to tie repsectlve right of
the neoi.le and the corporation.
I Trusts or combinations ot capital
I organized for the purpose of control!
ing the utilities and necessities of toe
country, to the exclusion of legitimate
comi etition, ate contrary to public
policy ; in derogation to the rights of
the people, and should come noder
the ban of tbe law.
1 believe In preserving the dignity
of our American citizenship, and tbe
freedom of tbe laboring classes of tbia
country, i am opposed to tbe admis
sion of tbe Chinese Coolie labor
China, and the undesirable classes ot
Continental .Europe.
'J ho growing commerce of Orgeoi
den amis tbe deepening of tbe bar of
the Columbia Kiver, tbe oonstruotlon
of the Dalles-Celilo canal; tbe opening
o: tne upper Columbia; toe improve-
n ent or coos tsay, xniamoolc and Va
qulia harbors; tbe dredging of tbe
Willamette and tbe government owner
ship of tbe locks at Oregon City and
lederal appropriations should be made
securing these Improvements.
A tariff sho old be maintained for
the protection of Amei lean industries
and American labor. Where, however,
the iBMssiiy for protection is removed
by ti e growth and development of
parti ular industry, the tariff should
be moJilIud to ouet the changed con
The reclamation of tbe arid lands Is
one of tbe pressing needs of tbe north
west, and a r. nditon In its greater
tevelopment, and tbe emclenoy of tin
r Isolation itrv'ioe should be one of
the first caies of tbe federal govern
The fedeial constitution should be
amended to provide for tbe election
nt United States Senators by direct
vote of the people, and I am in favor
of the establishment of the paroel
Don't frown look plea-aut. If joii
ire Buttering iroin indigestion or sum
toinacu, take Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
lion. Jake Moore, or Atlanta, Us., says
"I suffered more than 20 years with in
ingestion, a iriend recommended K
dol. It relieved me in one day and now
I enjoy belter health than for many
years." Kooni digests wlial yon eat.
relieves sour stomach, gas on stomaci
Uilchlng, etc. Sold by Williams' Phar
All kinds of timepieces at Clarke'i
Come and look at some of them.
All tlmt is Ltitest in Spring
Milliner. JVewest and up-to-date
w ill l3 pleased to nave you cotm
to our opening on
Shepard & Franz
Are in correspondence with all parts of
tne united M utes and are in good post
non in ecu your
Farm Property
Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co,
Orient Fire Insurance Co.
Richardson Bros.
Horseshoeing a Specialty
All repair work neatly
and promptly dono.
Corner of Oak and First Streets
I am prepared to furnish mill and slal
wood, also other kinds of wood.
1 have a new steam wood saw and an
prepared to do Niwintt. Also do eeners
team work.
Phone 121.
Select High Grade Berry Plants
Phinomtntl Brrr
(Irent monry muker; aa high a H,i
l-r huiy iihs rraiiM-i mm alii
Rle m-n- hero the Ism mmuhhi. Frolt nr
t-nornifMifi size, varying from one t-
twolitrlimln li'imlh; i brilliant nw
reu roior, uein-ioiiHly navorHi; x
ewillimly priMlm-tlva; very Arm sod a
trooit nhlpiwr. i'rlre, per 10, 11.00: psi
tw, vi.-a-, IIHM fi.Wh ....
Nw Mammoth Blckbrrsr
it ix-iwrt'ii inti uraiuiHii IUa'k.rMrr)
Hint tlm ( Hllf. Wild Dewborrv. Ii
lliovery lrii.'l berry rrull of uythlni;
known In the world today. The rrull
Hveraiira fro in I wo to three IuoIim id
ii-niliii and la prudiuvd In Hie r!el
aliuiuUu. Tin liliibnt rtavorwt aod
numl delletnua of all blacuberrliw.
inpy riH-n win wm beare am
dewberry or blackberry. Areanhl.
Ier and money maker. 11,00 pur 10.
WOO per 100, l6U.no UirKWO. . . . . .
Nature's Wondrous Handiwork
Set Ire.
"N tiee i hereby iveu to tbe isit r. -hk
( u,f the Water SSitpply Coinpany that ap-
plirationa for water for tlie season of
V ii oau lie hud at tbe resideiieeof 1' f.
' Sherrieb, President, or 1-'. (i. t'bureli,
Secretary. Same to In- applied for by
Mari-h loth, lumi.
.!i.i i - ' K. (i. till'lU'Il, Secretarv.
liiV.IIKKKIKi:. l're-i'.lent.
Ihtrtors Are I'lii'eil.
VfliC remarkable recovery of Kenneth
Jflclver, of Vanceboro, Me., in the ub
jec,t oi much intereHt to the medical
.fraternity and a wide circle of frii-nda
' I Jle says of bin rase: '"twing to severe
inflamination of the 'Hi rout and con-'
ge'ation of the lungs, three doctora pive
mo up to die, when, a a last reaort, I 1
was induced to (ry lr. Kind's New l'ia
covery and 1 am happy to say, it saved
my life." Cures the worst Coughs and
Colds, Bronchitis, Tonsilitis, Weak
LniH!, Hoarseness and I.atirippe. (Juar
anteed by Chan. N. Clarke dn4'iiit.
50c and f 1.00. Trial bottle free.
Loiftn Brrv
j laii oua nerrv. now Deina- wineiv
plained all over the country. Krul'l
very lurgn and a Handsome dark red
color: exiteedlnsly pnsliu'live. and
poHsessetl nf a, rk-lt autsacld flavor.
One of the Im-hi canning lierrlea known.
Mi cwntii iH-r 10, ta.Su per 100, fc!6 per loou.
Himalayan Giant Blackbarrr
ill yield U0iimitaoi Iran u a punt
ilurtuic aeaaain. Herrlea rlen In
July and Auxual; thy are nearly an
Inch In diameter; Jet black. round and
ofexiiulalte flavor. 11.00 per 10, IH.00
Naw Ooldan Blackberry
i i uo a kIowiiik aoidrn yellow. In-teiiM-ly
hlKhly llavored, very p nut uc
live, and la alueaa large u the Kar'
Harvest blackberry. S5 cents paca
im H-r 10, IIS.UO per 100
MatcKlaaa Blackbarrr
i one ol llis Huest flavored and moat
I productive of all upright crowing ber
ries. 11.00 per 10, ITjiO per 100. . . , .
Room Early Dnliam
i Ni'im-u wo orwoerriea; larve, very
llitn. urcst shtpiter. 6fi cents per 10,
n- per nv, 9v.iv per iiw.
Through liali ar.d Colcrado
( 'asiie (late, Canon ..i tin- (Jrainl,
Uliiek Canon, Marliall and Ten
nessee Passes, and tbe World
Kane us Koal (-..rye.
't i'-amph-
ta-,1eserlplie an,l i.lu-liatt'
lets, h no- ni
W. C. McBRlDE, General Atent
l'.'l Third sireet, I'oltrLAM", OK.
Mayes Hybrid Dewberry
The ting-eat and beat dewberry In the
world. Klpena 10 days after Ktajera
Karly; great ablp er; berrtea Jet
black 'and of the highest flavor; enor
inonsly prixlucttve. 60 cents per 10,
fc' so ir lii. ll.i.00 per 10U0
liesi all-purMM atrawberrjr on earth;
l lie Inriceat strawberry known, and on
of the moat dellcloualy flavwed: glvea
ihreecrosi a year; will aucceed anv
where, a cvnta per 10, 11.00 100, t.00
per MIO.
. . . ahovb raicas. . . .
IS. L WATKINS, Grizzly Rats, OL
Swiffs Arsenate of Lead
13o per lb. in 100-lb. lots, at
Williams' Pharmacy
The place where your Proscriptions are al
ways filled correctly mid everything at reas
onable prices.
Agents for Eastman's Cameras
t and Supplies.
CHARLES HALL, Proprietor
Bartmess' Furniture Store
Malleable Iron Beds, guaranteed against breaks by the
ractory for 25 years, and yet cheaper lliiin the cast beds.
We get them direct from the hast. ( alland look t hem over.
Graphophone on household goods w tor f.'K) m
Building Material, Carpets, Paints, etc.
Undertaker and Embalmer.
New Location.
We are now located in the Smith Building, in the
room formerly occupied by J. E. Hand, where we will be
pleased to see all of our old customers as well as new ones.
This large and well-lighted store has been fitted up
with the best and most complete stock of
" Staple and Fancy Groceries, Flour and Feed
ever displayed in the City. Fresh Vegetables received
daily. Call and inspect our stock.
WOOD & SMITH BHOS., Proprietors.
The htnrxA Dlrtf Ralprv mil'- U
n chased 200 barrels of our Golden
( Crown Flour Oct. 1, 1905. They
I have just placed another order
1 with us for 100 barrels more. At
?j Mr. Williams' Bakery can be found
the best bread in the city, and it
is made from our Golden Crown
flour. The bread speaks for itself..
Our White Kiver and Golden Crown flour
can be found for sale at all the leading gro
cers. Try a sack. Once used, always used
For Sale By
Hood River, Oregon
F. S. STANLEY. Pres. E. L. SMITH, Vice-Pres. E. 0. BLANCH A K CHsl.irr
V. C. Kboi-k, Asst. Cashier
First National Bank
Capital and Surplus, $30,000.00.
We offer vou the facilities of a well managed and a well
euipK'd bank. The interests of patrons receive our
careful attention.
Buy Your Fruit Boxes
Hood River Box Factory
and Patronize Home Industry.
Best Quality Lowest Price
Home Made
Phone Mam 71
Season of 1906
Our scale of charges for services as Architects or Kimim-ere, during
the ensuing season, will be as follows:
Plans, details and specifications for new huiUlings, 2la per crni of to
tal eost, based upon the AVERAGb. of bills received, w hern tolnl cunt
cannot be determined. For alterations to old building, 5 per cent.
General supervision of works, which will include the survey of build
ing lines and setting of grades, and drawing of contnu't or bond, und su
perintendence to completion or acceptance new buililinu", 2i per Cent;
alterations, 8 per cent, or full services for 5 per cent of actual e t.
On engineering works, surveys, etc, $10.00 per day and expense, or
as provided under special agreement for lanre projects.
Transportation to and from works outide of city limits, and the em
ployment of necessary help at expense of client.
Ch rges ate based upon the total cost of all works forming p irt of
construction and permanent equipment of any buildings in connection
with which Ihe Architects render service.
The rules of The American Institute of Architects, :ovi rniiif; I he
practice of Architects, provide that
"All drawings and specifications, as instruments of service, shall he
the property of the Architects, and must be returned to them upon c in
pletlon of works," and, "fees are successively due, as works are
completed, unless otherwise stipulated in agree nt."
We make no charge foi consultation or preliminary
sketches, and guarantee economic and faithful service.
Davidson Building ARCHITECTS AND ENGINEERS Hood River, Ore.
they're first in quality
( at Your, store
I wish to say to all our old friends and custom
ers who for so many years came to our shop for
their meats, that it is useless for me to introduce
Wood Bros., our successsors, as their 18 years in
the butcher business in Wasco county has made
them so widely known that iii introduction is un
necessary. Being honest, capable business men,
they have the means and ability to rwn a business
as it should be run, and in a way that will be a
credit to our city.
I expect to stay with the new firm for awhile,
and will be glad to see you all at the ui.i .-.;.! in). 1
will guarantee that you will get just as much meat
for your money, just as courteous treatment and
just as prompt service as can be had in the city.
We will have a full line of everything good to
eat for the Spring trade.
Respectfully yours,
NOW IS THE TIME to trade your old Stove in, on
The Big New and Secondhand Store
is the place. We buy, sell and exchange anything in Furniture, Stoves, Carpets, Tin and
Graniteware, Crockery, and in fact EVERYTHING salable.
Come in and be convinced that we can 5AVE YOU MONEY.
wv rv a r ri r t v
Phone 1053 u. p. UAtsrNtiY x cu.. bToonetors.
, A

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