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The ranch. (Seattle, Wash.) 1902-1914, May 15, 1907, Image 16

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you see something comln'?" he bellowed
in the same instant, ana for half a min
ute they exchanged remarks. Then he
crawled under his car to mend it, and
she went on, somewhat ruffled. She had
the last word, though.
"I guess I've a right to pick up a pin
if I want to," she said, and the amateur
chauffeur, too far gone for speech,
merely snorted.
Feared the Penalty.
People—Come, come, Willie! Don't
cry because you've barked your shin a
little bit. Act like a man.
Willie (blubbering)— Yes! then you'd
whip me. You told me you would if
you ever caught me swearin*.
Juvenile Sarcasm.
"How did you get that black eye,
"I got dat," replied Willie, disgusted
ly, "by waitin' to count ten when I was
angry, like you told me to."
In a rural justice's court the defend
ant in a case was sentenced to serve
thirty days in jail. He had known the
judge from boyhood, and addressed him
as follows:
"Bill, old boy, you're agwine tar send
me ter jail, air you?"
"That's what," replied the judge.
"Have you got anything to say agin
"Only this here, Bill. God help you
when I git out!"— News.
The reason so many men fail in the
sheep business is because they do not
study it before they begin. Sheep rais
ing means something more than buying
a flock of sheep and turning them into
a bare pasture without shelter.
No End to Planting of Trees.
Talk about a job keeping a man busy,
just think of that fruit tree inspector
of North Yakima, who has a million
trees every one of which he must per
sonally inspect and only three men to
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320 acres of the choicest land
Under the Hanford ditch now being
built. This •is a short distance
above Kennewick and is extra early
and choice fruit land. Price, $35 an
acre. Terms. Will divide.
503 Hinckley Block, Seattle.
Steel-Clad Grubber
Simplest, Strongest, g| A%
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Write for Deairiplive Circular and Prices
JOHN S. BEALL, Manufacturer
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7s^ 1 A Boarding and Day
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any wonder if a couple of codlin moths
got past him and set up in business as
soon as the warm weather begins?
Prizes for Cooking Recipes.
The Crescent Manufacturing Com
pany of Seattle is advertising in The
Ranch the most unique contest ever
inaugurated in the northwest. The
Crescent Manufacturing Company is the
maker of the Crescent brand of food
products. There are Crescent spices,
Crescent flavorings, Crescent coffee.
Crescent Baking Powder and Crescent
brand of Mapleine, a syrup so like
maple syrup that experts have been
Recently the business has been
greatly enlarged. Much money has
been expended in perfecting all depart
ments and systematizing the business
to the end that it may make a good
hard invasion of the eastern field.
Northwest people, as a rule, are loyal
to their home institutions and in the
case of the Crescent brands they well
may be for the reason that not only
is the business increasing in size and
importance each year, thus giving em
ployment to hundreds of people, but its
products are now named as being among
the most perfect ever produced in
America. It is an institution that all
may well be proud of.
As a beginning for its eastern busi
ness, Mr. J. W. Kahle, the head of the
business, has planned the publication
of a million cook books to be given
away free in the eastern states. He
wants this cook book to be perfectly
printed, perfectly distributed, not too
large to send through the mails and
not too expensive to give away free to
the users of Crescent products.
To the end to secure all of this and
to have it well done he has called on
the women of the northwest to help
him out.
He offers a number of handsome
prizes, payable in gold, for the winner
of a contest which shall be decided by
five of the greatest cooks on the Pacific
Such men as the cook at The Lincoln,
the cook at the Butler, and the cook
at the Rainier Grand, and other hotels
like that in Seattle and the northwest
will decide it.
The terms of the contest is that each
woman in the northwest shall send in
her best recipe. No matter what it is,
she shall send in her best recipe. , The
sole condition is that this recipe must
contain as one of its ingredients some
Crescent product.
You may use Crescent Mapleine and
make an ice cream, or a sherbet, or
you may use Crescent Baking Powder
and make a new roll for breakfast. Any
thing that you have prepared and which
you have eaten, provided that one of
its Ingredients is a Crescent product
you may send in and get credit for it.
Perhaps you will receive one of the
prizes, payable in gold.
It would be well to write to the Cook
Book Editor, The Crescent Manufactur
ing Company, Seattle, Washington, and
get one of the little cook books which
the company will send free. Just write
to them on a postal card and the book
will be sent free. From that you can
get an idea of just what is wanted.
It is a splendid chance for some
bright farmer lassie to win a hand
some prize because most any real good
recipe will be better than what one
gets in hotels around the country.
Home cooking is admitted to be the
best and some farmer lassie or good
wife who knows how to cook things can
win a beautiful prize payable in gold.
What do you require in a bank?
Safety and security? Very well. Write
for free booklet. We can serve you.
We will respond to a postal card re
quest. If we can not convince you
there's no harm done. Write to us to
day—before you forget It. The Bank
for Savings in Seattle pays 4 per cent.
Write now before you forget it. We
are surely able to serve you. Address:
The Bank for Savings in Seattle, Seat
tle, Washington. Write today. The
booklet is free, altogether and wholly
free, to you.
Another Seed Store Opened.
Jj. L. Brooks, the Corvallis, Ore.,
stock and seed man, has found it neces
sary to open a seed store in his home
town to handle the large trade he has
secured in seeds, and is now in posi
tion to handle all orders much better
than previously. He makes a specialty
of alfalfa, and alsike and red clover,
also beardless and hulloss barley, and
iarries only the best kind of seeds in
each line. On his farm he has a num
ber of nannies with kids for sale, and
100 ewes with lambs. His advertise
ment Is in another part of this paper.
"Th« Market Number" la FREE to
yon 1/ your anbaorlptlon la paid In ad-
The Ranch Reaches 20,000
The steady push, cog by cog, lyy
fy^ each doing its part as the gear %a
W goes round, is very like the week- %***
qj by-week ads that constantly W**
bring your goods to the atten- iF^
jj tion of new buyers. They are M&&
an ever present reminder to old Jg^
40V customers as well, thus keeping Ak
40^ you "in mesh" all the time J£^~
They earn more %& r //( You Can use
than <ti«nnn 7 RANCH^ some of their
than cbio,uuu,- m „., m^
thl greatest money. Do you
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When you want a machine to
_ f run smoothly you do not put
on a gear like this. Yet some W^
, try to run their business machine 1
I with now-and-then ads, thus los- I
1 ing the cumulative force which I
is the sure result of one good ad
after another. It's all the ads to- 4L
gether that get and keep business J* m
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