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_r^^_____l-_3-_S__-i__ Continues to be the one reliable
F___." ._S I remedy for Spavins, Ring
k__Hll J'^mm *'mm:x bones, Curbs, Splints and
MML/ KENDALL'S VMM alliums of lameness.
■B JIATII - Vj___-___l •<"••» promptly, F*n___itiy, »lth
_______-n_________ _H outiCM-. Ilabottl*. -for 15. All
______ f > ____________ dnifdili- l!n*ju».l*<_ for family ni».
EEI 7 &_■_ _____fi_ Book, A Treat• 01 th. ll™.
-S'JI _____ V Dr. B.J. KENDALL CO.
KBML a —uMMJMmB£'M Encsburq Falls, Vermont.
cester, have been crossed upon our
native fine-wooled ewes, resulting in
a good quality of mutton stock. It
must be acknowledged that these
cross-bred sheep do not produce as
heavy a fleece as the Merino and at
prevailing prices of wool it is not pro
fitable to carry them over for their
second clip and a little increase in
weight, but their points in excellence
for mutton production are so much
greater than their deficiencies in com
parison with the Merino for wool pro
duction that they are in favor, espec
ially for producing lamb mutton.
Secure Agency for Prussian Remedies
Mr. George Phipps, manager of the
Prussian Remedy Co., of St. Paul, has
been making an extended tour of the
Pacific coast, and was in Seattle about
two weeks ago. While here he closed
an arrangement with the Chas. H. Lil
ly Co. whereby the latter become the
Pacific coast representatives of this
well-known manufacturing concern.
The Prussian stock food, poultry food
and various remedies for livestock are
among the most meritorious of the
kind manufactured, and the Chas. H.
Lilly Co. is congratulating itself upon
having secured the agency for them.
These, remedies will be kept in stock
at all three houses of the Chas. H. Lil
ly Co., Seattle, Portland and San Fran
cisco, and this will certainly result
in a large sale for them.
Mr. Phipps, in his tour of this sec
tion, made visits to numerous points
and placed his remedies on sale in
many sections where they had not
been kept regularly in stock. He was
greatly pleased with the outlook, and
in the office of The Ranch made ref
erence to the great activity evident
in all lines of business in our section.
He asked us to call attention to the
change in his agency.
In certain sections of central and
eastern Washington the intensely cold
weather that recently swept over the
state did much damage to livestock in
terests, according to reports received
at the office of The Ranch. Many stock
owners were not prepared for such
severe weather, and this resulted in
considerable loss.
The suggestion of George McKer
row & Sons that where any question
arises in regard to the work of the
judge in making awards between ani
mals that are close contestants, the
fleeces of such animals be taken off,
is a good one, as under such condi
tion it will be comparatively easy for
both the novice and judge to see with
their eyes what they now have, lit
erally, to see with their hands.
For years Mexican ranchmen have
been importing high grade stock from
the United States to grade up their
herds. Some of the foremost stocl:
raisers of Mexico, particularly the
wealthy estate owners in the central
part, where there are grassy and
watered valleys, are importing some
of the best strains of horses from
both stallions and mares, showing
commonly a preference for trotters.
Scientists tell us that when animals
or plants are removed from their pe
culiar and natural districts to one en
tirely different in climate, some sur
prising changes take place. As soon
as possible after such removal they
change their character and habits so
Are a necessity on every farm where there are sheep, be the number
large or small. We have machines for either hand or power.
Is the Best Manufactured and the Lowest in Price. . Buy one yourself
and make money shearing your neighbors' sheep.
We also have the Chicago Horse Clipping Machines.
Send for catalogue and circulars. ___'„,
1904 Sheep Shearing Machine, $14.00.
Horse Clipping Machines, $6.00 to $12.00.
■ OLSON IMPLEMENT CDs «•*«" „o___o,
WMIWW" ■■"■ ...kill iv ■ WW! LaConner, Wenatohee.
as to conform with their now homes,
or else cease to exist. A good wool
bearing sheep transferred from some
northern pasture to the tropics,
changes his coat to a thin covering
of straggling hairs scarcely resemb
ling wool.
We are told by a college professor
that eight pounds of mangels are
equal to one pound of mixed grain,
but he does not say that it should not
be relied upon as a single ration. The
capacity of animals to which mangels
are fed must be taken into considera
tion. It would require a great deal of
capacity for some animals to get
enough mangels for their wants. Best
results come from feeding mangels in
connection with grain or ground feed.
In feeding lambs or hogs they will add
bulk to their feed and be helped along
ibis line.
Frank lama, of St. Paul, Nebraska,
writes that he has opened up his big
oarn of "Peaches and Cream" lowa
and Nebraska State prize winners for
— bo "top notchers" must be sold.
He says:
Poxy Grandpa, "you can fool some of
the people all of the time (with $3000
10 $uOOO stallions), but you can't fool
.ill of the stockmen all of the time"
(with 4tn rate stallions sold by "bunco
ritalUon salesmen"). "Get next" to this
•sain game," "be a hustler," be a "wise
guy," take no "knocker's" word about
x'xank lams and his famous "Peaches
and Cream" stallions. He is a "thorn"
in the side of his competitors. He
Hypnotizes his buyers from Canada to
_/aiiiornia with barns full of first-class
"ton stallions" at $1000 to $1500 (few
higher); and saves his buyers $1000 to
$1500 on a "top notcker." 98 per cent,
of lams' successful business is in "hav
ing the stallions" as advertised. He is
a "warm bunch" as an advertiser, but
ne "makes good," gives his customers
a "square deal," and his many custo
mers and his "swell black stallions are
living advertisements for him. lams
sells the stallions "on honor." His
pride is in selling the biggest lump of
"horse flesh" of the best quality, big
bone, finish, and gilt edge breeding, at
least money. He has just opened up
a "new barn of stallions" not offered
to the public before. They are lams'
famous Nebraska and lowa state prize
winners, or every Ist and 2nd prize
winner in _, 3 and 4-year-old classes of
Percherons, Belgians and Coachers.
Also the sweepstakes and grand sweep
stakes (over all breeds); they must be
sold. (lams needs the money.) This
is a "quiet tip." Mrs. Foxy Grandpa,
ask "hubby dear" if he don't think him
self a "little off in the upper story"
when he pays $3000 to a "slick-tongued
stalllion salesman" (for a fourth-rate
stalllion and a few cheap drinks), when
you can buy a "Peaches and Cream"
stallion at $1000 to $1500 of lams, the
reliable importer of stallions. He is
the '"people's friend." He is not in the
big "stallion trust." He imports stal
lions by '"special train load." He uses
his own money, has no two to ten men
as partners to share profits with; buys
and sells every stallion himself, sells
all of his stallions at his home barns,
saves you all commissions, and middle
men's profits. lams speaks the lan
guages; this saves 20 per cent, on every
horse and he "gets in touch" with the
best breeders, and they reserve all their
best stallions for lams, and he buys
the "tops," and price cuts no figure with
lams and a "top notcher." lams places
$1000 insurance in a reliable company
if you wish at. six per cent. lams is an
expert horseman from "head to foot."
He is a successful business man that
believes in many sales and small prof
its. Hubby, dear, these are facts, and I
say, buy stallions of lams, I want to
wear the diamonds, not the slick stal
lion salesmen. It's up to you, or I
don't go to the circus with you.
Our illustration is "lams' Jaquet"
(54557) black percheron stallion, 4 years
old, weight 2080 lbs. He is a sensation
al "show boy." A wide-as-a-wagon
drafter with big 14-inch bone and a
form that is "fetching." His magnifi
cent style is the "talk" of all of the
"gay old boys," (with money to burn).
His bold, dashing way of going makes
one of these $3000 "Farmer Company
stallions" go way back and sit down
under the old apple tree and wish they
were never born. Mr. Foxy Grandpa,
don't be a clam, open up, see lams, take
no "knocker's" word. lams has "the
goods." He is doing the business, his
barns are full to the roof with big
ton stalllions. They want a new owner,
lams has on his "selling clothes."
Write for his 1906 catalog. It's worth
a million to you.
f_F :^A ff_>_is_—i__" -_. felt „. >? & MAT' ■■' >'■ i ' :/■■*.'.; *. •. %£: y^Mw^^B _f^lßi^^___ ?"■_ -Ik $___>?
"'___! _ N % itri-' ' ?r>. N ■* j 'st ' ■* !^^____k__L *^_s_ JsE^ ..jcS_T _■ „^ _i_ -__4
•■'■ _p'_Mp| >_■ _B£*______ __ -M^^tHs?
'■ ™ *^__P mr}< ___P.
And his "Big 4" three-year-old Percheron stallions, weight 8340 lbs. Winners
of Ist, 2nd, 3rd and 4th prizes at lowa and Nebraska 1905 state fairs— (over all).
They are "sensational show stallions," "lams' sort" lams sells models like
these "Peaches and Cream" stallions at $1000 and $1500. Farmer John! Why be
"humbugged" by "bunco salesmen?" lams owns and sells more first-class stall
ions than any man in U. S. He has his "selling clothes" on; no man with cash
or bankable note gets away from lams. "Back up," see lams' "horse show" and
his "town of horse bams" filled to the roof with wide-as-a-wagon "black boys."
80 — STAL,LrIOINS 80
2 to 6 years old, weight 1700 to 2600 lbs, 90 per cent, blacks, 50 percent, ton stal
lions. Dad, its "100 to 1" that lams is pushing his competitors off the roof
hypnotising his buyers with "top-notchers" at "let-live-prices." "lams' horse
show" at lowa and Nebraska state fairs was the "talk of the town." The "best
ever." All winners and sons of winners. His 2, 3 and 4-year-old Percheron,
Belgian and Coach stallions won every Ist, 2nd, sweepstakes and grand sweep
stakes prize at Nebraska state fair. At lowa state fair they wero winners or
75% of same prizes in above classes, and the lowa and Nebraska people said:
lams is a "hot advertiser," but "he has the goods." It's "16 to 1" that lams'
"top-notohers" are "hot stuff," (for competitors). It's a "cinch" that lams saves
his customers thousands of dollars in commissions and middleman's profits. lams
places $1000 Insurance for (60.
$1,000 SAVED AT IAMS' $1,000
Ikey! What a rich graft these "sliok stallion salesmen" are working on the
honest farmer selling fourth rate stallions at $2000 to $6000. lams sells "top
notohers" so good, big and cheap that they do not need to be peddled to be sold.
My. Buyer, see lams' stallions yourself. Take no "gold brick stallion salesman's
word." lams has "the goods" you read about. His establishment is worth going
2000 miles to see.' lams makes competitors "holler." He is knocking .''high
prices" out of the X'mas tree, lams saws wood, "butts in," sells more stallions
each year. He makes every statement good. Georgie, dear! Buy a stallion of
lams. His $1200 stallions are much better than our neighbors paid those Ohio
men $4000 for. Then I can wear the diamonds. lams speaks the languages, buys
direct from breeders, pays no buyers, salesmen or interpreters, has no two to ten
men to divide profits with. lams guarantees to sell a better stallion at $1000 to
$1500 than are sold to Stock Companies for $2500 to $5000 by slick salesmen, or
pay you $100 for your trouble, you the judge. lams pays horse's freight and
buyer's fare; gives 60% breeding guarantee. Write for eye-opener and greatest
horse catalog on earth. References: St. Paul State Bank; Citizens National Bank.
Our POLAND CHINA HOGS are as good as you will get anywhere and
at reasonable prices.
Our HOLSTEIN CATTLE are bred for butter and milk. Sir Pletertje
Posch (30165) beads our herd. His dam, Alta Posch, holds the world's
record for butter for yearlings and two-year-olds with 27% lbs. of butter in
7 days and 686% lbs. of milk in 7 days.
Bull calves for sale and also a few females.
We will give a bargain in our SHORTHORNS, as we have no room for
them. Write us.
Springdale Herd of Herefords
Headed by Beau Donald 31st, No. 109885 the best son of that great sire,
Beau Donald, No. 58996; weighs 2500 lbs. and Is a show bull In service.
Young stock of both sexes for sale at reasonable prices.. Address:
A. J. SPLAWIM, North Yakima, Wash
Hazel Fern Herd
Property of W. 8. LABS ESTATE, Breeders of A. J. C. O. Jerseys an*
A. O. C. O. Onernseys.
._•/.';,;-; /
Home of Loretta D.
Winner of Test A, demonstrating the economic production of butter
fat and butter. Winner of Test B, demonstrating the economic production
of milk for all purposes related to dairying.
and OONAN 23d, the Fourth, Fifth and Ninth cows of the Jersey Herd at
St. Louis, Test A.
The blood of Loretta D., Brown Lassie, Barybia, Dorlnda Darling,
Prize May's Duchess 2d, the Aye leading cows in the Jersey Herd dairy
test at St. Louis, predominates strongly ln the Hazel Fern Herd.
If you want a calf, male or female, bred to produce heavy milkers and
butter makers, as well as of the highest dairy type and breeding, write us.
Our foundation herd of Guernseys was selected with great care from
the best herds in the United States, and we are able to fill orders, either
sex, from rich and persistent milkers.
Prize winning Berkshlres, quality and breeding combined.
We are prepared to furnish foundation herds of cattle or hogs. Prices
reasonable. No catalogue. Write, stating what you want.
F. E. McELDOWNEY, Superintendent Ladd Farm

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