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Thomas Laoey gold a horse to C.
bone, of Willow rial, laut week.
J. K Crosby and ,13. T. Young have
gone to shear aheep for Havenport
Liroa. ,.
One may see a car being loaded with
lumber at the Duke's Valley aiding
mofct any day now and this is one of
several such spots along the line of
the AH. Hood K. R. that indicate
something doing.
J. T. Ford, ex-sherltf of Polk coun
ty and an old friend of Koswell Uhel
ley, is visiting Mr. S. and look lug for
laud with intent to buy. Mr. Ford
speaks well of Hood River valley and
what It promises.
K, T.'Folts and family lure 'now at
borne on their Willow Flat ranch. Mr.
Folts expects very soon to begin
building a cottage there.
Mrs. Win. Ehrck's visit in Portland
was!prolongcd by her grandson, Floyd
McCoy, developing a case of.measles
about the time Mrs. Ebrck intended
coming home. She came later and all
are well.
J. ll. uggert is noma irom toe log
ging camp for a few ays.
L. A. E. Clark and W. A. Lookman
have" finished olearing the old slashing
on the tract owned by A. 1. Moe and
Mr. Moe has something near 15 aores
of laud that will soou be ready for
; trees. Mr, Moe was ceitainly fortun
ate in securing the land of which this
is a part. ,
A game of ball was played Sunday
on .the Udell ball ground liy Udell vs.
Die Strawberry Pickers. At the en
Udell had the victory.by a big major!
ty. lioys have you.trlod Saturday af
ternoon games? In Jeome places this
plan baa met with great sucoess.
The 0. E. of Udell had an Interest
ing meeting last Sunday evening,
Marie Lookman and IVeuus Callison
were leaders. Some apeoial numbers
wore a pantomlno by uiien Sbelley,
Phila ucDutlee and Letha Davis and
a bass solo by Prof. Anders.
Miss Marguerite Sbelley is expected
Dome irom Portland soon, rue Ull
lesnie School of Expression of which
MIhs Shelley is assistant teacher close
tins week.
The Mt. Hood Telephone Co. have
polos up through Udell for tbelr liue
from Mt. Hood to Hood River, and
if we may Judge from present indica
tions, this company is in the field for
good work and to stay. These veil
poles speak of dignity and sturdiness
ana all tnat goes to make useful oitl
zeus and even though we derive no di
rect benefit from this line Udell is
bettered by its passing through. We
hope, however, that aome who have
not been so fortunate as to have
phones may be able to arrange so as
to lie connected with the new line aud
thus receive direct benefit.
At the annual school meeting held
In the school house at Udell Monday,
June 18, at 5 p. m., L. 1. Uoyed was
elected a director and M. D. Udell
was reelected clerk of the school
board. This is the begiuning of the
sixteenth year Mr. Odell has aoted in
this capacity aud it goes without ray
ing his work has been satisfactory.
The vote given Mr. lioyed indicates
the confidence of nianvjof Udell's vo
ters. It was voted that the lUth grade
be taught in Odoll school, ibis
means one more year in our home
school for our young people aud is a
fitnn In ttiArlirlit llrwitlnn Thn ruina
tion of obtaining additional land for
suhool purposes was referred to the
board to ascertain facts concerning
price, etc, when especial meeting will
be called to disoover sentiment of pa
trons. A ball game will be played on Mt.
Hood ball grounds Suuday, June 24,
Udell vs. Mt. Hood.
Owing to Illness on the part of the
correspondent and scarcity of news in
the vicinity, there were no notes
from this corner last week.
One of the most important happen
ings of the week was the wedding
which occurred at the home of Mrs.
J. O. Mark last Saturday., June 1(1, at
1:30 p. m. wheu their daughter, Miss
Mildred and Dr. U. J. Sweetland, jr.,
of Grand Forks, N. D., weretinited In
marriage, Rev. Uilmore officiating.
The young couple loft on the after
noon train for Portland from which
place they will goby way cf Shuttle to
Urand Forks wb' re the groom has a
position as athletic ri hector in the
Grand Forks ttate university. Miss
Mildred will be much missed in the
community win re she has played an
important social part, but the best
wishes of all go with her In her new
found happiness.
Mrs. French, of Portland, who has
been visiting ber sister, Mrs. Zobel,
left for home Friday.
A good supply of fireworks on band
at the Pine (J rove store. Uet ready
to celebrate in true American style.
The Pine Urove 0 range held its reg
ular meeting Saturday eveniug. A
good crowd came out uri lively inter
est was manifested throughout the
meeting. A fuller report will be
found elsehere.
Found between town and (bo Pine
Urove school house, a lady's circular
shawl. Uwner can have same by rail
ing at the Pine Urove stor e and prov
ing property.
There are several deals In ri al estate
going, but so far noue have been
Strawberry picking is over for the
seasons so tar as the shipping is con
cerned. One day last week a boy of Chris
Dothinan'a tell in some way in the
burn and was found unconscious by
the older boys who carried hiiu to the
house. The do-tnr, who happened to
ttop in tu ate .U... Iethii:nn. mvived
him and the boy escaped hHib a
bruised bead. We hare not been
aide to learn further particulars,
Btrawbeny season is about at a clove
and still berries are lu great demand
aud bring good pi ices. People Inn
out In the country are tcouring the
patches for those left after grower?
quit chipping.
John Vincent, who has the Karn ey
place oi Huusakr bottom, was the
first to take a pound of berries to
Hood River, May 3. There are still
many pounds of berries in these fame
patches aud will be for perhaps a week
or more yet. The berries are very
Mis. Frederic and children are
spending a week at the farm of Fred
Lutby. Mrs. rrerterlo expects to re
tiru to ber home in Portland soon.
Amos Underwood has gone to Port
land to attend the legular reunion of
the old pioneers of which be is a mem
ber, also the Indian war veterans, uls
comrades witn wnom lie expects to
Mrs. Ettie Thornton has been suffer'
lug from the effects of ten teeth which
were disposed or last week. J. lie doo-
tor had been called to her borne but
at present she is resting and it is ex
pected that danger of blood poison Is
J. 0. Clarkson Is also very 111. It
has been feared that he would not live,
but today (Tuesday) be is roportod
A uJeimut surprise wait given Nolia
Underwood Saturday evening by ber
friends it being ber '20tb hiitudav an
niversary. The evening waa a pleas-'
ant social gathering Interspcrsi d with
oake and lemonade, songi aud u.ui 1
There were many visitors iu Under
wood on Suuday, who were out enjoy
ing the day.
Sunday school and preaching was
the attraction at the school boime and
a good congregation Is reported, it
was aim ou need that next Suuday there
will bo Suuday school at HI and
pleaching at 11 a. m. Rev. Heiluier
will ouiciate.
Mr. Johnson, of Trout Lake, Is
bauliug hay to the Menominee Lum
ber Co's. onuip on the school section.
Victor Kast, who has been clerk and
assistant postmaater at the uti le of
Smith & Clark, has resigusd his posi
(From the Enterprise.)
The new building of the White Sal
mon Dank is now in the hands of the
plasterers. Itwillsoon beready for oc
cupancy. , Mrs, R. A. Byrne aud daughtor, nf
Salem, Oregon, are here visiting their
son and brother, J. A. Byrne, cashier
of the White Salmon Valley Hank.
A petition is being circulated and
numerously signed, this week, asking
the county commissioners to appoint
R. Field justice of the peace for White
Salmon precinct.
Un Tuesday evening. June 5th, The
Washington Heights Tennis Club was
organized. The following are the offi
cers: J. II. Ryrne, president; Miss
Hendersrn, vice president; Miss
Swartz, secretary; Miss Wolfard,
Mr. Bogue's family has moved back
to the far mat Snowden, after picking
strawberries In Wbite Salmon through
the season. Mr. Bogue will remairin
town and work on the Udd Fellow's
building until it is finished.
Miss Henderson entertained the
White Salmon Dramatic Club Tuesday
evening at ber borne In Bingen. The
feature of the evening was the lunch
eon, which was served on small tables,
whicn wo decorated In honeysuckle.
After luncheon, games and stories
were enjoyed around the fireplace.
Hie jolly crowd 'departed after mid
night thanking MIhs Henderson for a
most delightful evening.
Mr. Colburo, of the Citizens' Bank,
last winter took a check 'into his
school and '.instructed bis pupils bow
to wrlte'and endorse obeoks. This in
sti notion is soon forgotten unless the
tangbt baa occasion to put Into prac
tioe what they have learned. Some of
those pupils have made a deposit in
the "Citizens' Hank " of the money
earned picking berries, in their own
name, and have a check book, just to
learn how to do actual business.
These boys and girls feel free to ask
their old toachur about auy point
t hat they have forgotten or never
knew, and tbey will find the professor
lust as obliging, aud willing to ex
plain the various forms of commercial
paper and the history of a oheck a
when be was in the school room and
desired that bis pupils should be just
a little better than any other teacher's
This year will make a good test of
the mountain bernes. Hovers.! ranch
ers, among them R. N. Clemens, Mil
ler, Mrs. McCoy, F. Ilurdoiue and F.
M. Freeland, have a few aores each in
berr ies, and are now picking. So far
they are well satisfied with the expor
mout, and more patches will be set
on the higher altitudes next year.
The berries are very fine, being large,
of good color, aud firm. Tbey are be
ing grown without irrigation, and
while this year has been exceptionally
wet, yet it is thought that a gnnil
yield cau be expected frrm the
mountain patches without irrigation.
J. C. Maclnnss will dear a ten-aore
patch of ground a miln and a hill
frim town i.i'il to); it out to King cher
ries. The i ! I riialu of Wbite Salmon is
ptculiarly wrl adapted to oherries, it
beiug all southern slope, rich soil and
warm, so that the cherries reach Per
fection. Uld trees in the valley bring
tu $15 to ft!5 per tree each year.
Dr. Ueary aird 'Vm. Uoldman have
nrchased lWi acres of land irom the
i lilt e Salmon Lund Co., one 25-acro
iece being about opposite Mosier.
he balance lies several miles back, on
top of the range just east of town.
Mont of the orchards ire being planted
In his locality tills year. J.I'. Law
being iu this neighborhood. About
fifty acre will come into .bearing in
that locality next year. "
To be sure, you are growing
old. But why let everybody
see it, in your eray hair?
Keep your hair dark and rich
and postpone age. If you will
Hair Vigor
only use Ayer's Hair Vigor,
your gray hair will soon have
all the deep, rich color of
youth. Sold for 60 years.
M I am now oer AO veari old. stiil T havo
thick, nlomr 111"! of ''' whleh
wonder to avery one who area It. And not a
irar hair In It. nil due to A yer'i lllr Vlitnr "
Mua. II. II. Humid, liecida, Minn.
fl.M a bottle.
I.nwflll. Mans.
White Hair
a pan led by ber
Harold and Miss
Mrs. MoEwen, acoom
children, Maste'
Caroline, returned to Portland on
naday, after spending several days
with her sister, Mrs. P. II. Martin.
1. N. Iluyett, of Marion county,
Florida, arrived iu Hood River on but
Sunday. He is an old friend of ye
aoi Hie and family, and Is their guest
at the present time.
Die patrons of the Crapper school
diatrio' held their annual meetiug on
Monday and elected Prof, L. 11. Ar
ucaon as director.
Mr. and Mrs. (larrison are happy
It is a gill and was born on Suuday
The Ladies' Aid society will gire an
ice cream entertainment on Thursday
evening, JuuoUl, for the benefit of
the paetois of the Method lat aud
jUmjjJ EsMliie1ip
Protect Your Health by Drinking
Sanitary Soda Water
Drawn from our 20th Century Soda Fountain and served with the I5HST White
Clover Ice Cream Syrups in Sterilized glass containers on ice in plain sight
No Corrosion, No Germs, Delicious, Healthful
CoirrLG in., Rest an-d. Tog Refreslied.
Give us your Drug orders, so while enjoying your sodas
your medicines will be dispensed in a satisfactroy manner
N o More Watch Worries
Christian churches. When the an
nouncement is made that the Crapper
ladies are doing things there is noth
ing left t.i be said. Those who have
enjoyed their entertainnMns on former
occasions need no further assurance
of the fact that everything will be up
to date and In the best of style. We
solioit for them a liberal patronage.
C. E. Markham is now putting in
bis time at the Fruit Growers' Union
depot tagging and marking up-the
berries. Yea, C. E. will be on band.'
E. Watts put in a few daya last week
over at White Salmon plastering the
new notei. tua says Wbite Salmon is
all right, but he does not like to olimb
over 300 steps before be oan reach the
town from the river.
To uiukeroorn for new hay Kockford
will now sell toe best kind of bay at
116 per ton, cash. This quite a re
duction. Take advantage of this and
buy while we have some left.
B. K Shoemaker says that be has
some very fine potatoes which he will
sell cheap, Leave your orders at the
Icockford or call up phone 1201.
Rev. fiigby railed and got a setting
or rirnioum kock eggs irom Mrs,
llray ford's No. 1 pen. Mrs. Urayford
has quite a largo number of young
chickens raised from the very beft of
selected stock, l oung roosters for
sale dow."
Charles Plog, from the east side.
was a caller at the Kockford early in
toe week. Uall agalu, U.
Land buyers and laud speculators
can be seen driving arouud town.
Three oalled at the Kockford last week
enquiring for land injthe liarrett dis
trict. J. P. Barrett has cleared a nice lit
tle patch of land near his house and
baa already planted some apple aud
other frnit trees, do d for J. P.
Ueorge Ilird, the ventriloquist and
all round professional man, with his
wife and family, left for their home
In Portland on Thursday last on the
Spencor,- Call again, Clt nrge, you are
weloomo'6t Hie liockford.
D. Lalibey finished icking bis ber
ries on Thursday 1'ist aud moved (he
pickers over to Willow I'lat, where
they go to pick berries for David; on
Fruit Co.
Charley (libbous leaves this week
for Muet, a logging camp about !i0
miles below Koaeburg, a mill lately
purchased by Kelacy A Co. (Joo I
luck to jou Cbailey.
William GibbonH purchased a new
broucho ' pony from Jack Nealeigb.
The color is very lively; can easily be
spotted in a big crowd. Will aud the
broncho seem to go about the same
gait not very fast. Well, suppose
pony will mend when the soreness gets
out of its feet.
Monday, June IS, at 2:30 p. m., at
the llarrott school houso, F. C. Sher
rich called the school meeting to or
der. After reading of reports meeting
was open for nominations for one
school il hector to snrve a term of
three years. I. I. Gibbons received
unanimous vote, rreil Miller nas
elected secretary for one year. Vot
ing by ballot for consolidation of sev
eral school districts resulted in 35
against aud 20 for. so consolidation
was lout.
A foroe of men are at work erecting
telephone poles through our district
for the Mount Hood Telephone Co.,
so there will be more "Hello, Central,
give me Mount Hood."
Pell Oft the Bridge
A. S. Droxson, of Dayton, Wa-b..
fell off a freight train early Monday
morning juat west of the bridge that
spans Hood Kivnr, and was quite bad
ly injured, lie and his brother were
stealing a rde, and as the train came
to a stand still at the 'station, The
thouht be would drop off to the
ground, not knowing be was on a high
trestle, lie dropped tnrrugn between
the ties and foil nearly thirty feet to
the ground, narrowly missiug a pile
of rock, lie was lucky enough to fall
on a pile of loose sand, and escaped
with a hod shaking up and severe
bruises. He was taken to the Mt.
Hood hotel aud was laid up for a few
Trout Lake to Celebrate.
The oommittee on arrangements for
a celebration at Trout" Lake desire to
aunounce that the Fourth will be
duly observed In that section. There
will be a grand parade, oration, one
literary features, horseraces, bioyclej
races, foot races, dance lu tne after
noon aud night, aud all under good
True-to-Name Nursery.
Have von the coming season's plant
ing ? A fcw!thoumiml choice Newtown?,
Spitzenhurg and a few other leading
varieties for nolenrzers. Cherry, pear.
and peach of the leading varieries,
adopted to this locality. All buds and
scions used in propAgating carefully
selected from- vigorous, prolific trees.
'ast seasons have been unable to supply
the demand and our stock tor this sea
son is limited. Would therefore sug
gest you tile your orders at an early date
o cot choice stocK. ii. s. (lanegan.
Phone farmers 349.
Fourth-of- July Toggery
Now that we are all looking forward to the grand and
glorious Fourth, we will have to have something to
wear for the occasion. R. B. Bragg .& Co. from now
until after the Fourth will make special prices for the
occasion, which will enable all to make their purchases i
j i-
ui leiuiuie guuus ai a very gieat saving
LadicS and Children's Low Shoes
Ladies' mid Misses' white canvas
low shoes.. 31.00
Childrens' 800
Ladies' white kid low shoes 1.50
Also a good line of low shoes in Black, Gunmetal and
Vici Kid for Ladies, Misses and Children for $125 up
White Waists
Summer Dress Goods
Summer Underwear.
For ladies, price Special extraordinary.
Must see them to appreciate the low
prices we are putting on them.
While all our compeditors are making
frantic efforts to make the public be
lieve they are yelling goods cheap their
prices are far ' above ours, and our
special prices are rare bargains.
For ladies and children, not the cheap
trashy kind that is dear at any price
but nice well-made garments that have
fit and finish to them,
Lace Curtains
Rare bargains that you cannot afford
are especially
regular price of
to overlook for
good values nt our
$,50. .14.00 and $ ".()() and at this
$k5.tn, $5.'5U and $3.UU per pair
Men, Something New
An!; to see our Drab colored canvas
oxfords. They are a pretty shoe and
moderate in price.
Hood River Fruit Growers Union
Strawberries, Raspberries,
Blackberries and Cherries
An Organization of FRUIT GROWERS, For the Benefit of FRUIT GROWERS, Managed by FRUIT GROWERS
Every Fruit Grower enjoys the same privileges. Returns are made according 1o
the Quality of the fruit shipped irrespective of person. The Union is open to
any grower as a shipping madium. Come to the office and get acquainted with us.
We are slwnys ready to cheerfully furnish any information desired.
Yours truly,
E. H. SHEPARD, Manager
Remember. The Union is in existence for the benefit of the Fruit Grower.
-AT A-
How to Break np ft fold.
It Dray l a surprise to many to learn
that a severe eoM can be completely
broken np in one or two days' time.
Tbe first symptons of a cold are a dry,
loud oongli, a profuse watery discbarge
from the note, and a thio, white coat
ing on the tongue. When Chamber
lain's cou:li remedy is taken every hour
on the firpt appearance of these symp
tom, it counteracts the effect of the
cold and restores the system to a
healthv condition within a day or two.
for sale hv Kicr and Cam.
10 acres of very early
strawberry and fruit land,
with a southern slope, 1
miles from White Salmon, 1
mile from dock; plenty of
water; 4 acres cleared. It's
a great bargain for $1350,
part cash.
We have other bargains.
White Salmon Land Co.,
White Salmon, Wash.
New List of
Real Estate Bargains
V. J. Baker & Co. offer the following
flood propositions in real estate this
52 acres. Between 25 and 3) acre
cleared; 12 acres in (tearing orchard, 15
in strawnernes and clover. I louse and
barn. This is a good boy. Trice for a
hort time, 3o00.
30 acres 5 miles out. 25 acres cleared,
20 in orchard 5 of which is in full hear
ing; standard varieties. Price, (0000.
70 acres 4 miles out. 45 acre cleared,
16 in orchard, 12 in full bearing, 12 nc ' s
meadow land. All ne esanrv b'liMinf
on place. Price per acre, $200.
80 acres li J miles out, Unimproved.
No waste land. Price, 40 per nriv.
120 acres 6J miles out. All rieeeKiiry
Dniruings, goon well and (-nri
p i nee. inrars an unusually
Small orchard and all kinds nf
Have in their New
Harness shop a
large line of
Whips, Tents, Axel
Greace and Harness Oil
nr. ii ti i
we wouki n tee tor you
come and examine our har
ness repair woik which is
quickly attended to.
Mount Hood Railroad Co.
80 leave Hood Klver Arrive 5: 0
WO I'owcnlalo ,S:J7
:'-1l ..Seam 5.10
van Horn ,vai
(MO Inii ;4-so
Odell.. . . 4-4S
ftSO Duke alley . 4 40
9Mo ttioucoer 4:25
Wlnsna 4-01)
Arrive ...Ifce Leave 4.16
directive Siy ii, Da. Sunday Excepted.
J. A. WbT, Superintendent
I' .!.. 1 .......I. .. .. .
yu Wholesale dealers in ail kind of First
fruit; 45 acres cleared. Price ir hciv i ' ""'" nmcn' mun
$00; terms to eult purchaser. rr,"t ''"w, Portland, Ore.
We call special aiteiilion tix neKi! r . ... . . "
acre tract, all cleared; about two mil.. i' DAKuAliMl I.M KtAL til Alt.
from town. Price, 1 1 250. 1 , . - ,
... ... . , , neiy or i.'or,o residence property
We have a number of 5,10 and ' tv at Prices and terms to suit. ' "
n ,xw. 4..,. el.. 1 .. " ......
.o.o i.a uim i ourguins. in me J ti.Kid Imya for fxH),
umninjuuitB , j IfUiUtl K liUKI 1 (Kill
t .V tt . 111 ..... I 1
imui Mia mount uoou uiprrn-r.
ii. M -
I nk. I
and aee as about it. Also land
sier, lute salmon and Hinpn.
We have fine alfalfa ranch in
county, another in Morrow; sIfo
i n in me vt mtimette va ev lo
change for Hood R ver realty.
HouxfS and lots for rent or sale in n'l
paitsof Hood River. Colleti"es made,
insurance writ'eu in jour choice of
mree companies.
40 acres. All under cultivation. Nice
large bouse, ordinary barn and two
warehouses. 6 acres apples full le:ir
i)R, standard vmi.ties; a'so voirim
Newtown orchard. ;0 ace ra, 5
arres pasture; umier irrigation diul
This la ft good buy at $10,0u0.
r JMi. siKH). roo. S.-il.
II.SjO. tl.HUO. tl.400. l fiiUl.
t-", i,ouu or any price you want.
To-t..iv house iicur hiuli school for
only $1,600.
Severn I i;ood res ii'eiice close to busi
ness for sale cheao.
I- ne nvo-fp-n' residence with two
loN, choice location, oiily Tj',4d0
N:- twos ory house", six r..r,mB l..
sid"s pnntry ami hath, only $i)00.
U'hoie Mocks and acn-ajje property for
sale 'ii e isy terms.
Bnesi r sMeiiee. lots in the city cheap.
Good investment.
I.'ine list lo select from, inclinin g
eorl ..iclifl'd land and farm prerty.
C'oroe fed sOe lis.
Op.iHa.nk -' fltion
. I "V W 4
I Hood River Oregon

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