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Concerning Hardwood Floors.
A woman who was thinking of hav
ing now carpets in tin" spring was ad
vistvl by city friends to have hard
wood ttoon put down instead. They
said tlio Boon can be laid over the old
floor and will COSI no more than the
earpeU, Bui while f know they are
nmcn more cleanly, said the woman, I
think it wonid be a great deal of work
to keep them clean and free from dust.
A polished hardwood lloor shows the
dust the Bame as polished furniture,
which we must dutt every day. Ot
course it is best to clean out all dust
every day. but a farm housekeeper
who cannot afford to hire help cannot
dust hardwood floors and stairs every
day. The floors are no dustier than
the carpets but the dust doesn't show
on the carpets, which look well with
a thorough BWeeping once a week. The
hardwood floors would require some
nips also, and these would need to be
cleaned weekly, the same as carpets.
We wish some of the readers who
have hardwood floors in parlor or liv
ing room and dining room, and who
do their own woru, would write to The
Ranch and tell their expense, approxi
mate cost of putting them down, keep
ing them clean, etc.
The Care of Mattresses.
Mattresses may be kept like new foi
years if they are systematically turned
daily—one day reverse from side to
side and the next from top to bottom.
This method helps to equalize the pres
sure upon them of the human body and
prevents packing in spots as they do
when no attention is paid to mattress
turning. It lightens the labor of turn
tog and insures greater variety of pres
sure if mattresses for double bed
steads are made in sections. Little
quilted and washable bed protectors
come neatly made and bound. They
are inexpensive and should be a part
of the furnishing of all beds, but es
pecially for those of children and very
old people. They are very easily made
at home with a sewing machine. A
careful housekeeper, after many years
of housekeeping with the same beds
and furniture generally will have a
nicer house and everything in better
condition than an inexperienced, care
less one, beginning with everything
new and of the best, will have at the
end of a very few years of non-care
Goose Hams.
For some year.-, goose hams have
been in demand in some part of Eu
rope and now there is beginning to be
a demand for that delectable in Amer
ica. Goose hams are considered a lux
ury and they are not dear when we
consider the price of geese in most
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markets. Goose hams are worth about
:;u oenta each and each ham weighs
ftbOUt 12 ounces. This would be at
the rate of about 40 cents per pound,
wihcfl is not much out of the way.
TheM tiny hams are cut and trim
me I M as to look like Westphalia
hams and are thoroughly cured so that
they can be kept anywhere and for a
long time. They are lean and can he
sliced. It is said by those who have
eaten them that they have a delightful
taste and that the meat is not hard.
The trade is largely among Hebrws,
although others take kindly to this
kind of meat.
Sausage Seasoning.
An experienced housewife recom
mends the following recipe for sea
soning saucage: One tablespoonful of
salt to every two pounds of meat, ons
tablespoonful of sage to every four
pounds of meat, and one tablespoonful
of red pepper to every ten pounds of
Every housewife should keep on
hand a* supply of small brass hooks to
be screwed up whenever an extra
place is needed for hanging up clothes
brushes, scrap holders, etc. Tacks
and nails are abominable when driven
in walls or woodwork. They are ugly
in themselves and always leave shab
byholes when removed. Reckless pic
ture hanging can be averted by having
picture hooks placed at interals upon
the cornice and left ready for any im
promptu wall decorations by thought
less ones.
It is a mistake to make the clean
clothes too wet when sprinkling them
for ironing. Many things will iron
nicely without any dampening, and it
only increases the work of ironing to
wet the clothes and then roll them up
into hard rolls. Dampen slightly and
fold and the work of ironing will be
reduced to a minimum.
The thoughtful, practical farmer's
wife generally manages to work out a
simple plan of living—to make one
step do the work of two, to get a
•balanced ration" for her family out
of simple preparations, to make little
iecoration be as effective as much
and still be the good housekeeper she
ought to be.
Kitchen Hints.
Salt in the oven under the baking
lins will prevent pastry scorching on
the bottom.
If it is desired to keep cakes moist
put them in a stone jar—if crisp cakes
are preferred use tin as a receptacle.
A delightful new sweetmeat is a
choso'ate-covered fig, that can easily
be prepared at home with sweetened
Coffee and tea will be found to be
greatly improved in flavor if kept in
earthenware or china jars, instead of
tin boxes.
A spoon should not be left in a
saucepan if you wiah the contents to
cool quickly, since the spoon carries
off heat slowly.
Great Value of Vegetables.
There is not a single garden vege
table that has not a medicinal quality
aside from its food value. The first
thing to come in the spring is aspara
gus, valuable in all kidney complaints
and a most delicious dish. Then w<
hare rhubarb, which counteracts tht
effect of the usual heavy meat diet o
winter and clears the system of some
of the acids that produce dyspepsia,
rheumatism and other painful mala
dies. Radishes are good for stomach
troubles, dandelion greens make a
good blood purifier, horse radish is a
tonic and makes the appetite good.
Onions cure colds and bring sweet
sleep, and celery and lettuce soothe
the irritated nerves. Carrots are good
for scrofulous tendencies, cucumbers
are wholesome and cooling, notwith
standing the bad reputation they have,
and parsley is known as a palliative in
cases of dropsy. The whole list of
vegetables might be named and a posi
tive medicinal value given to each of
them. A well-filled garden, the pro
ducts of which are used regularly in
the family, furnishes a variety of mo
dicinal agents which meet the requiro
ments of a large number of people
and fortify them against the germs
of disease, giving them immunity from
attacks that would prostrate them if
they were not defended by the use of
a rational diet.
On every well-regulated farm with
a profitable rotation of crops grass
will be included in the seeds planted
l^'i3^^fnß'H COMFORT SHOES If
■I xf-.'S \^^"i^4n IV tic at the sides stretches with every motion mm
-;- \ .vk \,sp^*J or squeeze. No buttons to button, no laces ||J
xxii <*\S*J:M\\t^^r to lace —They just slip on and off with- U |
aKLW ' '"' \*j^^r Made of Vici Kid, with patent leather trim- Ml
«^^^^^^^^^^^ Your dealer will supply you; if not, write to us. Look for Narlha V
'^%'^s. Washington name and Mayer trade-mark stamped on the sole. We W
■^^^^Mll'iiiilfeM-^^^ ¥^T\¥^f^ Send us the name of a dealer who does nol handle %
W^^^lVl Hi 1 I ''11 :M I-1 lv I-1 I" Martha Washington Shoes and we will send you . %
iMj^JL; li^^a I [VI^L/ free postpaid, a beautiful picture of Marlha 1
S l^K h^P^ Mil W/\IIHFF lilS n! mnTCn D.g J.LUJ J^m
Western Branch—Washington Shoe Mfg. Co., Seattle, Washington.
• are the kind
The only kind it pays to buy are the
best that can be grown—the kind we sell.
They are grown mostly in California,
where soil and climatic conditions are
nearly ideal, perfecting seeds that have
life and vitality enough to grow—nearly
every one of them.
Your time is worth a whole lot, and
we say you cannot afford to take any
chances experimenting with doubtful
seeds because they may be advertised
as cheapfor you know the best is none
too good.
We have issued a beautiful catalogue,
correctly illustrated from photographs of
Vegetables and Flowers, also Roses,
taken from life —no imaginary affairs of
how some artist thinks they should look,
but as they actually are.
This catalogue will be of interest to
you, and if you will send Five Cents to
cover postage, it is yours, and also a
packet of seeds free, to show you what
liberal measure we give our patrons.
n irrilTA Promptly Secured. High-
UAILM I V est references from
I M I rll I%J prominent manufactur
■ ■■■••">« ers -write for Inventors'
Hand Book. Shepherd b Parker, 884 7.
St.. Washing-ton, 3>. C. <--
each spring, for if the farmer will have
sod land to break, he must seed down
aia equal amount of land each year To
those who have to buy their seed, we
suggest buying as early as possible.
By so doing you get the best seec' in
the market, the only kind the farmer
ran afford to buy. The best seec is
lhat possessing the strongest vitality
and which is free from any mixture ol
weed seeds. You can readily de:ir
niine how much of the seed you
cnase will grow by testing in a gern'n
ating box; and if it is not good enoi a;h
you have a chance to get more, pro
viding you buy early^
Free Address On Alfellfel
by N. C. Dunlap, Manager Watson's Ranch,
Kearney, Neb., (the largest in the world,) will
be furnished by the makers of the reliable, old
_ _ i
J'^v^^ Cahooii
INB Broadcast
w l f\ TvlieC 1 Seed
<Sii^*WLlllnP^P/M^ Sower.
l^if Write now to
56 Main Street. Antrim. N.H.
TOOL? ammerSo
r^^^*^JJA' CH «WIE for ;
X==Z^%A2 3d Avc. /c 4 l CO.^"^^
fILLY'C 1906 SEED CATALOG. Richly-IDujtrated; latest nov«-ltir« in iced» and plants, poultry tup-
I !dSl^ plies.Cultivaton. Fertilizer*: teemi with prac- *f*^% •
i^ cn""%| tic a) lUßi! ettion» for nature-lover». Lars«t. Mtt^tXhwlFsFstf ' Portland
b«t prinlrd and m«t<romprehctnive ever iwued on the CoMt. y -^f im^mmltt'^' * Seattle
Value 20c. Mention this paper and aik for one FREE. *-^^^*fIS^P San Francisco
hhTJH liH J 8 ■■■Bmifl
Success Egg Preservative keeps eggs fresh
for two years ; new process. Results guar
anteed. Test It now. COMPLETE FORM
ULA, 10c. Send today. EUGENE D'-
OLIER, Dept. P., Burns, Ore.
377-380 Colman Bldg., SEATTLE
Attorney for THE RANCH
Truck Gardens
Doctor has studied the soil
needs of this Coast to some
purpose; one of his best and
most tried and true products
is the Holly Complete Vegeta
ble Fertilizer. It just strikes
the needs of the average gar
den. Hundreds of Truck
Garden men use it every year
to their profit, and so recom
mend it.
Seattle Portland San Francisco
Our Dirt Doctor has got
up a Special Fertilizer for
Gardens. ItJ just fits Pa
cific Coast soil needs. Write
us for particulars and a farm
ers' note book free. <| Cut out
this ad. and mail to us with
your name and address.

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