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Prof. W. L. Carlyle, of the Wiscon
sin Agricultural Experiment Station,
has lately returned from a trip to the
Pacific Northwest, and to a Chicago
Live Stock World representative gave
some very interesting facts and opin
ions about one of the most interesting
sections of our great and varied coun
Wonderful Stock Country.
Naturally what most attracted the
attention of Prof. Carlyle wa-3 the de
velopment of live stock husbandry.
He was well aware that Oregon and
Washington had already achieved
some remarkable results in the way of
economically producing the finest
grades of live stock, but he was sur
prised to find conditions much more
favorable than he had supposed.
"Oregon and Washington have al
ready made a fine showing in the live
stock world, but the splendid possi
bilities for the best kind of live stock
production is scarcely realized even by
the people who are making a success
in that region," said he.
Favorable Climate.
"The very conditions west of the
Cascade range that make it impossible
to grow corn seem to be favorable for
growing the choicest hogs and sheep.
There are no extremes of tempera
ture. The hot summers that are nec
essary for making good corn are ab
sent, but the mild summer tempera
ture is conducive to the growth of the
finest fleeces, and the mild winters
enable farmers to pasture their flocks
and herds on clover, rape and kale for
about ten months in the year.'
Polands and "Berks."
"In the Willamette Valley I saw
specimens of the finest Poland China
and Berkshire hogs I have ever seen.
The people out there who are raising
fine stock are discriminating and you
will find breeders who have as high
ideals and as much knowledge of the
best way to work toward thorn as you
will find anywhere.
"The hogs at the Washington and
Oregon state fairs were certainly a
credit to those states. The hogs of
the breed mentioned could hardly have
been in finer bloom or of better breed
types. Furthermore, the porcine pop
ulation of that region seems to be re
markably healthy."
Shorthorns Predominate.
"In the bovine class the Shorthorns
so far seem to be the favorites.
"In Northern California the demand
is more for the milk strains of Short
horns, but farther north fine specimens
of the typical beef Durhams are by
no means scarce.
"Indeed, so good are the pure-bred
beef cattle there that Oregon breeders
will be represented in both the show
rings and sale pens at the forthcoming
International Live Stock Exposition in
Great Sheep Country.
"We have heard so much about the
great rain fall of Oregon and Wash
ington that one would naturally sup
pose the coast regions of those states
would not be adapted to the growing
of sheep, especially those of the open
wooled varieties.
"That is surely erroneous, as one
can scarcely find finer Cotswold sheep
than I saw in large numbers in the
valley of the Willamette.
"Cotswolds reach about their great
est perfection in England, but both
Englishmen and Scotchmen who have
lived for years in the Pacific North
west tell me that they have all the
good conditions uossessed by the old
country and possibly advantages.
Fine Early Lambs.
"Perhaps you have noticed that
about seven-tenths of the prize win
ning lambs and yearlings in this
country are imported from Great Brit
ain. On the other hand the American
bred two-year-olds have the advan
tage. This fact is significant. It means
that the mild, open winters of England
enable flockmasters to produce exrra
good early lambs and push them to a
finished condition ahead of us.
"Now the conditions for getting
lambs in excellent shape at the earliest
possible period in Oregon and Wash
ington are as good or better than
abroad and it would not surprise me
if the show lambs of the future were
drawn from there rather than from
across the water."
Year Round Green Feed.
Rape will grow 35 tons of green feed
to the acre at one cutting, and it fur
nishes valuable green feed the entire
Thousand headed kale, an English
plant, is also becoming very popular
on the coast.
Clover and rape for green feed and
crushed barley for grain feed are the
mainstays of the live stock farmers
and the results they produce would
seem to indicate that they are good
Lambs come in January and Feb
ruary and have no severe weather to
contend with. Shropshire lambs in
the Willamette could scarcely be ex
celled by those of the same breed in
the famous downs of England.
Stock for Chicago.
Aside from the Shorthorns that are
destined for the International, Prof.
Carlyle said he saw train loads of
she<?p loaded for Chicago at Pendleton
and North Yakima.
On other trains from the east were
carloads of beef, pork and mutton
from- Chicago and Omaha, some of
which no doubt had been shipped two
thousand miles back to be slaughtered.
One of the very greatest needs of
the North Pacific Coast is the estab
lishment of one or two large stock
yards and packing plants.
However, Prof. Carlyle feels that
a country so rich in natural resources
as Northern California, Oregon, Wash
ington and British Columbia must
eventually have all other desirable con
ditions added.
Glanders and farcy are different
forms of the same disease. When the
disease attacks the mucous membrane
of the nostrils, it is called glanders,
when the lymphatic glands of the
body, especially of the legs, are at
tacked the disease is called farcy.
Glanders is a contagious disease
caused by a germ (Bacillus Mallei)
that attacks horses, asses and mules
and can be transmitted to other ani-
mals including man, by inoculation
through wounds, sores or mucous
membranes. The germs of glanders
do not float through the air. The dis
ease is commonly transmitted from a
glandered horse by means of the dis
charge from the nostrils or sores.
This discharge contains large num
bers of germs of glanders and may be
transmitted to another horse direct
ly, or by means of watering troughs,
feed boxes, mangers, hitching posts,
equipment or utensils that may be
infected with the discharge. It is
possible that it may be carried by
Glanders may occur in a mild
A few choice yearling Shropshire Rams
and Ham Lambs for sale; also a few Ewes,
and Yorkshire rigs of both sexes. Bred
from prize winning stock.
Pioneer Farm, Chiliwack, B. C
Chehalis, Wash.
Grandview Farm.
Six very choice boars and eight fine
sows. Sired by our grand boars, Cham
pion and Plumper. Prices right. Eli
gible to American Book.
SHANNON BROS., Cloverdale, B.C.
FOR SALE —rure bred, registered
Three years old, out of Brown Bessie's fam
ily, the world-renowned cow that took first
premium at the Columbian exposition.
Hereford Sale.
On Wednesday, November 12, 1902,
at 2 P. M., at LaGrande, Ore., we will
sell at Public Auction 21 Registered
Hereford Cattle, 13 Yearling Bulls, 8
Yearling Heifers. These cattle are in
fair condition only, not being fitted
for the sale ring. Breeding good as
the best. Catalogues ready October
E. J. Conrad & Sons, LaGrande, Ore.,
Pure Bred Shorthorn Gattle.
Book your orders now for Young Stock
M. HORAN, Proprietor..
Jersey bull, dropped September 18th,
1901 ; solid color, black tongue and switch.
Sire, Melia Ann's Stoke Pogis 2nd No.
68686; dam, Miss Maidment No. 12(5708.
Will sell cheap for quality. A. W. John
son, 128 First Aye. West, Seattle.
The Jersey cow Miss Maidment 120708 ;
sire, Recorder, son of Brown Bessie, of
World's Fair fame; dam, Connoisseur No.
G5G44. Seven-day butter test, 20 lbs. 18
oz. Also dam of Sobriquet, butter test 21
lbs. 3 oz. A. W. Johnson, 128 First Aye.
West, Seattle.
Breeder of Registered Shorthorn Cat
tle and Poland China Hogs.
A lew bags for sale.
B. T. BYRNB, Moscow, Idaho.
For sale. Ready for service.
.. Toppenish, Wash., R. F. D. 111.
m l.j-mm*4Snrm Retention of placenta
t%n%Mr%lOn and failure to breed.
Kelloggs' Condition Powder Is a positive cure for
these diseases. Write lor circular. Address
11. W. KELLOGO CO., St. Paul, Minn
Hampshire Sheep
Dorset Horn Sheep
Duroc Jersey Hog^.'
All Registered.
Correspondence Solicited.
REED A SON, Moscow, Idaho.
A. J. STREET, Chilliwack, Br. Col.
Registered Jersry Cattle won at New Westminis
ter 1900—1st on 2year-old-bull, Ist on yearling bull,
Ist on herd. Some choice stock for sale,
Several choice young Holstein bulls
now for sale. Registration papers fur
nished. Address Meadowbrook Farm,
Snoqualmie, Wn., or Chamberlain,
Hamilton & Co., Seattle.
Satisfaction from cattle raising.—
Send to L. K. Cogswell, Chehalis,
Wash., for a start in Red Polls. They
are gentle, hardy and profitable in ev
ery way. A dozen bulls now for sale;
prize winning stock. Orders taken for
heifers. Send at once for Red Foiled
Lake Side Stock Farm
Of the Best Butter Making Strains for
Sale. Service bull, Lunde Oregon de Kol. son of
Clothllde Lunde Artis. Official butter test, 20 lbs
4ozln 7 days. He Is assisted by Clothllde Grace's
Bir Uengerveld, whose granddam was Netherland
Hengerveld, with an official butter test of 2696 lbs
in 7 days, her milk averaging 3.92 per cent fat.
P. A. FRAKES, Scappose, Ore.
C. D NAIRN, Ballston, Ore., Prop.
:' Ur^^ m Jm §
Verona Pale Face, 60729.
The Largest Collection of Pure Bred Col
lies In America. 32 Years a Breeder of
Best Working Strains. Known to Stock
men Everywhere. Puppies For Sale. Send
for Catalogue, Free.
tgggfe/ Mountainview Ranch
iZfISSSraIS Registered Jersey Cattle
BBp^fijMMjlrlirf the greatest milk and but
■fKfS^^H^Hßsk. t('r producers in the world.
HiMWE SBv Head of herd Is Royal of
Hntt Spokane, Bon of Koyal ",
jm^P Bellvedere.
mlmfflP^r^ lee liter & Janeck
BHHi^F^ North Yaklma, : Wash.
Poland-China Swine
All stock registered. Hogs can be seen at the
farm near Gresham, Or. Write us for; prices, ped
igrees, etc.
Worcester Bldg. Portland, Oregon
Jersej Bull Calf, St. Lambert strain,
price $30.00, registered, crated and de
livered at N. P. Station.
H. W. ILLMAN, Hartford, Wash.
The Ranch can secure for
its readers reduced rates on
most newspapers and maga
zines. Write us for rates on
the periodicals you wish to
take. ••- r'-'

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