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ixi.r.l . verr Thursday br
Ami libit 1. MOB. Publlbr.
farms subset tptlon-l. yaw tW
THURSDAY. AUGUST 2, 1006. ...
Eastern fruit papers are "bearing"
the apple market aa much as they cau
with the prottpeota of a big orop. It
la a f oregoae cohcIlihIoii that prices of
coiuuiOD apples will be lower than last
year, but the growers of funcy apples
will not suffer veiy much.
Examples of a dishonest pack by
fruit growers, wheie they market their
own fruit without going through the
bands of an inspector, are very com.
moo in all frnlt markets. A repute
tion for honest methods, if strictly
maintained, is as valuable to the fiuit
grower as to the merobaut. One of
the points of success in giving Hood
Kiver its reputation for good fruit is
the booest pack put out by the Union
and the Davidson Co. The rigid in
spection, trained packers, and high
standrds required, backed by. the
highest quality of fruit, have placed
Hood River fruit at the bead of the
list In any market. We have gained
the confidence of the public and we
should not betray it. When a Hood
River label is placed on a box of ap
ples, It is guarantee of quality, and
so long as this condition exists, Hood
Kiver will maintain, its position at
the top.
The Alleged Election Fraud Cimh
Vtom The Dalles Chronicle:
For the past day or two Hood River
people who were summoned by Dis
trict Attorney Menefee to appear and
testify in the proceedings brought to
determine whether or not fraud wan
committed In Kast Hood Klver pre
have been arriving In the city, and
today the district attorney is engaged
in taking testimony beailug on the Hi
leged fraud. Among those subpoe
naed were K. a. uallisou, r. r.
touts, 0. F. Gilbert, H. F. Fouts, L.
E. Morse James Stranahan, J. 1!.
Hunt, Seaman Cox, A. I. Mason, C.
11. Prout, A. J. Derby, T. E. Cole, K.
W. Cameron and J. W. Klgby.
Some time after the eleotion a com
inlttee Interested in the continuance
of the local optlu law waltod on Dis
triot Attorney Menefee and made
charges of fraud, claiming that free
holders who swore for the affidavit
Holders in many Instances were
strangers to them, having no knowl
edge whatever which would enable
them to answer the required que
I .. ., .-,1 I- ...I I I
tlvely that the would-be votors did
not reside iu the precinct. Later Mr.
Menefee visited hood Klver to furth
er investigate the charges. Dually do
elding to summon the witnesses and
.determine as far as possible what
foundation there was for them.
What aotlon the District Attorney
will take in the oaaes can not as yet
be determined as the results of this
investigation have not been an
Death of Aged W oman.
A message from Eight Mile t' Ik
morning conveyed the news of the
death of Mrs. Rose MoCabe at the age
of 81 years. She has been ill for some
time, senile deblity being the cause of
death. The funeral will take place, at
Eight Mile tomorrow. Deceased was
the mother of Andrew MoCabe, of
lygh Valley, and Mrs. Squire Foster,
or. Jignc Mile. Chronicle.
Choked and Robbed.
Three Chinamen who live near The
Dalles were awakened Sunday morn
log by thieves who were effecting an
entrance. Alter choking the China
men into submission the thieves
robbed thorn of The Chinamen
made a oomplalnt before Recorder
Fliloon and officers are looking for
the robbers.
lluytng Tower Sprayers.
The Niagara Uas sprayer, power for
whlon is supplied from a tank con
taining carbonio oxyde an, is bocom
lug recognized as the bust sprayer
that nas so far been used at Hood
Kiver. More of them are now lu use
iu the valley than any other power
sprayer and recent purolmseig aie W.
II. Vanhorn, Win. Kennedy, U. D.
Woodworth, Chug. Chaudler, M. M.
Hill and 11. bueprd. .
Receiving Encouragement.
R II. RhAnnrri unrl lV A Frntiv
publishers of "Better Fruit," feel
very mucn eucourugoa iy me oompii-
tlimit.ArV Initeril tlmr. Hiow Imva ra
ceived in iegrd to their handsome
uew papor. They have received words
ot congratulation and praise from
prominent fruit growers from many
milnna and hfivA nlun liumi noiiofutii.
luted for eliminating objectionable
Motion For Hen Trial Denied.
In the oondonui itlonoHseof the Mt,
Hood railroad company, against Mrs,
Mattle A. Oiler. Huntington & Wilson
aigued motion for a new trial on
Monday afternoon, which Judkte Itrad
shaw denied. This loaves the compa
ny lu the position of taking an appeal
or abandoning the case. When ques
tioned concerning this, Mr. Early whs
noncommittal as to what the plans of
tho railroad oompany were.
Big Acreage In Yakima.
"If no more fruit trees are planted,
with the orchard aoroage now pi evad
ing, within live or six years tho an
nual crop from the Yakima valley will
amount to 1'2,00C carload lots, or UH
train loads," declared J. M. Ri own,
county fruit inspector. "All that re
maiusto be done is to care for the or
chards. The pests are now uuder oou
trol as never buf oi e, but they must be
vigilantly watched. Tho second brood
of oodiin moths are now being
hatched out and this brood is 10 times
greater than the llrst." Spokesmim
lteview. Little Snow on the Mount
Tourists and residents of Hood
Kiver valley who have made the as
cent of Mt. Hood this summer sny
that theie is less snow on the moun
tain this year than at any time since
they have visited the famous snow
tapped peak. This is accounted for,
they say, by the exceptionally warm
weather which has been expeiiouced
in this section this summer. Travel
to Cloud Capp Inn, while not so good
M last year during the fair, has been
a little better this season than former
years and the Inn at present has quite
a number of guests. The snow line
on the mountain, for the first time in
many years, is quite some distance
above the hostelry above the clouds
and the ascent is said to be much
Nodal Event In the Valley.
The local lodges of Knights of
Pythias and Riithburn Sisteis gave a'
dinner and social nt tho residence of
Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Markbain Satur
day, it being the occasion of the six
teenth wedding anniversary of that
worthy couple, and aiso the wedding
anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. E. E.
Lyons. It whs also trie blr.tinay ot
Mrs. Hrock and Mrs. Prather. A tine
dinner was served at six o'clock, and
the evening was spent in social enjoy
ment. A program of music una reci
tations whs enjoyed, those attending
agreeing that it was one of the most
enjoyable occasions of the season.
Among those piesent were:
Mr. and Mrs. u. l'.. Marknam, M.
M. Hill, E. K ISradloy, V. C. llrock.
J. E. Nichols, Cluirles Kathbun,
George T. Prather, Allen Herman, A.
Whitehead, W. Chipping, 11. J. Fred
rick, E. A. Fran, T. J. Cunning,
A. K. Htrannhan, C. V- Tompsou, V.
P. Ross, J. U Hloiint, Hteinhorf, E.
E. Lyons, W. Nichols and mother. J.
E. Holme, Thompson, Fred Miller;
Rev. W. C. (iilmnre, Misses ISartor,
Edith Helme, Lillian Rrock, Lucile
and Virginia Johnson, Kteiiilioif, Er
ma Lyons. Fay GenrhHrt, from White
Salmon, Florence Dennett, fiom Was
co, Agnes Markhuni; Mesiliinins S.
A. Wilkeus, A. D. Johnson, E. W.
Creighton, Margaret Mercer, Thos.
Hill, Iione S. Urqubart, ; Messrs.
Milo Frederick, Fred Lyons, Tell
Dlount, Wesley Markham, Edwin
Markliam, lierniird Mercer.
Fine Njr't-m of Wiring.
W. J. Campbel returned from a trip
to Wisconsin and South Dakota,
where his wife remained to visit her
parents. Mis. Campbell will return
this fall and tliey will make their
home in Hood River.
The new Odd Fellows hall will be
used for the llrst time this week, al
though the dedication will not occur
for sevoral weeks yet. It is about flu
Islied, except for some small details,
and is one of the finest halls for lodge
work In the state. "Hie lodgo room
Is 48x05 feet, with ino posts in the
center, the roof suspended by a truss
arrangement that is self-supporting.
Much oiedit is due the architect, Jr.
M. Hall-Lewis, mid the contractors,
Stianahan & Slavens, for the excellent
results. The accoustlo prrpertios are
excellent, and far above the average
hill room. The line hallhas attracted
the attention or otner societies, so
that several other lodges will meet
C. E. Day has put lu a system ot
wiring of which he may be proud.
The lights ate so arranged that the
hall Is well lighted, and can be con
trolled from thc'swltchjhoard iu any
part of the hull, At the lower en
trance, a switch turns the outside
light, and another switch lights the
nail way and entrance to the lodge
room. The banquet room has two
switches, each controlling half the
lights, so that half or aJl the lights
tuny be used. These can also be
turned on and olt from the switch
board inside the lodge room.
Inside the lodge room there are
three clustoig ot four lightH each on
the ceiling, aud also side lights. The
ceiling lights are controlled by two
switches, one lighting one lamp iu
each clutter, the other turning on the
balance. The side lights cau be
turned on or olf from the switchboard
and ulso have Individual switches on
each Lgidol aud lend of the ball. A
light over I he presiding officer's chair
is controlled by a otiain, which Is
within reach without rising from the
ohair. There is aiso one luige rod
globe iu the center of the celling,
which Is used with line effect iu lodge
work, The large property rooms also
have lights iaside. The lighting ar
rangement is also connected with a
"dimmer," which causes the light to
gradually fade away to a mere glow,
aud turned on gradually in the same
manner, or can be set at any degree
of light desired, alter the arrange
ment of theuters lu the large cities.
The painting is being done by Kent
tiros., the llulsh being natural wood,
and a flue job Is being done.
The lockers provided with sliding
doors and combination looks, u very
nice anaugenient.
Precaution Airlnst Forest Fires
The exceedingly dry condition of
timber tracts lias caused mill aud
lumber men to take every precaution
against the possibility of forest tires.
The Stanley-Smith Company, which
sustained the entire loss of its mill
last summer by Ure, bus been burning
over a number of acres of timber land
in the vicinity of its mill during the
past few duys to prevent a recurrence
ol this disaster. The largo volume
ot smoke in this vicinity gave rise to
the rumor that the mill had again
burned, but inquiry developed the
fact that it was without foundation.
The mill, which experienced several
breakdowns earlier iu the season, is
now in good working condition and
last month shipped over 3,000,000 feet
of lumber in addition to what was
kept at the mill.
Vootlmen Inltlalieii
The IochI lodgo of Modem Wood
men are making preparations for a
class Initiation on August Ki. Near
ly thirty applications hare been se
cured so far, and it is hoped that nil
will be able to be present and go
trhotigh with the cl iss. Deputy
Head Consul Simmons expects to be
presnut, and arrangements lire being
made for a big time. It is more than
probable that the lodge will move
into the new Odd Fellows Hall, aud
the now quartets wilt be much better
to put ou the work. Tho Royal
Neighbors, which Is the ladles' branch
of the order, lave decided to go in
to the uew hall, and the Woodmen
will no doubt follow. There is some
objection to the move on account of
th i greater expense, but the major
ity are in favor nt it.
Saw the Valley's Possibilities
Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Suheuk and
daughter, Miss Ella, of Omaha, who
have been staying at the home of Mr.
and Mis. Murray Kay for several
weeks, loft Monday evening on train
i for their home. Mr. Solieuk is chief
engineer of the Chicago and North
western liues west of the Missouri
rhor and whs engineer iu charge of
the O. R. .fe N. when it was oontsmct
ed through this section of couutry.
It was at that time that lie became
imbued with tho possibilities of the
Hood River valley and acquired prop
erty here which has fulfilled his ex
pectations of development. Pis hold
ings Include city and valley property
lu and near Hood Kiver and a tract
of :I00 acres at Astoria. He is enthus
iast on apple culture aud was much
Impiossed by tho rapid development
of the valley since his last visit here
four years ago.
A Genuine Clearance Sale for the next
sixty days of nil Summer Millinery, ro
gaidlcss of coM, at
Fresh fish halibut, salmon and
smelts, at McGuire Bros.
Axel grease, all brands on the market,
can be found at 8. J. Frank's.
Girl's Ready-to-Wear Dresses
Nicely trlmmen aud made up in the very laiest of fash
Ion. You can scircely afford to worry and work your
self to de til making these phen yon ean buy them
ready-made for aliout the fame as the material costs
you. (iirl's icady-made dresses for
250, 500, $100. mid up
c 1 s CMmmAnllnJtinifnaii This warm weather is what makes these bargains we
SpeCial On Men S Mimmer UnderWear. are offering looklue more tempting. Men s Balbrig-
I i i . i i i i i - ai : i L' i : . i.
gall unnerwear, good light Clean, goous,, worm oouoie wiibi uiey are going iur. opecim pure ganiicm,
r- K,.iti.r rra lu in hlnek and white mixed uoods. worth a $1.00 a suit. 8pcial, the garment 35c. Men's
fancy socks, worth 2c and 35c the
v V T L I &
At the Churches.
Methodist Preaching at 11 a. m. and
8 p. m. Habbath school 10 a. m.i Ep
worth League 7 p. m. Prayer meeling
Thursday evening. All cordially invit
ed. W. C. Kvans, pastor.
fit Mark's Episcopal Church. H' ly
Communion at 8 o'clock; morning
prayer at 11, and evening prayer hi
7 :IiO.
U. B. Church Sabbath school, 10 a.
m.; preaching, 11 i. m.; Y. 1'. C. E.
7:15 p. m.; preaching, 8 p. in. Prayer
meeting at 8 p. in. Wednesday. All are
cordially invited in attend all or any of
these services. Pastor, J. W. Kprecher.
Christian Church. Services at K. of
P. hall the first, third, fourth and fifth
Sundays of each tin nth. Services at
Odetl the second Huiobiv of each month,
W. A. WOOD, Pastor.
liaptist church Hunday schoul 10
a. m.; preaching 11 a. m. ; Junior II.
Y.P. V., 3 p. m. j evening service, 7. lit).
lliverside C( ugregational Church,
W. CUilinore, pastor. Services Sun
day at 11 a. m.. Christian Endeavor
at 7 p. in., evening worship at 8 p.' m.
Belmont M. K. Church. II. C. Clark,
pastor. Services, Belmont: Sunday
school at 10 a. m. ; Class meeting at 11
a. m.; Epwortb League 7 p. in.; preach
ing every Sunday evening and 2d Sun
day In month at 11 a. m.; Prayer meet
ing Thursday 7:30 p. m. Services at
Pine Grove same as above except preach
ing, which is on 1st and 3d Sundays at
It a. m. Crupper. 1st and 3d Sundays
at 3:30; Sunday school at 2:31). Mourn
Hood. The 4th Sunday at U a.nt.;
Hundav school at 10 a. m.
To Mr. and Mrs. Ebbeu Doorman,
lu Hood Kiver valley, on July 2!)th, a
Twenty a'cwsoT Frnlt vleT.I 4,0O0.
Kettle Falls, Wash., July 30.-Mr.
C. H. Htayt, who resides two miles
south of this place sold this year
from tbiee-fourtha of an aero of land
$135 worth of cherries. He expects
to realize at least M.CHK) from bis 20
acre orchard of other fruits.
Her l'olnt orV'lew.
A little girl lu a Cumberland (Md. )
school, boing requested by her teacher
to write, an essay from what her text
book on physiology had taught her,
complied with the following: "Ilia
human boddie is composed of three
parts, the head, the-chist and the
sMitnuilok. The head contains the
eyes and the brains, it any. The chi-t
contains the lungs and a piece of
livsr, and the stiiinmick contains the
bowels, ot which there aro Hie, ;,
I, O, U, and sometimes W and V. "
Advertised Letter tl-t
Advertised letter list for week end
ing July 30, I'.Mi: Couu, Mrs. Joan
na; Uuuer Mrs. Alice; Larson, Mrs.
Aleck; Lane, Mrs. Chas. ; Lyons,
Mrs. M. ; Page, Valentin ; Sauford,
Doratby; Taylor, Anna; Woods Mrs.
A. J. ; Aiidoron, J. F. ; Brown Wm. ;
Devola, 1).; DeCan, A.; Freeman
Geo.; Oilcher Henry ; Giozono, Cio
cot a; Graves Elmer; Giittltli Fred;
lladdler II;. Larson Bean; Lyon
Mahlone; Lyon l' K. ; Matthews J.
II. ; Mortisou Howard; Nibhler N.
S. ; Olson C, rl A. ; Parson, C. U. ;
Pendleton, K. K. ; Price, G. P. ; Pur
ser, Albert; I'lfer, Sam; Starr, C. K. ;
Starr, Chester; Voss, HeLry; Win
ters, Jan. Wm. M. Yates, P. M.
Reduction In Flour and Feed.
Special cash price on Flour and Feed
at warehouse. Bran fM per ton; shirts,
fltiperton; flour, Tl per barrel. 1).
T. S. Weekely the jeweler, has opened
a new jewelry store ami repair shop, and
is now ready to do your watch, clock
Hnd jewelry repairing. All work fully
warranted. Prices reasonable. In the
real estate room with Onthank A Otten.
All property owners who have con
nected with the sewer are hereby noti
fied to remove their outbuildings and
till the vaults at once.
By order of the Common Council.
WM. GANG Kit, City Marshal.
To fruit groweis and dealers.! find
that there is fruit ollertd for sale in
Hood Kievr that is infected with both
San Jose scale and worms. 1 wish to
give notice that hereafter all such
fruit w ill lie condemned and distroyed
and if this will not stop the olferug of
it for sale, action will be taken ac
cording to law, as it is unlawful and
punishable by a tine of not less than
or more than $100.
G. K. Castner,
County Fruit Inspector.
and Boys' vSuits
W hih selling lotH of tlicse iini invite you to call aud see what P
u splendid suit we can soil you for yourself or the boys for so little;
money. Ic will soon be time for school aud you will want to fit
tins boy m for the winter. We have everything you want to
do tin's wi . It.
Shoes foi' tho boys, good strong ones from $1.25 up
to a thoroughly viscoleyed high top shoe for $3.00
Boys' Shirts for 250, 350 and up. Boys' light and
dark Waists in a great variety, sizes 2 to iO years
Hats and Caps for boys. A very large assortment
to select from for 100, 150, 250 and up
Girls' Shoes that Wear
Just what it takes for this country. We carry twice as
many shoes as any other store in the city. We buy for
cash and sell for cash and are satisfied with the very
closest margin. We guarantee everything just as rep
resenU-d ' .
pair, veay pretty patterns, special the pair, 17c
IV 1 - ' V. ' f
tennra of the Moat PoUomoa f aakoa
Does Rot Affect Thea.
An Interesting fact about hedgehog!
Hint perhaps not many persons knon
Is that the bites of even the most pot
touous serpents have no effect on them
whatever. Mr. Lems, a naturalist, once
watched a fight between a hedgehoft
and a viper aud gives a most Interest
ing description of It. He says that
when the hedgehog came near the
Bnako she began to smell It, for the
sight of these animals la so poor that
tbey depend almost entirely on the
Bense of smell, and then she seized Its
head with her teeth.
Iu a moment the snake bad freed It
self and, darting at the hedgehog, bit
It several times, but the little animal
did not seem to mind the bites at all,
and when the snake was tired out with
Its efforts she again seized Its head,
which she ground beueath ber teeth,
poisonous -fangs and all. Then she de
voured almost the whole of Its body.
M. Lenz also tells of a pet hedgehog
that he kept in his house lu a large
box. Several times lie put some ad
ders into the box, which the hedgehog
did not seem to fear at oil, but at
tacked them fiercely and, as lu the case
of the other, was never In the least af
fected by their poisonous bites.
A man who had a pet hedgehog
In his possession for n long time says
that he had often seen It throw Itself
off the top of a wall fourteen feet la
height. Without pausing a moment It
would contract Itself Into a soft, fluffy
ball mid fall to the ground so lightly
that almost Immediately It would un
fold Itself and run off. Chicago Chron
icle. A Good Eater.
When Gustavus of Sweden was be
sieging Prague, a boor of extraordi
nary aspect gained admittance to his
tent (id offered, by way of amusing
his majesty, to devour a large bog In
his presence. Old General Konlgs
marclc, who was In attendance, at once
suggested that the man with the Gar
gantuan appetite should be burned as
a witch, whereupon the boor, whose
feelings were hurt by this observation,
exclaimed, "If your majesty will but
make that old gentleman take off his
swoid aud spurs, I will eat him before
1 begin the pig." This was accom
panied by such a "hideous expansion
of ttie Jaws and moutb" that the gen
eral, though he had given bis "proofs"
on many a field, turned pale and fled
Incontinently to his tent
Not for your dealer's sake, nor for
B nson's Hike but Ir your own sake
iirt some ot lienson s rancy new
potatoes. They will make you smile.
Any person caught hunting or ties
parsing on my property will be pun
ished to the full extent of the law.
Mrs. Phoebe Fosa.
Notice to Property Owners.
All property owners In the oity lim
its are hereby notified to out down
aud remove all noxious weeds, this
tles, eta., from the street adjoining
their property, at once.
Uy order of the Uommon Council.
Wm. danger, Marshal,
A world of nuth in a few words:
"Nearly all other cough cures are con
stipating, especially those containing
opiates. Kennedy's Laxative Honey
and Tar moves the bowels. Contains
no opiates." You can get it at Wil
liams' Pharmacy.
"Make Hay While the S-b Shines
There is a lesson In the work of the
tlirilty farmer. He knows that the
lirtlit sunshine may last but s day and
be prepares for the showers which are
so liable to follow. So it should lie with
every household. Dysentry, d arrhoea
and cholera morbus may attact some
member of the home without warning.
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarr
hoea Kemedy, which is the best known
medicine foi these diseases, should al
uayg be kept at hand, as immediate
treatment is necessary, and delay may
prove fatal. For sale by Keir and
Oon't drag along with a dull, bilious,
heuvv feeling. You need a pill. Use
DeWitt's Little Early Risers, the fa
little pills. 1 to not sicken or gripe, but
results are sure. Sold by Williams'
Fail1 -
Charley Litewate: "Are you fond
of puppies, Miss Tandem?"
Miss Tandem: "This is so sud
den I" August Llpponoott's.
Why buy them from agents or om
mission men and pay $75 to $100 more
when you can buy direct from our
Arm in Hood River, where we have a
! branch store, which contains a large
assortment of high grade instruments.
Including the great Apollo Interior
Piano player. This is the only in
strument iu the world wbioh plays the
entire key-board of the piano, ana
also the only one navlng the transpos
ing scale by which the performer can
play in any key and accompany tho
voice or any Instrument. Fianos and
organs sold on time or for cash. Sec-
oud band Instruments taken In ex
change and also several for sale.
Pianos tuned and repaired.
Silas II. Soule.
Phone Main 1423 Hood Kiver.
Why does the sun burn? Wbv does
a mosquito sting? Why do lee un
happy in the Uood Oid Summer Jim
Answer: we don't. We use DeWitt's
Witch Hazel Salve, and these little ills
dou't bother us. Learn to .look for I lie
name on the box to get the genuine.
Sold by Williams' Pharmacy.
To Young Men And Women.
OreHtopporlnnltleaare awaltln.' ea p the
niisineui worm. Hundreds oi yoiin men
and women are wanted In and aruuic' oak
land and San Kranelxco. to lake ixHit;n;' ai
stenographers, bookkeepers, telegraptu i , of.
nee assiHiants, etc., at skiu santritw.
The I'olytwlinlc HimintM L'olleue, of u .
land, the leading schnol of Its kind In 111
west, indorsed uy ihelliumo roiton in-rce
and leading educators, otters except -oi at op
portunities to muse wno csn enter ttt'lise at
uuce and prepare for posit ons. 1'hU chool
is ooniildered by many to be the tl.o best
equipped business college in America. It in
unqueiitloiiubly auperloi to any other similar
hciiooi went oi unicago. All expenses low.
Home Influences Individual Instruction.
Address folylecnic llusiness College, la-pi.
A , Oakland. Cut. for free catalogue Knowing
tneelegarn nleriorx and splended faclillkH
of tills school, winch has live time inure
money Invested In equipment than any other
cuool in inn west. M'w building In peifcc!
oondltl' n.
Notice is hereb civ, lh.. 1 the undeinlgned
hail been duly t titled h.v the honorable
County Cour- t suite ol Oregon for Was.
co County i 1 a inniNlrator oi the eNtjite o
Henry Htel .. a. o.-ce.iw'd, and all persi'iiN
naving cum. u iai nam estate are hereby
tioilrtrd to . i i ic Mime, duly verllle , lo
me unaer-. - ii in me oitice or A. A Jayn
In Hood l'i nei on, wiit'ln x tuoiiili
from the dan I ' i- m -i publication ol mis
jlD-aie Administrator.
Department of tbe Interior, Land Office at
The Dalles, Oregon, July IS, HMD.
Notice Is hereby given that
of Hood Klver, Oregon
has filed notice of hit Intantlon to make Una I
flve.year proof In support of his claim, vli:
Homestead ulry No. IMSs, made June Si,
1901, for inrMitNWt and fc'VW W, section S2,
townahluliliuiili, range II eiiM, W. M , and
that said proof will be madn belore tho Ueg.
isler and It. reiver at The Dalles, Oregon, on
August Win, IMII.
He uanna aa wilneaaes to prove big continu
ous realdeni'e upon and cultivation ol the
land.vli: I'linir M. lieWltl, Albert ISichller,
Harry Ken.p, Howard Hoover, all of Hood
Klver, Oregon.
ja'34 Keglatcr
A variety of good residence property
ty at prices and terms to suit.
Good buys for $'i00, $fi00, $700, $"(),
$1,000, 11,250, $1,300, $1,400, $1,500,
$1,750, $1,800 or any price you want.
Two-story house near hiiih school for
only $1,600.
several good residences close lo busi
ness for sale cheap.
Fine two-story residence with two
lots, choice location, only $-',400.
New two-story bouse, six rooms be
sides pantry and bath, only $000.
Whole blocks and acreage property for
sale on easy terms.
Finest residence lots in the citv cheao.
Good investment.
Large list to select from, including
good orchard land and farm property.
come and we as.
Onthank 3 Otten
Hood RWer Oregon
Cider, Champagne Cider, Genuine
Champagne, Vinegar, Wines
from grapes and small fruits.' Alcohol
from cereals, vegetables, plants, fruit
and wood and valuable recipes. Send
$1 (or book giving practical information
now to make them. l.tu ZAbEL.
P. 0. Bo 604, Portland, Ore.
Attorncy-at-Law and Notary Public Vice President and Manager.
J. M. 8CHMELTZER, Sec.-Trets.
' Notary Public
..Hood River Land..
Real Estate, Loans, Insurance, Abstracts,
Collections, Conveyancing and Surveying
We are prepared in a special maimer to handle all
kinds of businetw in any of the above lines and have
a large list of improved lands and city property
from which to make your selection for a fruit ranch,
a stock farm or a home in the city.
With an Extensive Correspondence
We are able to handle your prop
erty advnntap'ously and will be
pleased to have you list same with us
The president of the company is the city engineer,
and is prepared to do surveying and civil engineer
ing work of all kinds. Abstracts furnished and
opinions given on property titles.
Collections a Specialty. Phone Main 141.
Is now located in ('has. Clarke's Drug Store, next
door to the postofhYe. A full line of
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Silverware, Cut Glass
All (ioods Marked in Plain Figures
Don't forget the name
Paper Hanging and Tinting a Specialty
Phone 1313
For Sale
l'Yiv Snle-Kiesli cow. II . iTlnne.
For Stile Fine .ifrsey hi'MV'r calf. W. A
Wood. uir
For Sale Kirst.clims fumlly row.
J12a W. C. Podge.
For Sale Three eown. two tiesli and one
will he fresh lu February. J. H. Thomas,
Dee, Or. ii
For Hale A lot or tine, yonn, Clark's need
strawberry plants lor sale Mrs. K. W. Mr
Cune, H. F. 1). No. 2, Hood Kiver. ai'i
For Salt1 t'lU'UinhcrM for pickling. Can
furnish any nizy wnutcd. 10 fr nal., if you
do your own U-kiiiR. Albeit Vaughan, I'ur
Hdlw Farm. m-M
Kor Sale Two fine parlor lumps, fancy
wrong' tt Iron Mtmduni, round burner, fancy
mobea. Will be sold che,ip. Apuly at (ilueier
For Sale One black Jersey cow, one work
hortte and single hiirno. one pump and pipe
tor a -;" foot well, cheap if ii.k--n noon.
James A. 0ok.
For Sale A perfect horse, a nice bright nil
ver'gniy! clean leas and sound t'tet a line dis.
position driver, either double or single, in
fact you cannot, put htm in the work he can
not do. Weguuran lee satisfaction. The only
reason for disponing ot him is because I have
bought b matched ttam to run our wagon.
Call at Rocklort stoic, R. K. 1). No. 2, Food
River. irii
For Hale Five milch cows, part Jersey; aNo
ahull, " Jersey, Cheap. I). It. Cooper, Ml,
Mood, Or. alt
For Sale Haled hay at 5MM and $10.0 per
ton. Also strHwberry plants for August Bet
ting, at Riverside i-aiiu. Thos. Catkins.
JltKsit l'hone IU
For Hale Good f nitty .njicli cow and 4-vear
old buggy horse. F. It. Martin, j-.'ii
For Sale Six head Ihtscs. Weight Irom
J to 16 J pounds. Well niMtched.
JJii G. 1. Woodworth.
For Haie-Good gentle horse, weight between
FJiki and and good top buggv "I. L Hoggs.
J2 '
If you have a watch that others have failed
to makegtve satisfaction bring tt to me. T.
s. Weekley, thu teweler. J2Hlm
For Sale One team of horses, weight 1400
pounds each, well broken, simile or double,
y and 12 years old. Good harness and 3'4
Hutn wagou. wide tires, with rack. Fnce 0.
Terms. Will take two or three good nnleh
eows as part payment. Write to or iuquirn of
C. W. lear.ons. Cascade Locks, Ote. jif
Hulls nr Service I keep two bulls at my
place for service. Any oneVishing the use of
same must pay at the time service is rendered
Service.?!. 1 also do dehorning at 2,ic pi i
head. Kruno Franz North Belmont, an-novl.
1'nrtles wishing to buv lain! in Wind
'.ver valley would do well to cull on C. c
Wethereil, Cnrson, Wash. v:.Y.:iivi
For Sale Klght acres of land, l mik . from
llikttil litvur mi lttttmmit ...... I . r.
strawberries. tif fruit trees, pnrt. full bearing
and part one year; balance iu clover, poUl.tes
and black caps ou place. Three room house.
i.1k.m4 in...- i.'A.f, ni ii ne. HIIU OlIUT
buildings. Call at piaoe for hinder particu
lars. J2ri tf I,. J. Mliikins.
State of Oregon.
limit ty of asco
Notice Is hereby given that I will on Mon.
uy. the -t(h day of August. . I iy;
toe hlghe-t bidder, for ch In hand, all prop
erty subject to d-ed, owned by mm-o
county, by virtue of the different tax sales
In wltneM thereof I have hereunutw mv
hanrl thitt lUtti ..f lnlv 11.1,-; 7
Lfc'vi chrisman,
J36 Sheriff Wasco County-, Oregon
Clarke, the Jeweler 1
only a lew more of those splendid 10-aero
tracts unsold on the M. H. i'otter larm In
Hood Klver valley, near the city. Suitable
tor apples and strawberries. Prices are
placed below regular rates on similar prop
erty in this vicinity. No better apple land
can be found. Look nt It personally for tho
proof. Write Frank McKarland, ISO Wth St.,
Vooihtnd, or see iMrs. M, H. Potter on the
farm. nilOtf
For Sale Only 80 minutes walk from post
office, IS acres of good rich land, fine view,
living springs on place. Good new hou-e.
some laud cleared. All for .81800. Eay
terms. Enquire at thlsoltlee.
Wanted Horse, hai ne-ss and Inch lire
wagon. ('. I). Nlckelsen. WSA
Wanted A Hjrht. two seated hack in good
condition. Address A. N.( care Glacier.
Wanted TeaniH to contract hauling ties
from Klppa Orchard to odell. AddreB Klppa
Orchard t o., Htar Route No. 10. J2tttf
Wanted Medium sized far in team. John
Lelaud Henderson. alti
Wanted Hudrilng to do. 1 will be In Hood
Kiver after Aug. 1. Have had several yearn
experience. Reference, .Stanton & Kawson or
True to Name Nursery. Leave orders at Geo.
T. l'rather. KARL 1'KATHKB, JiftaH
Wanted In or near Hood River, position
with mill or lumber yard by all round lum
berman. Kxpcrienc.ed side truck loading
foreman, ordi r clerk, exnert talesman and
general timber surveyor. Married and do
i not gtimhle or drink. Item of references. Ace
&!. Address (I. F. Buck, Care Glacier. J19-ay
If you want a square deal then deal with
T. s. Weekl,y, the Jeweler. All work war
ranted. Frices talk. J 3 lm
Wanted to Sell or Trade-Two lots. RlxllH)
and 10x100, one six-room house and four-room
cottage with fiuil on place. Box .UW, Hood
River, Oregon.
Warned 4 or ft men to clear land at Mosler.
Four months' work. Owner will furnish tools
or contract work. Address Wm. Wilson-Hie-vem-on,
Hosier, iregon. J14-w4
Wanted Gent lemen or ladv with good
reference, to travel by rail or with a rig, for a
Mrm of 'OO.UKUX) capital. Salary $1,072 per
yearand expenses; salary paid weekly and
expenses advanced. Address with stamp,
Jos. a. Alexander, Hood River, Oregon.
June 14.
l.o-i Tuesday, .Inly 10, a heavy gold chain
brneelet, with heiin aiuiolieil. hinder will
ph-a.-e return lo Lenoie Adams and reeeive
reward. jiu-al)
For Rent
fur Knt Krnnt mom, neatly lurnlslied.
with hoard: two iirwierred. Mrs. 1). O. "vntrl
c.in,:tu stale street. jliaJ
I-or rent, lower -tory of (1 rooms and bath,
wtih ntodern On provetnenU, free water. In
Hlowers Addition Call on Onthank 4 Otten.
In Hie county Court or the Htate of Oregon for
W asco eoiinty.
In the matter or the estate of Robn. J. Tucker,
Notice Is hereby iflven lhat under and bv
virtue ot section ll:w or Bellinircr A I'olton n
l odes and statutes of oreitou, I Khali applv
lo the iiImvc loinied c)urt to Krant my resli;
natiou from the ottlceof adminiBtrator of the
above named estute. and that said application
will be hcaid m the above entillerf court at
the county court room In The lialles city,
w use.) county, Oieiron, on the 17th day of
August, ', at the hour of one o'clock p. ni.
of said dity.
My tlnal account bavin herein been d til v
n:cd. notice Is hereby furthur given, that by
virtue of sld application and resignation be
ini! granted at said time, the final account of
said administrator, John II. Krarv, hereinbe
fore duly riled, will be heard at the same
time and place that said application for resin
nation will be heard.
All persons Interested In dalrt estate are
hereby notified lo apar at wild lime and
place (ll show cans.-. If nv there be, why
sa.d report, and final account In all reiects.
stiould not be allowed, ratined approval and
eolillriiied, and srlrt Kxi cutor Im- granted Ins
resignation and Ilnal di.sehargeand his lionds.
men be wholly exhonorated and release.1.
I'at.M at n,,d Klver, oreson, this second
day of July, A. D. lm.

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